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Unveiled (Mostly Fictional Stories) By Marcia M. Guest
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Each story in this collection unveils a phrase from the traditional wedding vows: From This Day Forward; For Better For Worse; For Richer For Poorer, and so on. The time periods and the characters... More > shift from the ‘80s to the ‘90s, back to the ‘60s and then up to the 2000s. Frankie is a father’s young daughter in one story and in another she has matured into a man’s new wife. Avery is one of the in-laws in one story and a helpful neighbor in the next. Vera is a middle-aged housewife in two consecutive stories. While the first six stories are fiction, the last story is non-fiction--my memoir. Teachers might say I broke the rules by including fiction and non-fiction bundled together in one collection, but it just came out that way. The funny thing is that some readers have tried to find truth in the fiction and lies in the non-fiction.< Less
IN LOVE WITH A GHOST By Joyzy Pius Egunjobi, Joyzy Pius Egunjobi
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Bidemi Adewale had been very faithful and sincere to his priestly vocation. At his first glimpse of Mrs. Angela Ukanwa, he became another person. He started doing what he had never done before: He... More > knew what it is to make love. On his return to the Seminary, he could not stay - “I have been unfaithful...I have failed the Lord”, he said. He left the Seminary. Two weeks to his wedding, he discovered that there was a Mystery surrounding the being of his wife-to-be; “My girl is a Ghost...”. Would he continue with the wedding?. If he did not, how did he go about it? If he did, how did he cope?.< Less
The Leaf House By Mary Vogt
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Growing up with my two girlfriends in the 1950's in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Post WWII era. When life was simple, a TV set was a luxury item, one car, one bathroom and the same two parents were the... More > norm.< Less
SONJA By Thornton House
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FBI Agent Carina Rivera's life is about to change dramatically when she apprehends Chad Lowry a triple murder suspect. Less than thirty minute after catching him, Rivera watches in horror as her SUV... More > is blown up before her eyes by heavily armed men in a helicopter. She and Lowry barely escape the encounter only to run into another band of men trying to kill them. She asks Lowry what he has stolen to have so many people trying to kill him. "I haven't stolen anything from anybody but I have something they want," Lowry replies.< Less
A Practical Playwright By Peter Sundin
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A veteran teacher and community theatre actor shares his wealth of knowledge about how to make his plays come to life as well as three full-length plays and two vignettes: "Captain Blackbeard's... More > Treasure" A band of accountants turned pirates land on a Greek Island in search of treasure, only to find men-hating Amazons and mischievious Pixies. "Three Little Blind Goats Gruff" A computer malfunction turns a Fairy Godmother's moral tale into a scrambled story of Bears, Goats, Pigs, and Mice, along with a Farmer's Wife, Ugly Troll, and Russian Big Bad Wolf thrown in for good measure. "The Worries of Wanda Winsome" A melodrama about a charter school taken over by villainous scam artists who want to use their land to "grow" computer chips, while keeping the students running relay races. "The Case of Two Unlikely Cupids" A playlet based on a true story that took place in an old mining town in 1863. "Tom Sawyer Tends Aunt Polly's Garden" A modern retelling of Twain's classic story.< Less
Hours of Wealth By Joshua W. James
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The stories in Hours of Wealth open a strange and powerful world, where magic realism merges with the everyday, prodding the dark nerves of imagined possibility. A young man’s sudden... More > obsession with triangles begins to seem contagious; a dangerously neglectful parent finds voice in disturbing ways; loves and tribulations form odd patterns in a student’s life; and a videotape of home movies, discovered among the fusty cast-offs of a lifetime, pushes us toward a fresh exploration of the immense shadow of memory. Hours of Wealth is a book of wonderful vision from a commanding new voice in fiction.< Less
Invisible Foxes By Eddie Mumford
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A rainbow spattered blood clot of black-tongue humour, Invisible Foxes is a satirical thrust through modern airs and classical grotesquery. In a feeding-tube of net-work technology, Mumford’s... More > first novel is a brewed mash of stories eating through a timely blog—a jaw-grip on reality that’s reeling past the yellow brick road, into something violent, amusing, and sarcastically bereaved.< Less
Revelator Book 1 The Neuromancer By William Control
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Through the madness I shuffle. A wretched shell of the man I was when her Love possessed me. Lucifer has given me one chance at redemption. I am compelled to drag myself to the dusty finish line.... More > Compelled by the love I have somewhere in my drowning heart and by the curiosity of a new adventure that will one day, surely kill me. This is the story of William Control< Less
Pacific Storm Trilogy - Goro By Dennis Phillips
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Storms are full of energy, and, while threatening, they are actually nature’s way of making things better. Floods spread their rivers’ silt and create the richest farm land in the world.... More > Lightning storms cleanse forests, making possible new growth, and hurricanes prevent the north from freezing over. Such a storm sweeps through the world’s most cherished charity, The Salvation Army. Born amid the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and raised in Honolulu, Douglas MacArthur Kimuri emerges as the agent of innovation that reshapes this revered Army into changes long overdue. And, like the storms of nature that appear to wreak destruction on long standing structures while making possible new life and growth, he brings a fresh breeze of dramatic change and hope for new life. PACIFIC STORM – The Trilogy begins with Goro, grandfather to the future General.< Less
You Are Special: A Story About a Boy With Albinism By Dario A. Perkins
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Albinism is a genetic condition that affects 1 out of 17,000 people worldwide. As children, we are mentally incapable of coping with negative feedback from others. Philippians 4:13 “I can do... More > all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Not only for people with albinism but people with any medical condition, have to deal with criticism of this world and that’s unfair. Albinism only affects the eyes, hair, and skin but not our brains. I get very good grades in school with the help of visual devices. Please learn about albinism so you can get a better understanding about our condition.< Less
