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Fanatic By Jamie Lohmeyer
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Michael never thought the past would catch up to him like it did. He thought leaving his home town was the cure-all for his problems. But having to unexpectedly return, once again he is thrown into... More > the madness that has become his life. Meeting with old friends, working on his novels, and attending parties that leave Michael with suspicions makes it almost like he never left town all of those years ago. If he doesn't get to the bottom of the murder and mayhem happening in Grande Staples, he may never be able to move on from the pain in his heart and his head. But learning about the truth of the biggest secret in Grande Staples may cause Michael injury or even death if he isn't careful.< Less
Animals of the Atlantic By Joshua D. Simpkins
Paperback: $15.96
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Josh Webbers, captain of the Thermipias Crew, leads his gang of elite criminals on an adventure to save the world.
Death's Mannikins TPB By Max Afford
Paperback: $17.97
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Trade paperback. A 1937 classic from Australia's Max Afford (1906-1954) about a country manor where every member of the family has a mannikin that looks like him. When one turns up, the person dies,... More > horribly.< Less
A Cold Killer By Joshua D. Simpkins
Paperback: $19.50
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Shadow of the Templar: High Fidelity By M. Chandler
Paperback: $10.95
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A fellow FBI agent with an old grudge picks Simon as the instrument of his revenge. And he knows the hidden truth behind one of Simon's closest-kept secrets... or does he? On the other side of the... More > world, two steps ahead of a ruthless, implacable foe accidentally set on his trail by Simon, Jeremy Archer is running for his life... or is he? Now Simon finds himself torn between his job and his responsibilities, forced to make the ultimate choice, and no matter what he decides, he'll lose something important... or will he? Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity... or Jeremy? The fourth and final novel in the Shadow of the Templar series, newly revised for the trade paperback edition!< Less
Shadow of the Templar: The Morning Star By M. Chandler
Paperback: $5.95
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Simon Drake is an up-and-coming young FBI hotshot, an agent with a personal track record so outstanding that it borders on unbelievable. Not yet thirty, he's already the leader of his own special ops... More > team; a ragtag bunch of talented but nigh-uncontrollable lunatics, it's true, but under Simon's inspired leadership they're a force to be reckoned with, a team with an unparalleled success rate, a team with an almost unblemished record--until now. Jeremy Archer is the brilliant and unpredictable scion of a long line of international art thieves, simultaneously a phenomenally wealthy English socialite and one of the most infamous criminals in the world. At twenty-seven years old he's already wanted on nearly every continent for thefts totalling more than ninety-one million dollars, and yet no one has ever come close to catching him--until now. Now? May the best man win. The first book in the Shadow of the Templar series, newly revised for the trade paperback edition!< Less
Shadow of the Templar: With A Bullet By M. Chandler
Paperback: $10.95
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For Jeremy Archer, it all starts with a simple phone call from halfway around the world. For Simon Drake, it all started three years ago... Now a madman from Simon's past is on the loose, claiming... More > his revenge on Simon and his team, one member at a time... and no one who stands in his way is safe. No one. Not even Jeremy Archer. The third novel in the Shadow of the Templar series, newly revised and updated for the trade paperback edition!< Less
Shadow of the Templar: Double Down By M. Chandler
Paperback: $7.95
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"Hypothetically, I was wondering how you'd feel about working on the side of the good guys. On a purely contractual and highly erratic basis, mind you." Little did Simon suspect the... More > explosive consequences that would arise from his offer. Because now Jeremy Archer has a double: another thief with skills and abilities eerily similar to Jeremy's own. When this mysterious double falls afoul of Simon and his team, Simon asks for Jeremy's help, because who better to catch Jeremy Archer than... Jeremy Archer? If Jeremy Archer is anything, however, he's unpredictable--and there's more at stake here than Simon could have imagined. Because in the halls of the FBI 'double' has another meaning... The second book in the Shadow of the Templar series, newly revised and updated for the trade paperback edition!< Less
Needle - Spring 2010, Issue 1 By Steve Weddle
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Needle Magazine is hardboiled, lean and mean. No silly reviews. No poetry. No advertising. Nothing but hard hitting stories. In your face and busting up your kiss-maker. Kapow.
