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Under His Thumb No More - A Boomer's Ballad By Linda Eckley Sampsel
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Susan Chandler grew up in a small Pennsylvania town in the 1950’s/60’s. Many girls followed the traditional norm of marrying young and starting a family. It was a time before the... More > women’s rights movement opened up more career opportunities for women and empowered them to own their own homes or businesses. Susan was from a caring family and issues such as verbal abuse or mental battering were unknown to her. She was a naïve teenager when she married her high school boyfriend and moved to California. Could she make the transition from a small town girl to a young wife and mother living in the urban sprawl of California? Toss in a controlling mother-in-law and a verbally abusive husband. Finally, shake in several earthquakes to this unrelenting mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! Could Susan discover the strong woman within her and escape her controlled, verbally abusive and shaky environment? It would take years but yes she could, and she did!< Less
Tri-State "A Griot’s Curse" By Brock KaLiM
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"Tri-State" is Brock KaLiM's First novel series. The First novel in the Series is called "A Griot’s Curse”. It’s web of urban drama, twists and turns each... More > character’s story; enter locking them all into a wild and unstable life. “Tri-State” the series touches on social awareness, erotic and erratic behavior. With spiritual aspects of life unlike any other urban drama novel series has done in a long time.< Less
Song at Dawn By jean gill
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Historical thriller/love story set in Narbonne just after the Second Crusade. 1150 in Provence, where love and marriage are as divided as Christian and Muslim. On the run from abuse, Estela's... More > musical talent finds a patron in Alienor of Aquitaine and more than a music tutor in the finst troubadour of the age, Alienor's Commander of the Guard. Weary of war, Dragonetz los Pros uses Jewish money and Moorish expertise to build that most modern of invntions, a papermill,drawing the wrath of the Church down on his head. Their enemies gather, ready to light the political and religious powder-keg of medieval Narbonne.< Less
Transformation: Race, Prejudice and Forgiveness in the New South Africa By Robert Elkington
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Can people change? Is love more powerful than hatred, is forgiveness stronger than revenge? Can a person programmed to have prejudice release that prejudice when truth shines through in the form of... More > friendship? This is a novel about the transition in South Africa from Apartheid to democracy and the need for people on both sides of the struggle to find forgiveness. Racism and prejudice still exists in many forms today, but there is a better way, and this novel points you in that direction through the heartwarming story of two lives that intersect at a critical moment to bring about transformation!< Less
Камбиз и армянские князья. Новелла из "Французского Декамерона" By Луи Дюссье
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A Russian translation of a French novel, Kambiz and Armenian Princes, extracted from The French Decameron and written by Louis d’Ussieux (Louis Dussieux) in Paris in 1774.
The Wings of Honor By John Loria
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You will be captivated as you read this educational and informative War & love story with Oliver (the son of an American pilot) and Juliette (the daughter of a North Vietnamese pilot) meet in... More > Paris after the war. Their paths will cross again when Juliette returns to Vietnam as a defense lawyer to help release Oliver who had been captured and was about to follow his father’s destiny in a Vietnamese prison. Writers have been hesitant to write more about the last bombing of North Vietnam, realizing that Nixon’s bombing was found to be more devastating than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. However, today young readers want to know how and why their executive branch fooled congress during the spirit of Christmas holidays enough to violate the trust and the honor of the American People< Less
The Big and Small of Us All By KWA Collection
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An eclectic collection of stories from 21 different authors, all with differing styles of writing and a vast array of genres. This book truly has something for everyone - romance, mystery, adventure,... More > science fiction, western, supernatural, fantasy, slice of life and even ducks and cows! A perfect place to come on those hot summer days or cold winter nights when you want something to take your mind off your worries and be whisked away to other worlds.< Less
Family Secrets: When things done in darkness become illuminated By Devin M.L. Andrews
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In the public eye, the Laurent family looks like a formal, solid family bound by faith, tradition, and unchallenged hierarchy. Within the house of Grand'Mere, the matriarch, there is resentment,... More > dissension, and many elephants roaming freely. David Kleindienst, a concerned son, grandson, and nephew, believes in the possibilities of his inwardly wayward family, and he struggles desperately to make his family more cohesive and forgiving. Hence, he wants them to notice and pursue their potential. Will his efforts succeed--in spite of everyone's hurt feelings and pride? Will they succeed in spite of Grand'Mere's thirst for control?< Less
Tequila Sueños By Edward C Taylor
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This is a book about Tequila and three men who drink a lot of it! But it is also a love story. A story about the love of the centuries-old culture that produces the world’s finest distilled... More > spirit. A story about the azure blue fields of agave and the deep rust colored earth that lovingly nurtures this magical plant. Our three heroes, all high powered professionals from major US cities, share this love, but now their tequila dreams are on the verge of nightmare. They must travel to numerous locales in their beloved Mexico (Cancun, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and Lake Chapala) in order to solve the dilemmas that threaten their professional lives. Along the way they encounter adventures, find romance and make lasting friendships. All the while, mysterious forces seem to be pulling them to the town of Tequila - a “Pueblo Magico”. Why don't you come along for the ride and join their journeys of discovery. Salud!< Less
