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The Grass Cutter-A Pine Ridge Mystery By Don Narus
Paperback: $8.95
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The cynical New York attitude is gone. The residents of The Royal Palms condos are happy in a euphoria of sorts. It's party time. What brought about this change? And than a resident goes missing.... More > Some say good riddance. Money is missing from the Woman's Club, is one of their own a thief? Then a body turns up, it's murder. Whats going on?< Less
The Volunteer By Barbara M. Olson
Paperback: $15.50
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The local hospital hires Eric and Bertha on the pretense of checking their efficiency level. There were several mysterious deaths in the last few years at the hospital and the home attached to the... More > hospital. Several agents go under cover as volunteers and discover someone is murdering patients under the guise of mercy killings. It is their job to find the identity of the person before more killings take place.< Less
Erika By Donald Keith Kirk
Paperback: $11.95
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A science-fiction detective mystery, Tradepaper (softcover) Edition. Hardcover also available. Four world-renowned scientists, once working together, separated now, doing their own research and... More > experimentation because of a disagreement: the ultimate utility of their startling creation. Germany is turned upside down by a freelance photographer who stumbles onto a sinister plot that could change the world. Can he stop it? Trains, car chases, and a beautiful and mysterious women will change his life forever. Reviewers have said it’s a “campy cross between a Raymond Chandler detective mystery and the sci-fi of Karle Capek’s R.U.R.” and “a dark tale which gleefully employs beautiful women, dungeons, mad scientists, and a terribly mixed up detective.” Erika is “a detective story that marches to its own drummer…marching through many deft descriptions of contemporary Europe and ending in a surprising and dark climax.” “You won’t be able to put this book down.”< Less
Living Dead Girl By Kimberly Vogel
Paperback: $7.50
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First Age, Year 942 The detective Drag Shergi is presented with a curious case. There is a young girl who is an amnesiac. The only thing she can remember is the name Mary Sukii. Who is this girl?... More > The one she referred to is dead. They both look strangely similar too...< Less
The Missing Paraclete By Kimberly Vogel
Paperback: $8.00
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First Age, Year 945 Drag Shergi stumbles across a toy. It holds more of a story than what it appears to be. A broken youth appears. Rather than being a protector, he himself needs to be protected.... More > Even so, he refuses to give up on his quest. There is someone important the youth must find, even if it costs him his existence.< Less
Threnody in the Mausoleum By Kimberly Vogel
Paperback: $7.50
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First Age, Year 943 On his way out of a barbershop, Drag Shergi is lured to the graveyard. There he’s pulled into a situation where the past and present intermingle. Who is this person that... More > he’s become? Why is there such pain every time he thinks about the name on the mausoleum? Who is Temenuzha?< Less
City of Malice By Shadleigh T. Brown
Paperback: $21.99
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City of Malice by Shadleigh T. Brown
A Gift for Mother's Day By K.C. Hardy
Paperback: List Price: $27.99 $14.00 You Save: 50%
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What happens if a serial killer is never caught? Are there retirement homes for mass murderers? Sam Wheeler is a damaged social worker haunted by his past. When he begins to suspect there is a... More > killer living at the Pines Residential Care Home his biggest problem is getting anyone else to believe him. His boss thinks he’s burnt out. The manager of the home believes the unexplained deaths are all unfortunate accidents. The police are too busy solving ‘proper’ crimes. And his therapist has her own issues to deal with, but gets entangled in his crackpot theories despite her best efforts to keep her distance. Teddy didn’t see himself as a killer. He was on a crusade to rid the world of his mother, one woman at a time.< Less
Dead Letters (galley edition) By David Manning
Paperback: $14.95
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(lower cost Galley Edition) Labor Day 1989: Duncan Twist's sleazy client, Nick Varnish, has loaned him a cottage overlooking the salt marshes of Dusktide Beach, a barrier island in southeast North... More > Carolina. Just to the south lies Lorn Island, which is deserted, except for one ethereal resident: the Kindred Spirit. Duncan coincidentally encounters a former lover, Tendency Specter, who introduces him to the Kindred Spirit. In turn, the Kindred Spirit introduces him to an unnamed person who has mysteriously disappeared. Intrigued as much by their rekindling relationship as they are by the missing person, Duncan and Tendency begin investigating. As they grapple with both the growing mystery and each other, curious events continue to interrupt both interests. A skeleton half-buried in the sand seems to indicate murder... or maybe not. Or are there two skeletons? Is the skeleton a murder victim or has it been there since the Civil War? Only the Kindred Spirit knows the answers, and it's not talking.< Less
