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Reunion By Lawrence Heibel
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Ray Mondy dies as plans to kill his wife Pam for leaving him for another man go horribly wrong. Five years later, he finds a way to return to the living world by possessing live souls thanks to a... More > young medium, Steve Thorndyke, who unwittingly brings Ray back from the dead. Ray seeks vengeance against his former wife, now married to Ron Candleson. While the Candlesons reunite with two teenage children that Ron left behind when he ran away with Pam, Ray torments them in the idyllic forested Bay Haven State Park on Lake Michigan. Steve Thorndyke, the only one who knows the truth about Ray stalks Candlesons and Mondy hoping to stop Ray's terrifying plans of vengeance.< Less
Laurel Springs Anthology of Scary Stories By Brian Hofacker
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From an investigation into the mysterious murder of Samuel S. Cord, the man that would make Laurel Springs a town, to a phantom train that travels by in the middle of the night, The Laurel Springs... More > Anthology of Scary Stories is a frightening and fun collection of tales from the quaint and curious town of Laurel Springs.< Less
Flesh Wounds By Kimberly Raiser
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Flesh Wounds contains "A Pound of Flesh" and "Shred of Flesh"...with an added bonus "Masterpiece Dinner"
Reunion By Lawrence R. Heibel
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Ron Candleson helps Pam Mondy leave her abusive husband Ray Mondy. Ray dies in an attempt to kill them. Five years later, Steve Thorndyke, a 21-year-old medium helps his boyhood friend’s soul... More > cross over from the Void between life and death to the Light On his way back to his body, Steve is possessed by Ray Mondy’s soul. Ray hijacks another body and disappears with thoughts of killing Ron and Pam. Now, Ron and Pam Candleson, married and living in California for the past five years, return to Michigan for a reunion with Ron’s teenage son and daughter. Camping at Bay Haven State Park, Ray Mondy has a reunion of his own as he seeks vengeance against the Candlesons. Hampering that reunion is Steve Thorndyke who wants to return Ray to the Void before he can harm the Candlesons. As the reunion unfolds, Ron and Pam are estranged by Ron’s lack of attention to his marriage. At the same time a handsome stranger ignites a fantasy that Pam struggles to keep a fantasy and not a reality.< Less
Nefarious Endeavors By Jeremy Void
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Since the epic release of Derelict America, Jeremy Void has continued to create gut-wrenching, heart-startling stories that almost jump out at you, clutch the collar of your shirt, and hold you... More > tight. The stories in Nefarious Endeavors are faster, crazier, and so much more cutting edge. Police are out in force, joking and laughing as they pick up a couple teenage drug addicts. An over-sexed man falls in love with a Punk rocker who won't put out. A wild drug-fueled car ride down the highway quickly speeds out of control. A man's descent into madness—will he make it out alive or fall victim to the demons of his mind? Many questions are sparked within these pages, and many answers are shattered. Nefarious Endeavors is an orgasmic thrill the whole family can enjoy.< Less
The Stone Wife (Geek Force Five #6) By Bethany Snyder
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“The Stone Wife,” a short story by Bethany Snyder, tells the tale of a rainy day gone wrong. When nobody shows up for Danny's little league practice, he follows a strange kid named Kevin... More > into the creepy cemetery across the street in search of an adventure that Danny isn't ready for, unaware of grave consequences he can't imagine. This volume also features a bonus story by editor E. Christopher Clark, “One Player or Two?” That yarn is all about a college freshman named Evan and his father, who shared his obsession with an outdated video game that none of Evan’s family or friends can comprehend.< Less
Whispers In The Dark By S.N.M. Jones
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One thing that Shevron Hamilton has always been able to count on is change. When the death of her mother trigger a change for the worse, Shevron runs away from her abusive past and muddles through... More > life plagued with nightmares. In a dead end job with no prospects, Shevron takes a chance and puts in an application at the Hope Rape Crisis Center. Within weeks Shevron finds herself with a new job, new opportunities and new nightmares. A killer is on the loose. One that stalks his victims. He knows when they’re sleeping. He’s knows when they’re awake. He knows every single step that they will take. Meticulous in his planning, and methodical in his disposal his lust and rage knows no bounds. When a young teenager is abducted. Shevron is forced to confront the truth about herself or watch as the killer claims another life.< Less
Another Christmas Carol By Brian Hofacker
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In this exciting Christmas adventure, Ebenezer Scrooge returns from the grave to battle ghouls, goblins and demons to save the world. Christmas is a time of goodwill and peace on Earth, but that is... More > about to change. The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future are forgotten, lost and dying. Ignorant and Want, the yellow, meager, ragged, scowling, wolfish children shown hiding within the folds of the robe of the Ghost of Christmas Present are the new Spirits of Christmas, and they have returned to bring Doom to the world. Only they are not alone… there is another, a Demon called Doubt, that wants nothing more than to bring about the end of days. Only one man can stop this apocalypse, Ebenezer Scrooge. But hasn’t he been dead for nearly two hundred years?< Less
