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Why You Must Proclaim Your Nationality By Sheik Way-El
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In this book, you will be brought to an understanding about nationality and how it affects your capacity and status at law. There is no other book on the market that uses the legal breakdowns to... More > bring to the reader an understanding this simple yet, intentionally misleading topic of nationality. Some simply have no clue as to what nationality entails and this book will definitively bring the reader the answer to the question as to why you must proclaim your nationality and why the only way you can do it as through the Moorish Science Temple of America and the benefits and protections received thereof. The Moorish movement is not about fighting judges in courtrooms or driving without drivers licenses, its about obeying the law and becoming better citizens in the government in which we live.< Less
Ohio Surety Bail Bond Agent License Education Manual By Phil Pavarini
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Ohio Surety Bail Bond Agent License Education Manual, designed to be used in conjunction with a prelicensing or continuing education course that is required by the Ohio Department of Insurance.
Private Placements and Limited Offerings of Securities - A Guide for the Arkansas Practitioner By Frances S. Fendler
Hardcover: $125.00
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Private Placements and Limited Offerings is written primarily for Arkansas lawyers who are not specialists in securities law. It is written especially for lawyers whose practice includes representing... More > small business clients in structuring ownership rights and arranging financing for small corporations, LLCs, and other types of business organizations or enterprises. Lawyers who overlook the potential application of the securities laws do so at their peril. If securities are involved, the lawyer who assists in structuring the enterprise may inadvertently subject his or her client to liability (and may subject the lawyer to malpractice claims that malpractice insurance may not cover). If disputes arise over control or financial rights in the small business enterprise, the lawyer who is unfamiliar with securities law may not recognize potential claims or defenses. This book is meant to help lawyers in either case to identify situations in which securities law is implicated. Check for supplements.< Less
US Army AWOL Defense: A Practice Guide and Formbook By James M. Branum
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This book is a legal practice guide (a practical "how-to" book for attorneys and other legal professionals) on how to help AWOL (absent without leave) soldiers get their legal situations... More > resolved in the best way possible. The book includes not only instructional information and commentary, but also sample letters, forms and other documents that could be useful in the art of AWOL defense.< Less
Finding Common Ground: Mental Illness Recognition and Crisis Response for Law Enforcement By Richard Crino
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The need to assess the mental status and intentions of individuals has become a routine requirement of law enforcement officers. In the case of person’s diagnosed with mental illness, it is... More > critical that officers are able to recognize when they encounter someone with these issues, and that the officers have the skills necessary to balance their personal and public safety concerns with the safety and care of the person with mental illness. In his work designing treatment programs for individuals with mental illness, Richard Crino, in partnership with police representatives and state officials from various departments, co-designed Rhode Island’s first crisis certification program for law enforcement officers. Crino’s landmark book includes segments of this program, providing officers with education in how to recognize various psychiatric disorders; how and when to use verbal techniques in crisis situations; violence prevention tips and strategies and much, much more.< Less
Concealed Carry Basics- Illinois Concealed Carry Training Companion By Mike Keleher
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Concealed Carry Basics-Illinois Concealed Carry Training Companion. A book which covers all aspects of successful concealed carry, and the applicable laws in conjunction with state mandated training... More > required to obtain Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses. 200+ pages written by author with over 25 years of experience as a federal firearms instructor.< Less
The Guided Method of Mediation: A Return to the Original Ideals of ADR: Second Edition By Mary Kendall Hope
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An invaluable work for professionals and students of mediation, The Guided Method Second Edition offers a more specific theory and practice for the provision of mediation. This step-by-step process... More > for providing mediation is edited & updated with new forms. Specific strategies and recommendations for mediation provision are made throughout the book. While some concepts in this book are based on sound traditional listening skills, many of the techniques and instructional guidelines for mediation in this text cannot be found in other training manuals. This second edition continues to provide the best set of specific instructions to mediators to date on how to provide mediation service that truly serves individuals’ needs in times of crisis. Dr. Hope’s in depth insights to mediation practice are a must for any professional counselor or mediator’s reference.< Less
