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Dr. Smith's Office By James Craft
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Billy, a collage freshman, enters a new drug study program. As part of the study, he needed to be constantly ‘evaluated’ by a psychologist. Billy didn’t think he needed a... More > “shrink,” but was willing to give it a try. As the weeks go by, Billy finds that his attitude and body improve with each session at Dr. Smith’s office. Soon Billy discovers that he would much rather focus on looking pretty and meeting cute boys! Over 25 pages with full color illustrations!< Less
Corpsman Up By Paul Baviello
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"Corpsman Up" is the cry that echoes across the battlefield whenever a Marine is wounded in combat. The book tells the story of men at war from a unique perspective; that of a medical... More > specialist assigned to a Marine combat platoon. It is 1969; Hospital Corpsman Mike Lombardo arrives in Vietnam determined to follow in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather in war. He quickly discovers there is nothing glamorous or heroic about war. Through Mike's eyes you go on a journey into a living hell and experience the thrills and horror of combat, the agony of the wounded and dead and see foxhole relationships develop between blacks and whites, farm boys and city kids. Experience the anguish, and concern with Mike, when friend after friend is wounded and he knows that their lives are in his hands and then wonder for the rest of his life if he did the right things.< Less
The God of Atheists: Softcover By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $19.96
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"To say that this novel is a tour-de-force is an understatement... It is impossible is to resist quoting passages from this novel, given the author’s brilliant insights into character,... More > wonderful literary flourishes and stunning demonstration of what is meant by inspired writing." - Humber School for Writers. A savage, brilliant, hilarious attack on modern hypocrisy, "The God of Atheists" follows the downfall of three men who wake up one morning and decide to take what they have not earned. Al, a down-and-out music producer, bullies his handsome son into forming a boy-band. Alder, an obscure academic, steals a brilliant idea from a grad student. As they exploit the talents of the naïve youths around them, their fame and wealth increase – but they become more and more terrified of exposure and destruction...< Less
someone to look up to By jean gill
Paperback: $12.99
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It's a dog's life in the south of France. From puppyhood, Sirius the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has been trying to understand his humans and train them with kindness. How this led to divorce he has no... More > idea. Through all his trials, even in an animal shelter, Sirius doggedly keeps the faith. One day, his human will come.< Less
D*CKED By Greg Bardsley, Kieran Shea, Jedidiah Ayres
Paperback: $5.99
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The parameters of the dare were simple. No rules, no quarter. Make him a hero. Make him a perp. Make him a throwaway reference. Whatever fired the writer's imagination...all amalgamated into an... More > anthology unequaled and inspired by the most vexing juggernaut of modern American politics — Dick Cheney. Tearing out of wilderness comes D*CKED, a satirical Deathmobile – dark, sleek, and muscled-out. Get ready to laugh and run for cover. You’re about to get D*CKED.< Less
The Day After By Nick Hayden et al.
Paperback: $6.99
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Natalya is an American mom with a Russian name working as a spy for the Brazilian government. Balancing dual identities is dangerous--and comical--especially when her husband hasn't a clue. Morana... More > is on a suicide mission to transmit a virus when she encounters a smalltown family with the potential to break through her boundaries of hatred. Will it make a difference, or is it too late for redemption? Peter, a photojournalist, returns home late to meet his newborn son...but in time to rescue his family from a zombie infestation. As they flee, Peter has the urge to document the disaster, but at what price? Jacob is trapped in a house that has no exits except for a noose in his bedroom. He meets a mysterious stranger in the darkness and discovers letters he doesn't remember writing. Who knows how long he's been there? The noose is tightening. Four stories, four writers, four connecting thread. What happens when the focus of your life is stripped away and all that's left is the day after?< Less
With Her Eyes Wide Open By Seth Harper
Paperback: $16.99
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Scott Roberts is a mystery, even to himself. Alone and suffering amnesia, he reluctantly clings to the only person who seems aware of his existence: Abby McDaniel, an intelligent, capricious young... More > woman with a mean streak. Scott and Abby dwell in the afterlife, where they journey effortlessly through the landscapes of her memories, guided by a rambling handbook for the dead. While he struggles to build an identity for himself, she is forced to confront her difficult past. As their unique connection deepens, they find themselves facing a fateful decision. But as Abby promised herself years ago, her choices will be hers alone. With crackling dialog, richly-drawn characters, mystery, and emotional gravity, With Her Eyes Wide Open offers itself as an enticing metaphysical reverie.< Less
The Way We Used To Be By Stacey Marie Robinson
Paperback: $18.26
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Eleven short stories explore the lives and challenges of high school students across the Greater Toronto Area in the late 90’s: “Babymoms” (dawn gets pregnant at seventeen), ... More > “Bad Man” (Lucas fights to save his reputation), “Drink With Me” (Mina experiments with drugs), “Girlfriend” (Latisha’s new man tests her character), “I Got It Like That” (Trish ends her promiscuity), “No Regret” (Sara tests her loyalty to Marcus), “Rahim” (Bria fears her boyfriend’s new associates), “Run Away” (Perrine’s first relationship), “The Ex” (Malene’s possessive ex causes an annoyance), “Tie The Knot,” (Shanita cheats on her boyfriend), and “Tru Playa” (Garfield entices an older woman).< Less
