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The Plight of the Vestige By Rebekah Burger
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Our book starts off with a child named Dei who is on the brink of losing his freedom and his family to a roaming group of ruthless mercenaries. Dei finds himself taken hostage by the group and soon... More > has to start life anew. Meanwhile, Dei meets another captive, a girl his age named Zephyra. The pair soon come to realize that their lives will forever be intertwined. Assassins, kings, mercenaries, poisons and weapons, these are just some of the many characters and items you will encounter in this intricately designed web of tales. Trials, tribulations and joy and love will sweep you off your feet and keep you teetering on the edge. Warning: This book is not for the faint of heart.< Less
MENACE The Death Dealer By Steve Samedi
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Menace: The Death Dealer is the story of young Phillip Baxter III, a history teacher from southern Philadelphia. For some time, Phillip questioned why his father abandoned their family to start a... More > separate life in Japan. The single mother, who struggled to raise him, is unexpectedly killed in a tragic car accident. A year later, Phillip receives a phone call informing him of his father’s passing. He travels to Japan to attend the funeral and discovers that his father and grandfather were CIA sanctioned mercenaries who worked for an organization known as, The Black Hand Syndicate. From that point on, Phillip is forced to deal with the repercussions of his family’s dangerous past while simultaneously embarking on a journey of self-discovery. With “Menace” I set out to craft a compelling story about an African American that is not a sidekick or a stereotype. There are dormant audiences waiting for creators to present their stories in a respectful manner.-Steve Samedi< Less
The Boys With Wings By Richard Smith
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During the late Spring of 1943, two P-38 pilots are shot down in the South Pacific. The mysterious island they both land on is uncharted and is the base of operations for the development of a secret... More > Japanese weapon. They soon discover an unbelievable horror that is about to be unleashed on the west coast of the United States.< Less
Delicious Just Desserts By Lisa Fulham
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Turn the pages of this tantalising, tasty collection of erotica. View the world through a lens, walk the moss-covered floor of the forest and learn just how pleasurable business can be. These eight... More > poems and six stories, redefine friendship, drip with lust and invite you to a wedding with a difference. Be tested by Sir. Be bound by freedom. Allow this anthology to capture and enrapture your imagination.< Less
Jemsh's Secret By Shirley Burke Oaks
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About the book: Who is the author of this book? It could have been a tall young man with interesting glasses or a shorter one that likes his martinis’ dry and with three olives, or perhaps a... More > woman that enjoys cooking and dishing up enchanting dinners for her dear friends. Or it could have been me. I suppose we will never know for sure. For you see, Stoney C. just vanished one day, just up and left. I truly believe she is in a lovely sea shell somewhere, in serene aqua waters, and has become one of the tiny little pearls entwined in Doritha’s splendid red hair. That is the mystery of Jemsh, you just never know for certain where next she will turn up . . . .< Less
Mary Stumpf at the Battle of Princeton By Laura Crockett
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Mary Stumpf is a Quaker girl caught up in the events of the American Revolution. She lives in little Stony Brook, NJ, where soldiers march and do battle. Mary loves Jimmy UpDyke and loves adventure.... More > One brings her delight and sorrow, the other brings her learning and opens the door to her future. Mary, and her family, endure much as their tranquil life is shattered with soldiers and Mr. Parker, an aggressive Loyalist. In the end, love, and the new United States, triumph.< Less
Beowulf in the Sky: Beowulf as an Astronomical Myth By Richard T. Jennings
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Beowulf in the Sky: Beowulf as an Astronomical Myth reveals the famous Beowulf poem as a metaphor for annual celestial events. The poem functioned as a calendar long before printed material was... More > generally available. The characters in the poem correspond to constellations and planets while the story line follows the drama of the celestial changing of the seasons. In the ancient world the position of the stars was the determinate factor to mark time. The poem was used as a mnemonic to allow the public, by knowing the sky and following the story, to know the date. Advanced civilizations must know the time; otherwise they starve. The Beowulf poem told them the time in a way they could remember. Look up. Beowulf is in the sky.< Less
Suma By H.J. Sage
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The beautiful singer Suma Rainey leaves her home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the musical big time in San Francisco. She leaves behind two men who have fought for her affections, one she remembers, the... More > other she wants to forget. In the big city she finds what she’s looking for--a place where she can play the music she writes that is rooted in her mother’s Shoshone tradition. Her musical success grows with the band she joins until they find themselves in demand, not only in their city, but all over the country. The man she loved and lost finds her again, and their happiness is overshadowed only by dark memories from a distant past. Firmly established in the musical tradition of the West Coast, she searches for new paths on which to express her creative talents. The man she loves, guided by Shoshone gods, she is sure, travels by her side as they search for a new future together. Guided by spirits from the Wind River Mountains, her ancestral home, with her lover beside her, she finds her way at last to fulfillment.< Less
Among Us By Dan Blanchfield
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Is there anyone among us who has seen the future of mankind? Let him tell us now. Dr. William Dewey Hobson, professor emeritus and renowned authority on mind, inadvertently comes across a book in a... More > used bookstore published some forty-three years in the future, which leads him to the knowledge he has been seeking all of his life: a complete, true explanation of the human self and the outside world. The retired professor's discovery leads him to meet Jonathan Tutwell, a young graduate student from the forty-first century sent back in time to study an ancient savage species: humanity. The magnificent future of mankind where good will is seen as exactly the same thing as taking care of oneself remains out of reach for those living today, but Dr. Hobson's glimpse into the future gives him hope that the future is near at hand.< Less
my Self By Samantha G. Schultea
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Sharon is desperately trying to live a normal life, free from prison, be it in her mind or outside of it. Maggie is a hungry killer intent on murdering how, and who, she wants. The trouble is, they... More > share the same body. Set in southeast Louisiana, this story takes place inside and outside of the mind of a sick woman who has both a murderous split personality and a desire to just survive herself. Will Sharon or Maggie live through the struggle of power? This adult fiction book focuses on the struggle of mental health and whether the desire to destroy can win over the inborn knowledge of right and wrong.< Less
The French Couple By Nic Penrake
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At 38, Luna’s career as a painter takes a sudden dive. The credit crunch is still grinding on and her regular buyers are too busy guarding their second mortgages to invest in modern art. As her... More > financial anxieties escalate, and she digs deeper for new, more ‘commercial’ ideas, she returns to the Pandora’s Box of the past, the sexual and physical abuse she experienced as a child… …until, one day, she chances upon an idea for a new series of paintings that seems to offer her not just a way out of debt, but a way in to the dark side of her sexuality where nagging questions still remain, demanding answers before she is too advanced in years to have a child of her own. But at what cost? Her idea is a radical one and upsets her actor boyfriend. She goes for it nonetheless. And in pursuing her ambition, she throws herself into a sexual odyssey with a French swinging couple that brings her to the edge of losing control. Will her daring bear fruit, or end in a triptych of death and disaster?< Less