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THe beauty of Everyday life By Adrian Millar
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A book on the beauty of everyday life with stories from 40 well-known Irish people that will make you laugh, cry and reflect and inspire you in your everyday life. Published in honour of Teen-Line... More > Ireland, a freephone service for young people feeling distressed, worried or anxious.< Less
Big Book of Unschooling By Sandra Dodd
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Summary of Sandra Dodd's website on unschooling and mindful parenting, with hundreds of practical ideas about how to move from schoolish thinking to living a life of natural learning and joy.
Teardrops in the Rain By Carly Presser
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A true account of the author's experience of emotional abuse at the hands of her mother, and the enabling behavior of her family.
The Everyday Family Chore System By Vicki Bentley
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Practical ideas for getting your family to help at home - from a busy mom of eight and foster mom of over fifty! Includes the tried-and-true How-to-Do-It cards now used successfully in many homes,... More > ideas for using the cards as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with another system you may already be using, plus tips on how to organize your household to maximize success. 88 pages, lay-flat coil binding. Also available in e-book format so you can print the cards straight from your computer!< Less
Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do By Qadoshyah Fish
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Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do is designed to give parents, friends, families, and professionals accurate and up-to-date information about Down syndrome. Information in the book is written by... More > doctors, parents, professionals & individuals with Down syndrome. This book is written with the idea that many families would have benefited from a book like this when their child was diagnosed with Down syndrome. NOTE: THIS BOOK IS FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, AS THE SHIPPING IS CHEAPER FOR THEM.< Less
100+ Common Parenting Mistakes From Birth Through Teens By Gregg Prescott, M.S.
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This book is loaded with valuable information from an experienced Child & Family Therapist, covering over 100 common parenting mistakes and challenges. Some of the many topics covered in this... More > book include manipulation, discipline, conflict resolution, respect, spoiling, spanking, temper tantrums, picky eaters, manners, boundaries, house rules, education, responsibility, chores, anger management, substance abuse, addiction, peer pressure, separation, divorce, Attention Deficit Disorder and how to open a closed door of communication, amongst many more topics! A must read for any parent, young and old!< Less
A Different Alphabet, 2nd edition By Amber Sellers
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A cheerful play therapy book of suggestions for learning to live with learning disabilities, it humorously addresses various emotions and situations. Written by a young adult, this book describes the... More > ABC's of "being different." Each page shows a colorful food-sculpture, and the caption explores the particular feeling shown, giving suggestions for growing and becoming comfortable in a world that does not always welcome differences. These suggestions are based on personal experiences. The book also contains suggestions for creating your own food sculptures. As a form of play therapy, this can help young people explore their own feelings and arrive at insights regarding ways to cope with the world each day.< Less
Advent Spiral: A Guide for a Simple Winter Garden Celebration By Rebecca Besbris
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There is no festival in the Waldorf calendar like the Advent Spiral. It is a very reverent, sacred ceremony that touches us deeply in our cores. This festival celebrates the inner light that we all... More > carry within us through the darkest half of the year. There is nothing as magical as a glowing, lit, Advent Spiral in a dark room on the day of Winter Solstice! This little booklet includes everything you need to have your own Advent Spiral: * Just what is an Advent Spiral? * Getting ready, including directions for creating apple lanterns and setting up your Advent Spiral * A festival outline -- what to do when * A story and a spiral walking song with sheet music * A centering verse and a discussion of reverence and "holding" the children As with all of my booklets, this is an accounting of things I have actually done and have used to enrich my own homeschool.< Less
50 Printable Baby Shower Bingo Game Cards – Baby Milestones – Download and Print By Sagelily Books & Certificates
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50 Printable Baby Shower Bingo Game Cards – Baby Milestones – Download and Print 50 different baby shower bingo cards complete with instructions, markers, and call sheets in a PDF file... More > that can be printed out on any type of paper. Have a unique bingo card for up to 50 baby shower guests. No limit to the number of times each BABY SHOWER BINGO GAME CARD can be printed. Free online preview.< Less
US Yearly: The Anderson Family News Magazine Issue No. 7 By Tiffany Anderson
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US Yearly: The Official Anderson Family News Magazine Issue No. 7
My Mum is Poorly By Joolie Hanger
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Using my own experiences I have written this book to help children understand what is going to happen to their mummy if diagnosed with a brain tumour. Whilst waiting in hopsital waiting rooms for my... More > own treatment, I found lots of literature to help adults, but nothing to explain to children what was happening. I hope I have achieved this with my book and that it helps other families.< Less
Reclaiming Kazi By Kimberly Mohammed
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Reclaiming Kazi is an inspiring story of hope, perseverance, and the power of a mother's love. For many parents, an autism diagnosis is viewed as an ending, but for this family it was only the... More > beginning. Their son's autism diagnosis was the beginning of a long and arduous journey, with results that were beyond their wildest dreams. Their journey had many twists and turns, some dead ends and forks in the road, but they ultimately found the right path that provided their son with exactly what he needed. Their story shows that anything is possible when there is hope, hard work, and dedication to achieving the impossible.< Less
BEBÉS BIEN AJUSTADOS By Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani
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Descubra información bien documentada y de fácil lectura por parte de la Dra. Jennifer acerca: - Mejorar la fertilidad - Cuidado personal durante el embarazo - Cubrir sus necesidades... More > físicas y emocionales - Técnicas para aliviar el dolor en el parto - Cómo tener un parto seguro y natural - La lactancia materna, las fórmulas y el cólico - Primera nutrición para bebés - Consejos para la pareja y equipo de parto - Minimizar las toxinas nocivas - Alternativas a los fármacos - Cómo guiar el desarrollo de su hijo - Hábitos saludables en la dieta familiar - Y MUCHO más...< Less
Warthogs Don't Waste By Marika Lee Connole
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A young warthog learns to be a happy, healthy eater when a dream confirms his parent's teaching! The STORY: This book can be enjoyed just for the story, or can be used as a learning opportunity. The... More > story is designed so that a non-reading child can help a reader “read” the story by saying the words the little pictures represent along with the words that the reader reads. The Discussion QUESTIONS/TIPS for parents: After the story there is a list of questions that can be discussed to better understand the message of the story. The parenting tips offer practical, useful advice in dealing with the picky eaer. The ACTIVITIES/GAMES: This book, and other books in this series, has pictures, activities, and/or games that can be used to reinforce the lesson of the story. The story can be used as part of a Family Home Evening time, a parent/child learning time, individual reading enjoyment, for classroom or other use.< Less
Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! By Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP
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Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist who has specialized for over 12 years in helping children love a variety of food. Her practice focuses on the family and... More > teaching the fundamentals of parenting in the kitchen. Mel wrote this book in the same manner that she works with families; with an open heart and a touch of humor. Raising an adventurous eater is meant to be fun. Enjoy the journey! “This is a much needed book. Happy Mealtimes addresses the important and neglected topic of HOW to feed children. It has all the tools you need to help your child explore new tastes and enjoy eating!” - Carolyn Aibel, Ph.D.< Less
I Love You Mom.......See You In Heaven By Paul Swanson
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A son's story of what he learned through his Mom's battle with cancer and her death.
