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Sorority Pledge By Kannel
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Sneaking into the Sorority is not a good idea. Our Hero…um…I mean…Heroine learns that the hard way when he tries to sneak into the Sorority as part of a Fraternity prank. ... More > Oh...but it goes all soooo wrong once the girls get their hands on him…I mean her… If he wants to see what it’s like to be in a Sorority, well then he is going to become part of the Sorority. In fact he is going too be transformed into another very pretty, very sexy, Sorority Pledge! Sigh…might as well give in and enjoy the new life…! 18 GLORIOUSLY RICH PAGES! FULL SPECTRUM COLOR! Adult themes and subject matter.< Less
All for Holly By Valerie Hope
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David is in love with his wife, Holly. Unfortunately, their marriage is falling apart. When Holly leaves him, David feels his life is over. On a stormy night, David saves a car accident victim... More > from certain death and his life changes forever! The victim’s mother, a gypsy, grants David his wish to become his wife’s desire. Changes are now put in motion and David finds himself changing day by day into Holly’s perfect lesbian lover. Morphing into a complete vixen, David, now Brooke, embraces his new femininity and flaunts herself to men and women alike. Will the new changes lead to motherhood and more..? Is he willing to do it ALL FOR HOLLY? Full length story...! OVER 120 PAGES!!! OVER 35 ILLUSTRATIONS!!! Adult themes and subject matter< Less
Rise of the Phoenix By Dameon Gibbs, Corey Ballard
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Two Bodies: a Skilled Merc, and a Powerful Terrorist… Finding their connection is the responsibility of CIA Analyst Dante Tucker and Delta Force Operative Sgt. Nicholas "Edge"... More > Pierce. It quickly becomes clear that the murdered terrorist is simply the start of something far larger, a plan that intends to shake the foundation of America. The Heart of Miami is in Ruins… Destroyed by a new weapon, wielded by a mysterious organization. Tucker and Edge are on the hunt for those responsible before the next phase of this plan can be launched. But with each encounter they have to question are they the Hunters or the Hunted? In this game of cat and mouse that extends from the Everglades to the mountains of Oregon and the nation's capital itself, Tucker and Edge will stop at nothing to bring down those who are responsible!< Less
Inadmissible Evidence By John J. Thomason
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INADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE is a work of fiction inspired by an actual controversy between a German airframe manufacturer and an American defense contractor arising out of their efforts to win a US... More > government contract to build a remotely controlled drone aircraft. As a result of the dispute, the German company brought suit in the United States District Court in Texas alleging breach of contract, breach of a duty of good faith, interference with a prospective business opportunity and fraud.< Less
The Tattler's Almanac By Don Bliss
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As seasons march ever onward, stories of love, tragedy, loss, heroism, and faith transcend from private lives to public knowledge throughout every small town. Spend some time in Hilltown where the... More > folks are friendly, the trees have ears, and prattle is never out of season.< Less
The Junkyards of Memory By Bob Rozakis
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A message scrawled in blood on a magazine page sends a man in search of his long-lost high school friends. As the time of innocence he revisits turns out to be not what he recalled, he is faced with... More > reliving tragedies of his own.< Less
Supper with the McNaney's By Sharon Young
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This group of stories contains a variety in a style different from other short story collections. The last story is a novella. Some of the stories can bring the reader to tears. One, with a tongue... More > in cheek approach, may cause the reader to smile or even laugh. Others are mysteries and short essays. More than one story shows a great deal of irony. A few are nostalgic. One of the stories pokes fun at a store owner and another at an elementary school teacher. "Brothers" and "Progress" are very close to events that actually took place. The novella also has its basis in fact, but is fictionalized. A couple of these stories have been published in magazines. My Name is Sharon Young, but I was born a McNaney. I live in Chapel Hill, NC and studied writing at Duke University.< Less
Yemaya's Daughters By Dane Figueroa Edidi
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Inanna Au-set Oya, a trans-woman, priestess, and storyteller with deep connections to the goddess, emerges from a province in Africa untouched by colonialist hands to find a world twisted with... More > misconception and pain. She and her sisters choose to go forth and correct the imbalances found by ushering in an age of love and worth. Maryam, mother of Jesus, holds fast to her convictions, when from tragedy is born a new god. Without sisters, or guidance for her choices she finds a world under roman foot and is determined to create a spiritual revolt that will create ripples for ages to come. Yemaya's Daughter’s tells the tale of two different women with one goal in mind: how best to change the world without losing themselves in the process< Less
