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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Question Review Book 2013b By Vincent Wang
Paperback: $55.00
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Following the content outline of the ABP and ABEM PEM Exam, the new PEMQBook 2013 encompasses 1008 questions with answer explanations, 144 pictures, and 135 radiographs. The 2013 edition is 50%... More > longer than the 2009 edition, and each answer explanation provides references for further reading. This is the BLACK & WHITE, STANDARD-BOUND, PAPERBACK version of the book. The book is designed for color use, but this version can be used when studying in groups. This book is printed on higher quality paper. A Color, Standard Bound, HARDback cover book is also available, as is an electronic version offered through Challenger Corporation. For more information, please visit our website at:< Less
Robert's Review of Pediatric Nephrology, 2nd Edition By Robert Gillespie
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The first and only review book designed specifically for the pediatric nephrology board exam, Robert's Review covers each of the 1244 objectives specified on the board's content outline. Includes... More > over 100 illustrations and figures, most in full color and never published before, including dozens of pathology images to help prepare for the image portion of the exam. An outline format and 171 tables and charts condense key information for efficient studying. Second edition features updated information and additional illustrations.< Less
Invitation to the Self: journey with the star people By Bonnie Jean Hamilton
Paperback: $17.00
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In Invitation to the Self: journey with the star people, Bonnie Jean Hamilton explains how to face your fears and take control of alien visitations. If you are an abductee who feels like a helpless... More > victim, get ready for a change. You will journey through the typical abduction experience, the secret government and psychic attackers, the transitional phase of moving from one reality to another, energy manipulation, and finally, releasing fear and taking control of life. No matter what your interests may be (abductee, contactee, or simply bewildered by the whole thing), you will be motivated to make positive changes in your own life.< Less
Resolving Complex Pain By Robert G. Schwartz, M.D.
Paperback: $84.98
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Dr. Robert G. Schwartz has specialized in Complex Chronic Pain, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Vascular Medicine for over 20 years. His medical practice — Piedmont Physical Medicine... More > & Rehabilitation P.A. in Greenville, South Carolina — is a Mecca for those with chronic pain who are frustrated with ineffective surgical and pharmaceutical treatments. Patient testimonials are plentiful. One patient reports, “He found out more about me and what was wrong in one visit than 6 doctors had in the last 17 months.” Resolving Complex Pain is a patient-oriented resource for those with chronic pain. The book includes descriptions of the many illnesses treated by Dr. Schwartz, as well as diagnostic options and pioneering treatments. In addition, the innovative “Challenge & Choice” program — a tool designed to enhance insight awareness and responsible choice in medical decision-making — is presented. Anyone who has the desire can follow the program’s home tutorial format. COLOR also available.< Less
The Authoritarians By Bob Altemeyer
Paperback: $9.74
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The Wounded Womb By Phillip Valentine
Hardcover: $79.95
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THE WOUNDED WOMB - is a must read for women (and men) who are not afraid to open their minds and hearts in the exploration of ‘un-popular truth’, no matter where it leads or how it may... More > affect their present psycho-social, political and philosophical comfort zones. Learn what 25 years of dedicated research and experience has uncovered about the hidden, ignored, overlooked or suppressed reasons underlying the tragic erosion of women’s overall physical health and psychological well-being.< Less
Herbal Constituents By Lisa Ganora
Paperback: $40.00
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Herbal Constituents is a concise yet thorough textbook for students and practitioners of botanical medicine (e.g., medical herbalists, naturopaths, holistic practitioners, pharmacists). Using... More > examples from commonly employed herbs, it explains concepts from phytochemistry and pharmacognosy that are important for understanding the characteristics and functions of botanical medicines. Heavily illustrated with structure drawings, and written by an herbalist with extensive training in botany and chemistry, this unique book brings together the wisdom of traditional practice with the insights of contemporary science.< Less
Implants Made Easy By August de Oliveira
Paperback: $199.00
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Implant dentistry has come a long way in terms of simplicity and safety. “Implants Made Easy” covers the entire implant process from treatment planning to cementation. This book was... More > written with one goal in mind: to help General Dentists get involved in implant dentistry. By using the latest advances in 3D imaging and by using free implant software, many of the factors that have kept dentists on the sidelines have been eliminated. Many of the chapters show step-by-step surgical and restorative techniques that greatly simplify the implant process. A chapter on dental photography will show you ways to showcase your work, as well as how to upload to dental websites. Placing implants has never been easier!< Less
