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Another Fine Mess By Jesse W Thompson
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Pete Erickson reclaims an abandoned ketch and sets sail for Alaska, his lifelong dream. Along the Inside Passage, an insanely jealous old schoolmate tries to sink him. Crowded too far, with no help... More > from the law, Pete reluctantly turns vigilante and takes matters into his own hands.< Less
The Devil Came to Yarford City By M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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In the Devil Came to Yarford City tragedy strikes Kalib Drew in the heart when he learns his wife Katie has been savagely murdered in their home. What is Kalib to do in this situation with his... More > wife gone how will he take care of his three daughters alone? The first question on his mind was who could have done this? Never once does he think it could be someone from his gun slinging past?< Less
DECAYED By Frederick J Arceneaux
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The old asylum crouched like a poisonous spider on top of the mountain in a hidden clearing for so many years that all who knew of it are dead. The unspeakable evil perpetrated there had seeped into... More > the very walls. Was it also a portal to Hell itself? When it is discovered by modern technology, Cindy unwittingly draws herself and her three companions into mortal peril. What are the secrets of this edifice so toxic that no life stirs within or near it? Is it really a mountain of doom that traps them? Without supernatural help, their souls could be lost forever in the icy, dark nothingness of the demonic.< Less
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“Burn in hell, you harlot!” Those words seared the heart of his only child, his daughter, Delilah, when she met her demise one night at the hands of her domineering father, Josiah... More > Tollette. Overcome by his deep fury of her contemptible solecism, he tried to rid her from his posh society in New Orleans. She and her illegitimate infant child were trapped in an inferno. She was murdered by her own father. Unknown to Josiah Tollette, her soul would awaken generations later by the revengeful curse of a scorned voodoo demimonde. Centuries later, unusual happenings start to occur to Delilah’s direct descendent, Frescia Duvont, who is unaware of the vindictive spell. Frescia prods and searches for information about the strange occurrences, and begins to uncover a destined and deadly fate. Some of the old-time parish people have speculated over the years about the incident and the curse and there are key persons who know true facts about the situation, but they don’t speak of the horror.< Less
Corporate Espionage Among Friends By Larry Dean
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Corporate Espionage Among Friends - The fictional book is based on a true story. This story revolves around one of the largest trade secret theft cases in US History. I moved my family to a sleepy... More > farm community and joined a large family owned company. A little over a month, three ex-employees quit and took over 1.5 million pages of paper wrapped very neatly on a USB portable hard drive. This story is based on my personal experience and the legal battle that ensued. The battle ended up with working closely with the FBI and the U. S. Attorney’s Office. The three ended up getting indicted and one was prosecuted as the ringleader of the theft. The actions that were undertaken, not only caused the government to prosecute what was considered the ringleader, but also stopped all of the documents from leaving the U.S. or be of any benefit to anyone. The names, places and companies have been changed to protect those innocent people and workers.< Less
Stalked By Sharyl Bales
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Welcome to the world of the rich and the famous. Hollywood - 1970. Young actress, Brittany Carlson, has just landed the hottest role in Tinseltown and yet she feels as though her life can't get any... More > worse. She is being stalked by a psycho who claims he has already killed 3 women. When her mother and sisters arrive to help, the stalker threatens to kill them as well. Brittany wonders if her life can get any worse. How to they find the stalker and will they be in time?< Less
Where By Sarah Siegmann
Paperback: $16.51
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Attorney Jackie Maris must decide what is right in life as she deals with a criminal client, supernatural powers and a sassy FBI agent ex-boyfriend.
