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Sorority Pledge By Kannel
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Sneaking into the Sorority is not a good idea. Our Hero…um…I mean…Heroine learns that the hard way when he tries to sneak into the Sorority as part of a Fraternity prank. ... More > Oh...but it goes all soooo wrong once the girls get their hands on him…I mean her… If he wants to see what it’s like to be in a Sorority, well then he is going to become part of the Sorority. In fact he is going too be transformed into another very pretty, very sexy, Sorority Pledge! Sigh…might as well give in and enjoy the new life…! 18 GLORIOUSLY RICH PAGES! FULL SPECTRUM COLOR! Adult themes and subject matter.< Less
Flames of Life By Ernest Bywater
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A young man has a major change of lifestyle forced on him. He becomes a writer, and then something else again. First we read two of his stories about himself, then we follow him as he makes another... More > change to his life and changes the lives of many others in the Rivers Region. In the process he unexpectedly meets his own destiny as well. The story is 82,000 words.< Less
Journal of the Albert Camus Society UK By Camus Society
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The 2009 journal of The Albert Camus Society UK. The Albert Camus Society was founded in 2005 and can be found online at
Sideways Stories from Wayside School By Louis Sachar
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For the stage. In adapting Louis Sachar’s Wayside Schools novels for the theater, John Olive faced a huge challenge, what to leave out. He has done a masterful job. This two act play captures... More > the zaniness of Wayside School while adhering to a fairly linear plot line (the original books were more like a collection of fables or vignettes). The resulting play will appeal to theatergoers of all ages. Fun to produce at any budget level. THEATRE - CHILDREN’S PLAYS - COMEDY 17 Characters: 10 Females – 7 Males 2 sets: Interior< Less
Bubba By William Spain
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They were the first generation of President Kennedy’s Peace Corps volunteers. Some were idealists. Some were realists. All were destined for an experience beyond their wildest imaginings. One... More > among this group is James Edward “Bubba” Johnson, a young black man from Virginia who arrives in the southern African nation of Malawi with little more than his wits and his charm. What follows is an adventure through love, loss, betrayal, and political intrigue that ends in a shocking conclusion. Bubba: The African Adventures of James Johnson captures the atmosphere of an era. Part history, part mystery, this is a novel for those who experienced the 1960s—and for those who wish they had. This is a novel about a new Africa in the making and the young Americans who played a part in making it.< Less
Knowing When Enough is Enough: My Guide to Building Your Self-Esteem By G.C. PETERSON
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Knowing When Enough is Enough: My Guide to Building Your Self-Esteem came to my mind when I finally decided to let God take control over my life. I looked back over my life and saw the things God... More > brought me through. Knowing When Enough is Enough: My Guide to Building Your Self-Esteem is just the beginning of my new life. What about yours?< Less
The Women of Lockerbie & The Comfort Team By Deborah Brevoort
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THE WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE and THE COMFORT TEAM: Two Plays by Deborah Brevoort with introductions by Roberta Levitow and Chris Hanna. Two powerful, compelling plays that focus on how communities cope... More > with tragedies and find a way toward healing.< Less
A Spider Spinning Daydreams and Other Tales—bizarre, realistic, humorous and weird By Kenneth Tucker
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Meet Leo Krull who encountered his dream girl when she emerged from his television screen; Lester Wilthammer, who, when his wife left him, took an almost unimaginable step; Marcus Garth who made a... More > regrettable deal with a human devil during Kentucky’s tobacco wars; a werewolf in full hair and fangs who played “Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. I” along with a symphony orchestra; a boy and girl whose first experience with young love becomes entangled with evil—in short stories and novelettes by Kenneth Tucker, tales fanciful, realistic, humorous, and horrifying.< Less
The StorySellers By Mickey Bender
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Sometimes the mess we find ourselves in is not entirely our own creation. Take Samuel Fischer, a respected physician nearing the end of his career who sells his medical practice. After the papers... More > are signed, he’s abruptly fired, while his wife is promoted to business manager. Sam is confused and furious when he confronts his wife. She slams a door on the ugly argument, bolting from the house to go for a bike ride in the rain. And she’s hit by a car. Dr. Fischer sinks into a deep depression until he decides to change lives and become a business angel, hoping to meet people and create a new identity. Fischer is exposed to all sorts of individuals and ideas– getting pitched on health clubs, luxury goods, jazz guitar, and music therapy. He reflects on these proposals with Debbie Flynn, an outgoing realtor who has adopted Sam as some sort of pet project. But it turns out that Debbie has devils of her own. When she has a flashback, Debbie’s past is revealed, perhaps unlocking Samuel Fischer’s future.< Less
