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An Affair Worth Remembering With Huntington's Disease By Debbie Pausig
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Huntington's Disease is a progressive, life stripping hereditary disease for which there is no cure. LOVE is the most powerful medicine available in living with and caring for a person at-risk and... More > in the throws of it. This is a Love Story that illustrates how a marriage and a family can live, survive and thrive with an illness. Humor, frustration and sadness are just a few emotions experienced by the reader. True Love prevails as this disease bruises and batters a family's spirit. Many gifts are discovered during times of illness. Incurable love and intimacy are two such gifts. This book speaks to at least three communities, those affected by Huntington's Disease or any chronic, progressive or terminal illness; the spiritual community, those who find strength through faith in the most trying moments; and the therapeutic community, those who treat individuals, couples and families affected by illness.< Less
Is This Normal? By Christopher Lira
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A number of humorous short stories about family stress, fun and love. Stories of embarrassment, chaos, financial fun, laughter and heartache. This book will leave you questioning, "Is This... More > Normal?"< Less
What Nana Knows By Dr. Michele B. Cohen
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This book was inspired by a family's journey in life as they learn how to love and have hope.
Andrewtism By Ken Smyth
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Andrewtism is a term coined by the father of an autistic son. This story chronicles a father’s experience in parenting an autistic son named Andrew. Ken Smyth began as a parent that was... More > ignorant and ill-equipped to handle the challenges of parenting an autistic child. After years of struggle, Ken started on a journey of personal transformation that provided him the tools to better deal with the emotional challenges in parenting his son. The poignant lessons gained over the 16 year journey are told primarily through vignettes. There are moments of humor, moments of confusion, and ultimately moments of clarity, reflection, and brutal honesty.< Less
Special Needs Planning: A Guide for Families in New York with a Loved One with a Disability By George Gray
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This book is a resource to a care giver of a loved one with a disability to provide planning and advice on providing a fulfilling life for the loved one.
Folded: The Forging of an Adoptive Family By Jennifer M. Pitkin
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Folded: The Forging of an Adoptive Family helps bridge the gap between adoption paper shuffling and navigating attachment post-placement. Through exploration in the latest research on attachment and... More > Interpersonal Neurobiology, combined with encouraging testimonials from adoptive families and adult adoptees, Folded's purpose is to help educate, inform, and inspire anyone touched by the gift of adoption, or considering adoption, in a succinct yet God-glorifying way.< Less
The Parent's 20 Minute Guide to Change By The Center for Motivation and Change
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The Parent's 20 Minute Guide helps parents utilize CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) and Motivational Techniques to help you change your child's substance use. Family members who... More > are trained in CRAFT are more likely (than those trained to do interventions or who attend Al-Anon) to reduce or stop substance use in their loved one as well as increase the loved one’s willingness to get help. In CRAFT, the concerned family member (that’s you!) also feels better. This guide will help you with such tools as: How to react when your child has been using substances and when he has NOT been using; How to co-parent and collaborate as effectively and smoothly as possible; Getting more of what you want to see from your child and less of what you don’t; How to talk to your child so that you are more likely to be heard; How to take care of yourself all along the way< Less
Paradox of Parenting By Derek Zwyer
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The thesis of this work is that parenting must involve the genuine expression of self by the parent to create an environment where the child feels it possible to explore and learn. Less a manual, and... More > more a mind-expanding reading experience, this work will change the way you think about potential, unleashing, and love. Care can be there without the overt performance of a societal role. The paradox of parenting is in the learning experience that the parent undergoes alongside.< Less
2000 Questions for Grandparents: Unlocking Your Family's Hidden History By Josiah Schmidt
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Unlocking your family's hidden history has never been easier, with this ultimate guide to family history interviews. This book will teach you how to prepare for, conduct, and learn from interviews... More > with family members. Includes 2000 useful, creative questions to get your relatives' fascinating memories and thoughts flowing on such topics as: childhood life; previous generations; world events; outlook on life; love, marriage, and family; career and hobbies; spirituality and politics; likes and dislikes; travels and migrations; military service; and more!< Less
Family Thoughts By Robert Williamson
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This book is a compilation of five papers published in two journals, Family Systems Forum and Family Systems: A Journal of Natural Systems Thinking in Psychiatry, between 2008 and 2013. These... More > journals are dedicated to exploring the theory of the family developed by Dr. Murray Bowen (1913-1990). Bowen was one of the leaders in the emergence of family systems theory and therapy beginning in the 1950s. Bowen came to understand that much of human behavior is a product of the family unit, and has a function for the family unit. The papers in this volume explore how beliefs – worldviews, philosophies, values, goals, principles, although emerging in an individual brain, can be regarded as a product of the family unit, and have a function for the family unit. Case studies include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Henry David Thoreau, Walter Inglis Anderson, Robert Lowell and Jean Stafford.< Less
Mama's Notebook: Weekly Planner and Organizer By Mama's Notebooks
