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Visine LR Substitute By Gary Gary
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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My recipe for eye drops that works as good as Visine LR for me.
e-Kind Farewells By Daniel L Johnson
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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This is a book of medical cases that can help understand what to do with death.
Human Anatomy and Physiology Mnemonics By Examville Staff
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Learn and review on the go! Use Quick Review Human Anatomy and Physiology Notes to help you learn or brush up on the subject quickly. You can use the review notes as a reference, to understand the... More > subject better and improve your grades.< Less
Human Anatomy & Physiology Review: Major Arteries and Their Branches By Examville Staff
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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Learn and review on the go! Use Quick Review Physiology notes to help you learn or brush up on the subject quickly. You can use the review notes as a reference, to understand the subject better and... More > improve your grades. Perfect for students preparing for USMLE, MCAT, AP Biology, Nursing and other similar standardized tests.< Less
The Gendered Self Further commentary on the transsexual phenomenon By Anne M Vitale
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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Based on the author's experience in treating over 500 gender dysphoric individuals over the last 26 years,The Gendered Self is the story of what it’s like to be born into and to live out one's... More > life as a transsexual in a cissexual world. The author starts by showing how the developing brain is genderized in-utero and how that process can go awry leaving affected individuals sex/gender incongruent. Although hormonal and surgical means is the current treatment of choice, we have come to learn that with Genital Reassignment Surgery life takes a turn wherein the individual is permanently consigned to a parallel universe: not male, not female but a bio-sociological combination of both. Transsexualism is a life long existential dilemma challenging the very nature of psychological survival. Nietzsche famously said "What does not kill you makes you stronger". As the author shows, developing a healthy transsexual identity and going on to live a meaningful life is certainly a testament to all who persist.< Less
Pass the Virginia Pharmacy Law Exam By Alexis Long, PharmD
eBook (PDF): $64.95
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Whether you're a new graduate or an experienced pharmacist, this book will put you on the fast track to becoming licensed in the state of Virginia. The study guide published by the Virginia Board of... More > Pharmacy lists the laws, codes, and statutes that are covered on the Virginia Pharmacy Law Exam – and requires you to read them all. Printed out, these codes and statutes make a stack the size of a phone book. If you’d rather not read hundreds of pages of legal jargon, this is the book for you. It’s arranged in the same order as the Board’s study guide, with legal language translated into plain English. It’s clear and concise, and its question-and-answer format allows you to rapidly quiz yourself. If you’re able to start earning a pharmacist’s salary in Virginia just one day earlier as a result of this book, it will have more than paid for itself.< Less
Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Manual By Ollivettee Hill, Thomas Brayden
eBook (PDF): $20.00
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This text is designed to help students gain an introduction into the subject of chemistry through the gathering of data, the analysis of that data, the drawing of conclusions and the reporting of... More > results. Additional benefits include sharpening skills in organizing, planning and the adapting of household items for experimental purposes.< Less
Flora Neomexicana III a : Field Keys By Kelly W. Allred
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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This is a condensed version of "Flora Neomexicana III : An Illustrated Identification Manual," with the illustrations omitted and the text reduced in size and length by one-third. Keys and... More > brief discriptions of range and habitat are provided for the 3783 species of vascular plants found in the wild in New Mexico. This is the pdf version.< Less
A Guide for Adults with Hip Dysplasia By Denise Sutherland, Dr Sophie West
eBook (PDF): $9.90
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This popular book is the only one in the world that discusses hip dysplasia for adult patients. Whether you were diagnosed as a child and have ongoing problems now, or have developed dysplasia as an... More > adult, this book covers every topic imaginable about this difficult condition. Written in a friendly and easy to understand way, with a minimum of jargon, this book goes from hip anatomy and diagnosis through to living with disability, hip surgery, what to expect in hospital, and recovery at home. There is a chapter for carers, and one of DIY projects you may like to make. The book contains a great deal of information on hip replacement, too, so if you're having a hip replacement for another reason, especially as a younger patient, this book will still help you. Recommended by orthopaedic surgeons from around the world. Both authors have bilateral hip dysplasia, and have been through the surgeries discussed in the book.< Less
College Anatomy & Physiology Learning Guide By W. A. Boyer
Paperback: $12.99
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College Human Anatomy & Physiology is tough to pass at best. You are expected to learn and understand roughly one body system each week - the task can seem daunting. This book is designed to make... More > your learning experience easier by providing you detailed and concise lecture notes, laboratory study guides, and detailed (and hard) practice tests. Buy the download and print out what you need as each system is covered in class.< Less
Podiatry In-Review, 5th Edition By Terry L. Spilken, DPM
