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Light In Darkest Days By Christine Kiefer
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Tim Rutger writes his diary from prison. After killing the wife he still adored, he’s on a one-man, isolated mission to redefine himself in the eyes of his family, and of his son who he... More > hasn’t seen since he was lead away from the murder scene, five years ago. A gut-wrenching, gritty story of love, loss, grief, and redemption.< Less
The Best Bart Show By Rick Fontes
Paperback: $14.95
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Known only as 'The Process', this super secret organization is the invisible hand behind much of the activity generally regarded as unfounded conspiracy theory. In this narrative the agents of The... More > Process are tasked with preventing Iran from getting materials to create a super weapon, one that would reduce any of its enemy states to a radioactive wasteland. The action crosses three continents as it answers the question: By what right does an organization act without any official governmental sanction to remove those individuals it deems to be a threat to world peace and progress?< Less
Swans In Half-Mourning By Vi Khi Nao
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This is what happens when a powerful princess falls in love with a woman and God sits in the grass to count stars. Princes, birds, and glass bottle labyrinths wrap around a spiral of Roman numerals.
Jillian Rose By Laura M Lee
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Jillian Rose lived a perfect life. Until one day she found herself without a family. After a year of being bounced from home to home she became just another name on the missing person’s list. ... More > Hiding from the government, Jillian must do whatever it takes to survive. If that means becoming a 17 year old prostitute so be it. Her encounter with Boss John becomes a fresh reminder of the dangers of life as a street walker. All she has to do is make it to her eighteenth birthday.< Less
Elizabeth’s Trials By Barbara Wilhelm
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Elizabeth’s saga continues….. In 1498, Duchess of Bedford Elizabeth Smithfield Holt and her husband, Lord Andrew Holt, heir to the Earl of Northampton, are happily raising their three... More > children. They rejoice in their present calm. The following year is filled with one tragic event after another. When Andrew leaves to lead a band of knights to defend the crown, Elizabeth banishes her frustrations by imagining herself as Sir Quinn, serving with Sir Phillip again. The men return to Northampton, bearing a coffin. They tell her Andrew is dead and their friend Vincent is in a monastery. When “Sir Quinn” investigates, she finds reason to question whose body lies in Northampton. Before she can act, a messenger delivers a summons from a church council. The charges are serious indeed, and Elizabeth stands to lose all. She is sent to the Bedford dungeon. Will she ever clear her name? Will she learn her husband’s fate?< Less
The Morning Catch By Matt Kavan
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12 Short stories including science fiction, mythology, horror, animation and fishing.
Tales and Dreams By Fontbonne Students
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A gripping collection of short stories and poetry from the students of Fontbonne University. The anthology covers a variety of subjects, such as growing up, friendship, cancer, eating disorders,... More > getting older, infidelity, sexual assault and more.< Less
Sunsets On Clearwater Beach By M.A. Planamente
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Compilation of short stories about life, death, and the importance of family. The stories in this book are for any reader.
The Glass Violet By Phoebe Pike
Paperback: $8.95
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Sergiu wasn't always an old man who grew more bitter with every passing day. In his youth he was a strong but silent son, who always did as he was told. Always... that is, until he met Violet....
PHINEAS PINKHAM - FLYING ACE By Daniel Warvelle Harbaugh
Paperback: $26.50
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The ‘Phineas Pinkham’ stories reprinted herein will bring back fond memories to aviation fans who were young in the 1930s. And they in turn, may use this collection as a means of passing... More > along to younger persons an appreciation for this obscure but quite amusing bit of aviation lore. Phineas is too-fascinating a character to be forgotten by aviation enthusi¬asts!< Less
The Original Grimm KHM 1812 By Oliver Loo
Hardcover: $59.00
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The Grimms Tales as you have never experienced them before – complete, accurate, and authentic - exactly as the Grimms wrote them 200 years ago. A completely new, cover-to-cover translation... More > with extensive notes and commentary for the 200th anniversary translated in a new style that preserves the original texts in a way that has never been done before. There are 34 stories in the original 1812 edition that never appear in any of the later editions. In the 1812 first edition of the tales, the Grimms also included an extensive 60 page appendix which discussed the oral and literary sources of the tales and often times one or more other versions of the stories. The 1812 appendix was never published in any English versions, so the 60 “new” stories and fragments found therein have been almost entirely unknown to English readers for last 200 years. The appendix is a lost “gem” and arguably as important as the stories themselves.< Less
The Tudjina By Linda Keres Carter
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In the days of the Old South, of slavery and Jim Crow, they called it “Mixing.” A white-skinned woman who intermingled with a man of color was an outcast, shunned and tormented. ... More > It’s the early Seventies in Chicago, and not much has changed. All the white people express their dehumanizing racism whenever and however they please. But do they even know who she is? Existentially, is she really even “white?” Unbeknownst to Leslie, her grandma was “passing” – shamed and coerced into pretending she was from the people who, later in her life, in an ignored corner of the WWII Holocaust, sadistically exterminated hundreds of thousands of her people as racial undesirables. This slaughter consumed half of her own family, who had survived centuries before that as chattel, only to become vermin. That side of Leslie’s family had lost everything -- their culture, identity, history, their self-respect and their self-esteem. Only one thing remained, the last thing to go when all else was lost . . .< Less
The Assyrian Language and Literature Vol. 1 By Gabriel Georges
Paperback: $14.52
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The author explains how various dialects have emerged in Bet Nahrain; why some have died while others have persisted. For the ardent reader, this book opens the door to a garden of unequal beauty.... More > This work will be mostly appreciated by those who already have a good knowledge of the modern Assyrian language.< Less
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812: No One Else By Dave Malloy
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Piano/Vocal Score F Major, Soprano A3-F5 Based on Tolstoy's "War & Peace"
His & Hers By Valerie Hope
eBook (PDF): $11.95
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When Steven’s frat brother told him that he needed someone to watch the old house for six months, he thought he had found the deal of a lifetime. Settling in, he has the strange sense that he... More > is not alone. Then he finds the diary: "Dear Diary, I asked if I could entertain clients. Oh, Diary, my shame! My face burned with redness as I made the request, but I swear by Holy God my motives were pure. Perhaps only this once. Just so that I might be able to show my affection to my friends." When Steven reads more, he slowly becomes Stephanie, the spirit of the girl from long ago. But the past quickly gives way to the present, and the new girl quickly learns the art of 21st century seduction. New sexy clothes and shoes complete the transformation. Now with stunning good looks, and an appetite for excitement, she is soon playing the field. Will lust lead to marriage? Find out in HIS & HERS! Full length story...! OVER 80 PAGES!!! OVER 25 ILLUSTRATIONS!!! Adult themes and subject matter< Less