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The Ponzi Scheme By Howard Prossnitz
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The Ponzi Schene is a legal thriller about Jake, a recently divorced Chicago attorney, gets caught up in a hunt for international Ponzi scheme criminals. The adventure starts in Germany, goes... More > through Paris, and climaxes in Chicago where all of Jake's legal skills will be tested. During the chase,he meets Suzanne, a compelling German doctor, but can she be trusted?< Less
Hauntingly Painful, Wonderfully Beautiful By Maynard Michael Clark
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Among a pile of books at a yard sale, seventeen year old Azlyn finds someone’s personal journal. At the suggestion of her best friend Sutherland, she goes on a journey to return the journal to... More > its owner. The more Azlyn dives into the journal, the more desperate she becomes to find its owner, as the pages contain thoughts seemingly plucked from her own mind. As she attempts to find the mystery writer, Azlyn begins to discover things about herself that she isn’t fully prepared to deal with. Will she have the strength to try to find the writer or will the darkness of her inner world consume her?< Less
The Breach House Anthology Volume III By Edward Lemond
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A third volume of poetry and prose from the Breach House Gang of writers, based in southeast New Brunswick, Canada.
The Strength of Stones By Thomas E. Preisser
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The action begins in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where thirty-something engineer Terry Wallingford has just lost his job, but doesn’t want to give up the good life of an American expat worker in... More > Saudi Arabia. When a distinguished Saudi fellow invites him to a meeting in a smart downtown Riyadh hotel and offers him an unusual, but extremely lucrative, opportunity, he finds he can’t refuse it. That’s where Terry’s adventure begins, but it ends in the mountainous no man's land between Pakistan and Afghanistan.< Less
The ties that bind us By Carla Nardacchione
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A collection of short stories about the hardships that someone can experience in life.
Charity - What's in a name? By Bradly Williams
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Charity is a story of how one man’s life is changed by an encounter with a baby girl. A choice to love gives life and seems simple at first. However, complications send this story down a... More > suspense filled road on the run, racing against time requiring everyone to hold onto faith and hope until the end.< Less
Legends of Areia: Generations By Brent Keath
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Everyone has a story. When we meet someone we see a very small glimpse of them, we have no clue what their past or future is. However, if you could somehow step into their mind you could begin to... More > understand their actions, feelings, thoughts, and spirit. Legends of Areia: Generations allows you to step into the mind of Prince Drake Vengar as he suffers the loss of his father and works to figure out what he needs to do with his life. Thinking he can trust no one, Drake tries to use his power over fire to make a change in the world. The first change: to find and kill the person who killed his father.< Less
A Time to Heal By Janet R. Stafford
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“It seems to me,” Maggie writes in her journal, “that this time after the storm of battle has been a waiting time, a time of recovery. We did not know where we would be led next. We... More > did not know when or if change would happen.” A TIME TO HEAL, set in the months immediately after the Battle of Gettysburg, continues the story of Maggie and Eli Smith and their diverse family. Maggie’s daughters and friends struggle to care for a houseful of wounded soldiers. Maggie and Emily have suffered terrible trauma and move with their husbands to a safer location. Everyone is hoping and praying to heal and a return to normal life. Then an act of compassion suddenly puts them in jeopardy.< Less
JUSTICE By Dr. Larry R. Moses
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The story of Thomas Kincade during the Civil War and Post Civil War period in America.
