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Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors: Counsel and advise individuals with alcohol, tobacco, drug, or other problems, such as gambling and eating disorders. May counsel individuals,... More > families, or groups or engage in prevention programs.Sample of reported job titles: Counselor, Substance Abuse Counselor (SA Counselor), Chemical Dependency Counselor (CD Counselor), Clinical Counselor, Addictions Counselor, Case Manager, Assessment Specialist, Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Chemical Dependency Professional, Clinician< Less
The Nunology of the Pineal Gland By NEB HERU
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Did you know that... there is a Crystal sitting in the Center of your Head? Yes a Black! Did you know that... your "Pineal Gland" in Ancient Egypt was known as the "NEB"... More > Spiritual Master of the Body? Did you know that you have 12 Occult "Cranial Nerves" in your Brain along with your Pineal Gland for Higher Spiritual and Conscious Communication? Did you know that... your "Pineal Gland" once awakening is responsible for unexplainable acts of "Telepathy, Intuition, Clairvoyance and Psychometric also known as Psychometry? Well now you can learn that this Black Crystal known as the "Pineal Gland" can be used to Communicate with all Living Life on Earth (PTAH) and Through out the Boundless Universes Multiverse. Your Pineal Gland can also be used to communicate with all your Great Ancient Ancestors via "THE POWERS OF YOUR MIND!" In this "NUN TABLET" (Book) Learn how to regain the Powers of your Mind, by re-activating your "BLACK CRYSTAL" PINEAL GLAND!< Less
The Gendered Self Further commentary on the transsexual phenomenon By Anne M Vitale
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Based on the author's experience in treating over 500 gender dysphoric individuals over the last 26 years,The Gendered Self is the story of what it’s like to be born into and to live out one's... More > life as a transsexual in a cissexual world. The author starts by showing how the developing brain is genderized in-utero and how that process can go awry leaving affected individuals sex/gender incongruent. Although hormonal and surgical means is the current treatment of choice, we have come to learn that with Genital Reassignment Surgery life takes a turn wherein the individual is permanently consigned to a parallel universe: not male, not female but a bio-sociological combination of both. Transsexualism is a life long existential dilemma challenging the very nature of psychological survival. Nietzsche famously said "What does not kill you makes you stronger". As the author shows, developing a healthy transsexual identity and going on to live a meaningful life is certainly a testament to all who persist.< Less
The Magnetic Body of Light By NEB HERU
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Did you know... that you are an incarnation of Light. Yes Light! Did you know... that the very "Cells" in your Body emit Light Frequency known as "Bio-Photons"? Well now you... More > can learn all of this and much, much more! Learn the Sacred Power of Water, how to Super Charge your Electro-Magnetic Body of Light. Learn about the Electromagnetic Field surrounding every Human Being known as Your Aura. Learn about Super Foods, that increase Electromagnetic Energy to your Light Body!< Less
Pass the Virginia Pharmacy Law Exam By Alexis Long, PharmD
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Whether you're a new graduate or an experienced pharmacist, this book will put you on the fast track to becoming licensed in the state of Virginia. The study guide published by the Virginia Board of... More > Pharmacy lists the laws, codes, and statutes that are covered on the Virginia Pharmacy Law Exam – and requires you to read them all. Printed out, these codes and statutes make a stack the size of a phone book. If you’d rather not read hundreds of pages of legal jargon, this is the book for you. It’s arranged in the same order as the Board’s study guide, with legal language translated into plain English. It’s clear and concise, and its question-and-answer format allows you to rapidly quiz yourself. If you’re able to start earning a pharmacist’s salary in Virginia just one day earlier as a result of this book, it will have more than paid for itself.< Less
Help for Hypochondriasis: A Guide to Understanding, Treatment, and Resources By Pernilla Schweitzer et al.
