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Sorority Pledge By Kannel
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Sneaking into the Sorority is not a good idea. Our Hero…um…I mean…Heroine learns that the hard way when he tries to sneak into the Sorority as part of a Fraternity prank. ... More > Oh...but it goes all soooo wrong once the girls get their hands on him…I mean her… If he wants to see what it’s like to be in a Sorority, well then he is going to become part of the Sorority. In fact he is going too be transformed into another very pretty, very sexy, Sorority Pledge! Sigh…might as well give in and enjoy the new life…! 18 GLORIOUSLY RICH PAGES! FULL SPECTRUM COLOR! Adult themes and subject matter.< Less
Blurt, Master Constable By Thomas Middleton, Thomas Dekker
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Speaking Lessons By Tony Y
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Tom Yang is an American man trapped in an Asian body. As he fights his way through all the troubles of life in the 1990's-- school, work, love, fast cars, and sex-- he also battles his way through... More > racism, neo-Nazis, and most frightening of all: Chinese grandmothers. "Eat your heart out, Amy Tan: this is where Gen X meets the Joy Luck Club."< Less
Watermarks and Tree Rings By Ana-Maurine Lara
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Watermarks and Tree Rings tells the story of two women, Xotchil and Solimar, as they struggle to understand the implications of loving each other across time,space and through their deepest fears.
Revelator Book 1 The Neuromancer By William Control
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Through the madness I shuffle. A wretched shell of the man I was when her Love possessed me. Lucifer has given me one chance at redemption. I am compelled to drag myself to the dusty finish line.... More > Compelled by the love I have somewhere in my drowning heart and by the curiosity of a new adventure that will one day, surely kill me. This is the story of William Control< Less
Bridget's Home By Katie M. Hill
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"All I ever wanted was a home. A wee home..." Following their eviction from an English-owned tenant farm, Moira and Barnard Culligan’s search for a home takes them far from their... More > beloved Ireland to rooming houses by the Erie Canal and servants' quarters, railroad camps, and crowded tenements in Worcester, Massachusetts. Throughout their journey they raise children, face down the "Irish Curse," and contend with the prejudice of nativist Yankees who fear the destruction of democracy at the hands of "Papist" Irish newcomers. Overcoming bigotry, backbreaking work, illness, and loss, the Culligans' resolute experience of survival in 19th century New England is a story that still resonates in today’s America, as 21st century immigrants— like their Irish predecessors— similarly struggle for acceptance in their newfound homeland.< Less
Bitter Lemons, Sweet Lemonade By Jamie Mayes
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This collection of short stories details the lives of woman who survive despite tragedy, heart break, and struggle. They take the bitter situations of life and learn to find sweetness. In some cases... More > they are sweet women who are given the bitter lemons of life. These fictional stories change, impact, and give realistic views the lives of women.< Less
Slum Roots: Julianna and Other Short Stories By Dan Carroll
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Julianna, the lead story in this collection of short stories, is the seed of Dan Carroll’s Slum novels—the award winning Slum, and the sequel, Slum Song. The short story, Julianna, was... More > originally thrown onto the “scrap heap” as Dan explains in the Preface, but because of the potential of its characters— Julianna, Alba, Robert, and Donna—the story had been reevaluated and the characters reappear in the novels. Presented in this book are ‘stories of passion.’ In addition to Julianna, a story of impassioned love between Robert and Julianna, Caresse exemplifies the passion of lust, Holding Hands the passion of infatuation, Purge the passion of fury, and Christmas Tears the passion of a young girl struggling to become her own person. Many of Dan’s short stories are the result of his global adventures which have ranged from the Middle East to the Czech Republic to countries of the Caribbean and Central America. Stories in this collection reflect some of those journeys.< Less
Given Up For Lost And Other Stories By Rick Granger
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A collection of stories about military and missionary life in 19th Century East Asia.
Death & the Golf Pro by Jack Clayton, P.G.A. By Dex Westrum
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A noir thriller set around a Midwestern country club: someone's knocking off locals with a 5-iron, and local golf hustler Jack Clayton is right in the thick of it.
