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Vestal Review Issue 30 By mark budman
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Issue 30 of Vestal Review magazine
Loose Leaves By Charles Knause
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Loose Leaves is the first volume of a three part autobiography .The second volume is Loose Leaves & Sycamore Trees, and the third volume is still in process. This work of non-fiction began as a... More > course requirement while I was in a graduate program at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. It was an masters level program in mental health counseling with one of the courses requiring students to keep a personal journal.That course requirement led to this based upon the autobiographical model of Maxim Gorky's three part autobiography using what I think is a similar prose poetry method to that developed by the beat writer Jack Kerouac with a nod to the poet of democracy Walt Whitman who spent the later years of his life in the sad sack old industrial town that I was born in. That was 1950 and the city ghost town is Camden, New Jersey.< Less
Echoes of Freedom By Barbara Hoffman
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This powerful story describes the struggles of four indentured servants' journey to freedom, during the Revolutionary War era. The characters will capture your heart in this fast paced historical... More > fiction novel.< Less
The A-men By Alex 'Hood' Fuller
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In a time after everything has fallen apart, the A-men is a unique spin on the world of superheroes with each character representing a principle from the bible sure to appeal to teenagers both... More > religious and otherwise. From the power of love all the way to the dangers of vengeance, the A-men tells the tale of a spiritual world invisible to those who dwell in this one where a war for humanity is constantly waging. Included is an angel ready to give up, a woman struggling to reconcile desire with responsibility, a young girl fueled by her desire for revenge, and an evil army of creatures bent on dragging the world to a bloody demise. The A-men tells the story of what it truly means to stand for faith.< Less
Betrayed by Loyalty By DON KWAN
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Damion “The Don” Carter and his crew are aided and abetted by the Brooklyn streets. The Bed-Stuy Street Family are engaged in a multifaceted orgy of criminal activity. For those that... More > enthusiastically followed this arrogant Brooklyn Street Family and their morally shameful activities for material rewards. For those who attempted to fight, the message was clear - Murder and other forms of intimidation would be utilized to assure the oppositions silence. This story takes place before all the glitz and glamour. Before “The Don” did it better than his last time. This is his gory street tale that propelled Damion Carter to the head of Brooklyn’s crime family. But all is not what it seems when everyone is betrayed by loyalty…..< Less
My Paperback Book By Darnell Reid
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It a good book for young girls and sometimes boys to read. You will enjoy this book. I have fun writing it and you will have fun reading it
My Paperback Book By K.E. Toy
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Ceton Hill Chronicles are the lives of a small black community in rural Mississippi. Follow these characters lives as they take you on a journey of hardships, testimonies and heartaches.
Tea By Christopher Stewart
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An odd trio of Delhi "entrepreneurs" plans, adjusts, and mourns as new regulations usher in the end of the era of business in India that has allowed them their unique, if somewhat... More > less-than-legal enterprise: North Star Travels.< Less
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Baja Malibu and Other Stories By Robert Bradford
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Baja Malibu and Other Stories is set in the convoluted world of coastal California and Mexico, a world inhabited by hungry surfers, pragmatic federales, enterprising drug dealers, mad scientists,... More > greedy real estate agents and hopeful immigrants.< Less
MAVO — High School in the 1960s, Freshman Year By Mike Bonner
