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Monica Raven Delusional By Edna Myles
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Monica Raven - Delusional is the first installment of a fresh upbeat urban drama centered around the Raven sisters. Each chapter will outdo the one before it. This storyline never gets dull, and it... More > will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.< Less
Paparazzi Summer By Eric Zeidler
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A strange world in which carnivores rule the roost, sheep and ruminants form the working class, rats and weasels make up the paparazzi, and a weird cult teaches that all animals are created equal... More > forms the backdrop for a confused schoolgirl's journey of self-realisation.< Less
Things are Looking up for the Twentieth Century By Arie de Bruyn
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Following the story of Lewis, a struggling writer, he faces obstacles. Some are constructions of his mind, others are present as he gets swept up in the great tides of history.
Breathless in Paradise By Emily Cena
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A fun, funky, island love story set on St. John in the beautiful Virgin Islands, Breathless in Paradise tells the tale of the not-so-straightforward romance between Hannah Wesley, a recent transplant... More > to St. John, and Dirk Miles, an island boy by birth who's back temporarily to captain his parents' charter sailboat Breathless.< Less
Apples in September By Carol Smith
Paperback: $13.37
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The depression of the 1930’s in America presented millions of people with physical, financial and moral challenges. The Murphy’s were no exception, but they were exceptional. As the... More > circumstances of their lives change, they are forced to make new choices – some of them that go against the accepted modes of the day. While faith and hope sometimes falter, will determination to build a better life for themselves and those whose lives intertwine with theirs be enough to bring about a harvest of love and the promise of a bountiful future for all of them.< Less
Playland Electromagic By Kit Zeno
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Kit Zeno, MD, bedeviled by corroding trends shaking money-driven medicine and compelled by a messianic belief in his moral superiority, opens a Pandora’s box of confused empathy. Ready to rebel... More > against established practices, he embarks on a bizarre, touching, sometimes funny and ultimately law-breaking adventure. The recurring irony of the doctor’s self-pitying pursuit of personal wealth and the breakup of his own family stand in stark contrast to his Good Samaritan image. Finally, ever receding dreams of true love and redemption open a path into another dimension deep in a mythical New England wood. Kit Zeno, MD, lives and practices medicine in Massachusetts. Playland Electromagic is his first novel.< Less
Victim of Excellence By Amar Kureishi
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(5 Ratings)
Khan Uzma stroked his beard. “The third way is to have him do something he would never have thought himself capable of doing – something abhorrent. It must destroy the way he thinks about... More > himself. And, in this moment of change, when the old self has been destroyed, one reaches in and grasps the naked soul.” Thus begins the descent of Dr. Elial Kirsch, from a sunny New England hospital to the dark tribal north of Pakistan. In probing a mysterious death, Elial stumbles on a deadly conspiracy. Victim of Excellence unfolds in the wake of the Soviet-Afghan war and the rise of the Taliban. Featuring the diabolical ideologue Khan Uzma, the corrupt General Aziz, and an American billionaire, Elial must reconcile his own past if he stands any chance of saving himself and his colleague, Dr. Katie Darling. Part medical mystery, part love-story, Victim of Excellence is the gripping story of the formidable odds facing Elial as he clings to his old-world beliefs of good and evil.< Less
Dragon Shifters: The Ice Castle By Open Books
Paperback: $10.00
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Publishing Academy, summer 2014: a new novel by Christopher Janickas.
Chinese Zodiac Furry by Jiló By Ronaldo Santana
Paperback: $29.90
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Known in furry circles his erotic art, but funny and perverted at the same time, Ronaldo Santana, better known as Jiló, his alter-ego likewise shameless, debuts in literature with these 11... More > stories and 1 comic inspired by the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Without compromising the art style that he’s devoted, these pages are full of exciting images and situations that will make your imagination fly away! Let it take you to a naughty world with your best guide, Jiló, and that cool friend of yours who introduces you to the best party girls. Now relax and enjoy!< Less
Floating Lives (2nd edition) By Ngoc Tu Nguyen Ngoc
Paperback: $19.95
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This English edition, prepared exclusively by and for San Jose State University students with the cooperation of Ms. Nguyen, features 12 of NNT's most famous stories, including "The End of a... More > Season of Beauty" and "The Endless Field." Ms. Nguyen is the recipient of numerous literary awards in Asia for her short stories and novellas.< Less
Campfire By MIcroWriters NorthRodanthe
Paperback: $4.60
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MICROJAM 2014, held in the shade of Bonticou Crag in New Paltz, NY: 90 word poems and visions.
