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PassMedics Paramedic Study Guide By PassMedics
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The # 1 comprehensive paramedic review book for the state and national registry examinations. Don't waste time, pass the first time!
Fundamentals of Chemistry By John W. Pluemer
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This book is designed to introduce students to basic chemistry concepts. In Unit 1, students make and convert measurements, design tables and graphs, create models, and use the scientific method. ... More > In Unit 2, students interpret a model of the atom and use the periodic table. They distinguish types of chemical bonds and identify properties of common compounds. In Unit 3, students analyze chemical equations and apply common chemical reactions to life science applications. They examine biomolecules and their relation to life processes. Use the following web address to access the accompanying tutorials.< Less
Resolving Complex Pain (color edition) By Robert G. Schwartz, M.D.
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Dr. Robert G. Schwartz has specialized in Complex Chronic Pain, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Vascular Medicine for over 20 years. His medical practice — Piedmont Physical Medicine... More > & Rehabilitation P.A. in Greenville, South Carolina — is a Mecca for those with chronic pain who are frustrated with ineffective surgical and pharmaceutical treatments. Patient testimonials are plentiful. One patient reports, “He found out more about me and what was wrong in one visit than 6 doctors had in the last 17 months.” Resolving Complex Pain is a patient-oriented resource for those with chronic pain. The book includes descriptions of the many illnesses treated by Dr. Schwartz, as well as diagnostic options and pioneering treatments. In addition, the innovative “Challenge & Choice” program — a tool designed to enhance insight awareness and responsible choice in medical decision-making — is presented. Anyone who has the desire can follow the program’s home tutorial format. B/W also available.< Less
Calculus-Based Physics I By Jeffrey Schnick
Paperback: $12.18
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Volume I of a two-volume introductory calculus-based physics textbook. This is the Tan edition for the Fall 2008 semester. The book and Ancillary materials are available for free download... More > at Calculus-Based Physics< Less
Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method By Sol Luckman
Paperback: $21.99
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The classic, bestselling book on the emerging field of DNA activation, CONSCIOUS HEALING, now updated and expanded with a wealth of empowering new information, is far more than the inspiring story of... More > the development of a "revolutionary healing science" (NEXUS). An unparalleled synthesis of modern and ancient healing wisdom, this leading-edge text is essential reading for anyone interested in alternative medicine, energy healing, consciousness research, quantum biology, human evolution, or personal enlightenment. "CONSCIOUS HEALING may be the key that unlocks an entirely new way of being." —ODYSSEY Magazine, Editor's Choice Book< Less
The Philosophy of Nature By Michael J. Dodds
Paperback: $8.95
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The theories and discoveries of contemporary science, from physics and cosmology to chemistry and biology, point to the need for a philosophy of nature. Science continues to raise questions that... More > exceed the limits of its method. It notices, for instance, a holistic behavior in atoms, molecules and organisms that cannot be explained by a quantitative, reductionistic account of their parts. It finds purpose in biological structures that suggests the presence of a mode of causality beyond quantitative force. In fact, the questions of contemporary science invite a retrieval of aspects of causality that were ignored or rejected in the scientific revolution of Galileo and Newton. This book contributes to that work of retrieval by exploring the account of nature and causality in the philosophy of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, not as an historical curiosity, but as a possible resource in addressing the questions of contemporary science through a new philosophy of nature.< Less
A Guide To Systemic Pathology By Sameh Awad, MD
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This is a very organized and concise collection of material covering a wide breadth of topics, and overall is a good resource to study pathology. There is continuity from chapter to chapter which... More > keeps the material well organized and provides a data in a uniform way allowing for comparison of conditions. The tables and illustrations in the guide are well conceived and enhance the understanding of the topic areas.< Less
MRI Simulator Lab Book By Ken Meacham
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This book is a companion to the MRI Simulator Software developed by The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging. For more information about the MRI Simulator software visit:... More >< Less
Visualizing Biological Structures and Molecules By Thomas Creighton