The Melting Point: Transcultural US Short Stories to 1923 By Emily Ravenwood
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This collection gathers stories from a variety of US subcultures, inviting the reader to ponder the connections and conflicts between them. From long-standing canonical authors to newly recovered... More > ones, each story in this volume marks another intersection of cultures in the ‘melting pot’ of the United States. The introductions of each story shed light on the complexity of experience that produced each one, and invite the reader to consider whether a cultural melt is possible or desirable, and what forms that melt may take.< Less
The Inheritance_2.0 By Ruth Lutnick
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Almost all of the genetic material you inherit from your parents is thoroughly mixed together to create the person who is uniquely you. It can be used to link you to living relatives, but it... More > can’t tell you much about who your ancestors were. One intriguing exception—and the whole basis of genetic genealogy—is mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which a mother passes on, generation after generation, to all of her children . . .< Less
Bartleby Snopes Issue 13 By Bartleby Snopes
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Bartleby Snopes Issue 13 features stories and artwork from 27 authors and artists, including the 5 finalists from our 6th Annual Dialogue Only Contest. Issue 13 brings a great variety of fiction and... More > art from new and established authors such as Beth Adamour, Ean Bevel, Carrie Brennan, Elizabeth Brown, Heather Clitheroe, Leonora Desar, CS DeWildt, Kelsey Englert, Steven Foutch, Chris Fradkin, Thomas Gillaspy, Gabrielle Hovendon, Leanne Merritt, Amy Morris-Jones, Bertram Allan Mullin, Maria Pinto, Christina Qiu, Stephen V Ramey, Dan Reiter, Nina Sabak, Mike Sauve, Kari Strutt, Mathangi Subramanian, Daniel W Thompson, Valerie Vogrin, Sorrel Westbrook-Wilson, and Kathleen J Woods. Visit us on the web at< Less
Revelator Book 2 The Hate Culture 2nd Edition By William Control
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The terror of eradication, the destruction of morality, the dying yells of the Man I have become and here I've made my choice. My decision to fall head first into oblivion. Fuck redemption. Fuck... More > lucifer. Let the syringe and bottle be my guide. Drowning in my hate for the Culture that surrounds me.< Less
Ladies Delight By Patricia M. Goins
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Turning Ladies Delight into a successful female singing group has always been Kacess’ion, Tabitha, and Sabrina’s dream. The girls believe they’re finally on their way to fame and... More > fortune when Tyrone Davis, the owner of Showdown Productions, signs Ladies Delight to a recording contract. However, things start to get shaky when the very handsome Tyrone Davis decides he wants Kacess’ion to be his new woman and plans to make her the star of the group. Will Tabitha and Kacess’ion’s lesbian love affair survive Tyrone’s advances? Can Sabrina handle being in Kacess’ion’s shadow? Will the authorities find out who’s been sending Tabitha death threats before it’s too late? The price of fame and fortune may be more than Ladies Delight bargained for when jealousy, greed, lust, and betrayal threatens to tear the group apart. Hold on to your seat as The Love House saga continues.< Less
The Love House By Patricia M. Goins
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Melissa Moore, Katrina Young, Barbra Hamilton, and Tabitha Stevenson all have one thing in common; they're all running away from abusive men, and currently reside at The Love House, a domestic... More > violence shelter for battered women. Life at The Love House isn’t always easy as these four women from different walks of life learn to live together under the same roof. Karen Smith, The Love House manager, soon realizes she has her work set out for her. Not only does she have to deal with all the different personalities at the Love House, but she also has to manage her unruly sixteen year old daughter Linda Marie, who continues to be defiant and her oldest daughter Kacess'ion who she's just discovered is bisexual. Karen strives to help the women of The Love House evolve from victims to survivors, while trying to maintain her own home. Unfortunately, she soon learns that no matter how hard she tries, it’s impossible to save everyone. For more books by Patricia M. Goins visit< Less
The Best Mistake He Ever Made By Jim Allen
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Boredom from retirement is lost on a day when two retired friends discover the horror of an auction where they have mistakenly bid on the wrong racehorse. But perhaps a hidden blessing might have... More > been planned, unknown to these horse lovers. God allows trouble to help us grow and with God, all things are possible. Join Jim and Norm and lady jock Vickie in the training of a wonder horse. Charlie and his trainer, Steve take the reader on a fantastic fairytale of an adventure.< Less
Jailbait By Barbara Kasey Smith
