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On Time and In Step: Reunion on The Glory Road By Gloria I. Joseph
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On Time and In Step: Reunion on The Glory Road is a classic & innovative novel based on actual historical figures that have departed from the earth, but live again in the hereafter on The Glory... More > Road that becomes the stage for heroic world figures to meet, reunite, discuss and analyze the past, predict the future and celebrate the peace and beauty of their final home.The novel’s protagonists are Sojourner Truth & Malcolm X who dwell in Revolutionary’s Retreat- the resting grounds for people- women and men of all races, cultures and beliefs-who took radical actions to help create a just world. Characters include:W.E.B. Dubois,Mother Jones,Fanny Lou Hamer,Chief Sitting Bull,Paul Robeson,Moms Mabley,Frederick Douglass,Naga Nanny & others.The novel creatively interplays the characters’ lives in their own lifetimes juxtaposed with current issues & present personalities teaching ways to survive the severity of problems resulting from systematic racist, sexist, heterosexist, religious & economic oppressions.< Less
You Down With OPD? By Marcus Curry
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Scooter and Bugz are two teenage boys from the inner-city of what could be any metropolis in the US. These teenagers are granted the opportunity to meet their idol: a rapper by the name of Talent.... More > Talent grew up in the same neighborhood as the two youngsters, and he has come to give back to his community. Before he leaves, he instills in the two teens the principle of O.P.D. Talent tells them that in order to achieve success and escape their negative surroundings, they need to learn what O.P.D. is and how to apply it. He gives them each a monetary gift and tells them to be wise and responsible with what he gives them. On their journey, the boys learn the meaning of loyalty, love, and perseverance. Both young men discover that success isn't an easy road and that every true hero must embark on such a journey. True success is more than a notion; it requires Organization, Planning and Discipline.< Less
The Dead Don't Like to be Forgotten: Tales of the South Brunswick Islands By Wilburn Smith
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A thunderous boom that breaks the night waking locals from their slumber, the rattle of chains heard on lonely roads that make motorists speed along home, wet footprints that follow tourists on early... More > morning walks, cries of wild animals that defy science, and mysterious lights that dance in the night’s sky. Brunswick County is famous for its miles of shorelines and an abundance of golf courses, but a deeper look reveals hauntings directly related to historical events that even the most creative minds could not have imagined. Dark legacies the booms of Brunswick County, rooms with a boo, and ladies of the manor are just a few of the haunting stories we have uncovered in our research that redefine our unique brand of southern hospitality.< Less
REMARKABLE By Richard Alan Hall
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From the moment Stanly James McMillen launched into his unpredictable career as a registered nurse, he knew it was the right thing to do. The kaleidoscope of shocking events would change his life and... More > show the strength of the remarkable human spirit in the face of terror and tragedy, because of loyality and love.< Less
Misty’s Blues By Penny Glover
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Angel Mystique Bellows is a young lady who knows what she wants: love, hope, security, and the freedom to live her life the way she chooses, without judgment or despair. Known as Misty to her... More > friends, her life and family are in a constant state of turmoil. After her mother abandoned her, Misty has done whatever she needs to do to survive. She’s sought comfort and solace in the arms of many, in search of the love she was denied as a child. Heartbreak and disappointment are her constant companions, but she’s too strong to let herself be a victim forever. Misty is a proud woman who refuses to let the disappointments, heartaches, and pains of her past define her. Now she has some choices to make. Will she reach out to the family that hurt her? Can she forgive the mother who walked away so many years ago? Does she even need that kind of drama in her life?< Less
The Shoemaker’s Daughter: A Novel By Helen Martin Block
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In 1939 Aron is a soldier in the Polish Army. Captured by the Germans his valued skills as a shoemaker protect him until his true identity is revealed. Shipped back for slave labor and certain death,... More > fate reunites him with Gitel, the woman he has long pursued. Midst escalating violence they marry, and soon Gitel has a child. Their decision to hide with the girl jeopardizes the safety of others and the choice they are forced to make turns into tragedy. The Shoemaker’s Daughter is a sensuous groundbreaking story of two poor Jews whose passion and bravado help them elude the Nazi net of terror. But even after being hidden by honorable Poles and the liberation there is still no safety. Now they must chance a dangerous escape to freedom. Gitel carries a precious secret that may derail everything they have fought for …… and time is not on their side.< Less
On The Move By Pixley Middle School
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On The Move is a collections of stories written by Pixley Middle School students with the theme around human migration. We invite you to take a journey through this writing and to enjoy the... More > experiences expressed.< Less
Saving Our Stories 2014 By Centenary United Methodist Church Music and the Arts Ministry Writing Class
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"Saving Our Stories" is a collection of work compiled from writers during a series of writing classes at Centenary United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The classes are... More > part of the church's Music and the Arts Ministry.< Less
In Losing We Gain By Talia Gushchina et al.
