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Sensory Connection Program Self-Regulation Workbook By Karen Moore
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Sensory activities to manage stress, anxiety and emotional crisis. Through this workbook, a person learns about the calming and alerting potential of sensory input and effective ways to use sensory... More > strategies for self-regulation. Skills include recognizing states of arousal, creating a persnal sensory kit, learning grounding techniques, designing a comfort space and developing a crisis intervention plan for extremely difficult times. The completed workbook communicates personally identified sensory strategies to care providers, friends and family so they can support the person in times of severe illness and crisis. The workbook coordinates with Trauma Informed Care and Restraint Reduction Initiatives, and it complements DBT and Cognitive Behavioral Programs. It is designed to be used by therapy groups focused on coping and self-regulation, occupational therapists, mental health professionals, psychiatric programs, adolescent units and substance abuse programs.< Less
Robert's Review of Pediatric Nephrology, 2nd Edition By Robert Gillespie
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The first and only review book designed specifically for the pediatric nephrology board exam, Robert's Review covers each of the 1244 objectives specified on the board's content outline. Includes... More > over 100 illustrations and figures, most in full color and never published before, including dozens of pathology images to help prepare for the image portion of the exam. An outline format and 171 tables and charts condense key information for efficient studying. Second edition features updated information and additional illustrations.< Less
Breakin' The Boards - Step II CK By Brian Lipari, MD
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Breakin' The Boards - Step 2CK is a high yield USMLE Board Review Book specifically designed to allow the student to grasp and understand frequently tested STEP 2 Clinical Knowledge material. The... More > material is presented in a format which is easily understood and allows the student to easily recall facts presented.< Less
The Behaviour Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing Interventions By Susan Michie, Lou Atkins, Robert West
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‘The Behaviour Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing Interventions’ brings together theory-based tools developed in behavioural science to understand and change behaviour to form a... More > step-by-step intervention design manual.< Less
Physics in Space and Time By Kevin Brown
Paperback: $29.95
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"Physics in Space and Time" is a collection of essays on aspects of modern physics related to space, time, and spacetime, including the historical development of these concepts.
Living Authentically: Daoist Contributions to Modern Psychology By Livia Kohn
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Living Authentically brings together classical scholars of Daoism, professors of psychology, practicing psychologists, medical doctors, and alternative practitioners (acupuncturists, qigong healers,... More > pedagogues, and counselors) in an exciting new journey of discovery. This fruitful venture, born during panels at several Daoist conferences, explores ways of living in the world, sustaining relationships, and educating children, in a stress-free, truly authentic way. It outlines different Daoist visions and concepts of the conscious and subconscious mind and its transformations; it correlates these to different schools of psychology today (psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, humanistic psychology, positive psychology); and it explores options on how we can best become fully authentic, allowing the universal power of Dao to flow freely through all our attitudes and actions.< Less
Return To Resistance, 3rd Edition Revised 2013 By Raoul A. Robinson
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To anyone who is concerned about the environment, it is obvious that all is not well with modern crop husbandry. Pests and diseases are destroying about one fifth of all crop production, despite the... More > use of crop protection chemicals which in some cases has increased nearly tenfold since World War II. This book uses plain English to clearly explain the science and techniques used to breed crops for pest and disease resistance. Despite being a somewhat complicated and technical topic, any intelligent reader should easily be able to understand the principles involved, and use them for breeding programs of their own. For those who care about the world food supply, and the pollution of our food and our environment with chemical pesticides, this is what is needed to put things right.< Less
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Fermented meat products are found throughout the world. Developed originally to simply preserve precious meat supplies, they have evolved into the elite meat products of the world. Fermented meat... More > products involve science, art and mystique< Less
2014-2015 Rx Resource Guide for Georgia Pharmacists By Michael Karnbach
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This is a reference guide of Georgia laws and rules to assist Georgia pharmacists.
Certifying Central Sterile Supply Technologist Review By Lonnie Bargo
Paperback: $39.95
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Designed for the Certifying Central Sterile Supply Technologist. Our program is a comprehensive, interactive question data base designed from actual examination questions to both test your knowledge... More > and to direct your studies towards critical Central Supply Technologist Certification Examination must know information. Our team of medical professionals have put together several series of test questions in all formats that you as a potential student will best learn from, with the tests ranging from simple terminology to the more advanced technical aspects of your career.< Less
A Guide for Clinical Research Professionals By International Biopharmaceutical Association
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A Guide for Clinical Research Professionals covers the following topics: Overview of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Discovery and Drug Development , Pre-clinical studies, New Therapeutic Product... More > - Regulatory Process Overview, Clinical trials - Fundamental elements, Ethical issues in Clinical research, International Conference on Harmonization and Good Clinical Practice, Institutional Review Board / Independent Ethic Committee (IRB/IET): roles and responsibilities, Informed Consent Process, Overview of Some Clinical Trial Essential Documents, Data Collection in Clinical Trials, Investigator: Roles and Responsibilities. Investigator's Study File, Source Documents & Source Documents Verification (SDV), Clinical Data Validation Process & Query Management, Medical Data Coding & SAE Reconciliation, Statistical issues in clinical trials, Sponsor Definition, Sponsor-Company Responsibilities, Clinical Research Organizations, Clinical Research Associate (CRA)/Clinical Monitor and other issues.< Less
NCLEX Simplified Assessment Questions By Lisa Chou
Paperback: $14.99
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This book contains 225 NCLEX questions to accompany the NCLEX Simplified course of study. Check out for more details, and check out the original NCLEX Simplified textbook too!
