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Evil in Hockley By William Buckel
Hardcover: $18.50
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Harry Tanner returns to his home in Mono Mills on leave from the coalition forces in Afghanistan after his brother is killed in an accident. He believes his brother was murdered and his personal... More > investigation sparks attempts on his life. John Dean, the preacher, and Lenea, a Voodoo priestess clash with Harry as he refuses to drop his enquiry. The story moves from Ontario to the fascinating French Quarter in New Orleans.< Less
The Devil Came to Yarford City By M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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In the Devil Came to Yarford City tragedy strikes Kalib Drew in the heart when he learns his wife Katie has been savagely murdered in their home. What is Kalib to do in this situation with his... More > wife gone how will he take care of his three daughters alone? The first question on his mind was who could have done this? Never once does he think it could be someone from his gun slinging past?< Less
Killing Schmidt Honorably By Vincent Alexandre
Paperback: List Price: $6.00 $5.70 You Save: 5%
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Charlie Schmidt, a retired assassin, is returning home after completing a flight from Paris. In under forty-eight hours all hell will break loose for Charlie when he discovers his girlfriend was... More > brutally murdered and that his friends may turn out to be his worst enemies.< Less
ODYNE: The ClockMakers By JC Whitfield
Paperback: List Price: $30.49 $22.87 You Save: 25%
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This is the story of occult detective, Dahlia Rojean who has made her reputation exploring the plight of the unfathomably paranormal. Sara Rovi, a seven-year old girl living in rural Ohio, vanishes... More > overnight and the town of Xenia and its authorities can't seem to find her. Her mother is a suspect but refuses to speak of anything other than the local cult the ClockMakers. Dahlia Rojean, mending the wounds of her last job, is hired for the investigation. She soon finds this particular case is occupied by the national media's firestorm of hysteria. But she believes someone knows where Sara is, and the deeper she digs the greater the mystery will become.< Less
An Innocent in New York By Dolores J. Guthrie
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This is a story about a beautiful young woman who left her husband and teenage son living the quiet life on the Seneca River, in up-state New York. She travelled to New York City, searching for a... More > life of fame and fortune. Fascinated by the beautiful, the rich and the powerful she found all three, but at what cost? Would the Mafia stop at nothing to get what they wanted from her?< Less
The West Memphis Boogieman By Sam Dennis McDonough
eBook (ePub): $7.99
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Who should read this book: Anyone who is looking for a complete account of the facts and evidence in the on-going West Memphis Three crime, and people who have heard only sound bites and have seen... More > only biased movies and are searching for the truth in this story. Who may avoid this book: Viewers of CSI television programs who believe that only DNA evidence proves guilt. It is also for anyone who is bored by evidence and facts and would rather obtain their information by viewing fantasy movies full of half-truths and false hoods. This is my sixth book about controversial true crimes. Previous books are: 120 Clues that Show Who Killed Jon Benet (Ramsey); O. J. Simpson Murders, Who killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman and Why the jury found OJ Simpson Not Guilty; Oswald, Conspirators and John F. Kennedy; the Canadian crime of Steven Truscott and the Murder of 12-yer-old Lynne Harper; Orlando’s Casey and her missing daughter, Caylee; and now The West Memphis Boogie man.< Less
Events of a Different Nature By Tom Merritt
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Jango Champelli retired to the suburbs and set up a private investigative agency with her younger partner Sawyer Jarule in order to get away from the hectic life and dangers of the secret Agency she... More > once worked for. But sometimes you can’t get away from your past and Jango and Sawyer’s biggest case runs deeper and more dangerous than either of them could have expected. Join these two investigators as they try to crack the case of the Grey Man and the other creatures of the underworld that surround them.< Less