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American Monsters (Book I) By Sezin Koehler
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An important work of post-modern feminist horror, American Monsters is a poignant, angry volume about predation, the corruption of the rave scene, and empowerment through trauma-related... More > super-abilities. The first section of American Monsters is The Succubi Sideshow, a series of compelling vignettes introducing a wide range of characters. You’ll find no happy, well-balanced individuals in this disturbing gallery. In the second section, The Phantastic Carnival, the Monsters are brought together through the murderous designs of a soul-hungry goddess. What could be a better lure for a big haul of youthful life-force than a spectacular Halloween party in a peculiar hill-top mansion? Non-Fiction, the third and final section of American Monsters, is a collection of moving and insightful essays. Packed with horror homages, American Monsters is a book for adventurous readers – ones who are not scared of non-traditional narratives, of evil smog-goddesses, or of women turning the tables.< Less
The Sect By J. Charles Stone
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Something strange is happening in the town of Angel's Road. Eerie warnings in black ink appear, children go missing, and scarecrows turn up in odd places. Upon discovering the town's sinister secret,... More > adoptive parents Roy and Jan Ackerman are forced to make an impossible choice involving their daughter: make her "walk through the fire," or allow her to suffer The Martyr's Death - a fate far worse than death itself. This controversial and heart-pounding thriller will have you glued to your seat in terror. Brace yourself for an intense read and find out if you can stomach your way through to the shocking ending! Shut your windows, lock your doors and prepare for the new horror. Welcome home.< Less
My Next Door Roommate The Serial Killer By Curtis Bridges
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This is a really scary thriller book about a man moving to a small town in Wisconsin from Indianapolis, and finds out that his roommates isn't what they seem to be, this thriller book has many ups... More > and downs and so many turns to twist your mind up, and nominated to be the scariest book of the year? watch out on what you wish for? ENJOY< Less
The Stygian Abyss By Michael Porter
Paperback: $4.25
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An anthology of H.P. Lovecraft themed stories and poems. Descend into the realms beyond the sanity of the known universe...
Dead Inside By Benjamin McNair
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After losing what was their home for the past five months during the zombie apocalypse, Elliot Bradshaw and his group of survivors now must fend for themselves on the open road as they search... More > desperately for any kind of shelter they can secure, but more and more obstacles start appearing and someone in the group might be pushed to their breaking point.< Less
The Unsaintly By Lisa Vasquez
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The Unsaintly is the journey of Isabel, the daughter of Louis VII and Blanche of Castile, who devoted her entire life to the servitude of God. When Isabel begins to suffer from stigmata, she learns... More > that it is just the beginning of her role in the fight between Heaven and Hell. Her sacrifice is not great enough when the abuse inflicted by the stigmata she suffers leaves is then replaced by the real horrors inflicted by God's rival; Lucifer. All that she's learned up to this point will be tested along with her faith, in this horrific story of good, evil, and everything in between.< Less