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This volume describes the various ways to determine the structures of biological materials and molecules, using their interactions with light of widely varying wavelengths, as well as scanning... More > probes. The most detailed structures are determined using X-ray crystallography and NMR. These chapters are taken from the larger volume "The Physical and Chemical Basis of Molecular Biology" (2010, Helvetian Press,< Less
Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry With a Biological Emphasis By Tim Soderberg
Paperback: $10.80
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Complete solutions to all of the in-chapter exercises and end-of-chapter problems in Volumes I and II of "Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis" by Tim Soderberg
Neonatology Review By Dara Brodsky, Camilia Martin
Paperback: $99.95
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The 2nd edition of Neonatology Review is now available! This book is a comprehensive guide to help neonatology fellows and neonatologists prepare for the Neonatal-Perinatal board and... More > recertification exams. This edition follows the 2010 Content Specifications outlined by the American Board of Pediatrics. This edition includes the following new features: (1) Content updated to include latest understanding of pathophysiology and newest management; (2) Additional diagrams, such as fetal heart rate patterns, arrhythmias, surfactant pathway; (3) Derivations of formulas; (4) Ethics of Neonatal Care chapter; (5) Principles of Teaching and Learning chapter; and (6) Expanded Formula chapter. Plus, with its easy-to-follow outline format supplemented with lists, tables, charts, and figures, it does double-duty as a valuable and practical clinical reference.< Less
Applied Discrete Structures By Ken Levasseur, Al Doerr
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Applied Discrete Structures is a two semester undergraduate text in discrete mathematics, focusing on the structural properties of mathematical objects. These include matrices, functions, graphs,... More > trees, lattices and algebraic structures. The algebraic structures that are discussed are monoids, groups, rings, fields and vector spaces. Applied Discrete Structures has been approved by the American Institute of Mathematics as part of their Open Textbook Initiative. For more on open textbooks, visit< Less
Outline of Human Biology By Michael A Heintz
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Outline of human biology for general college-level education requirements.
Homotopy Type Theory (hardcover) By Univalent Foundations Project
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Homotopy type theory is a new branch of mathematics that combines aspects of several different fields in a surprising way. It is based on a recently discovered connection between homotopy theory and... More > type theory. It touches on topics as seemingly distant as the homotopy groups of spheres, the algorithms for type checking, and the definition of weak ∞-groupoids. Homotopy type theory offers a new “univalent” foundation of mathematics, in which a central role is played by Voevodsky’s univalence axiom and higher inductive types. The present book is intended as a first systematic exposition of the basics of univalent foundations, and a collection of examples of this new style of reasoning — but without requiring the reader to know or learn any formal logic, or to use any computer proof assistant. We believe that univalent foundations will eventually become a viable alternative to set theory as the “implicit foundation” for the unformalized mathematics done by most mathematicians.< Less
2014-2015 Rx Resource Guide for Georgia Pharmacists By Michael Karnbach
Paperback: $9.68
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This is a reference guide of Georgia laws and rules to assist Georgia pharmacists.
Mechanics By Benjamin Crowell
Paperback: $10.05
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This is a calculus-based book meant for the first semester of the type of freshman survey course taken by engineering and physical science majors. For more information about this book, see its web... More > page at< Less
Handbook of Biological Statistics By John McDonald
Paperback: $18.00
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This is the 296-page, third edition of the Handbook of Biological Statistics. You can view the entire content for free at, download a free pdf from... More >, or buy it here. The pdf and printed versions are formatted for print and omit the decorative pictures of the web version, but otherwise the content is the same. I make it available in print as a convenience to you, not as a money-maker for me, so don't feel obligated to buy it.< Less
Hearing Voices? Need Help? By Lynx Taylor
Paperback: $5.99
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This book is here to help people who hear unseen voices with techniques you can use to help deal with voices. This is a book to usually help with your own unique beneficial beliefs, not a book here... More > to condemn you or what you think. This is more than merely a list of practical tips for people hearing voices, lists are included! The author's revenue will go to better ways, and shutting down unethical mental institutions or mental hospitals. I ,Lynx Taylor, received scholarships, studied at three different universities, and I personally visited mental hospitals and I believe there are better ways for people to recover!< Less
Musher and Veterinary Handbook By Dirsko von Pfeil et al.
