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Through the Microscope By Timothy Paustian
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A complete textbook covering all aspects of microbiology. This is the companion volume to the web site for the textbook, located at Purchase of this book also allows... More > access to the companion website. Please make sure that if you buy this book, you go to the website and register. Then send your proof of purchase to and ask to activate your subscription. There are directions on how to gain access to the online version at the textbook web site< Less
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Question Review Book 2013b By Vincent Wang
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Following the content outline of the ABP and ABEM PEM Exam, the new PEMQBook 2013 encompasses 1008 questions with answer explanations, 144 pictures, and 135 radiographs. The 2013 edition is 50%... More > longer than the 2009 edition, and each answer explanation provides references for further reading. This is the BLACK & WHITE, STANDARD-BOUND, PAPERBACK version of the book. The book is designed for color use, but this version can be used when studying in groups. This book is printed on higher quality paper. A Color, Standard Bound, HARDback cover book is also available, as is an electronic version offered through Challenger Corporation. For more information, please visit our website at:< Less
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TUMORS. TWO-MORE. THE FIRST AND ONLY EXPLANATION OF HOW TUMORS ARE FORMED AND HOW REDUCED. Originally published in 1911, this rare booklet is now available once again.
Mechanics By Benjamin Crowell
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This is a calculus-based book meant for the first semester of the type of freshman survey course taken by engineering and physical science majors. For more information about this book, see its web... More > page at< Less
Conceptual Physics By Benjamin Crowell
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This is a nonmathematical physics textbook, designed so that it can be used either for a semester-length course of the type popularized by Hewitt, or for a shorter course of 8 or 10 weeks.
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B.J. PALMER- REASONS FOR MY FAITH. is a study in objectives and motives.
I Killed Schrodinger's Cat By Donald A. Bertke, Herbert L. Hirsch
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Since Erwin Schrodinger developed his probability theory, physics has been lost in an increasingly complex mathematical world of multiple dimensions and parallel universes. The authors propose a... More > simple solution that explains ALL forms of energy and matter with just one particle, The Only Needed (TON) Particle, and two well-known and documented forces. This book provides measurable and predictive cause and effect solutions for everything from sub-atomic structures to the universe at large. Along the way, the theory answers questions about star formation, nuclear fusion and fission, and how all our atomic elements are formed. The TON Particle Theory is completely compatible with existing documentation on electricity, magnetism, and thermodynamics. It explains dark matter, proves that all forms of vibrating energy have mass, and resolves the question of entropy. Although written for the non-scientist, the book also contains the mathematical proofs for the scientist.< Less
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God is law, law is god; God and law are one. God lives in man, man should express the God-law. Innate is law and God. If the God-law is Innate and Innate flows thru man why wouldn’t man be a... More > God-law functionating man? He would. God is in the man – no need for the physician, lawyer or minister. God is not in medicine, statute or a book. The physician, lawyer or minister are not needed more than are medicines, statutes or books. To listen to the physician teach medicines, the lawyer statutes of the minister the book does not assist the God within to reach ourselves. The Chiropractor does not preach the God within ourselves – he preaches what others say in a Book the doing which offers and obstruction – to adjust a cause is to let the God within become the God without, without advice or being asked to do so. The principle is the same in all – no difference and all are wrong. God is the source of health, law, divinity (if there is such) then to Thon must we go for it.< Less
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Nutritional Biochemistry Explained By Alexandra Preston
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The purpose of this book is to explain basic nutritional biochemistry to current and future students of complementary and alternative medicine, nursing, dietetics and other fields where the study of... More > nutritional medicine is relevant. It is based on the author's tutoring notes.< Less
Basic Electronics: An Introduction to Electronics for Science Students---Second Edition By Curtis A. Meyer
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This book has been written to support a one-semester course on basic electronics. It assumes a freshman-level physics background and builds on this to move from simple DC circuits to AC circuits and... More > passive filters. Transistors and Op-amps are then introduced, and active filters are discussed. Finally, an introduction to digital electronics is presented, followed by an introduction to digital filtering.< Less
CEN Review Manual 3rd Ed By Mark Boswell
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The CEN Study Guide/Review Manual covers all the major topic areas of the 2011 BCEN Blueprint for the CEN Exam. It includes a comprehensive, systems based review model, and a complete 150 question... More > sample "CEN-like" exam, complete with full rationales and explanations. The practice exam is most useful as a self-assessment tool. Other special sections included in this edition are: (1) "CEN HOT Words": These are words/terms which are used and show up during the CEN exam frequently. (2) "CEN Exam-Like Questions": This is a special section dedicated to those specific topics which appear on the exam frequently. (3) A comprehensive index is included in this edition. Having an index makes it easy and simple to look up key terms and topics and to locate quickly in the text for rapid review. DISCLAIMER: This course and manuals/books are neither taught, sponsored, endorsed, promoted or marketed by the ENA/BCEN. No relationship to the ENA/BCEN is either implied explicitly or implicitly.< Less
Single and Multivariable Calculus, late transcendentals, 2013.06.29 By David Guichard and friends
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Single and multivariable calculus, late transcendentals
Death to Einstein! By Scott Reeves
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In this devastating book, the fatal flaws in Einstein's celebrated theory of relativity are revealed. This volume collects Death to Einstein! and Death to Einstein! 2 in a single volume.
