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Ten 10-Minute Plays: Volume II By Walter Wykes et al.
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This collection of 10-minute plays will delight readers and audiences alike. From the dark humor of Nick Zagone's "Sixty Years, to Life" to the zany absurdism of Walter Wykes' "Family... More > 2.0" to the disturbing imagery of Laura Elizabeth Miller's "Fugue," each of these short plays expresses the unique vision of an emerging contemporary dramatist. Together, they make an exciting and diverse evening of theatre. Other plays in this anthology include "While the Auto Waits" by O. Henry, "Lures" by Jeanette D. Farr, "The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson" by Ann Wuehler, "The Chocolate Affair" by Stephanie Alison Walker, "No Such Thing" by Douglas Hill, "Heart of Hearing" by Joseph Zeccola, and "Phone Arts" by LB Hamilton.< Less
The Definitive Manifesto of Carlos Jones By Christopher Levine
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Carlos Jones. This is his story. These are his many stories. He is his many stories.
Runaway By Lysa Walker
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A tragic night forces Kisha to runaway from home, her first stop is her best friend Tori’s house where she uncovers a horrible secret that Tori has been keeping. Her stay at Tori’s is... More > short and she is again forced to runaway. Kisha makes covenant house, a group home for runaways her home and is introduced to Sharon. Kisha and Sharon form a friendship that include Lenore and Nadia. The girls’ bond is a dangerous one as they walk the streets looking for victims to rob. As the girls reach their eighteenth birthday it is time to leave covenant house and go out on their own. Chase, a local drug dealer who becomes a friend and later the love of Kisha’s life makes her an offer she can’t refuse and her life changes. As Kisha starts to make a new life for herself her past comes back to haunt her and everything begins to unravel.< Less
WERE By Nickole Williams
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Suspenseful and sensual...a fast paced, frightening novel that will keep you on edge. Kelia looked forward to visiting her aunt's secluded home. A scientist, long banished from professional research,... More > Dr. Deliah keeps secrets even Kelia cannot fathom...< Less
Muhammad's Revenge By Keith G. Laufenberg
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Muhammad's Revenge is a collection of short stories that literally forces the reader to bring the realities of life on this earth, along with such terrible things as war, into sharp focus and to... More > concentrate on why things happen as they do—when they do—and what happens to the soul when this life on earth is over. In the title story, “Muhammad's Revenge,” we see how the war experiences of a single human being can bring an apocalypse to the entire world. In “Peace on Earth” the realities of the horrors of World War I become starkly vivid and real but so does the humanity of mankind when the Germans and the English armies call a one-day truce, a historic event, that actually did happen. In “Big Sugar,” as in all these stories, we see the personal as well as private lives of many of the characters, in their darkest moments and how one life's circumstances which end in a tragic death can alter history for all the others involved for the better.< Less
come tumbling down By ladi
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This story follows Francesca DiVono who wants something more for herself and her twenty-something artist friends who are tired of smalltown living and look to New York for hope. For biggers and... More > betters. For better or for worse.< Less
The Great Story By Aaron Sinclair
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Bob is a short man who runs away from a job in the White House but has a mob of fans, a cougar, ghosts, and gangsters on his trail. With his his family to protect, will his luck prevail? Or will he... More > fail?< Less
Skin of Rum and Salt By Bob Finer
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This book was written, almost in its entirety, during the month of May 2015 in different spots along the island of Key West, FL. It is a treasure hunt novel narrated through the first-person lens of... More > the main character. It is meant to invigorate the adventurous and fun sides of our tropical souls. It is a story for those of us who love to imagine. The drifting gypsies. The wannabe pirates. Or simply the dreamers who like to escape for a while. Enjoy.< Less
Rise of the Pheonix: Act 2 By Dameon Gibbs, Corey Ballard
