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Lovecraft ME By Macabre Maine
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Macabre Maine is funded by the blood and bones of dreamers, writers, and adjunct professors working hard for the love of ghostly literature. Lovecraft Me is filled with stories from the dark recesses... More > of the Lovecraftian mind. This edition is dedicated to writer CJ Henderson. Featuring work by: R.C. Mulhare, Drew Wilen, S.J. Galvin, Dave Lowell, Will Jacques, Jessica Haight, Stephanie Robinson, Sarah Yasin, James Graham, Sybil Fogg, Brandon Kawashima, Joshua Goudreau, Jacob Landry, Hank Garfield< Less
Tales From Valleyview Cemetery By John Brhel, Joseph Sullivan
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Welcome to Valleyview, where bodies lie buried but an ancient curse never sleeps. A father hears strange voices on his daughter's baby monitor. A trio of gravediggers faces a swarm of supernatural... More > creatures. Teenagers put a mausoleum legend to the test. A husband and wife take a stroll through a corn maze that they'll never forget. Tales From Valleyview Cemetery contains seventeen interconnected tales of terror -- legends of a town and cemetery entrenched in occult practice, macabre history, and a demon elemental waiting for his people's return. It is a short story collection, in the vein of Alvin Schwartz and Richard Matheson. Appropriate for teen and adult readers.< Less
The Queen in Green By Gina Ranalli
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A short chapbook by Gina Ranalli. This is classic weird fiction about an evil tree.....
When It's Time for Dead things to Die By Clint Smith
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Things are in decline…for Joseph Lowe, a rootless young man who falls for the wrong girl; for Gregory Bath, an aristocratic magnate who spares Lowe an almost certain death for his... More > “transgression,” imposing upon him a kind of parasitic servitude. Now working as a line cook at Bath’s legendary Tudor Quoin, as well as catering to the growing needs of a man far older than he seems, Lowe desperately seeks release from a trap which has ensnared him for the past nine months. But who could possibly escape a family as powerful, as influential, or as far-reaching as the Baths? In the end, choices must be made, sides must be drawn, and for Lowe this means discovering an unlikely salvation between himself and his captor, as well as learning the true meaning of “family.”< Less
A Plague of N-ked Movie Stars (version 1) By Christopher Slatsky
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1984..The golden age of the 'satanic panic'.. Three best friends decide to spend their Halloween hiking to a house where a man allegedly killed his family in a Satanic cult ritual. Unfortunately,... More > they find that 'Satanic Panic' is actually subterfuge for something far more sinister... Lovecraftian pop culture paranoia.< Less
The Paladin: Blood Bank By Stephen Pantoja
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THE PALADIN: BLOOD BANK at first appears to be a tale of a group of hit-men who botch their assignment for a Los Angeles crime lord. But it soon becomes apparent that this is a supernatural tale of... More > good vs. evil in a biblical sense, and the hit-men are actually vampires now being hunted by their former prey: an infamous fallen angel known as The Paladin.< Less
Supernatural Tales 30 By David Longhorn
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The thirtieth issue of the magazine specialising in Supernatural fiction of all kinds. This issue contains six stories by leading authors in the field. In '30' by Helen Grant, a room at an Oxford... More > college contains something that should never be confronted. But inevitably, someone does. 'Tears From An Eyeless Face' is a bizarre prose-poem by Canadian author Michael Kelly. 'An Element of Blank' by Lynda E. Rucker sees three friends revisit an ill-starred house where, as teenagers, one of them was assailed by an occult entity. 'Wild Dogs' by Adam Golaski takes us out to a night club where the floor show leaves something to be desired - survivors. And in 'Even Clean Hands Can Do Damage' two women who have suffered terrible loss are brought together by the ghost of a child, but it seems that closure is not always on offer to those who deserve it most. Mark Valentine's story 'Vain Shadows Flee', a tribute to the late Joel Lane, sees a man haunted by a hymn-singing vagrant.< Less
DEAD BANG By Stephen Pantoja
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DEAD BANG is set in New York City after terrorists ignite a dirty bomb filled with a prototype bio-weapon, which turns the Big Apple into a zombie apocalypse. This is not your typical zombie-story,... More > as we watch how the various cultures and cliques found only in New York band together to fight back and survive.< Less
Apocalyptic Nightmares By Paz Poe
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With each passing second, the end of days draws nearer. No one wants to think about it but, at some point, everything that is will cease to be.
