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Pandora: The Complete Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse By Richard McCrohan
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When a rogue comet enters our solar system and collides with Mars, it sends a huge dust and debris cloud into Earth's orbital path. This cloud contains an alien virus that infects 1/3 of the worlds... More > population. At first it only sickens, but soon mutates turning its victims into blood-thirsty zombies intent on spreading the virus. Sean Sullivan and his three best friends find themselves in the middle of a world wide zombie apocalypse. Struggling to save family and friends, the young men must embark on a cross country trip to safety. Upon arriving they find zombie and human alike intent on their destruction. With intense realism and edge of your seat suspense, author Richard McCrohan leaves you breathless as you discover who will live and who will fall victim to Pandora.< Less
Detectives of the Fantastic: volume II By Thirteen O'Clock Press
Paperback: $13.75
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Join editor George Wilhite and the authors of Thirteen O'Clock Press on a hunt for the bizarre and strange. Is what they find supernatural, or is there a logical explanation for the terror they... More > experience? What recorded stories will YOU come across in this a< Less
Paperback: $7.00
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Big city doctor returns to his small town,stumbles upon a mysterious disorder that puts the towns inhabitants in a deep sleep that mimicks death....
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Age Verification Required
Domino Effect By Stephen Keck
Paperback: $9.00
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After graduating from Oakstown High School, Trevor Van Pelt, along with his girlfriend Karen Dickson, and his friends John Crenshaw and Suzy Moore all go to the beach for beach week. Then all of a... More > sudden, while at the beach, Trevor has a premonition of a tragic tsunami that washes away and kills everyone who was on that beach. Because of his premonition, he manages to save a bunch of people from their pending doom. Later on in the book, after the memorial, everyone that was in Trevor's premonition start to die off one by one in the order they would have died in his premonition. He tries to tell the people that are next about it, but they don't listen to him and they react badly about it; they eventually die. Death does this through the whole book until everyone is gone. Is there a way to stop his sinister plans? You will have to find out.< Less
The Greater Trumps By Charles Williams
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THE GREATER TRUMPS by Charles Williams The original Tarot deck is used to unlock enormous metaphysical powers by allowing the possessors to see across space and time, create matter, and raise... More > powerful natural storms. Upon an ancient golden table, golden figurines perpetually move "by some magnetism of the Earth" to the "Great Dance" - that is, the rhythm of all things that happen in this world. The table and figurines are half of a set. The other half is the original Tarot cards. Together, it is believed, they have the power to explain eachother's mysteries, and maybe even manipulate time, space, and the elements. By some great coincidence, or movement of the Dance, two families are brought together who each have one half of the set. But when the pieces are reunited, all hell...and heaven break loose!< Less
Fright Night By Aisha Harris
Paperback: $10.00
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Duke and Sam are brothers on a mission to hunt down and kill as many monsters as they can find. It’s tough work, but they are determined to live up to their father’s goal to slay every... More > vampire on earth. Join ghoul hunters Duke and Sam as they work hard to rid a peaceful town of vicious vampires.< Less
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Thadd's Twelve By Thadd Presley
Paperback: $8.00
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Thadd's Twelve is a collection of short stories and poetry by Thadd Presley. It contains 12 stories with accompanying poetry. The books includes horror, suspense, and bit of sci-fi along with poetry... More > for each story. Thadd's Twelve is a collection of short stories and poetry by Thadd Presley. It contains 12 stories with accompanying poetry. The books includes horror, suspense, and bit of sci-fi along with poetry for each story. I wrote these stories in 2014 and they include the following My Written Frankenstein Thrills at the Notell Motel It’s Not to Late You Deserve to be Bullied Sweepstake Eyes The Lies We Tell Gigantic Planet Bohemian Inn Freegonism One Alone Beat Down She’s Such a Doll Easter, Bloody Easter Worm in a Box War Against Weather Lonesome Lake War is not the Olympics Count’em Out Dark Eyes Shallow Grave The Thing in the Sky You’d Better Learn It’s in our Nature to Talk to Snakes For the Love of Money Gremlin’s Image Jack’s Apartment< Less
Timor: Volume I By Sarah J Dhue
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Read tales of urban monsters, UFO sightings, vampires, haunted statues, slithering shadows, and other things that go bump in the night. Here for your reading pleasure is a collection of 15 short... More > stories written by Sarah J Dhue, author of For Two Cold Minutes and other publications. It includes 15 original illustrations, as well as one story ‘from the vaults’: one of Sarah J Dhue’s earliest horror stories. Prepare to be sleeping with the light on after these horror, paranormal, and science fiction tales of terror.< Less
The Eden Tree By Josette Weiss
Paperback: $22.99
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Jared Thomas is back and so is Sammael Mammon. Jared is after more than just Oscar gold. He wants to live forever and Sammael knows of a way Jared could accomplish this impossible goal. However, the... More > forces of good and evil war, for they know if Jared succeeds, he could bring about the end of the world.< Less
What Lies Beneath By Dale Brennan
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What Lies Beneath follows the story of Laura Hill, a young woman who finds herself drawn inexorably into a nightmarish situation. After her sister Naomi disappears, Laura finds herself setting out to... More > find her sister. She grew up with tales of the tragic events that ravaged her hometown and the world, leaving them in shock. Over sixty years ago, the traffic tunnels around the world turned on their occupants, and everyone within at the time disappeared.< Less
Laugh Until You Scream By Various
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Short story collection of humor and horror, interlaced with fantasy, satire, history, and the supernatural.