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“Damn smart folk,” Mark grumbled, “That’s why I like you, Daryan. Smart, collected—no wonder you’re a doctor!” Daryan laughed softly, replying,... More > “I’m no doctor, Mark. Just your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist." Everyone has issues. Some are easily defined, easily treated, or easily swept under the rug. Others, like the patients of Doctor Daryan Locke, face issues that lie deeper under the surface than they may appear. Doctor Locke has certainly seen his share of patients—everyone from troubled teenagers to master thieves and wedding planners—but their cases always come to a conclusion. And while Daryan is adept at handling his patients, his own troubles may not be so easy to diagnose.< Less
Fresh Words... Volume 2 By Catherine Mukes
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The stories of seven middle school students are featured in this compilation presented by the Houston Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated's Arts and Letters Committee.
Cape Fear: The Holy Ground By Gilliam Clarke
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This novel of historical fiction recounts the events that formed the lives of the people of Charleston, South Carolina in the eighteenth century. The focus here is on those who dedicated their lives... More > to exploring and establishing the settlements of what became North Carolina. Inevitably the act of granting land ownership to the newcomers, by the Lords Proprietors in England, resulted in conflicts and wars. Members of influential families with plantations around Charleston were the core of the explorers pioneering the virgin lands to the north. Their intent was to establish new plantations, ports, and towns. Using the available natural resources, they created naval stores for exportation to England. The newcomers vision was of an enormous development of the forestlands with ports along the rivers with more plantations and towns filling all the areas from Charleston to Queen Anne’s Town, more than a hundred miles to the north. The process was very slow and the land was never free for the taking.< Less
Chattanooga Girl By Dottie Coakley
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Becca Collins is a pistol, as they call such an irreverent, outspoken, and independent woman in 1976.  As an outreach worker to migrants and seasonal farm workers who toil near her adopted home... More > in upstate New York, she simply wants to do her job well - but fierce devotion to her clients is precisely why she’s in danger now.   Quite by accident, she stumbles across a gruesome murder. Becca is now the target of threats and violence from those who would keep their actions secret. Alone and afraid, she welcomes Jack Hightower, a highly regarded football coach, into her life. In his company and with his support, she dares to dream of love and life beyond the terror of these frightening days.   Four decades later, not much has changed for the three-and-a-half million migrant farm workers who labor unsafely in America’s fields. Then and now, children as young as ten (and many younger than that) are allowed to work to help feed their families.< Less
Radio Moscow, and Other Stories By David Malcolm
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David Malcolm's Radio Moscow, and Other Stories is a darkly atmospheric collection of international noir short stories. David Malcolm was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and since 1982 has lived and... More > worked in Japan, the USA, and Poland. He teaches, translates, and is one of the organisers of the Sopot between.pomiędzy international literary festival/conference. He lives in Sopot, Poland.< Less
J.Tuffy Kennedy By Duane L. Petersen
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Jewell “Tuffy” Kennedy gained a solid reputation as a fierce protector of his family and his property among the Indians in the Wyoming Territory. They knew him well as one who would... More > never back down from a fight. Over the years their respect for Jewell helped fuel the growth of a huge cattle ranch providing a rugged backdrop for the raising of his daughter and grandson in a territory where others came and failed. This is a story of one tough man’s struggles and hardships to be a successful rancher and family man in the early days of an unforgiving early western frontier.< Less
This Little Girl By Tina Marie Turner
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This insightful novel walks its readers through a young girls’ journey of the realization that she is poor. She has to face the reality that even though she is poor, not everyone else in the... More > world is. She begins putting together the pieces of how poverty really works, why generation after generation suffers from poverty and why many people around her still do not recognize there is a world outside of their own where poverty does not live.< Less
Complexity Is Free By David Hartmann
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The ability to create, an ability deeply embedded into every individual on the planet, is about to be set free by a powerful new technology, 3D printing. To Jack Einarsson, the reclusive founder of a... More > subculture aimed at revolutionizing how people create, 3D printing promises to empower mankind to solve the many challenges that civilization faces. But when 3D printing is threatened the impact is felt from Singapore to San Francisco, from Mumbai to Brussels and conflict ensues between power networks who fear the potential of 3D printing and those who wish to unleash it. Reluctantly returning to the world he’d left behind, Jack sets out to counter the governments and corporations fighting the spread of 3D printing and on the way discovers how rich the concepts and applications of 3D printing have become. A whirlwind journey through the varied perspectives of the future of 3D printing, ‘Complexity Is Free’ inspires you to imagine where 3d printing will take your world.< Less
