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All That Glisters and Other Stories By Pat Lynch
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Pat Lynch’s work, with its astute social consciousness and reporter’s sharp eye, tunes us in: to language with its revelations and betrayals, to subtexts, to nuance, to irony. Her... More > characters engage us emotionally; her stories peel away the layers with humor and great humanity. Lynch is funny the way that Lear’s fool is funny: she tells the truth. She is (as the teenage Dustin Blake would say in “Hand-Me-Downs”) a “hella good” writer. —Susan Kelly-DeWitt, author of The Fortunate Islands Pat Lynch’s work is a pleasure, especially if we define pleasure as delivering a world and a sensibility toward it that always rings true. Her most interesting characters are outsiders, people who find ways to live (and sometimes prevail) both inside and on the margins of society. She has a fine ear for their language, and a complicated sympathy for the situations she places them in. —Stephen Dunn, author of nineteen books of poetry and prose, including Different Hours, winner of the Pulitzer Prize< Less
Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas (Paperback) By Linda Mansfield
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In "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas," Linda Mansfield encourages you to find a little "me time" over the Christmas holidays to relax, put your feet up, and immerse yourself... More > in some modern Christmas stories. They're all short, so you can fit them into your busy schedule. They're also realistic. No talking reindeer, dancing snowmen, or elves were allowed. There's no partridge either. "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas" is an ideal Christmas gift for both men and women. In this baker's dozen, six of the stories have male main characters and seven stories have women main characters. This book can help you get your shopping done! The hardcover makes a perfect Christmas gift, and the paperback is great as a stocking stuffer. Like your favorite Christmas memories, some of these stories may make you smile. They also might help you get into the Christmas spirit, remind you of the real reason for the season, and become a part of your Christmas traditions.< Less
The Enchanted Doll: A Fairy Tale By Louise M. Dery-Wells
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In a toymaker’s shop, a beautiful doll stands alone under her glass, as she has stood for many years. Although the toymaker put her there to protect her, she is very lonely. Although many... More > children admire her, no parents will take her home, thinking her too lovely to touch. Her one comfort is a pretty pink rose—a magical flower that has an unusual scent. One day, however, an apprentice arrives to work with the toymaker. When the young man takes the doll out of her glass and allows the magic of the rose to work, everything changes for the doll, the toymaker, and one special little girl. This illustrated fairy tale explores the yearning to belong, the need for patience in the journey of life, and the power of that patience to heal, transform, and manifest our heart’s desires. All profits derived from The Enchanted Doll will be donated to one or more charities for children, listed on the author’s website,< Less
Stephanie's Diary By Lloyd Williams
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Stephanie grew up in a dysfunctional household. Her mother, a former model, became a slave to drugs and prostitution when Stephanie was only ten years old. She didn’t think twice about putting... More > her children in harm’s way, especially her daughter. She even loaned her daughter to "clients " in exchange for drugs. Attempting to turn her life around, Stephanie moved out, ready for a new beginning, full of promise. But the demons from her past would not allow her to live peacefully. Starting over was a concept that Stephanie came to know all too well as she struggled to survive her senior year while floundering in a world of cruelty and violence. She yearned to turn over a new leaf, but wondered if she could ever escape the past and leave her childhood horror behind her.< Less
Where To From Here By Norm Cooper
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Namron had an adventurous life and reflected on the many times in the journey he had to ask himself, "Where To From Here?" He listened to the water as it rushed by and determined that... More > although he did not know the next destination for life, he was looking forward to the adventure. Many hitching posts were good to remember, but the next mileposts were what he was after.< Less
Jackie By Sam Newsome
