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Counseling Addicts & Offenders: A Guide to Criminal Justice Counseling By James V Potter, Ph.D.
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Stop the Judiciary Merry-go-round! If you have counseled addicts, domestic violence, or other criminal offenders, you're familiar with the judicial merry-go-round of arrest, conviction,... More > incarceration, release, arrest, etc. Knowing the consequences, why do they keep on doing the same things? They actually process information distinctly different. Their cognitive and affective processes; their foundational beliefs, values, attitudes & life-commandments; & alas, their goals & motivations are all different. Attempting to correct their prevailing, life-controlling problems through behavior-modification therapy is much like trying to cover a festering wound with a band aid. Through this text you will learn to understand their mental processes; discover new intervention techniques and modalities that have proven successful; and learn how to select the most appropriate treatment setting. An essential resource for pastors, chaplains & forensic counselors & others working with this population.< Less
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In this book, you will be brought to an understanding about nationality and how it affects your capacity and status at law. There is no other book on the market that uses the legal breakdowns to... More > bring to the reader an understanding this simple yet, intentionally misleading topic of nationality. Some simply have no clue as to what nationality entails and this book will definitively bring the reader the answer to the question as to why you must proclaim your nationality and why the only way you can do it as through the Moorish Science Temple of America and the benefits and protections received thereof. AND THE BOOK IS FREE!< Less
Evidence Based Demonstrative Evidence of Bodily Injuries from Trauma By Mark Studin DC, FASBE(C), DAAPM, DAAMLP, William Owens DC, DAAMLP
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Evidence based demonstrative evidence of bodily injuries from trauma. Establishing causality, bodily injury and functional loss, the research evidence you need to prevail.
The Principle of Non-Discrimination in International Law By CFJ Doebbler
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The principle of non-discrimination underlies society's goal of achieving relative equality among all human beings. This book by an internationally acclaimed practitioner provides the materials... More > necessary for understanding how international law protects individuals from the discrimination. It includes treaties, other instruments, cases, and a concise description of the law. ISBN 978-0-9743-5704-1.< Less
The Pincushion Effect By Jeffery Lucas
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American land surveying has a dilemma; it’s called the “pincushion corner.” This is a name used to describe the phenomena of multiple boundary monuments being set by land surveyors... More > when only one boundary corner exists under the law. The pincushion has not gone unnoticed by the legal profession and the general public. It is now common knowledge that no two surveyors can agree on the location of any given property corner. The pincushion is physical proof of that notion. Not only is the pincushion becoming a public relations disaster for the profession, it is causing those who might otherwise consider commissioning a survey to decide otherwise. And herein lies the dilemma; no one wants to hire the surveyor because of the way surveying is practiced, the pincushion being emblematic of that practice. This book explores the effect of the pincushion, how the phenomena started, why it exists, and remedies to end the practices that allow the pincushion corner to not only exist, but to flourish.< Less
Indicted - A Defendant's Guide through the Federal Criminal Justice System (4th Edition) - Digest Version By Patrick Boyce
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No one is prepared for incarceration and nothing will completely dispel all of the fear associated with a federal indictment and the possibility of spending time in prison. The best tools are a firm... More > understanding of what you are up against, professional guidance and accurate information at your disposal when you need it so you can make timely and informed decisions. Indicted was written with three distinct audiences in mind: defendants, their loved ones and the legal professionals charged with their counsel.< Less
Torts: Outlines and Case Summaries By J. Teller
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The definitive law school study aid, with: ✓Concise overviews of the black letter law ✓Summaries and holdings of all of the major cases that students are expected to study ✓A... More > thorough index for quick reference to key topics ✓ Concept-driven outlines covering the topics students are expected to master for class and the bar exam Look for all of these titles in the TellerBooks Outlines and Case Summaries Series (Law School Survival Guides™)*: Torts • Property • Civil Procedure • Contracts and Sales • Constitutional Criminal Procedure • Business Organizations • Constitutional Law • Criminal Law • Family Law • International Law • Evidence *Available in paperback, iPhone, Kindle, Nook and pdf formats. Visit us at< Less
