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UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual Volume X: EM UFO Systems By Luke Fortune
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For the last century, man has utilized electromagnetic propulsion for land, sea and aerospace craft. Not just for power systems, but as the source event to create lift and directional impetus. In... More > this Volume of the UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manuals, you will find the patents and science for electromagnetic and electrostatic UFO craft, and instructions for a method and apparatus for directing electromagnetic energy which may be used as: 1) a directed energy weapon; 2) illuminator for an active sensor and/or guidance system; 3) counter-measure; 4) to ignite a fusion weapon; 5) as a beam expander; 6) for power transmission by a beam; 7) propulsion by a beam or inertial fusion; 8) power generation from inertial fusion; 9) telecommunication.< Less
Robert's Review of Pediatric Nephrology, 2nd Edition By Robert Gillespie
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The first and only review book designed specifically for the pediatric nephrology board exam, Robert's Review covers each of the 1244 objectives specified on the board's content outline. Includes... More > over 100 illustrations and figures, most in full color and never published before, including dozens of pathology images to help prepare for the image portion of the exam. An outline format and 171 tables and charts condense key information for efficient studying. Second edition features updated information and additional illustrations.< Less
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Fermented meat products are found throughout the world. Developed originally to simply preserve precious meat supplies, they have evolved into the elite meat products of the world. Fermented meat... More > products involve science, art and mystique< Less
Basic Electronics: Carnegie Mellon Lab Manual By Curtis A. Meyer
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This book is the laboratory manual for the electronics course taught at Carnegie Mellon University. At CMU, it accompanies the Basic Electronics textbook. The text is divided into 12 laboratory... More > modules which can easily be tailored to fit a variety of lab courses. The manual also contains several appendices, including a sample lab book.< Less
Quantum Physics By Ian Appelbaum
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These handwritten notes are based on lectures delivered during the Spring semesters of 2012 and 2015 in the advanced undergraduate courses PHYS401 and PHYS402, Quantum Physics I & II at the... More > University of Maryland, College Park. The primary objective of these courses is to introduce students to the canonical elements of quantum mechanics: wave-particle duality, the Schrodinger equation, bound states and scattering in one dimension, central potentials and the hydrogen atom, Dirac formalism including quantum states as vectors in Hilbert space, spin and spectroscopy, multi-particle systems, the periodic table, and several approximation methods such as perturbation theory, variational principle, etc.< Less
Introduction to Cells Laboratory Manual Fall 2015 By Ellen DuPre
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This Lab Manual is designed exclusively for Central College students taking the Bio 131L Introduction to Cells Laboratory course.
Simple Nature, volume 1 By Benjamin Crowell
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Simple Nature is an introductory calculus-based physics textbook. Volume 1 covers mechanics, conservation laws, thermodynamics, and relativity. For more information, see the book's web site at... More >< Less
A Cancer Treatment: A Journey on the Transformation away from Cancer: A Fictionalized Autobiographical Tale By John L. McLure
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The author is describing a cancer treatment that he feels is more humane. His commitment to it brought about a transformation. His participation put him in charge of his own healing A Cancer... More > Treatment is a push to further a cause; a cause that approaches the origin of cancer through the many imbalances in our human existence. He confirms this science by outliving his dismal forecast by 14 Years.< Less
The Art of Mathematical Problem Solving By Richard M. Beekman
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Mathematics is a fine art, like painting, sculpture, or music. This book teaches the art of solving challenging mathematics problems. Part I presents a general process for solving problems. Part... More > II contains 35 difficult and challenging mathematics problems with complete solutions. The goal is to teach the reader how to proceed from an initial state of "panic and fear" to finding a beautiful and elegant solution to a problem.< Less
The Gynecologist By Sherif Shazly
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An undergraduate and basic postgraduate course in Gynecology
Homeopathic First Aid for Goats: Emergencies and Common Ailments By Christopher Day
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NEW! Goats are wonderful creatures; enigmatic, paradoxical, mischievous, inquisitive and fun. They appear robust in health but can quickly become dangerously ill and lose the will to live if not... More > treated promptly and correctly. This eBook provides homeopathic treatment information for most conditions likely to be met, whether on a farm, a smallholding or a single-goat household.< Less
The Five Diagnoses: Making Mental Health Diagnosis Great Again for the First Time By Jeff Mitchell, Ph.D.
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Mental health diagnosis is a mess. You need The Five Diagnoses to make sense of diagnosis and better treat the people in your care.