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The Parent Book By Arnott & Josserand
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The book for parents that you always wanted. Now for the first time DBT validations has been modified for children's home and school behavior programs. Newest and most effective parenting tool.
The Red Tape Cannabis and Autism & The "BS" Unfiltered Booklet By Mieko Hester-Perez
eBook (PDF): $20.00
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"What To Expect" is a required prerequisite to a phone consultation with Mieko Hester-Perez. The Unconventional Foundation for Autism Information Website:
Caring for Mom By Dorothy Sander
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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Caring for Mom is a touching collection of reflections that speak to all who have, are or will care for an aging parent and facing all the challenges of being a member of the sandwich generation. ... More > While describing the process of care giving and all that implies, Dorothy Sander has left her heart on every page of this important book. This is not a standard or sugar coated instruction manual. Dorothy tackles issues concerning every aspect of aging—our own and those for whom we care. Dealing with stress, money, family, how to say goodbye, exhaustion, and coping with grief all find pages in Caring For Mom. Dorothy’s experience is invaluable. Her style resembles a chat with a good friend. Those who read her account will find wisdom, comfort, and support. She writes with compassion, honesty and a deep commitment to all that is good in life. Caring for Mom is a book you can read again and again.< Less
Beyond Discouragement - Creativity By Bernard Poulin
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"Beyond Discouragement - Creativity" takes a look at how the past 50 years have shaped and continue to reshape our lives. It describes the effects both encouragement and discouragement have... More > on our children and ourselves. It speaks to the encouraging and discouraging aspects of our environment and how these either motivate or detract us from being the best we can be. The many observations the author lays out are meant to raise questions and even shackles, cause discussions to happen and passions to be stirred - all of this in the hope that the encouragement of creativity will once again be prevalent in the daily lives of adults and children everywhere. Your feedback would be most welcome:< Less
Real Child Safety By Frank Adamo
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Priceless information for parents and beautiful photographs of safe children illustrating how to safeguard your loved ones from the most frequent and most serious dangers we face in daily life at... More > home and on the road. The author describes surprising statistics, and offers good news: most serious accidents can be easily prevented.< Less
Carefully Handling Time By Mary Fields
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Carefully Handling Time will help its readers to practically live out their own personal values, while applying a few basic principles. It focuses on a mindset rather than a time management program.... More > Working through this manual can help an individual, a family or a group begin to see how one's attitudes and perspectives effect one's use of time. The goal in taking a few hours to read this book is to free you up to be the very person you were intended to be without always feeling pressured, hurried or frustrated. Time is precious and life is precious, so let us carefully handle each moment.< Less
Advent Spiral: A Guide for a Simple Winter Garden Celebration By Rebecca Besbris
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There is no festival in the Waldorf calendar like the Advent Spiral. It is a very reverent, sacred ceremony that touches us deeply in our cores. This festival celebrates the inner light that we all... More > carry within us through the darkest half of the year. There is nothing as magical as a glowing, lit, Advent Spiral in a dark room on the day of Winter Solstice! This little booklet includes everything you need to have your own Advent Spiral: * Just what is an Advent Spiral? * Getting ready, including directions for creating apple lanterns and setting up your Advent Spiral * A festival outline -- what to do when * A story and a spiral walking song with sheet music * A centering verse and a discussion of reverence and "holding" the children As with all of my booklets, this is an accounting of things I have actually done and have used to enrich my own homeschool.< Less
The Adventures of Gabe 'N Grace: Gabe Meets Grace By Chad and Liz LaForce
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Young Gabe goes to the hospital to meet his newly-adopted baby sister for the first time. He learns that not all family members come from the same family tree, and that God uses adoption to bring... More > people of different families, races and gender together.< Less
An Illustrated Guidebook to Caring for Children with Nut Allergies By Maghen Brown
Paperback: $14.99
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A fun, quick, and easy way to educate your family, friends and babysitters who are responsible for your child's safety.
The Best Laid Plans By Kelly Mantoan
Paperback: $16.00
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It's a weekly planner with lots of space to record your to-do list, assignments and activities, plus a weekly entry written to make you laugh and perhaps bring some focus to your thoughts or writing... More > for the week. Written from a Christian perspective by a busy Catholic homeschooling mom of five, but sure to be enjoyed by anyone seeking to bring a little order to their daily chaos.< Less
My Mum is Poorly By Joolie Hanger
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Using my own experiences I have written this book to help children understand what is going to happen to their mummy if diagnosed with a brain tumour. Whilst waiting in hopsital waiting rooms for my... More > own treatment, I found lots of literature to help adults, but nothing to explain to children what was happening. I hope I have achieved this with my book and that it helps other families.< Less
Family Thoughts By Robert Williamson
Paperback: $10.95
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This book is a compilation of five papers published in two journals, Family Systems Forum and Family Systems: A Journal of Natural Systems Thinking in Psychiatry, between 2008 and 2013. These... More > journals are dedicated to exploring the theory of the family developed by Dr. Murray Bowen (1913-1990). Bowen was one of the leaders in the emergence of family systems theory and therapy beginning in the 1950s. Bowen came to understand that much of human behavior is a product of the family unit, and has a function for the family unit. The papers in this volume explore how beliefs – worldviews, philosophies, values, goals, principles, although emerging in an individual brain, can be regarded as a product of the family unit, and have a function for the family unit. Case studies include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Henry David Thoreau, Walter Inglis Anderson, Robert Lowell and Jean Stafford.< Less
Mama's Notebook: Weekly Planner and Organizer By Mama's Notebooks
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Mama’s Notebook provides you with an easy, flexible, and efficient way to organize your life. In one glance, you can coordinate your meal plan with the whole day’s events and tasks, and... More > there’s always ample room to take notes on the things that matter to you most! Unlike other planners, you can start up Mama’s Notebook on any week of the year, and you can skip weeks as needed. The back section of the planner provides you with easy reference sheets to help you schedule and shop efficiently.< Less
Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! By Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP
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Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist who has specialized for over 12 years in helping children love a variety of food. Her practice focuses on the family and... More > teaching the fundamentals of parenting in the kitchen. Mel wrote this book in the same manner that she works with families; with an open heart and a touch of humor. Raising an adventurous eater is meant to be fun. Enjoy the journey! “This is a much needed book. Happy Mealtimes addresses the important and neglected topic of HOW to feed children. It has all the tools you need to help your child explore new tastes and enjoy eating!” - Carolyn Aibel, Ph.D.< Less
This Perfect Mess By Melanie Haney
Paperback: $8.00
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Surviving motherhood as told through the words and lens of an award-winning author, full-time photographer and mother to four of the most amusing children in the world.
