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Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812: Sonya Alone By Dave Malloy
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Piano/Vocal Score D Major, Mezzo D4-D5 Based on Tolstoy's "War & Peace"
It’s a Lackluster Life: On the Road with an American Teen (Paperback) By Paul Conley
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Jillian is an average fifteen year old in a New York suburb who gets the bright idea that she wants to take a road trip to discover America. Because she doesn't drive, she must enlist a chauffeur,... More > her father, to take her on her journey. Throughout the journey the travellers learn of America as well as each other. The book reaches for the spirit of Kerouac and the wisdom of Steinbeck, through the lens of a modern American teen.< Less
Warning Miracle By John Klee
Paperback: $14.87
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What do an Ohio State quarterback, a robotics engineer, and a Columbus taxi driver all have in common? Find out in John Klee’s new novel, Warning Miracle. Read a complete description of the... More > book at The Warning has been predicted by visionaries around the world for the last 40 years. An interior illumination of conscience of all people on Earth -- all occurring at one time. The Miracle will occur after the Warning at a small town in Northern Spain on a date known only to one woman. Dexter Griffith is a robotics entrepreneur leading the high life who meets Thad Rankin, a taxi driver with an interesting background. Cheryl Hoffman is a food scientist with man problems. Kevin Conaway is an OSU quarterback who is unsure if he can keep a promise he made to his girlfriend. The lives of all four people will become inextricably linked as they rush toward the fulfillment of End Times Prophecy. Not what might happen. What will happen. An End Times novel...first of the RIGHT IN FRONT series.< Less
The Dreamer By Luis Aira
Paperback: $14.00
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(4 Ratings)
Slim is a homeless old timer who still loves life. He lies helpless under an apple tree when he notices a young man sitting next to him. The stranger has an air of joy and purity about him that... More > accompanies an off season scent of apple blossoms. This peculiar fellow with no name has no recollection of his identity or the world around him. So Slim tells him to pick a name and after giving him a few tips sends him off pointing out that in this life “you have to be somebody.” And so “Apple”, as he calls himself, departs into a brand new world. On his journey he soon discovers human beings are amazing creatures capable of making their dreams come true and starts wondering who dreamed him. What follows is a wondrous trek through the nature of what makes us human in search of the one who dreamed us. “The Dreamer” is an imaginative and inspirational fable that delivers the reader a sense of belonging to the universal dream we call life.< Less
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A fictional story of a young boy who gets started and excels in music through a near-romantic relationship with his eighty-two-year-old music teacher. It is a feel-good story with good lessons about... More > youth and growing up. Readers of any age can enjoy this story.< Less
Brief Encounters By Boston Stranglers, Richard Newman
Paperback: $22.71
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An eclectic mix of short stories and poems from Yorkshire
Quiet Lightning on the Noisy Mountain By Otep Shamaya
Paperback: List Price: $17.99 $16.19 You Save: 10%
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(2 Ratings)
This is the FIRST edition of complete short stories EVER released by Otep Shamaya. Be the first to read experience them! The pages here were collected from various blogs, essays, magazine articles,... More > and tour journals (published and unpublished) OTEP has scribed over the years. These writings represent the various arms, identities, faces, voices, spiritual uprisings, intellectual cleansings and wild language that exist and are cultivated within the astral stratum of her ever-spinning mind.< Less
Clown White By Lane Rockford Orsak
Paperback: $14.95
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Sheppard Schulek has spent his entire life trying to find what it feels like to be “normal.” He lives with the difficulties of having an abusive father, celebrity mother, sexual abuse,... More > and his struggles to find personal peace in a lifetime journey of travel and search. We follow Sheppard’s path through the university experience, to Mexico, Europe, Japan, entry in to his professional world, a first failed marriage to a coffee heiress, and finally—in the most unexpected way—he finds his redemption.< Less
Hotel Damascus By Vincent Gordon
Paperback: $12.95
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Existential voyage of a young African American Creole who finds himself in Damascus, Syria in the summer of 1995, where he is drawn into an intriguing underworld of politics, spirituality, romance... More > and magical realism until he has an epiphany.< Less