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Jackie chronicles the life of a young man born to misfortune. As a child he is labeled as mentally challenged. He suffers an abusive home life and the torment of bullies at school. Soon he is judged... More > uneducable and relegated to homeschooling that is no more effective than the classroom. He is left without a formal education. Thirteen years later he is reunited with an old classmate, Jimmie, who is now a recent college graduate. Circumstances reunite the old acquaintances when Jackie’s mother becomes ill. Together they discover that Jackie has a secret ability and enormous untapped potential. That ability enables the friends to discover and expose deeply seated local government corruption and create a future for Jackie. Friendship, luck, and Jackie’s special talent are the springboard that propels him on a journey to fulfill his destiny.< Less
Rough on Rats: The Trials and Tribulations of Buck Steichen By Bob Riepe
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Buck Steichen is doing his best to endure the tribulations that accompany living in rural Minnesota during a time of drought, insect infestations, and other hardships. Buck eventually finds happiness... More > with Ellie Eberling, and in July 1874, he marries her, purchases farmland, and builds a house. It seems Buck has realized the American dream—or so he thinks. Rough on Rats is an epic tale of a family’s struggles in rural Minnesota as they do everything in their power to survive amid trying times. “The book captures your attention immediately and holds your interest throughout, wanting to find out what happens next to Buck. I think we can all relate to those who try so hard, only to be beaten down again and again.” —Vicky Anderson,Otter Tail County Historical Society “I really enjoyed it. I actually found it easy and fast to read. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next.” —Mary Pfeffer, East Otter Tail County Museum< Less
OMA: A Divided German Family Emigrates to Utah Seeking Renewal By Bruce N. Bell
Paperback: $19.99
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Bruce N. Bell was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1935. After two years in the US Navy he graduated the University of Utah 1962. He spent 15 years in radio followed by 35 years in advertising. He... More > lives a contented life with Judy his wife of 52 years.< Less
The Debaters By Barth Hoogstraten
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History has defined Erasmus and Martin Luther as the two most influential thinkers in pre-Reformation Europe. Through their revolutionary words and writings, they shook the very foundations of... More > Western society. But who were these men? One was born a bastard child of a priest and his maid and rose through academia to the high society of the kingly courts of Europe. The other rejected the life his father planned for him as a prestigious lawyer and instead entered a monastery to pursue his own spiritual path. In this remarkable book, author Barth Hoogstraten goes beyond the limitations of dry historical texts to transport the reader into the final days of medieval Europe at one of the most crucial turning points in history. The reader meets many of the most influential men of the time - from popes and kings to great philosophers and corrupt indulgence sellers - while gaining fascinating insight into two of the most brilliant minds in history.< Less
Home Is Where Your Boots Are By Kalan Chapman Lloyd
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(3 Ratings)
"... begs for a sequel. – Kirkus Review “...entertainment reading at its best.” - Midwest Book Review  “Old habits never die. They just get harder to... More > justify.” Heartbreak. Home. Gunshots. Former small town girl turned big city lawyer Lilly Atkins has tidily checked off her adult to-do list. Prestigious law degree Flourishing career Designer wardrobe Well-bred fiancé In a moment of cliché, her list gets whipped out the window. And run over a few times. So she heads home to Brooks. Where the creek is cool and the gossip is always hot. With nothing better to do, Lilly sets up shop to work off her broken heart. Before the paint can dry, her former flame, Dr. Cash Stetson, shows up requesting representation. For his divorce. Two new clients involve a possible negligent homicide and the desecration of human remains, both cases stemming from the local hospital. Run by Cash. When her not so unrequited love’s wife turns up dead, Lilly begins to wonder if the former bad-boy is up to no good.< Less
Chattanooga Girl By Dottie Coakley
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Becca Collins is a pistol, as they call such an irreverent, outspoken, and independent woman in 1976.  As an outreach worker to migrants and seasonal farm workers who toil near her adopted home... More > in upstate New York, she simply wants to do her job well - but fierce devotion to her clients is precisely why she’s in danger now.   Quite by accident, she stumbles across a gruesome murder. Becca is now the target of threats and violence from those who would keep their actions secret. Alone and afraid, she welcomes Jack Hightower, a highly regarded football coach, into her life. In his company and with his support, she dares to dream of love and life beyond the terror of these frightening days.   Four decades later, not much has changed for the three-and-a-half million migrant farm workers who labor unsafely in America’s fields. Then and now, children as young as ten (and many younger than that) are allowed to work to help feed their families.< Less
