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Harlan County Haunts By Darla Jackson
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Harlan County Haunts explores the unknown with over 60 tales of spooky encounters and weird occurrences. Although the focus is on Harlan County, there are stories from around the southeastern... More > Kentucky region as well as other states. Featured in Harlan County Haunts is the novella, “Caroline," which highlights one of Harlan County’s most compelling unsolved crimes. Jackson, a lifelong Native of Harlan County, takes you on a ghostly journey through the mountains of Appalachia and beyond. Harlan County Haunts contains ghosts, monsters, angels, and many personal accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Harlan County Haunts was over two years in the making, with Jackson compiling well over 100 true accounts of experiences with the paranormal. After many interviews and research, the stories in the book are what she considered the best and most credible.< Less
A little horror before sleep. By Bibi Rillmann
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This is a short collection of a few of my works. I have been writing for years and these snippets here allow you to see a bit of my talents. I am a dark, violent writer of the paranormal, with a deep... More > penchant for pain, blood and gore - all wrapped up in an ornate story of intriguing, sometimes sweet yet sadistic characters that come from my heart, giving them depth and life in our minds as we read about their perils and triumphs. Enjoy!< Less
The Compilation, Grim By Cheyi Okoaye
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The Compilation, Grim is a collection of works I've written over the years; short (or horror) stories, morbid poems and a collection of "unsettling stories."
Hauenstein By Ryan Hauenstein
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The works of Ryan Hauenstein in Graphic Design. Travel along with me into the magical world of design.
My Paperback Book By Mengting Gong
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HI,my name is Mengting. This is the midpoint review book in AAU architecture major.
After Everyone's Dead By Chris Cummings
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“You can't lose hope. Without hope, then you have nothing.” After the world takes away everything, the only thing anyone can do is try to get it back and survive. Alone, distraught, and... More > broken a man will do anything to piece his mind back together. Chris Wake finds himself in a dark shell of the world he used to know. Constantly fighting against the undead for his life and the lives of his friends and family, he is trying his best to pick up the remnants of his life. He is faced with death, betrayal, and the daunting urge to find the people he has lost. Forced to overcome numerous obstacles in this strange and bloody torn apart world, Chris is in a constant battle between doing what he thinks is right and not being devoured by a city of flesh eating zombies.< Less
Laurel Springs Anthology of Scary Stories By Brian Hofacker
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The Laurel Springs Anthology of Scary Stories is a frightening and fun collection of terrifying tales from the quaint and curious town of Laurel Springs. What did Professor Angell discover when he... More > came to the small South Jersey town Laurel Springs in 1915? What was Samuel S. Cord, the man that would make Laurel Springs a town, doing in Innsmouth a week before his murder? Who is the strange woman called Annie by the lake? What are the dark things that drink from spring? What is the thing upstairs? From an investigation into the mysterious murder of Samuel S. Cord to a phantom train that travels by in the middle of the night, this anthology reveals what lurks in the dark of a small town and its connection to the characters, situations and monsters of by H.P. Lovecraft.< Less
Halloween Shrieks By Thirteen O'clock Press
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Another collection of blood soaked, gory, horrific stories centred on that most evocative of nights, Halloween. Here are manic people and pumpkins, savage spooks and nastiness by the ton, as only the... More > Thirteen O'clock Press authors can conjure from their fevered imaginations... enjoy!< Less
Nightmare Illustrated: issue 8 By Horrified Press
Paperback: $5.84
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Special bumper edition of the picto-fiction page turner Nightmare Illustrated. Over 20 artists and authors inside!
One Hell of a Christmas By Thirteen O'clock Press
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Christmas, tinsel, gifts, baubles, family gatherings and notably the most likely time of the year for crimes to be committed... blood to be shed... mayhem to ensue. The Thirteen authors have taken... More > the title of this anthology and as always come up with an infinite variety of horror stories set at what should be a time of peace and goodwill to men, but rarely is... Enjoy!< Less
Supernatural Tales 28 By David Longhorn
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New tales of the weird and ghostly from Jacob Felsen, William Wandless, Gillian Bennett, Sam Dawson, Michael Chislett, E. Michael Lewis, William I.I. Read, and Tim Foley.
