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Dark Legacy - The Poetry By Ran Cartwright
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Dark vistas, towering ruins under a dying sun, damp mossy vaults where the dead lay waiting to walk again, witches, wizards, sorcerers, Dunwich, Innsmouth, Carcosa, Dreamlands, monstrous beings from... More > the aether world – could these be lost pages form the Book of Vergama?< Less
Hex Code and Others By John Mayer
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Where does the nightmare begin and reality end? Chaos is about to take over the world. The armies of the Elder Gods and the Great Old Ones are ready for the final, epic battle. Can the Spectral... More > Squadron save mankind from certain doom? How far will Darius go for the sake of fame and fortune? Will he risk the loss of a friend? Of his sweetheart’s love? Of his honor? Is he willing to risk the existence of humankind? One of the world’s most famous horror writers is dead, leaving his magnum opus unfinished. A dedicated fan is planning to finish the epic—no price is too high. What malignant spirit is curling upward from his whiskey glass? In the Wonderworld amusement park, secrets of the world’s most ancient mountains start to surface. Not all screams in the park are of delight. An ivy-covered hall on a picturesque campus gives no hint of the torments visited upon the helpless creatures within. John Mayer is a new, exciting writer in the weird tale and pulp fiction tradition.< Less
The Shadow of Rhiannon By Sara Pope - Ramsey
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An apocalyptic vision of a collision between vampirism and humanity. Rhiannon is a female serial killer that preys upon the men she attracts. After meeting a vampire, she is transformed. She was... More > insane before her transformation, but with her new abilities, her bloodlust grows. The media coverage of her capture, escape and rampage alerts the people of America to the reality of Vampires. Anyone resembling a vampire is caught and tortured, and eventually killed. Every moment is captured by the media and the United States enters a new dark age. In retaliation, Vampires form armies that attack cities, demented individuals offer themselves to the vampire hordes. The dead must be burned immediately or the flaming corpses get up and attack in the initial bloodlust that possesses the newly reborn. Chaos reigns in the land that millions call home, now in The Shadow of Rhiannon.< Less
The Mysteries of Myra novelization By Eustace Hale Ball
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BEWARE THE BLACK ORDER! So comes the warning from the spirit of Myra Maynard's father, who reaches out to her from beyond the grave to warn her of danger from the masters of the occult arts that lurk... More > in the shadows and mark her for murder on her eighteenth birthday. Only the world's first psychic detective, Dr. Payson Alden, and his friend Haji the Brahman mystic, can save clairvoyant Myra from the terrors of The Grand Master of the Order, who tries to claim not only her fortune but her life by means of suicide-inducing spells, invasion of her chamber by spirit assassins, and even reanimation of the dead by a fire elemental. Originally a fifteen-episode serial shot in Ithaca, New York (before Hollywood became the center of American movie-making) in 1916, painstakingly reconstructed from the original screenplay, novelization, and existing stills. Includes background information, behind-the-scenes photos and cast biographies.< Less
Author Asbury By Risa Patterson
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Marten Grant dreams about the end of the world, and what he must do to stop it. The good news is that Marten doesn't put much stock in his own subconscious's capacity for divination. The bad news is... More > that Rose Asbury is beginning to believe that Marten's dream is prophetic after all; and if that's true, she will have to betray Marten's best friend, the love of her life, Logan King. Rose's decision will trigger a chain of events that will either be the salvation or obliteration of all life on Earth.< Less
Save Me Stranger By Nicole Schultz
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"There are two things I can never escape: Luke and fear. I still feel his hands on me; I still see the rage in his eyes. He said he'd find me. He promised to kill me. I believe him. I cannot... More > escape my reality." When she first spoke these words, my heart froze into a cold, lifeless stone. Even now, these are the words that ring and echo endlessly through my mind. I want to help her, to make her feel safe the way she did before. But with a madman searching endlessly for her and the pressure of his threats still terrorizing her, how can I save her? Is it possible for a stranger to save a stranger?< Less
Before Bedtime: Three Spooky Tales For Unrest By Paul Counelis
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BEFORE BEDTIME is a collection of three spooky tales by author and Rue Morgue columnist Paul Counelis (Monster Kid Corner). "Illuminate" - A family has an eye-opening experience with an... More > unidentified visitor. "Moonwick Circle" - Four young witches cast a woe begotten spell on Halloween night. "Bully For You" - A man who has been bullied his entire life decides not to take it anymore...regardless of the bully. Turn the lights down low and lose yourself in these memorable stories of the paranormal. Pleasant nightmares!< Less
Virtues of the Horror Film By Paul Counelis
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What happens when horror gets it right? Paul Counelis, author of "25 Underrated Horror Films", "Marshall's Gully" and the children series "Kendall Kingsley" and Rue... More > Morgue columnist (Monster Kid Corner) examines the horror genre and takes a look at the good things that horror movies have to offer. As both a fan of horror storytelling and a Christian, he wonders if there are redeeming qualities and virtues in a much maligned genre, with often surprising discoveries and insightful personal revelation. With looks at movies "A Nightmare On Elm Street", "Pan's Labyrinth", "The Exorcist", and more!< Less
Supernatural Tales 28 By David Longhorn
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New tales of the weird and ghostly from Jacob Felsen, William Wandless, Gillian Bennett, Sam Dawson, Michael Chislett, E. Michael Lewis, William I.I. Read, and Tim Foley.
