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":Education-of-homeless-children" By Alex Bondar
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The relevance of the study. Child neglect - it is a complete separation of the minor from the family that is conjugate with the loss of permanent residence and occupation. Is the most severe form of... More > neglect - weakening care of minors by parents or their substitutes (lack of educating influence, control of pastime, bonds, behavior, etc.). Homelessness and neglect pose a threat to the proper formation of the personality of children and adolescents, the conditions for the emergence and establishment of their negative social skills.< Less
":Juvenile-delinquency-as-a-problem-of-modern-society" By Michelle Christie
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This work considers the problem of modernity - of juvenile delinquency. Distinguish the basic concepts, which we will operate in the work. Considered a crime under criminal law specific socially... More > dangerous act (action or inaction) that infringes on the public or the state system of the Russian Federation, its political and economic system, the state, public and private property, individual, political, labor, property and other rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as any other guilty of a socially dangerous act under criminal law.< Less
Moving a Puddle, and other essays By Sandra Dodd
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Essays on learning in a home without school, on living respectfully with children and of creating a nest in which learning flourishes.
Stuck In My Own Family Tree By Patricia Webster Stewart
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"Stuck in My Own Family Tree" is a collection of nostalgic family stories. Starting with a stern Grossmutter, one cousin’s struggle to maintain her family in war-torn Europe, exciting... More > births and tragic deaths, all these family members come to life in these pages. The previous generation of Pat’s family helped the Allies win World War II in the twentieth century by patrolling during blackouts and by building fighter planes. One cousin gave his life for our country from injuries sustained at the D-Day invasion. A succeeding generation, Pat’s family of nine, traveled to France for a year of struggle to fit in and learn the language. Children recall their methods of coping with school with a French flavor. Each new generation produces family stories of their own, some inspiring, some so awesome they are hard to believe, some just plain funny. Stewart uses her knack for storytelling to pass on tales that will inspire and amuse the next generations. It is a heartwarming trip down memory lane.< Less
FINANCIAL ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY; A Detective's Case Files Of Exploitation Crimes By Joe Roubicek
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A sobering picture of the elderly exploitation epidemic that reveals legitimate issues with a true crime story line. The author is a Florida detective recognized as an expert investigator of... More > exploitation crimes who presents 11 shocking and factual investigations. He dispels the myths of this misunderstood crime while providing practical prevention advice.... How to recognize exploitation, expose exploiters and help them to incriminate themselves....Why you should not depend on the government for protection if you lose mental capacity.... Easy legal steps to take to prevent someone from emptying an elder's bank accounts. The author enlightens the reader with perspective through his first-hand investigative experiences.< Less
Big Book of Unschooling By Sandra Dodd
Paperback: $25.00
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Summary of Sandra Dodd's website on unschooling and mindful parenting, with hundreds of practical ideas about how to move from schoolish thinking to living a life of natural learning and joy.
Double Duty Log Book for Twins By Kellie Asaro
Paperback: $14.95
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Ask any parent of twins and they will tell you that the early months are the most challenging. Caring for two babies at a time can become confusing and downright stressful. Who was fed when? Which... More > twin needs a diaper change? Is it time for the next dose of medication? With the Double Duty Log Book for Twins you can save your sanity and stay on schedule! Keep track of both babies with one convenient daily log. Quickly and easily fill in feedings, diaper changes, naps, medications, important appointments and other notes. Useful for parents and caretakers alike. Gain helpful insight into your twins’ sleeping and eating habits as well as general behavior patterns. Coil bound for easy access. Handy 3 month supply.< Less
Connecting With Young Children: Educating the Will By Stephen Spitalny
Paperback: $20.00
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A guide to the world of the young child, this book is an amazing resource for developing capacities for true connecting with young children as a support to their own development.
Ticklish By Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani
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Ticklish is a stunning, full-colour, highly practical, easy-to-read parenting and child development book covering many new ways to help your child learn, love and play.
