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The investigation into the murders of Barbara and Patricia Grimes was nothing more than investigators sitting around a cesspool with straws, sucking it dry of all the ignorance, lies and deceit... More > surrounding this case. The case has been in cold case files for 56 years. It's time for the cowards who know something about their murders to come forward with information to help solve this case.This is the true story of what happened to me as I entered a nightmare I thought would never end.< Less
Private Number (Author's Edition) By Anton Edward
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A novella about a high school student who receives calls on his cell phone from an unknown caller, and soon becomes enveloped within a world of fear and anxiety which he cannot escape. - Private... More > Number is the first installment in The Brainerd Trilogy.< Less
The Other Side of Reality By James Howell
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This is a collection of ideas I have had over the years as inspiration for novels. They range from science fiction, fantasy, drama, romance and just plain stories. They started out as a few... More > sentences or ideas. I then tried to write novels and had over twenty four false starts. I had enough to make this collection of short stories and decided to publish them.< Less
Mama Fia By Antonino d'Este
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The fictional and comedic adventures of a criminal minded girl.
Good Luck, Angelina By Antonino d'Este
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The continuing adventures of a girl who succeeds in becoming a secret Mafia boss.
Body Sharing By Kent Ravenscroft
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Body Sharing: The drug war, the CIA, and Haitian Voodoo, is about the intoxicating mix of Caribbean drug traffickers, CIA operatives, Louisiana locals, psychiatrists and plastic surgeons, embroiled... More > in a federal drug prosecution. As the hero, a world-class plastic surgeon in a CIA witness protection program, reconstructs the face of a beautiful Haitian witness, his own career and personal identity are nearly destroyed. Putting his surgical team and family in mortal danger from the Haitian-Jamaican drug cartel, he is sabotaged by inner demons from his aristocratic New Orleans childhood, early sexual trauma, and voodoo possession out in a Louisiana bayoux. Close to death, he makes a surprising discovery about a Creole patriarch and voodoo priest, and they rise together like the tide of the Mississippi Delta to overcome powerful forces of evil.< Less
Defiance Valley: The Complete Northwoods Stories of Frederick Nebel, Volume 1 By Frederick Nebel, Rob Preston
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Limited edition, only 100 made. Tales of the Northwest may have been Frederick Nebel's forte, but sadly these ultra-rare magazines don't turn up often and as a result, few readers have been able to... More > enjoy these classics. With this book, Altus Press brings these stories to modern readers, complete, uncut, and in order. Volume 1 contains Nebel's first 16 stories of this genre, taken from North*West Stories and Action Stories.< Less
As Patient as Death, Book 5: Falcon's Bend Series By Karen Wiesner, Chris Spindler
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Until death do us part… Falcon’s Bend Detective Pete Shasta and his wife Lisa are enjoying life with their adopted son. Lisa can’t help seeing the contrast of her own marriage and... More > that of her neighbor’s. Eva Boca has suffered the ravages of cancer for most of her life. While she was sick, she met Jerome and he’d swept her off her feet. Lisa knows there’s something criminal going on. She starts sleuthing and discovers that, not only has Jerome taken out an immense life insurance policy on Eva, but he’s been married twice before…to terminally ill women. But that’s only the beginning. Unexpectedly, Eva is in remission. Will a man who’s been as patient as death become a killer when the goal he’d been waiting to be realized is thwarted?< Less
In For A Dime By William F. Kelly
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John O’Neal, an eighty year old man, is not handling the death of his wife very well. Three months after this tragedy he is still mired in self pity and guilt for not recognizing the symptoms... More > of his wife’s heart attack. Lauren, a nineteen year old runaway, seeks his help to cash a check. Having fled from her mother’s boyfriend who wanted to use her, she sees John as a kind person who will help her. Reluctantly John gets involved and becomes her protector. She brings joy to his life while he attempts to keep her safe from a psychopath.< Less
Shell Game By James Howell
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This is the match that lit the fuse that blew up the world. Treasonous individuals usurped our system in the USA and created a private Army that terrorized the nation by attacking Fort Bragg, NC and... More > stole over seven billion dollars directly from the US Treasury. These actions weakened the US in the eyes of the world and started a spiral towards a second American Civil War. This the first book in a series that leads to that Civil War and the aftermath which spiraled outside our borders and touched the world.< Less
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Time of Useful Consciousness By Jennifer Ott
