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In Death Veritas: A Collection of Short Stories By Zaher Alajlani
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In Death Veritas is Zaher Alajlani’s first serious attempt at short story writing. In a symbolic fashion, the author uses the supernatural in order to shed light on the human condition and the... More > futility of existence without love and compassion. In Death Veritas, the first story of the collection, tells the tale of a nameless figure whose pursuit of a raucous and debauched lifestyle robs him of his will to live. The second short story, Escape, addresses the issue of the impossibility of maintaining one’s humanity without rising above senseless violence. Necrosis then narrates the story of a depressed man whose manic pursuit of power and obsession with evil drive him to human sacrifice, an act that has a catastrophic impact on determining his fate. Finally, and more hopefully, The Day Irini Died, the last story of the collection, gives account of the exorcism of young Irini, a dramatic deliverance from evil powers through which the issues of skepticism, blind faith, and reason-based faith are explored.< Less
Nightmare Illustrated: Issue 7 By Horrified Press
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Underwood and Flinch By Mike Bennett
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All David Flinch ever wanted was a normal life. But when you're a member of the Flinch family, normal has never been easy. For hundreds of years, the eldest male Flinch has been servant and guardian... More > to the vampire, Lord Underwood. While the Flinches have changed through the generations, Underwood has remained eternal. David had hoped to be spared the horror of serving his family's lord and master, but when he is summoned to the Flinch home in Spain by his dying older brother, he knows his luck has run out. After fifty years of slumber, Underwood is to be resurrected from the grave in a ritual of human sacrifice, and David, by right of succession, is to be his resurrector. But there is another Flinch, one who craves the role of guardian to the vampire: David’s sister, Lydia. It’s a job she means to have, even if it means making David’s the first blood shed in this new age of Underwood and Flinch.< Less
Cursed Curiosities By Barbwire Butterfly Books
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Buyer Beware! If you've recently approached a strange emporium of oddities or antiquities, I hope you've taken a few things into consideration... What urge brought you there? Were you drawn to a... More > particular item on display? Did it call out to you? Though everything inside was for sale, did you consider how much you were willing to spend? Perhaps you proffered the listed price, or perhaps you haggled the price down a bit. But did you consider the imperceptible fine print? You may just find you've paid a great deal more than what your parcel is worth. The following twenty-seven works chronicle such transactions. When you purchase this anthology, be sure you're only paying the listed price to a reputable dealer. Otherwise, I cannot be responsible for the consequences.< Less
Odessa Incident By Charles Saint
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Odessa has been overrun by a surprise uprising of the undead, but when the military attempts to intervene a well-coordinated militia group attempts to usurp authority to stake their claim for what... More > they believe is theirs and caught in the middle are college students and friends trying to stay alive after realizing that the movies and books failed to make them fully prepared for the carnage and the emotional toll it would take on them.< Less
The House on Atticus Lane By Casey Bell
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Four friends take a journey to the house on Atticus Lane, a haunted house talked about for generations in the neighborhood. They take the chance of maybe never returning to society and possibly... More > getting lost in the house. What will they find? Will the stories be true or false. Follow Jacques, Cora, Jerica, and Ronald as they discover the hauntings of The House on Atticus Lane.< Less
Last Night By Thirteen O'clock Press
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Last night, the last night, what happened last night, wishing it were still last night... there are many ways of interpreting this particular theme and the talented Thirteen O'clock authors have done... More > just that, with far ranging and very different stories all relating to that one thing, last night. Enjoy, whilst thinking about your last night...< Less
Disquiet: an anthology By Christian Carvajal et al.
Paperback: $2.99
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I had a thought on the way home from Wal-Mart the other day (when all the best thoughts occur). "Why not hit up some talented people and put out an anthology of scary stories before... More > Halloween?" Why not indeed. So I did. And I have. Five authors stepped up and contributed, giving us six stories in all when you throw mine in there. When I had time to think about it, I realized that every one of the writers would be a great character in a horror story. Whether as protagonist or villain, I’ll let them decide.< Less
Supernatural Tales 28 By David Longhorn
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New tales of the weird and ghostly from Jacob Felsen, William Wandless, Gillian Bennett, Sam Dawson, Michael Chislett, E. Michael Lewis, William I.I. Read, and Tim Foley.
