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This is Martin Hacon's true story. It tells of how martin has beaten the odds against a currupt Jersey Channel Islands legal system. Martin has produced this book against the odds, having been... More > seriously disabled by an accident.< Less
The Face Of Deception By Iris Johansen
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An unidentified skull... A trail of terrifying secrets... And a woman whose talented hands could reveal the shocking truth... As a forensic sculptor, Eve Duncan helps identify the dead from their... More > skulls. Her own daughter murdered and her body never found, the job is Eve's way of coming to terms with her personal nightmare. But more terror lies ahead when she accepts work from billionaire John Logan. Beneath her gifted hands a face emerges from the skull he has given her to reconstruct—a face no one was ever meant to see. Now Eve is trapped in a frightening web of murder and deceit. Powerful enemies are determined to cover up the truth, and they will make certain that truth goes to the grave...even if Eve gets buried with it.< Less
Shadow of the Templar: High Fidelity By M. Chandler
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A fellow FBI agent with an old grudge picks Simon as the instrument of his revenge. And he knows the hidden truth behind one of Simon's closest-kept secrets... or does he? On the other side of the... More > world, two steps ahead of a ruthless, implacable foe accidentally set on his trail by Simon, Jeremy Archer is running for his life... or is he? Now Simon finds himself torn between his job and his responsibilities, forced to make the ultimate choice, and no matter what he decides, he'll lose something important... or will he? Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity... or Jeremy? The fourth and final novel in the Shadow of the Templar series, newly revised for the trade paperback edition!< Less
Nimby eBook By Rosa M. Feeney
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Things are going just as planned for Gabriella Estephan, a legal intern, in line for a position in one of the most prestigious law firms in Manhattan. A new husband, new house and the job of her... More > dreams. That is, until she unknowingly becomes entangled in a legal-political web that jeopardizes her home, family and career. Rosa M. Feeney is a New York Attorney and author. While she has been published in several legal periodicals, this is her first novel.< Less
K2 - Book 7 By geoff wolak
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The K2 team are separated. With the castle snowed in, Johno, Helen and Thomas head off to the Caribbean for a holiday, but find themselves kidnapped, a struggle to escape and to survive whilst the... More > castle is attacked. Beesely is on his own, up against a determined and skilled opponent, as Otto tries to deliver his baby in the middle of a battle.< Less
Wah Mee By Todd Matthews
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One night in 1983, three young men walked into the oldest gambling club in Seattle's Chinatown to carry out a bold heist. When they walked away, they left behind 13 dead, one eyewitness, and an... More > infamous chapter of Pacific Northwest history. Through historic photographs, newspaper reports, court documents, original reporting and interviews with many people close to the case, "Wah Mee" -- a true-crime, regional history e-book that began as a serialized newspaper feature by award-winning journalist Todd Matthews -- recounts this story. For more information, please visit< Less
The Case of the Stolen Jewelry By Charles E. Morgan III
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While collecting soda pop bottles, Jimmy Carson (Operative Three) makes a startling discovery. There are diamonds hidden inside a bottle! When he reports his find to Brains (X), the Benton and... More > Carson International Detective Agency swings into high gear. Trying to find the jewel thieves leads them on a journey fraught with mystery and danger. Run ins with a gang of juvenile delinquents lead to some hair-raising trouble!< Less
And Got Away Clean By Richard Grogan
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“And Got Away Clean” is set in the year, 1956. The protagonist is an old man who meets a college student, and tells her the story of a series of adventures he had more than fifty years... More > ago. Back then, he set out to do a walking-tour of the New England coastline from southern Massachusetts up to northern Maine. Along the way, he got a job picking blueberries, met a young woman and fell in love, discovered a treasure of sorts, and then was forced to deal with the repercussions of that discovery for many years to come.< Less
Rock Hard By Geoffrey Merrick
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The renegade white slaver known only as Tyler is back, fighting to save an avenging heroine from a depraved rock star, his perverted roadies, his sadistic groupies, and his evil management. From the... More > steel and glass prisons of New York to the glittering tinsel town sin centers of Los Angeles, Tyler battles the worse demons modern society has to offer!< Less
The Story of Heidi Strong By KP
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Heidi Strong is a typical teenage girl, bright, friendly and curious about life. So when she discovers a box of photos while clearing out her attic for her mother, she begins to discover more about... More > her family, and also about what sort of games she likes to play. In this collection of stories, we follow Heidi as she meets an aunt she never knew existed, and through her and her fiends a love of games an situations where she finds herself bound, gagged and helpless - sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not. As her circle of friends grows, she realises she enjoys the helplessness, but every so often real life has a habit of intruding... This collection first appeared at the KP Presents site, but this is the first time they have all been collected in one book. Read how Heidi celebrates her birthday, the Festive season, and how a slumber party brings yet more players into her circle.< Less
An Education By Kev Pickering