Nick Stories By John Kallio
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Nick Kerzich grows up on Minnesota's Iron Range in the 1950's. Stories of family, fire, Hollywood, high school, iron mines, a U.S. President, Dylan and a Bicentennial reunion, piece together puzzles... More > of life in a unique place and time.< Less
Voice of Innocence By Lindsay Detwiler
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Emma and Corbin: two typical teenagers traveling the road of first love together, innocent hearts linked by an impenetrable bond. When Corbin is convicted of a murder he didn’t commit and... More > faces years in prison, though, their love is severed. Decades later, Corbin is finally proven innocent and both are haunted by a relationship neither has forgotten. Lives irrevocably altered and time passed, Emma and Corbin must face a difficult decision: should they settle for the separate lives that have become their reality, or can they take the risk that the passion of a first love doesn’t fade with time?< Less
Tall Pauley By M.R. Hyde
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Pauley Stratton is as tall as a tree and deeply loves and cares for the people in his life—especially his crippled mother Willow. The Desert Grangians and the City Fathers want Pauley in the... More > worst kind of way for the worst kind of reasons. As he flees their greedy pursuit, Pauley meets Mac and the two set out together in an adventure that will reshape them forever in dark and moving ways. Travel with them toward, in and out of the City of Promise and all that lies beneath. This fantasy adventure of friendship, forgiveness and freedom is lovingly illustrated by the author.< Less
Timmy By Jesse O'Brien
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Timmy is an eight year old gifted son of a captain of the local police force. Timmy is brutally bullied by a group he calls the Band of Bullies and one of the bullies mother. His peers bully him... More > because he is a “Know it all!” Timmy’s father tells him that he is special but he doesn’t understand until he makes a discovery one day while playing with his toys. He flourishes from then on and being special takes on a new meaning. Timmy’s abilities really grow when the new member to the family “Fluffy” the kitten becomes a source of concern and then entertainment to those around him. He uses what he learns with Fluffy to contend with the bullies. Many other surprises in this story that will leave you laughing and wondering what will come next.< Less
Will You Please Listen Please By Lawrence R. Heibel
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An exploration of how we communicate with ourselves and others. Themes include identity crisis, the tragedy of not listening to each other, the source of happiness, holding onto a terrible secret... More > and many more stories of listening and not listening and how it affects our lives.< Less
Life isn't a Fairytale By Children's Day School 7th Grade
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Best fiction written by crazy people in years! Each student wrote three short stories. The first story was from the mind of a teenager. The second story was based on seven photos taken in the Mission... More > District in San Francisco. The third story had no rules or limitations and was whatever their minds could think of. They each chose their favorite story of the three and put it in this book. Thank you for reading and please enjoy the new collection, Life Isn’t a Fairytale.< Less
Coffins, Caskets, and Mourn By Kenneth Sinclair
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A Mortician, Harold, becomes the unexpected owner to a key he believes came to him for a purpose. After seeing a ghost at his most recent funeral, Andrew, he is swept up in the belief that the key... More > and boy are signs to his fate. While Harold struggles to find purpose in this life, Andrew searches for purpose in the afterlife.< Less
Spark of Madness: The Dream Show By Alexander Rebelle
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There is a new tenant moving into the apartment complex, and Eliza Fields cannot help but wonder about him. Who is he? Where did he come from? And what do the strange inscriptions on his jacket mean?... More > After introducing herself and helping him move into his apartment, Eliza Fields learns the new tenant’s name: he is Theo, and he is a man determined to leave his mark on the world around him, and he will let nothing stand in his way. But Theo does not know the danger he is in. There is another man in the shadows, driven into madness, that seeks vengeance for Theo’s pursuit of his dream. But can Theo save himself before it’s too late? Spark of Madness: The Dream Show is a gripping and suspenseful tale of ambition, rivalry, madness, drama, and the art of Kung Fu. In what is, without a doubt, Alexander Rebelle's crowning achievement as an author to date, Spark of Madness offers an exciting story for everyone to enjoy.< Less