Wildcat Kitty and The Cyclone Kid Ride Again By Franklin D. Lincoln
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The Legends Continue to Ride! Once again Wildcat Kitty, The Cyclone Kid and the rest of The Wildcat Gang continue to ride for justice. this time, their quest takes them from Arizona to Colorado to... More > New Mexico and St. Louis, dealing out their own special brand of justice against train robbers, river pirates, bank robbers, crooked lawmen bounty hunters, Mexican border bandits and political assassins. Once again, Kitty loses her heart to a new man while her first love, Marshal Matt Starr weds a governor's daughter and Dandy Jim Butler's secret past is revealed.< Less
Southern Manor By C.W. Tiffin
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Henry Hamilton ran his farm in southern Ontario like his father had run the planation in the southern US and treated his workers like slaves. Nothing stood in Henry's way for making money. Jim Ryan... More > was the son of Bob O'Ryan an Irish immigrant who had worked for Henry until he could purchase his own farm down the road. Bob's father had put up the money but when an accident took his life the banker came looking for payment and when Bob couldn't pay the land went back to the bank for sale. Jim had watched all of the sorrow his parents encountered and how greed had interfered with the family dream. Jim had a plan to get the land back and with the help of the great depression and Henry's high maintenance wife Ginger, Jim was going to bring Henry to his knees.< Less
Count Every Star By Nancy Elvira
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Just days before Alex Wagner leaves town to begin a highly anticipated new chapter in his life, he stumbles upon a lost holiday tradition hidden in the history of an aging lakefront bungalow in urban... More > Cleveland, Ohio. With guidance from assorted locals, including a mysterious neighbor, he brings the old house back to life and finds he has unknowingly mended lingering emotional wounds from the past, magically reigniting the spirit of the season for the entire city. A journey into the human spirit and the power it holds, Count Every Star is an uplifting tale of love, loss, aspiration, vision, hope, brotherhood and ultimately, faith.< Less
One Bullet Beyond Justice By Dennis R. Miller
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Nora Hawks must overcome her own inner demons as she battles to survive in a world where men want to kill her as a "prize." One Bullet Beyond Justice is the sequel to the highly acclaimed... More > One Woman's Vengeance. Nora Hawks is one of the strongest, most realistic female heroes to come along in years. "She came back from the dead to kill. Now she kills to stay alive." It is a novel of fully realized characters, gritty dialogue, twists, turns, and a final epic battle. Within it is a unique love story between a strong, intelligent woman and her retired bounty hunter partner.< Less
Acadian Passage By Jeanne Register
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“Acadian Passage, a tale of flight and rendezvous, love and loss, is rich with detail. The story of Acadia and the beauty of the place are vividly drawn as the tale unfolds. Readers will savor... More > this seldom revisited corner of history, now brought to light.” —Elizabeth Pomeroy, historian and author of John Muir, A Naturalist in Southern California “An enjoyable blend of history, romance and anthropology. Register brings the idyllic- then brutal- story of the Acadians to life.” —Steven A. LeBlanc, author of Constant Battles: The Myth of the Peaceful, Noble Savage Jeanne Gleason Register is descended from French Acadians through her mother Marie Daigle. She began writing ACADIAN PASSAGE after she retired from teaching history and eleven years as Head of Mayfield Senior School. She graduated from Wellesley College and lives in Altadena, California.< Less
Treasure in Paradise By Thomas Cleare
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Treasure in Paradise is a suspenseful adventure through Key West and the Florida Keys by a group of young middle school friends. Join the Torch Club on the adventure of a lifetime as they unravel a... More > series of clues to solve a 250 year old mystery. Louden, Cort, Kate, Johnny, and Henry will have to outsmart and outrun modern day pirates to solve a mystery that dates back to the American Revolution and find the treasure before it is too late. A picturesque setting serves as the backdrop where secret hideouts and hidden messages lead to exciting chases on foot and over water as the Torch Club tries to stay one step ahead in the race to find the treasure.< Less
Grace at Spirit Lake By Colin Mustful
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Along the wintry landscape of a pristine and hopeful frontier, tragedy struck and strife followed. Joseph Campbell is a thirty-one year old, mixed-breed interpreter who finds himself helplessly... More > intertwined in the real life actions, events, and people of a harrowing, but largely unknown struggle in the history of Minnesota. Joseph grew up along the expanding western frontier and he developed an intimacy for the people and places along with a deep seated knowledge of the varying cultures and languages. Following a massacre incited by Inkpaduta and the Wahpekute Indians in March of 1857, Joseph becomes torn between his duties as a U.S. Interpreter and his deep understanding, compassion, and kinship ties for his Dakota brethren. Joseph struggles desperately to uphold the rights of the Indians while at the same time seeking to capture and punish the guilty party. All the while, Joseph discovers a brooding conflict within himself that he longs to understand and finally overcome.< Less
The Women of Lockerbie & The Comfort Team By Deborah Brevoort
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THE WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE and THE COMFORT TEAM: Two Plays by Deborah Brevoort with introductions by Roberta Levitow and Chris Hanna. Two powerful, compelling plays that focus on how communities cope... More > with tragedies and find a way toward healing.< Less
Notes For a Future Novel (20th Anniversary Edition) By Chris Hall
