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MAJESTIC IMPOSTER at Virginia's Colonial Capital By Patrick E. O'Brian
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People of The New World wondered if they were loyal colonists for foreign powers or sovereign inhabitants separated by time and distance from their homelands. The colonies are on the verge of... More > deciding independence from Great Britain. MAJESTIC IMPOSTER at Virginia’s Colonial Capital is a story of twists of fate that makes ordinary people heroes and leaders into villains. When push comes to shove, future Americans will do most anything! Virginia was the Colonial Period's finest colony and Williamsburg was its seat of power.< Less
FREE SPIRITS: New Kent County By Patrick E. O'Brian
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FREE SPIRITS: NEW KENT COUNTY is a collection of stories about skeletons found inside walls, a truly evil man and his poltergeist, a ghostly mother and daughter exacting revenge on their... More > family’s killers, an unearthly hitchhiking dancer, a lost soldier, and much more! New Kent County Virginia is a beautiful sporting and recreation paradise located between Richmond and Colonial Williamsburg.< Less
White Carnations By Michael Martin
Paperback: $14.95
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A "best of" compilation of twenty-eight previously published stories selected by the author now available in one volume.
The Knowledge ODE TO A FOOL By Maureen Morris
Hardcover: $37.75
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Like a grown-up fairy tale, this book is truly a fable for our times. Humour, magic, and mystery colour the adventures of the Fool as he goes through the world seeking answers to the questions in his... More > heart. The effect of the Knowledge he gains on his journey enables him to find the greatest treasure of all...< Less
The Outrageous Life of Henry Faulkner By Charles House
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The life of painter and poet Henry Faulkner, from his childhood in rural Kentucky to a flamboyant bohemian existence in New York, Los Angeles, Key West, and Sicily. The author sheds light on the... More > tragic tensions experienced by the artist in contemporary America.< Less
Ouabache By David Lottes
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Ouabache is the old French spelling of Wabash, the Algonquin word waapaahšiiki, the name the Miami Indians gave to the river that runs through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. This is a novel about... More > life in the valley during the French Colonial period. It has been over three centuries since the first of these French-speaking adventurers paddled their canoes down the Wabash River and the details of their everyday lives are still largely a mystery. Based on a mix of facts and folklore Ouabache is the story of a boy and his mother struggling to find their place on the frontier of French Colonial North America. Featuring actual events and characters from history the story follows Charlotte and her son La'Havre from the Mississippi Delta to the Wabash River Valley painting a vivid picture of life among the French and Native people who occupied the land in the eighteenth century.< Less
Fantasia By Open Books
Paperback: $10.00
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Publishing Academy, summer 2014: a novel by Caroline Pratt.
Courtney High School Panthers Volume III By Joe Renegar
Hardcover: $60.00
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Courtney High School Alumni Reunion 1927 - 1967 Held on October 11th 2014
Acceptional By Brian Ferguson
Paperback: $14.99
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In his daily routine as stay at home dad, Jake Norwood’s days are consumed by packing lunches, helping with homework, and waiting in the carpool line. Life is good for his family in suburban... More > Charlotte, North Carolina as he and his wife, Rachel, expect the birth of their third child. Priorities shift abruptly when terrorists attack the power grid and bring down the supporting infrastructure. Millions of American lives are changed when the lights don’t come on with the flip of a switch. The escalating chaos pushes Jake back to his childhood home and the safety of family, friends and the church. In a test of faith and determination, Jake will do everything in his power to keep his family safe when government and polite society dissolve into darkness.< Less
LindaLovesToRun COMES OF AGE By Jim Allen
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Perhaps a hidden blessing might have been planned, unknown to these horse lovers. God allows trouble to help us grow and with God, all things are possible. In this sequel,join Jim and Norm and lady... More > jock Vickie in the continuation of a fantastic fairytale of horse racing< Less
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You know Ebenezer Scrooge and George Bailey. Each by himself has enough problems. What could they possibly have in common? Prepare to meet Jack Prosper. His employees are certain he’s evil... More > incarnate. He makes their lives a misery. If they had any possible choice, they wouldn’t work for Jack. But most folks have a family to support. This Thanksgiving, everyone is more fearful than thankful. Perhaps their prayers are answered when one dark rainy night, Jack meets his fate. As he tumbles headlong into his fiery future, he is granted a slim chance for redemption. Can Jack redeem himself or is he doomed to everlasting sorrow? Would his employees be better off without him?< Less
The Greatest Human Vice By William F. Jack
