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Ending in Angels By Ben Graham
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Three people have shaped David Grant’s life. Now one is on the other side of the country, one is on the other side of the world, and one may be gone forever. Dave’s Dad is always there... More > for him. But everything changed in Niagara Falls, where Dave learned that fathers are not superheroes. They are flawed and fallible and invaluable models of the men that boys become. Dave’s best friend is Ollie. And you can always count on “The Big Man” to carry Dave, his wheelchair, or both during hard times. They joked and fought their way through the adolescent purgatory that was Slauson Junior High School, and together they can survive anything. But can Dave survive alone? His first day at Slauson, Dave met Annie, and she was perfect in a twelve-year-old boy’s eyes. Over the years, their adventures in Toronto and the Bahamas brought them closer, but now the distance between them may be insurmountable. And so Dave’s journey to find them begins. The question is: where will his journey end?< Less
Selected Works of Lady Indis Dress, Vol I By Kate Warren
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Ever wonder what might have happened when Mr. Collins proposed to Charlotte Lucas? What about Mr. Darcy's second proposal to Elizabeth? Have you given serious consideration to what the "Pride... More > & Prejudice" characters might put in their personal ads? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is the book for you. Delightful outtakes, explanations and even limericks relating to Jane Austen's most popular novel.< Less
Englishtown A Place Where Dreams Are Born By Gregory Bendetowies
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“Englishtown, a Place Where Dreams are Born” is the story of Manny Ravinovitz, a European immigrant who arrives in America full of dreams and hope.
Eyes and Ears: An Anthology of Melodies for Sight-Singing By Benjamin Crowell
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Eyes and Ears is a book of melodies for use in practicing sight-singing. It currently contains about 400 melodies, arranged systematically for education. So far, I've concentrated on assembling a... More > body of relatively easy material that would be sufficient for the first semester or two of a college-level musicianship course. There is a small amount of didactic text, but if you're going to use the book for self-instruction, you'll need some background in basic music theory, and preferably access to someone knowledgeable to provide guidance. For more information, see the book's web page at .< Less
Constance: The Compendium By The Restoration
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The 47-page companion book to The Restoration's southern-gothic concept album, Constance. Featuring lyrics, short story, family trees, 1912 map, timeline, and shape note score for "Thy Sword,... More > Thy Shield". *CD NOT INCLUDED. Set between the late 1800s and 1940s in Lexington, SC, Constance focuses on songwriter Daniel Machado's fictional Vale family. Machado's protagonist is Constance Owen, an unrealized musical prodigy born to poor cotton farmers several years after the American Civil War. Her eventual union with Aaron Vale, a carpenter and musician of mixed race from Chicago, and the birth of their son, Thomas, plants a seed of discriminative hate in the surrounding community, bringing about the bankrupting of her family by the affluent Palmers, the related death of her husband, and the burying of her creative aspirations. Years later, Thomas' nihilistic vengeance against the Palmers sets off a cataclysmic series of violent events, as the South and the rest of the world plunge into the Great Depression.< Less
Museum of Evil By Gregory Bendetowies
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I live with eleven people in a glass enclosed room in the “Museum of Evil” in Berlin, Germany. We are the only Jewish people alive. We are kept here for their propaganda depicting the... More > Jews as Evil.< Less
Of Life and Times That Now and Then Rhyme By Mark Raney
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Of Life and Times That Now And Then Rhyme includes stories from short to long that span Mark Raney's fiction writing career.