Supernatural Tales 29 By David Longhorn
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She drew nearer, like a lover searching for a kiss. Jeremy Schliewe: 'Distance' He lit the lamp and went outside. At once the keening stopped, the shadowy rocks mute and unmoving. Rosalie Parker:... More > 'Selkie - A Scottish Idyll' She prodded the fish with her fork, and that was when the weirdness started. Because the fish started moving on the plate, as if it was still alive. Jane Read: 'Service Charge' When he received the book in the mail, Klenz had no memory of ever having ordered it. C.M. Muller: 'Dissolution' The further he pushed through the more the fog seemed to coalesce into something impenetrable. James Machin: 'An Oubliette' “Yes, I must have stepped on something. A nail or a piece of glass. I do tend to go out in my bare feet.” Katherine Haynes: 'Just a Snuff at Twilight' The breathing seemed to be a man’s: even, not unnaturally loud, undramatic. It wasn’t the gasping of someone dying, as he had first feared. Sam Dawson: 'Cul-de-sac'< Less
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For fans of Thomas Ligotti... Lew has always been consumed by an overwhelming unease when he looks at the Kessel Management building. His apprehension stems from a phenomenon of either architectural... More > design or municipal topography: no matter how hard he tries to block the building from his sight, it always remains visible from within the town’s borders. Circumstances force him, with the assistance of his lifelong psychiatrist, to disregard his dread and secure a job in that looming edifice. After a series of unsettling interactions, emotions and thoughts begin arising within Lew that he can no longer write off as solely the result of a malfunctioning psyche, but are, he begins to suspect, seeping from a darkness rooted within Kessel’s tangled halls.< Less
Coming Down in Three Part Harmony By Garrett Cook
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Three pieces of unique music-inspired Lovecraftian Weird Fiction by award-winning author Garrett Cook.
Casino Carcosa By Mark McLaughlin, Michael Sheehan Jr.
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A tale of the King in Yellow! Includes interior illustrations by Dave Felton.
The Strange Franco Santanarium De Marco (2nd Edition) By Henrik Sandbeck Harksen
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A collection of 3 provocative Weird fiction tales. Henrik Sandbeck Harksen has edited and published a number of Lovecraftian books through his own small press, H. Harksen Productions, in Danish as... More > well as in English, including the critically acclaimed anthology Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities (2012). His own story "The Bibliophile" was published in Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales (2008).< Less
Aeon By Jordan Krall
Paperback: $6.98
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From Dunhams Manor Press, the Weird Fiction imprint of Dynatox Ministries. Sinister forces... of politics and cement.
