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Halloween Machine July 2014 By Hallow Harvest
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HALLOWEEN MACHINE JULY 2014! Featuring home haunts, a conversation with Scott Essman about the great Jack Pierce, a look at the evolution of chainsaws in Halloween lore, Dark Rides with Kurtis Primm,... More > the amazing art of Sam Heimer, and much more! With a startling cover by Roger Scholz!< Less
Center of Heaven By Audrey Maize
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An all-star basketball player is shot in a pep rally, chaos breaks loose. Troy Blackman, his friend, is determined for justice; but he is puny, fearful, and lost to start his journey of retribution.... More > He joins an outcast, Joan, and dives deeper in her levels of dementia, crawling into her trials of psychopathic behavior. Troy finds out this female does not work alone. Another woman, she sees the basketball player die as well. A well-known heiress in the city, Stacy Carmine, has long lusted over the basketball star and seeing his brains splattered on the podium drives her into lunacy. When her methods of wealth fail she begs for the darkness to comfort her, giving her an ability to control fire, to burn within the minds of reality. What will these characters sacrifice for justice? Will the truth be worth the sacrifice? Or are these characters only adding fuel to a city of fire? Warning: Broaches on the concept of feminism and war. If these topics offend you, please do not read. E-BOOK VERSION< Less
Nefarious Endeavors By Jeremy Void
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Since the epic release of Derelict America, Jeremy Void has continued to create gut-wrenching, heart-startling stories that almost jump out at you, clutch the collar of your shirt, and hold you... More > tight. The stories in Nefarious Endeavors are faster, crazier, and so much more cutting edge. Police are out in force, joking and laughing as they pick up a couple teenage drug addicts. An over-sexed man falls in love with a Punk rocker who won't put out. A wild drug-fueled car ride down the highway quickly speeds out of control. A man's descent into madness—will he make it out alive or fall victim to the demons of his mind? Many questions are sparked within these pages, and many answers are shattered. Nefarious Endeavors is an orgasmic thrill the whole family can enjoy.< Less
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Seven billion people in the world and… dropping? The Human Population Control was a modest environmental group for centuries until it became a global power in 2012. Its mission seemed simple... More > -- to resolve the overpopulation issue on Earth -- but by the time its methods to do so were revealed, it was too late. Control quickly enforced strict laws on its people and raised a merciless army to slaughter those who defied them. Twenty years later: Benjamin Strauss is the son of a Control supergiant, but he is the last person on the planet to support the organization's mission. In fact, he despises it so much that he is willing to risk his life and the lives of his friends to destroy it once and for all. But such a dangerous plan is sure to entail a plethora of physical and moral obstacles… will a simple teenage boy like Benjamin be able to overcome them in order to defend his strongest beliefs?< Less
The Unsaintly By Lisa Vasquez
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The Unsaintly is the journey of Isabel, the daughter of Louis VII and Blanche of Castile, who devoted her entire life to the servitude of God. When Isabel begins to suffer from stigmata, she learns... More > that it is just the beginning of her role in the fight between Heaven and Hell. Her sacrifice is not great enough when the abuse inflicted by the stigmata she suffers leaves is then replaced by the real horrors inflicted by God's rival; Lucifer. All that she's learned up to this point will be tested along with her faith, in this horrific story of good, evil, and everything in between.< Less
What Do You Fear? Book 3: Dark Hearts By E L Jefferson
Paperback: $22.00
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When you read this compilation of stories by E. L. Jefferson you will take a journey that leads down a path to which there is no turning back. They will hold you captive and force you to witness the... More > dark side of the human psyche. You will come face to face with your own dark, and voyeuristic desires; unashamedly you will savor the experience. When you have finished this odyssey you will question not only man’s nature, but your own as well… A Fathers Sorrow A man is devastated by a recent loss, what he does in response is unthinkable. Three Blind Mice Robbers discover too late that they’ve broken into the wrong home. Dr. Feelgood A physician with a unique way of solving his patient’s problems. Illusion of Truth A couple lived the perfect fantasy, until reality shattered their world. The Link By chance, four beautiful young women shared an experience that bonded them for life. Then one day, the bond was broken.< Less
Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 3 issue 3 for July 2014) By Hydra M. Star
Paperback: $6.66
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Adults Only! Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine, which focuses on publishing extremely dark and violent adult fiction and poetry. In this issue author and all around... More > mad woman, Andrea Dean van Scoyoc, returns to our pages for what very well maybe her very last interview ever. In addition to this, as always, we have Dave Lipscomb’s music column “The DaveL’s Music” and his art column “Odd Ocularities”. See sights here that you will not see anywhere else. Also we have fiction and poetry from Cleatus Glob, Berti Walker, G. Ted Theewen, Robert Leuthold, Matt Kurtz, W.C. Morrow, Howard Simmons, Anne D. Mann, Ray Prew, Annie Neugebauer, Timothy Ward, Iris Rapace, and Ken Goldman. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.< Less
Night to Dawn 26 By October 2014
Paperback: $8.20
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Featuring the conclusion to Ken Goldman's "The Devil, You Say" along with zombie tales, butterfly vampire, and a musician's look at the Zombie Apocalypse. Poetry, art, and fiction by Marge... More > Simon, Sandy DeLuca, Todd Hanks, Rod Marsden, Marc Shapiro, David Transue, Francis Alexander...and others!< Less
Dead But Dreaming Magazine #2 By Michael Porter
Paperback: $2.99
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A collection of horror fiction from a variety of talented authors. Tales to freeze the blood and chill the soul...
