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SERIAL KILLER MAGAZINE is an official release of the talented artists and writers at It is chock full of artwork, rare documents, FBI files and in depth articles regarding... More > serial murder. It is also packed with unusual trivia, exclusive interviews with the both killers and experts in the field and more information that any other resource available to date. Although the magazine takes this subject very seriously and in no way attempts to glorify the crimes describe in it, it also provides a unique collection of rare treats (including mini biographical comics, crossword puzzles and trivia quizzes). This is truly a one of a kind collectors item for anyone interested in the macabre world of true crime, prison art or the strange world of murderabelia.< Less
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Heroes and/or vigilantes come in all shapes and sizes … literally. Some you love. Some you love to hate. Dr. Hugh M. Weathers, a professional businessman, writer, educator, media specialist,... More > producer, etc. introduces C.A.N. Never has there been a character like this one. C.A.N. is a unique, quiet yet explosive man. Join him on this journey of intrigue where he will keep you mentally challenged and physically exhausted. Go along for the ride of his lifetime and enjoy the many experiences that help make him the complex character that will keep you riveted to this page turner. Dr. Weathers has woven such an engaging story that will only leave you wanting and waiting for the sequel. His talent has allowed him to deliver a fascinating novel that will captivate all that have the opportunity to pick it up. C.A.N … PULP COLORED … THE MILKMAN is a masterpiece written by Dr. Weathers that will help encourage those that think they can’t and support those that know they can.< Less
The Detour By Travis Pearson
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Dan Icor Is a good samaritan who embarks on a cross-country road trip to formulate a plan for his future after he loses his job. When he detours from the superhighway to a rural country road, Dan has... More > no idea he is about to be led in a direction he never could have imagined. After Dan pulls into a gas station in the middle of nowhere, he witnesses an unspeakable crime and commits a selfless act that leaves him critically injured. As he heals, he realizes he has acquired special abilities and has been pitted against ruthless adversaries intent on terrorizing a small town. While Dan courageously takes on corruption and incompetence, an emerging leader threatens the American dream. As Dan’s journey grows in scope, he must prepare to take on the other merciless opponents waiting for the right time to pounce. In this compelling novel, a good samaritan is thrust into a violent confrontation that sets him on a new path where he must battle dangerous enemies as he discovers newly acquired secret abilities.< Less
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The Green Teas Cave By John F. Morken
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Conrad Olsen is the son of a once famous San Francisco trial attorney who takes on the representation of Leo and Siri Dubrovsky after their unique home is red-tagged by county inspectors for building... More > without permits. This seemingly innocuous problem soon unravels into a race against time when Conrad discovers dangerous secrets about his clients and the century old Cave located on their Property-Shangri La. Conrad’s once comfortable world of power and privilege rapidly starts to fall apart the more he uncovers and learns about his client’s past and their secrets. The deeper his involvement with his new clients, the more dangerous the case becomes. Attorney Conrad Olsen must overcome tragedy and personal loss while he struggles with his own inner demons, love sickness, secrets and transparent success. Ultimately, Conrad’s own redemption depends upon the personal choices he has made and whether they have become unfixable or just another problem he was raised to solve.< Less
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This is My Town By Peter J Flores
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A drifter wanders into a small town and finds himself in the middle of a feud with a neighboring town. He is caught in the middle of gunfights, a gold rush and murder. Who is this drifter and why is... More > he here? Find out in the action-packed adventure ‘This is My Town’. From New Atlantic Industries< Less
Beware the Lone Wolf: (A Pickwick Mill Mystery) By Dennis Glawe (Pickwick Creations LLC)
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Joe Fletcher was a retired county sheriff who liked to help his son, the current sheriff, with difficult cases. A mauling near Pickwick drew him into a troubling case involving a killer wolf, thought... More > to have prehistoric traits. As the deaths mount, Joe must face his own vulnerability when someone blows up his truck. Guilt from his wife’s suicide, pressure from his father to remarry, and a beloved pet needing an operation, now threaten his peaceful retirement. The answers come the day he faces the lone wolf bent on killing him next.< Less
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Age Verification Required
Scorpio's Children By Ernesto Spinelli
