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Big Momma Didn't Tell Me! By Darlene Greene
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Big Momma Didn't Tell Me is a cautionary tale about life, love and relationships. A legacy that was passed down to her daughters and granddaughters, perpetuated a cycle of "blind... More > obedience. This book is a time capsule that spans more than five decades. It chronicles the story of Ella Mae King (Big Momma) and the trials and tribulations of the women in one southern family who never understood what love really was. A story about a family legacy of giving in to your man no matter the consequences, that is handed down to the young women, generation after generation-- like fine china and cherished heirlooms. It's a legacy of control . . . of abuse and death. Big Momma Didn't Tell Me will make you laugh; sometimes it will make you cry. In the end, it is my hope that ultimately it will make you think-- about your choices, about love, and about relationship safety. Because "what you DON'T know CAN hurt you!"< Less
Bangles and Broken Hearts: A Tale of Sticky Situations, Lust, and Heartbreak By Tamia Gore-Felton
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Lyric and Melody Russo might be twins, but you’d never know – if they didn’t look exactly alike. Lyric is fed up of constantly being criticized and compared to her “Miss... More > Goody Two Shoes” sister. While she rides the rollercoaster of life, she battles with depression, jealousy and even questions her sexuality. Meanwhile, Melody is busy being everyone’s favorite and keeping her halo straight. While Lyric yearns for attention from her family, she barely graduates from high school. With her attention focused on the wrong things, she gets mixed up in some crazy situations. In the process, her shiny collection of gold bangles continues to grow. Although, very beautiful and spoiled by many lovers, Lyric remains unhappy. As summer comes to a close, Melody prepares for life at the university. On a whim, Lyric decides to apply to community college. Lyric’s life goes from bad to worse in a twist of events that will leave her heart severely damaged. Will the love of her distant sister save Lyric…from herself?< Less
Chattanooga Girl By Dottie Coakley
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Becca Collins is a pistol, as they call such an irreverent, outspoken, and independent woman in 1976.  As an outreach worker to migrants and seasonal farm workers who toil near her adopted home... More > in upstate New York, she simply wants to do her job well - but fierce devotion to her clients is precisely why she’s in danger now.   Quite by accident, she stumbles across a gruesome murder. Becca is now the target of threats and violence from those who would keep their actions secret. Alone and afraid, she welcomes Jack Hightower, a highly regarded football coach, into her life. In his company and with his support, she dares to dream of love and life beyond the terror of these frightening days.   Four decades later, not much has changed for the three-and-a-half million migrant farm workers who labor unsafely in America’s fields. Then and now, children as young as ten (and many younger than that) are allowed to work to help feed their families.< Less
Z By Peyton Pipher
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Just when the world thinks that there is nothing new or mysterious, a group of youth are discovered who have been born with super-natural abilities that will change everything that we have ever known... More > - or thought we knew. When "Component X" discovers a small group of kids who possess varied and unique abilities such s mind control and invisibility they immediately set out to contain and control them, even if it means destroying them in the process. "Z" takes you on a twisting and turning adventure as the glimpse into the lives of these young people while they struggle to stay alive and free in a world that is determined to destroy and control what it does not understand.< Less
Theo and Ria By Katherine Nora
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   Theo meets Ria in 1939, at summer camp on Cape Cod. One day Ria finds an historic bronze medallion given by English settlers to the Indians who helped them. She gives it to... More > Theo’s friend Casco, a hermit who lives in a wigwam in the woods. Casco has run away from civilization to live like his ancestors, the Indian tribe who once occupied the area. When Theo finds Casco dead, apparently murdered, and the medallion missing, he buries his friend there in the woods, then hides in the wigwam, trying to piece together what happened.  The mystery of Casco’s death becomes the enduring theme of Theo and Ria's friendship as the years go by. Searching for Casco’s murderer leads them through the Cape’s Indian and Pilgrim past, into the world of art and antiquities, and ultimately to some shocking revelations. < Less
Open By Michelle Farrell
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Open is a novel based in the 1880’s. Set in the South, crossing borders, the daughter of a slave becomes enmeshed in mysterious pieces of an entangled web of love, friendship, and murder when... More > she decides to leave her mother for a better life. Will her faith be enough to pull her through the difficult times?< Less
Literary Traditions: A Reader for English 1302 By Roy Bearden-White
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A textbook reader for Dr. Roy Bearden-White's English 1302 classes at South Plains College. This is the print version.