Rise of November By Mario E. Perez
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Embrace the emptiness of a world that has died overnight—A world now spread with terror and the ravenous undead. Within the mind of one man, one can see the horrors endured within seven days,... More > along with the personal hell that dwells within. All the blood, dirt, smoke, and pain—all of it echoes from the aching lust of the undead, begging these questions: To what end does one fight to survive? To what lengths could one maintain humanity? How much blood can be spilled before the mind loses itself, dowsed in fear and the vengeful cries of the relentless undead? When the world seems most bleak, who do you turn to when there is no one left alive? At what point does it no longer matter? Humanity, it seems, does not come without its own sense of irony. This is the rise of November.< Less
34thParallel Magazine Issue 26 Colour Print Edition By The 34thParallel Publishing Company
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Seven Distractions for Floating by Susan Bruce, Rotten Vacations by John M Edwards, Whiptail Utopia by Chase Edwards, Welcome to Sire’s by Robert Morgan Fisher, You Go Your Way (and I’ll... More > Go Mine) by PD Fletcher, Melody by Alice Kaltman, Gamer Girl by Nicki Schumacher, Two Lies in the Telling by Jodi Teitel, Tinfoil Stars by Uma Dwivedi, Lawn Concert by Christina Yu.< Less
Remember Me By Erin Foreman
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Ellie and Remi have always been an inseparable team faced with immeasurable challenges. Threatened only by a select few, Ellie knows they have what it takes to make it far in the equestrian world.... More > When Remi suddenly falls ill, Ellie's life undergoes a drastic transformation, forcing her to abandon everything she learned four years ago on the fateful day that changed her life. Now seeing the world in a different light, Ellie must make a crucial decision: trust herself or trust the world?< Less
He Has Lost Everything By Open Books
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Publishing Academy, summer 2014: a new novel by Dominick Palese.
The Door to November By Zoey Apps
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A cast of colorful back-woods characters, good and bad, and spanning generations, are inextricably interwoven in this tale of twisted legacies involving scientific and psychological phenomena. As the... More > story unfolds, readers may find themselves re-examining the meaning of reality.< Less
Count Every Star By Nancy Elvira
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Just days before Alex Wagner leaves town to begin a highly anticipated new chapter in his life, he stumbles upon a lost holiday tradition hidden in the history of an aging lakefront bungalow in urban... More > Cleveland, Ohio. With guidance from assorted locals, including a mysterious neighbor, he brings the old house back to life and finds he has unknowingly mended lingering emotional wounds from the past, magically reigniting the spirit of the season for the entire city.< Less
Rubberman's Cage By Joseph Picard
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Lenth grew up in a lie. Apparently there's more than five people in the world. Four Brothers live their lives in an enclosed habitat as directed by the silent Rubberman above them. When they... More > disobey, they get shocked. This is normal. It always has been. When a Brother dies, they learn of death. When he is replaced by someone new, they learn they are replaceable. When the ceiling above the ceiling cracks open, Lenth plans a journey beyond the known universe: A third floor. Up.< Less
Beyond the Seven Labyrinths By don webb
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"Don Webb's writing in the assorted, sordid, sauced and sauteed stories contained in BEYOND THE SEVEN LABYRINTHS (A RHINESTONE MANIFESTO) exhibits a kind of ultra-sanity, hyper-tactility and... More > para-wisdom found only in the utterly mad and visionary literary prophets of this world. The action in this volume traverses several dimensions never before charted; features characters stranger than your bachelor Uncle Quinn with the basement full of oddities; and leads to conclusions and climaxes more unforeseeable than next year's prices for ambergris, saffron and dancing girls. By some strange alchemy, Webb manages to channel both Harry Stephen Keeler AND Gene Wolfe, Mickey Spillane AND Robert Aickman. The lucky reader is in for the carnival ride of a lifetime, one that will surely leave him or her a barely sentient lump of satisfied protoplasm by the book's final pages." Paul Di Filippo (author of COSMOCOPIA)< Less
2014 November Vol. 11 By Pure Slush
