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The Open Laboratory 2009 By Bora Zivkovic
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This year's editor SciCurious put together a collection of fifty-two selected blog posts showcasing the quality and diversity of science writing on blogs in 2009. The PDF version is Kindle-compatible.
9-11 - Finding the Truth By Andrew Johnson
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What really happened on 9/11? What can the evidence tell us? Who is covering up the evidence, and why are they covering it up? This book attempts to give some answers to these questions and has been... More > written by someone who has become deeply involved in research into what happened on 9/11. A study of the available evidence will challenge you and much of what you assumed to be true. "Now we are discovering that there is a highly-sophisticated black-ops weaponization of free energy technology and it was responsible for the bizarre, low-temperature pulverization of the Twin Towers. Dr. Judy Wood has pieced together the physical evidence and Andrew Johnson has highlighted who is working to silence or smear whom, as the powers that be rush to impede or at least contain the dissemination of these startling findings." - Conrado Salas Cano, M.S. in Physics ** NOTE: Book is sold at cost price and the cover price pays for printing - no money goes to the author or Dr Judy Wood. **< Less
Light and Matter, volume 1 By Benjamin Crowell
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This is the first volume of an introductory physics text using algebra, with optional calculus-based sections. For more information about the book, please see its web page at
The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness First Aid By Clifton Castleman, WEMT
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The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness First Aid provides both basic and in-depth information on how to recognize, treat, and manage common injuries and illnesses when professional emergency medical... More > care is an hour away or more. This comprehensive guide will teach you what to look for, what to do in the event of an emergency, and direct you to the most appropriate type of care. This book is great for anyone who works, travels or plays in the great outdoors, and is highly recommended for Scouts, adult leaders, Search & Rescue professionals, outdoor educators, adventure guides and even weekend warriors.< Less
The Acupuncture Cookbook By Jim Ventresca
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The Acupuncture Cookbook is a great little reference for common acupuncture points, clinically relevant acupuncture theories, and treatment techniques. It also offers recipes--“point... More > prescriptions”--that deliver effective clinical results. Whether you follow the prescriptions precisely, or want to modify and craft treatments tailored to your patient’s specific needs, Dr. Jim guides you through the steps.< Less
Fall Prevention Programming: Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Fall Prevention Programs for Older Adults By Vicky Scott, PhD, RN
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This book presents a unique approach to fall prevention for health care professionals and community support providers who work with older persons in community, residential and acute care settings.... More > The content is designed to build on the previous training and experience of those who provide health services or community programs to older adults. This book is also recommended as a text for the Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum workshop and e-learning courses on how to design, implement and evaluate a fall prevention program.< Less
Cloud Gate By Andrew Prescott
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Comprehensive compendium of acupuncture point names. Includes alternate names for points. Comprehensive dictionary definitions of Chinese characters are given. Chinese language and characters are... More > explained. Differences between Classical and modern Chinese is discussed. Various translations of names are discussed. The relevance to point usage in acupuncture is discussed. Major point categories are discussed. Point functions and 'spirit of points' are compared and contrasted. The broader picture of different approaches to acupuncture and Chinese medicine is also addressed with the aim of integration.< Less
Hot Tub Hermit Musings By Geoff Huggins
Paperback: $11.73
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A series of essays of reflections on the world around me, as inspired by lengthy meditative soakings in an outdoor homemade hot tub.
