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Thames Greene By James Craft
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Ira and Hank found an amazing deal when they bought new houses at Thames Greene. It was too good to be true. 80 pages, 25 Illustrations.
Flames of Life By Ernest Bywater
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A young man has a major change of lifestyle forced on him. He becomes a writer, and then something else again. First we read two of his stories about himself, then we follow him as he makes another... More > change to his life and changes the lives of many others in the Rivers Region. In the process he unexpectedly meets his own destiny as well. The story is 82,000 words.< Less
Perceptions By clista knight
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A poetry collection of love and tranquility
Bombay Gardens By Jameela Siddiqi
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The story of smalltime Ugandan Indian landlord Naranbhai, who likes to think big-big -- big house, big business schemes, two wives -- unfolds when two strangers, who share a childhood fairy tale,... More > meet thirty years after the Asian Expulsion< Less
Numina By Anne Gordon
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"This beautifully written novel follows the expanding consciousness of several ordinary women as they open to their own intuition, creativity and insight. Humor and wisdom emerge alongside... More > discerning questions about the nature of reality. A collection of conversations and stories challenges modern cultural assumptions, including the Biblical creation story and how it may have affected women throughout history. Specifically, one main character grapples with flashback dream memories of an inquisition and wonders about the impact of the burning times on modern day life. In the tradition of all good story telling, ordinary assumptions are cast to the wind while deeper truths are revealed about life and relationship. The reader is left with interesting questions to ponder and a real desire to re-enter the book and live there a little longer." Please visit the blog for reader comments and reviews:< Less
Beauty and the Beast By Keeva Stucker, Keeva Westbrook Stucker
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A retelling of the classic fairy tale.
Saving Ireistis By Erika Birkenes
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"Saving Ireistis" is an action-packed fantasy novel designed for teenagers and adults with an adventurous streak...the story begins with an average teenage boy, Michael, who finds himself... More > mysteriously pulled into an alternate world containing magic, dragons, wizards, and spells. Mike will set off on a quest, accompanied by a Wizard, a Hobbit-like creature, and a Dragon-human hybrid, to retrieve the last Dragon egg in existence from the clutches of the Dark Wizard.< Less
Night Of The Fox By Ashley J. Barnard
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The third installment of the Fox series, Night of the Fox picks up immediately where its predecessor, Fox Rising, left off. Jared Dunefaellan, Captain of the king’s standing army, has managed... More > to carve out a name for himself. After several victories, he is feared and respected, and is about to reclaim Wiekken’s most prized city, Lleweyan. But he is running out of time; already his genetic disease is maturing, changing him into the hateful man his father became. Before he can win the war, however, he’ll have to first conquer his addictions of alcoholism, sexual dysfunction and extremely distracting feelings for his best friend. In the meantime, Tarika is being forced to wed a tyrant, and Nathaniel reveals a shocking secret that throws their world into chaos. Everything comes to a head on a pirate ship of all things, and the prophecies surrounding Jared and Tarika play out in surprising, and occasionally disastrous, ways.< Less
Jane Austen, Action Figure and Other Plays By Elaine Avila
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A collection of thought-provoking, adventurous feminist plays by playwright Elaine Avila that push at theatrical form, explore gender and identity, and human life on this planet. With an introduction... More > by American director Ted Gregory.< Less
Chinese Zodiac Furry by Jiló By Ronaldo Santana
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Known in furry circles his erotic art, but funny and perverted at the same time, Ronaldo Santana, better known as Jiló, his alter-ego likewise shameless, debuts in literature with these 11... More > stories and 1 comic inspired by the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Without compromising the art style that he’s devoted, these pages are full of exciting images and situations that will make your imagination fly away! Let it take you to a naughty world with your best guide, Jiló, and that cool friend of yours who introduces you to the best party girls. Now relax and enjoy!< Less
A Spider Spinning Daydreams and Other Tales—bizarre, realistic, humorous and weird By Kenneth Tucker
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Meet Leo Krull who encountered his dream girl when she emerged from his television screen; Lester Wilthammer, who, when his wife left him, took an almost unimaginable step; Marcus Garth who made a... More > regrettable deal with a human devil during Kentucky’s tobacco wars; a werewolf in full hair and fangs who played “Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. I” along with a symphony orchestra; a boy and girl whose first experience with young love becomes entangled with evil—in short stories and novelettes by Kenneth Tucker, tales fanciful, realistic, humorous, and horrifying.< Less
River Rider By Judy McGonagill
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In 1916 fourteen-year old Luke O’Donnelly took on the responsibility of a man when he took his twelve-year old sister, Naomi and fled their abusive brother-in-law. Before Luke left he set out... More > to kill the despicable man but spared his life in exchange for five hundred dollars and three of his best horses. Luke and Naomi worked for two more years to earn enough money to buy land near Bandera, Texas where they planned to build a place of their own. Barely started, their dreams were destroyed, and the two were forced to move on. Luke had no choice but to leave his sister in nearby Castroville with a minister’s family while he headed west to the Sycamore Creek Ranch near the Rio Grande River where he found grave danger and the two loves of his life. Naomi missed her protective brother and longed for the day when she could join him again. When she got her wish she could not have imagined how her life was about to change.< Less
Psychopomp Magazine 2014 Anthology By Psychopomp Magazine
Paperback: $8.00
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This is the 2013-2014 Psychopomp Magazine Anthology. Its release marks the one-year anniversary of the magazine, and it includes all short stories from the first four digital issues of Psychopomp.
