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American Ghosts By B.R. Nelson
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It’s the year 2453, and outer space utopia is everything the Jetsons promised it would be … and more. Technically, medically, and socially, the human race is at the height of its... More > existence, but that progression has come at a high cost, and Zackary Rines seems to be the only one who can see it. American Ghosts is the story of a group of young people who have spent their lives barely hanging on to the edge of modern society. Now at this crucial turning point into adulthood, they have chosen not to pull themselves up into the future, but instead to let go and dive into the unknown past. They venture into the lost world of their ancestors in hopes of finding out what it truly means to be alive, wild, and human.< Less
Dorm Room Secrets By Courtney Captisa
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Kenneth is excited to get an acceptance letter to his dream college, but is disappointed that it has been address to a girl! His parents assure him it’s a mistake, but he’s in for a... More > surprise when he’s later walking around campus wearing yoga pants. Throughout the ordeal, “Kaitlyn” must keep it a secret from HER roommate, friends back home, and new friends she makes around campus. Full length novel, over 90 pages! Adult themes and subject matter< Less
All for Holly By Valerie Hope
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David is in love with his wife, Holly. Unfortunately, their marriage is falling apart. When Holly leaves him, David feels his life is over. On a stormy night, David saves a car accident victim... More > from certain death and his life changes forever! The victim’s mother, a gypsy, grants David his wish to become his wife’s desire. Changes are now put in motion and David finds himself changing day by day into Holly’s perfect lesbian lover. Morphing into a complete vixen, David, now Brooke, embraces his new femininity and flaunts herself to men and women alike. Will the new changes lead to motherhood and more..? Is he willing to do it ALL FOR HOLLY? Full length story...! OVER 120 PAGES!!! OVER 35 ILLUSTRATIONS!!! Adult themes and subject matter< Less
Dubious By Meg Smith
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Historical Fiction set in WWII England and over the skies of Germany.
Prairie Girl By Alex Mitchell
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After an experiment to fuse a Marilyn Monroe lookalike with a transgendered alien goes horribly awry, Prairie Girl is banished to Earth by the brutal dictator Grandmaster Flash Gordon. Her mission?... More > To be the new messiah and bring peace to our troubled planet- after she becomes a movie star, that is. Her life coach? Showbiz Al Mitchell, who also doubles as her booking agent- introducing her to both Morrissey and Don Rickles. At last, the odyssey has begun!< Less
Warriors of Sirei By Alexandra Livingston
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The Goddess Vindica created Saithins in her image with flowing angelic wings and the ability to use magic. Now, over 800 years later, the Saithins are hunted down to the brink of extinction by the... More > humans led by Emperor Malum. The six Kingdoms are at his mercy. Zyan, the last surviving Saithin, is used to only looking after himself but after coming across a mute dancer which he saves from imperials, he is forced into conflict to ensure her safety. Trekking across Sirei, he and his new companion must battle dark enemies and make unexpected allies, all in the hopes of surviving. Will he live long enough to seize the day or will Emperor Malum succeed in eradicating every last one of the goddess' children?< Less
Big Sky pb By Sharon Farritor Raimondo
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Big Sky is the story of the McCloud family living in the Sandhills of Custer County Nebraska. It follows the lives of a hard-headed Irishman, his staunchly Catholic wife and their children as they... More > fall under the lengthening shadows of the Great Depression, illness, infant death, crushing poverty, and their determination to overcome. Not only does the patriarch endure mysterious seizures and health problems, this family faces apocalyptic challenges. The focus is on John — an 8-year old when the story opens — the eldest brother to a brood of hungry mouths and a scrappy fighter, struggling to survive. John is a young warrior, seemingly born to battle the world around him.< Less
Row Your Boat By David Coyote
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ROW YOUR BOAT, a novella by David Coyote, takes the reader on a dream-trek with Allen Oldham, an academician who finds himself on a spectactular voyage of discovery after his sleep patterns abruptly... More > change. With a courageous willingness to explore his own life and the world around him, Oldham dream-travels under the tutelage of a mysterious, inexplicably familiar to him, holy man. Through the Yucatan and Tibet, aided by artifacts, a psychotropic substance and ancient secrets, Oldham faces challenges that move him in and out of common consciousness, much like a meandering river takes one through a seemingly impassable jungle. The prize that awaits him is what all people seek, and every reader will want to take this journey with him to their own enlightening destinations. Beverly A. Jackson Poet, Writer, Painter, Editor and Author of "The Loose Fish Chronicles" (a memoir in stories)< Less
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Feeling Out of Shorts: A Collection of Twelve Short Stories By Matt Branham
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Twelve separate pieces jump inside twelve different and unique perspectives — some tragic, some humorous, some adventurous — in order to offer a glimpse inside the lives of things that... More > otherwise cannot speak for themselves. Here are twelve examples of letting go of fear and feeling into blank pages and painting a vivid picture of where one's consciousness lies in that moment, hoping to transport you someplace else the way it did me.< Less
Baseball...It's Just a Game By Cecil Hampton
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Based on my family's true stories and my own experiences, this fictional book demonstrates why baseball is so popular, and why it is such a wonderful game.
