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Wolfman Owner's Manual By Tim Forder
Paperback: $9.95
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If you’ve ever been attacked by a large man-shaped wolf, or perhaps you’re just interested in the lifestyle of the Werewolf, then this book’s for you. As a changeling myself, I... More > wanted to learn more about my new change of life. This took a lot of time and research, and now I pass what I have learned on to you. WARNING: This book has bite to it. Read it if you dare!< Less
NEVES By Carlos R Savournin
Paperback: List Price: $16.99 $16.14 You Save: 5%
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On a quiet night, Cynthia Sheyer and her friends stumble upon their parents’ gruesome murders. The notorious killer, Mason Bayer, meets his match when they fight back. Eighteen years later,... More > the group finds they’ve suddenly taken on traits of the killer known for numbering his victims in backward English in their own blood. One by one, they turn their backs on each other when they discover their biggest threat is themselves, and the only way to ensure their safety is to kill one another. Though Mason Bayer has been dead for nearly two decades, he lives within them, and it is clear he has a job to finish; a victim to number NEVES.< Less
American Monsters (Book I) By Sezin Koehler
Paperback: $20.00
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An important work of post-modern feminist horror, American Monsters is a poignant, angry volume about predation, the corruption of the rave scene, and empowerment through trauma-related... More > super-abilities. The first section of American Monsters is The Succubi Sideshow, a series of compelling vignettes introducing a wide range of characters. You’ll find no happy, well-balanced individuals in this disturbing gallery. In the second section, The Phantastic Carnival, the Monsters are brought together through the murderous designs of a soul-hungry goddess. What could be a better lure for a big haul of youthful life-force than a spectacular Halloween party in a peculiar hill-top mansion? Non-Fiction, the third and final section of American Monsters, is a collection of moving and insightful essays. Packed with horror homages, American Monsters is a book for adventurous readers – ones who are not scared of non-traditional narratives, of evil smog-goddesses, or of women turning the tables.< Less
Halloween Machine June 2014 By Hallow Harvest
Paperback: $10.00
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The HALLOWEEN MACHINE returns with the FIRST issue of the 2014 season! This is PACKED to the gills with cool stuff for the Halloween and horror fan. With profiles on home haunts, Alvin and the... More > Chipmunks Halloween Retrospective, an interview with horror host The Ghoul, Halloween art, Dr. Scream's Spookshow by Kurtis Primm, and TONS more. With an amazing cover by artist Roger Scholz!< Less
The Roman Candle By Ronnie Hewitt
Paperback: $12.90
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In the Town of Salem live ten High school seniors that are always looking for adventure.As they go to a party in the neighborhood of Wishing Widow Hill Where danger awaits them, they find a... More > mysterious book that punctures their live's.< Less
The Great God Pan By Arthur Machen
Hardcover: List Price: $54.50 $38.15 You Save: 30%
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The Great God Pan is a novella written by Arthur Machen. On publication it was widely denounced by the press as degenerate and horrific because of its decadent style and sexual content, although it... More > has since garnered a reputation as a classic of horror. Machen's story was only one of many at the time to focus on Pan as a useful symbol for the power of nature and paganism. This collection contains all the best stories of the supernatural and the weird by the great Arthur Machen.< Less
The Phantom of the Opera By Gaston Leroux
Hardcover: List Price: $39.50 $27.65 You Save: 30%
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The Phantom of the Opera lives under a famous opera house. A mere chorus girl, Christine Daae, becomes, under his guidance, a well known singer with a beautiful voice. But her old child hood... More > sweetheart, the Vicount Raoul de Changy, has also entered the picture. The past comes back to haunt her, the future ahead is uncertain, and the present is undecided. Who will win the heart of Christine?; the handsome, rich Raoul or the masked Angel of Music? A story of romance, murder, sacrifice and sadness, this riveting, seductive tale will keep your emotions high until the very last page of the shocking conclusion.< Less
The Mighty Atom By Marie Corelli
Hardcover: List Price: $38.50 $26.95 You Save: 30%
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The Mighty Atom by Marie Corelli is the touching story of a brilliantly clever young boy's upbringing by a father who wants his son to reject all personal and religious ideas. He is a scientist who... More > wants only to proliferate his own ideas, and the havoc it causes as the boy's life seems to fall apart. Corelli writes her story with deep insight into the psychology and the antithesis of the irrational belief in nothingness but atoms. She delineates the mind of the boy's father, his mother and teacher to be grasping at a reality that isn't there, so to speak. The story unfolds in innocent suspense but moves to a climax of shocking revelations.< Less
MoonStone: The Shift By Stacey Hurley-Donaldson
Paperback: $22.50
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(3 Ratings)