Casey Carpenter's Wild Goose Chase By Jesse W. Thompson
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Casey Carpenter has three goals: Pass the bar exam before he turns 21; Gain revenge against a crooked district attorney; and third, find Ed Cooper's son who has run off to avoid prosecution for a... More > crime he did not commit.< Less
The Grangemouth Conspiracy By Fergus Currie
Paperback: List Price: $22.99 $18.39 | You Save: 20%
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Can Inspector Steven Berg find who is behind the explosion at the abandoned laboratory before they destroy all the evidence? Not just the evidence of their complicity in the explosion, but the... More > evidence that could prove Stuart Robinson is much more than he seems? Berg is in a race against time while planes fall from the sky and parcel bombs go off. He discovers a complex story of secrets, lies, schizophrenia, murder and unethical experiments going back over a century, and now he must put all the pieces together, or the bombers will go unpunished...< Less
Closure By Olivia Keyes
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Natalie left her troubled past behind and finally found luck in love. She met Alex, who is charming, gorgeous, and sweet. He treats her the way she’s always dreamt of being treated, and now,... More > they’re about to get married. Natalie is prepared to become Alex’s loving wife, but the past soon comes back to haunt her with the arrival of Jay. Jay is Natalie’s abusive ex-boyfriend. He was her first love, the first man to ever awaken her passion. Jay steps back into her life, determined to stop her from marrying Alex. He just won’t let go. Due to his ruthless advances, Natalie gives him a chance to explain his past behaviors and the reason he uses violence in place of love. Natalie decides she must understand Jay before she can move forward and be the wife that Alex deserves. However, things get messy the closer she gets to her ex. Now she wonders, is it better to let sleeping dogs lie or get closure for the past? Natalie may realize the answer to this age-old question only once it’s too late.< Less
The Black and the Grey: The Gentlemen Robbers and the China Dolls By KP
eBook (ePub): $4.81
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The Gentlemen Robbers - two men, known as Mister Tall and Mister Small, renowned for their calm and mannered approach to robbery. They exert control through polite enforcement and persuasion, and... More > have never been known to harm anyone they visit. The China Doll Gang - an all-female group of robbers, clad in grey save for their white faces, and also renowned for never ever speaking, using gestures and implied threats to control and contain those they call on. For the first time, this collection brings together two dozen of their best known stories, from a mother and daughter to a village church woman's group, and from one reporter's encounter to a visit which brings unexpected visitors. Each tale illustrates a different aspect of the groups, but together they demonstrate why they are so renowned.< Less
Put Your Lips Together By Hamish 'Managua' Gunn
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Chief inspector Kaari Sippula does things the Finnish way: by the book. But events trigger a process where her beliefs and values start to slowly unravel. Hunted by a sexual predator, Sippula... More > strives to uncover the dark activities of a secret group, little knowing that the predator has already struck. The presence of a rock band touring Finland becomes a help as well as a hindrance, and as the chief inspector questions her role she discovers other forces at play that link her to her own investigation. Gunn’s book explores the dark undertows of Finnish democracy, and has woven a tale with many strands that all come together in this fast-paced book, which reveals the identity of a little-known historical people and their customs which come to influence events. This is the newest book in the world-reknown Scandinavian crime theme. It is quite possibly the best. Hamish Gunn has done his homework, and his writing is simply unparalleled. There is not a moment of inaction or a word wasted.< Less
Smart Grid: Man In the Middle By Barbara Boehm, Dale Boehm
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Bill Williams lost all of the people he loved. His wife died in a car accident. Now his former Navy SEAL son was left to die in Benghazi on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Bill heads to Washington... More > to seek answers, but answers are not forthcoming. He is left feeling isolated and alone with very little left to live for. Bill immerses himself into his work as a computer Engineer for a Smart Grid company to deal with the loss of his family. While trying to solve major issues with installed smart meters Bill meets Lynda Marshall, a research analyst for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Together Bill and Lynda discover a computer virus putting their lives in danger. The virus appears to be part of a conspiracy to manipulate the world’s most powerful leaders through Smart Grid technology. Bill delves into the investigation, but his prodding labels him a Cyber Terrorist. Now, Bill is on the run from several government agencies that want to bring him down.< Less