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From Pals to Gals By Joe Six Pack
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Jeremy and Stewart are two friends who like to play jokes on each other. Mix in a little magic, and those jokes get a little crazy. Before long, they're running for Prom Queen, and using magic to... More > one-up each other. Who will win? Does it matter? 45 Pages, 16 Illustrations. Previously published at< Less
Justin The Pirate By Robert Klein Engler
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Stories set in New Orleans, by one of our best poets, that capture the mystique of the Big Easy.
The Little Flower By Christine C. Taing
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Everyday, children around the world worry if they will fit in at school or make friends. But when a bully lurks in the shadows and eventually pounces, a lonely child’s insecurities can be made... More > even worse. Christine Taing shares tales with moral lessons that will empower children to stop and aptly deal with bullying. Children learn appropriate reactions to bullying through stories that teach them to do the right thing, take a stand, and be a friend to a child in need. A little girl learns to be proud of her family and the meaning of a true friend. A fourth grader decides his bully is a person who needs a friend just like him. A musically-talented high school student discovers that when he sticks up for himself, no one can hurt him. A teenager, with help from a teacher, becomes a confident student who embraces his differences. In this collection of short stories, children learn to stand tall and strong against bullies and ultimately become the beautiful flowers they are meant to be.< Less
The Mosaic Book One Leo By Joseph P Farrell
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An historical-physical novel set int the ninth century geopolitical and ecclesiastical struggle between the Franks, the Papacy, and the East Roman Empire
Revelator Book 1 The Neuromancer 3rd Edition By William Control
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Through the madness I shuffle. A wretched shell of the man I was when her Love possessed me. Lucifer has given me one chance at redemption. I am compelled to drag myself to the dusty finish line.... More > Compelled by the love I have somewhere in my drowning heart and by the curiosity of a new adventure that will one day, surely kill me. This is the story of William Control< Less
Home Is Where Your Boots Are By Kalan Chapman Lloyd
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"... begs for a sequel. – Kirkus Review “...entertainment reading at its best.” - Midwest Book Review  “Old habits never die. They just get harder to... More > justify.” Heartbreak. Home. Gunshots. Former small town girl turned big city lawyer Lilly Atkins has tidily checked off her adult to-do list. Prestigious law degree Flourishing career Designer wardrobe Well-bred fiancé In a moment of cliché, her list gets whipped out the window. And run over a few times. So she heads home to Brooks. Where the creek is cool and the gossip is always hot. With nothing better to do, Lilly sets up shop to work off her broken heart. Before the paint can dry, her former flame, Dr. Cash Stetson, shows up requesting representation. For his divorce. Two new clients involve a possible negligent homicide and the desecration of human remains, both cases stemming from the local hospital. Run by Cash. When her not so unrequited love’s wife turns up dead, Lilly begins to wonder if the former bad-boy is up to no good.< Less
William By Michael W. Mountain
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“William” is the action packed sequel of “The Saga of the Brothers Mountain.” The fictional tale begins in 1844 as it follows the Mountain family and their journey through the... More > untamed Territory of Wisconsin and into the newly formed State of Minnesota. The family, originally from the small farming village of Killeagh, in County Cork Ireland, is forced to go into hiding in order to escape the wrath of English landlord Charles Webb. Webb sent mercenaries to America to find and kill the Mountain family as retribution for destroying his compound back in Ireland. In an unexpected turn of events, the Mountain family survived the attack and killed the mercenaries. With the fear of continual reprisal from Webb, the family moved and secretly settled in the newly formed town of Hudson, in Wisconsin Territory. The Mountain family quickly learned that lawlessness was a prevalent way of life in their new country, America. Instead of finding a peaceful existence, they found nothing but turmoil and potential death.< Less
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ELATION By Howard Alan Lantzer
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Carson Todd, an old man now, remembers his long ago summer adventure...the summer he fell in love with the beautiful Kristine!