SNReview (SNR) Summer 2014 By Joseph Conlin
Paperback: $15.00
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SNReview (SNR), a 16-year-old quarterly literary magazine, features the rising stars of world literature as well as some of its masters in the fields of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. It... More > has been edited and published by Joseph Conlin since 1999.< Less
Farrin and The Firefly By Doug Clarke
Paperback: $8.99
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“Of all the things I’ve ever written, this journal was the most fun and the thing that gave me the most pleasure,” says the grandfather of Farrin and Owen. Papa... More > Clarke’s bedtime chapter readings always ended with the same four words: “ Now go to sleep !” Sometimes Farrin did. And sometimes she stayed awake.< Less
The Grey Life By Adam Wasserman
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David Berkowitz attends the Johns Hopkins University in 1991 where he gets mixed up in drugs and insanity. Combined with a violent home life, David can't quite cope with his experiences. Later on, as... More > the world crumbles around him, he remains curiously unaffected. For he is still held in thrall by the events that occurred in that short time - and the girl he loved and lost< Less
Read MY Shorts! By Melanie Young
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Read MY Shorts! is a collection of short stories written by author Melanie Young. The stories include "A Perfect Morning," "Dirty Laundry," "Lesser of Two Evils."
AP Alley By Terry Yurick
Paperback: $19.99
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In the early 1960’s the Military knew they needed to develop a new method of intelligence gathering in locating the enemy in the jungles of Vietnam. Early attempts at developing a mobile... More > method of interception and location of radio transmissions failed. Some successes occurred prior to the mid-1960’s, but there was no large scale plan on how to develop this into a major project to help win the war in Vietnam. Approval comes in 1966 and the project is named Phyllis Ann. The author becomes a part of this project as a mission leader in the winter of 1968. This novel is based on his experiences both in Pleiku Vietnam and Misawa Japan during some of the most turbulent times in our history. The taking of the Pueblo, Russian bombers testing our defenses, and the secret war in Laos were all historical events this young airman was involved in.< Less
The Christmas Robe By Deborah Laurent
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The love we have for our family, especially our mothers, transcends across generations, bringing a piece of them with every generation, even if we don't know why "that" tradition exists or... More > where "that" tradition comes from. The love that we have for Christmas is tied to the love we have for our family, wound within the simplest of gestures, stories, and precious memories. The Christmas Robe takes the journey of one person's memories, through the reminiscing of childhood, through to the functions of becoming an adult, on through the relay of parenthood, and eventually through the loss of a parent. The Christmas Robe shows the preciousness of life and holiday traditions when faced with changes and struggles, all through a mother's love as we all face the question, "How do you want to be remembered?"< Less
The Irish Connection By H.J. Sage
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Kellan Maguire spends four years in Ireland studying law, and he returns to the United States with his lovely Irish bride, Moira. He pursues a career in law, but Moira dies while giving birth to a... More > daughter, Fiona. Moira’s family agrees to raise Fiona until she is older. Years later, Congressman Maguire is invited by his friend Senator Jordan Montgomery to run with him as candidate for vice president, even though the two men belong to different political parties. During the campaign, media critics uncover a possible connection between Kellan and the IRA in the person of his second wife, Irish beauty Kathleen, and his daughter Fiona’s family in Ireland. Kellan must defend himself against the charges, and Kathleen becomes the key to his defense as she reveals the real truth about her troubled background. Along with his daughter Fiona, Kathleen is Kellan’s Irish Connection.< Less
Jogging With Roussel By Lanny Quarles
Paperback: $8.00
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a sketch of a fake novel to be used as a theatrical prop in real life
Revelator Book 1 The Neuromancer By William Control
Paperback: $22.00
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(1 Ratings)
Through the madness I shuffle. A wretched shell of the man I was when her Love possessed me. Lucifer has given me one chance at redemption. I am compelled to drag myself to the dusty finish line.... More > Compelled by the love I have somewhere in my drowning heart and by the curiosity of a new adventure that will one day, surely kill me. This is the story of William Control< Less
The Chair By Jeremy Gates
Paperback: $12.00
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Monica Wilson had a normal childhood: nice family, close-knit community, church on Sundays, and free from tragedy. But one night that would all change. The Chair is a story of her journey from... More > anger, bitterness, and darkness to learning to trust God again and finding true peace in life.< Less
There is a Scorpion in My Tea By Arthur Mayers
Paperback: $6.99
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The second short novel by Art Mayers brings Mitchell an ex-CIA hit man together with small town happenings in a Zapotec Indian Village in Mexico. Mayers is the author of a dozen plays, 100 YouTube... More > videos, and is currently sketching on his Kindle Fire< Less
Twenty Tales By Clayton Jennings
Paperback: $19.99
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(30 Ratings)
What if you were visited by an angel? What if that angel told you twenty tales that would inevitably change your life? There are angels all around us, watching as our lives unfold one story at a... More > time.< Less
Paperback: $20.31
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MARSHWRACK is the story of a young man who leaves his hometown of North Carolina in search of a better life. He strikes out for the Georgia coast to live the life of a commercial fisherman and to... More > learn all he can about shrimping. Ben soon learns that the grass is not greener and that things continue to go from bad to worse, quickly.< Less
Being Like Baxxo By Edward DeMarco
Paperback: $7.49
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Special Fifth Anniversary Edition with a new forward by the author. Finally, in this book, Dr. Beexo Baxxo reveals a time in his life when he was discovering a remarkable treasure, finding true... More > romance and learning the great truths of Vasco da Gama. A quirky little story about Dr. Beexo Baxxo, an old lady, a diary, a Levi's Gremlin, the Boebinger family, the guitar society, evil Dr. Benny Barnes and more alliteration than should be included on the pages of any book!< Less