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Astonishment By Jan Slepian
Paperback: $10.00
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Astonishment is a collection of twenty brief essays about "life in the slow lane." Author Jan Slepian comments on the astonishment of being old, the comfort and heartbreak of companionship... More > in a retirement community, and the ridiculous moments in everyday life. Utterly delightful, entertaining and amusing. Illustrated by Laura Schreiber, who shares the author's wonderful tongue in cheek style.< Less
The Os of the Wild Woosi By Lisa Wildwood
Paperback: List Price: $9.99 $7.49 You Save: 25%
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Learn to identify orgasms (Os) that you have had but have not correctly identified! Throw off the chains of Big-O oppression! Discover your own multiorgasmic nature and embrace all of your orgasms! ... More > You too can be multiorgasmic< Less
Who Gave Me the Chocolate Covered Cherries? By John Long
Paperback: $14.00
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This collection of zany stories about a family of 6 growing up in North Carolina has been given the thumbs-up by many people who have read these stories over the years. Originally part of the Long... More > family Christmas newsletters, they are now included here in their entirety. Read about cotillion cooties, Clean Plate Rangers, cushion houses, retainer diving, ice-cold zombies in togas, zucchini Elvis, and The Creeping Thing.< Less
So You Want To Grow Marijuana By CRISTOPHER VILLA
Paperback: List Price: $9.95 $9.45 You Save: 5%
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Humor in Home Garden, with marijuana
The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers By Stefan Molyneux, Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $7.99
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Hey - seriously - congratulations on your new political post! If you are reading this, it means that you have ascended to the highest levels of government, so it's really, really important that you... More > don't do or say anything stupid, and screw things up for the rest of us. The first thing to remember is that you are a figurehead, about as relevant to the direction of the state as a hood ornament is to the direction of a car -- but you are a very important distraction, the "smiling face" of the fist of power. So hold your nose, kiss the babies, and just think how good you would look on a stamp. Now, before we go into your media responsibilities, you must understand the true history of political power, so you don't accidentally act on the naive idealism you are required to project to the general public. The reality of political power is very simple: bad farmers own crops and livestock -- good farmers own human beings...< Less
How to Be Old By Jan Slepian
Paperback: $10.00
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"How to Be Old, A Beginner's Guide" is a continuation of Jan Slepian's funny and poignant essays on life in the slow lane. If you loved her first book, "Astonishment, Life in the Slow... More > Lane", you will be just as crazy about this one.< Less
One Wolf's Memoirs By Lucas DeRanged
Paperback: $22.97
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Dogs as the dominant species, Law gone awry, Rediculousness. The tale of one wolf who really needs to solve a murder and this time before the suspected is tried and exicuted. SEX MURDER DRUGS, SEX... More > MURDER DRUGS. promise< Less
You're Not A Ninja, And No...You Can't Spend The Night! By Terryn Sundy
Paperback: $13.95
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Cheeky, wacky and, at times, downright silly, this debut collection of personal essays (and companion pieces) highlights some of (mis)adventures of the curious and painfully observant author, Terryn... More > Sundy. From receiving an impromptu peepshow while standing on a sidewalk in London to witnessing an act of self-gratification while on a 1st date to receiving a glam-rock groupie makeover and getting propositioned by the singer of a well-known hair-metal band, she re-tells these stories with a level of detail and humor that makes the readers wish they were there to experience the zaniness first-hand. As companion pieces and extra insight into her brain, she also includes "How-To" guides on how to avoid some sticky situations in the future, plus lists of some things that she loves (and hates). You're Not A Ninja, And No...You Can't Spend The Night is like reading the diary of your witty, adventurous, potty-mouthed, boy-crazy best friend who never fully grew up.< Less
Animal Shorts By Lucas DeRanged
Paperback: $18.49