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Louisa Unger, a young German woman in Post-War World II Germany kills a man in cold blood. Despite her crime, her fate is up to her - give up her countrymen for her freedom. She decides to play the... More > loyalty card and remain in prison. During the interrogations, Louisa weaves her tale of the events by evading any real information. She relives reuniting with her estranged brother Freddy, falling in love with Kris, a former reconnaissance pilot and learning to fly to a plane. She recounts in fairy tale fashion of monsters cloaked in shadows and lessons learned by incorrigible children. Seduced into the bliss of romance and flying, Louisa fails to recognize any threat. She grows immersed in the life of a smuggler, a pilot and a lover. It is hard to come back down to earth, when soaring so high.< Less
Talon Grayson: Lucinda Adair, And The Making Of I.C.E By Brian T.L. Strauss
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Talon Grayson, self-made millionaire and widower, just got an inheritance like no other. A mansion from the old west, that just happened to be a brothel. Now, the new west will meet the old... and... More > the madam that never left. Together with his 2 siblings. He'll embark on a 150 year-old 'cold case' that will send the amateur historian on the restoration of a lifetime... and change 3 children forever.< Less
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Old, Fat Punks By James Desborough
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Derek, Tim and 'Trol' are three ageing rebels, hitting their fifties. Disillusioned by the way the world has turned out and the frustration of their teenage dreams of a better life or a revolution.... More > All they have left are stories of past glory and pints of cheap beer at one of the last punk-pubs in London. Watching a riot unfurl on television, to no point and no effect, their frustration boils over and they decide to do something futile and stupid, a grand, nihilistic gesture of futility. Comedy, social and political satire, and frustration all meet in this story of a 'revolutionary caper'< Less
Ball Room By Geoffrey Merrick
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The renegade ex-white slaver known only as Tyler had met Mistress Elizabeth before ... just as she was starting her horrid career as captor and tormenter of pretty young ladies. But, tragically he... More > let her, and some of her perverted brood, escape. This time he's tracked her down to a dance academy, where two lovely hopefuls disappear -- primed to be the star attraction at the next white slavery auction. From New York to Los Angeles, Tyler fights Miz Liz and her freaky family as they set upon a third target: the most beautiful dancer on the sexiest TV dancing show ever. But can even Tyler hope to foil this depraved cabal in time?< Less
By Chance By E. Denise Billups
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Visions of the past and present are haunting and enlightening, but visions of the future can be frightening, especially knowing how you will meet your demise. On the morning of December 15, 2014,... More > Tara McPherson comes face-to-face with her fate, as she steps onto her office piazza. When her eyes meet with those of a strange man lurking at the gate, a 187 year old vision commences.  Tara McPherson was seven when she experienced her first premonition; it was so sinister she repressed it and her gift of clairvoyance. Thirty years later, December 15, 2014, when malevolent Tom Spencer enters her life determined to exact his vengeance on Alcott Home and Design’s (AHD) Dream Team – Tara McPherson, Laura Alcott, and Leanne Davis – Tara will have to relinquish her fear and see her premonition if she is to save herself and her friends’ lives.< Less
Countdown By John Burrows
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Saddam Hussein sought great power and prestige in the Middle East. He had been secretly researching and developing nuclear weapons for years and he was determined to use them against Israel. He... More > started his Middle East expansion in 1990 when he invaded Kuwait. It was obvious that Saudi Arabia would be his next target. However Saudi Arabia called in their old American and British friends who, with modern weaponry put the Iraqi military and National Guard into an embarrassing and bloody retreat. It had never been the intention of America and Britain to continue on into Iraq so Saddam was allowed to have what remained of his army. Maybe we thought that that would be the end of things but we were wrong. Saddam was hatching a devilish plan which would bring Israel, America and Britain to their knees. This story starts with three, seemingly disconnected, murders in different parts of the world and it ends with a terrible race against time in London and New York< Less
Genuine Deception: A Blood Stained Childhood By Zelanda Dowell
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Roman seems to be every woman's idea of the perfect man. He's a successful entrepreneur, tall with a muscular solid body, handsome, and no less than a gentlemen. He has pearly white teeth that create... More > a smile that's to die for. He's the total package. Underneath his perfect exterior, he mysteriously encases a blood stained childhood that he shares with no one. Will Roman be able to cope with his past without telling a single soul? In the lavish beautiful city of Windsor Hills, Roman meets Mia; a sexy voluptuous women that's impeccably dressed and carries herself very well. Deep inside Mia is insecure because of her bruised past. Mia wants the perfect man and is willing to do anything to keep him. How far will Mia go to snag the man of her dreams? Genuine Deception: A Blood Stained Childhood is the first book in it's series. This series of thrillers with hints of romance will keep you wanting more!< Less