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Bad Blood By Guy Young
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Can dead people still bleed? Two dead bodies on two continents are discovered simultaneously both of whom continue to bleed even after their lifeless bodies are found. Is it some new horrific disease... More > or something even more sinister? Follow the two doctors enlisted to help law enforcement unravel the mystery across the globe as they chase many seemingly unrelated clues and learn about other horrors beyond those of the dead bodies. During the fast-paced chase to solve the mystery, Andy and Leila learn as much about themselves and each other as they do about the circumstances of the strange case including confronting issues of religious tolerance. Their journey is not only a discovery of clues, but a self-discovery as well ultimately culminating in both of them having to wrestle with an unimaginable moral dilemma.< Less
Smart Grid: Man in the Middle By Barbara Boehm, Dale Boehm
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Bill Williams lost all the people he loved. His wife died in a car accident and now is former Navy SEAL son was left to die in Benghazi on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Bill heads to Washington... More > to seek answers, but answers are not forthcoming. He is left feeling isolated and alone with very little left to live for. At his son’s funeral he meets Lynda Marshall. Together Bill and Lynda discover a computer virus putting their lives in danger. The virus appears to be part of a conspiracy to manipulate the world’s most powerful leaders through Smart Grid technology. Bill delves into the investigation, but his prodding labels him a Cyber Terrorist. Now, Bill is on the run from government agencies that want to bring him down. Does the virus have anything to do with his son’s death? Will Bill live to find out?< Less
STITCHED TOGETHER: A Quilting Cozy By Carol Dean Jones
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"Stitched Together: A Quilting Cozy" is the story of Sarah and Charles as they face the many joys and challenges of combining their lifestyles and households. Both in their seventies, they... More > discover they each have a lifetime of preferences, priorities, and issues which make compromise sometimes difficult and sometimes rewarding. Sophie reluctantly considers a love interest herself, as family and friends pull together to save one of their own who has been charged with murder. This is the fifth book in the Quilting Cozy series, following "Tie Died," "Running Stitches," "Sea Bound," and "Patchwork Connections." As always, Carol Dean's stories include lots of quilting!"< Less
The Sender By Bushra Satkhed
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The story traces the life of Jennifer Storms, a classy 15 year old girl who lives a normal-happy life with her family in London. Having amazing parents, fun friends and a perfect life, Jennifer has... More > nothing to worry about. Until one night which changes everything. The night of her last day of school, she receives a strange e-mail from an 'Unknown' sender. She ignores it at first assuming it to be meaningless. But when problems arise in the city as mysterious deaths take place, Jennifer realizes that they are all somehow connected to those mails. The lass soon starts her investigation on this matter along with her best mates and sets off to find the sender. Join the adventure and find out how Jennifer's life turns upside down as she reveals the secret of 'THE SENDER'.< Less
Best of the Serial Killer Coloring Book By Rich Hillen Jr
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This is a collection of the 5 issues of the infamous comic book style fanzine: The Serial Killer Coloring Book by Rich Hillen. Originally published from 1999-2001 they have been out of print since... More > 2003. It includes killers to color, activities, interviews, letters from serial killers, serial killer art and serial killer recipes and reviews. Due to popular demand the creator, Rich Hillen Jr, has made the books available in one collection.This is the 2nd printing with a new cover, never before published art, biographies, activities and interviews including an interview with Nico Claux, the Vampire of Paris and amazing artist.< Less
Death By Muttonbird By Simon Dodd
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A fast-paced comedy thriller with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. Coronial investigator Jack Slazenger’s holiday on Lord Howe Island is interrupted when American tourist Harvey Jacob is... More > found dead on Muttonbird Drive, with an equally dead muttonbird sticking out of his ear! Was it truly a case of ‘Death By Incompetent Seabird’, or is something more sinister afoot? On his way to find out, Jack discovers a BASE jumper with a death wish, an attractive itinerant dentist, a Polynesian princess on the run, a deranged Swedish amputee, and the secret to a 60-year-old mystery!< Less
IMPRISONED: The Travails of a Trafficked Victim By Bukola Oriola
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This book, IMPRISONED: The travails of a trafficked victim is an eye opener to the modern day slavery. It is a true story of the author and published to set victims of human trafficking and domestic... More > abuse free from all parts of the world.< Less
Mountain Murders By Darla Saylor Jackson
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Mountain Murders is a compilation of unsolved murders and tales of murder in Harlan County, Kentucky. It is based on cold cases and information gathered by Darla Saylor Jackson.
