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A Matter of Good Housekeeping By Lydia Sherman
eBook (PDF): $1.25
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An motivational book of essays about the art of homemaking.
Circuit Down By Larry Dimock
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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This is a guide for solving problems in the electrical circuits of a home - shorts, loose connections, GFCIs tripping, etc. The book is thorough but not overly technical, and gives over 30 helpful... More > black and white diagrams and charts. Homeowners will come to understand their wiring system and what can happen to it. Many problems will become easy to fix with confidence.< Less
Ultimate Off Grid Guide By LaMar Alexander
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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This book is for anyone that lives off-grid or would like to live an off-grid homesteader lifestyle. It is 355 pages and includes detailed step-by-step plans, full color pictures, and material list... More > for building an off-grid cabin and over 30 useful homestead projects. Also included are directions for installing a small solar and wind power system, rain water harvest system, composting toilet, outdoor wood furnace and more... This ebook is printable and works on Linux, Windows, and Mac!< Less
Selling Your SIlver: A Guide to Finding a Buyer and Getting a Good Price By Jim Stringer
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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If you have some silver pieces to sell but don’t have a clue about how to do it, this booklet is for you. Questions answered include: .......... What's the difference between sterling and... More > silver plate? ..........How do I identify what I have? .......... What’s a fair price? .......... Who buys silver? .......... Where can I find buyers? .......... Which is better - selling silver for scrap or selling for intended use? .......... Should I sell now or hold my silver pieces? ............... Reading this booklet will answer many of your questions. To be fair, you still will have some work to do on your own because there is no precise way to find a buyer. But, you’ll be well on your way with basic knowledge to help in locating a buyer and negotiating a good deal............ SECOND EDITION --- 37 pages in "pdf" format you can read on your computer...........Requires Adobe Digital Edition Reader - a free download.< Less
Ueki no Te Ire: The Japanese Art of Giant Bonsai By Eric Mader
Paperback: $26.03
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Ueki no Te Ire: The Japanese Art of Giant Bonsai is the first comprehensive guide to Japanese-style landscape pruning in the English language. It’s an ideal introduction to the subject for... More > bonsai and Japanese garden enthusiasts as well as landscape designers, and professional gardeners. The book includes a brief history of Asian topiary as well as step-by-step guidelines for pruning and training landscape trees in several formal Japanese styles. The book features extensive full color photos of trees taken at residential and monastery gardens throughout Japan. Extensive appendices include glossaries of Japanese and English arboriculture terms, as well as a detailed list of recommended public gardens in the U.S., Canada, and Japan. More information about this book and about the Japanese art of landscape tree pruning can be found at:< Less
Gulf Coast Gardening with Randy Lemmon By Randy Lemmon
Paperback: $17.95
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Randy Lemmon is the host of Houston's GardenLine radio program, on Newsradio 740 KTRH. Over 1.4 million Houstonians garden for a hobby or pastime, and GardenLine is where they listen for advice and... More > information on gardening and landscaping. Every Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m.-10 a.m., (on line at GardenLine’s Randy Lemmon answers listeners' questions on everything from aphids to zoysias. He's Houston’s absolute expert on lawns and gardens, offering help to listeners both with and without "green thumbs." Randy's a Texas Aggie who truly KNOWS plants and flowers. He explains them with ease and candor, and is as competent a "plant" person as there is. He studies, and he practices. He embraces "new methods" as well as the "old" ways of dealing with problems. Gulf Coast Gardening with Randy Lemmon is the first in a series of self-published books by Randy Lemmon Consulting.< Less
Simple Solar Homesteading By LaMar Alexander H.E.S.
Paperback: $19.95
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SIMPLE SOLAR HOMESTEADING: Self-Help This book is for anyone thinking about or already living off-grid that wants to learn how to build simple solar projects to make life easier. ... More > Includes 15 plans with many pictures, drawings and material list. Learn to build: a solar cabin, solar composting toilet, solar water heater, solar food dehydrator, rainwater harvesting system, root/storm cellar, drill a water well and more... Also included: How and where to find cheap homestead property and a resource guide for homesteader supplies.< Less
Secret Hidden Bookcase Door Plans By Daniel Berg
Paperback: $14.98
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Secret hidden bookcase door plans. Everything you need to build your own secret bookcase door. Standard heavy duty hinges, simple wood working skills and a few basic tools. This bookcase door should... More > only cost a couple hundred dollars to build and will look and function like a custom built unit.< Less
Paperback: $11.04
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(4 Ratings)
How far does planning control what we build? And what can we build without planning? SUB-PLAN investigates the moment when architecture appears to slip into insignificance – when it... More > doesn’t even need a planning application. Are the implications of minor development more significant than planners imagine?< Less
Waiting For Rosie (A Coyote's Tale) By Skip Haynes
Paperback: $14.95
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This book is dedicated to a coyote named Rosie. She brought our Laurel Canyon, California neighborhood together in an amazing fashion in the late summer of 2009. It is also dedicated to educating... More > people accurately and truthfully about the relationship we have with the wildlife in the urban-interface. Hopefully other communities will also learn how to do the same through experiencing Rosie’s story. There are now more coyotes living in the United States than when the Declaration of Independence was signed. They are not going away. We need to learn to live with them. This is the story of one of those coyotes and what many people have learned from her one in a million. against all odds success story< Less
Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goat Keeping By Patricia Stewart
Paperback: $25.00
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"Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goat Keeping," answers the many questions that people have about starting with dwarf dairy goats and surviving that first year and beyond.