Have We Possibly Met Before? And Other Stories By Susanna Piontek
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A collection of seventeen intriguing and mind-bending short stories that appeal to readers of crime stories and detective novels, parents of children, lovers of life, letter writers, dentists, and... More > any one in between. The author, Susanna Piontek, was born in Bytom, Poland and immigrated to Germany in 1965. She earned an M.A. at Bochum University, specializing in language pedagogy research, history, and American studies. After working at the University of Saarbrücken for several years, she completed her education as a broadcast editor at a journalism school. Her works have been published in book form, anthologies, and magazines in Germany, the U.S., Israel, and Albania. Since 2006 Piontek is living in the United States as a freelance writer.< Less
Stephanie's Diary By Lloyd Williams
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Stephanie grew up in a dysfunctional household. Her mother, a former model, became a slave to drugs and prostitution when Stephanie was only ten years old. She didn’t think twice about putting... More > her children in harm’s way, especially her daughter. She even loaned her daughter to "clients " in exchange for drugs. Attempting to turn her life around, Stephanie moved out, ready for a new beginning, full of promise. But the demons from her past would not allow her to live peacefully. Starting over was a concept that Stephanie came to know all too well as she struggled to survive her senior year while floundering in a world of cruelty and violence. She yearned to turn over a new leaf, but wondered if she could ever escape the past and leave her childhood horror behind her.< Less
Forgiveness Will Set You Free By Loli Alvarez
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Human Resiliency: the ability of the human spirit to "heal" from traumatic experiences. In 1943 Hitler and his Nazi army were in the midst of enacting their plan of cleansing Germany of... More > the non-aryans which included those that were Jewish, the "Gypsies", Jehovah's Witnesses, the physically disabled, those married to non-aryans and all who were against Hitler. Auschwitz was the largest death camp during this time. This novel is set during this time, when Human Resiliency was tested often. Through the perspectives of the two main characters: Kurt and Ilsa, the novel captures the resiliency of the human spirit as they face the traumatic experiences during this time period. The role that love has in fueling the resiliency of the spirit; both the loss of love, and being surrounded by it.< Less
Big Sky pb By Sharon Farritor Raimondo
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Big Sky is the story of the McCloud family living in the Sandhills of Custer County Nebraska. It follows the lives of a hard-headed Irishman, his staunchly Catholic wife and their children as they... More > fall under the lengthening shadows of the Great Depression, illness, infant death, crushing poverty, and their determination to overcome. Not only does the patriarch endure mysterious seizures and health problems, this family faces apocalyptic challenges. The focus is on John — an 8-year old when the story opens — the eldest brother to a brood of hungry mouths and a scrappy fighter, struggling to survive. John is a young warrior, seemingly born to battle the world around him.< Less
The Life and Times of Halycon Sage: The Last Book Ever Published By Karima Vargas Bushnell
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HALYCON SAGE, founder of the post-modernist minimalist neo-symbolist pseudo-realist school of literature, has voluntarily disappeared. The author is hoping to save the world, but has also run away... More > from the Mail Pile. HALYCON SAGE, whose origins, identity and whereabouts are all mysterious and who may be a Native American male, is about to meet some odd characters: petulant critic Basel Vasselschnauzer, confused genius Alexander Preisczech, a Gypsy, assorted gang members and secret agents, and a shadowy figure of evil. HALYCON SAGE has a faithful equine companion, No-Name Stupid (the original “Horse with No Name”). But even with Stupid’s dedicated assistance, can the great quest succeed? And will "Boo Radley Goes Hawaiian" ever be written?< Less
All That Glisters and Other Stories By Pat Lynch
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Pat Lynch’s work, with its astute social consciousness and reporter’s sharp eye, tunes us in: to language with its revelations and betrayals, to subtexts, to nuance, to irony. Her... More > characters engage us emotionally; her stories peel away the layers with humor and great humanity. Lynch is funny the way that Lear’s fool is funny: she tells the truth. She is (as the teenage Dustin Blake would say in “Hand-Me-Downs”) a “hella good” writer. —Susan Kelly-DeWitt, author of The Fortunate Islands Pat Lynch’s work is a pleasure, especially if we define pleasure as delivering a world and a sensibility toward it that always rings true. Her most interesting characters are outsiders, people who find ways to live (and sometimes prevail) both inside and on the margins of society. She has a fine ear for their language, and a complicated sympathy for the situations she places them in. —Stephen Dunn, author of nineteen books of poetry and prose, including Different Hours, winner of the Pulitzer Prize< Less
Meet Me Under the Bed By Patty Szerlip
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Meet me Under the Bed is a work of fiction inspired by real people and events in the author’s career as a psychiatric nurse. It is written with great affection for the patients and staff behind... More > locked doors in behavioral health units. 