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Freshman year of college should be the time of one’s life, but for Michael Sullivan, a student at UC Santa Cruz, it's the loneliest. What’s more, he is in love with his literature TA,... More > Helen Zachary, an older woman who barely knows he exists. Help comes in the form of a fellow literature student, upper-classman Timothy Dylan Page, who is nursing his own wounded heart. Tim offers to guide Michael through Santa Cruz–and eventually, to his beloved Helen, who just happens to be Tim’s best friend. Tim shows Michael that college is about much more than just classes, sections and papers, and they soon find their lives paralleling literature in unexpected ways. In the course of their journey, they discover a surprising closeness between them. This new 20th Anniversary Edition contains the original text of the novel, a new afterword by the author, and eighty pages of never before published out-takes with author commentary.< Less
Plucked Again! By William D. Rouse
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A highly original tale of a man given a second chance at life with the guidance of a talking chicken. A bump on the head sends Jackson Fitzroy, known as Flanker, into a temporary amnesia. But all... More > is not lost: As the owner of a chicken broiler house, he now has the companionship and assistance of MAC, a talking chicken, the most ancient spokeschicken. MAC, who has the uncanny ability to not only advise Flanker but also read his mind, carefully helps him piece together the details of his life. As his attachment to MAC and the others grows, Flanker learns more about the tragedies he had been running from before he hit his head, and he begins to understand how he can save himself, his marriage and his future. Told in a sardonic style, the well-paced story has flashes of comedy with surprising turns of insight.< Less
A Timeless Christmas Eve By J.H. Alexander
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A Christmas Classic - One family's traditions. Where they came from -Why they live on. One Christmas Eve, when he was a teen, Jack argued... More > with his mother, broke a treasured heirloom, and took an incredible journey through his family's history. On that journey he met a kindly curmudgeon, who served as a guide through his family's amazing past Christmas Eves. Jack met those people who formed the bonds of hope and love that continue to hold the family together. Jack has always been desperate to share this experience with the rest of his family. But, unfortunately for Jack, all the times he told the story over the years, his family just laughed at his vivid imagination. This year, one last time, Jack decided to tell his story to his children, nieces and nephews. Possibly this time, just one would believe ...< Less
Daddy Doesn't Want To Dance Anymore By Christopher Bennett
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This is a book composed to shed some light on the two worlds that are currently at war within the African American Conmmunity. A war that is wage between the highly educated and the less sophisicated... More > African American. Who's right or who's wrong is not the question, for both sides raises valid points in the defense to justify its existance. Instead the question is how can the two come together to ensure a possibility of survival as one. This is a compelling fictional story that takes its reader on a historical journey through the judical, educational, and political disparities that has played a profound impact in the destruction of the African American family. This story touches upon the importances of family structure no matter whether it's inside or outside of the home by emphazing the dire need of having both parents being actively involved during the crucial early stages of their childrens' development.< Less
The Melody of Motion: Following Phish and Widespread Panic By Carl Cole
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Since the time of The Grateful Dead there has always been a certain percentage of the population who have found deep meaning in improvisational rock music. With the death of Jerry Garcia the torch... More > was passed to a new generation of musicians and fans who continue this legacy through Phish and Widespread Panic. The Melody of Motion is able to do what no other book has been able to do: explain in depth why people forsake their jobs, families, and responsibilities to cross a continent following these bands. The story follows Melody, a young woman intent on living her life to the fullest, as she discovers Phish and Widespread Panic. The music and the people she meets effect the rest of her life. This is not the story of the bands, but of the people living their lives in the parking lots. The story is filled with colorful characters one is likely to meet on tour and the insane episodes everyone who has been to one of these concerts can relate to.< Less
PROMISES By Dr. Larry Moses
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PROMISES, is a story of Thomas Kincade and his quest to keep the promises he made to his wife and friends. As Thomas crosses the plains back to Iowa he is joined by Marcus Colburn who has promises of... More > his own to keep. Promises is a tale of a man going east as the rest of the nation is moving west. It is a story of developing friendships and family relationships.< Less
Kindertransport By Diane Samuels
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For the stage. Between 1938 and 1939, a movement that became known as Kindertransport evacuated nearly 10,000 Jewish children from Germany to Britain. Most of the children were between ages 4 and... More > 17; some were babies carried by children; none were accompanied by parents. In its particulars, the play Kindertransport is about a fictional child who was evacuated from Germany. It is about separation, about the choices we make in our attempts to keep our children safe, and about the reverberations of traumatic events through generations of a family. THEATRE - DRAMA 6 Characters: 5 Females – 1 Male 1 set: Interior of a House< Less
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Cecilia Richards is single, saved and sassy as her nickname implies. She is also an unapologetic know-it-all. Sassy has no problem pointing out the imperfections in others’ lives, including... More > her best friend, Amber, who is involved in an illicit relationship with a married man, and her neighbor, Jayna, who has a deep, dark secret from her past. Sassy’s pristine world begins to crumble when her man, Darnell, finds fame and fortune more alluring, she falls out with both of her girlfriends, and her career as a top marketing executive is compromised. Can “Miss Perfect” get it together before she loses it all?< Less