Paperback: $78.49
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This is the only comprehensive book on sled dog veterinary medicine available and a must read for all involved in mushing. Topics covered include unique features of the racing sled dog, nutrition,... More > general and orthopedic examination, specific diseases and traditional treatment, alternative treatment approaches, drugs and toxicities, practical tips and tricks for mushers and veterinarians on the trail, race organization and pathological findings. It is our foremost goal to serve all animals the best we can and we hope that the cooperation between all involved in the sport of sled dog racing and all animal friends and supporters will continue to result in healthy canine athletes! The price has been determined by the ISDVMA board members. Every purchase will create revenue to support the ISDVMA; authors or editors do not obtain any royalties. Happy Reading and Happy Trails! The editors and the International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association (ISDVMA) May 2015< Less
Neonatology Review: Images By Camilia Martin, Dara Brodsky
Paperback: $100.00
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This is the FIRST edition of Neonatology Review: Images, available both as a colored printed book and as an ebook. Since publishing Neonatology Review and Neonatology Review: Q & A to help... More > fellows and neonatologists study for the Neonatal-Perinatal Boards, many people have asked us to publish a book with images. Thus, we created this systems-based book that contains short vignettes with radiographs, electrocardiograms, and amplitude-integrated electroencephalographs. Similar to our other books, the content of this book is based on the most recent Content Specifications in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine provided by the American Board of Pediatrics.< Less
The Survey Guide for ASCs A Guide to the CMS Conditions for Coverage & Interpretive Guidelines for Ambulatory Surgery Centers - 2015 Edition By John Goehle
Paperback: $149.95
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The 2015 Edition of the Industry's most widely respected tool for preparing for Medicare Surveys revised through May 2015. Medicare & Accreditation Surveys are becoming tougher. Understanding the... More > Conditions for Coverage for an ASC as well as how they are interpreted by CMS is critical for ASC leaders. This resource takes the Conditions for Coverage, the Interpretive Guidelines & the Clarifications and presents the information in an easy to read format with extensive cross-referencing and annotations. Also included in the book are copies of the forms used by surveyors, including the 2013 revised Infection Control Survey Form. The appendices also include the Interpretive Guidance for surveyors when determining “Immediate Jeopardy” and a copy of Appendix I – the Interpretive Guidance for the Life Safety Code. This book is an essential resource for every Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrator and Nurse Manager.< Less
Single Variable Calculus, 2015.07.11 By David Guichard and friends
Paperback: $6.27
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Single variable calculus text with early transcendentals.
Light and Matter, volume 2 By Benjamin Crowell
Paperback: $8.96
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This is the second volume of an introductory physics text using algebra, with optional calculus-based sections. For more information about the book, please see its web page at
Our Accelerating Future By Michael Anissimov
Paperback: $9.99
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In this collection of short articles, Singularity Summit co-founder and former Singularity Institute futurist Michael Anissimov describes the most important ideas in futurism and transhumanism: the... More > Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology, and cybernetic enhancement. Within the next century, our world will be turned upside-down by the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence in a technological medium. This concise and clear book serves to introduce the concept to new audiences who are interested in the Singularity and want to know more about this important event which will impact every life on the planet.< Less
Temporomandibular Joint Clinical Considerations For Practice By Maurice Vahedifar, D.M.D., M.S.
Paperback: $35.94
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This book reviews and discusses some of these approaches, and some of the controversies aroused by them in the hope that the dental profession will soon arrive at more effective, scientifically based... More > treatments. Health professionals have dealt with temporomandibular disorders, a major cause of non-dental pain in the orofacial region, by developing a broad range of treatments, ranging from occlusal alteration to multidisciplinary care regimens. It is with this background that health practitioners have responded to their patients' needs by developing a broad range of treatments, often determined more by the specialty of the practitioner than by scientifically-based treatment. There are practitioners claiming successful outcomes from a diverse number of treatments ranging from education and behavioral counseling, use of medications, occlusal therapies, surgery and splints, to a combination of various treatments.< Less