The Papers of independent Authors, volume 17 By Solomon Khmelnik
Paperback: $19.97
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The international periodic multiple-discipline scientific and technical printing magazine
Medical Hypnotherapy: Techniques, Scripts and Processes for Effective Hypnosis and Healing By Richard Nongard
Paperback: $24.95
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Professional hypnosis is a first line intervention for many medical conditions and the research shows medical patients respond to hypnotic suggestion with health, healing and hope. This book is your... More > guide to specific applications of hypnosis with a variety of medical conditions. Its purpose is to help you help others, by effectively providing solutions to support success in medical treatment and to promote healing through hypnosis. In this book you will learn: An eight-step process for pain control, How to integrate proven strategies, like Autogenic Training, into medical hypnosis, How to structure suggestions for medical conditions, Specific visualizations for cancer patients, How to utilize hypnotic phenomena, like time distortion, to help patients manage difficult medical procedures, Techniques for managing depression, fear and anxiety among medical patients, and How to market services to medical clients and build medical referrals Richard K. Nongard is a Certified Professional Hypnotist.< Less
Medications: Good and Bad Interactions By A/Professor Antigone Kouris
Paperback: $18.99
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A 65 page Ready Reckoner with over 400 commonly prescribed drugs, their side effects and interactions (good and bad) with foods, herbs and nutrients. Compiled by Accredited Practising Dietitian,... More > A/Prof. Antigone Kouris PhD, from authoritative fully referenced sources. Interactions summarised and coded for quick use by health professionals, students or the general public. Re-published with permission from the textbook "A guide to evidence based integrative and complementary medicine" ed Kotsirilos et al, Elsevier 2011. Dr Kouris has a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University, Degrees/ Diplomas in Biochemistry, Dietetics and Botanic Medicine; she was a Lecturer and Research Fellow at Monash; has contributed to 5 university text books (Food and Nutrition 3 editions, ed Wahlqvist; Evidence based Integrative and Complementary Medicine ed Kotsirilos et al; Nutrition and Metabolism ed Gibney), has over 40 published research papers and was the Managing Editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.< Less
Introduction To Biomanufacturing By Northeast Biomanufacturing Center & Collaborative
Hardcover: $149.00
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This complete 508 page Introduction to Biomanufacturing textbook covers a number of areas critical to the industry. Chapter headings include: Facilities, Metrology, Validation, EH&S, Operational... More > Excellence, Quality Assurance, Microbiological Control, Quality Control Biochemistry, Upstream Processing, Downstream Processing, Process Development, and includes a Master Glossary.< Less
Food Sources of Nutrients By A/Professor Antigone Kouris
Paperback: $13.99
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A 22 page Ready Reckoner with over 2000 foods enabling busy health professionals and the general public to quickly look up the best food sources of nutrients from both fresh and packaged foods. Foods... More > listed for each nutrient are from highest (best source) to lowest (poorer source) and the amount of nutrient per typical serving of food is also included. The main physiological functions of each nutrient are also summarised. Lists are easy to use for quick use by practitioners, students or the general public. Re-published with permission from the textbook "A guide to evidence based integrative and complementary medicine" ed Kotsirilos et al, Elsevier 2011. A/Prof Kouris is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with 25 years experience and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Dept Dietetics at La Trobe University in Melbourne; she has a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University, Degrees/Diplomas in Biochemistry, Dietetics and Botanic Medicine and has contributed to 5 university text books.< Less
Chinese Medicine Clinical Reference Guide By Siamak F. Shirazi, LAc, DOM, Julie A. Shivley, BS, DEM
Paperback: $14.99
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The focus of this manual is to serve as an interface which supports the integration of Western nutritional and herbal supplementation into the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. This book... More > contains treatment ideas related to common imbalances within the paired organ systems of the body, established by Traditional Chinese Medicine, with recommendations for nutritional and herbal supplementation, acupuncture protocols, and diet, including simple recipes, which are foundational to regaining health and balance in these systems.< Less
Clinicians' and Educators' Desk Reference on Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Professions By Elizabeth Goldblatt, PhD, MPA/HA, ACCAHC Chair et al.
Paperback: $24.96
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A reference text on the complementary and alternative medicine professions written by leading educators from each discipline that is meant to support students, practitioners, patients and academic... More > and policy leaders in helping to create appropriate and respectful collaboration between the disciplines to provide optimal health care.< Less
PHRM 203 By Steven Farmer
Paperback: $54.99
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Lecture notes for UH Maui College PHRM203 General Pharmacology. Current for Summer and Fall 2014 semesters.