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Taking its inspiration from the classic hard-boiled crime tradition, Scorpio's Children is the first novel in the Mark Desmond series. It's 1980. Investigator Mark Desmond is hired to snatch the... More > daughter of Jefferson City's wealthiest citizen away from the control of a sinister cult calling itself Scorpio's Children. Duplicity and death stalk Desmond's enquiries while every step he takes pushes him toward a collision between a past he's done his best to erase and a present that's empty of dreams. It's 1980. Rag-tag revolutionaries are kicking sand into the Super-Powers' faces. It's the dawn of the Personal Computer Age. Populist agendas are re-shaping societies. And cults of every kind are on the rise. It's 1980. Everything's different. Nothing has changed.< Less
Rogue By Bonnie Synclaire
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Twins Harper and Joanna Cambridge don't know Genesis: their family's FBI project with a shameful past. In fact, they don't know their family at all, only their mother, who is quiet, paranoid, and... More > won't tell them anything. But when the twins' mother disappears one day, Harper knows that some things just aren't adding up. She quickly learns that she and her sister have been kept from the family business of espionage, and she must uncover a life's worth of secrets to piece together her mother's sudden vanishment. But finding her mother will come at a cost. And with her sister's health condition spiraling downward, the clock is ticking. With the help of a nameless ex-agent and a mysterious girl gone rogue, Harper vows to stop at nothing to protect her sister and expose the truth. But her trust in one secretive new ally will teach Harper her first lesson the hard way: trust no one.< Less
Incognito By Bonnie Synclaire
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(This is book 2 in The Genesis Files series. Dot not read this if you have not read ROGUE.) Harper learned her first lesson of espionage the hard way: trust no one. After a shocking betrayal and... More > abandonment from D, Harper and Skye are stranded hundreds of miles from home. Joanna is now being held captive by Scorpion, and if she doesn't get medical attention soon...Harper doesn't want to think about what will happen. Harper decides to rely on Skye's keen eye and intelligence to find her way back home, but there are more problems and danger at every turn. Meanwhile, having been kidnapped by Scorpion and hearing the terrifying motives of their plans, Joanna has lost all hope. Will the twins reunite and save their family? Or has the end of Genesis already begun?< Less
Seeds of Change By Patricia Morgan
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Seeds of Change, takes place in El Salvador early March of 1994, shortly before the first free national election after more than ten years of civil war. For five years, Jared Keith, plotted and... More > meddled in the politics, agriculture, and economy of El Salvador, intending to take over the country. Through his banks in New York and San Salvador, he amassed large amounts of property. And paid men posing as guerillas to harass and terrorize poor and wealthy landowners alike. And he arranged for a bank employee of his, Ray Irving, to be the scapegoat. But it is Irving who in helping defeat Keith, learns that an over-active imagination is no substitute for real life; that fear does not conquer all: that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes; and that love is possible even for a mouse of a man who tiptoes around the edges of life.< Less
Gold Eaters By R. DeShongh Dalrymple
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Jerry Lane is a drunk and troublemaker, so it makes no sense when he is offered a position by a respectable mining company. While attempting to uncover the company’s motive, a young woman... More > appears before him in spirit form asking for help, mine security officers vanish and the mine president and his family disappear. As chief engineer now responsible for the mine Lane is pressed to solve these mysteries, and in the process finds the unexpected within himself.< Less
The Incredible Journey of Sterling Vice By Mark Randolph Watters
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July 3, 1863, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. July 4, 2020, Raventon, Georgia. Now it gets weird. Book III in the Raventon Mysteries series, featuring Taylor Smart and the Raventon Three. The most... More > incredible mystery they've encountered! For a season, special people come into your life. Paths intersect. They just do. You don’t know why or for how long. And then they’re gone. But, you’re better for them.< Less
the golden gumdrop caper By manfred skyline
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an old fashioned yarn in the tradition of the arabian nights and treasure island, with no redeeming value
Between Two Worlds By Dashiell Larmer-Beech
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Rosie Gray is the adopted daughter of a wealthy family in New York City. Her life is full and happy, but summer camp in Shanghai offers a chance to connect with her Chinese heritage. The trip takes... More > a dangerous turn. A kidnapping, a chase, and a journey into China's poor countryside force Rosie and her family to face the truth about her birth and the awful effects of China’s one-child policy.< Less
The Voice of Eaton By Philip I. Crumb
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The Voices of Eaton is 50% fiction, the other half the author lived.
