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Wicked Karnival Halloween Horror By various authors
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Wicked Karnival magazine presents a striking collection of Halloween fiction and poetry by some of horror's finest talents. Featuring a forward and story by Rick Hautala, an essay by James Newman,... More > and new fiction by Graham Masterton, William Gagliani, and James A. Moore, this illustrated volume will certainly become a holiday classic.< Less
When Women Took Power By Aline d'Arbrant
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The male gender, after shamefully usurped power naturally allotted to Women, now is in complete degeneration and, if there are many sisters who realize it almost everywhere in the world and at all... More > levels of society, just a few chose to fight for a regenerative female supremacy promising for the planet and future generations. This fiction could become reality. A Lesbian takes power in France and an unexpected virus makes her able to begin the "Emanication".< Less
Hallowed Be Thy Name By Anthony Hulse
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Mysterious man, Ethan Lavender is involved in a series of so-called miracles and is wooed by con man, Jake Randolph, whose intent it is to dupe the public. Father Driscoll pursues Ethan, along with... More > journalist Pamela Hutchins; their intentions differing. After worldwide publicity, the Church and various religious leaders attempt to thwart the man who claims he can heal the sick. Ethan alleges he is visited by Moroni, an apparent holy vision. Gangster, Abdul Rahim sees the financial potential and pursues Ethan to India and Africa, where his cult is thriving. A series of macabre deaths follow Ethan in his quest. Is he really heaven sent, or is he a servant of evil? A frightening tale of deceit, treachery and dishonour. Not for the faint-hearted.< Less
Wicked Karnival #4 By Various writers
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The debut print issue of Wicked Karnival magazine is filled with articles, interviews, fiction, and a veritable gallery of beautiful art. Featuring authors Amy Grech and Darren Franz.
The King in Yellow By Robert W. Chambers
Paperback: $10.43
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Beautifully typeset edition of Chamber's classic collection of short stories about the King in Yellow and the yellow sign. Produced using LaTeX, Koma-script, Scribus, Inkscape and the Gimp.
The Sabretooth Clan Book - Preview Edition / English By Father Sebastiaan
Paperback: $13.00
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This is the PREVIEW 2010 Edition.. Since December 1994 Father Sebastiaan has traveled the world as a professional fangsmith, a maker of custom made fangs. The Clan SABRETOOTH Clan Book - Preview /... More > English Edition is a celebration of one and a half decades of this unique business. Included are images, interviews, the Clan Manifesto and interviews with 20+ clients from around the world.< Less
Gorebridge UFO hotspot in pictures By Andrew Hennessey
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Here is the area around Gorebridge, near Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland in pictures. Those pictures have lots of very strange looking alien and anomalous things in them that cannot be... More > adequately explained. Some of these curious things were put there by the establishment, but some were possibly put there on display by the ancient aliens themselves. It does rather seem that these beings have been going on with their business in this area for millennia - perhaps right back to those ancient times spoken of in the books of folklore collectors such as MM Banks, or the Rev Kirk. Perhaps the subterranean nature of non-human beings as reported over the millennia has some bearing on all of this. Ongoing filming around Gorebridge by many people has produced lots more footage and imagery since at least 1999 and the local witness reports keep piling up. The photographs were taken by myself in and around the Gorebridge, Carrington and Midlothian area and are typical of whats being filmed there by witnesses.< Less
Beckoned By Andrea M Christian
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Rebecca has her share of challenges-like living amoung creatures of the night. On the up side, she is deeply in love with one of them and wants to deliver him fresh young blood. When Rebecca and... More > Desmond meet in Seattle, they become obsessed with one another, but things soon come between the forbidden lovers. Desmond keeps a deep dark secret from Rebecca, in fear of losing her, and when Rebecca desires immortality, Desmond denies her of her wishes, she then betrays him for another and things really start to HEAT up!< Less
Inn Purgatory (A Civil Heretic Series) By Jason Martinez
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Unlike my prior volumes, this one is about as “streamline” as it is going to get. The “well-mannered” side of my multiple complexity has an aim, motivation and a simple... More > directive as this time around I wrote something while under the influence of prescribed sedatives. Everyone likes a good murder mystery, with a pinch of psychological thriller and a dash of unexplained phenomena. JM< Less
What Do You Fear? Book 1 By E. L. Jefferson
Paperback: $18.00
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Ten short stories that depict how shockingly cruel people can be to each other.
Paperback: $12.99
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A collection of T.G. Reaper's best work. Ranging from apparitions to Zombies!