The Vampire Who Drinks Gospel Music: The Stories of Sacred Flow and Sacred Song By Peter J. Harris
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From darkened movie houses filled with enthusiastic narrators, to the Washington, D.C., campus of Howard University, to covens illuminated by masterful art and hidden in plain sight off the coast of... More > Georgia and outside Ile Ife in West Africa, Sechaba, the Vampire Who Drinks Gospel Music, is haunted by the footsteps of his nemesis, the fearless anthropologist Candace Stallings, whose mission is to rid the world of her enemy’s blasphemous hunger for African American sacred music. Death. Rebirth. History. Ceremony. All unfolding to a swirling, soulful soundtrack of powerful music! Will Sechaba ever learn to Shake and Finger Pop? What mixtape can Candace play to stop the vampire whose blood is spiked with the majesty of sacred flow and sacred song? Peter J. Harris weaves five interlocking stories with the eloquence of a poet, the joyfulness of Richard Pryor schooling Dracula on a midnight stroll, and reminds us why an inspired Terry McMillan included the title story in her seminal anthology Breaking Ice.< Less
The Passion of Poe By Cynthia Morrison
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Short stories of fiction and poetry written by Edgar Allan Poe. Includes one creative non fiction by Cynthia Morrison.
Colder Weather: A Place to Lay and Die - Standard Copy By Tyler Gould
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Colder Weather is an original novel series, set in a vast, horrifying world ravaged by an unknown, fungus-borne infection. Survivors can do nothing except fight for survival... but the infected... More > aren't the only threat. Follow Eben Wilson, a survivor of the initial outbreak, he has seen all that this new, grim world has to offer, guided onward by nothing but the distant projection of his former self. But his humanity is impossible to retain in a place where those alive are both survivors and killers. Where it's impossible to choose one without choosing the other. Follow Eben Wilson, a survivor of the initial outbreak, he has seen all that this new, grim world has to offer, guided onward by nothing but the distant projection of his former self. But his humanity is impossible to retain in a place where those alive are both survivors and killers. Where it's impossible to choose one without choosing the other.< Less
Many Midnights By Rick McQuiston
Paperback: $10.98
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Horror short story anthology from Michigan author Rick McQuiston. 15 unique tales of terror that will keep you up at night and have you second guessing reality. So pull up a comfortable chair, light... More > a blood-red candle and enjoy his Many Midnights.< Less
Darcy and Elizabeth and the Vampire By Abby Smith
Paperback: $16.95
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Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy were planning out their whole life together. But a jealous vampire, Charles Beckett wants Elizabeth for himself, and plans to murder Mr. Darcy to get her.
Mixed Bag By Diane Lanoue
Paperback: $19.99
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From tales of hookers and junkies to bad men running wild and good women hell-bent on revenge. This eclectic collection careers from the antics of crazed public servants to grief stricken families... More > and back. We travel a gory road trip and a gruesome elevator ride, the final destination is anyone’s guess. This is truly a ‘mixed bag’ of irreverent, witty and profane short stories. Some start out sweet and end with a sting in the tail and others bite at you all the way through. The stories and characters are fictional and any resemblance to real people is strictly intentional. Anyone who is offended probably remembers their part all too well!< Less
Overlooked & Underrated By Scott Brandon Tepperman
Paperback: $19.95
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A massive collection of 100 of the most obscure, overlooked, and underrated horror films in cinematic history. Written by horror genre actor, former film critic, and "celebrity" TV ghost... More > hunter Scott Tepperman (of Syfy Channel's hit reality TV series 'GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL', and the seminal horror flicks 'THE HOSPITAL', 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: GENESIS' and 'CREEPY CRAWLY'), this book is an awesome collection of long forgotten works that DREAD CENTRAL calls "a great guide for fans seeking lost treasures".< Less
MONSTER By Sarah Hotard
Paperback: $9.95
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Sarah Hotard looks at the darker side of the world, in places most people wouldn’t dare go. This book is beautifully tragic, exploring death, revenge, and those monsters under your bed that you... More > were scared of as a child… and maybe still are. Immerse yourself in a world of poetic horror and madness, where nothing is as it seems, and monsters lurk in the most obvious places.< Less
The Black Cat By Horrified Press
Paperback: $14.56
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Join the authors of Horrified Press in this anthology as seen through feline eyes. Dare you walk in the steps of the black cat?