We Dare the Night to Condescend By Paul Counelis
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Modern life is static. The waves have blocked us from hidden truths and cloud our perceptions. We don’t know this because the little glimpses we have gotten into the fullness of reality are... More > stomped out, shredded at the hands of social norms. So we pay them no REAL mind. We attempt to understand what we can about the world, but we are guided by other voices. Less intuitive, less instinctual voices. 'Listen to reason', they say, and then they abandon reason. It's not that we're not who we say we are. We ARE that. But we are more. A pocket sized novella that takes a trip deep into one rainy, crime ridden city night. By Paul Counelis (Rue Morgue, Lords of October, Halloween Machine)< Less
The Dark and Lonely Road By Sean Gates
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Nearly 20 years after World War II, Harry Cogbill is drifting through life, unable to hold down a steady job or form lasting relationships. All of that is about to change when Ethel Burkitt comes to... More > his door looking for an ally against the hoodlums buying her uncle's property. Cogbill's not a private detective, but even the most reluctant soldier knows some things are worth fighting for.< Less
Harry Expects A Murder By Neal Enrick
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After gaining fanfare for cracking the sensational Madison Murder case, Harry Bittercress, a former army MP, sees his private eye career take off. "Good cases are finally comin' my way!" he... More > enthuses to Cardamine, his wife of nearly seven years. She's an American-born, Oxford-educated woman of British and Jamaican parentage — atypical for Virginia of the 1950s. But it doesn't end there. When housework is done, she doesn't pick up the Ladies Home Journal; she pores over literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical science journals. Oh, and did I mention she makes a living as a psychic reader and advisor? Like I said: atypical. Cardamine counterbalances Harry's street smarts and roughhewn gumshoe work with her keen intellect and encyclopedialike knowledge. He's going to need her help when an oddball case comes in over the transom: solving a murder that hasn't happened yet! His client calmly states, "Someone's going to kill me. Afterwards, I want you to catch him."< Less
The Devil's Bible By Justin Hyde
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When a horribly disfigured woman breaks into the underground depository of the Stockholm National Library in Sweden and tears out pages of satanic spells hidden deep inside the Codex Gigas –... More > The Devil’s Bible – teams of investigators quickly realize that there is more to this than meets the eye. Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, Colonel Cameron Skull is investigating the ravaged remains of the cemetery outside the infamous, and now touristy, Church of Bones. But when a manlike creature appears and Colonel Skull realizes the danger, it’s too late. It is then that he sees Iris for the first time, and they both quickly realize that they are connected way beyond just a physical attraction. Predictions are starting to come true and the clock is ticking. The Book of Revelations, Nostradamus and the Dead Sea Scrolls have all warned of this moment, and now it is upon us. The coming of the Antichrist.< Less
Codes of the Cage By Chris Greco
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Christopher Greco is a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer who served during the Cold War. He was stationed in Germany, Italy, and the U.S. He has served as a Staff Officer, Director of... More > Operations, and Vice Commander of Air Force Intelligence Units during his career. Chris has published articles with various periodicals, both in the classified and unclassified areas, mostly on technology and security related topics. He now lives in Baltimore, Maryland.< Less
Harry Finds a Good Murder By Neal Enrick
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Harry Bittercress, a former army MP, struggles to succeed as a private detective. So far, he's only worked on domestic cases, background checks, and insurance claims. He laments that lackluster... More > record to his wife, Cardamine, over black coffee and toast slathered with clover honey (a breakfast habit bordering on obsession). "To make a name for myself, I gotta find a good murder!" Harry gets his chance when he and the missus attend an election-night party. The year is 1952, the dawn of post-war America: Eddie Fisher crooning, the Red Scare, moleskin pants, taffeta dresses, Singin' in the Rain, polio, radio, Ford Mercury Monterey coupes, and atomic energy. Oh, and something even more explosive: teen energy. The changing nation's future seemed uncertain. But some things never change. Murder, for instance. It rears its ugly head at the party. The family, their guests and the household staff are all suspects. It’s up to Harry and Cardamine to figure out whodunnit — before anyone else dies.< Less