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Who's Kennedy? By Annetta Swift
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"Who's Kennedy?" is a fictional novel that gives a wake up call for those who are still wondering what their purpose in life is. Through Kennedy's twists and turns of life, she discovers... More > the question that is too frequently asked, "Why am I here?" From trial to triumph we learn that no matter how scandalous your past, Kennedy is living proof that God will take your mistakes, and work a miracle, thus letting you achieve your destiny. Through this intriguing novel your question will be, "Who am I?" not "Who's Kennedy?"< Less
The Angel Of Light By Annetta Swift
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“The Angel of Light” takes place during the early 1970’s and is a story full of mystery, deception, and exposure. We venture into the life of Rufus Kilgore, a successful Realtor... More > that loves the Lord. By doing a “Good Deed” for the day, it took him through years of a rollercoaster ride that was always full speed ahead. This “edge of your seat” thriller, will not only keep you guessing, but it will ignite your hunger for more. Although this story deals with an interracial couple, the truth of the matter is deception has no color, no gender, and certainly no conscience. You too will understand that if you are not cautious, you too can be deceived by THE ANGEL OF LIGHT.< Less
Even Strong Men Cry By Annetta Swift
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“Even Strong Men Cry”, introduces us to Chad Wesley Sinclair. Chad’s life has been full of tragedy since his early childhood. The ghosts of time past bombard his thoughts and... More > regret resides in his soul. He has made some bad choices that have affected not only his life, but the lives of those whom he loves the most. Crime, lies, mischief and MURDER all have made the headlines in the Sinclair family. Chad is forced to face the demons of his past, present, and future in the pages of this riveting novel. At the end of the day, Chad will show the readers that no matter how tough a man’s exterior is, EVEN STRONG MEN CRY.< Less
Diamond In The Rough By Annetta Swift
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Victoria Robinson was once a picture of perfection, “Beauty and Brains” would be an understatement in describing her. However, she swiftly went from rags to riches and back to rags. Her... More > world seemed unshakable at one point and quickly took a downward spiral into a place that she never thought she would be. Her dark side surfaced and she found herself caught up in series of events that would question her lifestyle, innocence of murder, illegal dealings and the list goes on. Will she ever find her way back to the top? How can she erase the past that haunts her daily? Is she guilty of murder or was she set up? These questions will be answered and by the story’s end everyone will recognize that we all, in one phase of our lives or another, were a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.< Less
POWER PLAY By Adam Sutkus
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Ultimate power. Seductive...addictive...and dangerous. Kurt Peterson, young and ambitious as a new House of Representatives staffer on Capitol Hill, is invited into the inner sanctum of a ruthless... More > political mentor. As a trusted deputy, and with the help of a beautiful and ambitious corporate lobbyist, Kurt's rapid journey to the top seems limitless--that is until the true goal behind the legislative chess games becomes shockingly clear. Kurt must confront the real price of power--and with the fate of the President hanging in the balance, with the FBI closing in, every lesson he learned must be used in the ultimate test of student-against-master...< Less
Shell Shock By Mac (O.H.) McClelland
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A young survivor of Viet Nam war struggles to find a new life while healing from physical wounds and psychological impairments due to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Finally seeking spiritual... More > help, he finds peace and love in the desert.< Less
The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra By Anonymous
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The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra /lit/ Approved Epic Fantasy As featured in: Harold Bloom’s Shiterary Canon - The Best and Worst of Postmodernist Literature Donetsk Times Best... More > Selling Author The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra Translation by Chuck Berry >anonymous An insight into the spook-conscious Enter the toxic post-ironic internet culture of /lit/< Less
Here comes The Painter By Bob Finer
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A Fictional Novel: The fear of living a dull life, the risks of a lucid one and examining what lies in between. An immersion into the the tantalizing nightlife of South Tampa and the consequences... More > that can accompany these hedonistic escapades. He thought he had a simple but fun-filled life for someone in their late-20's. He was a professional during the weekdays and partied professionally on the weekends. However, when his life is turned upside down by a combination of tragic events, he finds himself searching for answers. While he doesn't find complete clarity, he finds a sense of adventure and purpose in the journey towards it.< Less
Night Of The Hatchet By A.W. Hammock
