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Journal of the Albert Camus Society UK By Camus Society
eBook (PDF): $10.94
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The 2009 journal of The Albert Camus Society UK. The Albert Camus Society was founded in 2005 and can be found online at
Timely Persuasion By Jacob LaCivita
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What did Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and my sister have in common? They were all my friends, and they died. Timely Persuasion follows an anonymous music critic on a quest to save his sister from the... More > relationship that ended her life. After a chance encounter at a bowling alley leaves him with the ability to travel in time, our hero uses his musical knowledge to “blink” through the years attempting to keep the couple apart by any means necessary. But is her husband Nelson really to blame? Along the way he launches a new folk rock star, accidentally restructures his family tree, and crosses paths with the likes of Huey Lewis, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and Billy Joel. Reliving past events through the eyes of his younger selves, he soon finds that correlation and causation are not always what they seem. This story of death, life, love, and rock 'n’ roll defies genre conventions while paying tribute to the classic time travel tales that came before it.< Less
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This is the story of a light-skinned black boy living in rural Kansas in the summer of 1960. He must overcome inter- and intra-racial prejudice and a town racially torn and divided since his... More > father's teen-aged exploits in the town, so that he can follow his dreams of adventure and exploration to attain his own brand of freedom in the world.< Less
Island Peoples By Vaughn Ohlman
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They say that coming of age is a difficult time--even for princes. Perhaps especially for princes. Sixteen year old Seth was already worried about suddenly becoming the heir apparent in a country... More > torn by war, learning the language of every race on the planet, getting betrothed to some girl he didn’t even know, the daughter of his father’s greatest enemy. But to be kidnapped too? And why was he so dizzy all the time? Island Peoples is the first book in the Island Peoples series, and is followed by Come the Day; also published on Lulu.< Less
With Sacred Honor By William T. Johnson
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Solomon is a Stockbridge Indian in an English mission town in the mid-18th century. He spends his youth learning trades, immersing himself in the life of the woods, providing for his fellow... More > villagers, and becoming adept at bridging white and Indian ways. He courts the beautiful Catherine, only to have her vanish from his life just as their love begins to blossom. Then, the outbreak of hostilities between the English and French completely upturns Solomon's town and his world, and he is suddenly thrust into the role of scout for Hobbs' Company of Rangers. With Sacred Honor follows Solomon and his companions as they trek through the wilderness of North America, fighting the French and their Indian allies. They stand together against death, mayhem, and a crazed and murderous British officer. Johnson's engaging tale resonates with authenticity; the realities of life in colonial America come alive, and the reader is drawn into a universe of smoke and gunfire, courage and cowardice, romance and redemption.< Less
Tiempo Robado (Stolen Time) By Agustin Cebada
Paperback: $9.95
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Tiempo Robado (Stolen Time) by Agustin Cebada Refer to introduction.
Always Room for One More By Dorthy Knouse Koepke
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Always Room for One More is the second collection of short stories written by Dorthy Knouse Koepke. Her wonderful stories capture her life raising 10 children on a Nebraska farm.
Listen To My Kaleidoscope By Robert J. Moore
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LISTEN TO MY KALEIDOSCOPE is a collection of extraordinary fictional stories inspired by extraordinary real people. Author Robert J. Moore welcomes you to indulge in these life altering tales of... More > love, family, life, hope and dreams. A man will stop time for love. A soldier will make a journey with Jesus. A man will forget love to find love. A guy will return home to claim a lost love. A man will travel back in time to learn lessons in order to survive today. A woman will live the worst day of her life. An old friend will travel around the world to fulfill a promise. A teacher will learn the most valuable lesson. Grandchildren will attempt to discover a love long lost. A husband will confess to his wife. A man will have his world turned upside down. Slaves will stop for love. A prince will search for his princess. A girl will learn what family is. And a young girl will hold onto her dreams. 20 stories dedicated to the gift of life. Smell a rainbow. Taste a song. Listen To My Kaleidoscope.< Less
Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch: A Sort-of Memoir by a Teacher Who Writes By Andy Hueller
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Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch isn’t exactly a memoir. It doesn’t capture teacher and author Andy Hueller’s life, which wouldn’t make for an exciting plot. It does, however, attempt... More > to capture his point of view. His stories, sometimes told as poems, grow from what he sees, hears, and experiences every day. These are the short pieces Hueller wrote alongside and for his students during five school years. (During this same five-year span, on school breaks, he was writing Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle, Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth, and How I Got Rich Writing C Papers.) If you love Hueller’s books for children and young adults, accept this ticket to a world populated by a superheroic janitor, talking fifteen-foot babies painted on the neighbor’s garage, an angst-ridden dog, and the world’s most spectacular wife.< Less
Prism By Carolina Ramirez Bertling
