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Birds By Noel McKeehan
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This is a small collection of images of the various birds one sees on Lopez Island Washington. None of them are identified, so the collection functions as a bird walk in which the walker needs to... More > identify each bird encountered.< Less
Our Experience With House Cows By Elizabeth Beavis
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Have you ever thought about owning a house cow but don’t know where to start? Do you dream of unlimited raw milk, manure and beef to complement your small farm activities? “Our... More > experience with House Cows” is an eBook written by a house cow owner to help other small farmers get started with a cow of their own. The eBook is written for Australian conditions, particularly sub-tropical Queensland, but much of the information is applicable to cows and cow owners all over the world. This eBook covers the basics of getting a cow, getting her in calf, milking her and caring for her calf, all using natural methods. The final sections explain how to use all that milk to create delicious dairy products! The eBook references several other cow, cattle and dairy books which are useful to the new cow owner and explain some aspects in more detail. Go ahead, learn how to realise your house cow dream today!< Less
Growing Staghorns By Wayne Boyce
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This ebook takes you through the process of growing Staghorns (Platycerium Species) from spore to sporeling from three to six months. This method is not hit and miss like most instructions you can... More > find. There are reasons why Platycerium spore will not germinate and this booklet explains in a simple to follow way the reasons and and the rules you must follow. The process is not difficult and is a very rewarding hobby. even commercial growers may gain from this ebook.< Less
Ultimate Off Grid Guide By LaMar Alexander
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This book is for anyone that lives off-grid or would like to live an off-grid homesteader lifestyle. It is 355 pages and includes detailed step-by-step plans, full color pictures, and material list... More > for building an off-grid cabin and over 30 useful homestead projects. Also included are directions for installing a small solar and wind power system, rain water harvest system, composting toilet, outdoor wood furnace and more... This ebook is printable and works on Linux, Windows, and Mac!< Less
Circuit Down By Larry Dimock
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This is a guide for solving problems in the electrical circuits of a home - shorts, loose connections, GFCIs tripping, etc. The book is thorough but not overly technical, and gives over 30 helpful... More > black and white diagrams and charts. Homeowners will come to understand their wiring system and what can happen to it. Many problems will become easy to fix with confidence.< Less
Guide To Save Your Marriage Today By Jecky Lee
eBook (PDF): $28.99
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You will find inside: The truth about the contract of marriage. Does divorce really make you happier? We've got the stats. Why divorce lawyers aren't really on your side. The secret behind... More > "painless divorces" and why they don't really exist. How divorce can affect your child. It may be hard to read this. 6 statistics that may convince you to stall any plans you have to leave your spouse. Why negative thinking may be the real culprit behind your failing marriage. The power of the words, "For better or for worse." 7 simple pleasures of marriage you may have forgotten about. The unspoken, unwritten 2nd contract of marriage that successful couples abide by. The secret to a successful marriage through partnership. The difference between the sexes and how to use it to help (not hurt) your marriage. How Bill Cosby explains the sexes to the rest of us. A new way for looking at money and finances (that might save your marriage). What friendship means inside a marriage (and how to find it).< Less
How to Build a Smoker: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Homemade Smoker By JD Dean
eBook (PDF): $23.95
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This book is a 110 page detailed guide to build what I would consider to be the best darn homemade BBQ Smoker on the planet. This is a full blown nuts to bolts, 110 page instruction guide with... More > pictures that will walk you step by step in building your dream bbq smoker. This is a well thought out, engineered bbq smoker that is made up of many components that all work together in harmony to produce championship quality bbq..every time. Why do I think the plans are so good: Well, I have spent the last 5 years designing and building the ultimate BBQ smoker based on readily available 55 gallon drums and with NO WELDING. I have spent COUNTLESS hours perfecting the design, so that it does the following: Maintains steady BBQ temps for LONG periods of time, Fuel efficiency, Even INDIRECT heat, Weather-Proof, Inexpensive to Build, Precise air flow control, unique charcoal chute for easy loading,charcoal basket and ash pan, folding side tables, steel casters for easy mobility, precise temperature gauging, etc.< Less