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For Jenny and Cassie Craig, it started with a question that came to their minds after watching a Scooby Doo movie - what was it really like to be a damsel in distress, unable to move or speak?... More > Their efforts to answer that question would prove invaluable as they faced robbers and home invaders, as well as the most frightening thing a child can face - making new friends and confronting their enemies. Despite their youth, both Cassie and Jenny discover more about themselves, what they like, and their family as over a year they learn new games, new techniques, and have new experiences - all part of their education of life and what it can bring. In this book, the events are seen through the eyes of innocents, who bring their own perspective to bear on what to some could be terrifying, and to others different experiences.< Less
Criss Cross By Joseph DeMark
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The City of Brotherly Love is stunned by the sniper killing of an EMS Technician as he administers aid to victims of a previous shooting. Walter Spotsman (Spots), is a hardened Chief of Detectives... More > with the Philadelphia Police Department. A dying man’s whisper, ‘criss cross’, echoes a chapter of Spots’ past, and projects him into a harrowing chase for justice. Unlike most Chief of D’s, Spots personally takes charge of the investigation, engaging in a tenacious pursuit to apprehend the shooter. Utilizing his Marine sniper experience, Spots tries to anticipate every move of the shooter responsible for the cold blooded murder of his close friend and EMS Technician, Vince Scardini. When the river docks and the Badlands of Philly become the final venue of the chase, the two legged rats of the city comprehend Spots’ true tenacity.< Less
The Pegasus Affair By B. Davis Greer
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....AN ASSAULT ON THE HOMELAND! FBI Agent Rab Jacobson, like many top-notch professionals, finds his personal world falling apart. His misguided priorities have cost him his wife, his young... More > daughter and even his faith. He is a good cop who has lost his way. As he tries to sort things out, he must defer his own priorities in order to neutralize a diabolical terrorist plot against the United States. He teams up with an old college chum and fellow “Aggie” (OSI Agent Shawn Brubaker) to investigate the series of attacks. First an airliner departing from Boston’s Logan IAP is sabotaged. Then a prominent politician’s plane crashes mysteriously. Now the senator from Florida is dead. Who’s next? Where will the next disaster occur? Someone had better find out fast! The trail of terror leads up the East Coast, from Florida to Washington, DC. Thousands of lives are at stake, and the clock is ticking!< Less
The Black Bat Omnibus Volume 2 By Norman A. Daniels
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Limited edition hardcover, only 100 made. The Black Bat returns! This collection contains the next three adventures of the Black Bat: "The Black Bat’s Challenge," "The Black... More > Bat’s Spy Trail," and "The Black Bat’s Crusade," uncut and restored. It's the next volume of the complete reprinting of the series.< Less
Danger By Adriana Vee
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Kelsey Jones was once just an ordinary girl living in Stratford with an ordinary life. Little did she know how one Friday night party would change her future forever.
Family Plots By C. G. Eberle
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When John Seraph's neighbor is murdered, John goes on the warpath to bring the killer to justice and he unearths forgotten atrocities left over from World War Two. John Seraph's newest challenge... More > begins when he finds Rory Duffy's dead body in his friend's apartment. Despite being warned off by the police, John's determined to see justice served, but in the course of his investigation he learns of Rory's involvement in the infamous Dachau Massacre, a cache of hidden riches taken by the Nazis from their victims, and he learns of a plot to create a Fourth Reich. With threats coming from the lead detective and a group of Neo-Nazis, John gets some backup from mob enforcer/ gun-for-hire Katsuro Ryuu. Together they protect Rory's family and hunt for the killer as the Neo-Nazis declare war on John.< Less
The Angels' Share By Alice Kendrick
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Six men bonded in infancy, growing up in a small South Carolina town, gather annually to celebrate their life histories, their common journey. Together with their wives, they experience a weekend on... More > a Caribbean island none of them will ever forget.< Less
The Complete Cases of Inspector Allhoff, Volume 1 By D.L. Champion, Ed Hulse
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Limited edition hardcover, only 100 made. Brilliant, decisive, and hard-charging, Deputy Inspector Allhoff was the NYPD’s ace detective until bullets from a mobster’s machine gun robbed... More > him of his legs, his career, and—in the opinion of an associate—his sanity. Yet Allhoff was too good a man to be put out to pasture, so New York’s police commissioner found a way to keep him employed and refer to him such cases as the department couldn’t or wouldn’t handle. Confined to a wheelchair and operating from a seedy tenement flat, Allhoff is assisted by two cops: Battersly, the rookie patrolman whose brief moment of cowardice cost the inspector his legs, and Simmons, the bitter career cop who detests Allhoff but sticks with the embittered cripple to protect his own pension.< Less
The Second Profile By Robert Buuck
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At first they seemed like isolated crimes: a deadly mugging in Toronto, a swimming pool drowning in Atlanta. But, thanks to a tip-off by an intern at a medical device industry organization, the FBI... More > soon learn that the deaths are linked, and that they form a chain of thirteen mysterious deaths of business executives all over the continent. Deaths separated by geography and time, yet linked by a common motive. Special Agent Jay Harris, one of the Bureau’s leading experts in the arcane art of profiling, is called in to determine the character of the murderer. The only trouble is, there’s more than one of them, and the spectrum of characters with vendettas ranges from the underworld of the animal rights movement, to the flashy casinos of Las Vegas, to the boardrooms of high-flying executives. Which of them could be driven by a desire for revenge and retribution so strong that it could be sustained over a period of ten years?< Less
Hypnotic Cops By Lee James Walewander
Paperback: $7.00
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This fictional story is about two homicide detectives who take it upon themselves to hypnotize their suspects to get at the truth.
