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The Immaculate Deception By William James Royce
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“A Chandler-esque noir detective tale featuring an ex-cop turned private eye, set among the gritty motels and palatial estates of Los Angeles. Sullivan is depicted as a first-person narrator in... More > the Philip Marlowe mold—a smart-mouthed shamus, a gumshoe who’s seen it all. Like Marlowe, he’s at heart a decent, moral man in a world where such people are rare. At book’s end, readers may wonder about Sullivan’s fate, but they can take heart in the book’s subtitle: A Tom Sullivan Mystery. Sully’s not going anywhere anytime soon.” ~ Kirkus Reviews ~ Tom "Sully" Sullivan is hired by Sam Collier, a rich and powerful man, to find the young surrogate mother who is carrying the heir to his vast fortune. Sully follows the twists and turns, ultimately exposing a complex case of "embryo-napping."< Less
The Triumph Detective : A Resche Plimpton Novel By Hazen Wardle
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* * * This book is no longer available in this format. Please refer to the new version published by Books You Can Trust publishing, ISBN 978-0991067411. * * * Meet Resche Plimpton: Plaid suit... More > wearing, Triumph driving, Elvis hunting detective. Resche is not your run of the mill private investigator. When gearing up to chase down some clues of recent Elvis sightings he is side tracked by a legitimate job: It seems a recently bereaved and well-to-do widow has encountered aliens who have repeatedly kidnapped her German shepherd — something she actually witnessed. Join Resche and his chronically bored assistant (her nails are immaculately manicured!) as they take on hair-pin curves, a group of computer gaming geeks holed up in the backroom of a bookstore, and a wacky UFO worshiping religion as the two discover the truth behind the disappearing dog and ultimately uncover an even deeper mystery.< Less
Oswald, Conspirators and JFK By Sam Dennis McDonough
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Reason for Reading: This is not just another book about Kennedy's assassination. It is a complete fact-filled book about Oswald, his time in Russia, and conspiracy theories. Synopsis: There were... More > conflicting reports about the number of shots and from the direction they came. Soon a policeman would be shot and killed and Oswald would be arrested for both murders. Two days later Jack Ruby would kill Oswald. Why I wrote this book: My passion is to search for the truth in real crimes. Did Oswald kill President Kennedy? Why would he do it? Did he have accomplices? Was he part of a conspiracy? Why did Jack Ruby kill Lee Oswald? Why you should read this book: This easy to read book has answers to the above questions, backed by credible evidence. Why you may avoid this book: There is an unconscious desire by many to find greater meaning in the death of President Kennedy than is possible based upon the historical case. So for them, there will always be a conspiracy. It just has to be, no matter what.< Less
Treaty of Sèvres and September 11, 2001 By Berdge Jolakian
Paperback: $14.95
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"The Treaty of Sèvres and September 11, 2001” connects International Masonic organizations and US secret societies to the perpetrators of 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Armenian... More > Genocide. Drawing upon a variety of historical sources as well as personal deductions, Jolakian argues that these global catastrophic events were carried out by overseas rulers for the purpose of creating New World Order. The author explains that all these events and the economic decline are happening because the US is one political party system. The elected officials in Washington are assigned officials, or they are elected from among assigned officials. Once they are in power they are becoming the executors of ultra-secret global elite who are invisible to all but a few insiders. This book will help you understand past and present events by looking to them through the lenses of Masonic conspiracies and how you can make a difference at this critical point in the history of the United States.< Less