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Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Course Manual 2nd Edition By Joel Dunning
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This is the 2nd edition of the official Handbook for the Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Course. This teaches everything you need to know about caring for the critically ill patient after... More > Cardiac Surgery and also the protocol for arrests after Cardiac Surgery as Ratified by the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery and The European Resuscitation Council< Less
AP Physics B Handbook By Hasan Fakhruddin
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AP Physics B Handbook is created as a valuable resource for the students and teachers of the AP Physics B Course. The contents are written according to the College Board Syllabus. I have developed... More > this material over a period of 21 years of my teaching this course at the Indiana Academy. New and experienced teachers at the Academy and many other high schools in the US and overseas have successfully utilized these books. This book has 62 chapters. Each chapter has * Concise explanation of concepts * Detailed Illustrations and pictures * Equations with explanations * Numerical data needed to solve problems. * Every chapter includes a section ‘Some Interesting Facts and Figures’. This information provides historical and real life relevance to the topic at hand * Multiple Choice questions and Free Response problems with increasing level of difficulty up to or little above the difficulty level of the AP Exam questions. * Answers to the odd numbered problems.< Less
Guided Implantology Made Easy By August de Oliveira
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Guided Implantology Made Easy is a “cookbook” approach to placing implants via Guided Surgery. Written for the new user, every aspect of Guided Implantology is broken down into easy to... More > follow protocols. From cone beam basics to mastering edentulous cases, the reader will get a good overview of the entire process. A detailed Dental Anatomy section breaks down each tooth by dimension, angulation and occlusion to help you plan your cases. Step by step protocols will make planning in Guided Surgery software easier and more accurate. Although this is written using the Galileos system, all the principles contained apply to any Guided Implant system. Advances in CEREC technology including CEREC integration, chair side milled CEREC Guides and Opti Guides are covered as well as the SiCAT Classic Guide system. Tips and tricks to make edentulous cases go smoother will also be covered. Implants just got a whole lot easier!< Less
Get Into Veterinary School: Insights by an Admissions Expert -2012 Edition- For High School, College & Returning Adult Students By Joseph Piekunka
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$14.99 at This book focuses on helping North American pre-vets yet is helpful for all who read English. The author has three decades of admissions experience, one decade at a prestigious... More > veterinary school and offers a consulting service at The intent of the book is to give advice – admissions facts and figures supplement the advice. A review on of the previous edition says: “…The book is by a true expert - the former Director of Admissions at Cornell's famed veterinary school - and the insights are exceptionally practical, such as classes to take in high school as well as in college. It has wise advice on choosing the college to attend when veterinary school is the ultimate goal. The author also stresses the importance of large animal experience and references from practicing veterinarians in the admissions process, as it is highly competitive…” A. Meyers, Librarian, Middletown, CT< Less
The Words of the Father By Jacob L. Moreno
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J. L. Moreno wrote books, chapters and articles about psychodrama. His writing, like the method he pioneered, is rich and complex. Many students, practitioners and participants around the world have... More > encountered Moreno’s work in action; however, fewer people may have had the opportunity to read and think about the ‘words of the father’ due to the limited availability of key texts. A desire to ensure Moreno’s work is available to the widest possible audience inspired members of the North West Psychodrama Association to work together to re-publish the books in this series. We hope by doing so J. L. Moreno’s words will continue to reverberate across time and space: inspiring new generations of practitioners to be as creative and spontaneous as is possible whilst managing the complexity of modern day practice.< Less
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Question Review Book 2013b By Vincent Wang
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Following the content outline of the ABP and ABEM PEM Exam, the new PEMQBook 2013 encompasses 1008 questions with answer explanations, 144 pictures, and 135 radiographs. The 2013 edition is 50%... More > longer than the 2009 edition, and each answer explanation provides references for further reading. This is the BLACK & WHITE, STANDARD-BOUND, PAPERBACK version of the book. The book is designed for color use, but this version can be used when studying in groups. This book is printed on higher quality paper. A Color, Standard Bound, HARDback cover book is also available, as is an electronic version offered through Challenger Corporation. For more information, please visit our website at:< Less
The Road to DermTech By Jeff Robin
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High Tech High Students teamed up with DermTech to bring understanding to Melanoma Screening, Prevention and Treatment.
College Algebra By Robert Diaz
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College Algebra for STEM by Robert Diaz, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Fullerton College
Through the Microscope By Timothy Paustian
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A complete textbook covering all aspects of microbiology. This is the companion volume to the web site for the textbook, located at Purchase of this book also allows... More > access to the companion website. Please make sure that if you buy this book, you go to the website and register. Then send your proof of purchase to and ask to activate your subscription. There are directions on how to gain access to the online version at the textbook web site< Less
Essential Algebra 2 By Gregory Allen
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Essential Algebra 2 is the second half of White Crane Education's algebra series. Written in a clear, easy to read English it covers concepts of algebra that continue and expand on the first textbook... More > including working with polynomials, solving polynomial equations (including the Quadratic Formula) and working with logarithms. Each chapter progressively develops the critical thinking skills necessary for addressing more complex mathematical and scientific material through the use of examples and practical applications from a variety of fields including approximation theory, physics and psychology.< Less
Introduction to Cells Laboratory Manual 2014 By Ellen DuPre
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This Lab manual was designed specifically for Central College intro to cells lab course.