God Is a Dog: Lost and Found in Paris By Michelle A. Gabow
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Every morning, perched at Le P’tit Douai, her favorite Paris café, American playwright Michelle A. Gabow soaked in the inspiration-rich palette on parade before her. In particular, her... More > observant soul quickly fell in love with the graceful Parisian ladies and eccentric street artists accompanied by their unforgettable canine companions. A mélange of fiction and nonfiction, Gabow’s stories celebrate the elegant relationships between these women and their dogs, the secrets these partners so faithfully keep, and the tenderness of separations.   To honor these unique friendships is to revel in Paris life.   The Pink Lady is a fashionable woman in her pale-pink wool cape, gray sparkly stockings, and two-tone shoes, who travels with Sinatra, a small dog that only she can see.   Adrian, a twelve-year-old girl uprooted from her home in the States, befriends Chien, an abused neighborhood dog of unknown gender who ignites Adrian’s own gender issues.  < Less
Big Sky pb By Sharon Farritor Raimondo
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Big Sky is the story of the McCloud family living in the Sandhills of Custer County Nebraska. It follows the lives of a hard-headed Irishman, his staunchly Catholic wife and their children as they... More > fall under the lengthening shadows of the Great Depression, illness, infant death, crushing poverty, and their determination to overcome. Not only does the patriarch endure mysterious seizures and health problems, this family faces apocalyptic challenges. The focus is on John — an 8-year old when the story opens — the eldest brother to a brood of hungry mouths and a scrappy fighter, struggling to survive. John is a young warrior, seemingly born to battle the world around him.< Less
Ambush By David Hess
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DEA Supervisor Von Crocker has never liked dead bodies, especially since he served in Vietnam. Even though it is now 2003, the mere sight of a corpse propels Crocker back into his memories when he... More > was a teenager coerced into participating in a drug smuggling operation with his superior officers, never realizing the impact this experience would have on his future. As Crocker travels back in time, he recalls stumbling through his early days at the DEA—until a fellow agent involved him in an investigation that Crocker hoped would finally bring closure to the guilt related to his choices in Vietnam. But as present day events lead him out of his memories, Crocker’s personal demons complicate a drug bust resulting in the questionable killing of a dealer. Now only time will tell if he can gain control of his future, before it is too late. In this suspenseful tale, a DEA supervisor and Vietnam vet trapped between the past and present must open old wounds in order to find answers, healing, and resolution.< Less
Coffee Time By L. Shadows
Paperback: $15.00
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Zuri Bazé is wise beyond her years. She loves her family with all her heart. She is sworn to secrecy after learning intimate stories about the females in her family. As she pieces the stories... More > together she realizes that the women in her family are one of a kind. Her journey over the years prepares her for sisterhood.< Less
The Common Hours By Tina D. Stephens
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(1 Ratings)
In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1888, the lumber industry is turning ordinary citizens into millionaires. John and Mary Richardson and their daughter, Sarah, live a privileged life on millionaire row.... More > It’s one week before Sarah’s fourteenth birthday when Mary is caught in an affair with the local minister. Change is happening and Sarah is powerless to stop it. Mary returns to a forgotten past where she hopes to find resolution. Sarah loses everything familiar to her when her father moves them to a small village in the north wilderness to escape the Williamsport gossip. It is a year that will change them in unexpected ways.< Less
The Color of Death By Curtis Walling
Paperback: $8.95
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Dean Nygard is that blond, athletic California teenager that seems to have everything going on in life. Everything, that is, until at age 15 he watches his mother die of breast cancer. Three years... More > later when it seems life is back on track, a second tragedy, this one of his own doing, devastates his life again. Follow along as Dean’s life goes wildly off the rails and we are left to wonder how we would ever survive what Dean is facing . . .< Less
Sophie By Jennie Sargam