I'll Cry to Understand...a piece at a time By Karen Weis
Paperback: $17.99
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The author, Karen E. Weis, understands the devastating effects of losing a child. In March of 2006 she and her husband lost their son in a car accident. About six months after losing her son, she... More > started writing in hopes of helping other grieving parents. Finding strength in the words that were kept deep within her, she wanted to find her voice to support and connect with parents experiencing the grief of losing a child. Karen also wanted to make family and friends more aware of how difficult the journey is after losing a child so they could help the parents cope. Her hope is to inspire parents to endure and realize they will survive their loss and with time find peace.< Less
Double Duty Log Book for Twins By Kellie Asaro
Paperback: $14.95
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(4 Ratings)
Ask any parent of twins and they will tell you that the early months are the most challenging. Caring for two babies at a time can become confusing and downright stressful. Who was fed when? Which... More > twin needs a diaper change? Is it time for the next dose of medication? With the Double Duty Log Book for Twins you can save your sanity and stay on schedule! Keep track of both babies with one convenient daily log. Quickly and easily fill in feedings, diaper changes, naps, medications, important appointments and other notes. Useful for parents and caretakers alike. Gain helpful insight into your twins’ sleeping and eating habits as well as general behavior patterns. Coil bound for easy access. Handy 3 month supply.< Less
Child Sexual Abuse: From Harsh Realities to Hope By Jane Gilgun
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(2 Ratings)
THIS BOOK IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT to understand child sexual abuse in new ways. Based on interviews, the book shows what child sexual abuse means to child and adult survivors, perpetrators, and... More > mothers of survivors. The realities are harsh, but dealing with harsh realities leads to hope and recovery. The book also describes how survivors recover from child sexual abuse, describes treatment and prevention programs, and makes recommendations for polices and education programs. Above all, this book is for survivors and their families so that they can understand the harsh realities in their own lives, find goodness and hope within themselves and in trustworthy other people, and go on to rich and fulfilling lives.< Less
Young Warrior Zion By Tanan White, Meredith White
Paperback: $19.70
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Young Warrior Zion is a story of a young infants fight for survival against a potentially fatal illness. With his family by his side and the care of medical professionals, Zion fought for his life... More > and won. This is a story of hope, healing, blessing, and survival.< Less
Our Brother: Blair Harker By Elane, Jacquie, Brook, Lance, Joy, Susan, & Mark
Hardcover: $25.95
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A book dedicated to the memory of our brother, Blair Bennett Harker
Child Sexual Abuse: Child Survivors, Mothers, and Perpetrators Tell Their Stories By Jane Gilgun, Ph.D., LICSW, Alankaar Sharma, MSW
Paperback: $16.96
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(1 Ratings)
Based upon interviews with survivors, perpetrators, and mothers, this book answers questions that many people have. The book is still in progress and so you can read it for free.
Paperback: $14.00
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(2 Ratings)
This book covers six generations of ancestors from the families of Pete & Ethel Matteson, beginning with author's generation going back to our 3rd great grandparents. This book is only available... More > to invited family members - not sold to the general public. There are over 60 photos in this book, which has 219 pages. The book is 8.5 x 11" with size 12 font. Surnames included are: Bailey, Benedict, Bunting, Cottrell, Damon, Day, Dumars, Durkee, Eggleston, Filkins, Forbush, Hinman, Hoag, Jordan, Mather, Matteson, McGinnett, Muzzy, Nichols, Noel, Reynolds, Richardson, Richmond, Soggs, St. John, Stanclift, Thompson, and Watkins.< Less
Guia del Curriculo Preescolar By Susan Boswell
Paperback: $22.71
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A Spanish curriculum planning and monitoring guide for young children with Autism and related communication disorders.
The Cycle of Life By Pamela Levin
Paperback: $24.95
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How are we made? Is there an underlying, hidden pattern to life? If so what is it and how can we use it to further our growth, improve our relationships, make peace with ourselves, recover from... More > addictions, raise our children, relate to our parents, peers and coworkers? This guidebook introduces the results of paradigm-shattering clinical research that redefines what it means to be human, uncovers the blueprint we share with every thing that exists, and provides essential guidance for creating smooth life transitions at every age and stage. Used by thousands of people around the world to illuminate their inner lives and outer relationships, aid recovery from addictions, teach children, guide parents, understand the stages of creativity and more. A landmark, leading-edge work.< Less
Boring way to be Happy, With a Dysfunctional Family By Vasu K Brown, MD
Paperback: $27.19
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Learn how to recognize controlling relationships, what to do to move ahead of abusive relationship. Empower yourself and your family so you can be happy inspite of being a dysfucntional family.... More > Remember this "We have Perfect Relationships with Imperfect people!" If you purchased the prepublication version and wanted an upgrade email me with your purchase date at< Less