Road Tales By Ellen Behrens
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This newly revised 2nd Edition This edition of Road Tales includes the original seven stories from the first collection and a new, never-before published story featuring Walt and Betty Rollin,... More > retirees who travel full-time in their fifth wheel. In “Not Dun Yet,” the Rollins pick up a newsletter in an RV park where they’re staying, only to discover there’s much more going on than shuffleboard and pinochle. Read the newsletter yourself in the “R-U-Dun Yet?” story to see if you make the same connections to solve the mystery. In her review for Escapees magazine, Marcella Gauthier called Road Tales: Short Stories About Full-Time RVing a collection of “whimsical stories of the RV life told from many different perspectives… Ellen has a great sense of place, and her descriptive writing puts you right there. The variety of RVers is amazing… and it is easy to relate to them… This is a lovely book.”< Less
Tea Along the Front Range By Gloria T. August
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On a tea journey with old friends along the foothills of Colorado.
Flying Between Words - Contemporary Writers of Poland By Danuta Błaszak
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Editor of the book - Anna Maria Mickiewicz and Danuta Blaszak Editor of the series "Contemporary Writers of Poland" - Danuta Blaszak This new volume Flying Between Words published by the... More > Contemporary Writers of Poland is a unique anthology, a collection of poems, short stories and memoirs, dedicated to aviation. The writers try to go beyond the stratosphere, to look through the eyes of poetry – as pilots, as navigators. They approach alien planets that may evoke our fears but also allow us to question the mundane and ponder our existence. They go into a state of poetic weightlessness, which becomes a unique creative challenge. Many of the works in the collection refer to dramatic moments from history, in which – inspired by universal values – aviators played a significant and heroic role. Anna Maria Mickiewicz London 2015< Less
The Boys from Castle By Gloria T. August
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Boulder City and Louisville are threatened by striking miners. Wages are low, hours are long, and the whole northern fields are set to ignite...but hold onto your ten gallon, sit back, and have a... More > scratch and a chaw. You'll bust a gut laughing through your tears at this unusual version of the very wild might even recognize a relative or three...Meet Johnny Bautista, the sometime advocate for the miners; meet Sheriff Braniff who tries to keep order; meet Mayor al-Guilar, an aristocrat-cum-Westerner; meet Jimmy and Stalkin' Bear and watch them grow up; finally, meet Chase Wolf and Joey Romano, two cowpokes that became self-professed "Captains-a-Industry." Saddle up--yer in for quite a ride!< Less
Appearing to Study Particle Physics By Todd Mikosh
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Interrupted from preparing an article on particle physics, Dr. Jeremy Wraxtiorre attempts to explain the sociological and historical analysis of the development of the Quark Chromodynamics theories... More > in the 1960s. But the author didn't listen--instead trying to destroy the book being discussed. Dr. Wraxtiorre also attempts to explain the foundation of an investor’s economy, but fails to adequately concretize the description when his author falls prey to his lust for the female anatomy. The disrespectful antics get increasingly surreal as the author tackles, heckles, mocks and deconstructs other topics including Internet journalism, corporate values, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and transcendentalism. Includes “The Behemoth Saga,” several versions of the “Famous Desk Test” narratives, a selection of poems titled “The Pumpkinification of Brash,” and the controversial “Regressive Traits in Anal Hominids.”< Less
War of Rain By H. W. Vivian
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Fifteen year-old Miri lives in a desert village called Boreala, which competes with the city of Stratos for Rain – the equivalent of Holy Water. During a confrontation while gathering Rain,... More > Miri accidentally kills a citizen of Stratos, and unintentionally starts a heinous war. Now it is up to her to find the God of Rain, Kalono, and ask Him for an invention that can bring both peace and war before Boreala is destroyed.< Less
Last Look Back By Lara Sean