New Jersey Gun Law 2014 By Evan Nappen
Paperback: $59.95
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NEW JERSEY GUN LAW 2014 is a comprehensive presentation of over 120 major topics of New Jersey gun law, presented in an easy-to-read FAQ format. Additionally, the book contains a valuable set of... More > appendices providing the reader with instant access to New Jersey and Federal firearm statutes and code. The 2014 edition contains explanation of the new laws signed by Governor Christie, topic updates and new chapters on knives, gun buy-backs, privacy, and much, much more. The book is now over 500 pages, 8.5 x 11.< Less
Internet Law: Cases & Problems By James Grimmelmann
Paperback: $58.50
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• CLEAR & CONCISE: Tight case editing, focused questions, and topical problems direct students' attention to the most critical issues. The book covers the full sweep of the subject, but is... More > still short enough that the core topics can be taught in a 3-credit survey course. • UP-TO-DATE COVERAGE: The Fourth Edition includes new coverage of NSA surveillance, cell phone searches, software patents, Bitcoin, revenge porn, and network neutrality. • INTERNET LAW AS A CAPSTONE COURSE: The book embraces the doctrinal diversity of Internet Law. It prepares students for the complexity of real-life legal practice by showing how actual Internet cases raise interrelated problems from all throughout the law. • TECHNICAL AND HISTORICAL NOTES: Mini-essays throughout the book provide the essential technical background needed to make sense of computer and Internet technologies. Where modern doctrine has important historical roots (e.g., network neutrality and telecommunications regulation), the book gives the necessary context.< Less
International Law Journal of London: Volume 1, Edition 1 By International Law Journal of London
Paperback: $48.00
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The International Law Journal Of London was started by University of London law students and alumni aimed at providing both academia with new research, ideas, and sources in the fast developing world... More > of international law. It is currently run by professionals who have extensive experience in law, publishing, and scholarship. We help you stay updated and in the front of the legal field. The journal publishes articles, essays, notes, book reviews, and commentaries on various areas of international, transnational, and comparative law which help shape the world today. We are committed to publishing thought quality, thought provoking, and cutting edge content which will contribute to development of jurisprudence. We aim to publish the highest quality of scholarship written by faculty, professionals, and students alike in a bi-annual publication. Website:< Less
Criminal Adjudication, 3rd Edition By Colin Miller
Hardcover: $140.00
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This is a Criminal Adjudication Casebook covering pre-trial release through sentencing.
A Farewell to Nations – Future Public Peace Policies for a Global Community of Equity and Equality By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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This book advocates a global community of equity and equality; where politicians do not act in the interest of individual nations, but instead jointly work towards a global union of solidarity. This... More > book also explores to what extent the Universal Declaration of Human Rights covers the full ethical spectrum of our global community, and how human rights – especially children’s rights – can be enforced more effectively in our global community. Finding the elusive synergy between capitalism and socialism is another topic this volume explores, as over 20% of the global population live in extreme poverty and have no basic income; hence the massive forced migration by people in developing countries, leading to the “brain drain” and many other global social-political calamities. Mark O’Doherty comes to the conclusion, that to overcome these global challenges, a ‘Declaration for Global Solidarity’ is required; as an ethical, legal and social-economic guideline for our global community.< Less
The School Law Answer Manual: 2014-15 Florida Edition By Douglas G. Griffin, Esq.
Paperback: $189.00
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Many school system stakeholders know that education legal matters are often dominated by employees, students, and special education. Mr. Griffin has spent vast amounts of time addressing each of... More > these areas; working directly with administrators on a daily basis has afforded Mr. Griffin the opportunity to master all ranges of the spectrum. Most importantly, Mr. Griffin has dedicated his career to giving educators the highest quality legal and practical advice to help them navigate the complex modern framework of laws that govern what they do on a day-to-day basis. Whether the legal issue involves a student, parent, teacher, staff, administrator, or a combination of all of them, Mr. Griffin has almost certainly addressed it. In fact, that is why he wrote this book. He knows, first hand, that it is desperately needed.< Less
U.S. Food Law By Lisa Heinzerling
Paperback: $17.00
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Legal cases and materials on U.S. food law and policy, designed for a course on food law.
Criminal Law, 2nd Edition By Colin Miller
Hardcover: $140.00
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This is a Criminal Law Casebook focused on South Carolina Law.