Skullface By Horrified Press
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Halloween is a mere nine days away when Skullface wakes in his unmarked grave. He forces his way out and begins to question why he was there, who he is, what did he do to be buried in such a place.... More > The Isle of Wight is a reasonably large place, there are many secluded corners which is just as well, Skullface needs them to kill, to drink the blood and eat the flesh to ‘survive’. He justifies this by argument; the two sides of his mind are in constant battle. As Halloween draws closer, so Skullface’s memories become clearer and he gets ever closer to remembering the reason for his death, his dysfunctional family and very strange life. He backs off from it many times but knows that if he is to permanently die, which is what he wants, he has to confront his past. When Halloween finally arrives, he makes the last walk to his home…< Less
The Life He Knew By Jake Soister
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THE LIFE HE KNEW blends and combines genres, incorporating aspects of classic horror with timeless concerns to tell the transformative tale of Zachary Blaire. An everyday guy by anyone’s... More > standards, Zach is desperate for something greater than the life he’s leading. Bored at work and put off by some of the recent changes he’s seen in his friends, he’s struggling to find his place in a world that’s somehow less than what he expected. But as it turns out, Zach has no idea what he’s talking about – and his perception of what constitutes ‘the real world’ is anything but accurate. Spurred on by the sudden reappearance of his estranged cousin, Ben, Zach finds himself traveling down a new and altogether different path, one full of soul-searching and occasionally terrifying discovery. THE LIFE HE KNEW is a story about human awakenings, every day insecurities, and broadening perspectives. It is a tale of the supernatural set in a real world environment, complete with a cast of ‘creatures’ more pitiable than idealized.< Less
Vector By R Kay
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The snail is crossing the edge of the razor blade. The bull is in the squeeze cage. The black widow is in your hand. A twig snaps on the edge of camp. There is a needle in the pillow of your bed.... More > These are the vectors by which our imaginations run into their darkest and most uncomfortable corners. These are the poisons of our minds, the seeds of discord, from which dark flowers blossom into nightmare. Such is the nature of Vector, a collection of short, unrelated horror stories which will transport the reader all over the world, from the grimy carpets of New Orleans hotels to the cemeteries of Paris, from the bear-infested Polar Ice Cap to the hermetic caves of the Pyrenees, from serene Minnesota to war-torn Liberia, from the mountain to the desert to the swamp- in the end, the reader will be glad that Vector is only a work of fiction.< Less
Gross Movie Reviews: The Wrath of Gross By Tim Gross
Paperback: $30.00
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This book is the follow up to Tim Gross's successful review book "The Big Ass Book of Gross Movie Reviews". Tim brings you unbelievable amount of reviews of horror, independent horror,... More > sci-fi, and quite a few bad flicks. With this book Tim lives his dream of writing, reviewing, and watching as many movies he can get his hands on...< Less
The House on Atticus Lane By Casey Bell
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Four friends take a journey to the house on Atticus Lane, a haunted house talked about for generations in the neighborhood. They take the chance of maybe never returning to society and possibly... More > getting lost in the house. What will they find? Will the stories be true or false. Follow Jacques, Cora, Jerica, and Ronald as they discover the hauntings of The House on Atticus Lane.< Less
Tales of Dark Romance and Horror By A.D. Vick
Paperback: $22.00
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This collection of stories contain a mix of romance, seduction, witchcraft, the paranormal, horror, and the struggle against our own personal demons, which sometimes ensnare us.
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Dormer's Awakening By Drew Clarke
Paperback: $13.95
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David Dormer, who is part Blade and part James Bond, has been laboring behind the scenes for many years to redress injustice and evil. David’s work is interrupted when he crosses paths with an... More > old and dangerous adversary. While striving to counter his enemy’s every move in an effort to thwart the creation of a caliphate for the undead and protect those he loves, David meets someone unanticipated. This mysterious person not only augments David’s already formidable powers, but gives him a purpose for which he has been searching most of his long life.< Less
Haunted ME By Macabre Maine
Paperback: $15.00
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Haunted ME is a collection of thirteen spooky short stories by Macabre Maine. Our writers include: Holly Newstein Hautala, Sybil Fogg, Peter Cummings, M.D., Mari Maxwell, Dave Lowell, Corrie... More > Calderwood, E.A. Wilkins, James Graham, Rev. Deborah Ashe, Micah C. Brown, Marc Patterson, S.J. Galvin, and Duane Bruce. Cover Artist: Meghan Smith.< Less
Paperback: $21.28
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maiko maruta (administrative director): maiko maruta: after studying the fluctuating currencies of contemporary political power maiko took on a position as associative marketing consultant at... More > adidas. currently at work on a study of loss and mourning in post-wwII european advertising, maiko presents monogurui as a boutique promotional project featuring minimalist|post-minimalist work in the context of drawing and fashion. maiko co-organizes the newly repurposed mini-company with commission-based content and product development. as former co-director of the adidas ghost project maiko brings to monogurui the cultivation of a machine aesthetic, easily accessible to anyone with an online connection. based in chelsea ny. monogurui design: monogurui design is alice olkinuora and hannu riedijk. formed in new york in 2006, monogurui develops identity formation for fashion and independent publishing projects. monogurui's motto is if you are the icing: then i am the cake.< Less
Growing Pains By Sinister Saints Press
Paperback: $13.97
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Growing up has always been difficult. There's peer group pressure to contend with, teenage angst, making social connections, acceptance, finding out who you are and what you want... So add... More > psychopathic tendencies, crazy families, hidden secrets and loopy la la crushes into the mix and you'll be lucky to hit puberty! Join editor Rich Dodgin and the authors from imprint Sinister Saints Press for this horrific 'coming of age' collection.< Less
monsters among us By R Kay
Paperback: $18.00
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A loup garou, a swamp witch, and a feufolay. Here are three characters, three places, and three tales of mysticism. ...Darlin Modet is a girl who lives in a small village in the mountains of Haiti.... More > At a young age she witnesses an act of brutality that sets the course of her life. Her unfortunate path is further beset by two bad men who move into her village from Port-au-Prince. Her future appears dark until she decides to do something about it- and finally she finds a place among her people. ...Uncle Iggy is a noodler in the Pearl River bayous of Louisiana. He is already famous for his giant catfish and monster turtles. But his greatest achievement, his career clincher, was a darknatured woman who he never caught. ...Dr. Bunkie duBois is a country doctor in the fog-lost swamps of Acadiana. He is assigned a remote outpost on a chenier to try to rout out an epidemic, but he discovers a ghastly secret on his own island. His future and the cure, he discovers, are both interwoven in a web of doom. (Fiction)< Less
Through the Mirror By Tracy Littlejohn
Paperback: $10.00
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What if there was a person behind every reflection, echo, or faint whisper—one that only a handful of people could hear? There’s an answer for everything happening in the... More > world…well…almost everything. For the Alexander family, the things that remain unseen to everyone become their worst nightmare.< Less
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