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Chronicles of Red Hawk, Book One, The Dawn of Trouble By Rob Robinson
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Imagine a kingdom in a medieval time where an assassin is an honorable profession. The Chronicles of Red Hawk is a trilogy about an assassins guild, a princess in trouble, and a rebellion that... More > cannot succeed, but must. The story follows Red Hawk, a young idealistic man who has been trained by his father to be an assassin. Part of the story is told in unique flashbacks that tell us about the training he received and the father that trained him. The story is an adventure story, but also a romance, and a coming of age for a young man who knows nothing of politics and intrigue at the beginning, but learns all about it as the story progresses. It is a trilogy and each book unfolds more adventure, mystery, and romance. Readers who liked Harry Potter will like this book, as well as fans of adventure, romance and fiction that deals with intrigue and suspense.< Less
Opening Round By A.R. Elia
Paperback: $17.95
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By AR Elia. 257 Pages. Opening Round, the first book of The Tournament Series, takes the reader through the mystery, detective, sport and supernatural genres into a world of memorable characters who... More > discover they are competing in a golf tournament of eternal importance. Learn more at:< Less
Kim: Power Play By Ernest Bywater
Paperback: $9.95
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Kim is badly injured in an incident at school, an accident that should never have happened. He's a teenage boy with a reputation of being an unstoppable force that always gets things done. Recovering... More > from injuries that should have been fatal he lives 'in interesting times' as he sets out to prove the doctors wrong. He's determined he'll walk again; if his powerful enemies let him live that long.< Less
The Moving of a Lifetime By Jenna Grasso
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The Moving of a Lifetime is about a new girl and a hometown boy who become a couple after complications. Once, they start dating an accident happens which cause them to split, since the girl's father... More > doesn't want them together. Now, they must fight to save their relationship.< Less
The Well-Dressed Drunk By Jeffrey Callico
Paperback: $5.50
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The Well-Dressed Drunk is a collection of prose pieces by Jeffrey S. Callico.
Paperback: $11.99
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Darla Peel and Sir Ian Shag are sent a mission called "The Royale Pig" and they are ordered by Her Majesty Secret Service to assassinate John Henry who is a toxic lord and illegal arsm to... More > the USSR. He owns a toxic substance business in South America and also Darla and Ian found out they Schai who is a mad scientist from Japan who wants to turn the earth to dust and smoke. Even John Henry is a mad scientist who also wants to turn the earth to dust and smoke. So read and enjoy.< Less
Ghosts on the Susitna By Brian Striefel
Paperback: $8.00
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An amazing story hides somewhere in your family history. You know a few meager details but the real facts are probably lost forever. What if you somehow convinced your grandmother to share a long... More > protected correspondence that drew her father north in a devastating lifelong search? When Steve opens a frail envelope in Anchorage, his great-great grandfather's voice reaches out across four decades in the North American gold fields. The upbeat correspondence offers tantalizing clues about the final days of two close friends. Within weeks, Steve will fall in love with a beautiful nursing student and meet a WWI veteran familiar with early activity along the remote Susitna River. The old man’s startling memories soon draw Steve into a tragedy, ninety years in the making. Steve struggles to understand Chinese customs and illogical reports from earlier searches, but nothing prepares him for the spectacular story… still waiting unfinished along the great Susitna.< Less
Behind the Storm By Brian Striefel
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An old man gazes over empty meadows. Long ago Jake lived and loved in this place, this spiritual Mecca on the Great Plains. The Knife River flows behind him, a timeless reminder of better days.... More > Overnight a population approaching five thousand plummeted, the Knife River Indian Villages evaporated and her secrets disappeared in an epic cultural collapse. Or did they? Something amazing assisted here before the tragedy. Jake nods his head now and turns away ― how many survivors could one hero save? Unfortunately he already knows the answer. You are about to join three young friends on a 1939 Badlands hunting trip. A visit to this beautiful place can recharge your spirit and rejuvenate your soul but don’t plan any relaxation on this trip. Charlie, Jake and Sarah each plan a very difficult confrontation tomorrow but life never notices a bad day when a really bad day is waiting. Things sometimes change quickly in the Badlands. Not all change is good.< Less
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Darla Harriet and Ian Shag must deal with Pier Frontier in Russia and even deal with a toxic substance criminal and even criminals in China and Cambodia during 1948. The only thing is Darla and Ian... More > have to deal with other criminals in China and Cambodia that burns Jews in large ovens in Communist concentration camps too. So enjoy.< Less
He's Their Sister I #94 By SANDY THOMAS
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HE'S THEIR SISTER I - Brand new, published 2010. Twins are often different but these twins change much more than most! Part one of two. Illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In The Pink. TV FICTION... More > CLASSICS #94. 84 pages< Less
He's Their Sister II #95 By SANDY THOMAS
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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HE'S THEIR SISTER II - Brand new, published 2010. Twins are often different but these twins change much more than most! Part two of two. Illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In The Pink. TV... More > FICTION CLASSICS #95. 84 pages< Less
Pinup Girl By James Craft, Illustrations by Mignon
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Max, a college freshman, needs a new place to stay and some extra cash. Meeting Eric, a successful photographer, with a spare room Max moves in. Eric convinces Max that he can make money in his... More > spare time as a model. Jumping at the chance, Eric convinces Max that more money can be made posing as a girl. Reluctantly, Max goes along with the plan only to find that more and more of his clothes are being replaced with those of a female model. Without really understanding what is going on Max becomes Maxine and gets closer and closer to becoming a Pinup Girl…! 109 PAGES! Fully Illustrated!< Less
Dialogues of the Gods By Baudelaire Jones, Lucian of Samosata
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By the time of Lucian, popular religion had ceased to hold much influence over the hearts of the cultured classes. Philosophy was the new God, but there were efforts in some circles to divert... More > men’s minds from the philosophical sects and restore a sort of unorthodox faith in the old religion. Against this artificial revival of mythological faith, Lucian pitted the influence of his tremendous satirical powers. In the “Dialogues of the Gods,” he pulls the curtain aside—exposing the Gods as they engage in private disputes, domestic brawls, and love affairs, with their jealousies and scandals, their paltry strifes and petty motives. The lesson is simple: Can one worship beings with such weaknesses, such foibles, and such scandalous and immoral lives? This new translation by Baudelaire Jones breathes fresh life into ancient deities such as Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Aphrodite, Poseidon, and Athena, revealing complex, contradictory, sex-obsessed creatures that modern mortals can surely relate to.< Less