I Can... By Cynthia Jacobs
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A children's book that will delight and engage your young learner. A series of wonderful rhymes the discover all a child can do while teaching body parts and actions. Excellent to read to young... More > children age 0-3 and to help young readers age 5-7. Promote exploration and the self-esteem. Look at all the things I can do! How about you?< Less
The Homeschool Notebook (Weekly) By Mama's Notebooks
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The Homeschool Notebook by Mama’s Notebooks provides you with a convenient and efficient way to lay out unit or monthly school plans. Each planning chart gives you room to lay out nine... More > subjects, Monday-Friday. The chart boxes are made to have space for listing plans for more than one child. The rear section of the notebook has space for you to plan out schedules, chores and routines, track field trips, list resources and activities, keep wish lists, recap and brainstorm for next year—all in one notebook! Included are 52 week pages for families who homeschool year round or in case you just need a fresh sheet to rework one of your weeks. There’s plenty of space! Pages are not pre-dated so that you have maximum flexibility in customizing the notebook to your family’s needs.< Less
Gifting Your Child: Math and Literacy from Infancy By Kerman Bharucha
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By the time my grandson was just under 5 years old, I had managed to teach him basic literacy and math concepts that would be considered complex for a 5-yr old. Here is a partial listing of what he... More > was taught by the age of 5: Verbalize / write out numbers up to 36 digits long; Identify fractions as proper / improper and reason out which fraction was greater / lesser, and by how much; Correctly distribute a given number of items based on simple ratios of 1:2, 2:3, etc.; Setup / populate the X-Y coordinate plane; Recite the definitions of "point", "line", "straight line", "absolute value", etc., etc. This book details the techniques I used in teaching my grandson basic literacy, math and logical reasoning starting from an extremely young age. I am encouraging you to consider using some of the techniques and the math detailed in this book to give your young child or grandchild an invaluable head-start in life. This book will show you the way to achieving that goal. Buy this's on your side.....< Less
The Parent's 20 Minute Guide to Change By The Center for Motivation and Change
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The Parent's 20 Minute Guide helps parents utilize CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) and Motivational Techniques to help you change your child's substance use. Family members who... More > are trained in CRAFT are more likely (than those trained to do interventions or who attend Al-Anon) to reduce or stop substance use in their loved one as well as increase the loved one’s willingness to get help. In CRAFT, the concerned family member (that’s you!) also feels better. This guide will help you with such tools as: How to react when your child has been using substances and when he has NOT been using; How to co-parent and collaborate as effectively and smoothly as possible; Getting more of what you want to see from your child and less of what you don’t; How to talk to your child so that you are more likely to be heard; How to take care of yourself all along the way< Less
Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! By Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP
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Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist who has specialized for over 12 years in helping children love a variety of food. Her practice focuses on the family and... More > teaching the fundamentals of parenting in the kitchen. Mel wrote this book in the same manner that she works with families; with an open heart and a touch of humor. Raising an adventurous eater is meant to be fun. Enjoy the journey! “This is a much needed book. Happy Mealtimes addresses the important and neglected topic of HOW to feed children. It has all the tools you need to help your child explore new tastes and enjoy eating!” - Carolyn Aibel, Ph.D.< Less
Family Reunification Handbook By Malinda Davenport-Crisp, PhD
Paperback: $3.47
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Family Reunification: An Everyday Encounter assists families impacted by incarceration and/or reentry process where it is common to experience disconnect in relationships with loved ones. This book... More > strives to assist families in the difficult restoration and reunification process, increase a connection through education, and assist in building intrapersonal and interpersonal skills which are kin to learning to speak a new language. Be patient and practice these new skills in your class, support group or therapy session.< Less
Avoiding The Autism Trap By Portia C. Thomas, M.A., BCBA
Paperback: $14.99
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“Avoiding the Autism Trap” is an honest and practical guide to recovering your family from some of the most prominent impacts of raising a child with special needs. Every parent, every... More > teacher, and every therapist should have this straight forward and informative guide in the palms of their hands. New parents and seasoned parents alike will find the contents of this book both delightfully refreshing, simple, and well put. This book serves two main purposes: To empower families of children with special needs to live their best life, and to educate the world around those families. Avoid the “Autism Trap,” and take back control over your social life, your finances, and your marriage.< Less
I Was A Teenager Father: Parenting from the perspective of an African American, Single Parent Father By Rashan Cole
Paperback: List Price: $15.49 $10.84 You Save: 30%