The Journey By George R. Le Beau
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In 1964, when Rick Fountaine is fifteen, his mother dies of a heart attack. This event sets him on a dark path of retribution upon the bullies of the world, starting with the Levines, the family who... More > humiliated his mother when she worked for them years ago. Through careful planning, he exacts his revenge—and the Levines pay with their lives.That business done, Rick moves to Chicago to start a new life, complete with a fake ID, but he soon learns there is no shortage of bullies in the world. His resolution to never back down from a fight lands him in one confrontation after another, and his ruthlessness and aggression ensures that he always comes out on top. Each encounter has its own challenges and consequences, forcing him further west to California. When he replaces his lost ID, he soon finds himself drafted at the age of sixteen. Military training reveals extraordinary skills and intelligence that he never knew he possessed.< Less
Yemaya's Daughters By Dane Figueroa Edidi
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Inanna Au-set Oya, a trans-woman, priestess, and storyteller with deep connections to the goddess, emerges from a province in Africa untouched by colonialist hands to find a world twisted with... More > misconception and pain. She and her sisters choose to go forth and correct the imbalances found by ushering in an age of love and worth. Maryam, mother of Jesus, holds fast to her convictions, when from tragedy is born a new god. Without sisters, or guidance for her choices she finds a world under roman foot and is determined to create a spiritual revolt that will create ripples for ages to come. Yemaya's Daughter’s tells the tale of two different women with one goal in mind: how best to change the world without losing themselves in the process< Less
Double Crossings By Lee White
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Frederich Walter rests, exhausted after being among Washington’s troops at the crossing of the Delaware River in December 1776. As he falls asleep, he remembers another time of fear and... More > excitement in his life—nearly thirty years ago, when he and his family prepared to leave their home in Germany to come to America. From a poor village in Germany, Freddie and his family begin the long, dangerous journey to the New World. His mother, who is very frail, packs a beautiful, flowered bowl carefully among their belongings. They travel by foot to the Rhine River and then by riverboat to Rotterdam, where they eventually secure passage to cross the Atlantic. Through many adventures and hardships and a terrible tragedy on-board ship, Freddie eventually makes it to America—but what happened to his parents and what happened to his mother’s beautiful bowl and his other belongings?< Less
Grandma's Attic By Dawn Ellen Kiss
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Meet Angel and see the world of Hell through a child's eyes. Grow with her and understand what Paradise really is. Feel the serenity that was allotted to her in her Grandma's attic. Then one day her... More > sanctuary was gone and she was tossed back into the hell she had so desperately tried to flee... "Come spend some time in Grandma's attic with me to find out how my story came to be..." Angel< Less
12th Annual Hope Town Writers Read By Lorraine Sulick-Morecraft
Paperback: $9.95
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On a small island in the Bahamas a group of like-minded writers meet weekly to share their works of fact, fiction, family memoirs, prose or verse. Two nights each February, the Hope Town writers... More > read their selected works to an audience of island residents and visitors.< Less
The Temptation of Totanca By Mignon Padilla
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Seduction, passion, deceit and money are the things that make the life of Totanca Mika Wolmes go around. In the small town of Lauer Spryngs, she finds herself in a chaotic erotic love triangle with a... More > young billionaire, a successful lawyer and a rich married man. With prominent friends, unlimited money and passionate sex at her disposal, life couldn’t be more perfect for the beautiful young woman. Then she meets Austin, a gorgeous college student with big ambitions, who challenges her in every way. Through a series of unfortunate events, she is forced to face the consequences of her choices and realize that the perfect life she believed she led is not everything that it seems. As she deals with her past that threaten to tear away at her sanity. She fights to find her true worth and make the tough choice between the life she lusts and the man she loves. Will she be strong enough to resist the seductive enticement that wars to overtake her? Or will she be able to withstand the temptation and find True Love?< Less
The Final Voyage By HATS Seafarers
Paperback: $2.69
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Twins Redmond and Ally McClellan are getting ready to set sail with their grandfather. He may be their grandfather, but they call him Captain. They will be accompanying him on the last cruise his... More > ship, the Acrisius, will ever take. The ship and its captain are both retiring after this final, uneventful trip. But their first night at sea, an apparent near-collision with another ship leaves the twins shaken, and strange events begin occuring all around the Acrisius. The twins begin to compete with each other to find out what's really going on. Is there a supernatural cause for what's happening--or something more explicable, but more sinister? This book was written in just three days by students at Stetson University's HATS Program Flash Fiction class. Find out more about HATS at< Less
Switchback Blues By Hadley Hoover
Paperback: $14.95
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Shin and PiperRae Roosevelt enjoy the smooth, straight-shot road to happiness, success, and the good life. He’s the co-founder of a reputable mechanical engineering and design firm;... More > she’s earned a fine reputation as an art and mirror restoration expert. Then, everything familiar changes and suddenly smooth and straight-away are distant memories and switchbacks are the new reality. Orange City IA beckons this San Luis Obispo CA couple . . . but will a calmer lifestyle solve the problems of a disrupted marriage?< Less
The Life We Live By Ruben Solano
Paperback: $3.18
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The story of a group of friends searching for peace and freedom in the calmness of nature. A tale of passion, of friendship, of romance.