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DARKNESS... Covers the latest victims of the Order's Plan: the city of Miami and the pride of CIA Analyst Dante Tucker. He and his partner, Delta Force Operative Nicolas "Edge" Peirce, only... More > realized the scope of their investigation into the death of a terrorist leader when Miami was attacked. Whatever light had been shed on their search had been blotted out by shadows and smoke. Death... Tolls rise as Tucker and his teams race against the enemy to uncover secrets that no one is ready to disclose, even at the highest levels. Every second means the difference between success and failure, which forces Tucker to make decisions that could jeopardize the lives of his team. With any help being nonexistent Tucker and Edge have to take action however way they can... even if it means going rogue!< Less
The Sankofa Dreams By Rick Murphy
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Ben Gracik is a troubled man, barely coping with life as he struggles to make sense of the death of his young daughter. It was accidental, yes, but the overwhelming guilt combined with his... More > wife’s absence makes it almost impossible for Ben to be a father to his two surviving children. Following his wife’s untimely exit, Ben wrestles with unspeakable sorrow and anger—feelings that ultimately drive him to begin searching for her whereabouts. Thus begins a journey that forces him to face his painful past, a dismal present, and an uncertain future. He meets up with several people along the way—an anxious single mother, a kindly old man, an odd cemetery caretaker—all of which who play a part in the bigger picture. Finding truth and healing will take deep soul searching and a profound faith that Ben scarcely believes in. Will he finally come to understand the meaning of it all?< Less
Setting Fire To This Life By Alan Clark
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Futuristic novel about the life of a computer hacker kept alive by the government and his efforts to save the world from a dangerous threat from the past.
Issue 2 By Peculiar Mormyrid
Paperback: $12.00
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Print edition for Issue 2 of Peculiar Mormyrid, a surrealist journal.
Big Momma Didn't Tell Me! By Darlene Greene
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Big Momma Didn't Tell Me is a cautionary tale about life, love and relationships. A legacy that was passed down to her daughters and granddaughters, perpetuated a cycle of "blind... More > obedience. This book is a time capsule that spans more than five decades. It chronicles the story of Ella Mae King (Big Momma) and the trials and tribulations of the women in one southern family who never understood what love really was. A story about a family legacy of giving in to your man no matter the consequences, that is handed down to the young women, generation after generation-- like fine china and cherished heirlooms. It's a legacy of control . . . of abuse and death. Big Momma Didn't Tell Me will make you laugh; sometimes it will make you cry. In the end, it is my hope that ultimately it will make you think-- about your choices, about love, and about relationship safety. Because "what you DON'T know CAN hurt you!"< Less
Delivering Jacob By Kevin Hopson
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Atlanta police officer Jacob Schmidt mourns the loss of his son, Ken, the grief having torn apart his marriage in the process. Jacob, in a deep state of depression, would do anything to see Ken... More > again, including suicide. Given the choice between a second chance at life and being reunited with his son, Jacob must decide what he truly wants. All author proceeds from this book will benefit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, an organization that helps support parents who have suffered infant loss.< Less
Stella: Beyond The Colored Line By Yecheilyah Ysrayl
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Stella may have been named after her great grandmother, but when a conversation with her Aunt provokes her to pass, she gets in over her head when she decides to live her life as Sidney McNair, a... More > white woman. Find out in this Stella Sequel what’s truly Beyond The Colored Line.< Less
The Scarlet Letter: Annotated and in Modern English for the Literature Student By Christopher Lotito, Nathaniel Hawthorne
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This enhanced Student Version of The Scarlet Letter contains everything you need to get an A+! The text is much easier to read and to understand as antiquated terms have been updated to Modern... More > English. Meaning and understanding has been enhanced with student notes and annotations, eliminating the need for outside research while reading the book. None of the original story or plot has been altered so it's just like reading the original version, but faster and more easily understood. If you need to write a paper about the book fast and haven't opened the cover yet, this version is perfect for you and will save lots of time and effort on research.< Less