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Frightening, riveting, defiant, resounding. The highly anticipated release of the secret diaries of the nefarious vigilante Hydra Moonlight. In the killer's own words we learn of her birth, her... More > upbringing, & the alarming events that brought her to power in this insane, feral world.< Less
The Unlikely Assassin By Stephen Elder
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Senior citizen Jordan Smith loses his wife to cancer. Devastated and angry, he hunts down the HMO executive who denied their medical claims, but then progresses from revenge to political... More > assassination. Michael Demidov and Simone Fitzhugh, the county detectives assigned to the initial murder, are hard pressed to keep up with the enterprising Mr. Smith. Smith's latest job causes a massive and hilarious political furor in Washington. Predictably, the FBI hijacks the case from the county detectives, but mutual blackmail provides an unexpected resolution.< Less
Yellow Dog Coming By Bill Moore
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In the small logging town of Lesker, Anne Pratt is raising her only grandchild, seventeen-year-old Evan, orphaned in a terrorist attack in Bali. It’s a dry summer, the forest-fire season is... More > coming early, and people already on the edge are edgier. Another boy, marked more directly by violence, heads towards Lesker, burning like sulphuric acid through every life he touches, changing names as he changes towns. The meeting of the two boys is volatile, as each finds his own missing piece in the other. As the tension builds between them, moving them towards inevitable violence, other people are drawn in, triggering demonic cruelty, unconditional love, unimaginable loss, and absolute courage. “Love wins. Don’t you dare lose,” Anne calls to Evan as he fights for his life. But victory, like love, is never simple.< Less
Finding The Way Back By Jill Bisker
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Finding the Way Back is the story of Laney, a recently divorced woman who agrees to help her mother fix up her dead grandfather’s house. From the first night when she hears ghostly music to... More > later physical attacks that seem targeted only at her, she soon discovers that a spirit in the house may have plans of its own. For her own well-being, she needs to find answers as the danger escalates and she learns to trust herself and others. With the help of her cousin Connie, an attractive ghosthunter named Emmett, and several other eccentric characters, Laney uncovers the dark secret of the house and a new path for her future.< Less
Heart Problems By Stephen Elder
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County detective Simone Fitzhugh discovers a series of seemingly unrelated deaths that look like heart attacks but are really murders. Her husband, retired detective Michael Demidov, realizes the... More > murders are related and suggests that Simone go to the FBI. Past history with the Feds (The Unlikely Assassin) makes Simone wary, but the FBI surprisingly enlists their help. Demidov’s innovative interrogation techniques help unravel a tangled web of illegal drugs, a gunrunning militia, and a sinister terrorist plot to bring down the US government, all hatched by a shadowy figure called The Spider. The detectives’ lives are further complicated when Demidov’s Russian mafia family tries to draw the estranged son back into the fold. With Simone’s help, Demidov manages to extricate himself from the clutches of his family, but the consequences prove to be both a great boon and a heavy burden.< Less
The Fireman By Angie Christine
Paperback: $14.99
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When you think of the word "Brotherhood" what comes to mind? If you'r answer is a group of guys that sticks together through thick and thin you're absolutely right. Well for Ladder Engine... More > 88 in Washington Dc that word never existed. Instead of welcoming the new guy on the block Bobby's co-workers mostly gave him the cold shoulder. Dealing with the taunting and torment of his staff, his alter ego Jack came back with full force. From the loss of his 3 siblings as a child, Bobby Walker's parents seek to get special help their son needed.....but was it enough? Soon everyone will experience the wrath of Jack and see how hard it is to deal with him and his schizophrenia.< Less
Whatever You Cherish By Ava Coffier
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Ivy struggles with social anxiety and finding her identity. As a high school graduate, she had big expectations for her future, however her drive for a dream fell short of what she expected due to... More > indecision. Ivy's sister, Alana held all the glory in the family and Ivy found herself drowning in her sisters shadow. One day Alana goes missing, leaving her friends and family in shock. Everything starts to spiral out of control in Ivy's life as she begins to investigate Alana's murder. The deeper Ivy looks, the more the truth comes out. And the truth isn't always pretty.< Less
Intrusion By Elaine Babich
Paperback: $12.00
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Whitney Holmes is a pretty girl from a loving home. She loves her peaceful, simple life. That is, until a stranger appears and the unspeakable happens. Now, with her world turned upside down and... More > fighting for her life, Whitney will summon reserves of strength and courage she never knew she had. And turn the tables on a deadly predator.< Less
Secret Agent "X" - The Complete Series Volume 7 By Tom Johnson, G.T. Fleming-Roberts
Hardcover: $44.95
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For 41 issues from 1934 to 1939, SECRET AGENT "X" battled the forces of evil in the pages of his own pulp magazine. Now, for the first time... the complete pulp series is being reprinted in... More > nine deluxe omnibus editions! The text has been reset and all the original interior illustrations have been remastered. This volume contains the next five stories, by G.T. Fleming-Roberts: "The Doom Director," "Horror's Handclasp," "City of Madness," "Death's Frozen Formula" and "The Murder Brain." This is THE Secret Agent "X" reprint series to own!< Less
Brink of Insanity 3 By Gary Lee
Paperback: $7.35
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A decade after the release of the original novel, Brink of Insanity becomes a trilogy!