Lost Souls By Stephen Christiansen
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A family goes on vacation and is haunted by ghosts and nightmares. But when their daughter goes missing, the real nightmare begins. Some of this story is based upon the real adventures by the... More > author and his family. The photograph on the cover was taken by the author while the events described in the first chapter were unfolding. Follow along the fateful trip from one state to another, from one encounter to another. Enjoy a story of wondrous locations and unexpected experiences. Follow along with horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and river-rafting. Experience one of the worst nightmares a family can endure, a loved one gone missing. All of this is told in a unique horror/mystery style inspired by one of the greatest horror/suspense authors of our time. From the author who wrote the “Orbbelgguren Series”, “Lost Souls” promises to take the reader on many unexpected twists and turns and proves to be an excellent read for those who enjoy the genre.< Less
O Paciente do Dr. Van Linden By Jonas Filho
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O Paciente do Dr. Van Linden é uma história baseada em um diálogo entre um médico e seu paciente. Durante o período em que o doente relata seu passado, Van Linden... More > se encontra dividido entre o juramento médico e a compaixão para com o próximo. O paciente chama-se Salomon, um talentoso pintor que nasceu com certas deformidades, fazendo com que fosse rejeitado e temido pelas pessoas. Após descobrir que sua doença, até então raríssima, tem cura com a ingestão de fígados humanos, ele começa a usar o talento na pintura para atrair vítimas e, assim, alcançar uma aparência saudável, conquistando seus objetivos< Less
The Unspeakable and Others By Dan Clore
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Misanthropic tales of the macabre and the outré with a unique blend of the grotesque and the perverse. Enter the Lovecraftian universe of screaming horrors and Cthulhuvian insanity.... More > Experience dark wonders and fantastic tales in bizarre worlds. These visions are what nightmares are made of. Throbbing at the heart of it all is the grotesque Lord Weÿrdgliffe and his web of penny dreadfuls. In addition: bleak, satirical stories and essays with subjects ranging from the serious to the outrageous and hilarious, plus dark poetry. This collection has it all. Artwork by Allen Koszowski. Foreword by S. T. Joshi. "I cannot speculate who his authorial parents are, perhaps Andre Breton, Jorge Luis Borges and Thomas Ligotti." DON WEBB "The works of Dan Clore collected in this collection are rare jewels of imaginative fiction ... Dan Clore is a mad monk, recording the fantastical histories of an insane alternate universe.” SEAN O'LEARY< Less
Killer Tracks By Thirteen O'Clock Press
Paperback: $13.96
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Animal tracks, railroad tracks, there are many and various interpretations of the word and Thirteen's talented authors have explored them in their inimitable way, to bring you a diverse set of... More > stories. Walk with them in the tracks they have created and see what horrors, gore and surprises await you...< Less
What Lies Beneath By Dale Brennan
Paperback: $10.00
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What Lies Beneath follows the story of Laura Hill, a young woman who finds herself drawn inexorably into a nightmarish situation. After her sister Naomi disappears, Laura finds herself setting out to... More > find her sister. She grew up with tales of the tragic events that ravaged her hometown and the world, leaving them in shock. Over sixty years ago, the traffic tunnels around the world turned on their occupants, and everyone within at the time disappeared.< Less
Daimon By Danielle Bolger
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The Blue Coast is a broken city; its people scared and damaged; its streets blood-stained. Countless fell victim to past gangs, but none were so powerful or ruthless as the Foxes. Jane Kirra wants to... More > eradicate the city's crime and bring criminals to justice. Through journalism she exposes the gang's dealings, along with the city's corruption, while seeking justice for her parents’ murders. She is ensnared by her enemies who give her into the hands of a notorious serial killer. When he’s done with her, nothing is the same. Jane wakes transformed. She is strong, regenerates, has heightened senses, but something is very wrong. Jane achieves the power to avenge her family but, in exchange, becomes a monster. She is given what she always wanted. Its high cost comes from others who pay with their lives. Her relationships are threatened by her very existence. No longer human, she is cold and aching heavily inside from her scars. She is also very hungry with a cruel new appetite.< Less
Detectives of the Fantastic: volume II By Thirteen O'Clock Press
Paperback: $13.75
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Join editor George Wilhite and the authors of Thirteen O'Clock Press on a hunt for the bizarre and strange. Is what they find supernatural, or is there a logical explanation for the terror they... More > experience? What recorded stories will YOU come across in this a< Less
Supernatural Tales 31 By David Longhorn
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New stories of the strange and disturbing by Stephen McQuiggan, Malcolm Laughton, C.M. Muller, Tom Johnstone, Mike Chinn, Jane Jakeman, Tim Foley, and James Everington.
Pandora: The Complete Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse By Richard McCrohan
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When a rogue comet enters our solar system and collides with Mars, it sends a huge dust and debris cloud into Earth's orbital path. This cloud contains an alien virus that infects 1/3 of the worlds... More > population. At first it only sickens, but soon mutates turning its victims into blood-thirsty zombies intent on spreading the virus. Sean Sullivan and his three best friends find themselves in the middle of a world wide zombie apocalypse. Struggling to save family and friends, the young men must embark on a cross country trip to safety. Upon arriving they find zombie and human alike intent on their destruction. With intense realism and edge of your seat suspense, author Richard McCrohan leaves you breathless as you discover who will live and who will fall victim to Pandora.< Less
The Bugler By Felbrigg Napoleon Herriot
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On the front line during WWI human made horrors are everywhere, but in some places a deeper darker horror awaits.