Wren Bay By Clarice Fox-Hughes
Paperback: $16.75
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(8 Ratings)
A work of fiction based of the cooking/craft blog Storybook Woods PS. I just wanted to say, when you look at the preview the front and back cover is fuzzy. But when you recive the book the cover it... More > is not fuzzy, it is just fine. See both covers at my blog< Less
Paint Color Cheat Sheets By Yelena Kublitski
Paperback: $47.00
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A pretty paint chip doesn't always make a pretty wall color. But the Paint Color Cheat Sheets let you find the right color for painting your home, quickly and easily. Just like the name suggests, you... More > will get the "right answers" in a paint color deck - only proven, tried and tested paint colors that always work. No more agonizing and endless testing. This shortcut is as close to foolproof and no-fail as you can get!< Less
Off-Grid Solar Power By LaMar Alexander
Paperback: $14.99
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This book is for anyone thinking about or already living off-grid that wants to learn how to install a solar electric power system and how to maintain the system for optimal performance. Included are... More > step-by-step installation instructions, description of equipment and sources, guides for determining the size of a system needed and detailed illustrations of each component of a system. Also included are simple ways to optimize your solar electric system for best operation, detailed maintenance and repairs for each component and recommended system equipment with links. Plus- how to incorporate wind power into your off-grid system!< Less
1001 GardenLine Questions By Randy Lemmon
Paperback: $14.95
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1001 GardenLine Questions is a collection of questions and Randy's answers from hundreds of his radio show listeners. It covers how to grow and kill things in the garden, especially for those along... More > the Gulf Coast and in the Houston-area specifically. This is a great follow-up and a perfect companion book to Randy's first Lulu-made book Gulf Coast Gardening with Randy Lemmon.< Less
Off the Grid By LaMar Alexander
Paperback: $24.95
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(2 Ratings)
This book is for anyone thinking about or already living off-grid. It includes detailed step-by-step plans for a solar cabin and over 30 other projects. This is an encyclopedia for homesteading and... More > off-grid living written by a homesteader and includes cabin plans, solar and wind system installation, solar composting toilet, how to make a living from your homestead, where to find cheap land and much more... This book was designed as an Ebook with links and videos that will not work in the printed version. If you want full color pics, links and videos to work please order the Ebook download or CD version available on Lulu.< Less
Ask a Master Gardener Columns 5-21-2011 By Bill Sevier
Paperback: $7.05
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Four years of weekly "Ask a Master Gardener" columns in the Tulsa World newspaper.
Upstage Your Neighbors: A Guide for Preparing Your Home to Sell By Patrick S. Tremblay
Paperback: List Price: $17.99 $12.59 You Save: 30%
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This guide covers 10 home staging tips, which may yield a timely and profitable sale. Brokers want to sell a property fast in order to fetch a high profit for the homeowner. This doesn’t happen... More > by chance. Preparing the home professionally, and upstaging local comparables will drive buyers into purchasing your home as a turn-key investment.< Less
Landscape Industry Certified Technician By Dr. Barbara Fair
Paperback: $35.00
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This study manual is an update for the Landscape Industry Certified Exam given by PLANET.
CFI Seed Saving Guide By Eden Kinkaid
Paperback: $6.00
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(1 Ratings)
A user-friendly introduction to saving seeds. Provides background information on seed saving and step-by-step instructions for saving the seeds of most common vegetables.
Building in the 'Bu: Navigating the Malibu Zoning Code By Lester Tobias
Paperback: $38.00
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“Building in the ’Bu: Navigating the Malibu Zoning Code” addresses the process of building a home in Malibu, from what code(s) are applicable for a given project, to how to deal... More > with older homes that no longer meet current codes, to the actual submittal and plan review process. Flow charts and decision trees are included to help a reader decide where in the planning and permitting process their dream home lies. Finally, as Tobias writes: “After laying out all the pitfalls, trials and tribulations of the process, I give the reader a reason to not be daunted, and to go boldly where plenty of homeowners have gone before.”< Less
Viewing Jasper Mountain By Risa Bear
Paperback: $9.99
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A journal, with a chapter for each month of the year, of the author's thoughts during a year of living at Stony Run Farm, a small homestead in Oregon's Willamette Valley. By the author of Starvation... More > Ridge< Less
Garden Thought By Ethan Cramer
Paperback: $12.99
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Why do we garden? What are the conceptual origins of ornamental horticulture, and how does that inform a judgment of what might constitute a "good garden?" How does a garden come to be, and... More > how does a gardener relate to those who share the garden with her? It's surprising that these are questions that mostly remain unexamined, in a world where many people garden passionately. Scholars and theoreticians devote their lives to the study of art or literature or architecture, but somehow gardening philosophy is nearly nonexistent. Garden Thought proposes a structure for understanding horticulture in coherent terms, and for practicing seriously and thoughtfully. There are terms and conceptual structures and parameters that inform those who garden; this is an attempt to articulate them and fit them into a coherent framework.< Less
Birds By Noel McKeehan
Paperback: List Price: $25.49 $17.84 You Save: 30%
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This is a small collection of images of the various birds one sees on Lopez Island Washington. None of them are identified, so the collection functions as a bird walk in which the walker needs to... More > identify each bird encountered.< Less
The Art of Flippin' Homes By Mandy Sheckles
Paperback: $19.99
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This book includes not only the How To's you were probably expecting it to include, but also contains an astounding number of examples of my Belief System. I believe I have put together a thorough... More > book that provides a good balance with the intention of teaching you how to become successful in real estate in a way that will translate positively into many areas of your life.< Less