Pharmacy Reference Guide By Kevin McDermott
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A quick reference guide to help with drug selection, monitoring, and dosing. Topics include ACLS, anaphylaxis, ICU drips, rapid intubation, seizure, asthma, anticoagulation, pain management,... More > nutrition, and bacterial taxonomy. This revision contains hypo/hypernatremia calculations, dosing of RSI meds in both peds and adults, and fluid replacement calculations.< Less
Candida: Holistic Solutions By Dr. Debbie McFarland, D.C., DiplMedAc
Paperback: $10.50
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Candida/Yeast issues are typically associated with vaginal infections yet, did you know that babies, MEN and women can have candida overgrowth? It may look like diaper rash, cradle cap, thrush, jock... More > itch, bloating, can't lose weight or make you say/think things like, "Why can't the doctors figure out what is wrong with me?". If you have any auto immune disease, gut issue, brain fog, fibromyalgia, diabetes or a weakened immune system there may be a huge Candida involvement. This book addresses what Candida looks like, the conditions that may be related, what causes it, how to avoid - including diet changes, and holistic solutions. As always my books are packed with information and easy to understand.< Less
Holistic Cancer Solutions Using Essential Oils By Dr. Deborah McFarland, D.C., DiplMedAc
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Holistic Cancer Protocols Second Edition: Loaded with research, much more on mechanisms of cancer, more indepth symptom relief utilizing Essential oils, acupressure, aromatherapy, diet changes,... More > avoiding toxins and prayer. Protocols more extensive for specific cancers,chemotherapy Adrenal fatigue, pain, Immune system, sleep, C-Diff/MRSA/Cold-Flu Protocols, Essential oil properties/safety, Application charts for each organ; oil pulling, Master cleanse/lemonade diet, Research on Essential oils and Cancer, Candida and yeast protocols, Detox, gluten free diet, Anti-inflammatory grocery list, Raw food diet, juicing with recipes, reading food labels and hidden allergens, avoiding toxins, Estrogen Mimicking compounds, ordering in restaurants, Alkaline diet, Emotional healing, Spirit/soul re connections oils, cancer testimonials, how they manifest, prayer to break the curses, how to buy doTERRA Essential oils. Even if you don't have cancer this is a must have book.< Less
Holistic Solutions Using Essential Oils: Professional Edition By Dr. Debbie McFarland, D.C., DiplMedAc
Paperback: $35.00
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Basic guide for the Health care professional to implement essential oils into a busy practice. Instructions on oil safety, how to apply, research and many suggested uses of the essential oils by... More > condition and body system. While this book is written for professionals, it is also easy to understand for those that desire deeper training in how to use the essential oils.< Less
Life, the Universe and Everything: Investigating the God Debate in a Quantum Universe By Andy Fletcher
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The science behind the debate raging in modern physics over the disconcerting and uncomfortable realization that just maybe there is, as astronomer Fred Hoyle put it, some sort of... More > "superintellect that has monkeyed with the physics". Written with the non-scientist in mind, this exploration of Big Bang, Schroedinger's Cat, the Chaos of 9/11, the Complexity of the mimic octopus and the blister beetle, and the strong Anthropic Principle is accessible to anyone bright enough to be interested. Ultimately, tucked in here somewhere is a middle ground between evolution and creation that will leave nobody happy, but everyone intrigued.< Less
Certifying Surgical First Assistant Review 3 By Lonnie Bargo
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This textbook offers a variety of learning tools to the surgical first assistant in training. It will better prepare you for your clinical rotation as well as the certifying exam. These chapters are... More > setup to train the surgical first assistant for their role in surgery. Ten chapters with 100s of questions each asked in the multiple choice format. The questions are setup so when a chapter is finished you will have better understanding of the reasons things are done this way. There are exam sheets and the correct answers at the end of each chapter.< Less
Di Vs -- regarding diverse responsibilities, declaration and documentation By appleton schneider
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Until there are viable sustainable energies available, the most crucial "system" to change is human behavior -- excess consumption for some, extreme deprivation for many. The view that... More > population is the problem is naive -- it's the effect of population, pervasively worse for the globe due to the "overpopulation" of fossil-fuel burning devices of the developed world. Reproduction rate is the criterion of population problem unless someone has a suggestion to decrease the existing numbers of people on the earth.< Less
NO BULLSHIT guide to MATH and PHYSICS By Ivan Savov
Hardcover: $59.00
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Often calculus and mechanics are taught as separate subjects. It shouldn't be like that. Learning calculus without mechanics is incredibly boring. Learning mechanics without calculus is missing the... More > point. This textbook integrates both subjects and highlights the profound connections between them. This is the deal. Give me 350 pages of your attention, and I'll teach you everything you need to know about functions, limits, derivatives, integrals, vectors, forces, and accelerations. This book is the only math book you'll need for the first semester of undergraduate studies in science. With concise, jargon-free lessons on topics in math and physics, each section covers one concept at the level required for a first-year university course. Anyone can pick up this book and become proficient in calculus and mechanics, regardless of their mathematical background. This is the hardcover version of the book. A more affordable softcover version is also available.< Less