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MAVO - High School in the 1960s, Freshman Year “MAVO.” The word is a slur aimed at poor white youths from Portland, Oregon's east side, originating in the early 1960s. Other places... More > called them Hoods or Greasers. In Portland, they were called Mavos. This is the 1965-66 fictional memoir of Patrick Compton, a fourteen year old from a troubled family, who takes an irreverent look at life during his freshman year. With that pivotal period serving as the backdrop to a host of delinquent adventures, MAVO contrasts the schemes and dreams of a precocious adolescent with the bitter realities that rarely fail to curdle the joy of living. Patrick's narrative is a meditation on the notion that misery plus time equals comedy. His engaging outlook and subversive storytelling style conspire to create a truly unique literary experience.< Less
Evergreen Review - Number 8 By Various
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Contents: Anthony C. West–Swineherd Derek Walcott–A Far Cry from Africa Boris Pastemak–Icefloe E. E. Cummings–Poem Robert Lowell–Commander Lowell (1887-1950) Ivan C.... More > Karp–Looking for Money Jack Kerouac–Belief & Technique for Modern Prose Gregory Corso–Paranoia in Crete Allen Ginsberg–At Apollinaire’s Grave Paul Carroll–At the Moment of Love & Blue Eyelids Arthur Adamov–The Endless Humiliation James Merrill–Landscape with Torrent John Ashbery–The Poems Horace Gregory–Boris MacCreary’s Abyss Alexander Trocchi–From Cain’s Book Charles Olson–The Company of Men William Saroyan–My Drawings Martin Williams–Instant Jazz Richard Paul Goodman–A Statue of Goldsmith Maurice Green–The Possibility of Existential Analysis Douglas Woolf–One of the Truly Good Men Wallace Fowlie–On a Study of Camus David Greene–Recordings of William Butler Yeats< Less
TG FICTION #1 By Sandy Thomas
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TV fiction stories from Sandy Thomas archives, dated 1950 - 1990; Stories include: "Little Miss Manners, parts 1 & 2" (complete); "Captive in Lace"; "A Happy... More > Birthday"< Less
Purse Strings #67 By SANDY THOMAS
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PURSE STRINGS-Tight finances force a boy to wear his sister's hand me downs! Why waste good dresses and high heels? Illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In The Pink. CONTEMPORARY TV FICTION #67. ... More > 84 pages< Less
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THE SLIP-A frilly little slip can get a sissy into a bit of trouble! Unique and different from my usual style. Racy, not for the weak at heart! Quote Board. In The Pink. THE SISSY SERIES #4. 76... More > pages< Less
My Better Half #64 By SANDY THOMAS
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MY BETTER HALF-After coping with many changes...Rob decides to make a few changes in his life and the way he dresses. Illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In The Pink. CONTEMPORARY TV FICTION ... More > #64. 64 pages< Less
Daddy Issues By Valerie Hope
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After the death of his father, Ricky wonders...who am I...who was I meant to be? Waking up in a hospital after stomach pains, Ricky discovers that he is now Hope, a sexy babe with an exciting life.... More > But how…? As Ricky lives more, and more, of his life as Hope he soon realizes that he had been trapped as a male by his father’s desires to have a son. But now he is free to be Hope! Sexy, fun Hope! But his changes are not over... Hope soon becomes a blond bombshell with a successful business. Life as a female brings nightclubs, new girlfriends, sexy clothes, and a whole new awareness of his body. With his new sexuality and his new success, Hope goes after the guy of her dreams. Will he go down the path of successful high-powered glamorous businesswomen? Or will Hope embrace the more docile side of her nature, and settle down with the guy of her dreams…? Full length story...! OVER 100 PAGES!!! OVER 30 ILLUSTRATIONS!!! Adult Subject matter.< Less
Five Pure Slush Vol. 10 By Pure Slush
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Work by Alex Reece Abbott, Shawn Aveningo, Annabelle Baptista, Vincent Barry, Paul Beckman, April Bradley, Irene Buckler, Guilie Castillo Oriard, Jessica Clements, Mark Danowsky, Gay Degani, Doug... More > D'Elia, Mira Desai, Matt DeVirgiliis, Peter DiChellis, William Doreski, R. Gerry Fabian, Brad Garber, Walter Giersbach, Richard Mark Glover, Lori Gravley, Jason Half-Pillow, Daniel Y. Harris, Mark Hudson, A.J. Huffman, Phillis Ideal, Abha Iyengar, Joanne Jagoda, Christine Johnson, Len Kuntz, Hillary Leftwich, Denny E. Marshall, Jolene McIlwain, Todd McKie, Heather McQuillan, Corey Mesler, Neila Mezynski, Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Sharon Lask Munson, Mandy Nicol, Richard King Perkins II, Matt Potter, Darryl Price, Stephen V. Ramey, Shannon Coghlan Reiss, Sally Reno, Helia Rethmann, Alex Robertson, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Barbara Ruth, Martin Shaw, Allison Sobczak, Andrew Stancek, Nancy Stohlman, Jan Elman Stout, Tim Suermondt, Susan Tally, Susan Tepper, Townsend Walker, Michael Webb, Anne E. Weisgerber, Diana J. Wynne< Less