Nightmare Illustrated: issue 8 By Horrified Press
Paperback: $5.84
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Special bumper edition of the picto-fiction page turner Nightmare Illustrated. Over 20 artists and authors inside!
Oh Crud... I'm a Zombie By D.M. SCHUETTEE
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Dutch, a young vibrant man enjoying it all in sin city, the lights, the glitz of the night life of the Vegas Strip. Life is good for now, but with the sound of fluttering of tiny wings, things are... More > about to go horribly wrong in a downward spiral for all of man kind.< Less
Gretchen's Wood By Ran Cartwright
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Columbiana County, Ohio – a place of dark woods, meandering creeks, open farmland, and twisting narrow back country roads. It’s colorful there, from the flat farmland in the north to the... More > rolling hills in the south. Picture postcard perfect. Almost. There are also the haunted ruins of a lock and canal system, the Sprucevale ghost town, legends of Big Foot, and other...things...said to walk the dark woods. But it wouldn’t be so bad if that’s all it was. There is something else in those woods, something ancient, as old as time. It waits and watches, and sometimes whispers to the unsuspecting. On rare occasions someone stumbles upon it. Fortunately, most don’t live to regret it.< Less
Hotel Brimstone By John Petz
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Welcome to the Hotel Brimstone where your deepest darkest fantasies are only a request away. For a handful of unsuspecting guests their dream vacation is about to become an unexpected nightmare. Ah... More > don’t go, your room is ready, follow me if you dare.< Less
Journal 2004 By Unknown
Hardcover: $32.97
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The handwritten journal of a serial killer in Harford County, Maryland in 2004. A twisted journey through a tormented mind, as he writes about his daily activities. But the most horrifying thought is... More > how ordinary he is. He could have been your neighbor or your coworker, somebody you stood next to in line at the store, and as much as you will hate and despise the monster he is, if you're like me, you'll almost feel sorry as you get a slight glimpse into how he got that way. Like feeling sorry for a rabid dog. The most hair raising, disturbing, captivating, horrifying and intriguing 120 pages you will ever read.< Less
And They All Died Screaming By Dan West
Paperback: $13.00
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Return, once again, to The House That Dripped Gore with this equally horrific and hilarious sequel. An unspeakable evil is stirring in the crumbling ruins of the haunted Hull Family mansion in... More > Dorchester Massachusetts, and inept parapsychologist, Stanley Matheson is, once again, taking the bait. Lured back to the house of horrors, Matheson soon discovers that the fate of the human race may now rest in his jittery, butter-fingered hands. It's a race against time and good taste, as Matheson and his usual team of oddballs engage in a battle to the death with the demonic forces of the Seven Legions of Darkness. Can the mentally-defective ghost detective save the world from a deadly alien plague that could spread insanity across the globe-shaped, world thingy? Can he locate the ancient codex that will permit him to vanquish the evils of Yarlock the Great Deceiver? Can your heart stand the shocking, blood-drenched saga packed into this gripping, book-shaped object with words and pictures printed upon its pages?< Less
Nightmare Awakes By Rebee Saltman
Paperback: $16.95
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At twenty-five, Lydia Adaire’s life was over. She had said as much to herself many times. With no suitors and no real prospects for a future, her life was going to be well and truly over after... More > her cousin’s wedding tonight. However, her own self pity did not compare to the real horror of actually dying. Being ‘socially dead’ was not the same as having a monster kill you in the garden. Lydia learned this first hand as the monster was ripping into her flesh and her life flashed before her eyes. Lydia Adaire’s life really was over. She was dead at the hands of a supernatural beast, before she could die a social outcast of London society. Resigned to her fate, Lydia was surprised to hear Herne-the-Horned, Fae Lord of Nimeton Forest, inform her, “No, Lydia of London, I suspect you are more alive than you have ever been.” What do the Fae want with her? Is she safe from the monster? Will the secret society, The Order of the Argent Sword, learn her secret and lock her away?< Less