Empire of the Wheel II: Friends From Sonora By Walter Bosley
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $12.00 You Save: 40%
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Author and investigator Walter Bosley takes the reader deeper into the strange events surrounding the suspected San Bernardino Working murders of 1915. In this volume, the identities of two of the... More > victims are revealed amid an unexpected backdrop of the Great Airship Mystery and the Old West.< Less
Silent Scream By Yvonne Mason
Paperback: $20.56
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The screams which have been silent for thirty four years are no longer silent. They now have a voice. July, 1972 Nancy Trotter and Pamela Sue Wells were taken to a remote area on South... More > Hutchinson Island in Martin County tied, gagged and hung. They were left to die. But they managed to escape. This escape led to an investigation of a crime that before 1972 had no name. Law enforcement was in uncharted waters. The crime serial killings. The killer Gerard Schaefer. Nancy Trotter and Pamela Wells were just two of the nine known and possibly as high as 34 unknown victims. They ranged from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Europe and N. Africa. Silent Scream finally gives the victims a voice – Their screams are no longer silent and with that voice comes peace.< Less
Killer Cure By Aeriell Lawton
Hardcover: List Price: $20.72 $18.65 You Save: 10%
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Killer Cure is murder mystery set in the backdrop of a pharmaceutical company that claims to have found the medical cure for MS. One researcher has found the data sent to the FDA does not match the... More > actual results of testing and before she can inform anyone is killed. Thus our intrepid detective begin their investigation.< Less
Amber Oak Mysteries By Ceara Comeau
Paperback: List Price: $8.96 $7.17 You Save: 20%
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Short stories of a spunky teenage girl who solves various mysteries with her friends.
Adventures of the Young and Curious By Ceara Comeau
Paperback: List Price: $10.94 $8.75 You Save: 20%
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Mystery stories written by a teen. These stories are about various teens that come across different types of mysteries and their attempt to solve them. Will they be able to or will it remain a... More > mystery?< Less
The Strangler Fig By John Stephen Strange
Paperback: List Price: $17.95 $16.16 You Save: 10%
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In 1922, on his private island off the coast of Florida, on a calm, lovely evening, Senator Stephen Huntington walked out on the terrace for an after-dinner cigar, and was never seen again. Local... More > superstition has it that he was devoured by the strangler fig, a tropical vine that spreads itself onto other plants and kills again and again, slaying relentlessly and without compunction anything that stands in the path of its growth. Seven years later, Bolivar Brown accepts an invitation to vacation on the island with Huntington’s family and some of the Senator’s former friends. When a hurricane batters the island, clean-up crews soon find the dead strangler fig vine wrapped around a body dressed in the Senator’s clothes. That evening another victim is strangled. Bolivar Brown is compelled to discover the truth buried beneath the passions and ambitions of the Senator's former friends before another falls victim to the strangler fig.< Less
Amber Oak And The Missing Links By Ceara Comeau
Paperback: List Price: $12.92 $11.63 You Save: 10%
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Time is running out as Amber uncovers clues to her family's past. She will have to go to great lengths to save her family and her friends. Along the journey, the young sleuth comes face to face with... More > a truth that has been hidden from her sight; a truth that can only save her loved ones.< Less
Defender Of The Night By Kelly Nicklay
Paperback: $9.99
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Chicago Illinois has turned into a nightmare for Duchess Parker. She just crossed paths with The Disciplinarians. A fiercely brutal gang of killers who want her dead more than anything. Lieutenant... More > Clive Rhodes has been assigned to protect Duchess. Will he stop The Disciplinarians before it's too late?< Less
Amber Oak Mysteries-Volume 2 By Ceara Comeau
Paperback: List Price: $11.25 $9.56 You Save: 15%
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In this second volume of Amber Oak, the young teen sleuth faces more challenges and dangers then ever before. Does she have what it takes to solve these mysteries or will the secrets of those around... More > her change her life forever?< Less
Pryor Survival By Ken Delahoussaye
Paperback: List Price: $23.49 $19.97 You Save: 15%