Paperback: $79.00
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Dual Component, Complete Turn Key Study System for Podiatrists The Podiatry In-Review program is comprised of a 600+ page printed Study Guide with comprehensive coverage of all commonly tested exam... More > content, and an Online Practice Exam with study tools ( Components from both the study guide and the online study system aids residents who are looking for a computer-based testing system that can be customized to address weaknesses, as well as residents who prefer a more traditional study aid that is a well organized, and is a current guide to vital topics in podiatry. The Study Guide and Online Study System can be utilized together or separately to prepare residents for their certifying and licensing examinations as well as to provide a comprehensive source for general study. Podiatry In-Review consists of an esteemed faculty of over 30 podiatrists, guided under the supervision of Terry Spilken, DPM.< Less
The IMGs Guide to CaRMS By Dr. E. Chan
Paperback: $27.06
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The Canadian Resident Matching Service is an electronic application service and a computer match for entry into postgraduate medical training throughout Canada. This manual is a simple step by step... More > guide to help students through the application and matching process.< Less
Ultimate Questions for the MCCEE By N. Goldstein M.D, A. Robinson M.D, E. Chan M.D
Paperback: $29.45
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Ultimate Questions for the MCCEE is a must have for every student. This book provides detailed answers and concepts to questions most commonly tested on the MCCEE. These questions are designed to be... More > more challenging than the official MCCEE exam so that students are better prepared and are more likely to get a higher score.< Less
Linear Algebra via Exterior Products By Sergei Winitzki
Paperback: $9.88
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This is a pedagogical introduction to the coordinate-free approach in basic finite-dimensional linear algebra. The reader should be already exposed to the array-based formalism of vector and matrix... More > calculations. This book makes extensive use of the exterior (anti-commutative, "wedge") product of vectors. The coordinate-free formalism and the exterior product, while somewhat more abstract, provide a deeper understanding of the classical results in linear algebra. Without cumbersome matrix calculations, this text derives the standard properties of determinants, the Pythagorean formula for multidimensional volumes, the formulas of Jacobi and Liouville, the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, the Jordan canonical form, the properties of Pfaffians, as well as some generalizations of these results.< Less
The Spinal Engine By Serge Gracovetsky
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This book deals with the human spine with particular emphasis on the lumbar spine. Human gait is traditionally believed to be the exclusive function of the legs. The book presents arguments and... More > data that challenge that belief. It proposes that the spine is the primary engine that makes us move. This engine, inherited from our fish ancestors, was never transferred to any extremities during our long evolutionary journey. From the theoretical and clinical analysis of the normal function of the spine, one can describe the changes that degrade its function. This forces us to define normality in terms of functionality, rather than anatomical perfection. A procedure for the objective measure of spinal function is proposed, and its clinical use discussed. A 35 minutes movie on the function of the spine in both MOV and WMV formats is included.< Less
Brain Injured Children: - Tapping the Potential Within By Andrew Brereton
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Andrew Brereton gave up his career as a chemist when his first son, Daniel was born with catastrophic brain – injuries due to medical negligence. Through all the years looking after his son... More > and traveling to many ‘alternative’ centres throughout the world, Andrew also studied and gained many qualifications in psychology and child development. He also gained experience as a parent which combined with that knowledge, gives him a unique insight into the real difficulties faced by families of brain - injured children. In 2008, five years after his son died from a series of brainstem strokes, - an accident waiting to happen which no type or amount of therapy could have changed, Andrew established ’Snowdrop'to provide a new type of therapy for brain - injured children. If your child has received a diagnosis of brain – injury, or cerebral palsy, autism, Asperger's syndrome, dyspraxia or any other diagnosis which is a consequence of brain injury, this book is a 'must read.'< Less
Ultimate Review for the MCCEE By A. Robinson, MD, N. Goldstein, MD
Paperback: $74.65
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New 2nd Edition - The MCCEE is one of the first of three exams for medical licensing in Canada. This exam tests the student’s basic clinical knowledge and diagnostic skills. This series of... More > review books aims to provide a thorough overview of the information that is most commonly tested on this exam. Unlike many other review materials, it focuses on providing the student with an understanding of the concepts, the diagnosis, and treatment, rather than trying to memorize an overwhelming amount of information that is usually not asked in the standard questions. The second edition now includes high yield chapters on Canadian Health Law, Ethics, and Epidemiology.< Less
The coming longevitality of the Earth human COBE biomind By A. R. Bordon
Paperback: List Price: $45.50 $40.95 | You Save: 10%
