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Black Son Healing By Vinson Ballard
Paperback: $18.97
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This book is designed to assist the reader in coming up with possible strategies and needed discussion that will be beneficial towards the issue of some of our Black sons in some of our communities... More > needing possible direction and strategies to survive during the challenging times of today.< Less
The Maat Workbook of Survival By Vinson Ballard
Paperback: $18.51
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In so many instances when something very dreadful takes place that results in a very traumatic instance like an untimely foolish kind of death situation through gang violence or illegal drug... More > activities, this again reminds us that we must possibly consider these alternative strategies because some of the strategies that we are currently using are most definitely not working or is as effective in some cases. This is why Maat Consciousness has been made available. The point of focus with this work is the pursuit to illustrate its intended meaning by approaching it as a workbook. This is attempted so that the reader can have an opportunity to review, reflect and compare these points of focus to their own life experiences and even give input from their own perspective to see how it compares for the best results. Furthermore, the workbook will give the reader an opportunity to express the relative thoughts after viewing the relative original stanzas.< Less
Pregnancy and Infant Loss: A Guide for Professionals By Chantal Lockey
Paperback: $34.59
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Losing a baby is said to be one of the most devastating forms of bereavement. This guide has been produced to assist professionals working with bereaved families such as Midwives, Nurses, Counselors... More > and Funeral Professionals, so that they can best assist the families at such a traumatic time.< Less
Scottman Scott Scotty G. Scott By Here's to 30 Years of Loving You!
Hardcover: $19.99
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Heart Shaped Rocks, Don't Die Without Me By Misty VanderWeele
Paperback: $15.95
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Heart Shaped Rocks is about a sister named, Jenna, as she lives knowing her brother could die at any time from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. What has brought Jenna extreme hardship and struggle over... More > and over, she is anything but broken! Jenna's story will not only leave a mark on your heart, you'll start seeing hearts everywhere. In nature and maybe even finding them living on your windowsill.< Less
Gifting Your Child: Math and Literacy from Infancy By Kerman Bharucha
Paperback: $30.00
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This book details the very successful techniques I followed in teaching my Grandson basic literacy, logical thinking and math reasoning starting literally within a week of his birth. By the age of... More > 5, he was taught to: read very well; verbalize and write out numbers upto 36 digits long; identify fractions as proper / improper and reason out which fraction was bigger / smaller and by how much; distribute a given number of items based on simple ratios; do basic work on coordinate geometry grids; recite the definition of point, line, straight line, absolute value, etc., etc. My hope in writing this book is to inspire prospective parents, young parents and new grandparents to take a very early interest in their child's or grandchild's mental development. My experience with my children and with my Grandson has taught me that infants have the ability to absorb, understand and process complex thoughts and concepts, and we do not give them enough credit on this score. Buy this's on your side.....< Less
DSI - 13: A Family Centered Cultural Strategy By Vinson Ballard
Paperback: $16.95
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This is a very humble effort to offer parents and other family members like an alternative strategy towards bringing about more favorable survival possibilities while facing today’s very... More > humbling times. It takes in consideration the atrocious statistics involving many of our family members that take a pathway that lands up as the top news story for a local, state or national media like an evening or nightly news television station that breaks the sad but realistic news during the first few minutes of their thirty minutes news broadcast for that particular day and time on some occasions. This undesired pathway sometimes result in some of our family members having gone down the wrong road in life sometimes because of no direction that they can relate to which lands them in after having been the focus of the top news stories to jails, prisons, earlier burials, dropping out of school and prime targets for unhealthy relationships and further very unhealthy situations.< Less
In-Service Learning By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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Good people will agree that Acting has its talent. In 1985 my freshman year I was liberated to observe Rolland Burroughs. And it was like reading the mind and backwards thinking. Though there... More > weren't other experiences as invaluable; her clairvoyant belief was convalescing. Her secret was you belong to me and its was brain washing and nerve racking. I keep my composure although she was stressing. And bowed to her faith. As a man I was her protection; and she was rewarded with an equitable exchange. UN like Rollo May I was gifted with another joy air-go. Writing made butterflies out of her. I was destined to dream impoverished but she came around again. Interestingly like oxen we now do agree. As her Christian I promised not to be a brevity with each other. A tug of war. This is short winded; famine-less relief, even typical of her fear and I honestly agreed “Anything is possible to Him that believeth” Mark 9:23< Less
The Peaceful Stream Dealing With The Death Of A Child By Carmelita McRoy
Paperback: $15.00
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This book will help any parent deal with the pain of losing a child. It will take you through the process to begin healing and putting your life back in order. A great tool for grief ministries.
I'm in Charge! A Parenting Strategy to Help You Raise Happy and Coooperative Children By Megan Davis, Kathleen Todd
Paperback: $24.99
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In “I’m in Charge!” we created four children with typical characteristics to show how you can be in charge even if your child is hyperactive, has learning challenges, is strong... More > willed or sensitive. All of them have really great parents who are feeling lost and are finding new ways to help their children. They use the basics of the PPC Program-Coaching Strategies, Executive Functions of the Brain, Basics of the Brain, Developmental Stages and Temperament. The book highlights four challenging areas of parenting; Morning Madness, Homework Hassle, Dreaded Dinner Time and Bedtime Battles.< Less
This Is Mine: My Story, My Life By Malinda Phillips
Paperback: $19.99
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Imagine that you have five minutes to grab everything that is important to you. What would you grab? Would it be your favorite clothes? Photographs? …. You can’t take your favorite... More > kitty with you. Now imagine that you are six years old and you have to shove your belongings into a black, stretchy garbage bag. You grab the hand of the social worker who you have just met, walk out to a complete strangers car, and the worker buckles you in. In the background you can hear mommy crying. You have no idea where you are going...< Less