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Binding Contract By Geoffrey Merrick
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If you thought the renegade ex-white slaver known as Tyler only had to fight professional procurers, you were wrong. Back in the demented 1990’s, when stock and real estate markets went crazy,... More > there was a human monster working in the highest levels of big business …a human monster who wanted to take anything he lusted after. Whether it was a supremely sexy young executive, a lovely intern, or even the innocent teen-age daughter of a competitor …. Whatever, and whoever, he desired, he only had to say three dreaded words – "I want her" – and his brutal, amoral, sycophant staff would go to work, taking, hiding, silencing, restraining ... forcing them to sign their own, unwilling, lifelong BINDING CONTRACT.< Less
Shadows of the Music Industry By Michael Hur
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Shadows of the Music Industry is an account of the untold history regarding artists, and events of the music industry. The book explores the hidden stories of Satanism, the occult, mind-control,... More > cover ups, and the death of various artists from the 1930’s to the 2000s. Shadows of the Music Industry takes the reader into an exploration of the aspects that surrounded the lives of some of the most successful artists in music industry history. The chapters presented here are the unauthorized stories that are based upon testimony, case-files, and law enforcement records.< Less
The Chronister Cliff By Simone van der Steeg
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Seventeen year old Karen Eason has lost her parents at young age. But thanks to her brother Jake, she is more than okay now. Everything seems to be going perfectly fine for young Karen, until the... More > unusual Thomas Chronister comes along. Even though he seems like an ordinary, surprisingly friendly young man at first, Karen is sure that he is hiding something. She does everything within her power to find out what his secret is. However, what Karen doesn’t know yet, is that his secret will change her entire life forever…< Less
Five Million in Cash By O. B. King
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Let's say you wake up late for work one morning in 1932 and find 5 million dollars in huge bills littering the floor of your cheap room. What would you do? That is exactly the situation that Tiffany... More > Thayer, one of the most intriguing of the 20th century authors revived by Ramble House, places young Ben Flinders. Then the action starts and before Ben realizes it he has become a wanted man — by the law and those who break it. But young Ben is resourceful and when he finds that he is becoming known as a kingpin of evil, he starts to enjoy it, a little like Walter White of 2013 becomes enamored of being the meth king of New Mexico. That's when the fun begins!< Less
The West Memphis Boogieman By Sam Dennis McDonough
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This book is about justice for three 8-year-old boys, their convicted teen- age killers, and celebrity intervention in justice. Reason for Reading: This is the one book in which you will find the... More > important evidence and facts concerning the West Memphis teens who were convicted of murdering three 8-year-old boys in the Robin Hood woods. It also tells how celebrities helped in getting their release from prison. Why I wrote this book: My greatest passion is searching for the truth in real crimes. Who should read this book: Anyone who is looking for a complete account of the facts and evidence in the on-going West Memphis Three crime, and people who have heard only sound bites and seen only biased movies and are searching for the truth in this story. Who may avoid this book: CSI viewers who believe that only DNA evidence proves guilt and anyone bored by facts and evidence and would rather obtain information from viewing fantasy movies full of half-truths and false hoods.< Less
Closure By Olivia Keyes
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Natalie left her troubled past behind and finally found luck in love. She met Alex, who is charming, gorgeous, and sweet. He treats her the way she’s always dreamt of being treated, and now,... More > they’re about to get married. Natalie is prepared to become Alex’s loving wife, but the past soon comes back to haunt her with the arrival of Jay. Jay is Natalie’s abusive ex-boyfriend. He was her first love, the first man to ever awaken her passion. Jay steps back into her life, determined to stop her from marrying Alex. He just won’t let go. Due to his ruthless advances, Natalie gives him a chance to explain his past behaviors and the reason he uses violence in place of love. Natalie decides she must understand Jay before she can move forward and be the wife that Alex deserves. However, things get messy the closer she gets to her ex. Now she wonders, is it better to let sleeping dogs lie or get closure for the past? Natalie may realize the answer to this age-old question only once it’s too late.< Less
The Devil Came to Yarford City By M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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In the Devil Came to Yarford City tragedy strikes Kalib Drew in the heart when he learns his wife Katie has been savagely murdered in their home. What is Kalib to do in this situation with his... More > wife gone how will he take care of his three daughters alone? The first question on his mind was who could have done this? Never once does he think it could be someone from his gun slinging past?< Less
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“Burn in hell, you harlot!” Those words seared the heart of his only child, his daughter, Delilah, when she met her demise one night at the hands of her domineering father, Josiah... More > Tollette. Overcome by his deep fury of her contemptible solecism, he tried to rid her from his posh society in New Orleans. She and her illegitimate infant child were trapped in an inferno. She was murdered by her own father. Unknown to Josiah Tollette, her soul would awaken generations later by the revengeful curse of a scorned voodoo demimonde. Centuries later, unusual happenings start to occur to Delilah’s direct descendent, Frescia Duvont, who is unaware of the vindictive spell. Frescia prods and searches for information about the strange occurrences, and begins to uncover a destined and deadly fate. Some of the old-time parish people have speculated over the years about the incident and the curse and there are key persons who know true facts about the situation, but they don’t speak of the horror.< Less
Where By Sarah Siegmann
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Attorney Jackie Maris must decide what is right in life as she deals with a criminal client, supernatural powers and a sassy FBI agent ex-boyfriend.
