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The Paralegal Career Guide 4th Edition By Chere Estrin
Paperback: $29.95
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If you've ever had those middle of the night terrors wondering if you've made a mistake by choosing a paralegal career, pick up The Paralegal Career Guide. This book packs a lot of information... More > about career pathways and is chock full of information covering trends, career options, creating value, salary negotiations, getting along with co-workers, and other career resources. There is practical advice such as how to get higher level assignments where you are now or how you can leverage your experience. One comes away from the book with a sense of what's possible. Caution: Reading this book will make you giddy with enthusiasm.< Less
Notarial Practice in the State of Florida By Robert T. Koehler
Paperback: $9.99
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A thorough examination of the duties and responsibilities of Notaries Public in the State of Florida. Focuses on exploration into the seven notarial duties, backed by Florida-specific legal research.
The Pincushion Effect By Jeffery Lucas
Hardcover: $85.00
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American land surveying has a dilemma; it’s called the “pincushion corner.” This is a name used to describe the phenomena of multiple boundary monuments being set by land surveyors... More > when only one boundary corner exists under the law. The pincushion has not gone unnoticed by the legal profession and the general public. It is now common knowledge that no two surveyors can agree on the location of any given property corner. The pincushion is physical proof of that notion. Not only is the pincushion becoming a public relations disaster for the profession, it is causing those who might otherwise consider commissioning a survey to decide otherwise. And herein lies the dilemma; no one wants to hire the surveyor because of the way surveying is practiced, the pincushion being emblematic of that practice. This book explores the effect of the pincushion, how the phenomena started, why it exists, and remedies to end the practices that allow the pincushion corner to not only exist, but to flourish.< Less
The Ruling of Baby Kyzer By Mark Burdine
Hardcover: $20.78
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The true story of one families fight for their adopted child and the laws that kept them from succeeding to adopt.
ABSOLUTE EVIL By Kevin Thompson
Paperback: $29.95
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There are very few things more frightening than to know that no matter how many facts must be ignored and laws must be defied to rule against me, the judges in Massachusetts will do just that to deny... More > me justice as a vocal critic of the courts. While reading this book, keep in mind that the judges exposed as corrupt in this book are not corrupt because they ruled against me, which is what the racketeers working in the Massachusetts court system would like you to believe to discredit me. They are corrupt because they had to conspire among themselves to defy the law, defy their code of conduct, and commit fraud to rule against me. Since the state of Massachusetts has illegally denied to me my Seventh Amendment right to plead my cases before a jury of my peers and since every state and federal agency that allegedly exists to hold corrupt public officials accountable has negligently failed to perform this duty; I am asking that you, the readers, be my jury.< Less
Attorneys' Guide to Civil Practice in the New York County Supreme Court By NEW YORK COUNTY LAWYERS’ LAWYERS ASSOCIATION
Paperback: $50.00
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An essential tool for all lawyers practicing on the civil side in Manhattan, the Attorneys’ Guide provides virtually everything the practitioner needs to know in order to master the existing... More > complexities and deal with the New York County Supreme Court in a painless but effective way.< Less
UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy (31.1) 2013 By UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
Paperback: $30.00
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The UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy produces a high quality biannual journal on cutting-edge environmental legal and policy matters. JELP is entirely run and produced by students at... More > UCLA School of Law. Articles in JELP are written by leading scholars throughout the country and often the world, and by students focusing on environmental law at UCLA< Less
MJI Child Protective Proceedings Benchbook By Michigan Judicial Institute
Paperback: $25.00
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The MJI publications team updates its publications in January, May, and September of each year. All MJI Publications are current through September 1, 2013.
New Jersey Gun Law By Evan Nappen
Paperback: $59.95
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NEW JERSEY GUN LAW 2014 is a comprehensive presentation of over 120 major topics of New Jersey gun law, presented in an easy-to-read FAQ format. Additionally, the book contains a valuable set of... More > appendices providing the reader with instant access to New Jersey and Federal firearm statutes and code. The 2014 edition contains explanation of the new laws signed by Governor Christie, topic updates and new chapters on knives, gun buy-backs, privacy, and much, much more. The book is now over 500 pages, 8.5 x 11.< Less
Paperback: $19.95
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SERIAL KILLER MAGAZINE is an official release of the talented artists and writers at It is chock full of artwork, rare documents, FBI files and in depth articles regarding... More > serial murder. It is also packed with unusual trivia, exclusive interviews with the both killers and experts in the field and more information that any other resource available to date. Although the magazine takes this subject very seriously and in no way attempts to glorify the crimes describe in it, it also provides a unique collection of rare treats (including mini biographical comics, crossword puzzles and trivia quizzes). This is truly a one of a kind collectors item for anyone interested in the macabre world of true crime, prison art or the strange world of murderabelia.< Less
Age, Old Age, Language, Law By Howard Eglit
Paperback: $24.00
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This book addresses the uses and misuses of language to both create and to perpetuate ageism, i.e. negative biases regarding the elderly. The primary focus is on depictions, reports, etc., in the... More > print news media, with attention also addressed to age bias in movies, television, and literature. Legal analysis is presented in an effort to determine whether there are law-based means to combat the rampant age discrimination that these vehicles of communication both create and nurture. Non-legal initiatives for combating ageism also are addressed. The author of this synthesis of sociological, linguistic, and legal sources is a law school professor who is one of the best-known experts in law-and-aging issues in the U.S. He has written extensively on these issues, as well as appeared in numerous public speaking fora, and has litigated as well.< Less
Towards A Socialist America By Dakota Dexter
Paperback: $5.00
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A short essay on how we as a country might move towards creating a Socialist nation that would take care of all of its citizens.
Child Support Petition Answer Book By Ruth Tick
eBook (PDF): $15.99
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The essential guide for those who have been served with a Petition for Support. This Self-Help Guide is easy to read and understand, provides sample forms, cites statutes, and includes common... More > questions and answers about child support. 78 pages< Less
The Bar Exam Memorization Book By Dimitri N. Theophilos
eBook (PDF): $29.95
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This unique bar exam supplemental study guide contains a comprehensive and well-ordered concentration of mnemonics, acronyms and other memorization tools to help you retain the vast wealth of... More > information that is the Multistate Bar Exam. The memorization device often connects with the subject rather than the usual random variety, increasing the effectiveness of this tool in a way not seen elsewhere. Includes all MBE (not state-specific) subjects: Constitutional Law, Real Property, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence and Contracts, Torts. It is a extremely useful supplement to your basic study materials and outlines (try downloadable version to save!).< Less
Modifying Florida Child Support By Ruth Tick
eBook (PDF): $12.99
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This is another FALDP Self-help Guide to help pro se litigants prepare their forms and pursue their legal goals. This "Modify Florida Child Support - Second Edition" includes updated forms... More > (as of 10-1-2011) and new information.< Less
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Practical advice in simple terms and all the forms you need to beat a debt collection lawsuit. A real debt collection attorney provides debt guidance and step by step forms for defending and beating... More > a debt collection lawsuit. If you are in over your head, this is a must have debt guide written by an insider who reveals all the secrets of the debt collection industry.< Less