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He's Their Sister I #94 By SANDY THOMAS
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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(7 Ratings)
HE'S THEIR SISTER I - Brand new, published 2010. Twins are often different but these twins change much more than most! Part one of two. Illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In The Pink. TV FICTION... More > CLASSICS #94. 84 pages< Less
The Revenge of Zirak By Peter J. Hylak
Hardcover: $24.50
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(5 Ratings)
The long-neglected sequel to Rudyard Kipling's Rikki-tikki-tavi, imagined by fans and authors for decades, is finally depicted in this imaginative tale. The Indian Cobra Zirak returns for revenge... More > against Rikki-tikki for killing his family and changing his destiny.< Less
Journey to the Ridge By Matt Reese
Paperback: $14.01
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Young Arty Baker seeks out adventure in his own backyard by exploring the mysterious ridge on the back of his family's farm. The adventure leads to new world of science, faith and history as Arty... More > goes on his life changing journey to the ridge.< Less
THE GARDEN By Claude Spence
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A man discovering who he is and the steps he must take to become who he is destined to be. He enters into his "Garden" and with the aid of the Keeper, and all Living Things, he comes to... More > realize how much is available and what must be done.< Less
Shark People By A. A. Jameson
Paperback: $20.00
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Stanley Blackster had once been a hero to his son Gram, back in the days when he right as usual - he’d let things drift. But now Insidiator was to be screened again, and he would take decisive... More > action. A family expedition to the fabled paradise islands of the Papalinas would surely put things right. The Barracuda had long wanted to visit this place from his past, and he would at last dive on a coral reef with Gram. Certain firmly submerged incidents were becoming restless, but the Blacksters would not be straying from the sun, the sand and the surf. Tsaramaso Atoll would be at a safe range of several hundred sea miles and Stanley would make sure it stayed that way. Of course he would. Even now Tsaramaso was a place undiscovered by the world, a place of mangrove forest and steaming heat, of reptiles and sharks, of teeming reef fishes and sweating black nights, ancestral home of the malevolent Boniface clan and their old, eerie notions of power. The very last place for a family holiday.< Less
Blood Is Forever By JOHN DI FAZIO
Paperback: $20.00
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In classic Washington Irving-style storytelling, Blood Is Forever is an encompassment of espionage and ghost story, taking place on eastern Long Island during the American Revolution. With... More > appearances by General George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Austin Roe, Benjamin Tallmadge, and other members of the Culper Spy Ring and Knowlton's Rangers, Nathan Hale and his companions must investigate a supernatural event that could be instrumental in turning the tide of the Revolution during the dark days of October, 1776.< Less
Alarm Clock Dawn By Eric Vance Walton
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ALARM CLOCK DAWN, author Eric Vance Walton's debut novel, is the chilling story of a world only decades ahead of our own. Adam Harkin is an employee of XenTek, the most powerful corporation the world... More > has ever known. Adam begins to question the purpose of his existence in a world where people are no longer citizens; they are merely consumers. Every aspect of a person’s role in society is to be determined by one number—their credit score. The planet is protesting corporate greed and insatiable consumerism through crippling super storms that erupt without warning. In a race against time, thousands of people are waking up from this nightmare, burning their Consumer Identification Cards and doing the only thing they can to strike back—dropping out of this toxic society. One by one they join the camps outside the cities. The fate of humanity itself is at stake and the clock is ticking. One question haunts their fragile optimism: Is it already too late?< Less
Pomona Island Series "Something Different" By Mark Powell Mcduffie
Paperback: $17.96
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This is a fiction book based on a true story, about two boys forced to fend for themselves. SD and Brandon grew up in a gang related neighborhood known as the Islands where drugs and violence was... More > the norm. Forced to survive threw unfortunate circumstances one brother masters the pimp game the other brother becomes a robber. They both manage to be successful in the streets until they both cross paths with Poison. Poison is the richest drug dealer slash pimp in the city of Pomona. Poison is also a savage murderer. Being from the opposite neighborhood as SD and Brandon he has no problem going to war against them when he feels they have become a threat to his empire.< Less
FLARE Literary Magazine Spring 2014 By Peachtree Ridge High School
Paperback: List Price: $6.18 $2.47 You Save: 60%
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We seek the explosive, the dynamic, the subtle, the soulful, the emotionally rich, the revealing. Art that is noble and self-effacing, but aware. Artistry that avoids sophistry, voices that sail free... More > of cliché. We publish work that possesses flair -- expression unravels in quick bursts of originality and inspires others to explore their own creative genius. All the piecess in this issue are expressions of identity, balancing the self with the collective. Narrating, epistolizing, formulating and catloguing - expressing - universal human experiences. The works are a unique brand of art that functions not simply to be remembered because it has something to say - but because is living, breathing, and wholeheartedly conscious that what it evokes transcends just one existence. Check out our website at!< Less
