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Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #16 By Black Fox Press
Paperback: $14.00
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The Summer 2017 Issue (#16) of Black Fox Literary Magazine featuring new fiction and poetry.
Clerestory CHEAP EDITION By Michael Rose
Paperback: $9.66
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Compiled by Michael Rose for use at Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Denver Writes Summer Camp 2017 By Denver Writes
Paperback: $6.00
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Founded in 2009, Denver Writes is a 501 (c) 3 tax-deductible nonprofit. Our mission is to provide young writers with a supportive community and creative opportunities to express themselves through... More > writing. We offer monthly workshops, expeditionary summer camps, and afterschool programs to fit all types of young writers.< Less
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If This Be Treason: Benedict Arnold and George Washington’s Spies By J. Kenneth Metz
Paperback: $9.99
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It is 1777 and Benedict Arnold is a hero. Although famous for his victories over the British during the War of American Independence, Major Arnold is unhappy. Forced into single fatherhood and... More > distraught that Philadelphia has fallen to the enemy, it is all Arnold can do to stay sane. But he has not yet met Peggy Shippen,. After Arnold and Shippen marry, he has no idea that she has eyes for British spymaster, John André. But when Washington’s spies, the Culper Ring, eventually uncover a conspiracy by the Arnolds and André to hand over the West Point fort to the British, American patriots immediately brand Arnold’s defection as treason—while the British and some Americans see him as a patriot. As the fates of Peggy and her two men hang precariously in the balance, now only time will tell how history will label each of them. In this historical tale, three fascinating characters in America’s history personify the maxim that one man’s traitor is another man’s patriot.< Less
The Devil is a Liar By Mistry Troutman
Paperback: $12.99
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I don’t know when it happened, I just know it did. At that moment breathing became almost impossible. As the room got smaller, all the weight from my shoulders shifted to my chest. I felt my... More > neck and chest getting wetter as the tears flowed continuously and unchecked. The burning in my chest increased. I prayed for the heart attack to come and take me out instead. That way, I wouldn’t have to explain. That way, my family wouldn’t have to lie about it later and say that I had been diagnosed with cancer. That way, escape from shame and humiliation would be a certainty. But after a while the burning stopped and was replaced by sharp stabbing pains.....Order now to read more< Less
Blessings In Disguise By Austin Hadley
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Sixteen-year-old Alan Greene has to cope with some sudden changes when his life seems to take a wrong turn. Thankfully, he can count on his family, friends, and Heavenly Father to help him through... More > his struggles and adventures. Alan learns that blessings can be found in many unlikely places. He and his friends also learn about the values of diligence, perseverance, and cooperation.< Less
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ALLEGORY OF MALAD CITY By Ruby Campbell Stroschein
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In 1986, on a high-mountain desert in southeast Idaho, the takeover of bank assets unleashes carnage not seen here since the Battle of Bear River in 1863. Rebekah runs from her abusive husband only... More > to find herself embroiled in tragedy and the pain of her past when she returns to Malad City to attend her mother's funeral. Six months later, her four-generation family bank is in receivership by FDIC, leaving over six-hundred destitute borrowers, most of them farm families with no resources to plant and water their spring crops. Rebekah and her sister, Molly, fight to save their Welsh community only to face retribution and excommunication by their errant church leader who is buying up the assets being liquidated by FDIC. As in the Battle of Bear River, the question remains: who pays for the carnage and bloodshed in this sedate Mormon community under siege?< Less
Anastasia’s Book of Days By Cindy Maynard
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From the vestiges of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe to the creation of the nation we now know as Germany, the life of Anastasia Burkart reflects the momentous changes sweeping across her beloved... More > Black Forest homeland. As the oldest of several children, Anastasia takes care of her younger siblings, particularly when her mother struggles. She must grow up quickly. At the age of nine, her parents give her a leather-bound book of days, in which she may write what she sees, thinks, and feels. And as time goes on, she tells the story of her life—that of a never-wed mother of three in a conservative Catholic society. Hers is a story filled with strife, hardships, and love, spanning most of the nineteenth century. Based on Anastasia’s purported diaries, this novel presents her life story, turning a family genealogy into the flesh and bones of a real woman who passed the family name down through the generations.< Less
