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Revenant By Peter J Larrivee
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Don't let his cool demeanor fool you, Jake King's life has been a long, haunted existence. His father died when he was six, his mother is incarcerated at a mental health facility, he's just lost his... More > job as a journalist and he's crossed paths with the local mob. Of course, this is only the beginning, as Jake soon begins seeing the wandering, translucent spirits of the streets of Providence crying out for his help. Worse yet, there is a stalking shadow that has been killing people around him. If Jake doesn't discover what this revenge spirit wants and how to stop it, he could wind up in the obituaries. Even if he survives this spirit and the mob hit, he must contend with the screaming headaches, a shady mentor figure, and unknown beings from beyond the veil that threaten our world. Revenant is a Horror/Urban Fantasy novel set in H.P. Lovecraft's city of Providence.< Less
Lilah By Leena Klammer
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Lilah Krammer is not your ordinary serial killer. She wants to be loved and will go to any extreme to get what she wants. A dangerous psychopath bent on murdering anyone in her way. Size... More > doesn’t matter when it comes to evil.< Less
Sabbat By Michael Szekely
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Stovington, Pennsylvania is a quiet little town. But, unknown to its residence, it holds a frightening secret in its past, a secret that Jack Rand is soon to discover! When people start turning up... More > with their throats slit and their bodies drained of all their blood, Jack begins to suspect that his new neighbors may be behind it. Convinced that they are witches, Jack, along with a few other believers, must try to find a way to stop this coven before they become too powerful.< Less
Cumbrian Cthulhu Complete Short Stories Volumes 1-4 By Andrew McGuigan, Andrew Paciorek
Hardcover: $37.74
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Cumbrian Cthulhu Complete Short Stories Volumes 1-4 Cover art by Janusz Zygmunt Internal illustrations by Andrew Paciorek Cumbrian Cthulhu is the home for budding horror writers who wish to have... More > their short stories published. The only requirements are that the stories are set somewhere in the Cumbrian region and are based around the themes of H.P. Lovecraft legendary Cthulhu Mythos. The stories are a tribute to both the mythos of H.P.Lovecraft and the awesome beauty and rich history of the Lake District. All profits from the publishing of the Cumbrian Cthulhu book will be donated to LDSAMRA The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association< Less
Word Stew By Full Moon Books
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Since the beginning of civilization words have been known to have power - some to heal and others to harm. Fast forward to 2015... What happens when a group of authors come together to tell their... More > own twisted tales - without restraints and with only words to guide their hand? You may find more than you bargained for in this anthology. In fact... the stories contained within could be lethal!< Less
A Shot In The Dark By Gabriel Orr
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Author Gabriel Orr, in his first (small) collection of Short Stories, introduces an entity from a dark space in the Yellowstone National Forest; this "demon" has found his way into the... More > quaint town of Laurel... and he's not leaving without a body count. In his first published collection, Gabriel takes A Shot In The Dark... don't turn off the lights. Also featured, a bonus short story called Let Me Love You.< Less
The Cross Section By Mariah Johnson
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The Cross Section; An Exploration of all things Nordic. Academic Journals.
The Last Man By Mary Shelley
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The Last Man Mary Shelley, most famous for “Frankenstein” also wrote several other novels and short stories. “The Last Man” was her second best-seller, written about ten... More > years after the publication of “Frankenstein”. The Last Man is an apocalyptic science fiction novel about tragic love and a future world that has been ravaged by a plague. It reflects Shelley's fears about civilization and the shortcomings of human behavior. Lionel Verney, the narrator and last survivor of a twenty-first century plague, recounts how he discovers a manuscript written in 2100. But aside from the novel being delightful and arguably obscure entertainment for the Romantic literature aficionado, it is the foundation of English Sci-Fi from H.G. Wells to Arthur C. Clarke, not to mention such works as “The Stand” by Stephen King and “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson.< Less
The Complete Tales of Edgar Allan Poe By Edgar Allan Poe
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All the short stories by Edgar Allan Poe collected in one volume.
Halloween A Scary Film Guide By Terry Rowan
Paperback: $24.50
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A look at the films and TV shows that pertain to the festive holiday of Halloween and including all the activities at this scary time. Carving jack-o-lanterns, apple bobbing, playing pranks, telling... More > scary ghost stories, and watching horror movies. Also the many Halloween traditions and customs are covered. Which include safety tips and ways to decorate your house haunting!< Less
At the Hotel Monticello By Ran Cartwright
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THE HOTEL MONTICELLO, a little joint at one of many crossroads in time and space. Those that hang out there are an odd lot - an old woman who plays a sad crying violin; a time traveling gangster... More > blues pianist and his blues singing whore; a gay couple fresh out of the big house; the mysterious young woman who wears a Venetian mask; a writer chased across time and space by her own creations; the two-bit hood come to make a buck at the expense of a well known politician; and a small assortment of other down on their luck characters. And the occasional demon that shows up from time to time to entertain themselves at the expense of the hotel clientele, inflicting hideous unimaginable pain and horror on each of them until finally, in the end, there’s no one left.< Less
Crusader By Gary Truslow
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When a book is unearthed from an archeological site north of Lisbon, Portugal, a series of events are put in motion, resulting in the murders of the people trying to translate its cryptic writings.... More > The Archon of Boston, a one thousand year-old vampire, sends her agent to retrieve the book when it arrives in Saint Albans, West Virginia. But he's not the only one searching for it. The body count rises as the search for the book goes on. Vampires and their ancient enemies clash with a few innocent humans caught in the middle.< Less
Vendetta With Souls By Bernard Harold Curgenven
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This innovative novella isn’t your average thriller. You will be on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The tale starts with a movie, which sparks the main character’s memory.... More > Edward was in a coma for a year, following an encounter in the war, which left his crew dead. After regaining consciousness, he undergoes therapy in an institution, only to discover who he is, and what he had done. He is the soul responsible for the deaths of everyone he had ever loved. He continues to torment himself, long after his death. He couldn’t live with his conscience when he was still alive, and he had therefore wished himself to death. But how does one lose and gain memories that may or may not be one’s owns? When lost souls drift, they seek a host! Doomsday is upon us! This story is extremely frightening, and most definitely shouldn’t be read by the psychologically ill!< Less
A Place I Call Home By William Schumpert
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Matt was always fond of River Falls after leaving to live in the city. Eager to visit the country side he grew up in he drove in anticipation to his old home by the lake, yet he finds that his old... More > home is not what it used to be. Haunted by a bizarre atmosphere and mysterious creatures in the very bellows of Hell, all while a child's life hangs on the balance of intricate madness- "But that shadow- that foreboding presence… As hard as I tried I could not ignore its presence... there had to be an end to it! For God’s sake there must be an end to this menacing chaos!"< Less