The Brain Book By Amy Kirbow
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This book is a study guide and reference manual for those involved in midwifery, childbirth education, home birth, and other maternal and child health topics.
My Fight for Her Sanity By Regine Dubono
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When a a young woman in a group home starts coming down with several physical illnesses, her mother starts reading about the drugs her daughter is taking, and studies their side effects, as well as... More > drug interactions. She is horrified to see that her daughter has suffered from these side effects for a while, yet the psychiatrist continues to prescribe the same 7 drugs. What Robert Whitaker (ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC) refers to as drug cocktails. She finds that the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs advise against anti-psychotics to be taken together with Benzodiazepines, yet mental health day programs continue to prescribe and administer them together in spite of their warnings. She comes across a group called MFI (Mind Freedom International) and learns from Dr. Breggin's book "How to withdraw safely from unnecessary Psychiatric drugs". She writes letters to group home directors, psychiatrists, and medical doctors, that never get answered satisfactorily. She decides to go public with a book series.< Less
NPA Theory of Personality By Anthony Benis
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by A.M. Benis, Sc.D., M.D. This is the updated hardcover edition of NPA personality theory, originally published as "Toward Self & Sanity: On the genetic origins of the human... More > character" by Psychological Dimensions Press in 1985. It has been updated and contains recently published work: a seventeen page synopsis of NPA personality theory, and an article on dopamine and trait aggression. It contains the original version of the "NPA personality theory" derived from the ideas of Karen Horney. The NPA traits, posited to be of genetic origins, are narcissism, perfectionism and aggression. Most of the text is written in question-and-answer (Q & A) format. Book properties: Trade quality hardcover with dust jacket (6" x 9"), 547 pages, 21 figures, 9 tables, 48 plates, glossary, addendum, index.< Less
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It is an indisputable fact that most of the deaths resulting from these killer diseases could have been avoided if all hands were on deck at all levels to focus on prevention rather than cure. This... More > piece of work has been prepared to serve as a simple and easy to use tool to help individuals, families and communities, to avoid being afflicted with these deadly diseases. It is intended for use by people outside medical environment, therefore the message is conveyed in a very simple and comprehensible manner to everyone. Complex medical terminologies are avoided as much as possible so as to make this book valuable to everyone.< Less
The Grey Edition 120 Dis-Closure By Weedy Mead
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I thought this would be the last volume in this seemingly interminable sequence. Not so! The Expedition to Find Out What We Are insists on a sequel. So this is a Prequel To A Sequel, I suppose ....
Rearticulations of Orthopaedic Surgery: The Process of Specialty Boundary Formation and the Provision of Fracture Care in the United States By Kenneth Gundle
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A focused, narrative history of orthopaedic surgery in the United States follows the field as it shifts from the use of buckles and straps to early surgery, and how orthopaedic surgeons ultimately... More > came to dominate the treatment of fractures. While orthopaedics means 'to raise a child straight' - this book sheds light on the process of professional boundary formation that led to the modern surgical specialty. It will be of interest to orthopaedic surgeons, aspiring medical students, and those looking for a history of medicine that respects the voices of prominent figures while incorporating the multiple frames of influence that shape the past, present and future.< Less
The Anxiety Code: Deciphering the Purposes of Neurotic Anxiety By Roger Di Pietro
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Generalized anxiety disorder is also known as neurotic anxiety. This book focuses on personality characteristics that may generate and maintain anxiety symptoms. It bridges the gap between popular... More > psychology titles and graduate-level textbooks, as it comprehensively presents information with a generous use of easy to understand examples and encouraging dialogue. The book presents as a mystery that poses an intriguing question: What if anxiety symptoms aren’t merely the effect of some cause, but also personality-based and purposeful means to achieve goals?< Less
A Guide for Adults with Hip Dysplasia By Denise Sutherland, Dr Sophie West
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This popular book is the only one in the world that discusses hip dysplasia for adult patients. Whether you were diagnosed as a child and have ongoing problems now, or have developed dysplasia as an... More > adult, this book covers every topic imaginable about this difficult condition. Written in a friendly and easy to understand way, with a minimum of jargon, this book goes from hip anatomy and diagnosis through to living with disability, hip surgery, what to expect in hospital, and recovery at home. There is a chapter for carers, and one of DIY projects you may like to make. The book contains a great deal of information on hip replacement, too, so if you're having a hip replacement for another reason, especially as a younger patient, this book will still help you. Recommended by orthopaedic surgeons from around the world. Both authors have bilateral hip dysplasia, and have been through the surgeries discussed in the book.< Less
IPCW: The Individual Psychology Client Workbook By Jane Griffith, Robert L. Powers
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The IPCW is an accompaniment to The Key to Psychotherapy. It provides the clinician with a systematic format for the investigation and understanding of personality carried out in collaboration with... More > the client. The Supplements guide the therapist in interpreting and summarizing the gathered data. Independent of the text, therapists find the IPCW a useful tool for organizing client material in the process of therapy.< Less