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The Garden Crypt: Exploring the Other Side of Gardening By Nikki S. Phipps
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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This is a book that explores the ‘other side’ of the gardening realm, from the darker side to the more uplifting, yet ominous and unusual side of gardening. I decided to explore some of... More > the most interesting, even perplexing, venues relating to the garden — everything from unusual garden designs and plants to some of the many superstitions associated with them…and more, something like “The Twilight Zone” meets “Tales from the Crypt” but with a gardening twist. For those who love to garden, and even for those who may not, there’s no better way to express the joys and hardships of gardening than to read some of the most thought-provoking words said by others, so included within the pages are some interesting quotes and unusual tidbits of information as well.< Less
Melody of the Earth. A Garden Anthology By Ruth Finnegan
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The enduring collection of beautiful and uplifting poems for the garden - and the home. A treasure! and the perfect gift for gardeners and non -gardeners alike. Classy hardback, the perfect... More > gift Callender poetry< Less
A Guide to Growing Epiphyllum By Mike Burridge
Hardcover: $53.06
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This book is for those just starting to grow Epiphyllum as well as enthusiasts and collectors. It covers the origins of Epiphyllums, shows how to cultivate them and to get the most from your orchid... More > flowered cacti. Epiphyllum are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. This book includes pictures of over 100 hybrids and shows you how to breed your own Hybrid and how to register it. The book covers the different plant and flower forms and will help you to get the best from this wonderful plants.< Less
Upstage Your Neighbors: A Guide for Preparing Your Home to Sell By Patrick S. Tremblay
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This guide covers 10 home staging tips, which may yield a timely and profitable sale. Brokers want to sell a property fast in order to fetch a high profit for the homeowner. This doesn’t happen... More > by chance. Preparing the home professionally, and upstaging local comparables will drive buyers into purchasing your home as a turn-key investment.< Less
2013 Official List of Approved Exhibition Names for Exhibitors & Judges By Beth Smiley, American Rose Society
Paperback: List Price: $24.99 $22.49 You Save: 10%
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The latest edition of THE resource for exhibitors and judges includes 292 pages of approved exhibition names, in a larger format.
Paperback: $20.00
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These excerpts are from the blog called "" They were written throughout the years from 2005 to 2014, noting seasonal changes and philosophizing about them. ... More > They include science, history, and other researchable subjects like potholes or botany.< Less
Renovate & Redecorate Without Breaking A Nail By Orna O'Reilly
Paperback: $43.69
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The thought of beginning a home renovation project can be daunting. In her insider’s guide, experienced interior designer Orna O’Reilly shares a step-by-step process that allows anyone to... More > confidently manage an entire home renovation from start to finish, with or without assistance from an interior designer or architect. Orna, who has more than twenty years of experience in interior design and home renovation, explores the most challenging aspects of such project management. These include hiring a builder, managing subcontractors, and knowing when and how to involve an architect or interior designer. By providing a detailed step-by-step process with vital information-gathering questions, Orna teaches you how to: • understand basic building terminology • create a workable design • set a realistic budget and schedule • choose the perfect finishes for your home • coordinate a show-stopping colour scheme • incorporate important elements of kitchen and bathroom design< Less
The Simple Home By Charles Keeler
Paperback: List Price: $10.00 $9.00 You Save: 10%
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ALL the arts are modes of expressing the One Ideal; but the ideal must be rooted in the soil of the real, the practical, the utilitarian. Thus it happens that architecture, the most utilitarian of... More > the arts, underlies all other expressions of the ideal; and of all architecture, the designing of the home brings the artist into closest touch with the life of man. A movement toward a simpler, a truer, a more vital art expression, is now taking place in California. It is a movement which involves painters and poets, composers and sculptors, and only lacks coordination to give it a significant influence upon modern life. One of the first steps in this movement, it seems to me, should be to introduce more widely the thought of the simple home — to emphasize the gospel of the simple life, to scatter broadcast the faith in simple beauty, to make prevalent the conviction that we must live art before we can create it.< Less
Insider Basics for the First-Time Home Buyer! By Rich Leffler
Paperback: $24.99
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Insider Basics for the First-Time Home Buyer! is a critical instrument and objective guide offering everything one needs to know in order to properly buy their first (and future) home. There are no... More > hidden agendas. No ulterior motives. From what qualifies you for mortgage financing to how to find the right real estate and mortgage professional, this tool will prepare you in ways that the typical home buyer course or seminar cannot and does not. Through it you will learn savings strategies, credit strengthening techniques, and what NOT to do. You'll find helpful checklists to take with you on home visits as well as much more. Insider Basics for the First-Time Home Buyer! is a must read for anyone thinking about buying a home.< Less
Free Money to Buy Your Fir$t Home By LeTicia Lee
Paperback: List Price: $19.97 $15.98 You Save: 20%
