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PASS Program Course Notes: USMLE Preparation By Dr. Francis Ihejirika
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Course notes for PASS Program's USMLE Preparation program. Master it...Don't Memorize it!
Living Authentically: Daoist Contributions to Modern Psychology By Livia Kohn
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Living Authentically brings together classical scholars of Daoism, professors of psychology, practicing psychologists, medical doctors, and alternative practitioners (acupuncturists, qigong healers,... More > pedagogues, and counselors) in an exciting new journey of discovery. This fruitful venture, born during panels at several Daoist conferences, explores ways of living in the world, sustaining relationships, and educating children, in a stress-free, truly authentic way. It outlines different Daoist visions and concepts of the conscious and subconscious mind and its transformations; it correlates these to different schools of psychology today (psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, humanistic psychology, positive psychology); and it explores options on how we can best become fully authentic, allowing the universal power of Dao to flow freely through all our attitudes and actions.< Less
Drug Names Decoded: How to Study Pharmacology By Tony Guerra
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Why is pharmacology hard? It's tough to memorize words you can't pronounce, it's not often clear what needs to be memorized, and most pharmacology books are not written in plain, accessible English.... More > This book provides pronunciations for generic and brand name drugs, mnemonics for each drug in an easy to memorize order, and a plain English summary of each pharmacologic concept. Drug Names Decoded: How to Study Pharmacology breaks down learning pharmacology into small bite-sized, digestible pieces of memorable information to help students quickly improve their pharmacology knowledge base.< Less
9-11 - Finding the Truth By Andrew Johnson
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What really happened on 9/11? What can the evidence tell us? Who is covering up the evidence, and why are they covering it up? This book attempts to give some answers to these questions and has been... More > written by someone who has become deeply involved in research into what happened on 9/11. A study of the available evidence will challenge you and much of what you assumed to be true. "Now we are discovering that there is a highly-sophisticated black-ops weaponization of free energy technology and it was responsible for the bizarre, low-temperature pulverization of the Twin Towers. Dr. Judy Wood has pieced together the physical evidence and Andrew Johnson has highlighted who is working to silence or smear whom, as the powers that be rush to impede or at least contain the dissemination of these startling findings." - Conrado Salas Cano, M.S. in Physics ** NOTE: Book is sold at cost price and the cover price pays for printing - no money goes to the author or Dr Judy Wood. **< Less
Special Relativity By Benjamin Crowell
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This a textbook on special relativity, aimed at undergraduates who have already completed a freshman survey course. The treatment of electromagnetism assumes previous exposure to Maxwell's equations... More > in integral form, but no knowledge of vector calculus. For more information about this book, see its web page at< Less
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Fermented meat products are found throughout the world. Developed originally to simply preserve precious meat supplies, they have evolved into the elite meat products of the world. Fermented meat... More > products involve science, art and mystique< Less
Mechanics By Benjamin Crowell
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This is a calculus-based book meant for the first semester of the type of freshman survey course taken by engineering and physical science majors. For more information about this book, see its web... More > page at< Less
NO BULLSHIT guide to MATH and PHYSICS By Ivan Savov
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Often calculus and mechanics are taught as separate subjects. It shouldn't be like that. Learning calculus without mechanics is incredibly boring. Learning mechanics without calculus is missing the... More > point. This textbook integrates both subjects and highlights the profound connections between them. This is the deal. Give me 350 pages of your attention, and I'll teach you everything you need to know about functions, limits, derivatives, integrals, vectors, forces, and accelerations. This book is the only math book you'll need for the first semester of undergraduate studies in science. With concise, jargon-free lessons on topics in math and physics, each section covers one concept at the level required for a first-year university course. Anyone can pick up this book and become proficient in calculus and mechanics, regardless of their mathematical background. This is the hardcover version of the book. A more affordable softcover version is also available.< Less
The Secrets of the Seven Metals By Nicholas Kollerstrom
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This book looks at the old alchemical idea that traditional metals are inherently linked to and 'in tune' with the planets. Some experiments suggest they respond to planetary influences. The... More > author challenges the outdated dualism that science has used for three centuries, and infuses our perceptions of Nature with new life. This will be of particular interest to astrologers and school chemistry teachers.< Less
Advanced Quantum Thermodynamics (is a subject I know very little about) By David Ng
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This book is a collection of science themed humour and creative non-fiction pieces, written by David Ng, published between 2004 and 2014 and in publications as diverse as McSweeney's, Boing Boing,... More > the Walrus, the Science Creative Quarterly, and others. David Ng is a geneticist, science educator, and faculty based at the Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia. Of note: (1) he is partly responsible for the massive DNA helix emblazoned on his building’s facade; (2) his Dad beat up Bruce Lee; (3) his first foray into general publishing featured a unicorn on the front cover; and (4) his lab studies things like Pokemon and creativity. Learn more at FYI, this book is also guaranteed to make you smarter... well, guaranteed to make you look smarter anyway.< Less