The Friday Night Discussions By Renee Greene
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A mother in an urban community known as Mom G, invites the black youth into her home on Friday nights for uncensored discussions. Tonight's discussion has everyone debating whether hip hop is adding... More > more hell than help to the young black community. Drawn by her good food and an atmosphere to literally speak freely; thots, bougie girls, gangsta's, college boys & young working men all pile into her home on Friday nights. Follow Mom G & her three adult children (Tarvick, Nya and Nami) through the drama in their lives and their unwavering efforts to put a dent in the violence & negativity among the black youth. It's entertaining, enlightening, insightful and realistically engaging. Recommended ages 15 and up due to vulgar language.< Less
Bramble, Infant Martian By Donald L. Kaufmann
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All the girls like his name: Bramble. It’s the kind of name that would make Shirley Temple say “ouch” if she were bad. Eternally part infant, part wily adult, Bramble is a... More > twentieth-century wanderer and adventurer who leads a vicarious, nomadic life across America and ironically finds himself on his way to Mars. Throughout his travels, Bramble becomes entangled in complications that require—and reveal—his sharp intelligence, coupled with an acute sense of absurdity, that enable him to survive. Bramble not only survives his confrontations with adversity, he thrives in his struggles with the realities of contemporary American life. Imbuing a dark sense of irony, Bramble, Infant Martian by author Donald L. Kaufmann, imagines the physical end of American men as the Machine Age wipes them out. Written against the backdrop of America’s developing space exploration program, this science fiction novel shares how transformed men migrate beyond earth and use their wits and resources to survive.< Less
Boonkie in the Community By Lendy Swartbooi-Thobejane
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This book is about a beautiful little black girl growing up in a so-called ‘coloured’ township. Boonkie never had any real friends, and being accepted at a world-class university seemed... More > beyond her wildest dreams! Would she make it at such a university, having come from a poor family in an impoverished marginalised community? Lendy Swartbooi-Thobejane completed a Certificate NQ Level 5 in Performing Arts at the New Africa Theatre Association in Athlone. Further studies in Theatre and Performing Arts at the University of Cape Town. Performed at Grahamstown National Arts festival in various theatre productions. Written and directed a play for the Zabalaza Theatre Festival (Baxter Theatre) fringe productions. Her play ‘Mommy I’m in Heaven’ was nominated one of the best written plays on the fringe. She is passionate about promoting reading in public libraries and volunteered for two years as Assistant Librarian at Ravensmead Library.< Less
A Spider Spinning Daydreams and Other Tales—bizarre, realistic, humorous and weird By Kenneth Tucker
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Meet Leo Krull who encountered his dream girl when she emerged from his television screen; Lester Wilthammer, who, when his wife left him, took an almost unimaginable step; Marcus Garth who made a... More > regrettable deal with a human devil during Kentucky’s tobacco wars; a werewolf in full hair and fangs who played “Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. I” along with a symphony orchestra; a boy and girl whose first experience with young love becomes entangled with evil—in short stories and novelettes by Kenneth Tucker, tales fanciful, realistic, humorous, and horrifying.< Less
Cartwheeling into the Black By Spencer Boyd Noorlander
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From the back cover: "I continue praying till I am emptied of words though I remain prostrate as it feels as if some unknown part of me rises from inaccessible depths and continues supplicating... More > without locution. After a vague but possibly lengthy portion of time I roll onto my back in blank exhaustion and closing my eyes I see countless stars emerging from the dark fringes of my visual field and flying away from me at fantastic speeds. Opening my eyes I sit up and begin to stand and when I get to my feet I am shot through with an exquisite feeling of joy which almost instantly vanishes. I stand staring at the thin grey carpet a moment and then decide to get wasted."< Less
2014 - Bizim Oykulerimiz By Ankara Kitapligi
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Ankara Kitapligi Yedinci Oyku Yarismasi'na katilan oykuler
Back to Sand Ridge By Ray Harding
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Sand Ridge, North Carolina; folks used to say that there was just something about that little town that got into your blood. "You'll be back," they'd always say, "It's a part of you... More > just the same as you're a part of it." They were right; anyone who had ever left always seemed to find their way home. Back to Sand Ridge is the story of two couples and how their small town lives intertwine. It is a story of tragedy and new beginnings. Maggie and Roger, childhood sweethearts must struggle with their rediscovered feelings and the meddling of well-meaning loved ones. Lydia and her husband, Terry, must face the challenge of packing up their happy life and moving their family back to Lydia's hometown. In the end, a heartbreaking accident forces Maggie to face her fears, and, after a lifetime of hurt and bitterness, this tragedy helps bring Lydia and her mother to a place of reconciliation and healing.< Less
Unearthed, 2nd Edition (Paperback) By Jake Spangler
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The town of Carlson, California is isolated in the midst of the Mojave Desert. The townspeople, generally quiet and kind, are soon to meet the reality of a harsh world. A killer with an unsatiable... More > thirst for blood has taken up residence in their town, and Max Valentino, a respectable detective with a dark past and powerful demons, has taken up the case. However, little do the people of Carlson know that a serial killer is the least of their problems. A darkness, long thought buried, has been unearthed, and the lives of Max, and those around him, are suddenly, and inadvertently tied together in a story that transcends the physical world, leading them into an all out confrontation with the face of evil Itself. Welcome to Carlson... Welcome to Unearthed...< Less
The Feather By Berlyn C.H, Michelle L. Chaney
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A little bird becomes hopeless after losing a feather, while friends say hopes and dreams can still be obtained.