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German-born American, Peter Klaus Henschel trained to serve as a US Air Force pilot, but instead, he is recruited to become a spy. Blackmailed by a corrupt secret service Colonel, Peter is forced... More > to accept the post of double agent to save his honor. His undisguised contempt for the war profiteering Colonel earns him a vicious enemy. Like a man trapped in a glass prism, caught between the American and the Nazi sides, Peter, now known as Günter Acker straddles the middle, helpless to claim his former identity or the girl he left behind. Will Peter lose his identity, his best friend Andy, and Laurie the girl between them…or is love stronger than war? Prism, the author's second novel, honors the memory of her German-born husband, Peter Claus Bertling in a fictional story based on his experiences during WWII.< Less
Bridget's Home By Katie M. Hill
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"All I ever wanted was a home. A wee home..." Following their eviction from an English-owned tenant farm, Moira and Barnard Culligan’s search for a home takes them far from their... More > beloved Ireland to rooming houses by the Erie Canal and servants' quarters, railroad camps, and crowded tenements in Worcester, Massachusetts. Throughout their journey they raise children, face down the "Irish Curse," and contend with the prejudice of nativist Yankees who fear the destruction of democracy at the hands of "Papist" Irish newcomers. Overcoming bigotry, backbreaking work, illness, and loss, the Culligans' resolute experience of survival in 19th century New England is a story that still resonates in today’s America, as 21st century immigrants— like their Irish predecessors— similarly struggle for acceptance in their newfound homeland.< Less
On Her Own Two Feet By Brenda's Child
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Desiree has been running all of her life from heartache to abuse, from abandonment to shame, from herself... to nowhere. In the sequel to the best selling novella Despite Everything, Desiree Cruz has... More > left her physically abusive, cocaine-addicted boyfriend and her long time job of exotic dancer to begin to her journey of self-acceptance and self-love. In order for her to move forward with her future Desiree must first make peace with her tormented past, which began right in the house where she was raised. Through with being the victim, Desiree is ready to chase her dreams. She is on a mission of redemption and for the first time in her life, to stand grounded…on her own two feet.< Less
Change Happens By Jacinda Brizeno
Paperback: $6.00
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Learning to live in a world that you have to make the decisions yourself and where only the strong servive
Pheramane By Jeff Crawford
Paperback: $19.00
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In the swamps of central Florida during the late 1800's the residents were much as they were everywhere else, there were good people, bad people and worse than bad; but they all had one thing in... More > common, they were all going to die at some point. Something watched and waited for one of these deaths to occur. This would not be a normal death because this was not an average run of the mill human, this was Leander Timms and he had been called to a higher purpose. The Maxwell family were the worse than bad alluded to earlier with the exception being the youngest of the family, a girl child named Trudy. Trudy had among others, the misfortune of falling in love and being loved by Leander Timms. Their feelings for each other started a series of events in motion that had been foreseen for perhaps centuries. All men must face their maker when the shadows of this life finally close in around them, but not everyone takes the same path to that inevitable moment.< Less
Plucked Again! By William D. Rouse
Paperback: $9.99
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A highly original tale of a man given a second chance at life with the guidance of a talking chicken. A bump on the head sends Jackson Fitzroy, known as Flanker, into a temporary amnesia. But all... More > is not lost: As the owner of a chicken broiler house, he now has the companionship and assistance of MAC, a talking chicken, the most ancient spokeschicken. MAC, who has the uncanny ability to not only advise Flanker but also read his mind, carefully helps him piece together the details of his life. As his attachment to MAC and the others grows, Flanker learns more about the tragedies he had been running from before he hit his head, and he begins to understand how he can save himself, his marriage and his future. Told in a sardonic style, the well-paced story has flashes of comedy with surprising turns of insight.< Less
The Women's Den By Elizabeth g. Arthur
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“What's the difference between love and lust?” Louise slid some photographs across the bench. Her eyes dashed all over the man's images. Her fingers followed. “This is lust,... More > Chris.” Five women, living in a coastal holiday town, are at crossroads in their lives. Beneath their public faces lie fears, ambitions, truths, secrets. Gradually, their paths cross. Unlikely friendships form. Conformity is challenged. Brave and outrageous behaviour ensues. And one woman's final fate is sealed. There are risks you can't afford to take and there are risks you can't afford NOT to take.< Less
Chi-Chi's Song By Sandra Lowen
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Chi-Chi's Song is the story of a six-year-old girl's journey on the ‘Trail of Tears’, the march of five Native American tribes from their homes to the newly-acquired and largely unsettled... More > lands west of the Mississippi River. Treachery, deception and betrayal forged the way that would lead to the uprooting of thousands of people unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time of America’s Western Expansion. Prejudice and the fever for land and gold gave the American government the final impetus to take with impunity that which others already had; and regard, largely with indifference, the Natives’ suffering as their own ‘fault’ for being non-White and less powerful. But this book is intended neither as an indictment nor as an official documentation. It is merely a historical semi-fiction: the story of a little girl’s happiness and fears, her life and death, and how she finally received the song that allowed her spirit to rest happily in the spirit lands.< Less