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This booklet was written by the Heightened Illness Concern Research Team of Columbia University. We have been studying ways to help people who suffer with illness anxiety for over 20 years, using... More > both psychological and medical approaches. This booklet is meant to serve as a guide for patients, their families, and their friends. It contains information on the history and diagnosis of hypochondriasis, as well as a description of other problems that often occur along with hypochondriasis. Further sections discuss current treatment options for hypochondriasis and resources for addressing it. Finally, we have included anonymous patient narratives that provide insight into the life of people living with hypochondriasis. It is the hope of the Heightened Illness Concern Research Team that this booklet will serve to raise awareness about a condition that is extremely disabling and yet frequently goes unrecognized or untreated.< Less
The Book of "N" By jeronimo canty
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A simple but most practical examination of the Yin and Yang model of the traditional Far East in light of the Golden Proportion and the logarithmic spiral. Paradoxical Universe revealed in a language... More > known by all but terribly ill-considered. A cosmic toss-in-the-hay for all ages! "N"-joy!< Less
How to Avoid Dialysis and Cure Kidney Disease By Terry Cooksey
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Do you have chronic kidney disease, or kidney stones ? Your doctor told you there is no cure, right ? Well, there is a cure ! And this book brings you the details of that cure so you can cure... More > yourself. This book gives you two ways to avoid dialysis AND the way to cure yourself of chronic kidney disease and kidney stones naturally as the author did ! This book is NOT about gimmicks. The cure for kidney disease is proven science that your doctors COULD tell you, but don't ! By doing what this book says, the least you will do is greatly improve your health.There is no other book available that gives you the information that is in this book. This book empowers you with the knowledge to save your own life and cure yourself of chronic kidney disease, Diabetes, Gout, Heart Disease and Kidney stones. And for the rare few who do not, the least you will do is significantly improve your health. Doctors have no cures.Doctors do not study cures. So cures can only be found outside the medical profession.< Less
Evidence, research and publication: a guide for environmental health professionals By Rob Couch et al.
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Environmental health (EH) professionals have long spoken of the need to become more research active and evidence based in their practice but so far little has been written about how to achieve this.... More > In response this eBook seeks to explain research, evidence and publication in a way that can be used by students and professionals at all levels and in all areas of environmental health. The eBook begins by setting out the fundamentals of environmental health evidence and research and then developing your skills as a researcher in reading, writing and publication before identifying potential options for further research related study. Finally the eBook explores the challenges facing EH professionals wanting to become more research active and evidence based and suggests how they can be overcome. The eBook ends with a vision for a more research active and evidence based environmental health.< Less
Osce Notes By Brock Debenham, Meiling Shih
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OSCE Notes is the premier studying tool for medical OSCE exams. It contains over 130 common OSCE stations, including stations from psychiatry, internal medicine, surgery, emergency and family... More > medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics. Used by medical students in over 15 countries!< Less
US Clinical Electives A to Z Volume 1 By Dr.Rohit Sharma
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This Book Guides you in Detail About Every Step of the Application Procedure to Apply for Clinical Electives in the United States. It Includes a List of Colleges with High Acceptance rate for... More > International students. It Gives Detailed Explanations about how to fulfill every Requirement for applying to clinical electives from Writing LORs to CVs along with Sample Documents Written for you. It also Enumerates many 'frequently asked questions' about clinical electives in the United States. Highly Useful for Students Planning to Apply for Clinical Electives in the United States. Hope you'll like it. Have a Nice Day.< Less
Introducing Cheminformatics Academic Library Version By David Wild
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This guide gives an intensive introduction to the emerging field of cheminformatics, including the history of the field, representing 2D and 3D chemical structures on computer, storing and using... More > databases of chemical and related biological information, handling chemical information on the web and in the scholarly literature, and giving an overview of some advanced topics such as clustering and diversity, QSAR and predictive modeling, 3D alignment and docking, and software toolkits cheminformatics software. It is aimed at life scientists and computer scientists in both industry and academia who need a rapid, flexible introduction to this field. The author has over 20 years experience in the field of cheminformatics, and directs one of the few educational programs in cheminformatics at Indiana University. This is the academic library version. It may be used freely and indefinitely by members of a purchasing academic institution including students. It may be placed on intranets and IP-restricted websites.< Less
Groovy Cheminformatics with the Chemistry Development Kit By Egon Willighagen
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This book introduces the reader to the wide variety of functionality available in the Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) library. It uses the Groovy programming language that closely resembles Java... More > source code. The book discusses parts of the data model, basic cheminformatics algorithms, chemical file formats, etc. It discusses bits of chemical graph theory, computer representation, etc. But the goal of this book is not to provide an introduction into cheminformatics. However, this book does require a basic chemical education. It assumes that you know what atoms and bonds are, and some basic computer knowledge. This book is about learning how to perform cheminformatics tasks using the CDK. To keep the required knowledge to a minimum, the examples will be pretty verbose. The source code for these examples is available upon request with the author to readers of the book.< Less
"THE ULTIMATE" Psychiatry Oral Board Preparation: Preparatory Manual of Style on the Art of Case Presentation for the ABPN Oral Psychiatry Examination By John Clive Spiegel M.D.