In Love With The Girl-Child By Edeh Jonathan Onche
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-What would you do if you knew your Girl-child, another, or your daughter’s daughter doesn’t stand a chance of having a happy and fulfilled life? -What would you do to make the life of... More > the girl-child in your care better? -Would you do the same for a girl-child you don’t know, and have never met before? -How do you plan to go about this noble commitment? -Can we trust you to do the right thing? -By saying ‘Yes’ you have not only committed yourself, but your life and resources to this vision- In Love With The Girl-Child. -By saying ‘Yes’ you have also agreed to be transparent and accountable. -And by saying ‘Yes’ you have just signed up with me on making the world a better place for the girl-child- I say welcome on board.< Less
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Only the ruins remain of what used to be an elite, all girls boarding school. In the early 1940’s, Gina, an orphaned child is enrolled in the school by a social worker. When escorted by a... More > nursemaid to the dormitory, Gina is introduced to the girls, (ages 8-13). The nursemaid informs that Gina is an orphan. From that moment, Gina is destined to endure merciless abuse from the girls. The never-ending oppressions persist and Gina, now in her third year feels she would go mad when she is falsely accused of causing a serious accident. An inquest is scheduled and all pandemonium breaks loose. Gina is then placed in a foster home and hopes it would be a haven. Months of contentment crumbles when a fate is besieged upon her that is beyond reproach. Gina graduates from high school. Soon after, she flees from her foster home. Her pillow of gallant courage, infinite hope and perseverance demonstrated conclusive elements in her life to survive.< Less
Double Duty Log Book for Twins By Kellie Asaro
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Ask any parent of twins and they will tell you that the early months are the most challenging. Caring for two babies at a time can become confusing and downright stressful. Who was fed when? Which... More > twin needs a diaper change? Is it time for the next dose of medication? With the Double Duty Log Book for Twins you can save your sanity and stay on schedule! Keep track of both babies with one convenient daily log. Quickly and easily fill in feedings, diaper changes, naps, medications, important appointments and other notes. Useful for parents and caretakers alike. Gain helpful insight into your twins’ sleeping and eating habits as well as general behavior patterns. Coil bound for easy access. Handy 3 month supply.< Less
108 Days By Melisa Nielsen
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108 Days is a deep look at how we parent and how we can progress in an ever changing material world. This world is so much more! 108 Days takes mothers through the process of claiming motherhood... More > and completely embracing their role as Beacon for their family.< Less
What happened? By Kathleen Legler
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What happened? A guide to help children understand the intact and circumcised penis.
The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship By Kristie Burns
Paperback: $35.00
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Reviews at: (The 1st Ed.) For teachers, parents and ALL adults that interact with children - this book... More > is as comprehensive as a textbook but as readable as a novel. Through guides, examples, stories and lessons the reader learns how to type him/herself, family members, students, and friends and to delve into the mysteries of how the different temperaments interact with each other. Because these interactions are unique, depending on the age and relationship of the people, this book focuses only on the adult-child relationship which can differ greatly from the adult-adult relationship or the child-child relationship. However, while this book does focus on the relationships between adults and children, one can also benefit from reading the different sections and applying some of the wisdom to his/her own relationships with other adults or by extrapolating ideas from the sections to help siblings get along better.< Less
They Save Children Don't They? Memoirs of a CPS Resister By Susan Detlefsen
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They Save Children Don't They? looks at the dangerous flaws within the child protection system. The stories are based on author's personal memoirs of her interviews with parents, grandparents, and... More > children who have had CPS experiences.< Less
Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing By Sheila Kippley
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In the ecology of natural mothering, mother and baby help each other. Mothers who adopt this natural pattern of breastfeeding enjoy 14 to 15 months of having no periods, on the average, and have a... More > special relationship with their babies. Counter to the culture, mothers take their babies almost everywhere. The author deals with this sympathetically, and thus many moms have said that this book truly liberated them to follow their maternal instincts.< Less
The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor By Sheila Kippley
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Mothers average 14 to 15 months without menstruation after childbirth when they breastfeed according to the Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding. The author analyzes the research and focuses... More > on the seven mothering behaviors that define ecological breastfeeding. This form of baby care is the gold standard of going for the green. It is eminently healthy for mother and baby and will save parents many times the small cost of this life-changing book.< Less