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If you are a first time home buyer in the USA, this book will show you how you may qualify to receive free money to help you make that home purchase. Learn what banks and credit unions will give you... More > money to help pay for your down payment and closing costs. Learn how some employers will help you pay for your home. Learn how to get money to renovate your new home. Learn how previous home owners and people who lost their homes due to foreclosure or bankruptcy can also receive this money if they have not owned a home in at least 3 years. This is a great way to get started or to start over! You may be able to move into your new home for less than the deposit and first month's rent of an apartment. Great for newlyweds, couples, new parents, new grads, and single parents. Share this book with friends, family, and your church or social group. Succeed at being home owners together!< Less
Water Garden Magic By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
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Water gardens are highly desirable for homeowners looking to enhance their property. The beauty a water garden can bring to your backyard and the invigorating sights of water and aquatic life are... More > seldom found in any other additions you could make to your premises. Now you can create the water garden of your dreams in easy-to-follow steps using extremely affordable tools! “Water Garden Magic” is a unique e-book filled with techniques and instructions on how to build many kinds of water gardens. This complete waterscape resource contains images and illustrations showing you how to create aquatic garden ponds, as well as other kinds of water garden setups. In this 50+ page e-book, you will learn the most important components of building a water garden, how to create a pond-type water garden and waterfalls, the most suitable kinds of fish and water garden plants and water garden care and maintenance. Download “Water Garden Magic” today and start creating the water garden of your dreams now.< Less
Of Moles and Men By Patrick Thompson
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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"Of Moles and Men" is a book for the gardener trying to cope or anyone fascinated and curious about the incredible animals called insectivores. Dr. Patrick Thompson, research biologist and... More > college professor spent the last fifteen years of his professional life studying these amazing animals. This wonderful book, made available in e-book format thanks to the estate of Dr. Thompson, takes the reader deep down inside the secretive life of moles and their cousins, and provides detailed instruction of how to manage them.< Less
Family Budget Manual : How to Setup Family Budget That Erases Debt and Starts Piling Up the Savings By Adam Shepherd
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Most families might feel that budgeting is a futile effort, unnecessarily burdening them with thoughts and ways, to go broke methodically and slowly, without the creature comforts and indulgences of... More > our human modern-day society. Put simply, in “Family Budget Manual”, we focus in on how to empower families to set up better, more realistic budgets, stick to them and celebrate their successes (and learn from their failures!)< Less
The Complete Guide of Starting Your Own Vineyard from Scratch: Build the Perfect Vineyard to Make the Perfect Wine By Daniel Steven
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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Hi, my name is Daniel Steven and I am a proud owner of my own vineyard for years I've been wanting to grow my own vineyard for a long time At first, it wasn't easy, my grapes got bacteria and... More > fungi The soil wasn't great, too much water and so on Sure all there are many answers and solutions on the internet but some if not most of them are not credible So here I come to the rescue :) Inside you'll find" -why start a vineyard? -essential points about grape growing -the ideal soil -how to prepare, planting, maintaining, designing to harvesting your vineyard -checklist for the annual care of grape vineyards -organic farming and disease management -and many more< Less
Home Security Exposed – Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home By eBook Corner
eBook (PDF): $1.40
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Now YOU Can Finally Learn How to Improve Your Home Security WITHOUT Spending a Fortune And Keep Out Unwanted Intruders! Don‘t become a victim and risk your important possessions and, more... More > importantly, your family. Instead, grab the only source of information that teaches you how you can quickly and inexpensively make your home unattractive to burglars! Here is what you will learn inside this guide: * Simple Steps to improve Home Security We‘ll discuss everything from tactics for lighting your home, to some of the most easily missed safe-havens for burglars. You wouldn‘t want your garden to be the reason your house was chosen...would you? * Other ways to prevent break ins. We‘ll look at certain types of equipment and other low-cost things you can do to make a burglar‘s life extremely difficult...and encourage them to simply move on and choose an easier target. And Much More!< Less
Food Self Sufficiency: How We Do It In a Severe Climate By Lee Garrett
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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In this world of continuously escalating food prices, and the ever increasing knowledge of the detrimental effect of pesticides on our bodies, our family has endeavored to become a little more... More > self-sufficient. We live in a severe high desert climate where the winter temperatures can reach -25 degrees, and summers are short and windy. We have learned through trial and error how to significantly increase our vegetable and fruit production, and have had increased success with the animals that we raise for food. We have succeeded in growing foods that traditionally have not survived in our area. Through our efforts we are now able to raise fresh fruits and vegetables typically nine months of the year. We give a detailed description of how we do this in ‘Food Self-sufficiency: How We Do It in a Severe Climate.’< Less