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This unique volume is based on J. Clive Spiegel's renowned "THE ULTIMATE" Psychiatry Oral Board Preparation Course. This book presents all the pearls and techniques the candidate will need... More > to navigate the ABPN oral board examination in Psychiatry. Dr. Spiegel's original techniques like the "1-2-3, punch!" method of answering questions and the "Triple-A" approach to the new vignette format are only the tip of the iceberg in this one-of-a-kind workbook designed to help psychiatrists pass their oral board exam with ease. Now updated in 2009 in its second edition.< Less
Flora of the Yosemite Sierra By Dean Taylor
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being a transect flora of the central Sierra Nevada, including all of Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera Counties, the Mono Basin, and adjacent areas of Mono County
The Solar Seat of RE By NEB HERU
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DID YOU KNOW.... That you have a "SUN" within side of you, and this SUN links you to ALL infinite and Boundless Nature and the Universe (Multi-Verse)? DID YOU KNOW.... That... More > "YOUR" Solar Seat of Re (Solar Plexus) is known as the Seat or location of your Intuition and is also the location of the Subconscious Mind in the Body? DID YOU KNOW.... That all "Psychic Power" and "WILL POWER" known as "NUN POWER" (pronounced Noon) comes from this area of "YOUR Body" known as the "Solar Plexus." Well.. find out how your Ancient Egyptian African Ancestors viewed the Power of this Location in your Body. Find out about Your Astral Body, Astral Traveling, Expanded Consciousness, and so much more! This is the Seat or Chakra that determines your "NUN POWER" (pronounced {NOON}) or "WILL POWER" for manifestation, and determines your Success or Failure in Life! Many People have Great "IDEAS" but do not have the "WILL POWER" or "DESIRE" to manifest them. This Nun Tablet will Teach "YOU" how!< Less
Introduction to Prenatal Psychology By Stephen Maret
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Taking the understanding of birth psychology and infant psychology one step earlier, this book addresses the psychology of the nine months of life prior to birth. With advances in technology,... More > especially 3D and 4D sonography, it is now possible to observe prenatal behavior in utero. This book addresses the theory, underlying physiological mechanisms, and psychology of the human person prior to birth.< Less
The Autobiography of J.L. Moreno By Jacob L. Moreno
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J. L. Moreno wrote books, chapters and articles about psychodrama. His writing, like the method he pioneered, is rich and complex. Many students, practitioners and participants around the world have... More > encountered Moreno’s work in action; however, fewer people may have had the opportunity to read and think about the ‘words of the father’ due to the limited availability of key texts. A desire to ensure Moreno’s work is available to the widest possible audience inspired members of the North West Psychodrama Association to work together to re-publish the books in this series. We hope by doing so J. L. Moreno’s words will continue to reverberate across time and space: inspiring new generations of practitioners to be as creative and spontaneous as is possible whilst managing the complexity of modern day practice.< Less
Basic Human Neuroanatomy: A Clinically Oriented Atlas By Craig Watson
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The sixth edition of this popular neuroanatomy atlas retains valuable features of prior editions: low cost and presentation of clinically relevant material in a manner conducive to self-study and... More > review. The book has four parts. The first is a review of the organization of the nervous system, emphasizing the cranial nerves. The second is a summary of the neuroanatomical pathways with accompanying diagrams. The third summarizes the vasculature of the CNS, supplemented by illustrations of the arteries and veins with angiograms placed opposite the illustrations. The fourth is an atlas of the human brain and spinal cord with CT and MRI scans placed opposite the brain sections. With this edition, Basic Human Neuroanatomy becomes essentially an electronic book, although it remains available in print. This allows most of the figures to be in color, and the book to be loaded onto any device that can display a PDF file. An associated website features additional learning material.< Less
