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Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation By David A. Grimes, MD, Linda G. Brandon
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Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation tells the forgotten story of the transition from the back alley to safe care after Roe v. Wade was enacted in 1973. The... More > legalization of abortion resulted in prompt and dramatic health improvements for women, children, and families, but an entire generation of Americans has grown up unaware of the harsh and unnecessary tragedies of back-alley abortions. Current attacks on safe, legal abortion at the state level are designed to return women to those desperate, dangerous days before abortion was legalized. One of the world’s leading abortion scholars, Dr. Grimes chronicles the public-health story of legal abortion in America and the harms women face at the mercy of state laws restricting access to care. He shares the stories of his patients seeking abortion and how they and their families benefited.< Less
How to Pronounce Drug Names: A Visual Approach to Preventing Medication Errors By Tony Guerra
Paperback: $14.97
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Can you remember, pronounce, and spell the active ingredient in the last medicine you took or gave your child? If you’re an administrator, can everyone in your facility who provides patients... More > with medications spell and pronounce those medications correctly? If you have any doubt—whether you’re reading this book in a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, or a hospital room—I wrote this book for you. A revolution is happening in health care. In the past, nurses, pharmacists, and doctors spoke together at length with families about their concerns and medicines. But now, patients receive only distracted attention as their health professionals tangle with billing, electronic records, and insurance obstacles. This shortened communication frustrates doctors and patients who want to connect. Patients find themselves isolated because they don’t speak the language of medicine. This book teaches you that language with plain English words.< Less
CLASSICAL ASIAN HERBAL THERAPY: Therapeutics for Conditions & Disorders By BRUCE WOONG PARK
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This book can be useful on a journey to helping people and understanding the different forms of medicines. From the student preparing for a board certification examination to the acupuncturist and... More > herbalist or other health care provider needing a ready reference, this text provides a clear and concise overview of hundreds of conditions and disorders.< Less
Health Informatics Sixth Edition Supplement: Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals By Robert E. Hoyt, Ann K. Yoshihashi
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Health Informatics: Practical Guide for Health and Information Technology Professionals Sixth Edition Supplement adds 3 new chapters for timely updates on the rapidly changing field of Health... More > Informatics that focuses on the application of information technology to improve healthcare delivery, education and research. Like the sixth edition with 22 chapters, the supplement has learning objectives, case studies, recommended reading, future trends, key points, and references. Introduction to Data Science, provides a comprehensive overview with topics including databases, machine learning, big data and predictive analytics. Clinical Decision Support (CDS), covers current and salient aspects of CDS functionality, implementation, benefits, challenges and lessons learned. International Health Informatics, highlights the informatics initiatives of developed and developing countries on each continent. Available as a paperback and eBook. For additional resources visit the textbook website< Less
Vital Signs: Brutal Stories From A Sin City Paramedic By J W
Paperback: $19.00
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picking up where the 60 second EMT leaves off The 7-Minute medic is real life stories from a paramedic running calls in Las Vegas. Everything from medical negligence, racism, sexual assault, abuse of... More > power, government conspiracy to steal from their constituents, failure to properly determine and treat patients conditions. Lock up your valuables and prescription medications before calling 911 in Las Vegas.< Less
Omega-3 for Optimal Life: Why You Need Fish Oil By Joseph C. Maroon, MD, FACS, Jeff Bost, PAC
Paperback: $19.99
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Fish oil’s universal actions and benefits make it one of the best choices for all Americans to influence their health for the better. Taking fish oil as a supplement or as part of a healthy... More > diet, along with adequate amounts of exercise and stress reduction, can save lives, prevent disease, and reduce our healthcare requirements. In this book, we will discuss the latest science on the benefits of omega-3’s and how this special molecule can benefit every organ in our body. We will also focus on how our body’s innate natural protective mechanism, the inflammatory response, is hijacked by our poor diet and lifestyle choices and contributes, rather than prevents diseases of aging. We will give you the information you need to make better choices when looking for fish oil supplements and help you determine what dose of omega-3’s works best for you. We hope to lead you down a road of exciting discovery, give you the tools to make better choices and help you to die young… as late as possible!< Less
HCG DIET MANUAL Revised September 2016 By Cara Phillipo
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This is a medically supervised HCG Diet and HCG Weight Loss and Wellness Program created and facilitated by Naturopathic doctors. This HCG Diet Guide is used along with the HCG Diet Program Portland... More > at The Natural Path.< Less
The Underlying Cause of the Unconscious Conspiracy Against Our Health By Wil Spencer
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Revealing the corporate interests in the current state of health, health care, food and environment, by following the trail of created wealth in these areas, allows us a far greater flexibility, ... More > in our willingness, and ability, to recognize the severity and betrayal corrupting human and planetary wellness. Will Spencer, a self-created Naturopath, has gained an eclectic education and a deep understanding in all areas of life. Wil’s book, is a guide for the exodus of return to vibrant health, living in balance with nature’s original design.< Less
Neonatology Review: Q&A - 3rd edition By Dara Brodsky et al.
