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The Ancient Ones By Jesse Dedman et al.
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This collection of dark, Lovecraftian horror contains stories that would hopefully please Cthulhu and the rest of The Ancient Ones.
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Rustlings in the Dark By Omar Sutherland
Paperback: $17.99
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Gleefully twisted horror tales in the vein of such anthologies as "The Twilight Zone", "Tales from the Crypt", and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
Lovecraftiana By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $9.89
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Lovecraftiana is to be a quarterly publication, with issues coming out April 30th, July 31st, October 31st, and January 31st. Copyright © Gavin Chappell 2016. All stories, artwork and articles... More > contained herein are copyright © to the authors and artists credited.< Less
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SERIAL KILLER MAGAZINE is an official release of the talented artists and writers at It is chock full of artwork, rare documents, FBI files and in depth articles regarding... More > serial murder. It is also packed with unusual trivia, exclusive interviews with the both killers and experts in the field and more information that any other resource available to date. Although the magazine takes this subject very seriously and in no way attempts to glorify the crimes describe in it, it also provides a unique collection of rare treats (including mini biographical comics, crossword puzzles and trivia quizzes). This is truly a one of a kind collectors item for anyone interested in the macabre world of true crime, prison art or the strange world of murderabelia.< Less
The Archeology of Yog-Sothoth By August Moldenhauer
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The Archeology of Yog-Sothoth is the third and final book of the Kathu Journals Out of Lovecraft's Providence series. The most preternatural details are revealed from a forensic study of elements of... More > the physical Kathu Journals notebooks and their construction. What emerges is the unknowable nature of Yog-Sothoth, evidenced by the lower order dimensional artifacts left behind in radio telescope transmission from the far reaches of space, in virulent and bacterial phenomena that defy nosological classification, and in the very vibrations of the atoms that gibber their waveform madness, like a trail of breadcrumbs to some fiendish witch's cabin. Beyond the final conclusions based on the evidence presented, past the malign presence of Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep, the evidence from the Necronomicon Fragment as revealed in The Kathu Journals is explored in a number of analytic techniques to the edge of horror. The Archeology of Yog-Sothoth is by August Moldenhauer and published by nereusmedia.< Less
Lovecraftiana: Vol 1, Issue 2 By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $9.19
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Lovecraftiana—Vol 1, Issue 2, Lammas Eve 2016. Editor: Gavin Chappell. Published by Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of Horrified Press. (‎) Lovecraftiana is a... More > quarterly publication, with issues coming out April 30th, July 31st, October 31st, and January 31st.< Less
Lovecraftiana: Volume 1, Issue 3 By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $8.91
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Halloween Edition Deep beneath the wave ‘mid worm-infested grots, in his uncertain grave Cthulhu rots.
In The Cards By Angela D'Onofrio
Paperback: $16.00
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The town of Aviario, Connecticut is rumored to have a lot going for it in the way of the magical and mysterious, but Officer Troy McLaren isn’t sure if he believes any of it. Two years after... More > an ill-fated arrest in New Haven left him scarred in more ways than one, he finds himself adjusting to a small-town beat while tracking a handful of missing persons cases. More recent newcomer Beatrice Ledrey made the move to start over, hoping that magic will be the perfect remedy for her wounded self-confidence. Meanwhile, Ral O'Dailigh has lived in town his entire life, and knows more of its secrets than he is willing to share. When both Troy and Beatrice cross his path, he has to face his demons, his history and the fear of his future. Together, the three of them must overcome their own obstacles, redefine themselves, and find the link between the missing people, before a past more sinister than their own catches up with them.< Less
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Hotel Nowhere By David Adkins
Paperback: $8.99
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Kurt does not remember driving that day, nor when the girl got into his car, but the hollowed eyes that were staring at him as he awoke, would be something that would soon be etched into his memory... More > as the worst day of his life. Sherry died in the car, but the autopsy revealed that it was before the accident. This put Kurt on a fight to protect his marriage, his reputation, his job, and his freedom, even as other people assaulted him, and made his life hell. Within the year of fighting the courts, he was finally free of the accusations from the police, but a storm caused him to exit in an unknown area, where a hotel attendant gives him a room to rest in. Soon after waking up, he is chased by shadows, demons, and people, looking to taste blood, and he is in a struggle to remember those moments he had lost before the demon seals his soul forever.< Less