The Physics of Mr. Tweed By Gary Petersen
Paperback: List Price: $23.49 $16.44 You Save: 30%
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Basic physics and astronomy text in a dialog format. It was designed for students taking a one semester course in science with a minimal mathematics background. Both classical and modern topics... More > such as quantum mechanics, relativity, and the big bang are included.< Less
Outline of Human Biology By Michael A Heintz
Paperback: $34.95
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Outline of human biology for general college-level education requirements.
Homotopy Type Theory (hardcover) By Univalent Foundations Project
Hardcover: $21.83
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Homotopy type theory is a new branch of mathematics that combines aspects of several different fields in a surprising way. It is based on a recently discovered connection between homotopy theory and... More > type theory. It touches on topics as seemingly distant as the homotopy groups of spheres, the algorithms for type checking, and the definition of weak ∞-groupoids. Homotopy type theory offers a new “univalent” foundation of mathematics, in which a central role is played by Voevodsky’s univalence axiom and higher inductive types. The present book is intended as a first systematic exposition of the basics of univalent foundations, and a collection of examples of this new style of reasoning — but without requiring the reader to know or learn any formal logic, or to use any computer proof assistant. We believe that univalent foundations will eventually become a viable alternative to set theory as the “implicit foundation” for the unformalized mathematics done by most mathematicians.< Less
The Calculus By Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D.
Paperback: $9.56
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The stunning discovery of the mechanism by which the Calculus actually integrates exact areas under functions is revealed in this book. Three articles now published by Taylor & Francis in the... More > International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology form portions of the text, along with articles for beginning students and on the Calculus-revealed properties of light. All problems are completed for the student for maximum learning. This book was copyrighted by the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Copyright Year: © 2011 United States< Less
All The Secrets of the Solar System in Large Print By Harold Geller
Paperback: List Price: $28.99 $17.39 You Save: 40%
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This is a large print volume that provides the general public with an overview of our knowledge of the Solar System today. It provides an historical perspective on the progression of our acquisition... More > of evidence about our the local neighborhood of the Universe within which we reside. There are no photographs or illustrations.< Less
Health Informatics: Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals (Fifth Edition) EBook By Ann Yoshihashi, Robert E Hoyt, Nora Bailey
eBook (PDF): $29.95
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***2014 Sixth Ed. Now Available on Lulu***Health Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of information technology (IT) to the field of medicine to improve individual and population healthcare... More > delivery, education and research. This extensively updated fifth edition reflects the current knowledge in Health Informatics and provides learning objectives, key points, case studies and references. Topics include: HI Overview; Healthcare Data, Information, and Knowledge; Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Systems; Health Information Exchange; Data Standards; Architectures of Information Systems;Health Information Privacy and Security; HI Ethics; Consumer HI; Mobile Technology; Online Medical Resources; Search Engines; Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Practice Guidelines; Disease Management and Registries; Quality Improvement Strategies; Patient Safety; Electronic Prescribing; Telemedicine; Picture Archiving and Communication Systems; Bioinformatics; Public HI; E-Research< Less
Introducing Cheminformatics By David Wild
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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This guide gives an intensive introduction to the emerging field of cheminformatics, including the history of the field, representing 2D and 3D chemical structures on computer, storing and using... More > databases of chemical and related biological information, handling chemical information on the web and in the scholarly literature, and giving an overview of some advanced topics such as clustering and diversity, QSAR and predictive modeling, 3D alignment and docking, and software toolkits cheminformatics software. It is aimed at life scientists and computer scientists in both industry and academia who need a rapid, flexible introduction to this field. The author has over 20 years experience in the field of cheminformatics, and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing where he directs one of the few educational programs dedicated to cheminformatics. He is also joint editor of the Journal of Cheminformatics.< Less
Health Informatics: Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals (Sixth Edition) EBOOK By Robert E. Hoyt, Ann K. Yoshihashi
eBook (PDF): $32.95
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Health Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of information technology (IT) in healthcare to improve individual and population health, education and research. The goal of the textbook is to... More > stimulate and educate healthcare and IT professionals and students about the key topics in this rapidly changing field. This extensively updated sixth edition reflects the changes in technology, policies and innovations that have occurred recently. Topics include HI overview, electronic health records, healthcare data analytics, health information exchange, architecture of information systems, evidence based medicine, consumer health informatics, HI ethics, quality improvement strategies and more. The 22 chapters feature learning objectives, case studies, recommended reading, future trends, key points, conclusions and over 1800 references. It is available as a paperback and an eBook. Free Online Resources are available on the textbook companion website< Less
":Emotional-and-volitional-personality" By Maxim Borzenkov
eBook (ePub): $10.00
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From this book you will learn the components of emotional and volitional personality. You will learn interesting mechanisms impact on human emotions.