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The Bloody Silver Lining By Joe Lanzerotti
Hardcover: $26.12
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The tale of a mysterious man on a deadly mission to satisfy the needs of an invisible idol known only as the List. With Fate on his side, can anyone stop his murderous rampage across the country, all... More > in the name of twisted faith? This special hardcover edition of The Bloody Silver Lining is presented by Joe Lanzerotti with love. It is available exclusively on Enjoy!< Less
Beyond the Thirteenth Chime By Thirteen O'Clock Press
Paperback: $14.04
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Beyond the thirteenth chime, madness reigns.... At the Stroke of Thirteen, the debut collection from Thirteen O’Clock featured strange and horrific stories from invited authors with track... More > records for producing spine chilling tales for dark nights and haunted places that lie beyond the realm of thirteen o’clock. As with that volume, this second outing by many of the same authors is presided over by celebrated horror comic book writer legend Mr. Nicoli Cuti. Join us again as we venture beyond the thirteenth chime.< Less
The Fall of Cthulhu By Horrified Press
Paperback: $13.86
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They say that when the "stars are right" he will return and usher in a new age and the Elder Gods will reign once again. H.P.L. drops a few hints that Cthulhu might not be returning during... More > mankind's time on Earth. What could possibly stop him from awakening from his aeons old sleep? Or thwart his plans?< Less
What Came Home By Billy Stone
Paperback: $12.00
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Stephen Medford has it all. He is a young, handsome, talented high school quarterback who has dreams of making it big. Colleges want to sign him, girls want to date him. In the city where he lives he... More > gets to do as he pleases. After a forced move to the small country town of Holly Branch, he thinks his life is over...until he meets the beautiful Jewel Johnson. Things begin to look up for Stephen, until one night car trouble strands him on a deserted road. There he stumbles upon a gruesome scene. Still miles from home, Stephen must now try desperately to reach his destination before it's too late. What Came Home is a haunting thriller that will not only keep you guessing, but will stay with you long after the last page.< Less
Paranormal Family Incorporated: Ghosts of Christmas Past By William J. Smith
Hardcover: List Price: $38.99 $27.29 | You Save: 30%
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The Smith-and-Smith Paranormal Agency is back and this time they are asked to help a family named the DiMarco family rid themselves of unwanted guests for Christmas.Bill and Erica Smith come to the... More > rescue of the DiMarco family but they get more than they bargained for as they try to help the DiMarco family and the spirits haunting their house,get the rest and peace they all so desperately need.< Less
Zobop Bebop By Sean Demory
Paperback: $6.50
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Narcisse Desamours is an ex-convict and an ex-bokor, emphasis on the ex, who just wants to go back to his regular life. Problem is, nobody will let him. Not the police, who like him for the... More > hammer-murder of teenaged Teenie Belno, favorite of the loa Erzuli. Not the murdered girl’s father, who gives him a tune-up with a baseball bat. Not the Mob's court sorcerer, who wants him out of town. They all think he’s the bad man he used to be. Unfortunately for them, they’re right. And he’s ready to tear the city apart, brick by brick, to set things straight.< Less
Battered Dreams By Hadena James
Paperback: $8.99
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San Marcos, Texas. A picture perfect American landscape. Communities dominated by Friday Night Football, modest homes, and happy families. Until the serenity of small town life is broken by one... More > family’s discovery of bodies in an abandoned well. Local police try to keep the discovery quiet; they seldom deal with murder and aren’t prepared when one of the bodies turns out to be a local high school boy. The multiple murders drive home the sinister reality that they are no longer innocent of the crimes that plague large cities. Based on the skill involved, the Serial Crimes Tracking Unit realizes that this is not the killer’s first time. As the SCTU digs deep to discover the killer, they uncover more victims. Anger and fear begin to cause panic in what was once a quiet community. Aislinn Cain and the members of her team need to find the killer before the town implodes with terror and the citizens begin doling out their own brand of justice.< Less
The Ghostly Huntsman's Trap By Edward D Olsen
Paperback: $24.98
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When they moved into that new house across town, only the teenage daughter Cindy knew something was not right. After a year passed, the family was being torn apart and only she understood why. It... More > would be up to her to save her younger brother and sister and her oblivious parents from the skillful ravages of the dark beast.< Less
Escape From Pink Doom By Mae Winn
Paperback: $20.00
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This story takes you on an adventure that starts in a tattoo shop and ends in space. Tattoo artist Gina finally finds true love and happiness, even as calamity befalls the Earth and creates a zombie... More > apocalypse. A cast of odd and complex characters throw their fates together in a race for survival against the spreading pink cloud. Mystery, action, romance, and a fascinating peek into the subculture of tattoo shop life await you on this adventure. What do a tattoo artist, a dominatrix, a geologist, and a talking cat have in common? Read Escape From Pink Doom and find out!< Less