Beyond the Bog By MP Devlin
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In the small village of Kiltee, on the Northern Ireland coastline, young eight year old Garrett Daley is swept out to sea while riding his horse, Maggie, on a windy afternoon in September 1970. His... More > horse returns covered in salt water but young Daley does not. After extensive searching and police investigations for nearly a year, it was presumed that he had drowned. His parents, along with his younger twin brothers, moved to Boston, USA a year after the tragedy, but never lost hope that one day they might have an answer to his disappearance. The Daley's good friends and former neighbors in Kiltee, the Finn's, have an energetic seven year old son named Caffrey. And on a Saturday afternoon in May 1974, while riding his own horse, Silk, he comes upon a young stranger down by the dunes. After further conversation, Caffrey discovers that in fact it is Garrett returned home after four years.< Less
Fragments from 5th Ave By Ryan P. C. Trimble
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In the fall of 1922, David Moran returns to North Carolina to finish his studies following a less than satisfactory six months spent in Paris. In search of a place to stay for the semester, he... More > answers an intriguing classified ad and soon moves into a house with three complete strangers. What follows are five wild and eye-opening months in that unforgettable house as the four, formerly unknown to each other, bond and grow during the last summer before their adult years take hold. Includes preview of Ryan's next book, "WHAT WE TURNED ON 23RD"!< Less
American Ghosts By B.R. Manente
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It’s the year 2453, and outer space utopia is everything the Jetsons promised it would be … and more. Technically, medically, and socially, the human race is at the height of its... More > existence, but that progression has come at a high cost, and Zackary Rines seems to be the only one who can see it. American Ghosts is the story of a group of young people who have spent their lives barely hanging on to the edge of modern society. Now at this crucial turning point into adulthood, they have chosen not to pull themselves up into the future, but instead to let go and dive into the unknown past. They venture into the lost world of their ancestors in hopes of finding out what it truly means to be alive, wild, and human.< Less
Maps of Amsterdam By J. Hayes Hurley
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Joe, a recent graduate from photography school, moves to Amsterdam to seek fame and fortune. Along the way he meets two beautiful Dutch girls, Hennie, a poet, and Danique, a painter. The trio... More > collaborate on sophisticated installations that send Joe on his way to greatness. Joe ends his collaboration with Hennie by marrying her. He continues to use Danique and others while making his way to the top. This novel gives readers an inside look at what is going on in contemporary art photography. As well, it is reminiscent of the iconic novel Jules and Jim, with its romantic unfolding of a menage a trois.< Less
Big Momma Didn't Tell Me! By Darlene Greene
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Big Momma Didn't Tell Me is a cautionary tale about life, love and relationships. A legacy that was passed down to her daughters and granddaughters, perpetuated a cycle of "blind... More > obedience. This book is a time capsule that spans more than five decades. It chronicles the story of Ella Mae King (Big Momma) and the trials and tribulations of the women in one southern family who never understood what love really was. A story about a family legacy of giving in to your man no matter the consequences, that is handed down to the young women, generation after generation-- like fine china and cherished heirlooms. It's a legacy of control . . . of abuse and death. Big Momma Didn't Tell Me will make you laugh; sometimes it will make you cry. In the end, it is my hope that ultimately it will make you think-- about your choices, about love, and about relationship safety. Because "what you DON'T know CAN hurt you!"< Less
Fairy Tales for Dope Girls By Sholonda Higgins
Paperback: $9.99
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Fairy Tales for Dope Girls is the division between reality and fantasy for any girl whose dope enough to know that there can be a Happily Ever After even after devastation.
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Dr. Smith's Office By James Craft
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Billy, a collage freshman, enters a new drug study program. As part of the study, he needed to be constantly ‘evaluated’ by a psychologist. Billy didn’t think he needed a... More > “shrink,” but was willing to give it a try. As the weeks go by, Billy finds that his attitude and body improve with each session at Dr. Smith’s office. Soon Billy discovers that he would much rather focus on looking pretty and meeting cute boys! Over 25 pages with full color illustrations!< Less
That Thanksgiving By Kurt Gottschalk
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A Thanksgiving Tale and a part of my in-progress collection of holiday stories, which I'm making available on short-term bases while completing the volume.
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