Pen to Paper By Ms. Chen's English 10 & 10 Honors Classes 2012-2013
Paperback: $10.34
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This special annual features original fiction and poetry by Ms. Chen's sophomore English students at Rye Country Day School, an independent school in Rye, NY, just north of Manhattan. The... More > publication is priced at cost. We hope you enjoy the read. Contributors: Sofia Aklog, Jonathan Arroyo, Sophie Beshar, Harry Brant, Sarah Brodwolf, Sophie Brown, Annie Canning, Luke Cappellano, Henry Carroll, Nathalie Chan, Justin Chun, Vincent Conn, Kathleen Curtin, Liam Dalton, Sydney Doroff, Jonathan Faxon, Kyle Halloran, Michelle Haut, Karri Hay, Jack Hughes, Harrison Lee, Yana Lee, Robert Leva, Daphne Mandell, Malcolm Nash, AmberRose Nelson, Hailey Nicholson, Triston Ortiz, Thomas Patricola, Thomas Ragucci, Emma Santucci, Nathan Spring, Twyntia Thompson, Max van Paasschen, Derick Wallace, Austin Weber, Kate Weiss, Julia Wiener.< Less
Lord Spencer: The Case of Matthew Sterling By Heather Hutsell
Paperback: $20.95
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Meeting young Aya Hauke was enough of a fortunate happenstance for Matthew Sterling. But when he introduces Professor Sterling to the Czar's mysterious and beautiful daughter by way of a very special... More > commission, the astounding surprises quickly multiply. The once quiet life of this Professor of Sciences and Engineering will never be the same. Book Two in The Case Files Series< Less
Veteran In A New Field By W. H. Payne
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In 1866, after service with the Irish Brigade in the Civil War, Seamus Delaney arrives at a famous and luxurious Catskill Mountain resort. He is under orders from his employer, the shadowy... More > Secretary, to "rest." He soon finds that far from enjoying a rest, he is immersed in the murderous conflict that gave rise to the War and which persists in a tortured Nation.< Less
Secrets of the Big Bush: A Novel By Rhonda Lewis
Paperback: $21.50
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Racial pressures in Oklahoma cause young Willie Edgerston's parents to migrate to Liberia. From Monrovia, the nation's capital, he witnesses the hostile relationship between Americo-Liberians and... More > tribal communities; learns a dark secret of the Transatlantic Slave Trade from a mysterious 166-year-old eyewitness; risks life and limb when the Germans bomb Monrovia in 1918; escapes from wild animals and violent villagers. He journeys to an unknown ancient city and on to the subterranean habitat of Divine Mother Africa; participates in a mind-blowing coming of age ritual; witnesses a 1,000-year-old warrior priestess’s departure for the afterlife, and more…< Less
I Love Him, He Loves Me Not By Adenike B. Lucas
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Love is an all consuming feeling. It rushes over you and holds you within its folds. Embracing you... tormenting you... controlling you. Love-- the worst emotion you feel. Meet Valley Rain De'Amore.... More > A young eager woman ready to start new at Union University, and unwillingly involved with a young man named Ramses, who has swept her off her feet. Unfortunately, Ramses is dating her beautiful bombshell of a best friend, while Valley is left to wonder what it would be like to be with him. Ramses is everything Valley could ever want in a man, but he won't be entirely hers until she gets rid of the one person who stands in the way of her eternal forever. When it comes to her lover, Valley is unpredictable and ruthless. Read, "I Love Him, He Loves Me Not" to find out if the man of Valley's dreams will be hers in reality.< Less
Sign On at Sunrise By Steve Newvine
Paperback: $8.00
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A young boy is captivated by the image of Elvis during the 1968 television special. He spends his teen years preparing for a dream job as a disk jockey. He works at a local station while going to... More > college in the 1970’s, learns some life long lessons about the broadcasting business, and meets some unforgettable characters who touch his life in special ways. For three years in the mid seventies, the young man signs on the AM radio station to inform and entertain his listeners. In the novel from the author of Growing Up, Upstate and Grown Up, Going Home; the decade of the seventies is the backdrop to the changing world around the main character. The decade of the seventies was about Watergate, disco, the oil embargo, higher inflation, and self introspection. Relive the excitement of Elvis' TV comeback special from 1968, and experience the day when fans around the world learned that the king of rock-and-roll had passed away.< Less
Runners By Dion
Paperback: $19.36
