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Shadow of the Templar: Double Down By M. Chandler
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"Hypothetically, I was wondering how you'd feel about working on the side of the good guys. On a purely contractual and highly erratic basis, mind you." Little did Simon suspect the... More > explosive consequences that would arise from his offer. Because now Jeremy Archer has a double: another thief with skills and abilities eerily similar to Jeremy's own. When this mysterious double falls afoul of Simon and his team, Simon asks for Jeremy's help, because who better to catch Jeremy Archer than... Jeremy Archer? If Jeremy Archer is anything, however, he's unpredictable--and there's more at stake here than Simon could have imagined. Because in the halls of the FBI 'double' has another meaning... The second book in the Shadow of the Templar series, newly revised and updated for the trade paperback edition!< Less
Shadow of the Templar: With A Bullet By M. Chandler
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(4 Ratings)
For Jeremy Archer, it all starts with a simple phone call from halfway around the world. For Simon Drake, it all started three years ago... Now a madman from Simon's past is on the loose, claiming... More > his revenge on Simon and his team, one member at a time... and no one who stands in his way is safe. No one. Not even Jeremy Archer. The third novel in the Shadow of the Templar series, newly revised and updated for the trade paperback edition!< Less
Detention By Doeneseya Bates
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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(Prequel to Dangerous Love) Lila was new in town. She had to start over at a new school and adapt to her new life, but some things in her life didn’t change. She didn’t think she would... More > find sanctuary in the school’s most alluring guy. Every girl likes a bad boy once in their life. I don’t think Lila knew how bad he would get.< Less
The Assassination of George W. Bush: A Love Story By Krandall Kraus
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John “Jack” Quincy Adams grew up in Midland, Texas with a crush on Laura Welch. But Jack went into the Secret Service and Laura married a wealthy Texas playboy. Jack soared in the... More > Service, becoming “One”, the agent assigned to protect the president. First George H. W. Bush, then Bill Clinton, and now his former sweetheart’s husband, George W. Bush. Jack has twins: a single-parent daughter and a gay son with a family. Soon Jack is tortured by what he observes in The White House: Laura trapped in a life she hates; gay people like his son Quincy and his family scapegoated to distract from the war in Iraq; the country on an economic downward spiral. As a true conservative patriot, a man in love and sworn to protect the Constitution and the people of the United States, Jack realizes the fate of everyone he loves is in his hands. There is only one course possible—assassinate the president.< Less
The Sherman Letter By Leonard Palmer
Paperback: $14.95
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(2 Ratings)
Highlighted by the original, unpublished Civil War letters of William T. Shepherd, The Sherman Letter travels between the Gulf War era and the Spring, 1865 odyssey of Standford Short and the... More > notorious SHERMAN LETTER.< Less
Cassie's Curse By Rod Martinez
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The Hulk, Sinatra, Pretty Boy - nicknames of three friends in the small Florida town of Cobra Lake. “Sinatra” is Olivia Kelly, cute, smart, talented and driven; “Pretty Boy”... More > is Devin Yau, funny, athletic and addicted to CSI TV shows; “The Hulk” is Cassie Saunders and Cassie has a secret, and she promised herself she’d always keep it to herself. The eleven year old has a mark on her wrist, it looks like a tattoo and she hides it by covering it with her watch, a watch that doesn’t even work anymore. Cassie is the daughter of a very important man in town, but she wasn’t born with the mark that looks like a cobra, it mysteriously appeared one day… the day her grandmother died. The three friends are on a mission to find out how she died and the only clue is the mark on Cassie's wrist.< Less
Family Illusions By Michael Tadman
Paperback: $21.95
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Sue Charter and her siblings supplied DNA to identify her dead brother Harry Charter. Now the airline informs Sue that she is not related to her surviving brother or sister. Her father is certain... More > there was no adoption. Everyone seems to be telling the truth. Yet her DNA does not match her birth family. Ever think you have been born into the wrong family< Less
Gordian Knot By Joseph DiFrancesco
Paperback: $14.99
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Rob Turner is a big city detective who leads a double life. On the surface he’s a cocky, high-profile and successful public servant. On the inside he’s a diseased man obsessed with dark... More > sexual addictions. He’s already hip deep in a fierce battle of wills when he finds himself, by way of his ex-wife, thrown into a bizarre rogue investigation born from a doomed airliner’s black box. He must now run head-long into places he’s tried all too often to run from. The closer he gets to the root of this ad hoc probe, the deeper it cuts into his own plagued psyche. Before he knows it, doors he’s dared open in the past, sandwich him between doors newly entered. Now sex, murder and blackmail are attacking this detective’s already tormented soul from every direction, and time is not his friend.< Less
The New York Scout By Bridge McSurely
Paperback: $5.99
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One month ago, Zachary Johnson and his twin brother Manny robbed a bank and stole eight million dollars. A detective named Alexi Garcia is investigating their case. They have to find a way to stop... More > her. They want to find a way to track her, so they hire a girl from her graduate school to find her. But the question is: would she break the law to make thousands of dollars?< Less
Root From Infertile Ground By Thomas H. Reed
Paperback: $11.00
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Jodie’s whole purpose in life was to nurture abused youngster back to physical and emotional health. There was only one problem with Jodie’s aim; she had a tendency to allow her heart to... More > become involved with each new ward. But a quick glimpse into Jodie’s own battered background, will help to understand why she perceives the abuse of homeless children as a very personal injury.< Less
The Angels' Share By Alice Kendrick
Paperback: $14.25
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Six men bonded in infancy, growing up in a small South Carolina town, gather annually to celebrate their life histories, their common journey. Together with their wives, they experience a weekend on... More > a Caribbean island none of them will ever forget.< Less
Leichia Reilly, Your Family Is Waiting By Linda Crystal
Paperback: $17.99
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Leichia Reilly, 21 disappeared from the Pierce Arrow Restaurant, West Seneca, NY in 1985 while in the company of an off duty New York State Trooper, Daniel Rose. Leichia was never seen alive again.... More > Leichia is presumed dead and still missing after 29 years.< Less
Flashing in the Eye of the Impeller By Cliff Robison
Paperback: $11.99
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Rob is a telephone repair man, going about his daily business, until his car explodes. Suddenly, he is a pawn in someone else's game - and no one is sure what game it is.
