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Introductory Human Physiology By Emma Jakoi, Jennifer Carbrey
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Physiology is an integrative science which considers the function of each organ and organ system and their interaction in the maintenance of life. This book is designed to provide the foundation for... More > understanding the normal function of the human body. Each chapter emphasizes the basic concepts that apply to each organ and organ system as well as their integration to maintain homeostasis and proper responses to perturbations such as exercise, illness, and trauma. The organ systems covered include: nervous, muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, reproductive, gastrointestinal, and urinary. Examples from daily life activities and clinical scenarios as well as review questions are presented to illustrate basic science principles, to facilitate integration of the course content and to foster problem solving skills.< Less
Fundamentals of Chemistry By John W. Pluemer
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This book is designed to introduce students to basic chemistry concepts. In Unit 1, students make and convert measurements, design tables and graphs, create models, and use the scientific method. ... More > In Unit 2, students interpret a model of the atom and use the periodic table. They distinguish types of chemical bonds and identify properties of common compounds. In Unit 3, students analyze chemical equations and apply common chemical reactions to life science applications. They examine biomolecules and their relation to life processes. Use the following web address to access the accompanying tutorials.< Less
Applied Math By Peter Esser
Paperback: $20.75
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This book is designed for use by independent study students. There are five chapters in this book: (1) Measurement, (2) Geometry, (3) Statistics, (4) Finance, (5) Right Triangle Trigonometry . In... More > each chapter the student begins by studying the basic concepts, then progresses through computational skills involving both pencil/paper and calculator approaches. Applied problems are presented throughout the book to illustrate the relevance of each topic. Included in each chapter are numerous examples, practice problems with full answer keys, and quizzes for self-evaluation.< Less
The Theory of the Mind By David Allan Cruz
Paperback: $14.93
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A practical study of how we develop thoughts and habits. This is a workbook for the professional hypnotherapist, but may also be used by the student of hypnotherapy. In addition to an explanation of... More > how the mind works, the book contains questions on the text and a list of recommended reading.< Less
Hurry Up and Wait By James Pollard
Paperback: $12.00
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To those it touches and their carers, Huntington’s Disease presents an ongoing series of challenges to accommodate its changes in thinking. "Hurry up and Wait!" is a set of exercises... More > to simulate the cognitive difficulties faced by those with HD, a collection of tips to accommodate them in your home or care home, a strategy to develop new approaches to solving care problems and commentary on common problems faced by family carers and those they love.< Less
Herbal Constituents By Lisa Ganora
Paperback: $40.00
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Herbal Constituents is a concise yet thorough textbook for students and practitioners of botanical medicine (e.g., medical herbalists, naturopaths, holistic practitioners, pharmacists). Using... More > examples from commonly employed herbs, it explains concepts from phytochemistry and pharmacognosy that are important for understanding the characteristics and functions of botanical medicines. Heavily illustrated with structure drawings, and written by an herbalist with extensive training in botany and chemistry, this unique book brings together the wisdom of traditional practice with the insights of contemporary science.< Less
Handbook of OMT Review By Lori A Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Paperback: $39.95
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The Handbook of OMT Review is a comprehensive but succinct review of osteopathic manipulative medicine and treatment that superbly prepares the osteopathic medical student for the COMLEX boards while... More > also providing an excellent source of information to support OMT and OMM course studies. This excellent text will aid the reader to come to a greater understanding and appreciation of OMT and OMM fundamentals and principles, making it a must-have for any osteopathic medical student as well as a terrific reference for any osteopathic physician. This edition comes complete with practice questions at the end of each chapter AND an excellent compilation of challenging OMM review cases at the end of the book to reinforce important concepts.< Less
The Butterflies of San Diego County By Kojiro Shiraiwa
Paperback: $29.99
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Introduction and identification guide for the butterflies of San Diego County, California. The book contains full color figures of butterflies found in San Diego County for easy identification. The... More > book also discusses butterfly biology and ecology. This is a kind of pictorial book - great for kids as well as general public.< Less
Precalculus I By David Lippman et al.