Twisted Tales By Christian Toms
Paperback: $9.99
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Join us on a series of horrifically Twisted Tales featuring short stories about an old man who wants to live forever, a narcoleptic corpse with a strange sense of self-awareness, a young couple who... More > try to change their luck, and an encounter with the real men in black. These tales and more can be found in “Twisted Tales” by author Christian Toms.< Less
Neon & Blood By Silent Fray
Paperback: $14.51
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Heated and in the throes of a neon dream, the stories here are stories of blood…blood in the city under bright neon glow and blood in the ancestry of stories that are crafted for fear, spine... More > tingling shakes and bumpy rides. Welcome to the realms of the imagination in bright glaring viscosity, in daring adventure and in the whisper of a secret ghost. Welcome to Neon and Blood, blood rare, blood in gut wrenching drama, blood and neon, neon and blood. The ghosts await you and avail you to sample the delicate desires and haunts of a generation. Dare to read these stories…so light a candle and pull the covers up tight to your chin, you are about to take a journey into the unknown realms of dark nights and neon evenings splashed with just the right amount of blood.< Less
Fractured Realms By Horrified Press
Paperback: $14.66
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Extraordinary people marked ‘not normal’ come from all different walks of life. For far too long, a shroud of darkness was thrown over those who’ve had boundless potential to... More > transcend greatness; shunned and cast out through the misjudgment forced upon them. People enduring isolation from being trapped inside their own minds. People labeled with an ASD-Autism Spectrum Disorder. Seeds of greatness cannot be cultivated through judgment and condemnation. Imagine a world never having heard the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Never seeing the extraordinary art of Michelangelo? What if Sir Isaac Newton hadn’t discovered gravity, and laws of motion that would be relevant 300 years later? And for all the writers out there…were you aware that Lewis Carroll—author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’—fell under the umbrella of Autism? So to all of you, who are reading this, ask yourself… “Is Autism a disorder, or is it a gift?” Through their short stories and poetry, a collection of talented authors have tackled that question.< Less
What Do You Fear? Book 2: Evil Lives By E. L. Jefferson
Paperback: $17.00
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A collection of short horror stories that will chill the reader to their soul. These are chilling stories that run the gamut of human depravity and cruelty. These stories will leave the reader... More > feeling like a voyeur, wanting more.< Less
What Do You Fear? Book 1 By E. L. Jefferson
Paperback: $18.00
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Ten short stories that depict how shockingly cruel people can be to each other.
Natural Elimination: The Cotesia Incident By Roman Tibensky
Paperback: $12.99
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Space! Vast. Kinda dark. Filled with dots. Not a very impressive place to be stuck in. Time flies at a snail's pace when you're just babysitting other people. Mind starts to wander. Senses are... More > dulled. Skills become rusty. The voices in your head start sounding less insane with each passing day. It feels like this lifeless limbo will never end. AND THEN HUGE BLOODTHIRSTY MONSTERS ATTACK! Yeah... You have fun with that.< Less
The Toolbox By Thirteen Press
Paperback: $16.93
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The Toolbox anthology is unlike the others from Thirteen Press, here the authors had to choose a tool and no tool could be used more than once. The stories which resulted cover the entire range of... More > equipment - and then some! The talented Thirteen Press authors had a wonderful time crafting dark tales for your entertainment. One thing's for sure, you will never look at your toolbox in the same way again... Enjoy!< Less
An Urban Nightmare By Thirteen Press
Paperback: $17.01
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Not everything happens a long way from home... most horrors happen right on the doorstep or at least as far as next door... again, the talented Thirteen Press authors let their imaginations run riot... More > on this one. Watch out for your neighbours, they might have read this book before you...< Less
Pretty Mouth By Bones McKay, Ursula Gray
Paperback: $20.00
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Evan is not a monster, he just has a few extra mouths. After what was supposed to be a one night stand with Rizo, a real monster, Evan finds things difficult to break off. Rizo just might be able to... More > undo Evan’s curse. With a monster in the woods, witches in the shadows, and laughing mouth without a body, Evan needs to decide if it’s even worth putting aside prejudice.< Less
Vile Press Presents: Horrendous Tales (Volume I) By Kevin Cathy et al.
