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Neonatology Review: Images By Dara Brodsky, Camilia R. Martin
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This systems-based Neonatology Review book contains short vignettes with radiographs, electrocardiograms, and amplitude-integrated electroencephalographs. Similar to our other books, the content of... More > this book is based on the most recent Content Specifications in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine provided by the American Board of Pediatrics.< Less
Life, the Universe and Everything: Investigating the God Debate in a Quantum Universe By Andy Fletcher
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The science behind the debate raging in modern physics over the disconcerting and uncomfortable realization that just maybe there is, as astronomer Fred Hoyle put it, some sort of... More > "superintellect that has monkeyed with the physics". Written with the non-scientist in mind, this exploration of Big Bang, Schroedinger's Cat, the Chaos of 9/11, the Complexity of the mimic octopus and the blister beetle, and the strong Anthropic Principle is accessible to anyone bright enough to be interested. Ultimately, tucked in here somewhere is a middle ground between evolution and creation that will leave nobody happy, but everyone intrigued.< Less
The Philosophy of Nature By Michael J. Dodds, O.P.
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The theories and discoveries of contemporary science, from physics and cosmology to chemistry and biology, point to the need for a philosophy of nature. Science continues to raise questions that... More > exceed the limits of its method. It notices, for instance, a holistic behavior in atoms, molecules and organisms that cannot be explained by a quantitative, reductionistic account of their parts. It finds purpose in biological structures that suggests the presence of a mode of causality beyond quantitative force. In fact, the questions of contemporary science invite a retrieval of aspects of causality that were ignored or rejected in the scientific revolution of Galileo and Newton. This book contributes to that work of retrieval by exploring the account of nature and causality in the philosophy of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, not as an historical curiosity, but as a possible resource in addressing the questions of contemporary science through a new philosophy of nature.< Less
Flora Neomexicana III a : Field Keys By Kelly W. Allred
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This is a condensed version of "Flora Neomexicana III : An Illustrated Identification Manual," with the illustrations omitted and the text reduced in size and length by one-third. Keys and... More > brief discriptions of range and habitat are provided for the 3783 species of vascular plants found in the wild in New Mexico. This is the pdf version.< Less
Simple Nature, volume 1 By Benjamin Crowell
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Simple Nature is an introductory calculus-based physics textbook. Volume 1 covers mechanics, conservation laws, thermodynamics, and relativity. For more information, see the book's web site at... More >< Less
Single and Multivariable Calculus, late transcendentals, 2015.07.11 By David Guichard and friends
Paperback: $9.55
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Single and multivariable calculus, late transcendentals.
Neuroscience: A Primer (hardcover) By Lauren Stutzbach
Hardcover: $29.78
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Introductory textbook introducing major concepts in Neuroscience, written by graduate students in Neuroscience.
Third Millennium Homeopathy. By Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD
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Homeopathy seems to be stuck into vocabulary and notions of the nineteenth century, despite being a real science: this is what I try to change with this work. Modernising notions and ideas using 21st... More > century concepts that at the same time explain and confirm our practice. The whole work is also based on my personal experience, not only through my patients but through my own, self-inflicted, homeopathic treatment. Part 1 is a new approach to Constitutions and Miasms. Part 2 deals with the evolution and progress of the Fibonacci Potencies since the publication of the book "The Potency". Part 3 explain the science of "how" homeopathic remedies do works and Part 4 deals with important remaining questions that need laboratory investigations to be answered. It ends with the proving of the method, describing how I went through creating the new system by taking remedies, with the funny and weird quirks that came with it.< Less
Intermediate Organic Chemistry By Michael Leonard
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The mission of Intermediate Organic Chemistry is to bridge the gap between introductory Organic Chemistry coursework and advanced/graduate-level coursework but to do so in a way that extends the... More > student-centered approach of most modern introductory Organic Chemistry textbooks. This text makes extensive use of detailed explanations and color coding to facilitate the learning process. This text’s style is one that is shared by many instructors of Organic Chemistry: mechanistically driven and detailed. Extensive use of color coding helps students to learn mechanism and cogently predict reaction products. The electrons that are mechanistically involved in each transformation are color coded. The mechanistic arrows originating from those electrons are colored identically, as are the bonds and/or lone pairs that result from the electron flow. This approach, along with detailed verbal explanations, conveys the narrative of the mechanism.< Less
The Hospice Handbook By Julianne Haydel
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A how-to guide for assessing eligibility and documenting accordingly. The Hospice Handbook shows nurses compliant documentation while reducing time spent on paperwork. This results in Hospice... More > providers getting paid for the valuable services offered in their communities.< Less
Outline of Human Biology By Michael A Heintz
Paperback: $34.95
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Outline of human biology for general college-level education requirements.
Flowering Plants of New Mexico By Robert DeWitt Ivey
Paperback: $36.00
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Paperback 580 pages This book presents a brief introduction into the botany and ecology of the plants of New Mexico in conjunction with more than 1600 beautifully crafted and scientifically... More > accurate line drawings of individual species.< Less
Environmental Science Exercises Third Edition By Robert Larsson, Ph.D.