Remote Sensing Raster Programming By Yann Chemin
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``How can I load input satellite imagery, compute an input raster into a given result and write that result as a new image to the hard disk''. This book gives a range of programming options to... More > answer this question, using high-level and low-level programming languages, some serial (C, Python, R) but also some in parallel (OpenMP, MPI-C, CUDA, OpenCL). Additionally, it also demonstrates how to perform various levels of integrations into few programming languages and environments having GUI functionality (WxPython and GRASS GIS).< Less
Human Anatomy Notebook By Marcos Gridi-Papp
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This notebook is an aid for note-taking in a semester long, introductory course in human anatomy accompanied by weekly labs. It provides a summary of the whole content, with the main terms blanked... More > out, and with empty spaces or contours for the drawings produced in class. The student writes the main terms and adds the drawings to facilitate memorization. Additional text is provided in the notebook, to make sure that the key points are present in the notes, and to save time for making connections between concepts, adding extra notes and discussing with the other students and the professor. The notebook guides the student in producing an objective, concise and neat set of notes, in a process that facilitates retention and effective study. It can be used as a central resource to connect the lecture with the slides, the book, the lab, online resources, and previous experiences, promoting the student's success in the course.< Less
The Hospice Handbook By Julianne Haydel
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A how-to guide for assessing eligibility and documenting accordingly. The Hospice Handbook shows nurses compliant documentation while reducing time spent on paperwork. This results in Hospice... More > providers getting paid for the valuable services offered in their communities.< Less
Connectedness: Papers by and for Sarah VanWagenen By Carson T. Schütze, Linnaea Stockall, editors
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This is volume 18 of UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, published in 2014, edited by Carson T. Schütze and Linnaea Stockall, dedicated to the memory of UCLA graduate student Sarah VanWagenen.
Simple Nature, volume 2 By Benjamin Crowell
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Simple Nature is an introductory calculus-based physics textbook. Volume 2 covers electricity and magnetism, optics, and quantum physics. For more information, see the book's web site at... More >< Less
SVP 2013 Program and Abstracts By Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
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Program and Abstract Book for the SVP 73rd Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California, USA, from October 30 - November 2, 2013.
Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Manual By Ollivettee Hill, Thomas Brayden
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This text is designed to help students gain an introduction into the subject of chemistry through the gathering of data, the analysis of that data, the drawing of conclusions and the reporting of... More > results. Additional benefits include sharpening skills in organizing, planning and the adapting of household items for experimental purposes.< Less
A Guide for Adults with Hip Dysplasia By Denise Sutherland, Dr Sophie West
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This popular book is the only one in the world that discusses hip dysplasia for adult patients. Whether you were diagnosed as a child and have ongoing problems now, or have developed dysplasia as an... More > adult, this book covers every topic imaginable about this difficult condition. Written in a friendly and easy to understand way, with a minimum of jargon, this book goes from hip anatomy and diagnosis through to living with disability, hip surgery, what to expect in hospital, and recovery at home. There is a chapter for carers, and one of DIY projects you may like to make. The book contains a great deal of information on hip replacement, too, so if you're having a hip replacement for another reason, especially as a younger patient, this book will still help you. Recommended by orthopaedic surgeons from around the world. Both authors have bilateral hip dysplasia, and have been through the surgeries discussed in the book.< Less
Textbook of Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery, A Companion Guide for Field and Clinical Care of Traumatized People Worldwide By Richard F. Mollica
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Over 1 billion persons worldwide are affected by the psychological and physical impact of violence and natural disaster. In many societies today, torture and other forms of cruel and degrading abuse... More > still exist. Domestic violence remains a scourge of our planet. The world’s leading experts in medicine, psychiatry, humanitarian efforts, medical anthropology, human rights, economic development and research and evaluation have worked together to create this first ever scientific and culturally sensitive health/mental health textbook. The textbook has been produced in a digital format (and a paperback edition as well) so that it can be readily used in the field and clinics in the developing world, in refugee camps and other resource poor environments. An interdisciplinary and innovative Global Mental Health Action Plan is united with best practices in a usable and effective approach for the care of traumatized communities worldwide.< Less
Medicine Surgery Gynecology Mcqs - Ace Medical Mcq Center By Jagdish Shah, Nilam Shah
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The book is designed to provide single best answer type of MCQs in medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. It is intended to benefit medical students in their preparation for post graduate... More > medical entrance examinations as well as medical licensing examinations.The MCQs are original and are created by a group of senior medical doctors. The correct answers and explanations are provided for every MCQ. Authors have made efforts to ensure accuracy of the matter. However, due to extreme diversity of medicine and continuous changes taking place in the field, it is likely that the view of others might differ. It is advised that the matter be used solely for academic purpose. We hope that the book will serve as a helpful partner to students preparing for various examinations.< Less