Causes and Cures of Hildegard of Bingen By Priscilla Throop
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Hildegard of Bingen's medical/visionary work, Causae et Curae,describes the world and man's place in it. Holistic medicine and quantum physics intertwine astoundingly in this 12th century work,... More > translated completely, from Latin to English, by Priscilla Throop, translator of Hildegard's Physica,Isidore's Etymologies, Abelard's Sic et Non and Aelfric's Grammar and Glossary.< Less
Textbook of Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery, A Companion Guide for Field and Clinical Care of Traumatized People Worldwide By Richard F. Mollica
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Over 1 billion persons worldwide are affected by the psychological and physical impact of violence and natural disaster. In many societies today, torture and other forms of cruel and degrading abuse... More > still exist. Domestic violence remains a scourge of our planet. The world’s leading experts in medicine, psychiatry, humanitarian efforts, medical anthropology, human rights, economic development and research and evaluation have worked together to create this first ever scientific and culturally sensitive health/mental health textbook. The textbook has been produced in a digital format (and a paperback edition as well) so that it can be readily used in the field and clinics in the developing world, in refugee camps and other resource poor environments. An interdisciplinary and innovative Global Mental Health Action Plan is united with best practices in a usable and effective approach for the care of traumatized communities worldwide.< Less
CLINICAL HYPNOSIS - Training Manual From A-Z By Rene & Raluca Bastarache
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The most comprehensive manual of basic and advanced clinical hypnotherapy available today in an easy to read, step by step process. This is the same curriculum that is used to train Hypnotherapists... More > worldwide by the American School of Hypnosis and the American International Association.< Less
Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment Treatment Improvement Protocol Series (TIP 50) By U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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This TIP is divided into three parts that are bound and produced separately. Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment, Part 1, is for substance abuse counselors. It... More > provides the “what” and “why” and “how” of working with clients in substance abuse treatment with suicidal thoughts and behaviors. It covers background information about suicide and substance use disorders, including risk factors and warning signs for suicide and a four-step process for addressing suicidal thoughts and behaviors in substance abuse treatment, summarized by the acronym GATE (Gather information, Access supervision, Take responsible action, and Extend the action). It also includes a set of competencies counselors should incorporate to work effectively with clients who are suicidal. Chapter 2 of Part 1 represents the heart of the “how-to” for counselors. It consists of representative vignettes of counseling sessions with clients who have suicidal thoughts and behaviors.< Less
AcuPractice™ Seminars Lecture Notes 2013-2014 By James Ventresca
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293 Page Bound Book of Lecture Notes for All 10 AcuPractice Weekend Seminars for 2013-2014, with Practice Forms
Organic Chemistry With a Biological Emphasis, Volume I By Tim Soderberg
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This is the first volume of a textbook designed for a two-semester university-level organic chemistry course. There is a very strong focus on examples relevant to biology and health science majors.... More > Organic reactivity is discussed primarily in an enzymatic context, as opposed to the traditional approach in which the emphasis is on laboratory synthesis.< Less