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Last Night By Thirteen O'clock Press
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Last night, the last night, what happened last night, wishing it were still last night... there are many ways of interpreting this particular theme and the talented Thirteen O'clock authors have done... More > just that, with far ranging and very different stories all relating to that one thing, last night. Enjoy, whilst thinking about your last night...< Less
Disquiet: an anthology By Christian Carvajal et al.
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I had a thought on the way home from Wal-Mart the other day (when all the best thoughts occur). "Why not hit up some talented people and put out an anthology of scary stories before... More > Halloween?" Why not indeed. So I did. And I have. Five authors stepped up and contributed, giving us six stories in all when you throw mine in there. When I had time to think about it, I realized that every one of the writers would be a great character in a horror story. Whether as protagonist or villain, I’ll let them decide.< Less
Gross Movie Reviews: The Wrath of Gross By Tim Gross
Paperback: $30.00
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This book is the follow up to Tim Gross's successful review book "The Big Ass Book of Gross Movie Reviews". Tim brings you unbelievable amount of reviews of horror, independent horror,... More > sci-fi, and quite a few bad flicks. With this book Tim lives his dream of writing, reviewing, and watching as many movies he can get his hands on...< Less
Evergreen By Brandon Slesser
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When Brently Adams heads out to Dust, a small club on the outskirts of Lilac Grove, Louisiana; he never expects to see a killing-much less a killing committed by a Demon. This is Brent's first run in... More > with the Supernatural, and it certainly won't be his last. He finds himself in a fight for his life against Vampires, Faeries and Demons. If that didn't make things worse, the girl he loves is in the middle of it all.< Less
The House on Atticus Lane By Casey Bell
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Four friends take a journey to the house on Atticus Lane, a haunted house talked about for generations in the neighborhood. They take the chance of maybe never returning to society and possibly... More > getting lost in the house. What will they find? Will the stories be true or false. Follow Jacques, Cora, Jerica, and Ronald as they discover the hauntings of The House on Atticus Lane.< Less
Arachnophobia By Thirteen O'Clock Press
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Arachnophobia is usually rated as one of the most prevalent of phobias and who can disbelieve this when you see the horrid creatures creeping, scuttling, hiding, waiting to pounce, building dust... More > trapping webs everywhere... Let the talented Thirteen Press authors get going on a topic like spiders and associated horrors and all hell breaks loose! If you really are spider phobic, this is not for you. If you want to be terrorised and unable to tolerate the nasties near you, this is for you. Enjoy...< Less
DEPARTMENT 33 - Paranormal Crime Unit By The Abbotts
Paperback: $14.95
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Meet the FBI agents of the newly formed Department 33, Suzanne, Wade and Ceecee who fight crime in a most unusual way! They pit their wits against ghosts, vampires and alien abductors, all with a... More > sense of humour and courage. Enjoy a few hours with these lively and surprising young agents! In 14pt print for easy reading and illustrated< Less
Cumbrian Cthulhu Complete Short Stories Volumes 1-4 By Andrew McGuigan, Andrew Paciorek
Hardcover: $37.74
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Cumbrian Cthulhu Complete Short Stories Volumes 1-4 Cover art by Janusz Zygmunt Internal illustrations by Andrew Paciorek Cumbrian Cthulhu is the home for budding horror writers who wish to have... More > their short stories published. The only requirements are that the stories are set somewhere in the Cumbrian region and are based around the themes of H.P. Lovecraft legendary Cthulhu Mythos. The stories are a tribute to both the mythos of H.P.Lovecraft and the awesome beauty and rich history of the Lake District. All profits from the publishing of the Cumbrian Cthulhu book will be donated to LDSAMRA The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association< Less
Tales from the Blue Gonk Cafe By Thirteen O'Clock Press
Paperback: $13.59
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The Blue Gonk Café decided to hold a storytelling day... some of the best writers from Thirteen Press went to the sessions... the result being an anthology of almost 170 pieces of flash... More > fiction, ranging from SF through gentle humour to outright horror. Pick up and put down or start at the beginning and read through all five storytelling sessions, either way the collection is a delight for the senses, far ranging stories covering all aspects of Life. Come on in and be part of the storytelling sessions. You won't regret it!< Less
Ms. Molly By Magic Hambrick
Paperback: $15.70
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Ms. Molly is a caretaker, contracted with the Blue Jay Social Services, to house, care for and love the children that are placed into her home, The Morrison House, until they are otherwise,... More > adopted. The Morrison House is located in a rural area, many miles from any city, making Ms. Molly’s child abuse and misguided beliefs unexposed. Journey through the lives of the children who dwell at the Morrison House; With Ms. Molly as their caretaker, they are not sure to survive.< Less
Somnus Awakens By mike collins
Paperback: $10.00
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a mysterious collection of events take place in the city of Seattle, where we find our friend Jace in the thick of it all. tormented by a recurring dream Jace finds himself in surrounded by... More > superhuman cultists that hunger for there Gods return. Will he use his powers for good, or will he fail and fall into a darker path?< Less
Sirtimi By S.K. Ballinger
Paperback: $6.98
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Third book of the 'Bloodline Series' which is from the characters of the Stanley Swanson trilogy. Sirtimi finds himself as a performer dating back in 1600's using what he can for makeup with chalk... More > and water. Walking home on a late night after a performance, he finds himself faced with a person wounded badly who claims that it was done by a Lycan. Doing what he can, he tries to help the dying person which happens to not be just that but rather a Drackulis which when close bites Sirtimi to live on his legacy. From there, Sirtimi learns more of his abilities and seeks to form more like himself. Along the way, he finds out that he has twin boys prior to him being a Drackulis. His ultimate desire after all is said is to form a council of his kind and to seek out the very one that killed his maker.< Less
Laurel Springs Anthology of Scary Stories By Brian Hofacker
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The Laurel Springs Anthology of Scary Stories is a frightening and fun collection of terrifying tales from the quaint and curious town of Laurel Springs. What did Professor Angell discover when he... More > came to the small South Jersey town Laurel Springs in 1915? What was Samuel S. Cord, the man that would make Laurel Springs a town, doing in Innsmouth a week before his murder? Who is the strange woman called Annie by the lake? What are the dark things that drink from spring? What is the thing upstairs? From an investigation into the mysterious murder of Samuel S. Cord to a phantom train that travels by in the middle of the night, this anthology reveals what lurks in the dark of a small town and its connection to the characters, situations and monsters of by H.P. Lovecraft.< Less
Chuông Gió By Vĩ Ngư
eBook (PDF): $14.90
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Quý Đường Đường một thân một mình đến Ca Nại xa xôi để điều tra về sự... More > mất tích của cô gái trẻ Lăng Hiểu Uyển. Không ngờ khi đến đây, cô lại phải chứng kiến chàng trai Trần Vĩ biến mất một cách kỳ lạ ngay trước mắt mình. Nhờ có sự trợ giúp của Nhạc Phong, Mao Ca và những người khác ở cùng quán trọ, Quý Đường Đường dẫn mò ra được< Less