Jessica Bolden had, what she thought, was a normal life. She had a job, a loving husband and two children she would die for. But that's just it ... Could she? Would she? Kidnapped and left for dead,... More > hundreds of miles from her home, Jessica learns that she is a key player in a world she never knew existed. Aided by her mysterious friends and the man who saved her life, Aiden Montgomery, Jessica struggles to come to grips with her new role. But can she do what she must to protect her family, her friends and the very souls of every living being in existence? Not if HE has anything to do with it.< Less
Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 3 issue 3 for July 2014) By Hydra M. Star
Paperback: $6.66
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Adults Only! Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine, which focuses on publishing extremely dark and violent adult fiction and poetry. In this issue author and all around... More > mad woman, Andrea Dean van Scoyoc, returns to our pages for what very well maybe her very last interview ever. In addition to this, as always, we have Dave Lipscomb’s music column “The DaveL’s Music” and his art column “Odd Ocularities”. See sights here that you will not see anywhere else. Also we have fiction and poetry from Cleatus Glob, Berti Walker, G. Ted Theewen, Robert Leuthold, Matt Kurtz, W.C. Morrow, Howard Simmons, Anne D. Mann, Ray Prew, Annie Neugebauer, Timothy Ward, Iris Rapace, and Ken Goldman. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.< Less
Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 2 issue 3 for October 2013) By Hydra M. Star
Paperback: $6.66
Ships in 3-5 business days
Adults Only! Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine. We are focused on publishing extremely dark fiction and poetry, of all genres, but we favor pieces with erotic, sexual,... More > or humorous aspects. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age. In this issue we focus on fiction and interviews. We have our main interview with writer, publisher, and soon to be television star Corvis Nocturnum, and a very special “The DaveL’s Music” where Dave Lipscomb sits down for an interview with JR Torina of Slaughterhouse Records. He also talks extensively about the bands and music Mr. Torina’s label has recently released, in the way that only the DaveL can. Also in this issue is fiction and poetry from Lindsey Beth Goddard, Rob Bliss, Joseph DeRepentigny, Marten Hoyle, Chris Daruns, Robert Leuthold, David Lingbloom, James L. Jones, W.P. Johnson, Michael Thomas-Knight, Kelly Haas Shackelford, Glen Damien Campbell, and Ron J. Cruz.< Less
The Fearsome Touch of Death By Robert E. Howard
Hardcover: List Price: $45.00 $31.50 You Save: 30%
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Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer and is especially noted for his memorable depictions of "a sombre universe of swashbuckling adventure and darkling horror." He is well known... More > for having created the character Conan the Barbarian. This collection includes Howard’s short horror and fantasy stories, including the masterpiece “Pigeons from Hell,” which Stephen King calls “one of the finest horror stories of century,” a tale of two travelers who stumble upon the ruins of a Southern plantation–and into the maw of its fatal secret. In “Black Canaan” even the best warrior has little chance of taking down the evil voodoo man with unholy powers–and none at all against his wily mistress, the diabolical High Priestess of Damballah. In these and other lavishly illustrated classics, such as the nightmare “The Cairn on the Headland,” Howard spins tales of unrelenting terror, the legacy of one of the world’s great masters of the macabre.< Less
Secret's Out - 8 Short Stories By Christopher Chapman
Paperback: $18.75
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Secret's Out is a collection of 8 short stories that covers everything from zombies to super villains. Grandpa's Secret is about a young man who has just lost his favorite person in the world, only... More > to learn that he's been keeping a secret for many years. I Am Villain takes you into the mind of a super villain as he tries to destroy his arch-nemesis. A boy is forced to live with his uncle and learns that the Fireflies he views in the yard may be more dangerous than he first thought. A man wakes up to find that there is something seriously wrong with him. He struggles with temptation in The First Zombie. In The Confession, a Catholic Priest encounters a man that is doing horrific things. All this, plus three more stories that are sure to thrill.< Less
My Hardcover Book By Ronnie Hewitt
Hardcover: $32.48
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In the town of Salem live ten high school seniors that are always looking for adventure. They go to a party in the them neighborhood of Wishing Widow Hill where danger awaits them, they find a book... More > that punctures there lives.< Less
Cats Eyes - Discovering the Shadow World By William Squires
Paperback: $11.43
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It moves like lightning, races over to the blood drops and reaches out with that extra long index finger, and then that haze, stronger than at any time before, it is draining the remnants of energy,... More > the life force, from the blood, that's just so disgusting. Quickly I pick up the television set, I steady my footing then raise the television set above my head and with all the effort and strength I can muster I throw it down through the hatch directly on to the creature where it is standing beneath me but as a result of my effort I lose my balance, I end up hanging halfway through the hatch supporting myself with my elbows on the edges of the hatch, that was painful, there will be plenty of bruises from this later. I recover my posture and lower my feet down through the hatch using what’s left of the television casing as a step while I hang from the loft hatch by my fingertips.< Less
Short Ghost Stories: The Man with the Axe in his Back (Prose-Only [Print Version]) By Queenie Chan