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Three boys with special skills. They must use these skills to help a friend dying of a deadly illness. There is a cure to her condition and it belongs to a pharmaceutical company called Orion Group.... More > To get it, they must steal it. This burglary could save their friend's life. But it also can possible change the path powerful war mongers at Orion Group has put the world on. A path of destruction.< Less
On Her Own Two Feet By Brenda's Child
Paperback: List Price: $17.95 $14.36 You Save: 20%
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(1 Ratings)
Desiree has been running all of her life from heartache to abuse, from abandonment to shame, from herself... to nowhere. In the sequel to the best selling novella Despite Everything, Desiree Cruz has... More > left her physically abusive, cocaine-addicted boyfriend and her long time job of exotic dancer to begin to her journey of self-acceptance and self-love. In order for her to move forward with her future Desiree must first make peace with her tormented past, which began right in the house where she was raised. Through with being the victim, Desiree is ready to chase her dreams. She is on a mission of redemption and for the first time in her life, to stand grounded…on her own two feet.< Less
English 1 Short Story Project By Jennie Morris
Paperback: List Price: $9.99 $8.49 You Save: 15%
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A collection of short fiction stories written by high school students with an introduction by young adult author Jenna Black.
Fishbones By Jisuk Cho
Paperback: $29.95
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In a world where the school day ends and target practice begins, Ferris walks the fine line between average teenager and criminal accomplice, facing both the challenges of youth and the grim... More > consequences of being best friend to the youngest son of the hometown mob.< Less
2014 June Vol. 6 By Pure Slush
Paperback: $13.00
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Vol. 6 in Pure Slush's 'A Year in Stories' ... 30 authors (as June has 30 days) continue to spin their tales of drama, desperation and dogs across the arc of June.
Tomorrow By G.S. Bullen
Paperback: $9.99
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The sixth book by G.S. Bullen, a short story placing the reader in the beginning of the 22nd century, Tomorrow redefines and gives a new perspective to what human nature and humanity are as the story... More > asks whether the struggles and issues with society and humankind are environmental and self-induced or unavoidably part of our roots in existence.< Less
CASSIE MARIE, the play By Shirley Burke Oaks
Paperback: $16.50
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This play is about Cassie Marie. It takes place in Roselea Gap, it starts with the death of Pearl, Cassie Marie’s white lover and ends with her mother’s final attempt to save Cassie... More > Marie’s black soul. Cassie Marie longs to be a good christian girl, however the opportunities are few in Roselea Gap for a woman of color, even one that tries to hide her color with face powder. In the center of this human tragedy is a young white girl named Shirley. She quietly watches the people around her and finds a different path that will stay with her always.< Less
The Greatest Human Vice By William F. Jack
Paperback: $24.50
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What happens when characters from Russian novels tread upon the life of an American professor of Russian literature? What if the Devil from "The Master and Margarita," leads them, and what... More > if, just as in the book, Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate discuss the greatest of sins? What if an idiot savant shows up at the professor's office door? What if amnesia blocks the professor's memories of all of this? What happens when the ending of this novel breaks your heart? Hasn't everyone been forced to read at least one book written by Dostoevsky or Tolstoy? This book speaks to them, but it also speaks to literate readers who have had no exposure to Russian literature. "The Greatest Human Vice" is an academic novel that is not written in an academic style, and, as in "The Master and Margarita," black magic elements alternate with comedy and "serious" themes and, of course, questions of passion and love and gender.< Less
Allegories of the Big Apple By Paul Conley
Paperback: List Price: $18.50 $14.80 You Save: 20%
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Fifteen short stories about the City of New York from author Paul Conley.
The Best Mistake He Ever Made By Jim Allen
Paperback: $21.95
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Boredom from retirement is lost on a day when two retired friends discover the horror of an auction where they have mistakenly bid on the wrong racehorse. But perhaps a hidden blessing might have... More > been planned, unknown to these horse lovers. God allows trouble to help us grow and with God, all things are possible. Join Jim and Norm and lady jock Vickie in the training of a wonder horse. Charlie and his trainer, Steve take the reader on a fantastic fairytale of an adventure.< Less