The Temporary Typist By Timothy Merrill
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Set in Bathington, a small town in Iowa (1952), The Temporary Typist is the story of Carlton “Coop” Cooper, a widower recently retired from the railroad. After his church loses its... More > secretary, Coop volunteers on a temporary basis. When a Chinese girl and two young men show up offering to set up a Publications Ministry, his problems seem to be over. But not all is as it seems. Who is this girl? Why is she in Bathington? What exactly are they printing in the back room? After the former typist is found dead, the town is rocked by a several revelations that threaten to publicly humiliate Cooper, a descendant of the original Bathingtons who founded the town and whose centennial he is helping to organize. Meanwhile, Coop’s granddaughter, Frankie, is writing an essay for the centennial. When her research paper reveals a shocking new detail about the town’s ancestors, Coop is uncertain what will happen. With many twists and turns, the story comes to its exciting conclusion, not in Bathington, but a Chicago cemetery.< Less
Life Mask By Joyce Ellen Davis
Paperback: $18.64
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Biographical fiction. Charlotte Salomon is often remembered as the Anne Frank of the Art World. Her biographical paintings remain a remarkable witness of the Holocaust, celebrating the life of an... More > artistic genius. "Had I not created my whole world I would certainly have died in other people's." --Anais Nin< Less
The Charleston Shuffle By Daniel West
Paperback: List Price: $24.98 $14.99 You Save: 40%
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The Charleston Shuffle Life is a slow, sensual, dance Some dances just happen to be deadlier than others Brent's life starts to unravel after he learns that his wife is having an affair Brent... More > relocates to Charleston, South Carolina, to rebuild his life Brent’s big break comes when he meets, Megan, a local nurse, and a belle of the Charleston social scene, she uses her political connections to secure Brent a job as a crime reporter at the local newspaper Brent makes a profound discovery, the string of older businessmen dying while on vacation at the local five star hotel, are not the “natural causes” deaths that the local homicide detectives think they are Brent has a chance to reclaim everything in life, if only he can find a way to prove his theory to the local police, and help them catch this serial killer Brent can have everything he has always wanted in life If only he can learn to master the Charleston shuffle< Less
The Spider and the Fly By Daniel West
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $9.98 You Save: 50%
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The Spider and the Fly Charlie believes he is going on a simple, fly fishing, vacation. Instead, he is drafted into solving a brutal murder, and finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue and... More > deceit. In a County where reality and fantasy, seem to constantly reverse positions, Charlie is determined to get to the bottom of this case, even if it kills him. Charlie finds his path blocked at every turn, by: Sheriff Baker, who also happens to be the kingpin of the local Moonshine industry. Ruth, the owner of the Karma Café, who has a psychic hatred of Charlie, for committing acts that he hasn’t, as yet, even considered doing. And “The Nagus”, an enigmatic figure, who is leading a silent, antigovernment revolution. So silent, in fact, that the Government may not even hear about his revolution, for, at least, the next 500 years.< Less
United States: A Novel By Nick Monsarrat
Hardcover: $39.95
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An epic, sweeping, story of a future “united states” and a country headed down the wrong path. In Nick Monsarrat’s cautionary tale/political thriller, it will become clear that... More > “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything,” in the words of the John Mellencamp anthem. An indifferent populace, easily manipulated. Greedy, powerful interests, poised for a corporate takeover of the United States.... It’s the year 2038: Do you know where your country went? That’s the question Jack Flyte, Ben and Cecil Quayle must answer. In the world of New York City 25 years hence, their future--and the country’s--depends on it. "A powerful dystopian story, a warning of how the last days of the American experiment in democracy might happen; the fight against greed, ignorance, and malicious power is powerfully told." - Jeff Danziger, Herblock Prize winner and author of The Conscience of the Cartoonist< Less
Nostos By Allie Marini Batts, Teresa Giordano
Paperback: $5.00
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Stories by Allie Marini Batts and Teresa Giordano as selected by novelist Timothy Schaffert for the Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Award, 2014
The Larcenist (Volume 1, Issue #4) By Audrey Rey, Mina Hunt
Paperback: $15.99
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The Larcenist is an international literary magazine, published bimonthly in paperback and ebook form. This issue features poetry, prose and stage plays from 28 international authors.
Russell & Isabel By Tyler Millard
Hardcover: $25.00
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Russell & Isabel is a gruesome tale of torture, survival, guilt, sexuality, and morality.