Paperback: $7.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
Trapped in an elevator with a murdered man... A woman's foot savaged by something as she reads ghost stories late at night... A boy flees from a battlefield, only to be swallowed by a tree... A... More > starving family struggles to stay civilised... And more... Here are 8 spine-chilling short stories, in the spirit of "Twilight Zone", for you to read in the late hours of the night. Written by Queenie Chan, the creator of "The Dreaming" and various other stories, this collection of short horror stories covers the full range, from creepy to macabre, to the weird and disturbing.< Less
The Sect By J. Charles Stone
Paperback: List Price: $19.98 $7.99 You Save: 60%
Ships in 3-5 business days
Something strange is happening in the town of Angel's Road. Eerie warnings in black ink appear, children go missing, and scarecrows turn up in odd places. Upon discovering the town's sinister secret,... More > adoptive parents Roy and Jan Ackerman are forced to make an impossible choice involving their daughter: make her "walk through the fire," or allow her to suffer The Martyr's Death - a fate far worse than death itself. This controversial and heart-pounding thriller will have you glued to your seat in terror. Brace yourself for an intense read and find out if you can stomach your way through to the shocking ending! Shut your windows, lock your doors and prepare for the new horror. Welcome home.< Less
My Next Door Roommate The Serial Killer By Curtis Bridges
Paperback: List Price: $12.99 $11.69 You Save: 10%
Ships in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
This is a really scary thriller book about a man moving to a small town in Wisconsin from Indianapolis, and finds out that his roommates isn't what they seem to be, this thriller book has many ups... More > and downs and so many turns to twist your mind up, and nominated to be the scariest book of the year? watch out on what you wish for? ENJOY< Less
The Stygian Abyss By Michael Porter
Paperback: $4.25
Ships in 3-5 business days
An anthology of H.P. Lovecraft themed stories and poems. Descend into the realms beyond the sanity of the known universe...
Redwood Nation By Casey Horan
Hardcover: $19.99
Ships in 6-8 business days.
Atop the trees in the redwood national forest lives one of three clans to survive the zomb infestation that took place two generations ago. Things have been relaxed, and while there are rumors of a... More > human threat that hides among the zombs on the ground floor Sam knows nothing could happen to his community. So why then hasn't anyone heard from the other two clans in nearly a month?< Less
Dead & Deader By Benjamin McNair
Paperback: $8.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
After a zombie virus infects the world, an auto mechanic leads family and friends out of Los Angeles to his neighbor's mountain cabin where they try to wait out the whole situation, but soon find out... More > that the apocalypse isn't so easily fixed and struggle to survive the undead, other survivors, decreasing supplies, and each other.< Less
Center of Heaven By Audrey Maize
eBook (ePub): $0.99
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(1 Ratings)
An all-star basketball player is shot in a pep rally, chaos breaks loose. Troy Blackman, his friend, is determined for justice; but he is puny, fearful, and lost to start his journey of retribution.... More > He joins an outcast, Joan, and dives deeper in her levels of dementia, crawling into her trials of psychopathic behavior. Troy finds out this female does not work alone. Another woman, she sees the basketball player die as well. A well-known heiress in the city, Stacy Carmine, has long lusted over the basketball star and seeing his brains splattered on the podium drives her into lunacy. When her methods of wealth fail she begs for the darkness to comfort her, giving her an ability to control fire, to burn within the minds of reality. What will these characters sacrifice for justice? Will the truth be worth the sacrifice? Or are these characters only adding fuel to a city of fire? Warning: Broaches on the concept of feminism and war. If these topics offend you, please do not read. E-BOOK VERSION< Less
The Dark Gaping Maw By R D Martin
eBook (ePub): $1.50
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In the marshlands of Southern Louisiana, Tommy Beaux struggles to survive. With severe injuries, he must overcome his own sorrow, doubts, and terror. He must also survive the horrid creature that... More > watches him with cold glowing, white, eyes. Can Tommy Beaux escape The Dark Gaping Maw?< Less
Dead Inside By Benjamin McNair
eBook (ePub): $3.50
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After losing what was their home for the past five months during the zombie apocalypse, Elliot Bradshaw and his group of survivors now must fend for themselves on the open road as they search... More > desperately for any kind of shelter they can secure, but more and more obstacles start appearing and someone in the group might be pushed to their breaking point.< Less
The Unsaintly By Lisa Vasquez
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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The Unsaintly is the journey of Isabel, the daughter of Louis VII and Blanche of Castile, who devoted her entire life to the servitude of God. When Isabel begins to suffer from stigmata, she learns... More > that it is just the beginning of her role in the fight between Heaven and Hell. Her sacrifice is not great enough when the abuse inflicted by the stigmata she suffers leaves is then replaced by the real horrors inflicted by God's rival; Lucifer. All that she's learned up to this point will be tested along with her faith, in this horrific story of good, evil, and everything in between.< Less