COED Book 1 By Rhayne Coleman
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Part 1 of COED follows the life of several juniors at the prestigeous Westin University in south Georgia during their summer and fall semesters. Memories and faces from the past resurface, secrets... More > come to light and danger lurks around every corner in this fast paced gripping novel that puts theses coeds against themselves, their families, and each other. Together they maneuver their way through mid-terms, personal demons and campus life to only scratch the surface of what it really means to be a Westin University Co-ed.< Less
Night Of The Hatchet By A.W. Hammock
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When former Delta Force Operator Caleb Cook uncovers a plot involving a deadly terrorist cell, partnered with a ruthless drug cartel, his life and the lives of his family and countrymen will be in... More > constant danger unless Cook can stay one step ahead of the violent men planning to use a deadly weapon to strike deep into the heart of America.< Less
The Temptation of Totanca By Mignon Padilla
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Seduction, passion, deceit and money are the things that make the life of Totanca Mika Wolmes go around. In the small town of Lauer Spryngs, she finds herself in a chaotic erotic love triangle with a... More > young billionaire, a successful lawyer and a rich married man. With prominent friends, unlimited money and passionate sex at her disposal, life couldn’t be more perfect for the beautiful young woman. Then she meets Austin, a gorgeous college student with big ambitions, who challenges her in every way. Through a series of unfortunate events, she is forced to face the consequences of her choices and realize that the perfect life she believed she led is not everything that it seems. As she deals with her past that threaten to tear away at her sanity. She fights to find her true worth and make the tough choice between the life she lusts and the man she loves. Will she be strong enough to resist the seductive enticement that wars to overtake her? Or will she be able to withstand the temptation and find True Love?< Less
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SHAKESPEARE ILLUSTRATED: Here is a captivating collection of classic paintings which depict scenes from many of the Bard's masterworks. In addition to the fine pictures, this book provides readers... More > with important biographical information of the 13 prominent artists whose works are shown. Paintings illustrate Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Henry VIII, Much Ado About Nothing, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and others.< Less
A Proper Life By Robert Gambogi
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A good book. Avery good book. A realy very good book. A really and very
Commonthought 2014 By Commonthought Magazine
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The 2014 issue of COMMONTHOUGHT, a celebration of creative endeavors of Lesley University, features new short fiction by Bethany Snyder, Ali Russo, and Brendan Flaherty; new poetry by Jess Rizkallah... More > and Paige Chaplin; art by Lisa Sibley and Danielle Maio; and more!< Less
The Sweet Smell of Honeysuckles By Lamar Broadaway
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Civil war in the south a family in distress over their three boys having to go to fight, but they all survive the ordeal and come back home.
Noel's Christmas Miracle By Savannah Hill
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Build your faith while following the lives of two girls in this heartwarming story. Each finds their love and responsibility tested as they experience the challenges of welcoming their new siblings.
First Year Composition Volume IV By English 114
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A collection of essays, short stories and poetry by students at San Francisco State University. This slim volume contains wonderful pieces, each unique and inspiring.
The Funny Mountain By Frank Key
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Yet another collection of tales from Frank Key's radio show Hooting Yard On The Air. Includes important information about birds.
End of 83 - volume 1 By Baltimore Writing Hour
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The inaugural issue of End of 83, the literary magazine of the Baltimore Writing Hour, an open writers' group in Baltimore, MD. For more information visit (for the magazine) and... More > (for the group).< Less
Ghostwriter Of Sin By Shay Stephen
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This book is about what it's like when you wanted to be a nun and became a stripper instead. It's about a spiritual search. And it's funny.
According to Chekhov - Thoughts on the Writing of UNCLE VANYA By Motti Lerner
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ACCORDING TO CHEKHOV is a playful, incisive analysis of Anton Chekhov's masterful work UNCLE VANYA as interpreted by contemporary playwright Motti Lerner (in translation by Lior Yatsiv). A welcome... More > addition to studies of Chekhov's drama and a useful book on playwriting, dramatic structure, and script analysis.< Less
Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, Book 1) By Chess Desalls
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Valcas uses an altered pair of sunglasses to help Calla escape to a different place and time. He offers his further protection in exchange for a promise. Intrigued by Valcas and the possibility of... More > time travel, Calla accepts. That is until she learns that his search for her was no mere coincidence. Calla sets off on her own, taking the Travel Glasses with her. Torn between searching for her estranged father and reuniting with the rest of her family, she tracks down the inventor of the Travel Glasses in hopes of discovering more about Valcas’ past and motivations. With Valcas hot on her trail, Calla hopes to find what she’s looking for before he catches up.< Less