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Horror, Crime & Obsession By Shabria Jackson
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A young lady by the name of Lisa has to figure out how she is going to keep her son safe and keep her life in order while being stalked. Her stalker is going to try over and over again to get closer... More > and closer to her. Lisa's life is going to begin falling apart little by little. She will repeatedly try to bounce back, but new events continue to occur. Will Lisa be able to take control of her life or will her stalker take control of her?< Less
The Truth About Hannah White By Mason Pratt
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The body of Hannah White, a flirtatious seventeen-year-old, is found in a shallow grave outside a small town in Maine. There are no suspects and very little evidence. Still, game warden Sam Morse... More > searches for her killer with the help of his college chum, who’s making a reality TV show about the Maine Warden’s Service. Their trail leads them to Dynamite MacKenzie, a fearless female logger, who apparently recruited Hannah to join an eco-terrorist group called “Save the Forest.” Dynamite is the first lead Morse has had, so he’s not letting her out of his sight anytime soon. However, the better he gets to know her, the more he doubts she’s the killer. Carve out some time because you are not going to be able to put this down! The characters will feel like friends by the time you finish. —Dr. Jennifer Gray, Associate Professor of English, Director, Writing Center, College of Coastal Georgia< Less
Midnight’s Edge: The Secrets of Sleepy Meadows, Book 1 By Michael Klinger, David Chappuis
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The title, Midnight’s Edge, comes from the time of night where the veil between the living and the dead disappears and, for a brief moment in time, the dead can return to the mortal world and... More > live again. It is a story of a vile, evil man named Jeremy Wickcliff, whose wife, Lucy, arranged his death years ago to save the town from his wrath of destruction. In present time, he has been plotting from the spirit realm, a place of purgatory, to return to the mortal realm to seek revenge on those who wronged him and reclaim the life ripped away from him.< Less
The Chronicles of Michael Tate, Other Stories and Poems By charles witt
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A world traveling assassin, lives in a small community in central Kentucky. He is tasked with aiding government agencies in removing threats. Three additional war stories taking place in World War... More > I, World War II and Korea. Poems ranging from ridiculous limericks to laments of war.< Less
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COMPLICIT By Jeffrey Galli
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March,1966. Jack Murphy is slowly adapting to the mundane duties of bartender and bouncer at the Irish pub owned by his wife, but it’s a far cry from the life of a special agent in the... More > Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, from which he retired sixteen months ago. Then one evening, a Pentagon lawyer walks in with an envelope full of cash and a letter from High Command, requesting Murphy’s services. For what, the letter doesn’t explain, but Murphy jumps at the chance to get back into harness, if only for a short while. Several days later, and halfway around the world, he’ll have reason to regret that decision.< Less
The Ivy Russell Novellas By Christin Haws
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Ivy Russell is a private investigator. With the help of friends Art Lopez and Leo DeWitt, she follows cheating spouses and looks for missing people. Much to the frustration of best friend Detective... More > Baz Johnson, Ivy tends to attract weird. Weird things and weird people. Cheaters and Chupacabras, The Timeless Man, The Odd Section of Town, and Firebugs and Other Insects are stories of that weird.< Less
If I Had a Girl By Justine Kyle
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Seven years after Sandy Carter's body was found in the Mossdale River Tobias Prescott and their friends return to their hometown.
On The Brink By Sean O'Toole
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An observational novel set in the heart of the Canadian Alps, "On The Brink" explores the true psychology of human regret and sacrifice. The first person narrative offers a glimpse into the... More > reality of life and death circumstances in an unforgiving climate outside civilization.< Less
One Last Good Day By Kimberly Coleman
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Moira, Texas families assume this day will be no different from the one before. Already pursued to the edge by ghosts from their pasts, they find themselves embedded in an extremist conspiracy to... More > destroy their town and destabilize their country...crafted by the leader of a brutal east European gang with the unwitting help of two of the town's wealthy businessmen. Pressure from the mounting death toll and long-simmering animosities forces Moira's horrific secrets to surface with devastating consequences. 'One Last Good Day', the first of six volumes in Eelings' Rare Earth Series, was originally written as a screenplay with the role of Warren Eeling created for Tom Hardy.< Less
Diary of a Robot By Lewis Jenkins
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Robotics Law One: "Do no harm to people or property through action or inaction." Intelligent machines have a large problem: What is harm? Dr. Maynard Little thinks he may have solved it.... More > The first chapters introduce Doc's own problems, his predicament, and his team at The Little Company as they build The Machine. From then on, the machine works through its problems of deciding whom to trust, while the people try to deal with the machine as it works. Things get dicey. The turning point is a televised round-table discussion where Robey (the machine’s name at that time) upsets everyone except perhaps the French. Dr. Little—under pressure from Chairman Bozworth to begin making money—takes steps to make the machine more marketable and less controversial. These efforts succeed except that Doc's fix creates new problems. And other interests want to exploit or control—or steal—the TM tech. The story climax comes when… Well, if I told you that, I’d have to take steps to keep you from telling anyone else.< Less
I Am Who We Are By Megan Callaghan, Annette Yoo
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This script is a piece for Duo Interpretation in Forensics Speech & Debate. Written by High School Juniors Megan Callaghan and Annette Yoo. Emily is the victim of her second identity, Izzy. After... More > suffering traumatic childhood experiences, she is unable to cope with life on her own, so Izzy must periodically take over. Now, later on in life, Izzy jumps in at any sign of distress, and Emily lets her. This once healthy, motherly relationship turns violent and deranged as Izzy becomes stronger and Emily grows weaker. Can Emily stop Izzy before she does something drastically violent, or will Izzy stop her first? Dramatic, passionate, witty, and fast paced, this ten-minute, 4 character dialogue script depicts the inner turmoil of someone suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.< Less
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COMMON PLEAS, A Tale of Whoa! is a legal thriller novel colored with humor set in rural North Carolina in the mid-1980's. A beating gone too far...coon hounds dozing under porch steps…a... More > Southern crime syndicate…an irredeemable but innocent lowlife charged with murder. Toss in a bumblebee tattoo, bodies found in a well, ranch salad dressing, and a bullying, manipulative judge. Then watch as the Good, the Bad, and the Butt Ugly collide in this riotous journey to a rural North Carolina courtroom, ending in a verdict of local justice. Veteran trial attorney Bob Lee Pender battles his courtroom adversary, the facts, and even his own client through the winding journey of a rowdy, fast-paced, suspenseful high-profile murder trial made possible by the collective contributions of a sordid and colorful cast only a local courthouse could produce. This is an intense and informative tale of the mechanics and realities of courtroom justice, whether Southern or elsewhere--a tale of "Whoa!"< Less