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AMERICAN HOMESTEAD: Many Americans yearn to live a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle. For most folks, this means moving to the country and growing a large garden and, perhaps, raising animals... More > for food. On the other hand, some believe that urban homesteading offers many benefits. The photos in this book portray the various experiences of country and city homesteading, both today and yesterday. You are invited to look into the good life that many self-sufficient homesteaders have chosen to live. Enjoy all the wonderful and inspiring photos you'll discover in this book, American Homestead.< Less
Garden Planner & Graph Notebook By Rebecca Barr
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150 page notebook that includes 100 pages of 1cm sized graph paper, 25 pages of layouts to label your seedling trays (standard 72 cell trays), and 25 pages ready to go to organize your plantings in... More > your garden. The garden pages are designed for a 4x8' bed but can be used for smaller areas and as a square foot gardening planing guide as well! Use it for both designing your garden and tracking your little seedings. This is the perfect garden notebook to draw up your plans of your next gardening adventure!< Less
Greening Your Condo Association By Daryl D Fisher
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Greening Your Condo Association: Politics, Pitfalls, Recommendations, and Rewards. This book will help you to: 1) Understand and work with condo associations using the example of environmentalism,... More > 2) Understand environmental problems associated with psychology and economics using the example of a condo association, and 3) Learn the EASE problem solving method, which can be broadly applied beyond the greening of condo associations. With so many condo associations in the world contributing to environmental challenges, there should be at least one book on how to make condo associations more environmentally friendly. For the health of our planet, this book should be purchased by every condo association and read by every board member and property manager. New condo owners and realtors will find this book invaluable for more generally understanding and dealing with condo associations.< Less
The Magic Bean Company, An Artist's Journey By Lainey Hashorva
Paperback: $16.50
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Hand crafted home decor and one of a kind gift items by Lainey Hashorva of The Magic Bean Company aka Laineybean on Lainey's work features opulent hand painted mirrors, vintage glass... More > trays, seaside cottage shell decor items, handmade whimsical pillows with original and vintage photography, mother of pearl trinket boxes, earthy crystal and vintage charmed jewelry and so much more. Custom options available. Unique artisan gifts and forever keepsakes.< Less
Homestead Recipes By Lindsay Hodge
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This is a collection of recipes from every area of Lindsay's homestead for the modern homesteader. Inside you'll find a handful of highly adaptable recipes from Lindsay's Kitchen and Laundry Room,a... More > few from her Medicine Cabinet, and even one from her garden. To find out more about Lindsay and how she can help you with all of your projects, visit!< Less
Kitchen Backsplashes using Tiles By Trisha C. Fe
Paperback: $42.50
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Guide on designing a kitchen backsplash using tiles, help with terminology and color combinations
The Complete DIY Solar Panel Guide By Troy Reid
Paperback: $15.95
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A fully illustrated guide on how to make your own solar panels for under $1 per watt. With online videos to help beginners with soldering and making their own solar panels. Designed for both... More > beginners and experts. With an introduction to solar panels, lead acid batteries, solar charge controllers and power inverters. Including a power requirements calculator to help you select the right equipment for your needs. Everything is covered from shopping for parts to putting it all together in your own home.< Less
Everybody's Building Code By Bruce Barker
Paperback: $49.95
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Everybody's Building Code helps everybody build safe and efficient homes and helps everybody avoid costly construction defects. Everybody's Building Code is for homeowners, contractors, real estate... More > agents, home inspectors and anybody else who wants to understand the International Residential Code without wading through the dry and often confusing language of the code itself. Everybody’s Building Code restates code requirements into direct, command oriented statements and provides many examples, illustrations, and photographs that demonstrate how to apply the code requirements. In cases where the code requirements may not reflect current best practices, the book discusses some opinions on the subject and directs the reader to other sources for more information. The book contains an extensive key word index and a detailed Table of Contents that helps readers find the code provisions they need.< Less
Ask a Master Gardener Columns 5-21-2011 By Bill Sevier
Paperback: $7.05
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Four years of weekly "Ask a Master Gardener" columns in the Tulsa World newspaper.
