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The Swallow Manor Adventures By Roberta Durante
Hardcover: $33.95
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A collection of small, funny, wacky tales concerning a family that decide to suddenly change their lifestlye completely.
Atheism is Winning! By Anonymous
Paperback: $23.94
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We live in a world of radical hypocrisy...Priests, Terrorists and Christian Evangelists use iPhones...access satellite automobiles and seem to exist in some kind of imaginary bubble... More > untouched by reality. How is this possible? How can such a large number of people both demand modern technology while still refusing to listen to the very people who brought it to them? In an age of motor cars, electric light bulbs and rockets to the moon, more than half the world still insists on keeping their faith in God, even while the most rational minds are calling this behavior dangerous, archaic and possibly insane. Perhaps this is something we should talk about. But is anyone listening? Perhaps I should say it louder... Book features a variety of essays, both humorous and serious on the issues of Atheism, Marketing, Hypocrisy, Seduction, Religion, Psychology of Belief, "New Atheism", Failures of Buddhism, The Templeton Prize, Beyond Sartre's "Reef of Solipsism", and other mildly poetic thoughts.< Less
The White Knuckle Marriage By Amber Donahue
Paperback: $16.97
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A scattered look at the inside of one woman's brain and journey through divorce. Seat belts encouraged.
Laughing In Hell By Jenny Leiferman
Paperback: List Price: $19.00 $17.10 You Save: 10%
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When 21-year old Jenny Leiferman has to deal with her nemesis called, “life,” she does so with a foul mouth and a skewed sense of wit. With her two loves (Nutella & Netflix) by her... More > side, Jenny considers herself a cabbage patch girl stuck in a horrifically warped barbie world. That is, until she journeys to art school where absurdity reigns supreme. In this extremely frank collection, Catholic School outcast, Jenny, invites the reader on a tour of her “horrendously back luck,” including family vacations, art school problems, and her on-and-off again relationship with tampons. Disgustingly hilarious, she has a knack for always going one step too far! Whether she’s stuck in a Driver’s Ed class with a hispanic girl who raises flying squirrels or throwing the bratty kid she babysits into the pool after he tells her she’s “too fat to be his babysitter,” Jenny lives at the bottom of White Girl Hell. And with one of the loudest mouths of her generation, you can bet she’ll take you down to the flames with her...< Less
Poker Table Politics By Turk Allcott
Paperback: $12.99
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You can get a solid grip on public sentiment in a variety of settings, but none so offhand and indiscreet as the poker room. Especially a poker room in California. When money’s at stake, and... More > poker players do tend to get edgy and play at limits that hurt, nobody gives a crap about political correctness. Not that politics isn’t discussed. And not that the viewpoints don’t reflect common consensus. It’s just that nobody gives a crap. Nobody gets offended. Asides are tossed left and right, mostly left, to show you’re smart or hip or in sync with Manhattan socialites, but all the juice in the room is focused on the next fall of a card.< Less
300 per day on ebay By Tung nguyen
eBook (PDF): $79.99
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Become Ebay Powerseller, become a top seller ebay, 300 per day on EBay
Allegory of the Chicken By Castor Bellator
eBook (ePub): $5.00
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A Kentucky chicken farmer's life is hijacked by a telepathic sasquatch with a mission, to save society from the secret societies. First of a three book series.