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Sophie Banks has worked hard for what she has: top of her senior class in high school, gainfully employed, and hopelessly in love with the handsome Eric Lawrence. With graduation a mere three months... More > away, Sophie’s life is on track until a family brawl turns her world upside-down. Between being exposed as having a less-than-ideal home life and faced with a principal who is fed up with her antics, Sophie is forced to live with a guardian, the strictest teacher from her parochial school, Ms. Brooke Jennings. Balancing her new life while hiding her old, Sophie is overwhelmed. On one lonesome drive home she’s involved in a life-changing car accident. Brooke’s loyalty through it all has Sophie seeing her guardian in a whole new light—as the mother she desperately needs. If only Sophie can get the rest of her family to feel the same. When Brooke moves in, love and loyalty will be tested, but will Sophie get the happy ending she’s fought for?< Less
The Sidewalk By Barbara Brunk Sharkey
Paperback: $17.99
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Madigan Gardner's life is about to be upended by two brothers from a small Pacific island who work their artisan magic not only on her old, broken concrete, but also on her heart. Emotionally frozen... More > since the unexpected deaths of her parents five years before, Madigan's life has become routine and joyless. Enter Obie and his younger brother James, who, with their island ways and decades of life experience, use a ribbon of sidewalk to change a neighborhood into a community.< Less
Vox 2014-2015 By Jennifer Chen, Sarah Werner
Paperback: List Price: $12.76 $6.38 | You Save: 50%
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This compilation features short fiction and poetry by tenth-grade students at Rye Country Day School, an independent school located in Rye, New York. The work was produced in the context of English... More > 10 and English 10 Honors sections taught by Jennifer Chen, Sarah Werner, and Dick Pike in the 2014-2015 academic year. We hope you enjoy the read!< Less
Nightmares & Daydreams By Wilson Prep Class of 2019
Paperback: $5.87
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This is a story anthology written by the 8th Grade class of Wilson Prep. Each student wrote a story in a genre of their choice; either SciFi/Fantasy, Crime/Mystery, Love/Romance, or Horror/Scary.
The 13th Cup By Kenneth Bonnell
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Follow an early Christian family as it navigates the early Christian world of Roman rule. Follow the generations of potters and vintners with their daily living activities and their travels from... More > Israel to Spain and on to the New World with the conquistadors. The family is sworn to protect and preserve the 13th Cup down through the generations. Learn of its adventurous journey to its final resting place.< Less
When a Red Bird Flies By Karen Evancic
Paperback: $21.95
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(5 Ratings)
It’s 1954 and Lillie’s hard life has led to this: abandoned to a lonely hospital bed, ripped away from anything that matters to her. As her disease fully embraces her, she befriends a... More > young nurse named Elizabeth who helps her find a way to face her awful past and protect those she leaves behind. On the other side of the country, Catherine believes she has broken free of her squalid Kentucky farm roots and moved on to life in a big city. But through all of life’s twists and turns, and even as love gives Catherine a second chance, she wonders if she will ever fulfill her deepest longing.< Less
Pioneer Post 2015 By Lauren Smith
Paperback: $8.50
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The literary publication of the English Division at Delta College in mid-Michigan. It features fiction, poetry, and essays by Delta students.
The Good Man's Son By Alexander Rebelle
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $10.50 | You Save: 30%
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John Dumont is the first independent presidential candidate to ever have a commanding lead in the polls by mid-October of an election year. With nearly sixty percent of the voting population behind... More > him, he arrives in Boston both for the final presidential debate of the campaign and to visit his son. But as the actions and the choices of his son abruptly become the focus of attention across the country, John finds his campaign in the midst of a crisis and his lead in the polls begins to shrink more and more with each passing day. In order to win the election, John will have to take control of the situation, but can he do it without damaging the bond that he shares with his family? John must choose to either interfere with the delicate balance in the newfound happiness of his son’s life, or do something that would seem impossible: convince the public to accept his son just as he has. John is a father that would sacrifice anything he has for his son, but will it cost him the election?< Less