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THE COMING LONGEVITALITY OF THE EARTH HUMAN COBE BIOMIND is a comprehensive survey of what longevity is as longevitality. It suggests that a human being can and does receive energetic sustenance... More > directly from the vacuum or ether. Science fiction? No, there is sufficient science behind the perspective to ask, why was this not thought of before? The key was energy available throughout the life span of a human being. One piece was the life physics of corpoconsciousness as information biophysics of how a human biomind (human mind and body behaving with 1 degree of freedom) is poised to connect to the vacuum directly, surprisingly, through each cell. This is the internal technology behind martial arts, Bergson’s elan vital, and Qi/chi. In this book, the information physics of subquantum structures elucidates and makes possible now our understanding of what it takes, how to accomplish it, and where the research is taking the field. A. R. Bordon is the new pioneer.< Less
Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method By Sol Luckman
Paperback: $24.99
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The first DNA activation in the “revolutionary healing science” (NEXUS) of the Regenetics Method, Potentiation employs linguistic codes—produced vocally and mentally—to... More > stimulate a self-healing and transformational ability in DNA. In this masterful exploration of sound healing by bestselling author Sol Luckman (CONSCIOUS HEALING), learn how to activate your genetic potential—in a single, 30-minute session! Besides teaching you a technique you can perform for your family, friends and even pets, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA also: 1) provides tried and true supplemental tools for maximizing your results; and 2) outlines a pioneering theory linking genetics, energy, and consciousness. NOTE: Potentiation uses the Solfeggio note "Mi." Although some readers will be attracted solely to the leading-edge theoretical and scientific material herein, those desirous to “potentiate” themselves will need the Mi tuning fork, which can be ordered online through the Phoenix Center for Regenetics.< Less
The Science of Sciences and The Science in Sciences By African Creation Energy
Paperback: $20.00
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The purpose of the book entitled "The Science of Sciences and The Science in Sciences" is to show the origin of the Modern Scientific and Mathematical methods in Ancient and Traditional... More > African culture and philosophy; To describe the method by which information is acquired, processed and used; To establish a complete "Philosophy of Science"; and To teach "the Science of God" used for Creating Creations. This book is an introductory educational tool for a long term goal and mission of growing, cultivating, nurturing, and promoting African Creativity, and Ingenuity to develop, engineer, innovate, invent, and create any structures, devices, or systems needed. The importance of Science is emphasized in this book to motivate the reader to embrace Ancient and Traditional African "scientific-based" culture and philosophy to become creators of advanced operative Sciences and Technologies for survival, well being, problem solving, liberation, healing, and positive standards of living and higher quality of life.< Less
Medication Management Position Paper By S. Diane Moore DDNA
Paperback: $12.00
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DDNA’s Position on Medication Management for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Course Manual 2nd Edition By Joel Dunning
Paperback: $17.89
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This is the 2nd edition of the official Handbook for the Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Course. This teaches everything you need to know about caring for the critically ill patient after... More > Cardiac Surgery and also the protocol for arrests after Cardiac Surgery as Ratified by the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery and The European Resuscitation Council< Less
Textbook of Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery, A Companion Guide for Field and Clinical Care of Traumatized People Worldwide By Richard F. Mollica
Paperback: $120.00
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Over 1 billion persons worldwide are affected by the psychological and physical impact of violence and natural disaster. In many societies today, torture and other forms of cruel and degrading abuse... More > still exist. Domestic violence remains a scourge of our planet. The world’s leading experts in medicine, psychiatry, humanitarian efforts, medical anthropology, human rights, economic development and research and evaluation have worked together to create this first ever scientific and culturally sensitive health/mental health textbook. The textbook has been produced in a digital format (and a paperback edition as well) so that it can be readily used in the field and clinics in the developing world, in refugee camps and other resource poor environments. An interdisciplinary and innovative Global Mental Health Action Plan is united with best practices in a usable and effective approach for the care of traumatized communities worldwide.< Less
Get Into Veterinary School: Insights by an Admissions Expert -2012 Edition- For High School, College & Returning Adult Students By Joseph Piekunka
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$14.99 at This book focuses on helping North American pre-vets yet is helpful for all who read English. The author has three decades of admissions experience, one decade at a prestigious... More > veterinary school and offers a consulting service at The intent of the book is to give advice – admissions facts and figures supplement the advice. A review on of the previous edition says: “…The book is by a true expert - the former Director of Admissions at Cornell's famed veterinary school - and the insights are exceptionally practical, such as classes to take in high school as well as in college. It has wise advice on choosing the college to attend when veterinary school is the ultimate goal. The author also stresses the importance of large animal experience and references from practicing veterinarians in the admissions process, as it is highly competitive…” A. Meyers, Librarian, Middletown, CT< Less
Chaupin's Oracle By Mario Osorio Olazabal
Paperback: $49.48
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The book of the eternal return of what has been and will be. Ñaupa kutiK. Is based in the ancestral Andean society symbology, and in the electromagnetic fields. It corresponds to Hummingbird... More > Era.< Less