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Being a new parent can be hard and anyone who has been through it will tell you there's no instruction manual on doing it the right way. My daughter was born when I was only 16 and I had to figure... More > things out the hard way. This book chronicles some of the trials and tribulations I dealt with as a first time parent and throughout I give advice on how to avoid certain pitfalls in parenting and work through some almost inevitable challenges. Some things I say you may or may not agree with; either way you may be right, after all no two situations are the same. But I know what it feels like to be a new parent, especially an unprepared teenage parent, trying your best to raise a child and wondering “What in the world have I gotten myself into!?” If you’re an African American, Caucasian or other, whether you’re a teenage parent or just a parent of an infant or young child and are looking for a little help, well I’ll try to give you some of the best advice I can and hopefully it will help you in raising your child.< Less
Practical Parenting: An Un-Politically Correct Guide from the Trenches By Kathleen Lovlie, MD
Paperback: $18.99
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The dream of parenting is a little different than the reality; there are times when challenges arise. In Practical Parenting, author Kathleen Lovlie offers a concise, true and achievable guide for... More > parenting in the current world, from birth through adolescence. Written by a pediatrician, anthropologist, and mother who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics, Practical Parenting provides information to help parents address and deal with many facets of child rearing. Dr. Lovlie explains that how we raise our children builds the framework for their future. With honesty, courage, and a few common sense guidelines, we can raise children who are self-confident, responsible, and brave. Then, if they choose, they can reach for the stars.< Less
Turning The Corner By Jeremiah Griffin, Melvia Wallace
Paperback: $24.95
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Turning the Corner chronicles the experiences of the authors who have worked with thousands of participants with multiple challenges, including early life trauma. The book highlights The Inner... More > Journey Training© model that they used to help participants get back on track with their lives. In preparing participants for living wage jobs, the authors used a holistic approach to address both the lack of employable skills as well as the emotional, educational, behavioral, psychological, and other issues that contribute to their lack of success. This included problem solving at work and home, shifting cultural paradigms, and addressing the behavioral issues and belief systems that prevent participants from getting and keeping employment. Turning the Corner has two purposes: (1) to help practitioners understand the mindset of the participants that they serve and (2) to provide effective intervention strategies that assist the hardest to serve population in leading successful lives.< Less
The Little Book of Parenting Tools By Megan Davis, Kathleen Todd
Paperback: $9.95
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Tips and tools on how to effectively parent your child. A guide to help you navigate through challenging and wonderful adventures of parenting.
Chaos In The Coffee House By Jenny Coffee
Paperback: $10.00
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Chaos In The Coffee House is a compilation of funny stories about my crazy life as a wife/stay-at-home mom of five crazy kids!
For Ever For Always And No Matter What By Cheryl Stouffer
Paperback: $15.00
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This is my journey of raising an adopted, bi-racial, ADHD, ODD, difficult child, and what God taught me through the journey. My prayer is, that on these pages, readers struggling through similar... More > circumstances will find the hope and strength to go the distance through their challenging circumstances.< Less
Mama's Notebook: Weekly Planner and Organizer By Mama's Notebooks
Paperback: List Price: $20.99 $18.89 You Save: 10%
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Mama’s Notebook provides you with an easy, flexible, and efficient way to organize your life. In one glance, you can coordinate your meal plan with the whole day’s events and tasks, and... More > there’s always ample room to take notes on the things that matter to you most! Unlike other planners, you can start up Mama’s Notebook on any week of the year, and you can skip weeks as needed. The back section of the planner provides you with easy reference sheets to help you schedule and shop efficiently.< Less
Pure Birth Empowerment Guide By MELISSA CAMERON
Paperback: $25.00
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Pure Birth Empowerment Guide provides readers with perspectives that remind us all of the intuitive guidance that resides within. This is most powerfully observed during the time of pregnancy,... More > labor, birth and motherhood. This guide provides an opportunity to look within and understanding the true nature of birth, including the body, mind and spirit. Also included are prenatal yoga poses and guided meditations that help prepare women for birth.< Less
The Unlikely Journey By Derek Stewart
Paperback: $16.99
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In the summer of 2008, 10 year old Coy Stewart shared his dream of becoming an actor with his parents. Their unwavering support of his dream changed the course of their lives...forever. Since that... More > summer, Coy has appeared in a regional commercial for CARQUEST, performed on stage as Travis Younger in A Raisin in the Sun, guest starred on an episode of A&E's hit drama The Glades, and become a regular cast member of the PBS award winning children's show, The Electric Company. In 2010, Coy was cast as Kevin Kingston-Persons on the TBS hit sitcom, Are We There Yet? which filmed an astounding 100 episodes. The Unlikely Journey is the remarkable story of the Stewart family. Derek, Keisha, Coy, and Chayse. Follow them as they embark on an inspirational journey that will take them to places they never thought they would go and do things they never imagined they would do. Their true story is certain to inspire you and leave you believing that dreams do come true.< Less