They Called Her Strawberry By KC Marks
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A must read for anyone interested in the truth about what led to the down-fall of Detroit. This book uncovers how things were done in Detroit during the Kilpatrick administration, and what it cost:... More > lives, careers and multi-million dollar lawsuits. Tamara Greene was gunned down on the streets of Detroit at the age of twenty-seven. It was a drive-by shooting that happened April 30th, 2003. The Detroit Police Department would like us to believe that she was not the intended victim. Multiple people claimed Tamara had confided in them that she feared for her life. Their statements refute that theory. Tamara was rumored to have danced at a party hosted by the ex-mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick. The story of Tamara's murder is woven into a web of politics - shrouded in innuendo - and includes a cover-up of epic proportions. Investigating detectives feared for their lives. Evidence was removed, long standing careers were lost and 10 years later, it has yet to be properly investigated.< Less
Stay After School By Be Davis
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A middle school teacher and single mother finds herself in the middle of a classic whodunit murder mystery that takes place in a small Florida town in the early 1970s. In a world before cell phones,... More > personal computers and the internet, she relies on intuition and trust of others to sort out who might be motivated to take the life of another and figure it all out before they strike again.< Less
Truth Seeker By J. Patrick O'Connor
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TRUTH SEEKER is a thriller about a Native American Intelligence Operative investigating the murder of three Washington Journalists, when he uncovers a Brazilian Mafia conspiracy that has serious... More > repercussions for the United States Government. Billy Tyson "Wolf Tracker," the Father of the main character, an Apache Tribal Chief in New Mexico, met Rebecca, his Mother, on a Kibbutz in Israel, where Billy was sent to learn about the Israel farming methods. They married and had a son, who became a special intelligence agent for the U.S. Government. J. Patrick O'Connor holds dual nationality, Irish and American. He was educated in the United States and spent twenty years in Private Security and Intelligence work for Governments and International Companies, both in the United States and Europe. He has had several non-fiction books published and this is his first fiction novel.< Less
Murder on the Golden State By Mark Malmkar
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MURDER ON THE GOLDEN STATE Wayne Darnell, a senior FBI agent in the Chicago field office picked up the phone. The Southern Pacific Railroad Police reported a crime scene in a sleeping car on one of... More > their premier passenger trains, the Golden State. The evidence was one of the bedrooms contained bullet holes and blood. As he listened to the agent on the phone from the train station in Los Angeles, he was stunned by one critical detail. Tony Fiorelli, one of the dispatchers at J & L Express, a trucking company in northern Chicago, is confronted by the realization that he is a marked man. The mob is going to kill him, and it seems imminent that the Feds are going to arrest him. Can he get away from them both?< Less
Shadows On Iron Mountain By Chuck Walsh
Paperback: $13.95
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Thomas Jordan, a hardnosed detective from Knoxville, is called in to investigate the disappearance of Kara Lisle, who was abducted from a cabin in the remote backwoods of East Tennessee. As the... More > search begins, local fishermen find the body of Patricia Darby floating in nearby Doe Creek. As Jordan scours Iron Mountain to find Darby’s killer, as well as locate Kara, he finds himself immersed in a world where laws of another kind exist. He discovers a land cold and calloused, its inhabitants untrusting. As the body count rises, he finds the only way to bring the killer to justice is to enlist the services of one of Iron Mountain’s own.< Less
Murder In The Cards By Nell DuVall
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Leah Chernowski discovers more in the Tarot cards than she wants to know when she reads them for Ted Muccino, a sexy skeptic who doubts both her and the cards. Even her best friend Tula Mohr predicts... More > love for the two. However, dreams show a hidden enemy determined to kill Ted. Leah must first convince the stubborn Italian an enemy exists and then unravel clues to the man’s identity before she and Ted can find love.< Less
Blood in the Studio By Jeffrey LaRocque
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When regular-guy Larry Jaroque gets a big break and enters the fast-paced world of talk radio, he never imagines the dark underbelly of broadcasting he’s about to encounter. Desperate to find... More > the coworker that’s sabotaging his budding career, Larry embarks on a journey of justice and revenge. Can Larry race against the clock to find his saboteur, all while keeping his sexy girlfriend Vivien satisfied? Careers – and lives – hang in the balance ...while an entire nation listens!< Less
True Heaven By Ronald J. Fabian
Paperback: $17.00