The Dream Catcher Trilogy: Antithesis By Nikolas Gates
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It's the year 2031, and with hostilities growing amongst the world's nations, the economies of the seven continents depleting under the hands of their paranoia-driven leaders; avid, chestnut-haired... More > Winsome Noel, twenty-one year old college student and culinary artist residing in a North Carolinian seaside tourist town, can't seem to accept the fact she's been drafted under the unified armies of America and Scandinavia. War ensues between the nations of America, Russia, and their combined alliances - the Trinity and the Triplex - and Winsome is forced into an all new environment that is engulfed in anguish, profound loss, political skirmish, and tested love.< Less
Yet to Become By Kara L Johnston
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In an isolated town, where perfection and conformity is the goal, one girl must search within herself to discover who she is. Forced to compete in her town's Exhibition that is designed to determine... More > an individual's value, she must prove her worth if she doesn't want to lose everyone she loves.< Less
An Echo Through the Trees By Michael Galloway
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This is the story of Chase Krause, a man who sets out with his best friend, Josh, to camp for a weekend deep in the snow-filled wilderness. What starts off as the hunt of a lifetime quickly becomes... More > the struggle of a lifetime. At the same time, Chase is forced to grapple with a nearly non-existent relationship with his father. Set against the backdrop of Minnesota's picturesque north woods, it is a story of fathers and sons, broken relationships and healing, and triumph over circumstance. More importantly, it is a story of letting go.< Less
The Guilds of Tir Na nÓg: A Collection of Celtic Dream Tales By Sieglinde De Francesca
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Nineteenth-century Ireland was a land of poets and crafters, rebels and dreamers; a nation of a fierce and noble people. It was a mystic land of salt and peat and honey. Find in The Guilds of Tir... More > na nÓg a number of Celtic dream tales to transport you to that fabled time and place. Here are haunting stories of the lives of everyday characters who encounter the unexpected and supernatural. These are stories of life, loss, and redemption, woven with threads of magic, myth, and serendipity. Travel across mist-veiled moors, ride the surly sea, enter poor stone cottages and walk the sooty, cobbled streets of Dublin. You’ll encounter a curious peddler with a magical gift, a changeling child, a ghost or two, a treasure found, a myth turned real, and much more. This collection of stories celebrates a people driven by an obdurate spirit, guided by superstition, hounded by a harsh fate, and bound by a tenacious love.< Less
Paradise Mine By Charles Bright
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When a methane gas explosion kills 151 coal miners in a small Illinois town, the residents find themselves splashed across the front page of every newspaper in the country. Three days after the fatal... More > explosion, three miners are still missing and rescue efforts are underway amid the turmoil of reports of a failed Federal Safety Inspection, rumors of possible cover-ups and Communist espionage, and visits from heavy-hitting politicians, union labor leaders, government agents, and newspaper reporters. An award-winner in the Writer's Digest International Play Competition, the action in this two-act play captures a microcosm of small-town intrigues, lives, and loves while dealing with the problem of mine safety issues which still plague the country today. Note: This fictional play is based on the Centralia and West Frankfort, Illinois coal mine disasters in the mid 20th century which hit the headlines again with the mining disaster in Montcoal, West Virginia in April, 2010. Some things never seem to change...< Less
The Lincoln Highway By Samuel Conroy Jr.
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The Lincoln Highway is a story of a guy and girl, two fugitives, who have slipped back into the United States intent on fixing a past mistake. Today's technologies both help and hinder those trying... More > to stay off the grid, with the smart money being on the side of the law. THIS IS AN INITIAL DRAFT AND TWO CHAPTER HAVE BEEN WITHHELD.< Less