Paperback: $99.99
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This 3rd edition of "Neonatology Review: Question & Answer", published in August 2015, offers more than 300 new questions to help neonatology fellows and neonatologists prepare for the... More > Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Board Certification and Re-Certification Examinations. This book now contains approximately 980 questions for assistance with board review. An ebook version of this book is also available on Lulu.< Less
The Science of Chiropractic: Circa 2015 By Mark Studin DC, FASBE(C), DAAMLP, DAAM William Owens DC, DAAMLP, CPC
Paperback: $99.00
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Contemporary research and evidence of chiropractic care.
Guided Implantology Made Easy By August de Oliveira
Paperback: $350.00
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This is the Second Edition of Guided Implantology Made Easy. Guided Implantology Made Easy is a “cookbook” approach to placing implants via Guided Surgery. Written for the new user,... More > every aspect of Guided Implantology is broken down into easy to follow protocols. From cone beam basics to mastering edentulous cases, the reader will get a good overview of the entire process. A detailed Dental Anatomy section breaks down each tooth by dimension, angulation and occlusion to help you plan your cases. Step by step protocols will make planning in Guided Surgery software easier and more accurate. Although this is written using the Galileos system, all the principles contained apply to any Guided Implant system. Advances in CEREC technology including CEREC integration, chair side milled CEREC Guides and Opti Guides are covered as well as the SiCAT Classic Guide system. Tips and tricks to make edentulous cases go smoother will also be covered. Implants just got a whole lot easier!< Less
The Rhythmic Movement Method: A Revolutionary Approach to Improved Health and Well-Being By Harald Blomberg, MD
Paperback: $20.00
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In The Rhythmic Movement Method, author Dr. Harald Blomberg explains why rhythmic movement is more useful than drugs in treating ADHD and many other disorders. Based on the spontaneous rhythmic... More > movements of infants, these actions are necessary for the development of the brain, motor abilities, emotions, and mental faculties. He introduces his method—rhythmic movement training—and describes how simple healing exercises stimulate the ability of the brain and the nervous system to renew itself and create new connections. Blomberg shares how these exercises help people develop and mature or heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. With case studies included, The Rhythmic Movement Method helps children with ADHD and adults suffering from depression, psychosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other disorders to feel well, function better, and stop taking medications.< Less
Level 2 Clinical Case Collection: Internal Medicine and Surgery By Lori A. Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Paperback: $29.95
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Level 2 Clinical Case Collection: Internal Medicine & Surgery is a challenging and thought-provoking collection of cases designed to augment one's learning and study experiences in preparation... More > for Level 2 COMLEX and Step 2 USMLE. The entire collection provides focused cases on a wide variety of Internal Medicine and Surgery topics, fields critical to boards success. Furthermore, the cases are created to ensure coverage of high-yield concepts plus comprehensive comparison and contrast between answers commonly confused with one another. The answer explanations are extremely thorough, providing textbook-level explanations for all answer options. The book includes over 100 challenging cases and questions, with 80 pages of answer explanations!< Less
Diagnostic Protocols: An Algorithmic Approach By Lori A. Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Paperback: $34.95
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Diagnostic Protocols: An Algorithmic Approach is an excellent synopsis of the work-ups, diagnostic steps, and clinical tests appropriate to ascertain a diagnosis. It utilizes the most up-to-date... More > protocols in an easy-to-read algorithm format, allowing one to determine the next step of patient assessment via flow charts. It is an outstanding aid in Levels 2 and 3 COMLEX and Step 2 and 3 USMLE preparation. It is also a great resource for students and residents in the clinical environment.< Less
Hi-Yield Compendium: Cardiology By Lori A Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Paperback: $32.00
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The Hi-Yield Compendium: Cardiology provides excellent cardiology review for Steps 2 and 3 of the USMLE and COMLEX. The major cardiologic disease states are covered, providing review of etiologies... More > and risk factors, diagnostic technologies, including screening, confirmatory, and gold standard tests, and management and treatment modalities. Health maintenance fundamentals and preventive medicine measures as they relate to cardiovascular health are also included for optimal boards preparation. For those taking COMLEX, osteopathic principles relevant to heart health are integrated into the text.< Less
CEN Review Manual 3rd Ed By Mark Boswell
Paperback: $99.99
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The CEN Study Guide/Review Manual covers all the major topic areas of the 2011 BCEN Blueprint for the CEN Exam. It includes a comprehensive, systems based review model, and a complete 150 question... More > sample "CEN-like" exam, complete with full rationales and explanations. The practice exam is most useful as a self-assessment tool. Other special sections included in this edition are: (1) "CEN HOT Words": These are words/terms which are used and show up during the CEN exam frequently. (2) "CEN Exam-Like Questions": This is a special section dedicated to those specific topics which appear on the exam frequently. (3) A comprehensive index is included in this edition. Having an index makes it easy and simple to look up key terms and topics and to locate quickly in the text for rapid review. DISCLAIMER: This course and manuals/books are neither taught, sponsored, endorsed, promoted or marketed by the ENA/BCEN. No relationship to the ENA/BCEN is either implied explicitly or implicitly.< Less