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People make wish each moment and each time through out life time. Some come to past others were left undone. Have you ever wonder about love, have you ever wonder about justice, have you ever wonder... More > about how this world will appear in the next 10 to 100 years or more. Are you asking question about future America. Are you wondering about the kind of thought the next european fellow and those of Australia should hold in the next 100 years about this world and justice. Are you feeling the pulse coming from african or the heart beat of those in Asia. After reading through this book feel free to get back to me.< Less
The Ethics of Tax Lawyering, Second Edition By Michael Hatfield
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The digital version of this book is available for free at This print version is provided by CALI eLangdell Press at no markup. You are simply paying for the cost of... More >'s services. This is the second edition of this book. Its objective is to raise interesting tax ethics issues in practical contexts. There are 44 notes and questions to prompt and guide discussions, and primary source materials to inform the discussions (e.g., cases, IRC provisions, and Circular 230 excerpts). Special Note for Faculty: A teachers' manual is posted for faculty-only at (Login is required for access.)< Less
Basic Income Tax, Second Edition By William Kratzke
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This book is the Second Edition (2014) of a basic income tax text. It is intended to be a readable text, suitable for a three-hour course for a class comprised of law students with widely different... More > backgrounds. The text integrates several of the CALI drills that Professor James Edward Maule (Villanova University) prepared. The digital version of this book is available for free at This print version is provided by CALI eLangdell Press at no markup. You are simply paying for the cost of's services.< Less
Law School Materials for Success By Barbara Glesner Fines
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The digital version of this book is available for free at This print version is provided by CALI eLangdell Press at no markup. You are simply paying for the cost of... More >'s services. This book, and its five related podcasts at, provides law students with practical advice to meet the demands of law school.< Less
The Siege on Citizenship By James Bridle
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“The cloud renders geography irrelevant,” writes James Bridle, “until you realize that everything that matters, everything that means you don’t die, is based not only on which... More > passport you possess, but on a complex web of definitions of what constitutes that passport.” The case of Mohamed Sakr, a man deprived of his UK citizenship and later killed by a US drone, shows how such definitions are constantly under attack. James Bridle is a writer and artist based in London whose work examines the intersection of culture and technology. This pamphlet is published by the Walker Art Center as part of its online Artist Op-Eds series, a yearlong project inviting artists in all disciplines to respond through writing to events in the news. See more at< Less
The Guided Method of Mediation: A Return to the Original Ideals of ADR: Second Edition By Mary Kendall Hope
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An invaluable work for professionals and students of mediation, The Guided Method Second Edition offers a more specific theory and practice for the provision of mediation. This step-by-step process... More > for providing mediation is edited & updated with new forms. Specific strategies and recommendations for mediation provision are made throughout the book. While some concepts in this book are based on sound traditional listening skills, many of the techniques and instructional guidelines for mediation in this text cannot be found in other training manuals. This second edition continues to provide the best set of specific instructions to mediators to date on how to provide mediation service that truly serves individuals’ needs in times of crisis. Dr. Hope’s in depth insights to mediation practice are a must for any professional counselor or mediator’s reference.< Less
New Jersey Gun Law 2014 By Evan Nappen
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NEW JERSEY GUN LAW 2014 is a comprehensive presentation of over 120 major topics of New Jersey gun law, presented in an easy-to-read FAQ format. Additionally, the book contains a valuable set of... More > appendices providing the reader with instant access to New Jersey and Federal firearm statutes and code. The 2014 edition contains explanation of the new laws signed by Governor Christie, topic updates and new chapters on knives, gun buy-backs, privacy, and much, much more. The book is now over 500 pages, 8.5 x 11.< Less
The School Law Answer Manual: 2014-15 Florida Edition By Douglas G. Griffin, Esq.
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Many school system stakeholders know that education legal matters are often dominated by employees, students, and special education. Mr. Griffin has spent vast amounts of time addressing each of... More > these areas; working directly with administrators on a daily basis has afforded Mr. Griffin the opportunity to master all ranges of the spectrum. Most importantly, Mr. Griffin has dedicated his career to giving educators the highest quality legal and practical advice to help them navigate the complex modern framework of laws that govern what they do on a day-to-day basis. Whether the legal issue involves a student, parent, teacher, staff, administrator, or a combination of all of them, Mr. Griffin has almost certainly addressed it. In fact, that is why he wrote this book. He knows, first hand, that it is desperately needed.< Less
U.S. Food Law By Lisa Heinzerling
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Legal cases and materials on U.S. food law and policy, designed for a course on food law.