Mr. Sparks By John Wendel, Peter Wilm
Paperback: $7.00
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Texas. 1980s. Somewhere that's not Austin. Jerry Sparks finds himself alone, off the drink, and on the meds. He steps out one day to have a word with that goddamn Parker kid about some noise he's... More > making, and loudly, from a Peavey amp. And then there's the matter of the Bennett kid and a Polaroid picture. Halloween is right around the corner.< Less
Southwestern Stories & Tales of the Oil Field By alan w greenwood
Paperback: List Price: $12.99 $12.34 | You Save: 5%
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This anthology is a collection of stories about the oil field and the southwest compiled from the work of Alan W. Greenwood. Tales inspired by Greenwood's various careers: the media, oil field, and... More > studies of the Southwest.< Less
Messenger of Christ By Daniel Jean-Louis
Paperback: $14.88
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An insider plot is hatched leading Congress to vote on the impeachment of the president of the United States, George Fitzgerald. Both good fortune, and unspeakable tragedy befall professor Samuel... More > Does, his wife, and their two dynamic children. Through a two-centuries-old letter we learn of the Doe families slave-owning past, one man’s journey from bigotry to redemption, and a miracle that is predicted to occur at the conclusion of a trial. In a Southern courthouse, a crowd has gathered to witness a miracle, believing a murder trial that is underway there is the trial written of in a letter from centuries past. Ethan Black, a successful new York city lawyer volunteers as the accused defense attorney, based on unique knowledge that he alone possesses. What further revaluation will this mysterious letter bring? Will justice be served, or will the accused get away with murder? Will the presidency of the United States be usurped? Will the entire world witness a miracle as predicted in the letter?< Less
Whither Thou Goest: A Life in Pomerania By Karen Kressin
Paperback: $14.95
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Boys and girls come of age in the rural Prussian province of Pomerania, experiencing the joys of Christmas, harvest time fun, and other activities and celebrations in the early Nineteenth Century.... More > Based on a true story and grounded in historical and cultural research, the focus is on Maria, who faces life with dignity in the face of scandal. Enthusiasm for emigrating to the New World is spreading across the region, and people are sharply divided on how to respond. The Prussian army is being strengthened, and young men are swept into war. It has been a period of advancing progress for Prussia, but the citizens experience harm as well as benefit from the changes. This is a tale of courage and struggle, infused with hope and redemption. Illustrated with 14 black and white drawings based on historical research, and a map. A short novel, set in large print for easy reading.< Less
Placement: The First Book in The Divisional Order Trilogy By Abby Elise
Paperback: $17.49
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Mason Murdock lives in a country called The Divisional Order (TDO) where he begins his first year of a three-year-long, government-run aptitude test, called Placement. Mason’s direct family... More > link to TDO’s government almost guarantees Mason a Placement in the highest position in TDO politics—Prime Leader. But why should Mason run a country he absolutely hates? Why should he be forced to condone the death penalty for “imperfections” as simple as asthma or crimes as little as jaywalking? But if Mason doesn’t become Prime Leader, he’ll be placed into one of his home division’s careers, by request of his parents. He would then become a plumber or an architect, which he finds agonizing. His desire is to become a lawyer and fight for justice in a place where there is none, but is that worth disappointing his family?< Less
Machiavelli Rage By Ylond Miles-Davis
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Two unlikely lovers, Devora and Lazarus, have been banished from a region near Memphis, Egypt, for mixing races and cultures. After their request to hypnotize ancient clans backfires when tribal... More > priests respond with a magical rite, they embark on a pursuit to free Lazarus from the form of a futuristic dog that soon leads them into the midst of supernatural warfare. After they arrive in Oakland, California, to conduct business with powerful forces, a pregnant Devora and Lazarus soon realize that their unusual experiences are just the start of a shocking chain of events instigated by ancient customs and vampires. As they are unwittingly separated, Devora is led to others enslaved within dark supernatural regimes and an extraordinary ally and the new world’s first Egyptian vampire, Julius Florian. Unfortunately, he has a rival determined to end all that is normal. Will she and Lazarus ever be reunited?< Less
Ciicothe’s Seven Rivers: (Ciicothe’s Neeswathway Theepay) By J.R. Johnson
