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True Cat Toons By Roberta Gregory
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Legendary comics artist Roberta Gregory's appealing cartoons illustrate the True Cat Tales of a variety of cat owners, as well as real-life stories of her own cats, as true-to-life comics. Engaging... More > stories that will make you laugh, cry and purr. Meet extraordinary cats, exasperating cats and perfectly ordinary cats, as well as the people who love them. These stories provide rare insights into the world of our sometimes-mysterious feline companions, and you may perhaps gain a better appreciation of your own cat. Read it along with your kitty!< Less
True and Incredible Stories of a Horse Vet By Geoff Tucker, DVM
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True & Incredible Stories of a Horse Vet is told in detail by the veterinarian who experienced them first hand. Some are funny while some cause you to share the pain of both the horse and horse... More > owner. All the stories teach an aspect of horse care or describe human traits as Dr. Tucker travels from one horse farm to another.< Less
Raising Cats Naturally: How to care for your cat the way nature intended By Michelle T. Bernard
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Michelle Bernard has a rare gift for putting in plain words extraordinarily effective and levelheaded ways to properly care for cats. Steering clear of faddish, dangerous trends and dissecting the... More > oodles of misinformation that has regrettably become the norm in mainstream advice on animal nutrition, she shines most conspicuously on the issue of a proper feline diet. By giving the reader a common-sense, straightforward strategy for preparing a diet that is based solely on the nutritional requirements of true carnivores, her book is a must-have for anyone committed to building and maintaining glowing good health for cats.< Less
My Photo Book
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Look at the life of Jack-Jack, better known as Blind Dog Jack. Born into a puppy mill, Jack-Jack was used as a stud dog until released at a few years old. Since then he has become blind and fought... More > cancer- all with a smile on his face!< Less
The Pit Bull Bible - Master Collection By John A. Koerner II
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The biggest, most comprehensive manual on raising pit bulls--and learning every aspect about this breed--ever written. Coffee table-sized. Hardcover. Nearly 400 pages, photos, diagrams, money-saving... More > tips, the best keep ever written, how to raise, evaluate, and establish a bloodline, everything you could want to know about the breed.< Less
Through the Eyes of Buzz Pointer By Stephen Potts
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This is a fictional story based on true events which have happened in my present and past experiences of owning pets.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Craft Stencils By Jennifer Coldren
eBook (PDF): $0.50
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Enlarge or shrink patterns great for use in scrapbooking, woodworking, painting and quilting and other craft uses. 2 templates, one full body welsh corgi and second full head.
The New Betta - E-Book! By Victoria Parnell
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All the info, now in a cost-friendly e-book! Ever wonder why your betta sometimes has bubbles in his bowl? Or what exactly a Halfmoon is? Show winning breeder Victoria Parnell will take you... More > step-by-step through the process of selecting a betta to buy, breeding, raising fry, feeding, and medicating. Also includes detailed information on the latest finnage variations, including Halfmoon, Crowntail, and Doubletail, and a basic tutorial into betta colors and genetics. A must-read for any betta lover!< Less
Controlled Aggression By Girard Bradshaw
Paperback: $24.74
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K9 Training manual for professional police and protection trainers. This book covers K9 selection, drive development, human focused aggression, out on command redirects and call offs. Appendicies... More > cover European dog sports, using the electronic collar, and attentive heeling for police K9 and sport competition.< Less
Venomous Snakes in Captivity: Safety and Husbandry By B. W. Smith
Paperback: $49.98
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(c 2005) Regarded by many as the "bible" of keeping venomous snakes. This Book Includes: Proper Housing, Responsible Husbandry, The Tools and Equipment, Safe Handling Practices, Mistakes... More > to be Avoided, Tips for Safety and Effeciency, Federal and State Regulatory Agencies, Emergency Contacts and 76 FULL COLOR Illustrations. Endorsed by the Miami Dade Antivenom Unit.< Less
My Hardcover Book By Armando Gonzalez
Hardcover: $30.16
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Sugar died and her life begins. After sharing her story of her life on earth, she then regales us with her life in Dog Heaven, the Moon. All the dogs who die go to the moon to live their spiritual... More > life until they are reunited with their masters. On the Moon, she meets other dogs, some who tell their stories, and a couple of important men. One is Francis, who is a caretaker for all the animals on earth and in the spiritual world. The other is Buddy, who was born a prince, but gave it all up to teach compassion to the world. The Moon landing witnessed by the inhabitants of the moon tell the story of the astronauts and the two mysterious spiritual men who came to witness the event. Different dogs have different stories that they share with Sugar. Thunder, the fighting dog, Kingston who suffered the events of Katrina, and Skeeter who’s Master was an evangelical who spoke in tongues.< Less
Mostly Maggie at Doggy Day Camp By Barb Norris
Paperback: $11.95
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Never boring. Usually rambunctious. Rarely quiet. Occasionally stubborn. Sometimes silly. Often noisy. Always unpredictable. Always lovable. Always fun. Meet the dogs of Doggy Day Camp.