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Mama’s Notebook provides you with an easy, flexible, and efficient way to organize your life. In one glance, you can coordinate your meal plan with the whole day’s events and tasks, and... More > there’s always ample room to take notes on the things that matter to you most! Unlike other planners, you can start up Mama’s Notebook on any week of the year, and you can skip weeks as needed. The back section of the planner provides you with easy reference sheets to help you schedule and shop efficiently.< Less
Practical Parenting: An Un-Politically Correct Guide from the Trenches By Kathleen Lovlie, MD
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The dream of parenting is a little different than the reality; there are times when challenges arise. In Practical Parenting, author Kathleen Lovlie offers a concise, true and achievable guide for... More > parenting in the current world, from birth through adolescence. Written by a pediatrician, anthropologist, and mother who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics, Practical Parenting provides information to help parents address and deal with many facets of child rearing. Dr. Lovlie explains that how we raise our children builds the framework for their future. With honesty, courage, and a few common sense guidelines, we can raise children who are self-confident, responsible, and brave. Then, if they choose, they can reach for the stars.< Less
Family Reunification Handbook By Malinda Davenport-Crisp, PhD
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Family Reunification: An Everyday Encounter assists families impacted by incarceration and/or reentry process where it is common to experience disconnect in relationships with loved ones. This book... More > strives to assist families in the difficult restoration and reunification process, increase a connection through education, and assist in building intrapersonal and interpersonal skills which are kin to learning to speak a new language. Be patient and practice these new skills in your class, support group or therapy session.< Less
Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! By Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP
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Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist who has specialized for over 12 years in helping children love a variety of food. Her practice focuses on the family and... More > teaching the fundamentals of parenting in the kitchen. Mel wrote this book in the same manner that she works with families; with an open heart and a touch of humor. Raising an adventurous eater is meant to be fun. Enjoy the journey! “This is a much needed book. Happy Mealtimes addresses the important and neglected topic of HOW to feed children. It has all the tools you need to help your child explore new tastes and enjoy eating!” - Carolyn Aibel, Ph.D.< Less
The Story of Baby Rabbit: A Resource to Help You Talk to Young Children About Miscarriage or Stillbirth By Graeme Smith et al.
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Graeme Smith, MD, PhD is a Professor and Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Queen’s University. He works with many families who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. He has developed a... More > website ( as a resource for women during pregnancy and after delivery. Sian Phillips, PhD is a Child Psychologist who is an adjunct professor at Queen’s University who specializes in working with interpersonal trauma and attachment issues. Jerri Oehler, PhD is a pediatric nurse/psychologist at the Carteret Clinic for Adolescents and Children affiliated with Duke University. She has a long history of working with families who have had a loss during pregnancy or postpartum. Malia Murphy is a PhD student at Queen’s University studying complications in pregnancy and their impact on maternal outcomes.< Less
I'm in Charge! A Parenting Strategy to Help You Raise Happy and Cooperative Children By Megan Davis, Kathleen Todd
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In “I’m in Charge!” we created four children with typical characteristics to show how you can be in charge even if your child is hyperactive, has learning challenges, is strong... More > willed or sensitive. All of them have really great parents who are feeling lost and are finding new ways to help their children. They use the basics of the PPC Program-Coaching Strategies, Executive Functions of the Brain, Basics of the Brain, Developmental Stages and Temperament. The book highlights four challenging areas of parenting; Morning Madness, Homework Hassle, Dreaded Dinner Time and Bedtime Battles.< Less
The Road Map to Senior Care By Stephen Andriko
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Author Stephen Andriko provides expert analysis that affords the reader a non-judgmental approach to navigate through the maze of confusion that surrounds this extremely sensitive subject. He... More > discusses various delivery means such as in-home care or out-of-home placement. Further, he discusses average costs for the various alternatives and offers resources that can help along the journey. The purpose of the book is to minimize the effects that painful emotion can have on the decision process.< Less
The Homeschool Notebook (Weekly) By Mama's Notebooks
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The Homeschool Notebook by Mama’s Notebooks provides you with a convenient and efficient way to lay out unit or monthly school plans. Each planning chart gives you room to lay out nine... More > subjects, Monday-Friday. The chart boxes are made to have space for listing plans for more than one child. The rear section of the notebook has space for you to plan out schedules, chores and routines, track field trips, list resources and activities, keep wish lists, recap and brainstorm for next year—all in one notebook! Included are 52 week pages for families who homeschool year round or in case you just need a fresh sheet to rework one of your weeks. There’s plenty of space! Pages are not pre-dated so that you have maximum flexibility in customizing the notebook to your family’s needs.< Less
The Budget Notebook (Academic Year) By Mama's Notebooks
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The Budget Notebook by Mama's Notebooks is designed to help you keep a household budget that is simple, easy, and accurate. It features charts for everything you’ll need to get your budget... More > under control, as well as a Notes section at the back with ample room for planning, organizing, writing reminder and to-do lists, and tallying up sums.< Less
Ticklish By Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani
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Ticklish is a stunning, full-colour, highly practical, easy-to-read parenting and child development book covering many new ways to help your child learn, love and play.