The History of Infectious Diseases At Duke University In the Twentieth Century By John D. Hamilton, MD
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In this detailed history of infectious diseases, John Hamilton draws upon his extensive experience with other faculty members and staff and delivers an insider’s account of some of the more... More > prevalent and/or serious diseases, the physicians and researchers studying them, and the programs supporting them at Duke University and its affiliate, the Durham VA Medical Center. Combining insights from his own experience and almost 100 interviews of current and former faculty members and staff and his complete access to the Medical Center Archives, he explores: Medical education, public health, and the disease portfolio before and during the 20th century in the world, the state and the city of Durham, North Carolina; Reasons why James B. “Buck” Duke invested his money into what became Duke University; Relevant personal and professional papers belonging to departed or deceased faculty; And provides extensive references for those who wish to delve into the science.< Less
Measure Theory 5-II By David Fremlin
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This book is the final part of a comprehensive treatise on modern abstract measure theory. It includes notes on real-valued-measurable cardinals, random real forcing and measure theory without the... More > axiom of choice.< Less
Measure Theory 5-I By David Fremlin
Hardcover: $27.00
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This book is the fifth and final volume of a comprehensive treatise on modern abstract measure theory. It includes notes on cardinal functions, Cichon's diagram, and topics in set-theoretic... More > topological measure theory.< Less
NCLEX Simplified By Lisa Chou
Paperback: $34.99
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After watching her classmates struggle to study for their NCLEX, Lisa realized that there had to be a better way- and so she made it! NCLEX Simplified holds only the core information you need to pass... More > the test, with none of the information you don't. Students who have studied under Lisa have a 97% pass rate on the NCLEX! Join them today and get your RN or LPN. Hard work in this course really does pay off, and you'll feel ready to become the nurse you've always dreamed of being!< Less
Handbook of Biological Statistics By John McDonald
Paperback: $18.00
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This is the 296-page, third edition of the Handbook of Biological Statistics. You can view the entire content for free at, download a free pdf from... More >, or buy it here. The pdf and printed versions are formatted for print and omit the decorative pictures of the web version, but otherwise the content is the same. I make it available in print as a convenience to you, not as a money-maker for me, so don't feel obligated to buy it.< Less
When Your Drugs Don't Work, But Make You Sick By Regine Dubono
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When a mother discovers that the drugs her daughter has been prescribed are making her physically and mentally ill, she tries to have the group home decrease them in stages and find herself fighting... More > against an invincible system. That system includes the regulatory organizations, the funding organizations and of course the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs. However the drug manufacturers do not recommend the mixing of drugs which is being practiced in 24/7 group homes, and which is a requirement for food and shelter there.< Less
Reclaiming the Universe By Zak Ettamymy
Paperback: $7.99
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Reclaiming the Universe is a book written by an astronomy enthusiast to unveil the short comings and the pitfalls of astronomy in explaining the universe and its origins Multiverse, Entropy,... More > Consciousnesses, Big Bang,< Less
Dna Genealogy Bundle By Diahan Southard
eBook (PDF): $19.95
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This great bundle includes four digital DNA for genealogy reference guides combined in one PDF. You save $3.85 over individual retail prices. 1. Getting Started Genetics for the Genealogist 2.... More > Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist 3. Y Chromosome DNA for the Genealogist 4. Mitochondrial DNA for the Genealogist The author, Diahan Southard, has a background in microbiology with a talent for clear and concise explanations of complicated topics. She has been translating genetics into genealogy for 14 years and currently acts as Your DNA Guide, providing personalized personalized consultation experiences to help genealogists use DNA testing in their genealogy. Edited by Lisa Louise Cooke< Less
The Heart of Hospice: Core Competencies for Reclaiming the Mystery By Brenda Clarkson, Myra L. Lovvorn
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Returning to the original principles upon which hospice was founded, the authors describe the core competencies every hospice practitioner needs to reclaim the mystery of death and guide families... More > through end-of-life care. With fifty-five years of collective hospice nursing experience, the authors are equipped to take you on a journey that leads to success. You’ll learn: • steps to move from being a novice to a final designation of Mystery Watcher; • core competencies to reclaim the mystery of death, including examples from the field of hospice care. • tips to implement organizational structures and processes to support optimal staff development and the retention of the most competent practitioners. • methods to continuously measure outcomes as hospice team members gain mastery of core competencies.< Less