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Never in his wildest imagination did seventeen-year-old Jason Pryor ever think he'd be a homeless fugitive. Born to suburban middle-class parents, he was an honor student and star athlete who was... More > destined to live the American dream. But his life was drastically changed when his Marine Corps father suddenly disappeared while on a mission overseas. Following the devastating loss, his mother nearly suffered an emotional collapse. In an effort to meet the exhorbitant costs for her medical care, Jason commits a serious error in judgment that eventually leads him to a dangerous & hostile life on the streets. When he eventually finds refuge in a gang of teenage delinquents, he discovers that his problems have only just begun. Enduring a meager existence in the shadows, he learns that divine rescue can occur through the most unlikely people and circumstances.< Less
ONCE UPON A CRIME - Catching up with hell By Ikechukwu Morah
Paperback: List Price: $5.00 $4.75 You Save: 5%
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The fictional story of a man who looses entire family as a child. With vengeance in his mind he grew up abandoned and set up in all imaginable criminal activities. He is feared by all and was even... More > feared by the government who finally unleashed their final weapon on him - Ike. This was a one-man army who took care of him after serious gunfights as well as hand to hand combats. He is known to have been so much into criminal activities from prostitution rings and drug dealing through human trafficking and assassinations to kidnapping and bank heists. He even kidnaps the president of his country. A chronic bachelor, he kills all his lovers.< Less
Shadows of the Music Industry By Michael Hur
Paperback: $39.97
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Shadows of the Music Industry is an account of the untold history regarding artists, and events of the music industry. The book explores the hidden stories of Satanism, the occult, mind-control,... More > cover ups, and the death of various artists from the 1930’s to the 2000s. Shadows of the Music Industry takes the reader into an exploration of the aspects that surrounded the lives of some of the most successful artists in music industry history. The chapters presented here are the unauthorized stories that are based upon testimony, case-files, and law enforcement records.< Less
When Choices Are Taken: A Young Girls' Journey Into Hell By Belynda Kitts
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $13.49 You Save: 10%
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With no one to turn too, young Victoria is forced to live a dual life. To her friends she is energetic, adventurous and fun to be around. What they don't know is that Victoria harbors dark secrets,... More > secrets she can't even tell the priest. Inspired by true events, book one of three chronicles her tumultuous life that will leave readers questioning their own morality as Victoria makes a decision that ultimately decides her fate. *Names and places have been changed and in no way reflect the characters. The content of this book contains explicit material and is not suitable for anyone under 17.< Less
Heaven By Alistair Canlin
eBook (PDF): $1.58
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Heaven is a lap dancing club run by Jack Fisher and Max Morton. To say it has a reputation is an understatement. They do not call it Heaven for nothing. The exploits around the club are being... More > investigated by the police, and they set up an undercover investigation. But things are not always what they seem. The lines between love & hate, business & pleasure become blurred, as you are thrown into a world of shady criminals, bent coppers and beautiful women. Can you keep up? Or is Heaven too much for you?< Less
Until the Music Fades Out By Poker Face Henry
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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What seemed to be a regular Thursday afternoon for rapper/jacker, Dexter "Psycho" Quick, turned into a tune that was hard to dance to. A drive-by shooting on a dice game turned friends into... More > enemies and enemies into friends as a convoluted plot introduced a chain link effect on strangers and associates alike. Follow Psycho through his conflicts of love, lifestyle and mental afflictions that write the theme music of his life. The melody that could very well have us all nodding our heads in unison... Until the music fades out.< Less
Lark Farm - In Flanders Fields - By Peter C. Johnson
eBook (ePub): $4.95
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Lark Farm - In Flanders Fields - tells the tale of a double murder set in the heart of the World War I battlefields of Flanders, Belgium. To escape his failed marriage, Scotland Yard Inspector Nigel... More > Hendrick embarks on a leisurely cycling tour in West Flanders. He and his ghostly bicycle, Max Mobilier, are inseparable partners as Nigel immerses himself in the Great War's history of tragic loss. Suddenly, he has to abort his gentle ride when his skills are needed to solve a terrible crime, during which he must risk his own life.< Less