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Have you ever asked yourself if there is a heaven? Have you ever asked yourself what it would take to get to heaven? Have you ever asked what it means to be truly humble? Have you ever asked yourself... More > why you need hope, or maybe you don’t really need hope? Ron Fabian asks all these questions and more in a novel that will leave you asking more questions than there are answers. I have never before now read a book in which philosophy and theology are wrapped around a who-done-it theme. If you like a good mystery, and you like to wrestle with the essential questions of life, you will like this book.< Less
We, The Network By Rob London
Hardcover: $39.99
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Neil Reese doesn’t want to change the world. He wants what everyone wants: not to be screwed over. So when a fraudulent online transaction robs him of his hard earned money, he fights back.... More > He rallies his online friends who together create a social networking site called The Consortium to amass support for a boycott. Before long the owner of the hapless company calls Neil and pleads for The Consortium to stop. Neil realizes he has won. With Neil at the helm, The Consortium’s growing online membership pressures him to challenge larger targets, including Big Oil. The dirty tactics of Big Oil catapult The Consortium into a battle with corrupt corporate America. A gas station is then ignominiously attacked by masked men, and The Consortium is accused by the media of domestic terrorism. Neil suddenly finds himself the target of deadly forces he had never before imagined; evil forces shrouded in the veil of law, and steeped in greed.< Less
A Brother's Betrayal By Trevonte Myers, Ciera Strong
Paperback: $3.00
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Sex, Lies, and Betrayal leads two brothers; Rome and Jewel into putting their multi-million dollar empire at stake over a manipulative love interest that will stop at nothing but to see the two... More > brothers take each other out. Will Rome and Jewel's hatred for one another lead them into building a bigger empire or will the brother's clashing egos result in death?< Less
Procne's Revenge and Other Thea Sabil-Born Adventures By Johanna Evans
Paperback: $3.72
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This is a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes in which the primary roles are taken by women.
Maya Times and The Fracking Mystery By Kililani Rhein
Paperback: $10.95
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A girl named Maya saves her community from an illegal fracking company while juggling her love life. Written by 12-year-old Kililani Rhein
Gold Eaters By R. DeShongh Dalrymple
Paperback: $21.50
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Jerry Lane is a drunk and troublemaker, so it makes no sense when he is offered a position by a respectable mining company. While attempting to uncover the company’s motive, a young woman... More > appears before him in spirit form asking for help, mine security officers vanish and the mine president and his family disappear. As chief engineer now responsible for the mine Lane is pressed to solve these mysteries, and in the process finds the unexpected within himself.< Less
Where the Grass Weeps By Victor Pirooz Darai
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Thomas moves to Uppsala shortly after the murder of his girlfriend. Thomas is the prime suspect, but he had an alibi. He takes a summer job in the city’s infamous mental institution, where few... More > days later a nurse is murdered. Detective Hanz takes on the case. Investigating the victim’s whereabouts before her death brings Hanz and his partner to a farmhouse where the victim's father lived. They find his body buried in his basement. The preliminary investigations hit an impasse. An incident in Thomas’ apartment turns detective’s attention to an unlikeliest of suspects. The detectives go back to the farmhouse and find the suspect there. They kill him in a shootout. The case is closed. Hanz takes few days off and spends time with his girlfriend. In one occasion, Hanz listens to a CD, a birthday present from his daughter. The music reminds him of an incident that happened at the ward, where all the victims worked. He realizes that another nurse's life is in jeopardy, and he has only few hours to stop it.< Less
Body Sharing By Kent Ravenscroft
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Body Sharing: The drug war, the CIA, and Haitian Voodoo, is about the intoxicating mix of Caribbean drug traffickers, CIA operatives, Louisiana locals, psychiatrists and plastic surgeons, embroiled... More > in a federal drug prosecution. As the hero, a world-class plastic surgeon in a CIA witness protection program, reconstructs the face of a beautiful Haitian witness, his own career and personal identity are nearly destroyed. Putting his surgical team and family in mortal danger from the Haitian-Jamaican drug cartel, he is sabotaged by inner demons from his aristocratic New Orleans childhood, early sexual trauma, and voodoo possession out in a Louisiana bayoux. Close to death, he makes a surprising discovery about a Creole patriarch and voodoo priest, and they rise together like the tide of the Mississippi Delta to overcome powerful forces of evil.< Less
Jughead By CJ Frye
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On probation, banned from the only job he knows, out of money, Roger and Susan thought things couldn’t get worse – until they are tormented by Jughead and his lawless, close-knit southern... More > clan who wreak further havoc on their lives. Jughead is the first installment in CJ Frye’s “southern crimes” series. Set in Palmetto and Rico Georgia, CJ Frye gives a local flavor to southern psycho terror.< Less
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