Casey Carpenter's Wild Goose Chase By Jesse W. Thompson
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Casey Carpenter has three goals: Pass the bar exam before he turns 21; Gain revenge against a crooked district attorney; and third, find Ed Cooper's son who has run off to avoid prosecution for a... More > crime he did not commit.< Less
Hostage By Sharyl Bales
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In 1972, the political situation in Nicaragua is far from stable. Mick McKenna and a number of his operatives,including Signe Carlson's youngest daughter, Jenna, are on assignment in that troubled... More > country when Mick suddenly goes missing. Signe is not used to sitting on the sidelines and since an old friend from her days as an OSS agent during World War II lives just outside of Managua, Signe is on a plane within three hours of receiving the news about Mick. If anyone can help her to locate Mick, it is Maria.< Less
Running with Intent By Don Bissett
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For Nathan Parker, it started as a vacation, a getaway to a place he’d never been before. His boss, though, had a different plan, detouring him to a small town in the middle of nowhere for an... More > insurance fraud investigation. But a natural disaster traps him there, along with the troublesome survivors. While Nathan desperately tries to restore order to the lawless town, he uncovers a sinister murder plot and a long-standing conflict among the people who live there. Now his own life is in danger. Some vacation. a Nathan Parker novel part 2 of a trilogy< Less
The Bookroom Murders By Alan Berg
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The police shooting of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown again raises the situation of racial unrest in America. My novel, The Bookroom Murders, depicts racial confrontation in an inner city high... More > school, where police use excessive force to deal with the situation, and students are shot and mauled by dogs. Also,The Bookroom Murders is not your typical mystery. It is a coming of age story, involving a battle of the sexes and an odyssey of self-realization. The teacher narrator is intelligent, quirky, self-deprecating, and irreverent. The story has elements of a teacher's worst nightmare. And this is not the typical teacher-against-the-odds victory cliche'. Instead, it is violent, ironic, darkly humorous, sexually explicit and bizarre. The story is multi-ethnic, with strong female characters--Chinese, Latina and Italian--as well as a sexist teacher, who is not a paragon, and happens to be a murder suspect.< Less
"TRIM THE FAT" By James Dodd
Paperback: $14.99
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Short story about a man that awakes to find that he is no longer has a father or mother and is in the body of a 24 year old man instead of an 8 year old boy.
The Insurrectionist By Mahima Martel
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Deni Daudov wasn’t just any immigrant; he had the American dream in the palm of his hands. On the surface American life was great, but once Deni started to sink below he found truths were well... More > disguised lies, and the line between love and indifference was an easy one to cross. When the reality of Deni’s existence changed, he faced insurmountable challenges few could understand. There are times a young man must choose his fate. He can live a quiet life and be a digit in the American population, or he could take a stand against his perceived injustices and ultimately face grave consequences. The measure of a man’s life is what he makes it, and sometimes that measure is insurrection.< Less
Tales of the Games Player By Kev Pickering
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The Games Player - so called by the Daily Mail because his modus operandi involves convincing whoever is the adult in charge to persuade the others, especially the children, that they are playing a... More > game of robbers to keep them calm while he secures them and ransacks the house. He is notorious, both feared for his robberies, and admired for the way those he visits come out unharmed, if bound and gagged in various ways. But how did he earn this reputation. Here, in his own words, he recalls those he has visited, from the very first mother and daughter to more recent ones, and how he learned his craft. Along the way, he meets all manners of families, and recalls both the successes and the failures, as well as times he was surprised and surprised others - even to the extent of having his own fan club... In these short vignettes, he finds love, and sadness, happiness and sadness - but always with a smile.< Less
The Black and the Grey: The Gentlemen Robbers and the China Dolls By KP
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The Gentlemen Robbers - two men, known as Mister Tall and Mister Small, renowned for their calm and mannered approach to robbery. They exert control through polite enforcement and persuasion, and... More > have never been known to harm anyone they visit. The China Doll Gang - an all-female group of robbers, clad in grey save for their white faces, and also renowned for never ever speaking, using gestures and implied threats to control and contain those they call on. For the first time, this collection brings together two dozen of their best known stories, from a mother and daughter to a village church woman's group, and from one reporter's encounter to a visit which brings unexpected visitors. Each tale illustrates a different aspect of the groups, but together they demonstrate why they are so renowned.< Less
Put Your Lips Together By Hamish 'Managua' Gunn
eBook (ePub): $4.80
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Chief inspector Kaari Sippula does things the Finnish way: by the book. But events trigger a process where her beliefs and values start to slowly unravel. Hunted by a sexual predator, Sippula... More > strives to uncover the dark activities of a secret group, little knowing that the predator has already struck. The presence of a rock band touring Finland becomes a help as well as a hindrance, and as the chief inspector questions her role she discovers other forces at play that link her to her own investigation. Gunn’s book explores the dark undertows of Finnish democracy, and has woven a tale with many strands that all come together in this fast-paced book, which reveals the identity of a little-known historical people and their customs which come to influence events. This is the newest book in the world-reknown Scandinavian crime theme. It is quite possibly the best. Hamish Gunn has done his homework, and his writing is simply unparalleled. There is not a moment of inaction or a word wasted.< Less