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Emily, a maturing teenage girl, lives in a small town in the hills of West Virginia. Her dad is a coal miner and money is scarce in their family. In fact, the entire town suffers for the same reason... More > – a lack of money and just enough to make it from paycheck to paycheck. Being born into a family of poverty has caused Emily to be bitter with her family. She’s so self-conscious of being poor that she actually becomes ashamed of her family and her home. She constantly daydreams of running away from home in hopes of finding a wealthy life. One morning Emily has a terrible fight with her mother. She leaves out the door in a rage without saying goodbye. On her way to school, as she approaches the forks in the road, she decides to run away from home. This decision drastically changes Emily’s life… She finds herself a prisoner in a world of torture and sexual abuse with a constant desire to go back home, only to realize she is someone's "jailbait." Can Emily get herself out of this mess and come back home?< Less
Saving Our Stories 2014 By Centenary United Methodist Church Music and the Arts Ministry Writing Class
Paperback: $7.00
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"Saving Our Stories" is a collection of work compiled from writers during a series of writing classes at Centenary United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The classes are... More > part of the church's Music and the Arts Ministry.< Less
God Is a Dog: Lost and Found in Paris By Michelle A. Gabow
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Every morning, perched at Le P’tit Douai, her favorite Paris café, American playwright Michelle A. Gabow soaked in the inspiration-rich palette on parade before her. In particular, her... More > observant soul quickly fell in love with the graceful Parisian ladies and eccentric street artists accompanied by their unforgettable canine companions. A mélange of fiction and nonfiction, Gabow’s stories celebrate the elegant relationships between these women and their dogs, the secrets these partners so faithfully keep, and the tenderness of separations.   To honor these unique friendships is to revel in Paris life.   The Pink Lady is a fashionable woman in her pale-pink wool cape, gray sparkly stockings, and two-tone shoes, who travels with Sinatra, a small dog that only she can see.   Adrian, a twelve-year-old girl uprooted from her home in the States, befriends Chien, an abused neighborhood dog of unknown gender who ignites Adrian’s own gender issues.  < Less
Hemipenes The Tale of Two Weenies By Vicki Oonk
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This book was written in fun and is about a leopard gecko named Billy. It's based loosely on a story told to me by my son but mostly an embellishment. Because it was so funny, the story had to be... More > written and shared by others.< Less
Migration from Boys to Men By Mervis Brown
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This story is about men in a family who have lived through various life challenges and have triumphed to stand as mentors and a true testament to the endurance of the human spirit to achieve and... More > succeed regardless of the odds. The Matriarch of the family Ezekiel life started being separated from his mother because of property. He was sent to live with a relative a uncle his mother’s brother who mistreated him but the young boy had a gift which was realized by a caring Teacher who with the help of a caring Man from his community and his wife gave him a better chance at life they took him into their home and under their care and love Ezekiel grew from a boy learning how to be innovative, responsible, capable, and respectful with unequaled intellect and wisdom he became a king among men. His story provides the foundation for a sequel about his son who experienced life I with new challenge he thrives to overcome them and make his father proud as he migrates from being a boy and to a man.< Less
Letters From Me, To No One By Patience Williams
Paperback: $15.99
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"Letters From Me, To No One" is a collection of drafts written by me at age nineteen, and to no one in particular. During this age I experimented with various styles of writing, such as... More > prose, poetry, and vignettes. For the most part, these works are categorized in the order of which they were written.< Less
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“Second Time, Round Two…”, clarifies more of the challenges to opening up and taking leadership in maintaining changes in life, as well as being true and inspirational in a much... More > more creative way. This novel gears toward expressions, feelings, and laughter, remembering only the life experiences that have been lessons learned.< Less
Waverly Park Village, a Novel in Linked Stories By Marilyn Schroeder
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Olive and Laura, main characters, help their community of older adults and enrich their own lives.
Rice With Mango By Frank Villafaña
Paperback: $14.95
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Ralph, a young Cuban exile, now a business executive living and working in Brussels, finds evidence that Iraq is about to invade Iran. The CIA does not believe him, but in the meantime Ralph gets... More > involved with Cuban soldiers stationed in Iraq. The action moves to Paris, with the CIA coming to Ralph's rescue.< Less
Merry Murder Maids and the Multiverse By David Estrada
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Where H.G. Wells and Nabokov meet is where Merry Murder Maids and the Multiverse starts and in the Multiverse we are only limited by our imagination.