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Looney Tunes meets Southpark. Short stories that'll make you feel something (for god's sake you're dead inside, you robot) and hopefully laugh
Fifteen Inches of Grey & That Weekend That Chomped Testicles By Lucas DeRanged
Paperback: $16.50
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Two books in one!!! First, one of the most important people on planet Bane, and the only way our hero can solve the case is to have lots of sex. Second, our hero is shot with a raygun that makes him... More > impotent, and he drinks til he forgets the tragity< Less
The TRIPLE BOOK By Lucas DeRanged
Paperback: $15.50
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Three books in one! (cause they're super short) (easy reading) ONE: Nikes and Colt .45s: a Gun Runner's Tale. story of a cheetah who makes guns in a post anarchy world TWO: Bull... More > Story. story of a bovine out to save his woman THREE: Horse, Walking story of a clydesdale almost out of smokes Murder, Sex, Drugs! everything you've come to expect from the Rayverse Books< Less
A Time to Laugh: Jokes & Funny Stories from Africa By Israel Oyerinde Omotosho
Paperback: $7.44
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The author of this book, Prince Israel Oyerinde Omotosho, has compiled more than eighty jokes and short stories for your enjoyment. The jokes and stories are contextually based in Nigeria, West... More > Africa. They will make you laugh till your ribs protest!< Less
21 Binks Is Heven By Lucas DeRanged
Paperback: $18.97
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Ray Wyld's forth chronicle of misdeeds, drinking, and ass slapping sex. All the filth you've come to enjoy from our favorite wolf.
Exodus, Stage Left By Arnold Baruch
Paperback: List Price: $4.86 $3.40 You Save: 30%
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A jaunt through Ancient Egypt with time-travelling Agent Legion Ayers to discover the secrets of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.
I Probably Shouldn't Have Told You That By Thomas Hostetler
Paperback: $9.51
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"I Probably Shouldn't Have Told You That" is part short stories, part autobiography and mostly just for fun.
This Book Will Never Be Written! By Pete Toyne
Paperback: $14.95
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Bizarre humor in the form of small essays. A perfect coffee table book.
Androids Over New York By Arnold Baruch
Paperback: List Price: $8.48 $4.24 You Save: 50%
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Legion Ayers returns to the 21st Century to foil a plot by a former Microsoft quality control manager to replace the human race with lethal, yet really sexy New Age robots. Find the answer to the... More > age-old question: can love bloom between man and robot? You can't write stuff like this! Soon to be a major motion picture Romcom starring Venus Williams and Bill Gates< Less
Limericks We Lived By B. T. Enos
Paperback: $12.00
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A new topical, but light-hearted, collection of limericks. Some of the selected verses may deal with the serious news, but all are filled with irony and good humor in the true limerick tradition.... More > Many of the poems offer a fresh look at simple human nature and social trends including the evolution of language. The sports and entertainment pages are also covered with good fun. Lovers of whimsical poetry will find a bonus chapter on just what makes the ideal limerick. A must for those who enjoy writing their own. “A recommended addition to every limerick enthusiast's library.” - Reginald T. O'Leary, Dublin Limerick Society< Less
101 Ways to Get Lice: A Remedy to Society's Little Parasites By Alex Greenfelder, Jordan Stout
Paperback: $9.99
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Do you ever notice people browsing the clearance rack at Nordstrom that look like they just finished a vigorous cross-fit session at the gym? Do you see people putting 89-octane fuel in their 1995... More > Ford Taurus wagons instead of regular 87-octane? Do you remember that lady holding up the express lane at Wal-Mart because she was digging through her purse for the exact change, even though she had a debit card in her wallet? If you have seen your fellow man, or woman, doing any of these things, or things of equivalent foolishness, and wondered what happens to such individuals, then this book provides the answer. They get lice.< Less
It Takes Stugotz: Do You Have the “Balls” to Jeopardize Everything You Cherish and Love? By Balz Onchin
Paperback: $16.99
