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Stephanie's Diary By Lloyd Williams
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Stephanie grew up in a dysfunctional household. Her mother, a former model, became a slave to drugs and prostitution when Stephanie was only ten years old. She didn’t think twice about putting... More > her children in harm’s way, especially her daughter. She even loaned her daughter to "clients " in exchange for drugs. Attempting to turn her life around, Stephanie moved out, ready for a new beginning, full of promise. But the demons from her past would not allow her to live peacefully. Starting over was a concept that Stephanie came to know all too well as she struggled to survive her senior year while floundering in a world of cruelty and violence. She yearned to turn over a new leaf, but wondered if she could ever escape the past and leave her childhood horror behind her.< Less
Spa Special By Kannel
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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Three collage guys show up at a brand new Spa for a relaxing time with some hot babes! They are met by Miss Rouge who explains that they are in for a Special treatment at the Spa. “This is... More > the life guys!!!” they shout, as they relax in the hot tub spa…but something is wrong. They seem to be getting weaker and thinner... Miss Rouge lets them know that she is in charge, and will be addressed in the future as Mistress. She further explains to the guys that they are going to be transformed from Macho men into a stripper, a maid, and a cute submissive girl. There is no way out! Soon they start enjoying their new life; being a girl can be very sexy! 26 GLORIOUSLY RICH PAGES! FULL SPECTRUM COLOR! Adult themes and subject matter.< Less
A Mad Girl's Love Song By Suzanne Samples
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You can’t really trust E., the narrator of A Mad Girl’s Love Song. Recently released from the hospital for an unknown illness, E. claims to be some version of Esther Greenwood, a... More > contemporary iteration of Sylvia Plath’s depressed, neurotic main character. However, this is the least of her problems. As she struggles to find her place in hip West Asheville, E. finds herself obsessed with two things: poetry and electrocution. So much obsessed, in fact, that E. stumbles into Doctor Id’s Center for Poetic Dislocation and Disentanglement, where a sexy-but-elusive psychiatrist attempts to rid E. of her Poetry Problem and usher her into the Prosaic Priority, an electroconvulsive-based program designed to help writers benefit monetarily and emotionally from their progress. Central to E.’s journey is Alexx, Doctor Id’s assistant who loves the 1990s and often disappears into clouds of fairy glitter, leaving E. and the reader to wonder just what--if anything-- happened at all.< Less
Curandera By Charlie Hanline
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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead Curandera, in Spanish, means healer.... More > This is a political novel about how one woman with the help of family and friends can make a difference. Sarafina Lopez is a curandera, a registered nurse, and a part-time pacifist. Her life has been dedicated to healing individuals. She finds herself amidst a national revolt between the workers of Mexico and the maquiladoras, the mostly North American foreign-based businesses that have cancered her country. Now, she has to rethink her convictions and heal a nation.< Less
Wilson's Odyssey and the Joy of S.T.E.M. By R.R. Gilbert
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"Wilson's Odyssey and the Joy of S.T.E.M." is a story based on true events. It tells of an engineer who struggles to make his way in the just opening field of solid state power electronics... More > without having the proper credentials. The book is a S.T.E.M.novel in that it contains several brief segments best understood by one versed in the art of electronic circuit design. A sample of these are available for comment at< Less
Stories from The Road Not Taken By Henry Hurt
Paperback: $16.00
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The stories in this collection are set in and around the imaginary town of Shaw’s Pond in Southside Virginia. The fictional players, including the narrator, are interrelated by bloodlines,... More > marriages, secret loves, scandals and ancient grudges. As with people the world over, the characters and their stories are nourished by the legends that so often enrich the most ordinary of lives. To be sure, a lot is going on at Shaw’s Pond. Henry Hurt has been an editor and writer for more than fifty years. As Editor-at-Large for Reader’s Digest Magazine in its hey-day, he reported on events from espionage and terrorism to disasters--both natural and man-made. But his favorite subjects were the poignant stories of people where the human spirit shined through circumstances that seemed hopeless. Hurt lives in Southside Virginia.< Less
Paperback: $15.00
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This Book CLIMBING SUCCESS MOUNTAIN is all about YOU… What is inside of You,… if You are Adventurous enough to seek Your Greatness. Know that Your life is a Book that only You can... More > write. What I am telling You is for You to make it a Best Seller.< Less
About Spud By Alan Joscelyn
Paperback: $17.97
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Montana lawyer Miles Patrick hates smartphones, likes jazz and stray cats, and gets his legal strategy from The Gang, a group of retired lawyers who meet for coffee, cards and gossip in the backroom... More > of a bar downstairs from Miles' offices. A letter from a long-dead client propels Miles into a cross-country race against time and shadowy adversaries, forcing him to revert to lessons learned in bare-knuckle brawls in the miners bars of Idaho's Silver Valley when he finds himself in the cross hairs of someone who doesn't want him to find the answers he is seeking.< Less
Summer Camp Blues By Dr. Glenn M Cosh
Paperback: $19.99