The First Five Years: Port Hedland 1965-1970 By Stephen Outram
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Trevor Outram and his wife Molly immigrated to Australia with their two young children; their sea journey from England covered 20,000 km, took 28 days and landed them in Fremantle, Western Australia... More > on January 22, 1965. They travelled a further 1,600 km north to the tiny town of Port Hedland, which was just beginning to boom exporting iron ore from the Pilbara region. There was no radio, television, fresh milk and limited fresh fruit and vegetables in Port Hedland; it was hot, dry, isolated and in complete contrast to the family’s lush, green English origins. None of this was to stop the Outrams as they set-to forging a new life in Australia, knowing that there was little support and no one to fall back on. Their story is one of courage, endeavour and success; they are one of Australia’s largely unknown but nevertheless intrepid, gutsy pioneers. The First Five Years is based on their story; a magnificent true story.< Less
Henry J. Parks & The Crystal Blades By Kyllingmark
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Henry and his sister, Kirsten, are excited when a meteor crashes on their father’s farm. They soon discover its secret but their excitement quickly turns to horror at the arrival of a fierce... More > beast bent on killing Henry. Henry is dragged deeper and deeper into the darkness as he struggles to understand if these events are random or linked? Ancient stories warn of worse things to come even as the world they once knew begins to disintegrate around them. Henry, his wife, Della, and Kirsten take different paths to find solutions to the city’s mysterious happenings. When the old book is discovered it opens a door to a hidden path that leads to mistrust, fear, and death.< Less
Baseball...It's Just a Game By Cecil Hampton
Paperback: $3.79
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Based on my family's true stories and my own experiences, this fictional book demonstrates why baseball is so popular, and why it is such a wonderful game.
A Burden of Shadows By Thomas Lipscomb
Paperback: $10.00
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Sarah Jacobson, uniquely gifted and outspoken even from childhood, comes of age amid the destruction and social upheaval of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Sarah endures unfathomable sorrow and... More > loss, inner conflict in learning to master her providential gift, and the unrelenting persecution of Lillian Brandt, the very personification of evil. Sarah shares her family's progressive political and spiritual convictions, which results in their becoming virtual exiles within their own community. She refuses to be relegated to the accepted Victorian roles afforded women of her era, to the consternation of many, but rendering her irresistible to Dr. Benjamin Monroe. Sarah's strength of spirit and the wisdom and counsel of her beloved grandfather empower her as she strives to master her shadows and fulfill her destiny.< Less
Lynnehurst, Books I & II By Sarah Ditchburn Neal
Paperback: $13.91
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LYNNEHURST IS A PORTRAIT of a Canadian family reaching back to the early years of our nationhood and stretching forward into the twenty-first century. Lynnehurst puts the spotlight on a part of... More > English Canada, the Muskoka Lakes District of Ontario, a setting which the author knows well.< Less
Lynnehurst, Books III & IV By Sarah Ditchburn Neal
Paperback: $14.05
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LYNNEHURST IS A PORTRAIT of a Canadian family reaching back to the early years of our nationhood and stretching forward into the twenty-first century. Lynnehurst puts the spotlight on a part of... More > English Canada, the Muskoka Lakes District of Ontario, a setting which the author knows well.< Less
FWG 2015 Yearbook By Jay Wright
Paperback: $9.00
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40th Anniversary. Guild history. Fall 2013, Spring & Fall 2014 contest results. Winning entries.
The Poets and the Assassin By Reza Jalali
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The story of Iranian women, including their century-old battle for rights, remains with the few exceptions, untold. Though they have been in the forefront of the national struggle for independence,... More > liberty and democracy in Iran, and have been among the most educated and most independent women in the Middle East—they entered universities in 1936 and gained the right to vote in 1963—to those in the West, their lives stay, for most part, in purdah, hidden and veiled in mystery. Ironically, their tale is one of courage, resistance, sacrifice, and survival in an intensely traditional and patriarchal society, for unlike some of their sisters, in countries near and far, they have actively participated in the public sphere to protest, ask for rights, and demand equality. A myth-buster, the play helps us see them for who they are: fearless shir-zan, fighting oppression and tyranny—a battle that can be ours, as well.< Less