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When former Delta Force Operator Caleb Cook uncovers a plot involving a deadly terrorist cell, partnered with a ruthless drug cartel, his life and the lives of his family and countrymen will be in... More > constant danger unless Cook can stay one step ahead of the violent men planning to use a deadly weapon to strike deep into the heart of America.< Less
The Flax Flower By Amanda MacLean
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The old Scots ballad Mill o' Tifty's Annie comes to vibrant life in The Flax Flower. In high summer, two lovers meet and plan a future together. But as the year turns, the candle of their love... More > affair is threatened by the gathering winds of a superstitious, religious, feudal society and an ambitious, unyielding family. A true story passed down the centuries in song is retold in a clear and passionate new voice. Shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize.< Less
The Sword and Scabbard: Thieves and Thugs and the Bloody Massacre In Boston By Allen Woods
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The streets and taverns of Boston before “The Bloody Massacre” were filled with brawls and scrapes, hot words and cold calculations. Firebrands like Samuel Adams claimed high... More > revolutionary ideals for the Sons of Liberty, while John Hancock and other well-to-do merchants found smuggling very rewarding. The Tory lords stuffed their pockets with silver and scorned the rude Americans and their democratic ideas. Informers worked both sides of the street while crowds of itinerant, unemployed sailors and dockworkers ruled the streets and intimidated Customs officials with beatings and hot tar. Nicholas Gray and Maggie Magowan run The Sword and Scabbard, a North End tavern which is home to both criminal and political intrigue. They view the politics of the time with a cynical eye but are eventually caught up in the conflicts. Finally, Nicholas must choose between saving himself and crippling the march towards the Revolution.< Less
The Human Comedy By Stuart Matranga
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London. 1666. An avenging Angel has set fire to the city, but a boy tries to convince her not to destroy it and the world beyond. His defense of humanity includes reciting the greatest stories from... More > World Literature: The Bible, Gilgamesh, The Ramayana, The Bhagavad Gita, The Iliad, The Odyssey, Aesop’s Fables, Beowulf, Everyman, The Green Knight, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Dante’s Inferno, classics of Chinese, Japanese, and African cultures, The Arabian Nights, Don Quixote, Shakespeare, Milton’s Paradise Lost, and several more. These epics serve as evidence to prove that human beings, though they have done much damage to themselves and to the world, are worth saving.< Less
Mindfall By Darryl Sollerh
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"There's so much to absorb in this fast-moving and elegant thriller, and it's all beautifully written. I highly recommend MindFall by Darryl Sollerh." Jack Magnus, READERS' FAVORITE REVIEWS... More > "The story gripped me from the very first page...Very powerful and well-written...A great read." Barbara Goldie, THE KINDLE BOOK REVIEWS "It will make you lose sleep because you won't want to put it down!" Mary Ann Koopmann, AMAZON REVIEWS To save his wife's life, a man enters MindFall, a top secret, revolutionary virtual reality program created by his wife so advanced, so life-like, that once he enters it, he can no longer tell he's in MindFall, or back in the real world. Yet he soon finds himself hunted by Black Ops government agents and deadly terrorists, all hellbent on controlling MindFall, hurdling him into a mind-bending gauntlet as he races against time to discover its secret and save his wife.< Less
Tales of By Joseph Koch, Benjamin Rozonoyer
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If I should ever hear those real tales, those which this book reminisces me of, I should be overjoyed, and horrified, and wouldn't know what to do with myself.
Street Lovers by Night: Stories & Memoirs By John Hindle
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“These strange tales whisper of a youth long gone into the rorschach blot of memory.” “How can one convey in words the beauty of an old woman deep in prayer or a young mother... More > making smiley faces for her baby? In the womb of womanly love we begin. And the mystery remains.” — John Hindle< Less
The Bookroom Murders By Alan Berg
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The police shooting of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown again raises the situation of racial unrest in America. My novel, The Bookroom Murders, depicts racial confrontation in an inner city high... More > school, where police use excessive force to deal with the situation, and students are shot and mauled by dogs. Also,The Bookroom Murders is not your typical mystery. It is a coming of age story, involving a battle of the sexes and an odyssey of self-realization. The teacher narrator is intelligent, quirky, self-deprecating, and irreverent. The story has elements of a teacher's worst nightmare. And this is not the typical teacher-against-the-odds victory cliche'. Instead, it is violent, ironic, darkly humorous, sexually explicit and bizarre. The story is multi-ethnic, with strong female characters--Chinese, Latina and Italian--as well as a sexist teacher, who is not a paragon, and happens to be a murder suspect.< Less