Ghosts of Tombstone By Cecil Hampton
Paperback: $3.43
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Dan Hamilton and his wife Lisa had visited the famous Old Western Town of Tombstone before, but this time things would be very different. Their ghostly encounters will take you on a wild fictional... More > adventure of mystery, intrigue, and suspense.< Less
Sunday Morning By Richard Brett
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $9.00 | You Save: 40%
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Tensions mount and old scores need to be settled when Sunday Morning, a 1970s progressive rock group, reform and play a series of concerts to claim back unpaid royalties on past record sales. The... More > happy band of musicians trying to revive former glories soon find themselves trapped in a downward spiral of suspicion, hatred and betrayal. Will anyone finish the tour and be several million pounds richer? If not, who will benefit?< Less
The South Side Criminals: Project Nartana Case Set 2 By Kimberly Vogel
Paperback: $20.00
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Every villain has a reason for why they do wrong. The Nartana brothers are on the right side of the law. Charged with bringing in seven criminals, the brothers journey into the desert of South Side.... More > Some are easily found, others not so much. Either way, the Nartana brothers are relentless in their hunt. The criminals will be caught and returned to prison. Hopefully they won’t make too much of a mess of South Side before then. (This Collection includes: Feet to the Fire, To Kill More Flies, My Two Cents, A Bird In the Hand, The Camel’s Back, Where There’s a Will, & Hair of the Dog along with bonus storyline and illustrations)< Less
There's a Killer Lurking At Every Curb By Travis Ford
Paperback: $13.99
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Lieutenant Soebez Schrinner is in command of homicide investigations in New York City at the 96th precinct. When a prostitute turns up dead, it's a murder case. But when another prostitute is found... More > dead, is it the works of a serial killer? Lt. Soebez is on the hunt for a dangerous killer and finds something bigger.< Less
Approaching Zero By R.T Broughton
Paperback: $10.45
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The smell of perversion is as real and pungent as a decaying corpse to psychic Kathy Smith and it is all around her. Paedophiles walk the streets unchallenged, free to prey on the innocent, and now... More > nine children are missing, presumed dead. The list that she is compiling while on sabbatical from her job as a psychologist – cataloguing this evil in the Midlands – is solving nothing. Action is needed. With the unexpected help of Suri, a Malaysian psychic far more powerful than herself, Kathy embarks on a vigilante mission to annihilate those who have the misfortune to feature on her list. But the closer she gets to the truth about the missing children, the less effective her powers become – blocked, it would seem, by the mysterious daisy skull. On a journey to discover what lies behind the "curtain", Kathy must confront her own past and the obsession that has left her life an empty shell, and defeat a force that is far more evil than she ever could have imagined.< Less
Diary of a Robot By Lewis Jenkins
Paperback: List Price: $25.95 $19.46 | You Save: 25%
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Robotics Law One: "Do no harm to people or property through action or inaction." Intelligent machines have a large problem: What is harm? Dr. Maynard Little thinks he may have solved it.... More > The first chapters introduce Doc's own problems, his predicament, and his team at The Little Company as they build The Machine. From then on, the machine works through its problems of deciding whom to trust, while the people try to deal with the machine as it works. Things get dicey. The turning point is a televised round-table discussion where Robey (the machine's name at that time) upsets everyone except perhaps the French. Dr. Little—under pressure from Chairman Bozworth to begin making money—takes steps to make the machine more marketable and less controversial. These efforts succeed except that Doc's fix creates new problems. And other interests want to exploit or control—or steal—the TM tech. The climax of the story comes when… Well, if I told you that, I'd have to kidnap you to keep you from telling anyone else.< Less