The Squirrel Chair By JJ Warren
Paperback: $17.99
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Chelsea lives thousands of miles away from her family, where she lives blissfully devoid of harsh realities. She’s built an idyllic new life in Hawaii, surrounded by art, love, nature, and the... More > many pleasures of island living. This happiness is derailed by the news of her father’s battle with cancer. Torn between duty and fear, she takes a leave of absence to be by his side. Leaving her husband, her career, and her detachment from reality behind, Chelsea boards a flight back to her hometown in New York. She doesn’t know exactly how she’ll navigate this new path, one now defined by uncertainty and the heartbreak of impending, inescapable, and unimaginable loss. She relies on her wit and keen observation of human fragility and strength to explore both the tragic and quirky circumstances surrounding death. Pulled from the comfortable delusions of her island life, she’s out of her realm, out of her depth, and definitely out of her comfort zone. Life is chaos.< Less
Winning Christmas By Joan Marchessault
Paperback: $11.99
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Tracy Noble buys a lottery ticket every Friday, despite her husband’s pleas that her purchases are a waste of money. But when her weekly ritual pays off with a three hundred million jackpot win... More > the week before Christmas, Tracy and Michael can hardly believe their luck. Transformed into multi-millionaires in mere seconds, the couple celebrates with wild abandon. It seems all their worries are over—or so they think. As Tracy and Michael navigate through aftermath of their windfall, they meet with trusted family members, tackle big decisions, and leave on a lengthy intercontinental cruise. But it is not long before greed overshadows their seemingly idyllic lives, leaving Tracy to question whether she must sacrifice her sanity for wealth. As her marriage teeters on the brink of disaster, Tracy slowly begins to discover the real price of a winning lottery ticket.< Less
The Vampire & Werewolf Civil War By Marcus Bauer
Paperback: $9.99
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to view the American Civil War through the eyes of Vampires and Werewolves? This story of historical fiction does just that as you follow the various... More > camps around the world as they garner support and look for allies.< Less
TREES - A Musical of Forbidden Love By P. S. Lutz
Paperback: $5.20
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A whimsical, life-affirming theatre, dance, concert vocal piece on the universal subject of forbidden love. The setting is the Catskill forest, home to the trees, Lord Spruce, Lady Maple, Sylvia,... More > and Engelmann, the undergrowths, Moss and Fern, and the humans, Poet and Holly.< Less
The Count of Chartres: The Reluctant Crusader By Timothy Merrill
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This is a story of courage, bravery and devotion to an ideal. Count Stefan is one of the wealthiest men in France. When Pope Urban II organizes a “crusade” to the Holy Land in 1095 A.D.,... More > Stefan is reluctant to go. Prodded by his wife, Adela, he goes anyway. En route he meets the Emperor Alexius and his daughter Anna. Meanwhile, Peter the Monk organizes a crusade of the people or peasants. Among them are Adelaide and her sister, Lettie, and daughter, Clare. They meet two relic sellers who are from Provence, like themselves. The nobles and the peasants meet near Antioch, and from that point the stories intermingle. Stefan’s marriage is compromised by both the behavior of his wife and Philip, the king of France, and Stefan’s own troubled heart. Adelaide’s biggest concern is the welfare of her daughter. A spell-binding story built on actual historical primary sources, The Count of Chartres: The Reluctant Crusader is a page-turning saga that will hold in thrall both history and fiction lovers.< Less
Dark Visions By D.L. Hammack
Paperback: $13.64
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A young man who was thought to be brain dead suddenly begins creating drawings that carry hidden braille messages within.