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Close To Danger By Vincent Costantino
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It's a story of greed and love. About how the two intertwine and encroach upon the lives of others. It's...Close to Danger!
Revelator Book 1 The Neuromancer By William Control
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Through the madness I shuffle. A wretched shell of the man I was when her Love possessed me. Lucifer has given me one chance at redemption. I am compelled to drag myself to the dusty finish line.... More > Compelled by the love I have somewhere in my drowning heart and by the curiosity of a new adventure that will one day, surely kill me. This is the story of William Control< Less
Snowmelt Wood - Book 1 in the Keepers Series By Jo Erickson
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Sharp hissing filled the air as arrows began to fly in, unerringly hitting the mark and taking down sentry after sentry. Still there were too many men left too close to the downed man and the arrows... More > had stopped as quickly as they had begun. Suddenly an earsplitting roar shook the air and made the men jump. A woman landed in their midst, snatching up the fallen sword and then swinging with practiced precision at the group. Three men were down. Four. Five. The remaining few sentries turned and fled as Thunderstroke walked over to help Summersong to his feet. “Didn’t I tell you to stay out of the battle tonight?” he yelled half-heartedly at her, taking her hand and getting up. “The archers had to transport out, a large group of sentries is coming up the road behind them and they were in an exposed area! Quickly! We have to get those people out! THUNDER!” she shouted up into the air and the large amethyst dragon settled down to the ground.< Less
Returning Storm - Book 2 of the Keepers Series By Jo Erickson
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Keepers were scrambling back to their feet after a terrific earthquake had shaken the Gathering Glade. Dragons hovered just above the crowd, flapping nervous wings, afraid to touch the ground. Men... More > and women rushed around trying to soothe their Rides. Summersong shouted over the tumult of the frightened crowd “LOOK! The time for hesitation has passed – war is indeed upon us!” He held his hands up to the crowd to show them what he carried. Everyone stared in amazement as they looked upon the crystal artifact in his hands, now neatly broken in half and devoid of all power.< Less
Tequila Sueños By Edward C Taylor
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This is a book about Tequila and three men who drink a lot of it! But it is also a love story. A story about the love of the centuries-old culture that produces the world’s finest distilled... More > spirit. A story about the azure blue fields of agave and the deep rust colored earth that lovingly nurtures this magical plant. Our three heroes, all high powered professionals from major US cities, share this love, but now their tequila dreams are on the verge of nightmare. They must travel to numerous locales in their beloved Mexico (Cancun, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and Lake Chapala) in order to solve the dilemmas that threaten their professional lives. Along the way they encounter adventures, find romance and make lasting friendships. All the while, mysterious forces seem to be pulling them to the town of Tequila - a “Pueblo Magico”. Why don't you come along for the ride and join their journeys of discovery. Salud!< Less
Aestus By Nathan Aday
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Two empires, having witnessed the atrocities of war waged on each other for over a decade, set sail on the strongest fleet of ships ever built. With this daring voyage beyond the mapped world, they... More > look to leave behind that bloody past and embrace forgotten and untouched lands. One man in particular struggles to leave his own dark past behind, but above all he seeks the answers to his most troubling questions. This is the story of man's nature, his history, and his philosophy; the quest for universal understanding of himself and his world.< Less
Night Season - Book 3 of the Keepers Series By Jo Erickson
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The dragons rumbled low in their throats, they didn’t like the void. “Listen!” Lady Thunderstroke said at last, standing near to her dragon some distance away, “There’s... More > a voice coming out of that thing!” The men concentrated on the strange opening and at last agreed, “You’re right, but what a terrible voice!” “And they’re speaking threats too!” “Someone is in harm’s way inside that thing!” “I wonder where it goes, and how we can help them?” Lady Thunderstroke looked quietly up at her amethyst dragon and the dragon chirped. The Lady pulled her sword out and strode forward between the men and into the void saying “Only one way to find out – wait here!” and she was gone.< Less
The Original 1812 Grimm Fairy Tales: A New Translation of the 1812 First Edition Kinder und Hausmärchen - Childrens and Household Tales By Oliver Loo
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The Grimms Tales as you have never experienced them before – complete, accurate, and authentic - exactly as the Grimms wrote them 200 years ago. A completely new, cover-to-cover translation... More > with extensive notes and commentary for the 200th anniversary translated in a new style that preserves the original texts in a way that has never been done before. There are 34 stories in the original 1812 edition that never appear in any of the later editions. In the 1812 first edition of the tales, the Grimms also included an extensive 60 page appendix which discussed the oral and literary sources of the tales and often times one or more other versions of the stories. The 1812 appendix was never published in any English versions, so the 60 “new” stories and fragments found therein have been almost entirely unknown to English readers for last 200 years. The appendix is a lost “gem” and arguably as important as the stories themselves.< Less
Consequences -- International By Ken Kohler
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The United States is attacked by domestic cyber-terrorists just as the State of Palestine has declared that it intends to have a nuclear missile capability.
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SHAKESPEARE ILLUSTRATED: Here is a captivating collection of classic paintings which depict scenes from many of the Bard's masterworks. In addition to the fine pictures, this book provides readers... More > with important biographical information of the 13 prominent artists whose works are shown. Paintings illustrate Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Henry VIII, Much Ado About Nothing, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and others.< Less
Londonderry Affair By H.J. Sage
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While shopping in a Virginia suburb, First Lady Kathleen Maguire is accosted by a man she knew years ago in Belfast. Taken to a remote location, she is invited to participate in secret peace talks... More > designed to help bring peace to Northern Ireland. Over the objections of the Director of the FBI and others, President Kellan Maguire agrees to allow his wife to proceed to Derry to participate in the talks. The group is to include the prime ministers of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, but an assassination attempt on the former disrupts the proceedings. Back in the United States, the president’s motives are questioned, and he soon faces impeachment charges for allowing his wife to participate in the secret mission. Once again Kathleen Maguire becomes the focal point of controversy, and it is her testimony before Congress that will determine the results of the investigation.< Less
Endowed With Beauty #1 By Sandy Thomas
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ENDOWED WITH BEAUTY-A boring life suddenly gets out of hand when a CPA's wife gets involved with a hairdresser. "Phil was so into being a female...but what kind of guy could get excited over... More > the perfect pair of high heels?" Illustrated. GIRLFRIENDS TV FICTION #1. 64 pages.< Less