Stone Blood By R. M. Green
Hardcover: $34.95
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Tilman Burbeck’s first memory is a doctor telling him his blood is made of stones. So begins the life of an artist, complete with art that comes to life, a book that predicts the future and a... More > demonic Muse. At least, that’s how Tilman remembers it. The one thing he remembers most, however, is Lila Thornton. He can call up every detail of their time together, even half a century later when most memories are a blur. Tilman realizes that something doesn’t add up. But if the details he recalls aren’t real, why did he paint this meticulous past? More importantly, what will he do when he uncovers the secret he worked so hard to conceal? Stone Blood takes you on a surreal journey through the artist's mind as he confronts the demons of his past. Literally.< Less
The Book of Love By Jamon Scott
Paperback: List Price: $10.99 $10.44 You Save: 5%
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A successful, young New York writer with a unique perspective on relationships finds out the hard way that what you want isn't always what you need.
Acapulco Gold By Daniel West
Paperback: List Price: $24.99 $12.50 You Save: 50%
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Dimitri is a man on a mission; Caesar, the mastermind of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel, is holding Juanita, the love of his life, captive. Dimitri and his best friend Richard, a retired police... More > officer, head to Mexico City to try to rescue Juanita from Caesar’s grasp. To accomplish their rescue mission they recruit, Dan, an alcoholic writer, his son Daniel, a computer genius, an unforgettable group of severely washed up mercenaries, Gouvêa, a rival drug lord, and Charles, a disillusioned district director who works for the US Justice Department in Mexico City. Sparks fly as Dimitri and friends butt heads with the Rodriguez cartel. Dimitri’s group of misfits begin their misadventure by inciting a shootout that the newspapers infamously refer to as: “The Great Clown Masacréé.” They then create mayhem in other assorted twists and turns, which finally lead to a very unforgettable conclusion.< Less
The Hands of Fate By Kathy Oddenino
Paperback: $24.95
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The human dramas of life and love are very real. Dr. Michael Cappanello's is a human story of love, laughter, and pain, which we all live but few of us recognize. He is like most people, always... More > striving for more knowledge and deeper emotions. Because we fear death, we are afraid of life, and there is no better place to live and observe this than a hospital, a swirling pool of life, love, fear, knowledge, and change.< Less
Slick By August Mon
Paperback: $18.50
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Where have all the activists gone? Probably, they’re too busy working. But blue banners spool up the streets of American coastal cities, heralding change to come. A dirtbagging vagrant,... More > Abram Bradley, makes his way across the country, destination unknown. In the halls of Congress, a desperate scientist makes a plea for the final official state recognition of climate change, perhaps, perhaps! even a Climate Protection Act! – and fails utterly. Overseas, killer robots scour the jungle, hunting America's enemies - or guys that look kind of like them, anyways. In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a newly-elected president ponders the course of his coming administration. And over the dome of the US Capitol Building, a new kind of bomber hovers, waiting… Is this the future? Or is this something else?< Less
Native Homeland By Bill Archer
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $13.49 You Save: 10%
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A young Irish boy's grandfather suddenly disappears for no apparent reason during the height of the Great Potato Famine. The boy eventually decides to find the old man, and in doing so undertakes an... More > adventure that takes him to the boat-building world of London, a sea crossing, followed by years of travel across the new world of America, following rumors of his grandfather and meeting famous characters along the way, all to the backdrop of the Indian wars and the political posturing of a chaotic nation's capital, all seeking a permanent and just settlement to the "Indian question."< Less
Profile By Haydn Grey
Paperback: List Price: $10.28 $5.14 You Save: 50%
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What would you do with a secret identity? Arden Chase, a Colorado man stuck in a mundane life, creates a fake Facebook identity to liven up his sex life. What he gets is exciting. And dangerous. Can... More > he undo the damage he causes before he loses everything, including his life?< Less
THE ZONE By Ed Kennedy
Paperback: List Price: $22.50 $15.75 You Save: 30%
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Many tales have been told of places like the Zone - stories centered around homicides, drugs, prostitution and crimes in general. What makes this story different is that its focus is on a handful of... More > longterm residents who lived in this fictional neighborhood of Detroit and were not corrupted by the filth and ugliness surrounding them. At its center is a white boy and a black girl born in the Zone, one minute apart, their mothers lying side by side on a small bed. The mother and son share a home with a black family located in the middle of this dangerous environment. Then we follow the adventures of those who survive and leave the Zone. The experience gained by living and growing up in such a difficult place serves them well as they become successful writers, scientists, and business executives. But the Zone never leaves them.< Less