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Summer camp is a rite of passage for many, and so much more for Tom Steelman, an earnest middle-class son of the South who unexpectedly lands a counselor position at an exclusive camp that plays host... More > to the children of Northeastern privilege. Maine’s coastal waters aren’t the only thing that Tom finds chilly when he arrives for duty at Camp Waserwarr. Right from the start he’s an outsider, forced to endure one slight after another–some innocent and some intentional. Then, as he struggles to maintain a foothold in his new surroundings, ominous reports begin arriving from back home. With his self-reliance tested as never before, will Tom survive the clash of cultures into which he’s been plunged, or will proving himself worthy in the eyes of others threaten the humble principles he’s always lived by.< Less
Map and Compass 2016 By Alydia Rackham
Paperback: $2.00
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Read samples of all of Alydia Rackham's stories, as well as author's notes about each tale, PLUS reader reviews PLUS previews of upcoming novels, PLUS links and addresses to the places you can... More > purchase each story!< Less
Harem Twins By Dolores Maria Davis
Paperback: $15.95
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When royal twins are born in the harem of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, they are soon entangled in an intrigue due to a shocking secret their mother whispers on her deathbed. Their nanny, Dwarf Beset,... More > learns that this secret threatens the lives of the twins, involving a plot to overthrow the Crown. Her merciless investigation as she unfolds this complex mystery uncovers a conspiracy that encompasses an abduction, brutal torture, and murder.< Less
The Second Coming of Joan of Arc: A One-Woman Play By Carolyn Gage
Paperback: $12.00
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In The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, Joan returns to share her story with contemporary women. She tells her experiences with the highest levels of church, state, and military, and unmasks the brutal... More > misogyny behind male institutions. Award-winning,internationally-acclaimed lesbian drama.< Less
Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #14 By Black Fox Press
Paperback: $14.00
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The Summer 2016 Issue (#14) of Black Fox Literary Magazine featuring new fiction, poetry and nonfiction.
Jessie By Thomas Canavan
Paperback: $10.99
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(1 Ratings)
A dog named Jessie rescues a wide variety of zoo animals from a greedy hunter and saves the day.
Sergeant Bachman - and others stories By John Green
Paperback: $8.88
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SERGEANT BACHMAN and other stories When traditional methods fail,a man searching for information about the father he never knew and listed as K.I.A. by the US Army turns to other means and embarks... More > on a fascinating but frightening journey. THE BOOKSTORE An old man, a children’s bookstore and the story of “Feetie Pajamas in Old Arizona.” EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT LIFE I LEARNED ON A BASEBALL FIELD… (WELL, ALMOST) Life lessons generously mixed with humor, dust, tears, grass stains and the smell of leather. --------------------------------- Plus other essays of interest or amusement.< Less
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow By Morrine Depolo
Paperback: $16.00
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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow is a many dimensional love story. It reveals not only deep passions, but those of gentle affection. It portrays the pain of loss and separation, the joys of discovery... More > and chance, and the turmoil of victimization. As the story unfolds, it uncovers the mystery of carefully guarded secrets and the consequences of deception and its ultimate resolution. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow is a rich tapestry of a deeply moving family saga. It evolves over a period of almost forty years, from 1974 to 2012, and depicts the relationships between four women — Sadie, the mother, her daughter Belle and her teenage twins Willow and Pine. As the narrative of each character develops, it uncovers their often turbulent connections and separations, their loves and hatreds along with their delights and disappointments. As these occur, it generates unexpected consequences that affect not only themselves, but each other in ways they never anticipated.< Less
The Fixer By Terry L. Harris
Paperback: $20.00
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Can a person see everything before them but be blind to everything around them? Jon is Handsome, Charming and has a Magnetic Personality with Sherlock instincts to boot. With a sexy, intelligent team... More > at his side, when someone can not resolve a problem in their own house, they silently whisper the need for 'The Fixer'. Then ... Jon is asked to tackle an un-accomplishable task. So he recruits an additional team with their own special skills. He is nontraditional and unconventional in his methods. A mystery novel - a paradox wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a conundrum. A mystery to himself and others. Nothing gets by Jon … Except … An alchemist of human personalities and unlikely alliances, Jon makes his living making a difference. As "The Fixer", Jon is a story of legacy, hope, redemption and change. Open the door to his world where high tech takes a country back road to the unknown !!< Less
Joe Peas By Sam Newsome
Paperback: $16.95
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Who is Joe Peas? Is he a simple immigrant Italian house painter, or is he a complicated man with much to hide, even from himself? When the aging itinerant house painter becomes ill, his life... More > intersects with family doctor, James King. The doctor develops a friendship with the odd little Italian whose life is a sharp contrast to his own. Joe suffers a hip fracture and becomes Dr. King’s rehabilitation patient in a long-term care facility. He interacts with the other residents and learns of their struggles and triumphs as he witnesses their close family relationships. The spirited little Italian enriches the lives of his fellow patients as they change Joe in ways he never expected. As Joe is forced to face his past, Dr. King is facing his own struggles dealing with his community where conformity is valued above individualism. Could there be more—much more—to Joe Peas than meets the eye? Will the truth about the mysterious painter finally be unveiled?< Less
The Long Dance Home By Frank Fuller, Jr.