Vector By R Kay
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The snail is crossing the edge of the razor blade. The bull is in the squeeze cage. The black widow is in your hand. A twig snaps on the edge of camp. There is a needle in the pillow of your bed.... More > These are the vectors by which our imaginations run into their darkest and most uncomfortable corners. These are the poisons of our minds, the seeds of discord, from which dark flowers blossom into nightmare. Such is the nature of Vector, a collection of short, unrelated horror stories which will transport the reader all over the world, from the grimy carpets of New Orleans hotels to the cemeteries of Paris, from the bear-infested Polar Ice Cap to the hermetic caves of the Pyrenees, from serene Minnesota to war-torn Liberia, from the mountain to the desert to the swamp- in the end, the reader will be glad that Vector is only a work of fiction.< Less
monsters among us By R Kay
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A loup garou, a swamp witch, and a feufolay. Here are three characters, three places, and three tales of mysticism. ...Darlin Modet is a girl who lives in a small village in the mountains of Haiti.... More > At a young age she witnesses an act of brutality that sets the course of her life. Her unfortunate path is further beset by two bad men who move into her village from Port-au-Prince. Her future appears dark until she decides to do something about it- and finally she finds a place among her people. ...Uncle Iggy is a noodler in the Pearl River bayous of Louisiana. He is already famous for his giant catfish and monster turtles. But his greatest achievement, his career clincher, was a darknatured woman who he never caught. ...Dr. Bunkie duBois is a country doctor in the fog-lost swamps of Acadiana. He is assigned a remote outpost on a chenier to try to rout out an epidemic, but he discovers a ghastly secret on his own island. His future and the cure, he discovers, are both interwoven in a web of doom. (Fiction)< Less
Night Walkers By Thirteen O' Clock Press
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Night Walkers, lurking in shadows, behind walls, in cars, in your homes, they're out there and they're out to get you... vampires and killers, we know they haunt the streets, now there's... More > proof! Thirteen's talented authors have taken the theme of Night Walkers and woven stories of blood, guts and horror for your entertainment. Enjoy...< Less
Scarce Resoures By Brendan Detzner
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The devil plays tennis with the last man in Chicago while a brontosaurus looms in the distance. An elderly blind woman thinks she's feeding the birds. A music industry insider falls short of... More > immortality and makes a shocking confession. A girl with sharp teeth and an excellent sense of smell shops at a convenience store, avoiding chocolate. And fourteen more. "Detzner's writing asks all the right questions, and answers just enough of them to leave your mind toying with the ideas for days ... If you're looking for cheap scares, look elsewhere. This is a writer that deals in an uneasy fear, in the unknown but somehow personal." Derek Gettys, The Arson Club "....stories of unholy compromise, quiet madness and apocalypses both great and small... If you’re not familiar with his work, these eighteen stories are a great overview of what he’s been doing in the always flexible horror genre." Michael Penkas, Black Gate< Less
Theatre Diabolique By Dan Barratt
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In a sleepy seaside town stands the ominous Théâtre Diabolique, a crumbling Victorian gothic edifice with a terrible dark secret. Its walls reverberate with the memory of past... More > iniquities; Devilish acts of shocking horror and ghastly depravity performed for the delectation of a multitude of lost souls. Now the monstrous theatre is reawakening once more, brought back to life by a ghastly terrible force stirring within its darkest confines… Six seemingly random strangers are drawn by a mysterious guide to take a tour of this once infamous theatre of evil. There they begin their journey into the bowels of the building where their innermost darkest thoughts will be revealed in an encounter that will change their lives forever… Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique is a thrilling new collection of original horror fiction from the Cygnus Alpha writers’ collective.< Less
Have Vampire, Will Travel - Case File: Ruby of the Rails By Scot Savage, Eric Bieche
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Hold on to your hats for this paranormal adventure! Vampires, shape-shifting, spiritual fog, a soul caught in Limbo a Wendigo; and hobos-the rail-riding kind. But, what if those hobos were more... More > than mere mortals? What if a gang of them worshipped a deity that lived in monster form and survived on human hearts? Enter detective Maxx Shadow, a man who narrowly escaped his encounter with the monster. Twenty-five years after that attack, he's hired to reclaim a necklace and find justice for a lost soul. The moment he sees the picture of the necklace, the face of the man wearing it jars a memory loose from the spiritual fog that has prevented Maxx from remembering all the details around how he became scarred. The closer the hobo with the necklace and the monster come to Maxx's Chicago, the more he remembers and the more he realizes he can't take them down alone. Fortunately, he has a new employee who happens to be a vampire.< Less
