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The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor By Sheila Kippley
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Mothers average 14 to 15 months without menstruation after childbirth when they breastfeed according to the Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding. The author analyzes the research and focuses... More > on the seven mothering behaviors that define ecological breastfeeding. This form of baby care is the gold standard of going for the green. It is eminently healthy for mother and baby and will save parents many times the small cost of this life-changing book.< Less
Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing By Sheila Kippley
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In the ecology of natural mothering, mother and baby help each other. Mothers who adopt this natural pattern of breastfeeding enjoy 14 to 15 months of having no periods, on the average, and have a... More > special relationship with their babies. Counter to the culture, mothers take their babies almost everywhere. The author deals with this sympathetically, and thus many moms have said that this book truly liberated them to follow their maternal instincts.< Less
Boring way to be Happy, With a Dysfunctional Family By Vasu K Brown, MD
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Learn how to recognize controlling relationships, what to do to move ahead of abusive relationship. Empower yourself and your family so you can be happy inspite of being a dysfucntional family.... More > Remember this "We have Perfect Relationships with Imperfect people!" If you purchased the prepublication version and wanted an upgrade email me with your purchase date at< Less
BETTER BY THE DOZEN, PLUS TWO By James and Kathleen Littleton
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Is there an uneasiness that tugs at you from your interior? Do you want to live in the world without being of the world? This book, written by parents in the process of raising fourteen living... More > children, unmasks many of the fundamental errors of our time, offering a concrete hierarchy of values or priorities to live by in the midst of a seriously disordered modern dominant culture. It is an appealing and interesting read for anyone and everyone designed to move the reader to serious reflection on the state of his or her life, and to hopefully come away with some helpful resolutions of a spiritual and/or practical nature. BETTER BY THE DOZEN, PLUS TWO includes anecdotes and a philosophy of life from a family of sixteen providing insights into the meaning and purpose of life, with the goal of helping the reader to achieve true happiness and fulfillment.< Less
Young Warrior Zion By Tanan White, Meredith White
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Young Warrior Zion is a story of a young infants fight for survival against a potentially fatal illness. With his family by his side and the care of medical professionals, Zion fought for his life... More > and won. This is a story of hope, healing, blessing, and survival.< Less
Energy Medicine Principles for Parents By Peter Hanfileti, MD
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Energy Medicine Principles for Parents, written by Peter Hanfileti, MD, gives you a conventionally trained pediatrician's perspective on how energy medicine can help your child. Includes a foreword... More > written by Dr John Veltheim, the Founder of the BodyTalk system, and sections on Energy Medicine Principles, the BodyTalk system, Pediatric applications and case studies. (147 pages)< Less
The Story of Michael's Museum By Michael A. Horvich
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Michael's Museum, a collection of over 105 collections of Tiny Treasures is a permanent exhibit at Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier. This is the story of how Michael's Museum came to be... More > including photographs and activities dealing with collecting.< Less
Connecting With Young Children: Educating the Will By Stephen Spitalny
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A guide to the world of the young child, this book is an amazing resource for developing capacities for true connecting with young children as a support to their own development.
Ruby and Mark's Safe Touching Rules By Jennifer Robers
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Written by J. Robers Miller and illustrated by T.C. De Witt, this book will help parents and guardians safely educate their little ones about the appropriate touching rules.
Baby Sing & SIGN PARENT GUIDE By Anne Meeker
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BABY SING & SIGN is a wonderful, sensory-rich way to teach and practice key sign language vocabulary with hearing babies and toddlers. Sign language is a proven way to jump start language and... More > provide little ones with important communication skills to express their wants and needs before they are able to speak. We use the child's preferred activities -- music and play -- to engage families in language learning. The program is great "baby brain food" and fun and easy for the entire family. The Parent Guide gives families all the tools they need to be successful teaching baby sign and supporting their child's emerging language.< Less
Better By The Dozen Plus Two, Part Two: Lessons Learned through Loss and Leukemia by a Family of Sixteen By Kathleen Littleton
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Better By The Dozen Plus Two, Part Two subtitled Lessons Learned through Loss and Leukemia by a Family of Sixteen is the sequel to Better By The Dozen Plus Two subtitled Anecdotes and a Philosophy of... More > Life by a Family of Sixteen (2007). The story relates how a large family stays strong, hopeful and faith-filled while learning the lessons of life through the challenges of foreclosure, death, loss, and leukemia through surrender and reliance on God and His love manifested through the love of others.< Less
Gra Im Thu! I Love You! By Joan Claire Gordon
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Two Irish families, with different beliefs about religion and politics, want to inter-marry. They learn that freedom of thought breeds diversity, and diversity morphs into an urgent need to overcome... More > conflict and generate harmony in their relationships. The O'Grady and Gwynn families learn how to build tolerance. A 13 year old boy is key to the process.< Less
The Manual - Hard Cover By Dr. Faye Snyder
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The Manual shows you how - with the right parenting - to raise an ethical, good-natured, intelligent, empathic, creative, easy-to-love, easy-to-respect, charismatic and high-achieving child.... More > Confronting dangerous and popular myths head on, The Manual also explains where bad behavior comes from and why modern society is overrun with behavioral problems of epidemic proportions.< Less
Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! By Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP
