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In His Hands By Patrick Bonomo
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Based on a true family story. This multigenerational saga explores the primal themes of sex, money, and the corrosive nature of power in a biological family headed by Benny “The Bear” Di... More > Vincenzo, a high level Mafioso. Benny, who exacted terrible punishments upon his children when they strayed from the strict moral code he inflicted, now finds himself prosecuted by them. His secrets have dramatic impact upon his children as they begin a quest for answers to central family questions. Why was Daddy so cruel and unloving? And more importantly; who will get Daddy’s money? Set in the backdrop of mafia life, this story highlights the emotional effects a mob upbringing has on the innocent. Told from the perspectives of Benny’s gay son, Vincent, his eldest daughter, a desperate housewife, Adrianna, the Ivy Leaguer granddaughter, Gabriella and his estranged wife, Antoinette the family struggles to come to terms with their past, while sides are taken, leaving many abandoned with only memories.< Less
The Corpse in a Greenhouse! By Lyndia Glover
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In London every day in the summer of 2010 was stifling hot. I (Bentley Brighton) spent numerous hours working on my next murder mystery novel. My constant companion Detective Cheerie (large male... More > cream color cat) has so much fur he seldom wanted out on the balcony. Usually he enjoys watching the birds, but he preferred the cooler air of our townhouse too. Finally, on October 11, the temperature was a cool autumn day. Detective Cheerie and I were enjoying a day in his favorite park. My iPhone rang, it was Professor Higgins. We had met had a horticulture lecture he gave soon after I moved to London. I have always had a love of flowers. Professor Higgins invited Detective Cheerie and me to lunch. He had a new species of exotic orchids that he thought would be of interest to me. Detective Cheerie always enjoys exploring the spacious greenhouse. But, this time he would make a grisly discovery! **Seventy-eighth book in the series.** Copyrighted 2014. Watch for new books!< Less
Set-Up The story of Trinity By Desiree Cochran
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This is the story of Trinity Danell, a young mother, desperately trying to fit in. All she wants is the love of her life, but everything stands in her way. Murder, mystery, lies, betrayal and being... More > set up.< Less
Why Me? By Bob Alonge
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An ordinary day turns into a life-changing adventure for a young couple who just wanted to have breakfast .
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A homeless man, accused of murdering a local businessman during a robbery, refuses to assist his lawyer defend him.
The Lineman By Lori Bonfitto
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Riveting and heartfelt with a haunting twist on the serial killer saga, The Lineman will appeal to fans of the film Silence of the Lambs and the novels of Stephen King and Gillian Flynn. Along the... More > eastern seaboard women are being murdered -- each one electrocuted with a Taser and hung by electrical cord. Meanwhile at the Jersey Shore, ER nurse Aubrey Styles is falling for Gil Post, a handsome but troubled power lineman. After their whirlwind marriage, damning evidence points to Gil as the serial killer. Aubrey sets out to investigate the crimes on her own and clear Gil’s name. In the process, she discovers an inner strength and capacity to love unconditionally in the face of overwhelming fear. But can Aubrey survive the night once the killer is unmasked? The Lineman. Nothing shocks like the truth.< Less
STITCHED TOGETHER: A Quilting Cozy By Carol Dean Jones
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"Stitched Together: A Quilting Cozy" is the story of Sarah and Charles as they face the many joys and challenges of combining their lifestyles and households. Both in their seventies, they... More > discover they each have a lifetime of preferences, priorities, and issues which make compromise sometimes difficult and sometimes rewarding. Sophie reluctantly considers a love interest herself, as family and friends pull together to save one of their own who has been charged with murder. This is the fifth book in the Quilting Cozy series, following "Tie Died," "Running Stitches," "Sea Bound," and "Patchwork Connections." As always, Carol Dean's stories include lots of quilting!"< Less
Samson & Delilah's Haunted Bed & Breakfast By Jesse W. Thompson
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The recession has cost Sam his job. His two fishing buddies, wounded in Iraq, try to convince him he should start a bed and breakfast. He says they're crazy. Delilah and Annabelle have inherited... More > raggedy Lovland Lodge. Business is dead. They don't have the money for repairs, much less for the balloon payment soon due to pay off their fat mortgage. They face foreclosure. When the lodge becomes Samson and Delilah's Haunted Bed and Breakfast, its new name pulls in gobs of guests. The weird lights and noises at night give fun to everybody, believers and skeptics alike, even if they're not too sure of what's going on. They all pitch in to help solve the mystery. A more realistic problem smacks them: Annabelle's dirty rotten ex-husband, Percy. She has kicked him out and filed for divorce, but he keeps trying to steal the property. He kidnaps her and piles a $100,000 ransom on top of the $280,000 mortgage payment.< Less
To Penetrate By TL Chester
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To Penetrate is deeply profound, & is for the instinctual reader who appreciates nonlinear stories. Who is the victim, who is unscrupulous, just when you think you have got this story figured out... More > it hits you and you must read it again. The text best described as disjointed, mystifying, jarring, keeping the novel entertaining while unraveling the mystery until the ambiguity is exposed, leaving the reader in awe promising a story with in a story. The sheer volume of ideas pouring from the author provides give this book many enjoyable reads. If you enjoy authors such as Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves, & Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho then you will surely enjoy To Penetrate by TL Chester.< Less
Hartford By Lorraine Holloway-White
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Paedophilia was not as lucrative as it had been. This story opens with disturbing reality in the first two chapters, before taking us to Hartford where sexually abused children are safely housed and... More > cared for. The very beautiful and determined CeeCee, plus her friends, Maisie, Angel and Rose were first seen in It’s in Their Eyes. This much-awaited sequel follows on with their story, again adding twists and turns in ways least expected. Despite accidents and murder, they are determined to continue their work saving as many children as possible. Little do they realise the shockwaves it will bring and just who it is they're upsetting. REVIEWS- It's in Their Eyes "... So well written it had me nearly in tears in places... this writer knows how to get into the minds and hearts of her readers. Fabulous, I cannot wait for the sequel." FO "Such a well written story for an extremely disturbing topic… " KE< Less
Splt By M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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A childhood prank leaves a young girl permanently deformed due to skin ailment which leaves her disfigured throughout her adult life. During a swanky birthday party for her brother the truth is... More > finally exposed and you will never guess who is to be blamed?< Less
The Blessing and the Curse By Shatiera Holman
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From birth it just seems that Serene cannot get a break. Her grandfather cursed her as a baby and now she must struggle to succeed by any means necessary. She spends her whole life looking for love,... More > in every aspect. Fighting to make a name for herself she battles with the demons that come with men, drugs,and the pursuit of wealth. Just when she feels she has found all that she was looking for, her world comes crumbling down. She learns that her beauty and determination is a Blessing and a Curse.< Less