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… is it downhill in November? … volume 11 in Pure Slush’s ‘A Year in Stories’ … Luis closes a door … Alexei makes a connection … Rebecca gives... More > birth … there’s bad news for Ralph … Charles is done over … Jenn sells her soul … Dr Bilak experiments … Claire gets cozy … the girl fakes it for a good cause … Pedersen is bitten … Edward receives some good news … he holds off telling … Stevie writes home … the man imagines … Mark stands up … the Bird makes plans … Aaron packs … Stephen visits the doctor … a friend returns … Trudy goes travelling … Nadia cuts a tie … Ned plans a fun time … the man doesn’t want to lose again … Rachel entertains … Morgana says goodbye … Gary hits the road … Samford wants out … Melodie welcomes a newbie … Jim opens the fridge … Anne puts the past behind her … and much much more!< Less
Live Wire By Skeeter Wesinger
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It’s a dangerous world full of dangerous people. Yet Jake Savage and his A-team are there to keep things in check. In Live Wire, the first in the Jake Savage series, Jake and Dakota square off... More > against Colombian carteleros, and Panamanian despots, whipping around the globe in a dazzling array of aircraft, ready to do battle at a moment’s notice. Set in a time when the global security situation is undergoing significant and perilous shifts, Wesinger’s novel takes the reader from the hallowed halls and top-secret boardrooms of the Pentagon to the rugged beauty of the Zimbabwean bush, narrating this riveting tale with an insider’s flair for detail and nuance. Jake’s highly specialized elite A-Team takes on missions no one else can. The story opens with a rescue operation from a Panamanian prison, but then the plot expands in deeper, darker territory, when, amidst shifting, shady alliances between the team’s rivals, it is discovered that the Ochocha cartel, has marked Jake and his colleagues for death.< Less
Black Oz By Shooter3704
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Black Oz could be titled "The confessions of a slut for black cock". It's Alice's story of how she became a black man's whore that fateful summer. This story has a lot of interracial sex... More > between consenting adults. One on one, two on one, and of course more on one. You learn how young white women yield to their urge to try it black and came to love it.< Less
The Lucky Star By Stephen DeLuca
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Cliff Savage, an aging movie star who makes enemies mainly through his misuse of women is offered a plum role that will revive his flagging career. When the offer turns out to be a ruse, cooked up by... More > powerful men with old grudges to avenge, Savage nearly dies of thirst and hunger in desert. Through his own ineptitude he mistakenly navigates himself to salvation and immediately resumes his misogynist lifestyle. A second (and this time genuine) offer is tendered to him for the same plum role. Will he survive this second trip to the desert? Will he conquer his destructive impulses and justify his colleagues’ generosity towards him? Or will his disruptive behavior endanger the entire film and finally end his career?< Less
The Silent Bark By William M. Love
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Burt Jordan and his old coon hound Jasper never imagined they’d have to face off against a greedy land developer who was hell-bent on bulldozing a beautiful hillside covered in oak... More > trees. Wheeler-dealer developer Sam Hood desperately needed to score one more big hit so he could pay off his investors and retire in peace. Little did he know that on “a dark and stormy night” he would meet the greatest challenge of his life. In a nutshell, he messed with Mother Nature and lost. While Hood tries to start up the project, employee Tom Blackfoot falls in love with a beautiful waitress who works in the local diner. The story comes full circle when her father and his dog challenge the developers.< Less
Three Plays of the Absurd By Walter Wykes
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In this collection of plays, Walter Wykes creates a series of modern myths, tapping into something in the strata of the subconscious, through ritualism and rich, poetic language. The worlds he... More > creates are brand new and hilarious, yet each contains an ancient horror we all know and cannot escape and have never been able to hang one definitive word on. "The Profession" follows the experiences of a naïve young man exposed to the inner workings of a secret society of assassins. In "Fading Joy" a young woman finds herself caught up in the intoxicating world of a smooth-talking salesman. When he flees to escape a mysterious group known only as "The Tall Men," she finds it impossible to go back to her old way of life. Finally, "The Father Clock" tells the apocalyptic tale of two actors and a stage manager abandoned by their aging director. As the auditorium begins to fill and the lights dim, they desperately attempt to pull the show together even as a strange illness drifts through the theatre.< Less