Paperback: List Price: $12.58 $7.55 You Save: 40%
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Mainstream horror fiction just doesn't satisfy anyone anymore. People are looking for new, unencumbered, and twisted stories to scratch their horror itch. This book of short stories from independent... More > authors will do the trick. From man-eating trees, to demented residents of a possibly haunted town, to a day in the life of the Angel of Death, this anthology will not disappoint in providing the reader with some truly vile and horrendous tales that guarentees to keep you up at night.< Less
Penage By Anthony Armstrong
Paperback: $19.54
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Penage is the story of Madison Green, a violent and possessive man. His distrust of others leads to his having too many x-rays. He pilots a plane that is struck by lightning—twice. The double... More > lightning strike and the overdose of radiation transform Madison Green into a physical and psychological beast. The doomed plane crashes into Lake Penage, and the beast lives secretly in its waters for many years. The remains of the plane are his prized possessions, and when they are disturbed and displaced, unwanted contact with human beings becomes inevitable. As the beast searches for its possessions, its anger increases. It secretes an ooze that protects what is his but destroys almost anything else it makes contact with. As the beast reacquires his possessions, he comes to see himself as master of the lake; he comes to think of himself as Penage. A drunk, a school teacher, a widow, a marina owner, and a truck driver are forced to deal with the beast. Facing the beast means facing danger, terror, and death.< Less
Paperback: $14.50
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PLEASE HELP US! The old sign hung crookedly in the middle of the empty street; possibly made a few days after the clouds had come. He would have been surprised if anyone came to help, and if... More > someone did; where were they now? Where did they go? Were they living on some island of paradise? Or were they all devoured by Night Crawlers? All has failed. The mighty chemical bomb which was designed to clean the air had been accidentally launched. The powerful eruption of the O.C. Device destroyed everything in its path, causing cities to burn and oceans to rise. Its chemical mist spread out poisoning all living things causing catastrophic mega deaths around the world. What was left was a desolate, rotting piece of earth. Out of the ruins a lone survivor named Phoenix must learn to live in this lawless and post apocalypse world. Deep in the wastelands is a fortress that holds something most valuable, but first he must battle through thieves and warriors, gangs and…Night Crawlers.< Less
Paperback: $13.92
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PAPERBACK - Welcome to 13 terrifying tales of axe murderers, stalkers and a fistful of homicidal maniacs. Here you'll read about a man who is missing his family near a mental institution, a boy who... More > sees a tall man who hacks up and collects body parts. Also you will read about an author who stalks his victims to write a perfect horror nevel, or if you are brave enough, you can read the tale of the two college girls who pick up a hitch-hiker on a dark and stormy night.< Less
SCARED IN BETHLEHEM By Russell Paine, Ross Psuty
Paperback: $12.92
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PAPERBACK - It was the town of lost hope and lost souls, the small town of Bethlehem PA, had many secrets as one young girl was about to find out. And it was not just the cats that crept around the... More > graveyard at night, but the lost ghosts, who start to share the tales about their last day as a mortal.< Less
NIGHT OF THE GOAT (New Edition) By Russell Paine, Ross Psuty
Paperback: $11.91
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PAPERBACK - Seventeen years has past since he had seen her last, but that is all about to change. Isaac Crain has a plan to find her again, but he must be as careful as can be. Escaping from this... More > mental institution was the easy part. Now that he is back in the big city, he must elude police, the doctors, and the many others that are after him. Isaac will never let anyone seperate their love again, even if it means killing all who get in the way. He is clever, he is lethal, he is The Goat.< Less
Desert Dawn: Damnation By Russell Paine
Paperback: $14.46
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(9 Ratings)
PAPERBACK - The United States of America is not safe as crime infested streets seem to overpopulate the land. The inner cities are engulfed with battlefields, and the neighbors to the north are... More > iching to start a war. But as one brave soldier marches on, she dicovers the real plan for this invasion on the homeless and the criminals of the state. The President wants to rebuild the world and make it his own by launching a new and powerful weapon, one that would wipe out mankind. But only the ones he feels that will fit into his plan will be protected from this killing device. But is this new plan really worth the death of millions? With pistols on her hip, and a drug lord by her side, Corp. Scarlet Skye must find a way to stop this madness and the destruction of mankind.< Less