Tales of Purgatory By EJ Lopes
Paperback: $8.70
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Waking up from a car crash, teenagers with no memory of how they got there are lost until a Bus Driver finds them; but when the bus starts having problems, catching the attention of a stalker, they... More > must figure out how to get home, before their fears become real.< Less
Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 3 issue 4 for October 2014) By Hydra M. Star
Paperback: $6.66
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Adults Only! Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine, which focuses on publishing extremely dark and violent adult fiction and poetry. In this issue we have an interview... More > with members from the band Danse dE Sade. As always, Dave Lipscomb makes an appearance with his music column “The DaveL’s Music” and his art column “Odd Ocularities”. See sights here that you will not see anywhere else. Also we have fiction and poetry from Wendy Ashlee Coleman, D.M. Anderson, Marten Hoyle, Betty Gabriel, Gayle Yukon, Gary Murphy, David L Tamarin, Jenny Knox, Michael W. Clark, Ed Ahern, Jason Aguirre, and Robert Leuthold This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.< Less
Figures By K. Weikel
Paperback: $7.00
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Angelica Spott thought it was over. The doctors said they would go away. The doctors said they wouldn't come back. After all, the doctors know best. But the doctors were wrong. Now they're back.... More > And they're worse than ever. Angelica can't run from them. She can't hide. They're in her head. They're in her life. And they won't go away. Can Angelica get away from the figures that haunt her nightmares?< Less
Cats Eyes - Discovering the Shadow World By William Squires
Paperback: $11.59
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It moves like lightning, races over to the blood drops and reaches out with that extra long index finger, and then that haze, stronger than at any time before, it is draining the remnants of energy,... More > the life force, from the blood, that's just so disgusting. Quickly I pick up the television set, I steady my footing then raise the television set above my head and with all the effort and strength I can muster I throw it down through the hatch directly on to the creature where it is standing beneath me but as a result of my effort I lose my balance, I end up hanging halfway through the hatch supporting myself with my elbows on the edges of the hatch, that was painful, there will be plenty of bruises from this later. I recover my posture and lower my feet down through the hatch using what’s left of the television casing as a step while I hang from the loft hatch by my fingertips.< Less
Dark Fairy Tales Revisited: volume II By Horrified Press
Paperback: $14.18
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In this second installment of the hit series we meet more authors, more monsters and find ourselves through the looking glass and out the other side, courtesy of editors Suzie & Bruce Lockhart... More > 2nd.< Less
Bloom's Desk (Ebook) By Jeffrey Littorno
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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The trouble started with the voices inside Glen Davis' head... A long-dead serial killer named Robert Bloom has chosen Glen as the one to continue his deadly hobby. Now the young teacher has to... More > decide whether to save himself or those around him. Go ahead and take a look for yourself to discover what is waiting inside Bloom's Desk.< Less
eBook (PDF): $4.00
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ISSN: 1558-3341 JUNE 2010 ISSUE Greetings those of twisted heart and evil soul and welcome to the newest printing of TWISTED DREAMS MAGAZINE! In this issue you'll be treated to more decadent... More > delights for your deviant pleasure... Short stories, new section "A Little Bit of Evil," artwork by return artists as well as new, Cannibal Corner, news, reviews, and more from one of the hottest and most widely read independent/underground magazines on the market today! Next Issue: OCTOBER 2010 and do we have a treat planned for you in that one! Don't say that you weren't warned!< Less
Th Sa By hafid salmi
eBook (PDF): $450.00
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this is best book ever from me talk about some storis of women