Hardcover: $24.95
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"The Long Dance Home" tells the story of the love of two dancers, Katie and Eric, for each other, for their art, and for a family devoted to education and the arts. In broader terms, this... More > little novel speaks of loyalty, enthusiasm, compassion, and generosity.< Less
The Pubs Of New York By Sean McCabe
Paperback: List Price: $13.99 $11.19 | You Save: 20%
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A New York novel must have many characters, because NYC is such a vast and populous city. So welcome to The Pubs Of New York! As the title suggests, this novel is mostly set on the New York Irish Pub... More > scene, with brief forays into a Croatian restaurant in Harlem! The characters are mostly Irish people, trying to make their way in NYC... One night, by chance, most of the novels characters converge in the Nook bar in the Bronx. Here an argument breaks out between Dessy Whelan, an ex IRA man who works as a brickie, and Frank Molone, an NYPD cop. They are in love with the same girl, who happens to work behind the bar in the Nook! Their argument leads to tragedy, and the events of that night later bring all the characters together in the most unexpected of ways... The Pubs Of New York is based around a true story< Less
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J. Tuffy Kennedy By Duane L. Petersen
Paperback: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jewell “Tuffy” Kennedy gained a solid reputation as a fierce protector of his family and his property among the Indians in the Wyoming Territory. They knew him well as one who would... More > never back down from a fight. Over the years their respect for Jewell helped fuel the growth of a huge cattle ranch providing a rugged backdrop for the raising of his daughter and grandson in a territory where others came and failed. This is a story of one tough man’s struggles and hardships to be a successful rancher and family man in the early days of an unforgiving early western frontier.< Less
When a Red Bird Flies By Karen Evancic
Paperback: $21.95
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It’s 1954 and Lillie’s hard life has led to this: abandoned to a lonely hospital bed, ripped away from anything that matters to her. As her disease fully embraces her, she befriends a... More > young nurse named Elizabeth who helps her find a way to face her awful past and protect those she leaves behind. On the other side of the country, Catherine believes she has broken free of her squalid Kentucky farm roots and moved on to life in a big city. But through all of life’s twists and turns, and even as love gives Catherine a second chance, she wonders if she will ever fulfill her deepest longing.< Less
Last Days: A Novel By Robert Pollock
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $13.49 | You Save: 10%
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Sixty-eight-year-old Stanton Beecher is an unhappy soul. For all his life, he has been the rock of his family. But as the former police detective prepares to move to an assisted care facility where... More > he will spend his remaining days, Stan knows everything is about to change—and not for the better. In recent years, Stan has become an expert at denying all the signs that something is wrong. Now, as he reluctantly enters a new chapter fueled by the ravages of Alzheimer’s, Stan vacillates between his memories and the present while his children travel down a disheartening road where they must try to do the right thing for their father. Guided by faith, intuition, and unconditional love, both children and father press on as they all attempt to find a way to preserve the one thing that matters most to Stan: his dignity. Last Days is the poignant story of one family’s struggle as they deal with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s and learn that only love will survive this battle.< Less
Jackie By Sam Newsome
Paperback: $17.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Jackie chronicles the life of a young man born to misfortune. As a child he is labeled as mentally challenged. He suffers an abusive home life and the torment of bullies at school. Soon he is judged... More > uneducable and relegated to homeschooling that is no more effective than the classroom. He is left without a formal education. Thirteen years later he is reunited with an old classmate, Jimmie, who is now a recent college graduate. Circumstances reunite the old acquaintances when Jackie’s mother becomes ill. Together they discover that Jackie has a secret ability and enormous untapped potential. That ability enables the friends to discover and expose deeply seated local government corruption and create a future for Jackie. Friendship, luck, and Jackie’s special talent are the springboard that propels him on a journey to fulfill his destiny.< Less