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An extremely candid, raw and humorous view of marriage and the decision to potentially cheat on your spouse. You will gasp and laugh while contemplating the decision to cheat. This book is not for... More > everyone. It is not a biography, rather the author’s opinion and overview on a very sensitive and prevalent subject. The author has a warped sense of humor and it comes to life through this book. It is candid, raw and tells the hard truth about infidelity. Some will find it incredibly funny, some will gasp when reading it and some readers will do both. There is a men’s and women’s version in this one book. The men start on one end and if you flip the book over, you will be in the women’s version. They are nearly identical but there are subtle differences. The book speaks directly to the reader and nothing is sacred. You will be entertained and educated on the taboo subject of adultery. Keep an open-mind while reading the book and you will come to appreciate and understand what the author is saying.< Less
The Casino of Jokes: A Visit to a Gaming Casino By Gil Ruppel
Paperback: $19.99
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Playing gaming casino slot machines is a lot of fun and exciting when you are winning money, but losing is a downer as highlighted by the joke below: Question - Do you know how to walk away with a... More > small fortune after playing gaming casino slot machines? Answer - Start playing with a large fortune. But wait, there is a gaming casino where there are no losers, only winners. Impossible, not true! Its name is The Casino of Jokes, a book that simulates a visit to a modern gaming casino. The book provides a basic knowledge of gaming casino slot machine play and enables the reader to select and play slot machines with over 750 hilarious jokes and cartoons related to Faith, Medicine, Law, Bliss (courtship and marriage), Work, Animals/Pets and Sports. The joke winners will entertain and generate laughter for family, friends, and co-workers no matter where or when. So pay a visit to The Casino of Jokes, select and play a slot machine and enjoy.< Less
God Said, “Let There Be Humor”: And God Saw That It Was Good By Jack Blumner
Paperback: $8.99
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Jack Blumner takes you behind the scenes of the Old Testament, as never before, in this sidesplitting meditation on the Five Books of Moses. Your favorite bible stories are all here – the... More > creation of man, the story of Noah’s Ark, the trials of Abraham, the Exodus from Egypt, the giving of the Ten Commandments, and much more – seen through the divinely skewed revelations of Jack Blumner and illustrator, Michael Malbrough. As if that were not enough, you’ll also find the answers to questions about the Bible you never thought to ask, such as: • How did the splitting of the Red Sea inadvertently repel an alien invasion? • How did the Children of Israel respond when God took cheeseburgers off the menu? • How did vampires react to the commandment against the consumption of blood? God gave man the ability to both cry and to laugh, but Scripture teaches that a cheerful heart is the preferred alternative. God Said, Let There Be Humor, is a witty expression of the author’s belief that even God can take a joke.< Less
Welcome to Fiemme By Ghassan A. Jabali
Paperback: $14.99
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After four years of working as a busser, Ghassan Jabali has emerged to tell all about his life and experiences in the restaurant biz. Have a walkthrough of the infamous restaurant Fiemme, in the NJN... More > Hotel and Casino. Welcome to Fiemme is a collection of mishaps and stories about all the bussers, servers and hostesses as they work in Las Vegas.< Less
Crappy Life Philosophy By Judith Kuzmak
Paperback: List Price: $7.00 $5.60 You Save: 20%
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(1 Ratings)
Enjoy reading how people deal with their crap and question how we treat people when their crap is not flushed down the toilet appropriately. Feedback from others: “Best bathroom book... More > of the year.” It may encourage terms like “the crap talk,” “commode talk,” and “toilet literature.”< Less
Expecting: A Year of Fixing Up and Breaking Down By Keely Flynn
Paperback: List Price: $15.99 $15.19 You Save: 5%
Ships in 3-5 business days
Keely Flynn, founder of Lollygag Blog, recounts the bumpy transition from a carefree twentysomething to that of a card-carrying grownup- all in the space of one year. From buying a broken-down... More > foreclosure to (surprise!) a new baby in the first year of marriage, life comes fast and hilarious as Flynn navigates the joys, pitfalls, and taco cravings that go hand-in-hand with parenthood, homeownership, and some semblance of adulthood.< Less