Findo's Mousetrap By Graham Paskett
Paperback: $11.60
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Findo's Mousetrap is the debut novel from author Graham Paskett. It's a modern romance that melds the Stone Tape Theory, an Anglo-Scottish laird, an Irish-American media luvvy and high-tech computer... More > technology to unravel mysteries that have been lost to the mists of time. Findo's Mousetrap follows the adventures of Findo Gask and his trusty friend mac as they and the Mousetrap solve a Royal mystery, a petty theft, and gain notoriety for their unique invention that can unlock events and emotions that have been recorded and held in the very fabric of buildings. Join Findo and his friends on an unforgettable journey.< Less
The Sixth Day By Joy Smith Lewis
Paperback: $19.95
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The Sixth Day tells the story of the lakeside village Kanodea through its early settlement, to the late twentieth century. Chapters are complete short stories in which new characters are introduced... More > and, as the story unfolds, old charcaters reenter. Age old problems are confronted in a variety of settings when Martha Ann deals with her alcoholic husband, and Bertie watches helplessly as his sister throws herself away on a suitor unworthy of her. Jack and Jennie don't know the consequences they'll unleash when they embark upon their affair, nor does Eugene know the lengths he'll go to to protect those he loves. Threads from early stories reach a conclusion in the last chapter as Senny and Kay find a welcome homecoming in Kanodea.< Less
I am John I am Paul: A Story of Two Soldiers in Ancient Rome By Mark Tedesco
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"Adventure, intrigue, faith, commitment, love and hate and everything between! Mark Tedesco has done it again, fashioning what is arguably his best work yet! He entices you on a phenomenal... More > journey into the fascinating lives of two 4th century Roman soldiers, John and Paul, in a tale of loyalty and love that grabs you by the throat from the very first sentence and holds you spellbound, gasping for air as you're swept from chapter to chapter with barely a moment to breathe. An unbelievable marriage of fact and fiction that will leave you applauding or appalled but never bored or indifferent. A must read!" -Tony McEwing, Fox News< Less
Remaking Moby-Dick 1.0 By Trish Harris Lissa Holloway-Attaway
Paperback: List Price: $13.50 $11.48 You Save: 15%
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The Re-Making Moby-Dick project is an international multimodal storytelling performance instigated and enacted during 2013 to 2018. Poets, writers, artists, schoolchildren, scholars, dancers,... More > curators, and sailors were invited to engage the project and participate via the means most natural to their expressive practice. The 135 chapters, along with the extracts, inscription, epigraph, and epilogue, of Herman Melville’s 1851 novel serve as prompts for responsive work created in multiple forms, here collected in print form but still referencing the other media used in the project. Multiple creative expressions contribute to Melville’s already unwieldy and materially eccentric text, supplying new means by which to capture and release the essence of the “white whale” at the core of the text.< Less
Paperback: $10.00
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This is a story about a 22 year old Black male named Jay Johnson, born and raised in West Harlem who is faced with a huge decision of his young life. He has to choose between his family’s... More > beliefs and his neighborhood loyalty. What would you do if you and your father, who happens to be a Correction Officer, were possible witnesses in a shooting involving your childhood best friend?< Less
THE LOST LAKE ADVENTURE By John Walter Thorgrimson
Paperback: $19.50
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Lost by being blown off course by a storm. The two friends find themselves at the mercy of flesh eating creatures which live in an old deserted mine. The gas given off by the rocks make these... More > creatures die and then come back to life.< Less
Ordinary Boys and Favorite Sons By Sandra Lowen
Paperback: $20.00
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Initially set in Germany in the days just preceding World War II, this book explores the fictionalized experiences of a prominent Jewish family, the Rosenthalers and their plight as they attempt to... More > avoid being engulfed in the coming conflict. As they try to make sense of their narrowing choices--flee or stay--they must act quickly, before the choices are no longer in their hands. They must then reestablish their lives and find normalcy in the post-Holocaust diaspora. Set on three continents, it follows the attempts of two brothers, their children and grandchildren as they make the adjustments in their unanticipated lives and loves to recapture the stability they once enjoyed.< Less
Seven Generations: An American Family By Margaret Martin
Paperback: $19.99
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Seven Generations is a historical novel of Native America taking place from 1825-2013. There are seven parts, one for each generation. The first part is the stories of Trees-Told-It; a Shoshone... More > Indian who was born to the “old way” in 1825 then lived a life of change as new people came to the West, until he died on the Wind River Indian reservation in 1910. In six additional stand-alone parts, the family members tell their stories, from polygamist Utah, to the World Wars, to the building of the federal dams that drowned the salmon fisheries, through the federal "relocation" program and as soldiers in Afghanistan. In the last part, the living family members gather back home on the Wind River Indian Reservation where they uncover important secrets that will impact the next seven generations.< Less