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It is 1963 when a half-breed twelve-year-old from Ohio decides to follow through with a daredevil move that leaves him injured and at the bottom of a sand pit. A short time later, after his rescue,... More > the boy recovers in bed—a captive audience to another one of his Grandma Wick’s stories. With an Indian smoking pipe firmly wedged between her teeth, Grandma Wick leads the boy back into the 1800’s as she spins this fascinating tale about a Shawnee Indian girl and her life with her people. Ciicothe worked as a slave and abolitionist who eventually assimilated into the white world while displaying an unending love for her family. With additional insight from his Grandma Lu, the story ultimately reveals dark, long-held family secrets that include a shocking revelation about the first assassination of a United States president. Ciicothe’s Seven Rivers shares the tale of a half-Native American boy whose grandmothers weave the legend of a Shawnee woman that ultimately unveils his lineage and dark family secrets.< Less
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Madras to Manhattan By Prema Sastri
Paperback: $8.99
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Madras to Manhattan speaks to the challenge of maintaining one's sense of self when confronted by a different culture. The story, about a young Indian studying in 1950's New York, deftly engages the... More > reader in the struggles to remain true to one's family values while simultaneously living in a new and exciting world. All who have left their family to live in a new land will recognize Ramu's story, and cheer for him to grow into his own person.< Less
The Glimpse Gift By Mary Van Milligen
Paperback: $20.00
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The Glimpse Gift is a witty, romantic, and emotional tale of a young woman with a slight gift of foresight, an unusual connection to the past, and a mission to help those that cannot help themselves.... More > The clever and guarded Hope Dempsey has lived most of her life with the power to see two minutes into the future during emotionally poignant moments, but as she matured, so did her strength in seeing the unbelievable. On New Year’s Eve, at the age of 26, she meets the first of a succession of saints sent to her to mend a present-day issue reflective of that particular saint’s own journey. With the help of friends in heaven and a handsome local antique dealer, Nathan, Hope humorously and trustfully dives into her divine mission.< Less
13 Ghostly Tales and Yarns of the Navesink River: Where History and Folklore Collide By Patricia Martz Heyer
Paperback: $10.00
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13 Ghostly Tales and Yarns of the Navesink River reveals this very confrontation. Although we call them tales, each story is based on actual events from our local history. Through the years these... More > historical accounts became meshed with oral legends and paranormal accounts shared by locals. If you dig deep into the local archives you can find the seeds of each and every tale. With such a rich and colorful history the region’s folklore bears such unexpected encounters as a phantom ship and sea serpents. There are specters of lost soldiers and glimpses of a cruel slave owner’s ultimate punishment. There is a war fought only on our river, a house that floats across a river, and a valley where settlers feared to travel. There is even an elegant Victorian party that goes terribly awry and a report of a local ghost with a police record. The collision of history and folklore creates savory reading. So sit back and relax and enjoy some of the many ghostly tales and yarns of the Navesink River.< Less
Shelter By Marissa Chibas
Paperback: $8.00
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SHELTER by actor-writer Marissa Chibas is a powerful story of those who cross borders and those who try to find a way to make their dreams come true. SHELTER is a CalArts Center for New... More > Performance/Duende CalArts production. The production had a workshop performance at CARECEN LA then premiered in April of 2016 at Lincoln Park and was presented at the Kennedy Center for Millennium Stages in June 2016. This publication is part of NoPassport Press' Dreaming the Americas Series.< Less
Caridad Svich: The Spanish Golden Age Plays By Caridad Svich
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
THE SPANISH GOLDEN AGE PLAYS collects three playful, spirited, go-for-broke adaptation/translations by US Latina dramatist Caridad Svich of comedies by Maria Zayas de Sotomayor, Lope de Vega, and... More > Calderon de la Barca. These three plays - A LITTLE BETRAYAL AMONG FRIENDS, THE LABYRINTH OF DESIRE and THE MONSTER IN THE GARDEN - play fast and loose with issues of gender, sexuality, and identity and shed new light on works from Spain's golden age of drama.< Less
Journal of the Albert Camus Society UK By Camus Society
Paperback: $17.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
The 2009 journal of The Albert Camus Society UK. The Albert Camus Society was founded in 2005 and can be found online at
Eyes and Ears: An Anthology of Melodies for Sight-Singing By Benjamin Crowell
Paperback: $10.58
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Eyes and Ears is a book of melodies for use in practicing sight-singing. It currently contains about 400 melodies, arranged systematically for education. So far, I've concentrated on assembling a... More > body of relatively easy material that would be sufficient for the first semester or two of a college-level musicianship course. There is a small amount of didactic text, but if you're going to use the book for self-instruction, you'll need some background in basic music theory, and preferably access to someone knowledgeable to provide guidance. For more information, see the book's web page at .< Less