The Life He Knew By Jake Soister
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THE LIFE HE KNEW blends and combines genres, incorporating aspects of classic horror with timeless concerns to tell the transformative tale of Zachary Blaire. An everyday guy by anyone’s... More > standards, Zach is desperate for something greater than the life he’s leading. Bored at work and put off by some of the recent changes he’s seen in his friends, he’s struggling to find his place in a world that’s somehow less than what he expected. But as it turns out, Zach has no idea what he’s talking about – and his perception of what constitutes ‘the real world’ is anything but accurate. Spurred on by the sudden reappearance of his estranged cousin, Ben, Zach finds himself traveling down a new and altogether different path, one full of soul-searching and occasionally terrifying discovery. THE LIFE HE KNEW is a story about human awakenings, every day insecurities, and broadening perspectives. It is a tale of the supernatural set in a real world environment, complete with a cast of ‘creatures’ more pitiable than idealized.< Less
More Harlan County Haunts By Darla Saylor Jackson
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More Harlan County Haunts is the follow-up to the popular Harlan County Haunts and features over 100 true ghostly accounts set in the area of Harlan County, Kentucky. More Harlan County Haunts has... More > tales of ghosts, monsters, angels, and even unidentified flying objects. Although many stories in the book are recent, there are also many stories telling about the county’s eerie and haunted past. More Harlan County Haunts’ feature story is a tale about a house on Cumberland Avenue in downtown Harlan, Kentucky that reveals the house’s bloody past.< Less
The House in the Port By J.R. Torina
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A squeamish man moves to a dark, rotting seaport town, and finds himself embroiled in a destiny he didn't know he had. A destiny that involves becoming a member of HP Lovecraft's "Deep... More > Ones", and a personal servant to the dreaded lord of the Abyss, Cthulhu!< Less
Shadows of Azathoth By Michael Ford
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Shadows of Azathoth - Horrific Tales of Vampiric Darkness by Michael W. Ford Three haunting tales of vampire-rituals and sorcery which unveil a world of otherworldly darkness and the insatiable... More > appetite for human blood. Within the pages you will find vampiric rituals to evoke the hungry dead, ancient Babylonian sorcery ripping away the veil of the world of fantasy and reality. In SHADOWS OF AZATHOTH, the rites of chaos invoke a coven of Seven Vampiric Spirits and the horde of insect-demons which attempt to wear the flesh of their victims. This Lovecraft-inspired work blends both the world of the physical with that of the beyond. In THE HUNGERING ONE a ancient chaldean woman is visited by something unnamable, with spider-like talons awakens her flesh and as she finds her blood the elixir from which she will enter the city of Irkalla, the place of the dead.... In THE CULT OF THE WAR-GOD the secret tablets of an Assyrian king reveals his affiliation with the cult of Tiamat and the blood offerings...< Less
Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine--Fall 2011 By Cinsearae Santiago
Paperback: $12.50
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FALL 2012 ISSUE OF DARK GOTHIC RESURRECTED MAGAZINE.INTERVIEWS WITH John Slaney, Horror Artist, Partick Flanagan, Gothic Author and Photographer, Poison, Shopowner of The Poisoned Apples, Nicholas... More > Grabowsky, Horror Author/Publisher, Darlene, Shopowner of "Do Bats Eat Cats?" Paul Wagner, Horror Artist, and Susan Hanniford Crowley, Paranormal Author. BOOK REVIEWS of CEMETERY GATES: DEATH AND MOURNING THROUGH THE AGES by Corvis Nocturnum and GOTHIC DREAMSCAPES by Patrick Flanagan.< Less
Speculations II By Michael Austin et al.
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Vol. 2
Speculations I By Paul Ennis
Paperback: List Price: $11.32 $9.06 | You Save: 20%
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Speculations is a journal of speculative realism that hopes to provide a forum for the exploration of speculative realism and post-continental philosophy. Our aim is to facilitate discussion about... More > ongoing developments within speculative realism. The journal is open access and peer-reviewed. We accept short position papers, full length articles and book reviews.< Less
THE HORROR EXPRESS #6 By Horror Express
Paperback: $11.46
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This is issue #6 of The Horror Express magazine. Includes fiction from Shaun Hutson, Simon Clark, Marc Shemmans and Joanne Shemmans. This also includes an interview with Alan Moore