A Year in Jenner By Dan Freeman
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A gathering of brief stories, observations and poetry regarding the year I spent in the woods above Jenner. 2013 provided plenty to consider, and this slim volume attempts to capture the essence of... More > my experience living in the mountains along the Sonoma County coast.< Less
Shadowlands By Mark E. Prior
Paperback: $14.99
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Two tours of Afghanistan have left Matt Graydon, 28, shattered by battle. Now he must return home to his family’s farm to care for his estranged mother Shirley, who is fighting her own war of... More > early-onset Alzheimer’s. Yet while the struggle with their demons threatens to unravel them both, Matt and Shirley come to discover each other in a way they never could have imagined. A commanding and emotionally volatile novel of war, fear, and love, Shadowlands is an enthralling and touching exploration of a man and his mother’s battle with their enemies, both known and unknown. Unpredictable and explosive, it is ultimately a story of strength and forgiveness. "A lovely and haunting story that bridges time and generations in a way that, at times, can feel almost religious." - Douglas Coupland< Less
A New Beginning By Brenda Kennedy
Paperback: List Price: $12.44 $9.95 You Save: 20%
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Angel Perez had a second chance at a new beginning. After the death of her Aunt Rosie, Angel followed the instructions of her aunt and packed up only a few of her belongings and headed to Florida.... More > After moving into her Aunt Rosie’s small cottage on Siesta Key Beach, she was quickly adjusting to her new life. After finding a job at an insurance company, Angel became friends with the two owners, Sara Roberts and Brea Kinsley. Sara and Brea made it their mission to fix Angel up on a blind date with their very handsome and single friend Mason Myles. Afraid that her past would catch up with her, Angel lived a very private life. When she met the tall, dark, and handsome Dr. Mason Myles, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him. He swept her off her feet with his sexy, dimpled smile and charm. Living on the run from a very abusive boyfriend, Jim Davis, Angel lived in fear that Jim would somehow find her. After she revealed her abusive past and fears to Mason, Mason vowed to protect her.< Less
Mercy's Trace By Duane Parks
Paperback: $14.99
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Twelve-year-old Malachi, abandoned in the Ohio wilderness, migrates with the mule he was raised with, Revelation, to the Upper Sangamon River in the new state of Illinois. Without his concurrence, he... More > is married to Phoebe Mercy, a young woman intent on separating herself from her step-mother and breaking all ties of dependency to her family. Phoebe is intent on transforming him from a loner into a husband and father, roles his early life has not prepared him for. Into their lives come the Princess, the young Cajun ward of wealthy Cyrus Duvall, both with criminal backgrounds they cannot allow to become known, and Otis, the black Englishman, whose freedom is threatened by the social upheaval occurring in the years before the Civil War. Also settling in the territory is Stagger Eagle, the old Sauk Indian forced to abandon his tribe as a youth because of a horrendous mistake. But pasts are not so easily left behind. Like shallow graves, old secrets threaten to be unearthed, often with unknowable consequences.< Less
Source of the Nile By Roger Ewing Taylor
Paperback: $16.96
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As a dark winter of despair seems to close in on the world... Nine-year-old Diana Cerchier has decided to go on an adventure. She wants to follow the brook behind her house back to its source. ... More > Inspired by her own spirit of adventure as well as the legends of past explorers who sought the source of the mighty Nile, she begins her quest on a late autumn day. Diana’s journey will take her through wonders and perils that reflect an all too fallen humanity that has lost touch with the source and the light. And so as the darkness descends, the last hope for the world lies in one little girl. To save the world, she must find the Source.< Less
Mending Angel's Wings By Charity Angel
Paperback: $17.95
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Angelica is aware that it is time for her to set out on her own. She must discover the purpose of her journey. She is seeking for the man that will be equal to her in all things. She has been given... More > her sprit guide Comfort, and her inner voice as tools to help her connect with the Creator and discover what her purpose is. Travel with Angelica as she journey's through the woods of life. Through trials, tribulation and temptation, the question remains, will she make it?< Less
Half and Half By Children's Day School Middle School Summer Camp
Paperback: $6.06
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(12 Ratings)
A collection of short stories, poetry and cartoons by CDS middle school summer camp. Created by the awesomest people in the Milky Way Galaxy. BUY IT !! please.
THE COLOR VALLEY By John Water Thorgrimson
Paperback: $15.00
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An airplane is lost in Northwestern Ontario. The pilot finds himself in a strange land where everything is very colorful. He meets a little man who is only about 4 feet tall. The little man leads the... More > pilot, who's name is Keith on a wonderful adventure in the color valley in which he lives. Keith meets many more of these little people in his adventure. Some of these little people live in different color valleys in the vast land.< Less
The Star of the Magi By Michael S. Ridenour
Paperback: $13.00
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The Star of the Magi is a play based on teaching literature and drama in a high school in New York City. It is also based on Leonardo da Vinci's painting, The Adoration of the Magi.