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An American professor walks into his office and discovers that he's lost a year of his life: It's not 2004, but 2005. Why? He knows that he's committed a grievous crime ("the greatest of... More > sins"). He knows that the numbers 4 and 5 are important, as are the colors blue and white.< Less
The Best Mistake He Ever Made By Jim Allen
Paperback: $22.95
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Boredom from retirement is lost on a day when two retired friends discover the horror of an auction where they have mistakenly bid on the wrong racehorse. But perhaps a hidden blessing might have... More > been planned, unknown to these horse lovers. God allows trouble to help us grow and with God, all things are possible. Join Jim and Norm and lady jock Vickie in the training of a wonder horse. Charlie and his trainer, Steve take the reader on a fantastic fairytale of an adventure.< Less
Rainey Days Cheyenne Nights By H.J. Sage
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When a man who insulted Eddie Rainey’s daughter Suma is shot and killed, people begin thinking that Eddie must have done it, especially since he was heard arguing with the man shortly before he... More > died. Although the police and his friends know better, Eddie finds the talk disturbing. Meanwhile, his daughter’s best friend Corey builds an artistic career centered around the beautiful Wind River Range in her native Wyoming and the horses she loves to ride. Corey’s lover and friend Carl is a police officer who tries hard to clear Eddie’s name. Corey does what she can to help the investigation. Eddie and his friends become amateur sleuths and part-time builders as they set out to construct an art studio for their friend Corey while trying at the same time to track down the killer. Along the way Eddie and his friends discover ladies of the night, disgruntled cowboys, horse lovers, and rich patrons of the arts. Under it all, the players in this little drama discover that in the end, love will have its way.< Less
Stars Came Tumbling By Robert Brown
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From the streets of Shanghai to the plains of Texas, a cast of characters fighting over land and identity must sift through the cracks between myth and truth, revealing relationships and plots hidden... More > for most of a century.   The key is in a strange, century-old map of the stars carried by a drifter traveling with a young bison named Bill who is more than he appears to be. In this fusion of legend and history, a narrator recalling his 12th birthday chronicles what followed the drifter’s appearance—a series of events from opposite ends of the earth that evolved in extraordinary ways to shape his coming of age. When the racing prowess of the bison endangers his life, he and the boy escape together on a final, desperate journey across the plains.< Less
Danger in the Darkness By Lara Ryan
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In another world, war is coming due to a foolish mistake that was made a long time ago. Diabloss, the strongest fighter of the Gryphies works to keep his gathering safe against the Lizariaouses,... More > however, with a rogue Gryphie on the loose who is making things worse, the job of his team is getting harder. His mate Leida, having been captured and making a narrow escape learns that in order to survive, she must stop running and train to fight as well. However, in a world full of friction and betrayal, will the Gryphies win the war or fall victim to the control of Zephirak, leader of the Lizariaouses? There is a fine line between good and bad. And the war is only just beginning.< Less
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Metaforallus deals with the inexplicable secrets and perplexities of faith. It is a mystifying story of forbidden love, a tale befitting of the High Middle Ages, when what little joy there was, was... More > brief, and the change of season went so fast. Where in the end, there was no greater meaning to life than one’s faith. Bound by a common fate, each new day was gifted man by God. And though at times cruel, destiny was not without design, for who can escape what they are? And that is the meaning, the total, or Meta for us all….< Less
Auntie's Sweet Revenge #5 By SANDY THOMAS
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AUNTIE'S SWEET REVENGE-After buying her nephew lingerie and dresses, he seems to have only two a sissy or become a niece! Book two of two. Wonderfully illustrated by Puyal. Quote... More > Board. In The Pink. TITILLATING TV TALES #5. 84 pages< Less
Born To Be A Bride #46 By SANDY THOMAS
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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BORN TO BE A BRIDE-Some guys will do anything for a buck...Bill even agrees to act as a wife! Detailed illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In the Pink. TV FICTION CLASSICS #46. 144 pages
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812: Charming By Dave Malloy
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Piano/Vocal Score D Minor, Alto F3-F5 Based on Tolstoy's "War & Peace"
The Brandy Brothers: Volume One By Daryl F. Hayott
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Troy Austin and his friends always find themselves in trouble. Notorious slackers and drinkers, they seem to make a mess out of everything they touch. Now they are desperate for a change. Now... More > under-achieving college graduates, they work low-level jobs they hate at places they loathe. They venture out and take their destiny into their own hands by starting a business. And it's this leap of faith that turned a group of degenerates and losers into heroes, and outlaws.< Less