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A Deadly Twist By Louise Moir
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When someone wants to get revenge, they'll do it anyway that they can.
The Great God Pan By Arthur Machen
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A doctor performs an experiment on a volunteer subject that permits some of this evil to penetrate normal day to day existence.
The Compilation, Grim By Cheyi Okoaye
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The Compilation, Grim is a collection of works I've written over the years; short (or horror) stories, morbid poems and a collection of "unsettling stories."
A little horror before sleep. By Bibi Rillmann
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This is a short collection of a few of my works. I have been writing for years and these snippets here allow you to see a bit of my talents. I am a dark, violent writer of the paranormal, with a deep... More > penchant for pain, blood and gore - all wrapped up in an ornate story of intriguing, sometimes sweet yet sadistic characters that come from my heart, giving them depth and life in our minds as we read about their perils and triumphs. Enjoy!< Less
Harlan County Haunts By Darla Jackson
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Harlan County Haunts explores the unknown with over 60 tales of spooky encounters and weird occurrences. Although the focus is on Harlan County, there are stories from around the southeastern... More > Kentucky region as well as other states. Featured in Harlan County Haunts is the novella, “Caroline," which highlights one of Harlan County’s most compelling unsolved crimes. Jackson, a lifelong Native of Harlan County, takes you on a ghostly journey through the mountains of Appalachia and beyond. Harlan County Haunts contains ghosts, monsters, angels, and many personal accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Harlan County Haunts was over two years in the making, with Jackson compiling well over 100 true accounts of experiences with the paranormal. After many interviews and research, the stories in the book are what she considered the best and most credible.< Less
Religion, War and Barbeque By David Estrada
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The brothers Woods: John, Judah, and Joe. The story begins as Judah woods falls into madness, kills and eats his family. Joe Woods becomes a zombie of sorts. His friend Xander tries to stop him from... More > infecting the whole world. In 2002 president Bush declares himself king of America. Political tension is high and the Peoples Republic of Asia is threatening to invade the Kingdom of America. John Woods is a self-centered psychiatrist. This is his journal of day to day events as America’s fate lies in the hands of a dictator.< Less
Speculations I By Paul Ennis
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Speculations is a journal of speculative realism that hopes to provide a forum for the exploration of speculative realism and post-continental philosophy. Our aim is to facilitate discussion about... More > ongoing developments within speculative realism. The journal is open access and peer-reviewed. We accept short position papers, full length articles and book reviews.< Less
The Sugar Shack By Otep Shamaya
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The beauty and mystery of the ancient mountains hold a darker secret. One that six campers are destined to uncover. But these ladies are not easy prey. They just may be predators in disguise.
Speculations II By Michael Austin et al.
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Vol. 2
The House in the Port By J.R. Torina
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A squeamish man moves to a dark, rotting seaport town, and finds himself embroiled in a destiny he didn't know he had. A destiny that involves becoming a member of HP Lovecraft's "Deep... More > Ones", and a personal servant to the dreaded lord of the Abyss, Cthulhu!< Less
More Harlan County Haunts By Darla Saylor Jackson
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More Harlan County Haunts is the follow-up to the popular Harlan County Haunts and features over 100 true ghostly accounts set in the area of Harlan County, Kentucky. More Harlan County Haunts has... More > tales of ghosts, monsters, angels, and even unidentified flying objects. Although many stories in the book are recent, there are also many stories telling about the county’s eerie and haunted past. More Harlan County Haunts’ feature story is a tale about a house on Cumberland Avenue in downtown Harlan, Kentucky that reveals the house’s bloody past.< Less
Scare Stories By Beth Hutchinson
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A collection of supernatural tales from Somerset County, Pennsylvania and beyond.