Zelo's Secret By Caroline Pero
Paperback: $24.00
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Zelo's Secret is a fictional tale of a revered bird who describes for his grandchildren the secrets of his past-an exciting, dangerous and sometimes violent world of racing bird, warring felines and... More > the relationships that bind them.< Less
Lies of the Forgotten By Ciera Michele, Ciera Nichele
Paperback: $15.99
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Looking back into the past can be deadly. Sometimes what looks good is actually poison and not every lie is intended to be bad. London Jackson has to find out who she really before she loses her... More > life. Fooled by the people closest to her she must find out the lies and truths of her past. Between a husband, lover and child that she never knew about she has to get answers fast before she loses her mind. Secrets unfold and lives are lost as she journeys down this rabbit hole to reclaim her life. Will she survive her past in order to gain a real future? Or will she stick with the existence that has come so easily to her? London has some big decisions to make for not only her well being but for her loved ones as well. For every choice she makes other life has to be lost.< Less
Robin’s Journey By Luisa Wey
Paperback: $11.99
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Even though Charlie is doing very well in school, he can’t wait for summer vacation at his grandparents’ farm. Charlie confides to his grandfather that he’s been having some... More > problems with his friends from school. That’s when grandfather shares a special fable—Robin’s Journey, a life-changing tale about a little bird who finds himself in search of a place to call home. After a tragedy, Robin moves to a new community where he grows from an outsider to a leader, loved and respected by all but one bird: Chaim. Realizing that change is a constant, Robin finds the best way to deal with the unexpected as well as the conflicts that arise with Chaim and the other birds. Throughout his journey, Robin learns and teaches valuable lessons, from using emotions in an intelligent way to working in a team. As Charles gets to know Robin, his own life takes unexpected turns. Robin’s Journey narrates an amazing story of the search for the most precious knowledge of all.< Less
The Knights in Shining Spandex By Emily Bentz
Paperback: $18.99
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(4 Ratings)
The Johnson brothers were just a bunch of kids from Brooklyn. There was Cooper, an unsuccessful inventor, Matthew, a cocky basketball player, and Elliot, an innocent high school freshman. After they... More > stumble upon a mysterious murder connected to some weird glowing goo, they find that they aren’t quite themselves anymore. But when a real threat arrives in New York City, they soon realize that their new hobby is more than just a spandex suit and some fangirls on the side.< Less
The Chest of Drawers By Dorothy Edgington
Paperback: $18.99
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THE CHEST OF DRAWERS is the poignant account of pioneer life in the 1880’s. Although the characters and the plot of this story are pure fiction, the time and the place are not. They are stark... More > reality. Edgington’s grandfather was one of a small group of Swedes who settled in northern Maine. They were pioneers. They cut down the trees. They built log cabins. They plowed the land and they planted potatoes. Life was hard in Aroostook County. When Edgington researched their story, she uncovered an overwhelming picture of deprivation and hardship. But the settlers were a hardy stock. They survived. Some flourished. All had a story that needed to be told. This is Matilda’s.< Less
Consider the Night By Paul Maurer
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He fought in a war. He loved a woman. He fathered a son. Then he sought the happiness he believed was a birthright. But the horrors of Vietnam and a life of discontent leave a scar that transforms... More > him into a recluse in an unforgiving land. When a natural evil, a return from the past, and an unexpected arrival clash in the Wisconsin northwoods, a new path is set before him. It is then he is given one last chance for absolution. CONSIDER THE NIGHT is an unforgettable story of friendship, family and the redemptive power of forgiveness.< Less
-Worlds Apart- Ruination By Amanda Thome
Hardcover: $24.95
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Ruination is book One of Amanda Thome's young adult dystopian trilogy. 'What if everything came down to a single test? If your life was defined at seventeen, could you handle it? Could you accept... More > your fate leaving the ones you love, or would you risk it all and stay?' One test stands between Vanessa and Central. One chance to make the leap across the walls to a better life. At seventeen, Central considers Vanessa an adult. Her labor role, marriage, and housing divisions will be dictated by her performance on the leap. Dedication and unfaltering friendship has bonded Vanessa to Garrett as they fight for their chance to leap into Central. But what happens when love overtakes reason? When defiance in the name of love creates an unintentional fracture in their nation. Without warning Vanessa is at the mercy of the nation that’s supposed to protect her. Exiled and abandoned she must fight but she find’s she’s not alone. With her heart divided she seeks her revenge, but will her stand be enough?< Less
Tampa Heat By Ray Spengler
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Doctor Benjamin Dalton has always been plagued by severe headaches, but given several recent strange occurrences concerning his Tampa, Florida, home and wife, those physical pains newly pale in... More > comparison. Being a psychiatrist, he knows he should never let mere suspicion take over his life, but even with what little evidence he has, he’s soon convinced that either something or someone purely evil is out to destroy both him and his family. Then the unthinkable happens and Anne Dalton becomes desperate to learn who or what her husband has become, and just who or what is sleeping in their bed.< Less