The Greater Trumps By Charles Williams
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THE GREATER TRUMPS by Charles Williams The original Tarot deck is used to unlock enormous metaphysical powers by allowing the possessors to see across space and time, create matter, and raise... More > powerful natural storms. Upon an ancient golden table, golden figurines perpetually move "by some magnetism of the Earth" to the "Great Dance" - that is, the rhythm of all things that happen in this world. The table and figurines are half of a set. The other half is the original Tarot cards. Together, it is believed, they have the power to explain eachother's mysteries, and maybe even manipulate time, space, and the elements. By some great coincidence, or movement of the Dance, two families are brought together who each have one half of the set. But when the pieces are reunited, all hell...and heaven break loose!< Less
Scorpions By Mike Cook
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Jonathan Landers was focused on two things in life, jamming with his high school friends in a death metal band and riding his quad runner through the Arizona desert. But when he crashes his quad... More > runner, Jonathan finds himself in a desperate situation. Injured, dehydrated and without transportation, he must survive the journey on foot. Before he escapes the choking hot desert an earthquake hits the general area. In the following days Jonathan and his friend Kyle discover a mutilated animal carcass that suggests a predator of unnatural abilities. The nightmare unfolds when they encounter prehistoric creatures that have not walked the earth in five million years. With the annual biker fest just one week away in the neighboring city of Laughlin, Nevada, Jonathan and his friends find themselves in a desperate struggle to stop the event before the prehistoric scorpions... Come out to play.< Less
The House on the Borderland By William Hope Hodgson
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Two friends discover a weathered manuscript amidst the ruins of a strange and frightening mansion in the middle of an eerie forest. Within it, the unnamed narrator tells fantastic and terrible tales... More > of horrific monsters, wondrous visions, and bizarre distant worlds...< Less
Damned Nation By Kelly Glenn, James Glenn
Paperback: $11.00
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Devin is a misunderstood kid who is the target of bullies until he discovers a way that will change his life and the life of those around wish at a time. Newlyweds with a plan to inherit a... More > fortune but instead inherit more than they bargained for. The garbage man who collects the trash but not the kind you think. The bullies think they had the upper hand but Rob has the last laugh. Every boy should have a dog of his own but Spot doesn't always behave. The fuzzy thing in the field is unlike any creature Gary Albin has ever seen.< Less
King Jaundice By Olchar Lindsann
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I watched, I listened: I could not move. I could not move as the grubs and roaches pulled themselves out of the earth and tentatively pressed against my skin. I could not squirm as the darkness... More > around me twisted and parted. I could not scream as I saw the moon glistening on the moist, gelatinous oblong bags pulling themselves in slimy trails over the flotsam of the forest, like tremendous slugs with countless eyes wavering and glinting without expression in the darkness. I could not recoil as they closed around me, their bulbous forms bending space itself around their impossible contours, tugging even my own flesh out of its wonted form, distorted between two worlds that could not meet. I could not flinch as their stick-like antennae caressed my hands and face, nor as their slender tentacles writhed sinuously above me, forming a familiar shape. And as their cold and glistening skin wrapped round my eyes and clasped around my useless lips, I could do nothing at all but dream.< Less
Giant Book Nightmares 2 By Rick McQuiston
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Michigan horror author is back again with a whole new batch of terrifying tales in his new anthology. 45 frightening stories that will turn your dreams into nightmares. 'He did not notice the dark... More > spot on the carpet near the front door. It resembled a stain from a spilled cup of grape juice…but it was not. It appeared more like something deliberate in its shape, almost organic in some way.' (excerpt from "The Shape of Color")< Less
The Eden Tree By Josette Weiss
Paperback: $22.99
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Jared Thomas is back and so is Sammael Mammon. Jared is after more than just Oscar gold. He wants to live forever and Sammael knows of a way Jared could accomplish this impossible goal. However, the... More > forces of good and evil war, for they know if Jared succeeds, he could bring about the end of the world.< Less
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What Lies Beneath By Dale Brennan
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What Lies Beneath follows the story of Laura Hill, a young woman who finds herself drawn inexorably into a nightmarish situation. After her sister Naomi disappears, Laura finds herself setting out to... More > find her sister. She grew up with tales of the tragic events that ravaged her hometown and the world, leaving them in shock. Over sixty years ago, the traffic tunnels around the world turned on their occupants, and everyone within at the time disappeared.< Less