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The Good Soldier By Ford Madox Ford
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In The Good Soldier, Ford Madox Ford paved the way for over a century of thriller writers and film-makers who would go on to use the idea of the unreliable narrator to create mystery and... More > suspense. Events in the story unfold just before World War I and chronicle the tragedy of Edward Ashburnham, the soldier to whom the title refers, and his own seemingly perfect marriage and that of two American friends. The novel opens with the famous line, “This is the saddest story I have ever heard.” The Good Soldier is a masterpiece of early twentieth-century fiction.< Less
Butterflies at the Edge of Forever By Austin Torney
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ToeQuestors from discover the Secrets of the Universe, as well as the humorously dangerous implications that follow their possession of the Holy Grail of the genuine Theory of... More > Everything. With the world's future hanging in the balance, they sharpen their wits and skills through the teachings of the learnéd Grand Masters. Extraordinary mixed media photo composites of tropical and otherworldly scenes beyond compare. Fun science, too. Much original humor. There is no greater quest than to know whence we came and what we are. Humerous and significent. Amazing poems between chapters. Several Theories of Everything looked at. This blend of prose drama and humor, poetry, illustration, and science makes for a totally glorious reading experience.< Less
Earth on the Edge of Forever By Austin Torney
Paperback: $49.95
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The dram, mystery, and adventures continue, heading toward forever.
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The Defense Intelligence Agent By Austin Torney
Paperback: $44.95
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The beginnings of the World Intelligence Agency and the continuation of "Earth on the Edge of Forever'.
Diary of a Robot By Lewis Jenkins
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Robotics Law One: "Do no harm to people or property." Intelligent machines have a large problem: What is harm? Dr. Maynard Little thinks he may have solved it. He designs the ultimate... More > testing machine for his company’s products. It reads English product specifications and builds complete test suites from them. As a robot it must “do no harm” but people order it around, so it tests the people to find out which of them it can trust about what. Things get dicey. The turning point is a television round-table discussion where the machine upsets everyone except perhaps the French. Dr. Little—under pressure from Chairman Bozworth to begin making money with it—takes steps to make the machine more marketable and less controversial. These efforts succeed except that Doc's fix creates new problems. And other interests want to exploit or control—or steal—the TM tech. So why, exactly, does Doc Little wake up in a prison that looks like a sitting room?< Less
Assassins' Trail By Claude Brickell
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When art historian and stolen art and artifacts sleuth Michael Bennington arrives in Paris to give a lecture on the famed 'Mona Lisa,' he is approached by a young Russian curator from the Louvre,... More > Natalie Sherbakova, who invites him to a private meeting with the museum's general director. Once there, it is revealed to him that when the 'Mona Lisa' was stolen back in 1911, what was found and returned to the museum was simply a copy, a fake. And that copy, unbeknownst to the public, has been on display at the Louvre ever since. Now, Soviet-era declassified documents purport that the original is actually hidden somewhere in Russia, and it is Bennington's assignment, along with curator Sherbakova, to delve into the heart of the Russian hinterland, find the masterpiece and bring it back safely to the Louvre in total secrecy. This is a world of assassins, multiple twists and turns and FSB (former KGB) political intrigue.< Less
Trina By Jeff Love
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A young man named Demetrius Collins is looking for the man who killed his father fifteen years ago. He meets Trina and gets too involved with her. As the tried to break it off, he realizes she's... More > the fatal attraction and she end up being the daughter of the killer. So now Demetrius has to deal with both of them.< Less
The Case of the Crossed Wire By Charles E. Morgan, III
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In this latest Brains Benton mystery, Jimmy Carson accidently overhears two men discussing a diabolical plot over the telephone. Although he doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, he knows... More > that it’s bad news! He tells Brains and in no time the Benton and Carson International Detective Agency is operating in high gear! Join Operative Three and X in this exciting adventure-mystery as they match wits with a criminal element that has big plans for the upcoming election! The cover art and illustrations are by Shannon Stirweis, who was the original artist for the late 1960s paperback versions of, “The Case of the Missing Message,” and “The Case of the Counterfeit Coin.”< Less
The Lazarus Heart By Wes Weldon
Hardcover: $24.99
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How long can the sins of those lost to us continue to haunt the living? Are ghosts real or are they just our inability to let the dead stay buried? Longing, lust, desperation, and insanity are... More > tangible things that can infect any man’s soul. And with a call from a deranged stranger Munro spirals into a case that will change him forever. A quest to locate a girl who vanished two decades ago will force the private detective to question his very sanity. Are we at the mercy of tragedy or are we the architects of our own destiny? From across time itself a woman reaches forward to hold an icy grip on one man’s heart while tearing the fragile world around him to pieces. The Lazarus Heart is a story fans of Munro and Wes Weldon knew was begging to be told but never expected to read. Passion, fear, pain, mistrust, and anger lead this tale to a shocking ending that will leave you shaken and mystified for weeks to come.< Less