Asbury Dark: Haunting Tales from the Jersey Shore By Lori Bonfitto
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A telekinetic teenager. A doomed ocean liner. A haunted bed & breakfast. A zombie-fighting real estate developer. These are but a few of the eerie people, places and things that go bump in the... More > pages of Asbury Dark: Haunting Tales from the Jersey Shore. Spanning six decades, Asbury Dark will thrill and delight anyone who’s ever ridden the rides on the fabled boardwalk, searched for Bruce at The Stone Pony, or shambled along in the Zombie March. Mystery and suspense author Lori Bonfitto delivers seven unforgettable tales of fright and fantasy, transforming Asbury Park from a nostalgic playland into a world fraught with obsession, reincarnation, and the paranormal.< Less
A Lost Soul By Diana Vick
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An average girl named Sarah returns from a party to find that her mother has been murdered. After time passes on the investigation, it is soon stopped. Sarah then decides to take matters into her own... More > hands. Deciding to do this begins her long and frightening journey as she starts to see her mother's corpse in mirrors. As stress builds in her, Sarah meets new people and comes closer to finding who killed her mother. With the help of her friends and family she might have a chance at capturing them.< Less
Theatre Diabolique By Dan Barratt
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In a sleepy seaside town stands the ominous Théâtre Diabolique, a crumbling Victorian gothic edifice with a terrible dark secret. Its walls reverberate with the memory of past... More > iniquities; Devilish acts of shocking horror and ghastly depravity performed for the delectation of a multitude of lost souls. Now the monstrous theatre is reawakening once more, brought back to life by a ghastly terrible force stirring within its darkest confines… Six seemingly random strangers are drawn by a mysterious guide to take a tour of this once infamous theatre of evil. There they begin their journey into the bowels of the building where their innermost darkest thoughts will be revealed in an encounter that will change their lives forever… Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique is a thrilling new collection of original horror fiction from the Cygnus Alpha writers’ collective.< Less
What Came Home By Billy Stone
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Stephen Medford has it all. He is a young, handsome, talented high school quarterback who has dreams of making it big. Colleges want to sign him, girls want to date him. In the city where he lives he... More > gets to do as he pleases. After a forced move to the small country town of Holly Branch, he thinks his life is over...until he meets the beautiful Jewel Johnson. Things begin to look up for Stephen, until one night car trouble strands him on a deserted road. There he stumbles upon a gruesome scene. Still miles from home, Stephen must now try desperately to reach his destination before it's too late. What Came Home is a haunting thriller that will not only keep you guessing, but will stay with you long after the last page.< Less
Revenant By Peter J Larrivee
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Jake King's life has been a long, tragic one, despite his cool demeanor. His father died when he was six, his mother is incarcerated at a mental health facility, he's just lost his job as a... More > journalist and he's crossed paths with the local mob. Of course, this is only the beginning, as Jake soon begins seeing the wandering, translucent spirits of the streets of Providence crying out for his help. Worse yet, there is a stalking shadow that has been killing people around him. If Jake doesn't discover what this revenge spirit wants and how to stop it, he could wind up in the obituaries. Even if he survives this spirit and the mob hit, he must contend with the screaming headaches, a shady mentor figure, and unknown beings from beyond the veil that threaten our world.< Less
Scarce Resoures By Brendan Detzner
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The devil plays tennis with the last man in Chicago while a brontosaurus looms in the distance. An elderly blind woman thinks she's feeding the birds. A music industry insider falls short of... More > immortality and makes a shocking confession. A girl with sharp teeth and an excellent sense of smell shops at a convenience store, avoiding chocolate. And fourteen more. "Detzner's writing asks all the right questions, and answers just enough of them to leave your mind toying with the ideas for days ... If you're looking for cheap scares, look elsewhere. This is a writer that deals in an uneasy fear, in the unknown but somehow personal." Derek Gettys, The Arson Club "....stories of unholy compromise, quiet madness and apocalypses both great and small... If you’re not familiar with his work, these eighteen stories are a great overview of what he’s been doing in the always flexible horror genre." Michael Penkas, Black Gate< Less
The Bitterman (Full Color) Value Edition By Jake Wheat
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Alex Mord is a timid and shy boy, born with an unusually complicated life until one Halloween night that would change all that. There are demons. They exist. Some demons are summoned to this Earth... More > to create havoc, start wars, or to disrupt the joy of the faithful. Then, there are are some who’s sole mission is to bring vengeance. This is the nature of “The Bitterman,” and that is all we can say. Get ready for the new graphic novel written by Jake A. Wheat, and Illustrated by John Faughender… and prepare for a fully immersive experience like no other. Forget saying your prayers. Forget any option of forgiveness. Forget the life you once knew, because HE IS COMING, and he won’t stop until you have paid for what you have done.< Less
Disquiet: an anthology By Christian Carvajal et al.