Paperback: $29.50
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This is a lab manual for a College Introduction to Environmental Science Class.
Robert's Review of Pediatric Nephrology, 2nd Edition By Robert Gillespie
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The first and only review book designed specifically for the pediatric nephrology board exam, Robert's Review covers each of the 1244 objectives specified on the board's content outline. Includes... More > over 100 illustrations and figures, most in full color and never published before, including dozens of pathology images to help prepare for the image portion of the exam. An outline format and 171 tables and charts condense key information for efficient studying. Second edition features updated information and additional illustrations.< Less
Meat Evaluation Handbook By Gary Smith, Davey Griffin, Kenneth Johnson
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For years, The Meat Evaluation Handbook has served as the primary text for training thousands of meat science professionals in the area of fresh meat evaluation. The current expanded edition is the... More > industry standard guide for fresh meat grading and selection.< Less
Textbook of Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery, A Companion Guide for Field and Clinical Care of Traumatized People Worldwide By Richard F. Mollica
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Over 1 billion persons worldwide are affected by the psychological and physical impact of violence and natural disaster. In many societies today, torture and other forms of cruel and degrading abuse... More > still exist. Domestic violence remains a scourge of our planet. The world’s leading experts in medicine, psychiatry, humanitarian efforts, medical anthropology, human rights, economic development and research and evaluation have worked together to create this first ever scientific and culturally sensitive health/mental health textbook. The textbook has been produced in a digital format (and a paperback edition as well) so that it can be readily used in the field and clinics in the developing world, in refugee camps and other resource poor environments. An interdisciplinary and innovative Global Mental Health Action Plan is united with best practices in a usable and effective approach for the care of traumatized communities worldwide.< Less
CT Lab Book By Ken Meacham
Paperback: $75.00
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This book is a companion to the CT Simulator Software developed by The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging. For more information about the CT Simulator software visit:... More >< Less
Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Course Manual 2nd Edition By Joel Dunning
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This is the 2nd edition of the official Handbook for the Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Course. This teaches everything you need to know about caring for the critically ill patient after... More > Cardiac Surgery and also the protocol for arrests after Cardiac Surgery as Ratified by the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery and The European Resuscitation Council< Less
Berkeley Study Guide Part I Book 1 By UCOSA
Paperback: $60.00
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Berkeley Study Guide for NBEO Part 1 - Applied Basic Science. This is the first of two books for the Berkeley Study Guide Part I. Please see the following link for the second book:... More > With a more user-friendly format, and additional Boards-relevant material, the 12th edition is a proud new offering by the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. The Berkeley Guide is continually revised, updated, and improved to ensure that you will pass the National Board Exams in Optometry the first time. The comprehensive review of optometric material we have compiled into this Applied Basic Sciences Guide is similar in format to the first part of the National Boards. Within this guide, information is organized according to topics suggested by the NBEO (National Board of Examiners in Optometry).< Less
Spectroscopy in Molecular Biology By Thomas Creighton
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Spectroscopic techniques are most commonly used in molecular biology to study macromolecules: absorption and fluorescence of UV or visible light, circular dichroism to monitor their chiral... More > properties, vibrational spectra, and electron spin resonance when molecules have unpaired electrons. These chapters are taken from the larger volume "The Physical and Chemical Basis of Molecular Biology" (2010, Helvetian Press,< Less
Visualizing Biological Structures and Molecules By Thomas Creighton
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This volume describes the various ways to determine the structures of biological materials and molecules, using their interactions with light of widely varying wavelengths, as well as scanning... More > probes. The most detailed structures are determined using X-ray crystallography and NMR. These chapters are taken from the larger volume "The Physical and Chemical Basis of Molecular Biology" (2010, Helvetian Press,< Less
MRI Simulator Lab Book By Ken Meacham
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This book is a companion to the MRI Simulator Software developed by The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging. For more information about the MRI Simulator software visit:... More >< Less
The Best Chemistry Tutoring Book & eBook! By Adam Gottlieb
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The author is an Honors Chemistry graduate of Princeton University and Environmental Toxicology graduate of Concordia University. He runs a tutoring business in Canada since 1993 and is a... More > longstanding contributor to community organizations as a popular educator and radio journalist. ** The Best Chemistry Tutoring Book and eBook! is fun and organized, explains all ideas and terms in full depth, gives exam-type problems and solutions, and connects chemistry to real life. It is money-back guaranteed. ** Sample reviews from students: “My exam went incredibly well. I enjoy chemistry now. I understand what I’m doing and why.” – Anne W.; “A source of relief when on the verge of extreme frustration and despair with class.” – Tara M.; “An excellent learning experience that helped me improve my study habits.” – Matthew K.; “I gained the confidence I needed.” – Jane B. (more inside!)< Less
The Other End of the Stethoscope By Larry Puls, M.D.
Paperback: $14.24
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True life tales of individual battles with different gynecologic malignancies as well as tales from resident education.