The Unknown Lady By Dan Cooper
Paperback: $11.99
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Detective Eddie Gregory is hired by socialite Virginia Hazelton to find out who killed her husband, prominent City Councilor Henry Hazelton. Found alongside the body is the body of an unknown... More > female. But was she just a witness to a brutal murder in the wrong place at the wrong time, or does she play an intricate part of the murder scheme?< Less
The Belialish Incident By D. B. Crawford
Paperback: $14.95
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Vince Bocca, a Boston restaurateur and former a part-time white collar crime sleuth, is thrown back into the game when a bank president asks him to find the more than two million dollars a senior... More > bank employee, Mark Overdale, embezzled. Overdale confessed he spent the money gambling, but the banker is convinced Overdale has hidden the money until he is released from prison. Setting out to unearth the missing money, clues take Bocca to the casinos of Atlantic City and a New York auction house. Working with Overall’s neurotic wife, Bocca suspects the bank’s money was used to buy two original paintings by Paul Gauguin from a private collector. However, before Bocca can piece it all together, someone tries to kill the art dealer handling the transaction. As the police look for the would-be killer, Bocca uncovers Overall’s accomplice. But is she also working for someone else? There are more questions than answers until Bocca figures out that the embezzled money never left the bank.< Less
Silk Slippers and Tutus By H. Paul Doucette
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Being a Private Detective in Greenwich Village has its ups and downs. There are fewer areas of art where such beauty is as wondrously presented than in the world of ballet. Or, at least, one would... More > think so. New York is famous for many things including for being a center of culture, so when a young dancer from Montreal is given an opportunity to debut in a new ballet choreographed by a brilliant rising star, she accepts, but a shadow follows her from Montreal to the Big Apple. Murphy is approached by a dance studio owner who has been chosen to open a ballet with this young ballerina as the principal dancer. Her studio has been experiencing 'odd' accidents and she is concerned that there may be something a bit more sinister going on. Murphy enters into the darker side to this world of egos, jealousies, rivalries, sexual encounters, embittered betrayals and revenge. To complicate his life even more, his friend Crazy Pete is brutally attacked and he goes after the ones responsible.< Less
His Night Begins By N. Murali
Paperback: $12.84
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In an alternate India ruled by corrupt politicians, criminal syndicates and violent mobsters, remorseless contract killer Virat Nariman has been called out to execute a mark in exchange for... More > information on his daughter’s killers. Anya’s headless body found in a dumpster, drives the hitman to hunt every link in the long chain of a sex trafficking ring. Unknown to Virat, the fate of Gulab Sharma, a 17 year old kidnapped from the heart of Indraprastha journeying through the sex slave pipeline, is tied to his success. Will he manage to deliver bloody justice to the criminals who exploit and mercilessly murder women? Will Gulab run out of time? Find out in His Night Begins, the first book in a hardboiled crime series set in India.< Less
The Immaculate Deception By William James Royce
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“A Chandler-esque noir detective tale featuring an ex-cop turned private eye, set among the gritty motels and palatial estates of Los Angeles. Sullivan is depicted as a first-person narrator in... More > the Philip Marlowe mold—a smart-mouthed shamus, a gumshoe who’s seen it all. Like Marlowe, he’s at heart a decent, moral man in a world where such people are rare. At book’s end, readers may wonder about Sullivan’s fate, but they can take heart in the book’s subtitle: A Tom Sullivan Mystery. Sully’s not going anywhere anytime soon.” ~ Kirkus Reviews ~ Tom "Sully" Sullivan is hired by Sam Collier, a rich and powerful man, to find the young surrogate mother who is carrying the heir to his vast fortune. Sully follows the twists and turns, ultimately exposing a complex case of "embryo-napping."< Less