Paperback: $2.99
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I had a thought on the way home from Wal-Mart the other day (when all the best thoughts occur). "Why not hit up some talented people and put out an anthology of scary stories before... More > Halloween?" Why not indeed. So I did. And I have. Five authors stepped up and contributed, giving us six stories in all when you throw mine in there. When I had time to think about it, I realized that every one of the writers would be a great character in a horror story. Whether as protagonist or villain, I’ll let them decide.< Less
One Hell of a Christmas By Thirteen O'clock Press
Paperback: $14.04
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Christmas, tinsel, gifts, baubles, family gatherings and notably the most likely time of the year for crimes to be committed... blood to be shed... mayhem to ensue. The Thirteen authors have taken... More > the title of this anthology and as always come up with an infinite variety of horror stories set at what should be a time of peace and goodwill to men, but rarely is... Enjoy!< Less
The Coming of Winter By Ran Cartwright
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A collection of Lovecraftian Horror story arcs that include: Tales of Nephren Ka, the ancient dead pharaoh raised from the dead (The Circle, The Chronicler, The Coming, The Candidate); Tales of... More > Shifting Sands, chased across time by a dead woman possessed by a djinn (Hagif, Damascus, Shar-i-Gholghola, Ubar); Tales of the Dia Tessaron, four young women devoted to fighting minions of the Great Old Ones (Arkham Shadows, The Dia Tessaron Destroyed, The Spider and the Fly, The House in the Valley); Tales of Y’ha-nthlei Rising, the Deep Ones attempt to raise the ancient city from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean (Innsmouth Harvest, Y’ha-nthlei Rising, Of Gods & Aliens); Tales of Z’toggua, an obscure cult attempts to summon its ancient god (Z’toggua, Shog-E’yahg, Ch’g-Ghral); The Coming of Winter, the return of Rhan-Tegoth heralds the return of the Great Old Ones (A Festival of Winds, Rhan-Tegoth, Fire & Ice).< Less
Nightmare Illustrated: issue 8 By Horrified Press
Paperback: $5.84
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Special bumper edition of the picto-fiction page turner Nightmare Illustrated. Over 20 artists and authors inside!
Nefarious Endeavors By Jeremy Void
Paperback: $9.95
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Since the epic release of Derelict America, Jeremy Void has continued to create gut-wrenching, heart-startling stories that almost jump out at you, clutch the collar of your shirt, and hold you... More > tight. The stories in Nefarious Endeavors are faster, crazier, and so much more cutting edge. Police are out in force, joking and laughing as they pick up a couple teenage drug addicts. An over-sexed man falls in love with a Punk rocker who won't put out. A wild drug-fueled car ride down the highway quickly speeds out of control. A man's descent into madness—will he make it out alive or fall victim to the demons of his mind? Many questions are sparked within these pages, and many answers are shattered. Nefarious Endeavors is an orgasmic thrill the whole family can enjoy.< Less
Laurel Springs Anthology of Scary Stories By Brian Hofacker
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The Laurel Springs Anthology of Scary Stories is a frightening and fun collection of terrifying tales from the quaint and curious town of Laurel Springs. What did Professor Angell discover when he... More > came to the small South Jersey town Laurel Springs in 1915? What was Samuel S. Cord, the man that would make Laurel Springs a town, doing in Innsmouth a week before his murder? Who is the strange woman called Annie by the lake? What are the dark things that drink from spring? What is the thing upstairs? From an investigation into the mysterious murder of Samuel S. Cord to a phantom train that travels by in the middle of the night, this anthology reveals what lurks in the dark of a small town and its connection to the characters, situations and monsters of by H.P. Lovecraft.< Less