The Runaway By Mary Lib Tierney
Paperback: $3.85
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This is a story with elements of both mystery and psychological drama. It's set in a simpler time, but a time, like any other in history, that came with its own stresses ! The reader may recognize... More > some of these characters as familiar, yet be amazed by some of the warm and mystical twists of the plot.< Less
CatRebelChic By Rawan Alhussaini
Hardcover: $34.97
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The Trait of Toru! Naitokurora! Translated as Toru! Night Crawler! Toru isTwenty-Five years old, who is living up to her dreams of becoming...the darkness Night Crawler. The Overall Novel, involve... More > mysteries and chaoses. However, the novel is based on a Japanese American Culture which revenge has the power. Toru is capable of reaching what really drives her insane. It goes to her past and toward her future. Also, Includes confusion and nonsense. Moreover, includes romance.< Less
The Complete Cases of Cass Blue, Volume 1 By John Lawrence, Ed Hulse
Hardcover: $34.95
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Limited edition hardcover, only 100 made. New York-based private investigator Cass Blue is a morally flexible tough guy who backs up his hard-boiled rhetoric with frequent applications of the... More > blackjack he carries in a hip pocket. No case is too seedy or sordid for him to take, and he’s capable of taking as much as he dishes out when it’s necessary. The cops don’t trust him much more than they do the criminals, but that doesn’t keep him from giving clients full value for their retainers. The Cass Blue yarns are related in the first person by stylish pulp writer John Lawrence, who guides his protagonist through a maze of conventional plots and countless gunfights. What the series lacks in polish and innovation, it makes up for with vigorous action and the tough-as-nails attitude that gave Dime Detective the distinctive flavor that made it the most important crime pulp excepting the legendary Black Mask.< Less
Should No One Join Me By Wade D. Sheffield
Paperback: List Price: $13.99 $11.19 You Save: 20%
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A Christian-based Novel of suspense and intrigue. A young man escapes into the wilderness hoping to find his way in the world. But what Colby Stuart finds is a young woman clinging to life. A mystery... More > soon unfolds that set Colby and Gloria in race against time and a villain who wants nothing more than to see Gloria dead. Along the way, they discover love and find God’s perfect will for their lives.< Less
The Investigations Begin By Charles Neuf, CPP
Paperback: $12.95
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He Investigation begins is pocket book #2 in a five book series of real life private detective short stories taken from The Investigator's files. Charles E Neuf is The Investigator, a retired... More > Illinois State Trooper/Detective of 16 years and a licensed Private Detective in Illinois, St. Louis, Mo.and the State of Kentucky for 28 years,< Less
The Mississippi Murders A Thomas Gunn Novel Book 1 By Thomas Linnell
Paperback: $15.00
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Thomas Gunn is a media liaison for three Northern New Hampshire law enforcement agencies, who gets a call from a old friend from college to go down to the Gulf coast of Mississippi to solve a murder.
Silent Secrets By E.A. Stephens
Paperback: List Price: $10.00 $9.50 You Save: 5%
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A young women comes back to town to take care of business but not in the way her friends are thinking as she started out in the beginning upon her arrival in town.
The Adventures of Phillip Carter, Volume 1 By Jerry von Lind
Hardcover: $30.00
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Phillip Carter is a New York City Private Investigator in the World War 2 era. His exploits are full of mystery and intrigue as is his own background. Each episode brings you closer to revealing... More > more about him and his exciting and mysterious life.< Less
Still Dead After All These Years By John Hunt
Paperback: $18.50
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Usually Death is the end; but what happens when Blackmail,Love and Revenge all find their way into death? Can the body stay dead forever?
The Sorrow By Azhar Lorgat
Paperback: $19.99
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The Sorrow is a dark crime story that explores the consequences of pain, and losing yourself to it. Jack Mercer is a struggling cop caught between two worlds - trying to protect his wife and... More > daughter by staying under the radar, or taking the fight to his enemies. When a breakthrough threatens to uncover grand secrets about the mob, their hand is forced and Jack returns home one night to find his family brutally murdered. Three weeks later he receives a phone call from his dead daughter. As Jack chases the ghost of his child, he discovers a darkness within him; a bloodlust that he cannot control.< Less
The Imposter By Sarah Pratt
Paperback: List Price: $18.95 $16.11 You Save: 15%
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Amidst the chaos left in back alleyways and side streets, the Marker wages war against corruption in the crime-ridden metropolitan city of Ashden. Cloaked in a hood and a trench coat, he administers... More > justice one villain at a time. In his wake, investigative journalist Chris Verlorne observes and reports on the deeds of this hooded vigilante. When he stumbles upon the trail of a hidden arsonist serial killer, Chris vows to hunt him down and bring him to justice. But with no one else believing a killer is on the loose, Chris’ world begins to spiral out of control. What he finds out might end up hitting too close to home. Can he stop the killer before he strikes again?< Less
Hurricanes in Exile By Claude Brickell
Paperback: $21.00
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Murder, mystery and mayhem in madcap New Orleans! When ex-Marine Tobias Cochran arrives in New Orleans after his discharge, he right away encounters a murder of the pretty female bartender he has... More > taken a liking to. And he is determined to solve the crime... if it kills him!< Less