Cats of the CB Weekly Planner: 2015 By Paula Gregg
Paperback: $27.50
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A weekly calendar with collages of cats (and other pets) of the Cat Blogosphere ( Photos were submitted by the individual bloggers for use in the collage. Not... More > only can viewers see photos of beautiful cats, but they can visit the individual blog, as blog addresses are listed on each page.< Less
Cave Canem By Brian J. Meline
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An intimate collection of vignettes about dog ownership, and learning to live with a dog and our human short-comings. If you ever wished you had a dog, read this book. It may change your mind. (Color... More > photos)< Less
Healthy Hound Handbook By Cie Harris
Paperback: $35.00
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Years of compilation regarding issues faced by hound owners, especially Irish Wolfhound owners. It is a 238 comprehensive book that covers anesthesia, surgery, lab testings, diseases, puppy rearing,... More > and anything that has to do with having a healthy hound. There are recipes and resources. A must for every dog owner.< Less
The Dog Owner's Little Black Book By John A. Koerner II
Hardcover: $65.00
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Great Book
Training a Deaf Dog: The Ultimate Guide to Living With a Deaf Dog By Priscilla Ross
Paperback: $16.16
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You may have a deaf dog, just discovered that you dog is becoming deaf or you may be looking after someone else’s deaf dog. Regardless of the circumstances in which you now find yourself you... More > will almost certainly experience some of the practical challenges in living with canine deafness. My own dog Sabrina was deaf for her entire life. In memory of my best friend and most loyal companion, Sabrina, I have written this book in the hope that other owners of deaf dogs can benefit from my own experiences of living with, training and caring for Sabrina throughout her life. The book is packed with useful, practical information and will help you to improve the quality of your deaf dog’s life Use hand signs with your dog Help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of living with canine deafness Avoid the most common communication errors between you and your deaf dog Ensure that others, especially children, know how to behave around your deaf dog. Introduce other pets to your deaf dog and much more...< Less
Eclectus Diets 2nd Edition By Kim Forster
Paperback: $45.00
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2nd Edition, Eclectus Parrots contains the same information as the first book plus more has been added including, Super foods, more on aromatherapy, correct dieting to avoid unwanted hormones and... More > more.< Less
Training Your Own Psychiatric Service Dog By Katie Gonzalez, CDT
Paperback: $35.00
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This book covers everything you will need to know from selecting a dog for the type of assistance you need, to training advanced obedience for public access, and life-changing assistance tasks to... More > help you with day-to-day life. Service Dog training varies greatly from pet dog training with differences in potty training, controlled loading and unloading out of vehicles and public transportation, training to stay under restaurant tables and under chairs to stay out of aisle ways in public, and how to behave around people and other dogs while working as a service dog in the public setting. Specialized tasks include teaching your dog public access skills, assistance with crowd control, deep pressure therapy, medical alert for panick/anxiety attacks or flashbacks, searching for lost items, going around corners in advance of you, bracing, checking your house for intruders, as well as advanced service dog obedience. Service dog etiquette, management, and laws are discussed.< Less