A Knee and Shoulder Handbook For All Of Us - Injuries in children, adults, and what to do next. By Alan M Reznik, MD, Jane Y Reznik
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This book is meant to be a guide for anyone who has injured his or her knee or shoulder. It outlines what is wrong, possible treatments, and potential surgeries. There are tips for injury prevention,... More > simple diagrams of common problems and explanation of the latest reasons for the best treatment. This book will also prepare you to make the most out of your next doctor’s appointment. “A Knee and Shoulder Handbook” aims to help prevent common mistakes made after sports or other injuries that can create more damage. It was written by an orthopaedic surgeon and his daughter, who wanted to make it easier for patients to fully understand the inner workings of their bodies.< Less
Lectures on Feynman's theory of QED By Hidenori Sonoda
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The book gives a quick but thorough introduction to the Feynman rules of quantum electrodynamics (QED). A best effort is made to adopt the inductive style of Feynman. The book is based upon the... More > author's lectures given to advanced physics undergraduate students at Kobe University, Japan.< Less
The Gendered Self Further commentary on the transsexual phenomenon By Anne M Vitale
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Based on the author's experience in treating over 500 gender dysphoric individuals over the last 26 years,The Gendered Self is the story of what it’s like to be born into and to live out one's... More > life as a transsexual in a cissexual world. The author starts by showing how the developing brain is genderized in-utero and how that process can go awry leaving affected individuals sex/gender incongruent. Although hormonal and surgical means is the current treatment of choice, we have come to learn that with Genital Reassignment Surgery life takes a turn wherein the individual is permanently consigned to a parallel universe: not male, not female but a bio-sociological combination of both. Transsexualism is a life long existential dilemma challenging the very nature of psychological survival. Nietzsche famously said "What does not kill you makes you stronger". As the author shows, developing a healthy transsexual identity and going on to live a meaningful life is certainly a testament to all who persist.< Less
Shamans Among Us: Schizophrenia, Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Religion By Joseph Polimeni
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Schizophrenia is one of the most enigmatic human experiences. While it can cause terrible distress, it doesn't fit the mold of a classic medical disease. In Shamans Among Us, Joseph Polimeni shows... More > that today's schizophrenia patients are no less than the modern manifestation of tribal shamans, people vital to the success of early human cultures. Spanning human history and including discussions of evolution, the definition of disease, and the nature of psychosis, Shamans Among Us is the most detailed and comprehensive evolutionary theory yet assembled to explain a specific psychiatric diagnosis. "Joseph Polimeni's scholarly book challenges several traditional concepts of both evolutionary biology and medicine. I strongly recommend it to all those who dare to think outside the box." — Martin Brüne, MD, author of Textbook of Evolutionary Psychiatry.< Less
Milestones in Physics By Roberto Tommasi
eBook (PDF): $13.33
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A trip along the intimate meaning of entropy, information, energy, temperature, partition function, entanglement, relativity, fields, supersymmetry, strings and cosmology
A Field Guide to Mesozoic Birds and Other Winged Dinosaurs By Matthew Martyniuk
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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A comprehensive illustrated guide to the birds of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and their dinosaurian forebears. Each species is illustrated in multiple views with size and distinguishing... More > features highlighted. Includes introduction summarizing current research into bird origins and evolution, and what we know (and don't know) about the life appearance and habits of the first birds.< Less
Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology (12th Edn) By John E. Hall
eBook (PDF): $20.00
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he 12th edition of guyton and hall ebook of medical physiology 12th edition continues this bestselling title's long tradition as one of the world's favorite physiology ebooks. The immense success of... More > this book is due to its description of complex physiologic principles in language that is easy to read and understand. Now with an improved color art program, thorough updates reflecting today's medicine and science, and accessible online at our website . this ebook is an excellent source for mastering< Less
Every Third Woman In America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation By David A. Grimes, MD, Linda G. Brandon
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Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation tells the forgotten story of the transition from the back alley to safe care after Roe v. Wade was enacted in 1973. The... More > legalization of abortion resulted in prompt and dramatic health improvements for women, children, and families, but an entire generation of Americans has grown up unaware of the harsh and unnecessary tragedies of back-alley abortions. Current attacks on safe, legal abortion at the state level are designed to return women to those desperate, dangerous days before abortion was legalized. One of the world’s leading abortion scholars, Dr. Grimes chronicles the public-health story of legal abortion in America and the harms women face at the mercy of state laws restricting access to care. He shares the stories of his patients seeking abortion and how they and their families benefited.< Less
Dietitian Handbook By Clinical Nutrition Services
eBook (PDF): $58.06
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A handy reference to assist clinical dietitians in daily practice.