Some Thoughts on Praxeology, Thymology, and the A Priori By Adam Knott
Paperback: $2.94
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A short essay on the nature of praxeology, thymology, and the a priori
Georgia Public Finance Law Handbook By James P. Monacell
Hardcover: $50.00
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Georgia Public Finance Law Handbook provides the essential legal resource on matters of bonds and public finance in the State of Georgia. Written by James P. Monacell, who has practiced in the field... More > for over 35 years, the Handbook provides guidance and references on all principal areas of law bearing on debt issuance and financing by counties, municipalities, authorities, and districts in Georgia, drawing on its historical development, case law, Constitution and statutes. Tax-exempt and other tax-advantaged financing also is addressed.< Less
A POINT OF VIEW By John Tasker
Paperback: List Price: $32.00 $25.60 | You Save: 20%
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This book is aimed at property owners who have had a view problem, or are about to, at a beach, or around the slopes above a lake somewhere, or on a hillside property in one of our cities where views... More > are important. If regaining, or retaining a view is important to you then reading this book is a must.< Less
Negotiate: Resolve It Right: College Edition By Mary Kendall Hope
Paperback: List Price: $39.99 $33.99 | You Save: 15%
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Clients come to a professional to help them solve problems and they expect good service every time. Whether disputes happen at work, in their personal lives, or within our communities, trainers need... More > protocols that address the emotional side of human conflicts. Faced with a conflict an individual has three choices. Avoid it. Handle it poorly. Or Resolve it right. This book teaches professionals a method for looking at a conflict differently. It teaches you how to work with your clients to resolve disputes well. Your client is half of the solution. Believe in their ability to resolve the emotional aspects of their problem. They can do it. You can help.< Less
Negotiate: Resolve It Right: COLOR Edition By Mary Kendall Hope
Paperback: List Price: $39.99 $35.99 | You Save: 10%
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NEGOTIATE: Resolve it Right COLOR Edition provides the same clear directives as the original book with full color graphics and photos. We all have conflicts in our lives. Whether they are at work,... More > in our personal lives, or within our communities, disputes happen. When we are faced with a conflict we have three choices. We can avoid it. We can handle it poorly or we can resolve it right. This book teaches readers a method for looking at a conflict differently. It teaches you how to do the work to resolve it well. The only person you can control is you. You are half of the solution. Believe in yourself. You can resolve it right. Remember, the other side is watching. They probably have just as many reasons as you do to resolve it well.< Less
The Dinosaur Evolves: Preventing the Extinction of Medical Negligence Claims By David Shroyer
Paperback: $2.28
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Trial lawyers are losing medical negligence cases that should not be lost. This book takes a critical look at every aspect of the medical negligence jury trial.
Paperback: $24.95
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In 1776, the Founders of the United States challenged the Old World philosophy that government is the grantor of individual rights, with the conviction that individuals had pre-existing inalienable... More > rights that overrode legitimate government. These rights were enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Sadly, this movement towards individual freedom has been reversed. Current federal, state, and local governments operate under the Old World view; government is perceived as the grantor of human rights. With this approach, whatever right previously granted may be taken away by those in control of government. To reclaim our rights, we must first understand what our inalienable rights encompass; and, how our politicians, aided by certain members of the press, academia, and the judiciary, are eroding and eliminating them. As government continues its expansion, individual freedom is being eradicated. This is a perverse fraud perpetrated against Americans.< Less
Successful Police Risk Management: A Guide for Police Executives, Risk Managers, Local Officials, and Defense Attorneys By G. Patrick Gallagher
Paperback: $20.00
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Pulling together police administration and risk management principles, and new processes, Gallagher has developed the Six Layers approach which if implemented will guarantee liability... More > reductions. "Since 1988 Pat Gallagher's expertise had guided our 23 member law enforcement agencies toward a positive culture of policing based upon principles that follow the Constitution and best practices described in his Six Layered Liability Protection System. We successfully avoided many lawsuits because of his training and policy development." Wayne Carlson, Executive Director, Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool< Less
Journal of the International Institute for Law and Medicine By Dennis Campbell, Editor
Paperback: $50.00
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The Journal is published annually by the International Institute for Law and Medicine, providing commentary on current issues in the interplay among law, medicine, and health care by lawyers,... More > physicians, and health care professionals from countries throughout the world.< Less
The Bear Guarding the Beehive By Stephanie C. Fox
Paperback: $84.00
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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful country called Oblivion. It had everything growing in it to make its people happy and healthy: raspberries, almonds, peaches, apricots, blueberries,... More > cranberries, lavender, thyme, irises, roses, tulips, daffodils…the list seemed endless. But it did end, because some of the Thieves of Oblivion wanted to sell all of these wonderful things, and to force Nature to produce more and more and more of them. These Thieves, running a corporation called BearGenics, had a conflict of interest with Nature. They tampered with the genetics of crop plants. They never gave a thought to the fact that without honey bees, none of these plants would grow. The Thieves poisoned the plants, and in so doing, poisoned the honey bees. That’s what happens when you leave the bear guarding the beehive.< Less