Paperback: $11.42
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Open source MTH 163 textbook for the Virginia Community College System, remixed from "Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions," by David Lippman and Melonie Rasmussen and "College... More > Algebra," by Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager.< Less
Meat Evaluation Handbook By Gary Smith, Davey Griffin, Kenneth Johnson
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For years, The Meat Evaluation Handbook has served as the primary text for training thousands of meat science professionals in the area of fresh meat evaluation. The current expanded edition is the... More > industry standard guide for fresh meat grading and selection.< Less
Health Informatics: Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals (Sixth Edition) By Robert E. Hoyt, Ann K. Yoshihashi
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Health Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of information technology (IT) in healthcare to improve individual and population health, education and research. The goal of the textbook is to... More > stimulate and educate healthcare and IT professionals and students about the key topics in this rapidly changing field. This extensively updated sixth edition reflects the changes in technology, policies and innovations that have occurred recently. Topics include HI overview, electronic health records, healthcare data analytics, health information exchange, architecture of information systems, evidence based medicine, consumer health informatics, HI ethics, quality improvement strategies and more. The 22 chapters feature learning objectives, case studies, recommended reading, future trends, key points, conclusions and over 1800 references. It is available as a paperback and an eBook. Free Online Resources are available on the textbook companion website< Less
Neonatology Review: Q&A - 3rd edition By Dara Brodsky et al.
Paperback: $99.99
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This 3rd edition of "Neonatology Review: Question & Answer", published in August 2015, offers more than 300 new questions to help neonatology fellows and neonatologists prepare for the... More > Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Board Certification and Re-Certification Examinations. This book now contains approximately 980 questions for assistance with board review. An ebook version of this book is also available on Lulu.< Less
Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00
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With a stylish yet practical design, this logbook is for birth workers who want to honor what they witness and benchmark clinical outcomes. It is intended to serve multiple disciplines and settings.... More > While it includes hospital-based data, much of its language is applicable to out-of-hospital settings as well. The layout allows for each birth story to be unique, but for clinical trends to be easily quantified. The design combines simple “checkbox” style options with freehand write-in space for comments and observations. It is spiral bound for ease of use and measures 6 x 9 inches. Holds 200 births.< Less
Single Variable Calculus, late transcendentals, 2016.06.17 By David Guichard and friends
Paperback: $6.46
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Single variable calculus text with late transcendentals.
The Complete Practice Management Seminar - Classroom Slides By Jack Valancy
Paperback: List Price: $36.00 $25.20 | You Save: 30%
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New! These are the classroom slides participants receive in my two-day conference, The Complete Practice Management Seminar™. Contents Introduction 1. Make Career Decisions 2. Find the Right... More > Job 3. Negotiate a Better Employment Contract 4. Succeed in Practice 5. Commonsense Personal Finances 6. Start and Run Your Practice 7. Personnel 8. Patient Accounting Coil binding lays flat for taking notes. Medical education program pricing available. Learn more at< Less
The Complete Practice Management Seminar -- Text By Jack Valancy
Paperback: List Price: $72.00 $50.40 | You Save: 30%
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This is the text participants receive in my two-day conference, The Complete Practice Management Seminar™. Contents Introduction 1. Make Career Decisions 2. Find the Right Job 3. Negotiate a... More > Better Employment Contract 4. Succeed in Practice 5. Commonsense Personal Finances 6. Start and Run Your Practice 7. Personnel 8. Patient Accounting Now perfect bound, more compact. Learn more at< Less
Basic Electronics: An Introduction to Electronics for Science Students---Second Edition By Curtis A. Meyer
Paperback: $53.75
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This book has been written to support a one-semester course on basic electronics. It assumes a freshman-level physics background and builds on this to move from simple DC circuits to AC circuits and... More > passive filters. Transistors and Op-amps are then introduced, and active filters are discussed. Finally, an introduction to digital electronics is presented, followed by an introduction to digital filtering.< Less
College Algebra: A Collection of Activities (2nd Ed) By Melanie Yosko
Paperback: List Price: $15.29 $13.00 | You Save: 15%
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College Algebra: A Collection of Activities is a lab manual and study guide to help students better understand concepts in College Algebra. These labs are designed to help students explore... More > mathematics. Concepts have been developed in a logical and methodical way to help students make connections between concepts as they progress through the activities.< Less