Structural geology of active tectonic areas and volcanic regions By Alessandro Tibaldi, Federico Pasquaré Mariotto
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This book introduces the reader to the main geological-structural methods used to recognize active tectonic deformation and to identify the complex relations among tectonics, magma ascent and the... More > evolution of volcanic edifices. We provide an overview on two major fields of application of modern structural geology, with special emphasis on fieldwork techniques, and minor references to numerical and laboratory methods. The book is primarily addressed to students at the bachelor’s and master’s levels; however, it is suitable for academics and professionals and all those who need to acquire working knowledge of the methods for studying recent and active structures in non-volcanic as well as volcanic regions. The volume is broken down into two main sections: “Structural geology of active tectonic areas”, and “Structural geology of volcanic regions”.< Less
Essentials of Statistics with SPSS By Scott Macdonald
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This workbook is designed to provide a good grounding of the most commonly used analytic approaches in the health sciences, using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Topics... More > covered include creation of a database, aggregation of data, data transformations, scale development, t-tests, cross tabulations, ANOVA, logistic regression, correlation and regression. Notes and slides are included in each Chapter that describe the essentials of each analytic approach. As well, data from the Canadian Community Health Survey are analyzed to illustrate the application of each approach. SPSS output is included, with the most important elements for a research paper highlighted and interpreted.< Less
After the Bloom: Earth's Salvation Manifesto By Hassan Rasheed
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This is a book about nature and humankind. It is about Earth and the upcoming mass extinction event. Its focus is not on man and what he needs to do to improve the efficiency of his methods of... More > making a livelihood to avoid disaster. It is about the Earth as a whole, the mother of all the living and treats it not as a commodity but as central issue that hold us all together. The tables have been turned. It is not about Earth serving Mankind but about mankind bowing to his master. It is an impressive and unique work that has an impact on current value systems for it hits hard at the core reasons for our current predicament. It would make a fine addition to your book collections on preservation.< Less
Reflections on Relativity By Kevin Brown
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"Reflections on Relativity" is a comprehensive presentation of the classical, special, and general theories of relativity, including in-depth historical perspectives, showing how the... More > relativity principle has repeatedly inspired advances in our understanding of the physical world.< Less
Sungod the most probable theory of our time. By Reg Griffin
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A 20 year study on myths,the bible and mystery's in history before science. Myths that are back to front,revealed. Why eye witness's in the bible, before science, made god responsible for good and... More > bad. How and why the ozone opening in the 17th century shorted an ice age. History rewritten because of misinterpretation.< Less
Health Informatics: Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals (Sixth Edition) EBOOK By Robert E. Hoyt, Ann K. Yoshihashi
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Health Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of information technology (IT) in healthcare to improve individual and population health, education and research. The goal of the textbook is to... More > stimulate and educate healthcare and IT professionals and students about the key topics in this rapidly changing field. This extensively updated sixth edition reflects the changes in technology, policies and innovations that have occurred recently. Topics include HI overview, electronic health records, healthcare data analytics, health information exchange, architecture of information systems, evidence based medicine, consumer health informatics, HI ethics, quality improvement strategies and more. The 22 chapters feature learning objectives, case studies, recommended reading, future trends, key points, conclusions and over 1800 references. It is available as a paperback and an eBook. Free Online Resources are available on the textbook companion website< Less
Consultant Medical Interviews By Consultantmedicalinterview .com
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Revised and Updated 5th Edition. NHS is undergoing one of the most radical changes in the history of health service. The fifth edition has been comprehensively revised to reflect these changes. The... More > book that tells you all you need to know about consultant medical interviews. THE ONLY BOOK WITH SAMPLE ANSWERS TO HUNDREDS OF INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. The book tells you about 1.Making a CV 2.Example CVs 3.NHS application form 4.Pre interview visits 5.Interview process 6.Hundreds of interview Q&A 7.Latest NHS issues 8.NHS reports< Less
A Non Fiction Trilogy By Tom Sawyer
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The author, from a lifetime of private writing, has written a trilogy of scientific, political and religious ideas. Book I is a stunning new physics hypothesis based on ancient atomism. It parallels... More > current physics in many intriguing ways. Book II is theological writings, and a new interpretation of the books of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible. The author claims it to be much more complete as to matching clues given in these mysterious books, and much more relevant to actual history than the current Rapture/Anti-Christ interpretation that is so well known, . Book III is primarily about the urgent problem of overpopulation. Both books II and III are interspersed with traditional conservative thoughts on politics, social order, economics and government, including the distillation of logical ideas on good government down to a few simple principles.< Less