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The Chronister Cliff By Simone van der Steeg
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Seventeen year old Karen Eason has lost her parents at young age. But thanks to her brother Jake, she is more than okay now. Everything seems to be going perfectly fine for young Karen, until the... More > unusual Thomas Chronister comes along. Even though he seems like an ordinary, surprisingly friendly young man at first, Karen is sure that he is hiding something. She does everything within her power to find out what his secret is. However, what Karen doesn’t know yet, is that his secret will change her entire life forever…< Less
Mysterious Martin, the Master of Murder TPB By Tod Robbins
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Trade paperback. In 1912 Tod Robbins wrote a strange little novel called MYSTERIOUS MARTIN, about a man who creates art that can be deadly. A decade later, he wrote the story “Spurs”,... More > from which his friend Tod Browning adapted his cult film, FREAKS. A decade after that Tod Robbins rewrote MYSTERIOUS MARTIN, calling it THE MASTER OF MURDER. In this one volume are both versions of Tod Robbins’ enigmatic novel, the 1912 and the 1933 versions. Ramble House is proud to bring back both of these macabre masterpieces for modern readers to enjoy and compare.< Less
Giovanni’s Bones By Leonard Palmer
Paperback: $14.99
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Fast forward to the weekend of July 4th, 1976. It is the year of the Bicentennial, America's 200th birthday. The city is already alive with excitement. Fireworks are popping. Johnny Jump finds... More > himself standing in a lonely hospital room, watching an old lady gasp for breath. Johnny doesn't want to be here. He needs to be in his cab, hustling fares to make the rent on the apartment he shares with the beautiful Catherine Dupree. But Catherine Dupree is gone, off on one of her cloak and dagger missions. The man who dragged Johnny to this unwanted tryst with a dying woman is one Crispus Attucks Smith. He wants Johnny to assist him in trying to find the whereabouts of Giovanni Crespi, the dying woman's son who went missing nearly three decades before.The bodies pile up as the awful truth of what happened all those years ago slowly reveals itself in....Giovanni's Bones.< Less
The Next Call By Nicole Higgins
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Len MacAfee, a scarred veteran of 2 wars, takes a job as a paramedic for a private ambulance service located in a small mining town in northern Nevada. Hoping for a quiet and steady job, he begins to... More > suspect that someone is targeting the little town. After 2 suspicious accidents and 1 near-miss, 2 bogus call outs to the middle of nowhere, Len is soon convinced that the incidents are more menacing than just prank calls and graffiti scrawled on the sides of the ambulance shed.< Less
The Man Who Fell Through the Earth By Carolyn Wells
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A lawyer is leaving his office on the top floor of an office building. He sees the shadows of two men fighting through the clouded glass of an office door followed by a shot from the office across... More > the hall. He goes to investigate. He finds no sign of either victim or assailant despite the fact that no one could have passed him in the hallway without being seen. A murder has been committed, that of the banker. Who is the murderer? A business associate, the banker’s beautiful ward, or a mysterious woman who had been in the office earlier? And what part, if any, was played by the amnesia victim pulled from the river; a man who insists that his earliest memory is of falling through a hole in the earth?< Less
I didn't do it... By Morgan Latourelle
Hardcover: $19.99
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Andrea a sweet and intelligent teenager who drags in a new friend named Mia.
In For A Dime By William F. Kelly
Paperback: $14.95
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John O’Neal, an eighty year old man, is not handling the death of his wife very well. Three months after this tragedy he is still mired in self pity and guilt for not recognizing the symptoms... More > of his wife’s heart attack. Lauren, a nineteen year old runaway, seeks his help to cash a check. Having fled from her mother’s boyfriend who wanted to use her, she sees John as a kind person who will help her. Reluctantly John gets involved and becomes her protector. She brings joy to his life while he attempts to keep her safe from a psychopath.< Less
Malicious Acts By Vivienne Diane Neal
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An anthology of five fictional short stories, focusing on men and women who will stop at nothing to get what they want. If it means disguising themselves as benevolent individuals and destroying... More > lives along the way, they are up for the thrill. They will use romance, lust, greed, manipulation and deceit as preludes to suck unsuspecting people out of their nest egg.< Less
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Euthanasia By Jessica Endsley
Paperback: $10.50
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Erika recruits siz friends to sign her suicide pact and is determined that they will die on October 7th,2007 by jumping from their school. The seventh signer, and Erika's closest friend, begins to... More > see beauty in life after signing the pact.< Less
Quest for Freedom By Dave Lemay
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Via the experiences of one man, you get to see the legal systems of two different neighboring countries. See how a minor offense can change an entire lifetime. Explore the possibility that you or... More > anyone you know could actually wind up in prison. If the law is absolutely wrong and even inhumane how do you respond to it? Would you consider escaping from prison. Do you fight the system or just accept, come what may?< Less
S. O. B. By Geoffrey Merrick
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The renegade ex-white slaver known only as Tyler made a mistake. Although he rescued the magnificent Kate Lipton from "The Damsel Saga," he let some of her persecutors escape. One of them... More > became obsessed with slasher movies, but hated that the beautiful victims always got killed. He unknowingly agreed with Tyler on that: "what a terrible waste of young, vital, sexy, beauty." What would happen, he wondered, if those flicks were remade ... only with all the pretty girls silenced, secured, and secreted instead of slaughtered? To Tyler's everlasting regret -- as well as a blonde film lover, a brunette camp counselor, an auburn-haired babysitter, an Asian schoolgirl, and more -- this perverted young man decided to find out...!< Less