Focused Organic Chemistry By Richard Blatchly
Paperback: $23.08
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This book is designed for a one-semester course in organic chemistry, taken by allied health students. There is a special focus on nutritional concepts. The organization helps to explain why... More > students need to know about the basic principles they learn. The book is aligned with later courses in the major the students participate in, rather than the science major. Writing is designed to more thoroughly explain the principles for students who are not science majors.< Less
Rapid Entity Attachment Release (REAR) By Athanasios N. Komianos
Paperback: $28.75
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Rapid Entity Attachment Release(REAR) is a radical breakthrough and a multi-dimensional approach in producing swift and lasting relief in psychological and physical problems. This book is a manual... More > for open-minded, professional therapists to assist their clients in gaining rapid relief from serious and debilitating psychosomatic conditions. It demonstrates that by intervening in a client’s energy levels, intrusive and well-concealed attached entities, which had contributed directly to the client’s condition, may be exposed and addressed. Disorders such as epileptoid seizures, migraine fits, night terrors, phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviours, addictions, and other common ailments may be caused by well-concealed parasitical entities that drain the resources of their unsuspecting victims and hosts. Presented as a lightning insight into alternate therapies, this manual demonstrates how electricity, acupuncture, hypnosis, past-life regression, and spirit release therapy, can be applied interactively.< Less
Atomic Romances, Molecular Dances By Mala Radhakrishnan
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Chemistry comes to life in this illustrated collection of humorous poetry. Concepts from general, organic, inorganic, physical, and biological chemistry are explained through entertaining stories... More > about the atoms and molecules experiencing them firsthand. Join atoms and molecules as they grapple with issues like finding love, making friends, and pursuing their dreams, all on the molecular level. This collection is perfect for scientists, undergraduate students, and science enthusiasts.< Less
Handbook of OMT Review By Lori A Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Paperback: $39.95
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The Handbook of OMT Review is a comprehensive but succinct review of osteopathic manipulative medicine and treatment that superbly prepares the osteopathic medical student for the COMLEX boards while... More > also providing an excellent source of information to support OMT and OMM course studies. This excellent text will aid the reader to come to a greater understanding and appreciation of OMT and OMM fundamentals and principles, making it a must-have for any osteopathic medical student as well as a terrific reference for any osteopathic physician. This edition comes complete with practice questions at the end of each chapter AND an excellent compilation of challenging OMM review cases at the end of the book to reinforce important concepts.< Less
Reaching For A New Potential By Oren Mason M.D.
Paperback: $17.98
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“Have ADD? Ready to treat it? Then I invite you to read this book. The treatment of ADD has changed my life and my family’s as well. If ADD has brought you discouragement, I invite you... More > to begin again, to reach for and discover your new, full potential.” —Oren Mason M.D. “Dr. Mason has written a superb book which provides a unique combination of insights into adult ADHD blending together the substantial expertise he has from treating hundreds of adults with ADHD as their physician but also as an adult with ADHD himself and the trenchant insights that provides to him. This is an engaging, fast-paced book chocked with useful science-based information and recommendations and crackling with the wit and wisdom rarely seen in trade books on this subject. My thanks to Dr. Mason for writing this book and my compliments to you, dear reader, for having the sense to read it.” —Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.< Less
The Wounded Womb By Phillip Valentine
Hardcover: $79.95
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THE WOUNDED WOMB - is a must read for women (and men) who are not afraid to open their minds and hearts in the exploration of ‘un-popular truth’, no matter where it leads or how it may... More > affect their present psycho-social, political and philosophical comfort zones. Learn what 25 years of dedicated research and experience has uncovered about the hidden, ignored, overlooked or suppressed reasons underlying the tragic erosion of women’s overall physical health and psychological well-being.< Less
The Authoritarians By Bob Altemeyer
Paperback: $9.74
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Occupational Math Business By Peter Esser
Paperback: $16.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is designed for use by independent study students. There are four chapters in this book: (1) Data, (2) Statistics, (3) Finance (4) Algebra. In each chapter the student begins by studying... More > the basic concepts, then progresses through computational skills involving both pencil/paper and calculator approaches. Applied problems are presented throughout the book to illustrate the relevance of each topic. Included in each chapter are numerous examples, practice problems with full answer keys, and quizzes for self-evaluation.< Less
Applied Math By Peter Esser
Paperback: $20.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is designed for use by independent study students. There are five chapters in this book: (1) Measurement, (2) Geometry, (3) Statistics, (4) Finance, (5) Right Triangle Trigonometry . In... More > each chapter the student begins by studying the basic concepts, then progresses through computational skills involving both pencil/paper and calculator approaches. Applied problems are presented throughout the book to illustrate the relevance of each topic. Included in each chapter are numerous examples, practice problems with full answer keys, and quizzes for self-evaluation.< Less