85% True/Minor Ecologies By Kristen Gallagher
Paperback: $10.00
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While following in the footsteps of Zora Neale Hurston, Kristen Gallagher finds H.P. Lovecraft alive and well in Florida. Written as a series of first-hand accounts from the gooey, disorienting,... More > mutant front lines of climate change, 85% True/Minor Ecologies explores the eco-horror of everyday-life. In this book, we find a Florida filled with islands of cannibal snakes; starfish devouring their own flesh; poisonous frogs that may or may not have been weaponized by the government; and New Age cultists diving for Ponce de Leon’s lost relics. Ranging freely across poetry, fiction, and anthropology, Gallagher constructs a new nature writing in which partial untruth becomes an essential way of expressing the full horror of the slow-death of our world.< Less
White Rabbit Society By Brendan Detzner
Paperback: $25.00
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Andrew's fifteen. He's been sent to stay with his grandmother for the summer while his parents finish their divorce, but the summer's over and he's still in Wisconsin. And his best and only friend is... More > a monster named Shadow. Shadow lives under a park gazebo, has a body made of spare parts, and likes to play chess. Andrew doesn't tell anyone about Shadow. Nobody listens to him anyway. Andrew’s uncle Paul comes to town. Paul knows about Shadow. Paul knows a lot of things, and he's interested in teaching. But before that can happen, a confrontation with Shadow leaves Paul in a coma, a flood of invisible monsters on the loose, and scary people from all over the world converging on their town. If Andrew’s going to survive, he’ll have to learn about the hidden world that he’s stumbled into. But learning might be the biggest threat of all. Because there are worse things out there than a teenager with a little magic and a chip on his shoulder, and Andrew's heading right for them.< Less
After Everyone's Dead By Chris Cummings
Paperback: $15.00
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“You can't lose hope. Without hope, then you have nothing.” After the world takes away everything, the only thing anyone can do is try to get it back and survive. Alone, distraught, and... More > broken a man will do anything to piece his mind back together. Chris Wake finds himself in a dark shell of the world he used to know. Constantly fighting against the undead for his life and the lives of his friends and family, he is trying his best to pick up the remnants of his life. He is faced with death, betrayal, and the daunting urge to find the people he has lost. Forced to overcome numerous obstacles in this strange and bloody torn apart world, Chris is in a constant battle between doing what he thinks is right and not being devoured by a city of flesh eating zombies.< Less
Creative Writing 2015-2016 By Jeremy Smith
Hardcover: $24.48
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Just a compilation of all of my stories written for a creative writing class.
Malefica Belle's Hair-Raising Spells: The Chronicles of Cavendish House By Paul Counelis, Audriana Counelis
Paperback: $8.00
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WHAT ARE THE SECRETS OF CAVENDISH HOUSE? Horror Host MALEFICA BELLE brings us four tales of the supernatural, all taking place in the same house, decades apart. Altherr Cavendish and his descendants... More > are haunted by all manner of apparitions and the unknown. Four stories of the strange crafted by Paul Counelis (Rue Morgue) and daughter Audriana Counelis (Halloween Machine), who doubles as Malefica herself!< Less
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Regarding That From Which No Light Escapes By Christopher Cote
Paperback: $4.36
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Abandoned by his people, a young man ties his fate to that of a peculiar forest dweller in search of an ancient treasure and a mythical beast.
Beyond Dead:The Day The Whole World Went Away By Christopher Frost
Paperback: $6.49
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In one night, the whole world has seemingly gone away. Members from all different walks of life face challenges of survival against a world being slowly taken over by the undead. Kat continues her... More > fight to keep Baby Bowen alive. When Bob finds himself even more alone, he leaves the fortification of his apartment building to face death head on. In a world of hell, the Hobo King has found paradise and is just beginning to learn the extent of his power. What will be the next step in finding safety?< Less
At the Mountains of Madness By H. P Lovecraft
eBook (PDF): $2.99
At the Mountains of Madness is a novella by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, written in February/March 1931 and rejected that year by Weird Tales editor Farnsworth Wright on the grounds of its... More > length. It was originally serialized in the February, March, and April 1936 issues of Astounding Stories. It has been reproduced in numerous collections. The story details the events of a disastrous expedition to the Antarctic continent in September 1930, and what was found there by a group of explorers led by the narrator, Dr. William Dyer of Miskatonic University. Throughout the story, Dyer details a series of previously untold events in the hope of deterring another group of explorers who wish to return to the continent. The novella's title is derived from a line in "The Hashish Man," a short story by fantasy writer Edward Plunkett, Lord Dunsany: "And we came at last to those ivory hills that are named the Mountains of Madness..."< Less