Off the Grid By LaMar Alexander
Paperback: $24.95
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This book is for anyone thinking about or already living off-grid. It includes detailed step-by-step plans for a solar cabin and over 30 other projects. This is an encyclopedia for homesteading and... More > off-grid living written by a homesteader and includes cabin plans, solar and wind system installation, solar composting toilet, how to make a living from your homestead, where to find cheap land and much more... This book was designed as an Ebook with links and videos that will not work in the printed version. If you want full color pics, links and videos to work please order the Ebook download or CD version available on Lulu.< Less
1001 GardenLine Questions By Randy Lemmon
Paperback: $14.95
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1001 GardenLine Questions is a collection of questions and Randy's answers from hundreds of his radio show listeners. It covers how to grow and kill things in the garden, especially for those along... More > the Gulf Coast and in the Houston-area specifically. This is a great follow-up and a perfect companion book to Randy's first Lulu-made book Gulf Coast Gardening with Randy Lemmon.< Less
Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goat Keeping By Patricia Stewart
Paperback: $25.00
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"Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goat Keeping," answers the many questions that people have about starting with dwarf dairy goats and surviving that first year and beyond.
Espalier: Essentials of the Candelabra Pattern By katherine aby
Paperback: $19.95
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Espalier: complete directions to train, grow, then eat apples or pears from a candelabra patterned espalier. For beginning and advanced gardeners.
Paperback: $11.04
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How far does planning control what we build? And what can we build without planning? SUB-PLAN investigates the moment when architecture appears to slip into insignificance – when it... More > doesn’t even need a planning application. Are the implications of minor development more significant than planners imagine?< Less
Secret Hidden Bookcase Door Plans By Daniel Berg
Paperback: $14.98
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Secret hidden bookcase door plans. Everything you need to build your own secret bookcase door. Standard heavy duty hinges, simple wood working skills and a few basic tools. This bookcase door should... More > only cost a couple hundred dollars to build and will look and function like a custom built unit.< Less
Gulf Coast Gardening with Randy Lemmon By Randy Lemmon
Paperback: $17.95
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Randy Lemmon is the host of Houston's GardenLine radio program, on Newsradio 740 KTRH. Over 1.4 million Houstonians garden for a hobby or pastime, and GardenLine is where they listen for advice and... More > information on gardening and landscaping. Every Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m.-10 a.m., (on line at GardenLine’s Randy Lemmon answers listeners' questions on everything from aphids to zoysias. He's Houston’s absolute expert on lawns and gardens, offering help to listeners both with and without "green thumbs." Randy's a Texas Aggie who truly KNOWS plants and flowers. He explains them with ease and candor, and is as competent a "plant" person as there is. He studies, and he practices. He embraces "new methods" as well as the "old" ways of dealing with problems. Gulf Coast Gardening with Randy Lemmon is the first in a series of self-published books by Randy Lemmon Consulting.< Less
The Art of Building A House of Stone By Joe Kohler, Mona Anderson
Paperback: $29.95
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We have always loved the look and feel of stone houses. They have an ageless quality that stands in contrast to the built in obsolescence prevalent in today’s world. Twenty five years ago we... More > built own stone house. We researched the available methods, and settled on the slip-form technique popularized by Scott and Helen Nearing. We made several major improvements including better slipforms, creation of a reveal at face of the stones, and foam insulation built into the walls. We have organized our book into two parts. Part I: The Art of Building a House of Stone details an Advanced Slipform Construction Technique from the gathering of stones to the construction of finished structures with a special section detailing building Garden Walls. Part II: From Dream to Reality – Building Our House chronicles our building experience in the summer of 1979 and offers comments gleaned from living in our house for more than a quarter of a century.< Less
Hellraiser Homemaker By Amy Bugbee
Paperback: $14.61
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Hellraiser Homemaker is the Gonzo Domestic Survival Guide. It is written for bad girls by bad girls, and offers unique and helpful information on life, relationships, household duties and more.