How Hockey Can Save Healthcare: A Principle-Based Approach to Reforming the Canadian Healthcare System By Stephen Pinney MD
Paperback: $17.99
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Canadians are passionate about their healthcare system—and their hockey. While the Canadian medical system is a source of pride—based on ideals of universal coverage, public funding, and... More > high-quality medical care—this treasured healthcare system is failing due to soaring costs, the challenge of an aging population, and poor care delivery. It needs a reality check. Dr. Stephen Pinney pulls the curtain back on the existing Canadian healthcare system and exposes its fundamental flaws. Basing his analysis on his own experience at the heart of the system, Dr. Pinney uses real-life stories, revealing facts, and insightful hockey analogies to highlight the profound issues confronting the current healthcare system.< Less
Wilderness Medicine: What To Do When You Can't Call 911 By Clifton Castleman, Phil Gardner II, Jennifer Kay
Paperback: $39.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Wilderness Medicine: What To Do When You Can't Call 911 provides both basic and in-depth information on how to recognize, treat, and manage both common injuries and illnesses as well as... More > life-threatening conditions when professional emergency medical care is an hour away or more. Designed for those who work or travel in remote locations, this comprehensive guide will teach you what to look for, what to do in the event of an emergency, and then help direct you in the most appropriate type of care. This book is used as the course textbook for the Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, and Wilderness EMT classes taught by Center for Wilderness Safety - online at< Less
How to Pronounce Drug Names: A Visual Approach to Preventing Medication Errors By Tony Guerra
Paperback: List Price: $14.97 $11.98 | You Save: 20%
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Can you remember, pronounce, and spell the active ingredient in the last medicine you took or gave your child? If you’re an administrator, can everyone in your facility who provides patients... More > with medications spell and pronounce those medications correctly? If you have any doubt—whether you’re reading this book in a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, or a hospital room—I wrote this book for you. A revolution is happening in health care. In the past, nurses, pharmacists, and doctors spoke together at length with families about their concerns and medicines. But now, patients receive only distracted attention as their health professionals tangle with billing, electronic records, and insurance obstacles. This shortened communication frustrates doctors and patients who want to connect. Patients find themselves isolated because they don’t speak the language of medicine. This book teaches you that language with plain English words.< Less
HazMat Emergency Response Manual By Alan Jones
Paperback: $27.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A manual for hazardous material spill emergency responders in the healthcare environment, including hospitals and clinics.
Genetics Lecture Notebook By Vernon Bauer
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Genetics Lecture Notebook was written to accompany the BIO 401: Genetics course taught by Vernon W. Bauer at Francis Marion University.
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Question Review Book 2017C By Vincent Wang
Hardcover: $170.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
THIS IS THE NEWEST EDITION OF THE PEMQBOOK. COLOR VERSION Following the content outline of the ABP and ABEM Pediatric Emergency Medicine Exam, the new PEMQBook 2017 encompasses 1119 new questions... More > with answer explanations. This is a new edition of the PEMQBook series and will hopefully challenge the reader with clinical scenarios followed by answer explanations. This edition also includes an Ultrasound chapter, as well as an expanded statistics chapter. There are 194 pictures, 191 x-rays/CT/US images plus ECGs. This is the COLOR, HARDCOVER version of the book, which optimizes the contents of the book. For more information, please visit our website at: There is a BLACK and WHITE version also available for sale.< Less
May the Lord have "MRSA" on me! By Glenn Michael Demarest
Paperback: $20.00
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This story is my humorous, true account, of the not so humorous, bacterium known as "MRSA". This "flesh-eating", "super-bug" takes the lives of 9,000 unsuspecting... More > Americans each and every year since it mysteriously appeared in the year of 1961. Even though this nasty monster is unknown to most people here in the United States, you will never forget it once you've had it attack you. This entertaining and educative story will help teach you to the horrific dangers of "MRSA" and it will inform you of measures which you can take to prevent this "barbarian-savage" from spreading to your family. After I was infected by this vicious, "man-eating" virus, I have devoted most of my spare time ensuring that my home is clean and "MRSA" free! I have no mercy when it comes to "MRSA" which makes me somewhat of a "MRSA-NARY". If "MRSA" is anywhere near me, I will hunt it down and kill it! My friends now call me; "THE-MRSA-NATOR".< Less