Bartleby Snopes Issue 13 By Bartleby Snopes
Paperback: $10.99
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Bartleby Snopes Issue 13 features stories and artwork from 27 authors and artists, including the 5 finalists from our 6th Annual Dialogue Only Contest. Issue 13 brings a great variety of fiction and... More > art from new and established authors such as Beth Adamour, Ean Bevel, Carrie Brennan, Elizabeth Brown, Heather Clitheroe, Leonora Desar, CS DeWildt, Kelsey Englert, Steven Foutch, Chris Fradkin, Thomas Gillaspy, Gabrielle Hovendon, Leanne Merritt, Amy Morris-Jones, Bertram Allan Mullin, Maria Pinto, Christina Qiu, Stephen V Ramey, Dan Reiter, Nina Sabak, Mike Sauve, Kari Strutt, Mathangi Subramanian, Daniel W Thompson, Valerie Vogrin, Sorrel Westbrook-Wilson, and Kathleen J Woods. Visit us on the web at< Less
The Hero in Obscurity By Daniel Regelbrugge
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In a world fraught with indifference, judgment, and contradiction, Pétain struggles to find his way. Dreaming and the desert winds hold sway at the advent of a journey that transcends borders,... More > lifetimes, and the distance between our hearts. Hopeful and ominous, particularly when one considers the powerful contradictions associated with the name "Pétain" in world history, the work is a surreal and morbidly comical examination of a life spent reaching for something more.< Less
Stories of Near Suicide, Hate & Happiness By B.J. Rowe
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This is several events that have occurred in the authors life. The stories here vary over several years of the authors life. It involves alot of drugs, sex, jail, violence and hard times. It looks... More > back on the serious and not so serious events in an amusing and tragedy filled life. The book is filled with moments of comedy and very depressing situations.< Less
Black Fox Literary Magazine- Issue #11 By Black Fox Press
Paperback: $12.00
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The Winter 2015 Issue (#11) of Black Fox Literary Magazine featuring new fiction and poetry (Discounted).
Whispers in the Dark By Jane Adams
Paperback: $3.72
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This is the literary journal produced by the Writing for Publication class at Bedford High School. It includes contributions from 7 female students and was edited by Jane Adams.
MA Scholastic Writing Gold Key 2015 (1) By Massachusetts Teenagers
Paperback: $7.86
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A collection of the Gold Key winners of the Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Writing Awards, 2015
MA Gold Key Writing Book 2, 2015 By Massachusetts Teenagers
Paperback: $7.66
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A collection of Gold Key winners of the Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Writing Awards, 2015.
An Unfortunate Relocation By Andrew Carmitchel
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Professor Hamlit Bidwell wants no more than for everything to be in its place and for life to be predictable as it has always been. When he receives notice that he is soon to be visited by his long... More > lost niece and her little boy, he is mildly irritated. He has no idea how dramatically his life and his whole outlook on it is about to change.< Less
The Publishers By John Pfriender
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The Publishers reveals the intimate secrets of the men and women who sell Women's Life, a fictional women's magazine to advertisers and readers. The magazine was founded by Dean Horvath who... More > wrangled horses as a boy, fought Nazis as an army officer with the OSS and launched Women's Life as an entrepreneur. His search for financing his new venture is fraught with disappointment and frustration, bordering on despair. This novel is a fictional exposé of the dishonest "players," and a tribute to many others who play the publishing "game," honorably.< Less
My Own Sweet Way By Gretta Mulrooney
Paperback: $10.57
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A novel about a broken heart, an unlikely friendship, a con woman, a fading film star and the peculiarity of life.
Blades of Grass By Steven Lewis, Editor
Paperback: $7.68
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Anthology of flash fictions and nonfictions written by members of the Sarah Lawrence College Writing Institute's Fall 2014 Microfiction Workshop: The Whole Enchilada on a Single Page.
Off Limits 236 By Jeanette Lebo
Paperback: $6.99
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Having lost her parents to a drunk driver when she was only ten years old, Lenora Gable protects her broken heart by focusing all her energy on her work. At twenty-five, Lenora is an award-winning,... More > film Production Director living in New Orleans. She is beautiful, successful, wealthy and alone. When Lenora makes an unexpected, emotional connection with Julian Landry, the sixteen-year-old boy who cuts her grass, she develops a schoolgirl crush on him. Tormented by her sexual attraction to Julian, Lenora must find other ways to satisfy her sexual desires without making herself vulnerable: legally or emotionally. Set in the glamorous worlds of film and fashion, travel with Lenora to exotic locations in the U.S. and abroad as she satiates her sexual cravings while waiting for true love.< Less