Baby Sing & SIGN PARENT GUIDE By Anne Meeker
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BABY SING & SIGN is a wonderful, sensory-rich way to teach and practice key sign language vocabulary with hearing babies and toddlers. Sign language is a proven way to jump start language and... More > provide little ones with important communication skills to express their wants and needs before they are able to speak. We use the child's preferred activities -- music and play -- to engage families in language learning. The program is great "baby brain food" and fun and easy for the entire family. The Parent Guide gives families all the tools they need to be successful teaching baby sign and supporting their child's emerging language.< Less
IT'S ACHIEVABLE By Yannique Thomas
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I wrote this short book to inspire at least one person or student to dare to dream and pursue their passion because it is achievable, if they learn how to READ. Proceeds will assist the It's... More > Achievable Foundation eliminate illiteracy.< Less
Double Duty Log Book for Twins By Kellie Asaro
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Ask any parent of twins and they will tell you that the early months are the most challenging. Caring for two babies at a time can become confusing and downright stressful. Who was fed when? Which... More > twin needs a diaper change? Is it time for the next dose of medication? With the Double Duty Log Book for Twins you can save your sanity and stay on schedule! Keep track of both babies with one convenient daily log. Quickly and easily fill in feedings, diaper changes, naps, medications, important appointments and other notes. Useful for parents and caretakers alike. Gain helpful insight into your twins’ sleeping and eating habits as well as general behavior patterns. Coil bound for easy access. Handy 3 month supply.< Less
Parenting Kids with ADD/ADHD: Real Tools For Real Life 2nd Ed. By Dr. Al Winebarger
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Does your child have ADD/ADHD? Could you use more parenting tools to help you with your child? The newest edition of this book contains the “tried and true” tools used with hundreds of... More > parents in Dr. Al Winebarger's Attention Camp Programs over the years. The tools in this book are "hands on" and should be very helpful in your day-to-day lives. Most books tell parents WHAT to do, but fail to tell them HOW to use the ideas. This book uses plain language, and teaches parents how to use real-life tools to help their children as they struggle with ADD/ADHD. Reviewer’s Quote: This is an amazingly insightful manual on how to raise your child with ADHD. Dr. Al touches on every aspect of helping your child in school and at home. There is even a chapter on stress management for parents….The ideas in the book are based on a common sense approach to learning, are not hard to follow, and will help everyone in the family. Great book!< Less
Restored and Remarried Workbook By Gil and Brenda Stuart
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Your remarriage and step family faces many unique challenges. You’ll find this 8-week workbook practical, encouraging and a great resource for your stepfamily adventure. Your... More > “opportunities for growth” are directly addressed with no-nonsense tools you can use now. Each week will offer insight and conversation that will help strengthen your marriage. Because all relationships are not the same, the tools provided can be customized to your unique situation. In a small group setting, you'll have a guide as you dialogue with others around the terms and concepts related to remarriage and stepfamily life. This workbook can also be used for “just the two of you.” You can never get enough support and encouragement in your marriage. We are honored to be part of your process of leaving a healthy, strong legacy for your family.< Less