For My Family, With Love By Lynne Butler, BA LLB TEP
Paperback: $17.48
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This workbook provides a place for you to record information about financial, legal, and personal matters. More than that, though, it provides a place for you to write personal messages to your loved... More > ones to be read after you have passed away. This book, once completed by you, will save your family hours of searching, stress, paperwork, and frustration, at a time when what they really need to do is just be a family. Completing this workbook is a loving, thoughtful gift to your family.< Less
Wolves of Haven: Bitten By Danae Ayusso
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After nearly losing their lives taking out the Stray that had left a trail of bodies from Vancouver to Haven, Captain Damian Nikas and Lieutenant Akia de Wolfe needed a well overdue break. But... More > getting back to normal is proving to be much more difficult than they had hoped, as Eve continues to make unannounced appearances and a familiar face comes to Verulfr Manor with a case in hand that threatens to reveal more than Akia and Eve's existence to the world…. It threatens every female heir in existence. The Book of Moriarty has resurfaced, and from within its pages a failed experiment called Bitten is once again being attempted in order to purify the werewolf race. Recessive carrier female heirs from the oldest and most respected packs in the world are disappearing at an alarming rate, and now the bodies are piling up with no leads, forcing Supervisory Special Agent Chann Arnou of the FBI to turn to Akia and Damian for help, but unknowingly resurrects something far worse than Bitten from the past.< Less
Wolves of Haven: Forsaken By Danae Ayusso
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"Throw me to the wolves & I will return leading the pack." - Unknown There is no break or breather for the Wolves of Haven, and with every stone they turn over, more darkness from the... More > past crawls out. The stolen entries from the Book of Moriarty are seeing the light for the first time in centuries, and they threaten more than just the Wolves of Haven: they could destroy all wolf-kind through a single bite that will forsaken them all.< Less
Wolves of Haven: Lone By Danae Ayusso
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Akia de Wolfe was quickly becoming known as one of Boston's finest. After closing the Silent Ripper case, a promotion soon followed. For the first time since running away from home a decade ago, her... More > life was perfect, until a ghost from her past, a mistake that she had fought to forget, calls. Coming home to Haven wasn't something she ever wanted to do again, but her father needed her. A serial killer was loose on the small island her family called home, and trying to pin the gruesome murders on him. Facing her demons won't be easy, but in order to clear her father's name and catch a killer she must.< Less
Georgia Public Finance Law Handbook By James P. Monacell
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Georgia Public Finance Law Handbook provides the essential legal resource on matters of bonds and public finance in the State of Georgia. Written by James P. Monacell, who has practiced in the field... More > for over 35 years, the Handbook provides guidance and references on all principal areas of law bearing on debt issuance and financing by counties, municipalities, authorities, and districts in Georgia, drawing on its historical development, case law, Constitution and statutes. Tax-exempt and other tax-advantaged financing also is addressed.< Less
Negotiate: Resolve It Right: College Edition By Mary Kendall Hope
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Clients come to a professional to help them solve problems and they expect good service every time. Whether disputes happen at work, in their personal lives, or within our communities, trainers need... More > protocols that address the emotional side of human conflicts. Faced with a conflict an individual has three choices. Avoid it. Handle it poorly. Or Resolve it right. This book teaches professionals a method for looking at a conflict differently. It teaches you how to work with your clients to resolve disputes well. Your client is half of the solution. Believe in their ability to resolve the emotional aspects of their problem. They can do it. You can help.< Less
Negotiate: Resolve It Right: COLOR Edition By Mary Kendall Hope
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NEGOTIATE: Resolve it Right COLOR Edition provides the same clear directives as the original book with full color graphics and photos. We all have conflicts in our lives. Whether they are at work,... More > in our personal lives, or within our communities, disputes happen. When we are faced with a conflict we have three choices. We can avoid it. We can handle it poorly or we can resolve it right. This book teaches readers a method for looking at a conflict differently. It teaches you how to do the work to resolve it well. The only person you can control is you. You are half of the solution. Believe in yourself. You can resolve it right. Remember, the other side is watching. They probably have just as many reasons as you do to resolve it well.< Less
Treatise of Socio-Islamic Criminology By Mahmoud J.M. Abuwasel
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Treatise of Socio-Islamic Criminology is an overview of criminal behaviour being a result of economic deprivation, through modern criminological thought. Within acknowledgement of the relevant... More > Euro-American studies and schools of thought that have contributed to understanding the effects of socio-economics towards criminal activity, this treatise highlights the parallel perspectives of scholars regarding the dogmatic nature of Islamic economics. The methodology of Islamic economics is depicted to present a clearer view on the differences with that of methodology of economics. Within the scope of economic methodology, the treatise approaches problems relating to the assumption of rationality, to statistical identification of equations, and to measurement errors. Within Islamic economics, the treatise contrasts these attributes with the reasoning, assumptions, problem-solving methods and systematization effects that have evolved with Islamic economics.< Less
I-9 Self Audits: The Best Way to Prevent I-9 Disasters By Mira Mdivani
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This book is a practical guide for lawyers, HR professionals, and auditors, on how to conduct I-9 Self Audits, complete with sample forms and step-by-step instructions.