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On the eve of her college graduation, Octavia “Vie” Steele is thrust back into a world that she thought she left behind. To many, she appears to be a normal college senior with a future... More > of possibilities ahead of her. In reality, she’s a spy, a top member of S.E. a spy organization that only few know about, or at least that’s who she used to be. Four years ago, a botched mission in Switzerland forced her to question her loyalties and the people she thought she could trust. Now, hours before her graduation, Vie is forced to take a requalification exam to see if her spy skills are up to par. But, this is not a simple pencil and paper test and Octavia is everything but ready for it. With her past staring her in the face, Vie will need to make a choice. By the end of the night, she’ll need to decide who the real Vie is: the college student or the super spy. Of course, that’s only if she has what it takes to survive one of the most dangerous nights of her life.< Less
Miss Pumpernickel Bread By David Colosi
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“Soup is Served!” the call goes, and the reader finds Miss Pumpernickel Bread naked with a ladle serving an entire town from her bathtub. The final portion, which has been absorbed by her... More > body, she serves directly from her bladder into the bowl of a seven-year-old boy. Amidst a standing ovation, Kevin eats his soup, Miss Pumpernickel Bread dies and a legend begins. Kevin’s stomach becomes the site of a personal and social identity crisis that not only causes a lifetime of psychological indigestion but also captivates the media and bolsters the economy of newly named Souptown.< Less
Luke By George Davison
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From a childhood of playing cowboys and Indians, to an adult realization of the real-life working cowboy comes the story of Luke. Set in the Arizona high country, Davison takes the reader on a... More > journey down through the arroyos and up through the mountains of the old west in a way that tells it like it was. No Roy Rogers or The Singing Cowboy but the struggles and triumphs of a man earning his keep by riding, roping, and rustling.< Less
Judges, Rulers and One Angry Levite By Gordon C. Krantz
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This is historical fiction that presents the lives of the many judges of ancient Israel and the world in which they lived, wittten in the style of memoirs and autobiographies. It is built on the... More > information given in the Book of Judges and then expands their stories to examine what they must have thought and felt.< Less
Anything For Georgetown And Other Stories By Janell Meyer
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A Catholic schoolgirl with a racy past and a history of bullying meets the new guidance counselor at her school. Aware of her past, he makes her an offer she can't refuse: give up her naughty... More > lifestyle and agree to be punished HIS way, and he'll help her get into Georgetown University. The other three stories in the collection are about a lonely woman who places a personal to jump start her sex life. Will she find a man she trusts enough to fall in love with?< Less
Towards A Three-Dimensional Literature: Part I By David Colosi
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This book is the first essay in David Colosi's three-part work examining Three-Dimensional Literature as he applies it to literature, contemporary art, art history, and his own practice.
Hidden Roots By Joseph Bruchac
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"Hidden Roots" focuses on the greater impact that the generations of Abenaki that followed had to deal with. Readers will learn about the loss of identity, history and culture; lack... More > of self worth and fear that Abenaki people were feeling, and still feel today. Middle grade readers love to see life as "being fair", and will totally understand that life is not fair in this story. This is a book that should be read in every middle school class, so that this history will not be forgotten, and never be repeated.< Less
THE GARDEN By Claude Spence
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A man discovering who he is and the steps he must take to become who he is destined to be. He enters into his "Garden" and with the aid of the Keeper, and all Living Things, he comes to... More > realize how much is available and what must be done.< Less