Modern Fairy Tales By Lori Butler, Susan Wilson
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This collection of short stories is presented by the Freedom High School Communications Academy, The Freedom High School Graphic Design classes and the Creative writing classes. It was edited and... More > compiled by Lori Butler and Susan Wilson with the help of several dedicated students. It includes original artwork and designs by student artists. The stories are an imaginative set of modern day fairy tales, and the images are directly and indirectly inspired by the writing. We hope you enjoy them!< Less
Big Sky pb By Sharon Farritor Raimondo
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Big Sky is the story of the McCloud family living in the Sandhills of Custer County Nebraska. It follows the lives of a hard-headed Irishman, his staunchly Catholic wife and their children as they... More > fall under the lengthening shadows of the Great Depression, illness, infant death, crushing poverty, and their determination to overcome. Not only does the patriarch endure mysterious seizures and health problems, this family faces apocalyptic challenges. The focus is on John — an 8-year old when the story opens — the eldest brother to a brood of hungry mouths and a scrappy fighter, struggling to survive. John is a young warrior, seemingly born to battle the world around him.< Less
Big Sky By Sharon Farritor Raimondo
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Big Sky is the story of The McCloud Family of Custer County Nebraska, and their children. It is the story of a hard-headed Irishman, his staunchly Catholic wife and their children as they fall under... More > the lengthening shadows of the Great Depression, illness, infant death, crushing poverty, and their determination to overcome. Based in the Sandhills of Nebraska, the focus is on John — an 8-year old when the story opens — the eldest brother to a brood of hungry mouths and a scrappy fighter, struggling to survive. John is a young warrior, seemingly born to battle the world around him.< Less
Discovering the Soul of Your Story (2nd Edition) By Roger Rueff
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"Discovering the Soul of Your Story" sheds new light on how to create and develop stories of any genre, type, form, or medium and exposes the hidden elements that make any story great. Its... More > insights will help you understand stories from the inside out, and its practical, step-by-step methods will allow you to use that understanding to create stories that are fresh, alive, meaningful, believable, and moving. >> Learn what motivates your characters and how it affects the story plot and theme. >> Break writer's block and find out how to fix stories that are out of control or at a dead end. >> Discover how to create new stories from even the most basic of story ideas. Whether you write for the page, stage, screen, this book will change the way you look at stories forever.< Less
The Boneshaker Anthology By Lillian Nećakov, Editor
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An anthology curated by the founder of the Boneshaker Reading Series in Toronto, featuring a wide variety of fine work from across Canada, including Stuart Ross, Jim Smith, Emily Schultz and many... More > others.< Less
Montage Literary Magazine 2015 By Kristine Brown
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The students and staff of Fishers High School submitted original poems, prose, photos, and artwork for publication in the 2014-15 literary magazine.
The Gateway Review By Spring 2015
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The inaugural issue of The Gateway Review: A Journal of Magic Realism features writing by Kristen Gipson, Gwendolyn Kiste, NoahDavid Lein, Dorian Maffei, and many other talented writers, established... More > and new. The stories contained herein involve the magical and fantastic: ghostly apparitions, silent, masked strangers, words sent to an island to while away their meaningless existence. The stories in this issue leap off the page and will take you to imaginative new places.< Less
Theo and Ria By Katherine Nora
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   Theo meets Ria in 1939, at summer camp on Cape Cod. One day Ria finds an historic bronze medallion given by English settlers to the Indians who helped them. She gives it to... More > Theo’s friend Casco, a hermit who lives in a wigwam in the woods. Casco has run away from civilization to live like his ancestors, the Indian tribe who once occupied the area. When Theo finds Casco dead, apparently murdered, and the medallion missing, he buries his friend there in the woods, then hides in the wigwam, trying to piece together what happened.  The mystery of Casco’s death becomes the enduring theme of Theo and Ria's friendship as the years go by. Searching for Casco’s murderer leads them through the Cape’s Indian and Pilgrim past, into the world of art and antiquities, and ultimately to some shocking revelations. < Less
The Color of Death By Curtis Walling
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Dean Nygard is that blond, athletic California teenager that seems to have everything going on in life. Everything, that is, until at age 15 he watches his mother die of breast cancer. Three years... More > later when it seems life is back on track, a second tragedy, this one of his own doing, devastates his life again. Follow along as Dean’s life goes wildly off the rails and we are left to wonder how we would ever survive what Dean is facing . . .< Less