A young schizophrenic woman, who would only talk to staff from under her bed, inspired the title.< Less
The Striker By Luis L. Tijerina
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Tijerina’s frank portrayal of comradeship caught in the inexorable sweep of war in “Sunrise in East Prussia” glows with an intensity unrivaled in modern literature while his... More > description of the fights between soldiers in “Heat and the Cornfield” can stand next to the great moments in literary history like for instance Hemingway’s “A farewell to arms”. It is the gloriously pragmatic, unpredictable genius of Tijerina’s narrative gifts and his vigorous style that makes these intellectually playful stories - about love and pain, loyalty and desertion but even so about soccer and photography- unforgettable. I think of Tijerina as the great modern descendent of Alberto Moravia. - Michiel Dockx, Master Degree in Economics and Diplomacy from the University of Antwerp Brussels, Belgium< Less
Vapor Trail: A Novel of Living A Life At Its End By Richard S. Rasmussen
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Life is short in every case, but when the nearness of its end came tearing through the day-to-day, William Petersen was left with questions which his life had not explained. Seeking wisdom in the... More > solitude of mountains, he began his life again. What he learned was that life’s answers rarely match up well with questions asked by men.< Less
Lost in Providence By Joyce Raskin
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Lost In Providence is a half graphic novel of thirteen short stories about art, muses, tat- toos, fashion, art school, fame, failure, creativity, adventure, passion, desire, horror, and life in the... More > city of Providence, Rhode Island. For artists, muses, lovers of art, and people with an artistic sensibility for adventure and risktaking. Don’t get lost in Providence—you might never leave.< Less
A Bargain With Hecate: 5 Short Stories By Jim Gardner
Paperback: $3.00
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Delivery: A germaphobe rushes home from an odd encounter in the store only to find the real monsters are already inside. A Bargain with Hecate: The sun vanishes over the valley when three mysterious... More > trees appear. One by one, the village leaders begin to die. Only a pagan who speaks a lost language may hold the key. The Forgetters: One act of passive revenge has very aggressive consequences. Chevelle: An eccentric, old veteran remains on the ground level while everyone else opts for the new sky pods that promise luxury, convenience and pleasure. One of his lofty neighbors suspects the old man harbors dark secrets from the war. Red Bird, Blue Bird: A southern Illinois gothic tale. Josiah staggers down a dirt lane in search of something he lost. Signs both real and imagined warn him of what he may lose when he stops to help a lost old timer.< Less
Words in a Book By Michael Ireland
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(2 Ratings)
short, often absurd stories with comical situations and metaphoric use of language. Insightful and thought provoking details of the imagination.
Desert Blooms II By Judy Cicero
Paperback: $8.88
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The second annual anthology of prose and poetry from Desert Writers of Las Cruces, New Mexico
My Paperback Book By T.A. Pace
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When 37-year-old Melanie is challenged to find a mate by her overbearing mother, she finds herself in a relationship that pushes her sexual boundaries, and in a place like Sin City, that can be a... More > precarious ride. An homage to Erica Jong’s Any Woman’s Blues, The Opposite of Love is a psychological/sexual ride through Las Vegas and its local sex scene as experienced by two lovers who will test each other’s ability to accept them as they are, as well as their own ability to accept themselves.< Less
A Selection of Nine Stories By alan w greenwood
Paperback: $7.50
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This is a book of nine short stories all previously published except for one collected here for the first time.
Tales of Whimsy By Stacie Sugioka
Paperback: $5.99
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Herein lies four quirky stories of unexpected heroes. Jebediah, the Unlikely Hero, and the Three Plagues of the Kingdom is about a coward who must confront a dragon and grapple with an ogre before... More > finding a happy ending. Super Human is a short piece about designer babies created by genetic selection. The Fortune-Maker is a short story about a girl who struggles to find something to believe in. Fink Naggat and the Giant's Toe is about an adventurer of tiny proportions who has adventures of grand proportions. This book is not intended for children or adults, but rather for anyone who would like to hear a story, regardless of age. This book is illustrated by the author.< Less
The Opposite of Love By T.A. Pace
Hardcover: List Price: $34.95 $26.21 | You Save: 25%
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When 37-year-old Melanie is challenged to find a mate by her overbearing mother, she finds herself in a relationship that pushes her sexual boundaries, and in a place like Sin City, that can be a... More > precarious ride. An homage to Erica Jong’s Any Woman’s Blues, The Opposite of Love is a psychological/sexual ride through Las Vegas and its local sex scene as experienced by two lovers who will test each other’s ability to accept them as they are, as well as their own ability to accept themselves.< Less
Ambush By David Hess
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DEA Supervisor Von Crocker has never liked dead bodies, especially since he served in Vietnam. Even though it is now 2003, the mere sight of a corpse propels Crocker back into his memories when he... More > was a teenager coerced into participating in a drug smuggling operation with his superior officers, never realizing the impact this experience would have on his future. As Crocker travels back in time, he recalls stumbling through his early days at the DEA—until a fellow agent involved him in an investigation that Crocker hoped would finally bring closure to the guilt related to his choices in Vietnam. But as present day events lead him out of his memories, Crocker’s personal demons complicate a drug bust resulting in the questionable killing of a dealer. Now only time will tell if he can gain control of his future, before it is too late. In this suspenseful tale, a DEA supervisor and Vietnam vet trapped between the past and present must open old wounds in order to find answers, healing, and resolution.< Less