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Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist who has specialized for over 12 years in helping children love a variety of food. Her practice focuses on the family and... More > teaching the fundamentals of parenting in the kitchen. Mel wrote this book in the same manner that she works with families; with an open heart and a touch of humor. Raising an adventurous eater is meant to be fun. Enjoy the journey! “This is a much needed book. Happy Mealtimes addresses the important and neglected topic of HOW to feed children. It has all the tools you need to help your child explore new tastes and enjoy eating!” - Carolyn Aibel, Ph.D.< Less
Mama's Notebook: Weekly Planner and Organizer By Mama's Notebooks
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Mama’s Notebook provides you with an easy, flexible, and efficient way to organize your life. In one glance, you can coordinate your meal plan with the whole day’s events and tasks, and... More > there’s always ample room to take notes on the things that matter to you most! Unlike other planners, you can start up Mama’s Notebook on any week of the year, and you can skip weeks as needed. The back section of the planner provides you with easy reference sheets to help you schedule and shop efficiently.< Less
Warthogs Don't Waste By Marika Lee Connole
Paperback: $5.95
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A young warthog learns to be a happy, healthy eater when a dream confirms his parent's teaching! The STORY: This book can be enjoyed just for the story, or can be used as a learning opportunity. The... More > story is designed so that a non-reading child can help a reader “read” the story by saying the words the little pictures represent along with the words that the reader reads. The Discussion QUESTIONS/TIPS for parents: After the story there is a list of questions that can be discussed to better understand the message of the story. The parenting tips offer practical, useful advice in dealing with the picky eaer. The ACTIVITIES/GAMES: This book, and other books in this series, has pictures, activities, and/or games that can be used to reinforce the lesson of the story. The story can be used as part of a Family Home Evening time, a parent/child learning time, individual reading enjoyment, for classroom or other use.< Less
Family Thoughts By Robert Williamson
Paperback: $10.95
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This book is a compilation of five papers published in two journals, Family Systems Forum and Family Systems: A Journal of Natural Systems Thinking in Psychiatry, between 2008 and 2013. These... More > journals are dedicated to exploring the theory of the family developed by Dr. Murray Bowen (1913-1990). Bowen was one of the leaders in the emergence of family systems theory and therapy beginning in the 1950s. Bowen came to understand that much of human behavior is a product of the family unit, and has a function for the family unit. The papers in this volume explore how beliefs – worldviews, philosophies, values, goals, principles, although emerging in an individual brain, can be regarded as a product of the family unit, and have a function for the family unit. Case studies include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Henry David Thoreau, Walter Inglis Anderson, Robert Lowell and Jean Stafford.< Less
BEBÉS BIEN AJUSTADOS By Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani
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Descubra información bien documentada y de fácil lectura por parte de la Dra. Jennifer acerca: - Mejorar la fertilidad - Cuidado personal durante el embarazo - Cubrir sus necesidades... More > físicas y emocionales - Técnicas para aliviar el dolor en el parto - Cómo tener un parto seguro y natural - La lactancia materna, las fórmulas y el cólico - Primera nutrición para bebés - Consejos para la pareja y equipo de parto - Minimizar las toxinas nocivas - Alternativas a los fármacos - Cómo guiar el desarrollo de su hijo - Hábitos saludables en la dieta familiar - Y MUCHO más...< Less
The Case for Mr. Claus By John A. Jarrell, Jr
Paperback: $6.50
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The Case for Mr. Claus is an endearing story for children and adults alike who may have doubts about ol' Santa's existence, told by a father who is a true believer.
Reclaiming Kazi By Kimberly Mohammed
Paperback: $11.95
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Reclaiming Kazi is an inspiring story of hope, perseverance, and the power of a mother's love. For many parents, an autism diagnosis is viewed as an ending, but for this family it was only the... More > beginning. Their son's autism diagnosis was the beginning of a long and arduous journey, with results that were beyond their wildest dreams. Their journey had many twists and turns, some dead ends and forks in the road, but they ultimately found the right path that provided their son with exactly what he needed. Their story shows that anything is possible when there is hope, hard work, and dedication to achieving the impossible.< Less
My Mum is Poorly By Joolie Hanger
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Using my own experiences I have written this book to help children understand what is going to happen to their mummy if diagnosed with a brain tumour. Whilst waiting in hopsital waiting rooms for my... More > own treatment, I found lots of literature to help adults, but nothing to explain to children what was happening. I hope I have achieved this with my book and that it helps other families.< Less
US Yearly: The Anderson Family News Magazine Issue No. 7 By Tiffany Anderson
Paperback: $10.53
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US Yearly: The Official Anderson Family News Magazine Issue No. 7
Little Warriors Our premature twins fight for life By Sheryl Nettleton
Paperback: $8.10
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When the impossible happens and you give birth prematurely, life instantly becomes chaos and panic. I was in labour, giving birth to something no bigger than a 1kg tub of yoghurt.This book is based... More > on a journal I wrote as a form of catharsis, to help me cope through the long, lonely days so far from home. Little Warriors is a record of events plus my personal experience when our sons were born premature, at 28 weeks gestation (three months early). It has been put together to help the parents of other premature babies.< Less
The Best Laid Plans By Kelly Mantoan
Paperback: $16.00
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It's a weekly planner with lots of space to record your to-do list, assignments and activities, plus a weekly entry written to make you laugh and perhaps bring some focus to your thoughts or writing... More > for the week. Written from a Christian perspective by a busy Catholic homeschooling mom of five, but sure to be enjoyed by anyone seeking to bring a little order to their daily chaos.< Less
An Illustrated Guidebook to Caring for Children with Nut Allergies By Maghen Brown
Paperback: $14.99
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A fun, quick, and easy way to educate your family, friends and babysitters who are responsible for your child's safety.