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Aquarium Secrets Revealed By David Thompson
eBook (PDF): $4.57
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Discover the secrets of a tropical fish expert. You will learn how to set up an aquarium and how to successfully keep beautiful and healthy fish. Included in Aquarium Secrets Revealed! are these free... More > bonuses. • Quick Set Up Reference Checklist. • Step-By-Step Instructions. • The Exclusive "Aquarium Secrets Revealed!" Complete Shopping List. Each book also includes beautiful color pictures.< Less
Gundog Training Made Easy By Eric Begbie
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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Gundog Training Made Easy by Eric Begbie is a detailed set of step-by-step lessons based on his famous set of Gundog Training Broadsheets that have been used by many thousands of gundog and hunting... More > enthusiasts in all five continents. This superbly written book provides a wonderfully explicit training course for training any gun dog or hunting dog. It is ideal for retrievers or for spaniels and is equally valuable for pet dogs. In addition to the structured training course, graduated according to the age and stage of the puppy, there is a section of Frequently Asked Questions and a wealth of other information. Importantly, this book uses only positive humane methods of dog training and totally avoids aversive techniques. A must for every dog owner.< Less
Raising Goats By Digital Ark
eBook (ePub): $2.84
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Raising goats is not something that a lot of people would think about doing. However, if you like pets, then having a goat is an animal that could peek your interest. Before you start that journey,... More > there are a few things that you need to know. You must be committed to taking care of them because they need more care than other animals. * Why you cannot have just one goat on your property * Where goats need to live in order to thrive * Where goats cannot live and why * Where you can find a veterinarian for your goats * Where you can purchase goats * How to keep your goat(s) from roaming around and wandering aimlessly * The average number of "kids" that goats will produce every year * How to know when a female goat is in "heat" * When is the female goat's most "active" time * How long is the gestation period for a female goat * What is "kidding" * What happens to the kid after birth * The amount of milk the female goat can produce< Less
Discus Madness: A Fish Lover's Guide to Raising and Breeding Discus Fish By Freida Lytle
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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When it comes to tropical fishes, many aquarists would insist that the discus fish reigns supreme. you should know how to provide them a good environment so that they can leave healthy and stress... More > free. Learn and discover: • Keeping Discus Fish: It’s all about the Water • The Right Water Chemistry for Raising Discus Fish • Discus Fish Disease: How to Deal with Them • Effective Ways to Help Keep Your Discus Fish Free from Diseases • The Perfect Fish Species to Include In a Discus Fish Tank • Setting up A Discus Fish Tank: Helpful Tips to Raise Your Discus Fish And More!< Less
Feed Your Dog the Natural Way : The Platform Upon Which to Build Health By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $10.64
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Christopher Day MRCVS advocates a relaxed, common-sense and simple-to-follow approach to providing your dog with a species-suitable, fresh and wholesome diet, which has brought health and welfare... More > benefits to so many of his patients. He draws on more than forty years of experience in holistic veterinary practice. In the author's opinion, expensive and vigorously-marketed manufactured dog foods are not the best way to feed your dog for tooth, musculo-skeletal and immune health and for a long, happy and active life. Fresh food is best for us and for our dogs. The dog's omnivorous adaptation makes him an easy animal to feed, which means that dietary advice needs to be neither complex nor strictly regulated. If wished a raw diet or prey-model diet can be fed. This book provides a simple guide to taking your dog's health and well-being into your own hands. Your dog will thank you for it, every day. 3rd Edition< Less
Homeopathic First-Aid for Horses & Ponies : Emergencies and Common Ailments By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $14.75
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NEW! This is much more than just a 'first-aid' book. It details many common diseases and problems that a horse is likely to encounter, with suggested homeopathic treatments, gleaned from Christopher... More > Day’s 40 years of experience in equine homeopathy and holistic medicine. There are no fewer than 75 homeopathic medicines described. Almost 300 pages of practical help and guidance.< Less
Revealing Your Hidden Horse By Mark Hanson
eBook (PDF): $16.05
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This is the book your horse wants you to read. Its revolutionary approach to understanding horses, horse training and horse care explores traditional and popular paradigms currently in use and tests... More > them against a new 21st century model that results in happier human interactions with horses, vastly improved relationships with horses, and most importantly, much healthier horses.< Less
The Team Concept: Creating a Partnership With Your Horse By Marlis E. Amato
eBook (ePub): $13.99
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Equine behaviorist and all-around horse coach, Marlis Amato, uses the information she has gathered from nearly 20 years of studying her breeding herd of 35 Egyptian Arabians to show a way of working... More > with the horse in which the human becomes the quiet leader of a team of two -- horse and handler. This book explains a way of training that engages the mind of the horse and makes him a willing partner, relaxed and enjoying his job. This is not a "how-to" book. It is a "why" book, describing how the horse thinks and feels, and how horse owners and trainers can use that knowledge to settle a horse down, get him into a frame of mind in which he can listen, think over what the handler is asking of him, and learn. This makes training easier for the horse and, definitely, safer for the human. The Team Concept is uniquely illustrated with beautiful full-color photographs and filled with new insights and information.< Less
Open Paw Shelter Manual By Colleen Boyle, Kelly Gorman
Paperback: $48.81
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Imagine walking into an animal shelter where all is quiet and it smells good. Dogs are peacefully lounging on beds chewing on delectable food-stuffed chew toys or sitting calmly at the front of their... More > kennels wagging “Hello” at passers by. Cats are curled up in beds on elevated platforms or batting at dangling catnip toys. Volunteers are busily training dogs and teaching young, playful cats to retract their claws before getting over-excited. This is a shelter where people come for miles, clamoring to adopt the friendly, well-trained residents. These are cats and dogs that will easily settle into their new, permanent homes. This is a shelter where everyone who walks in, walks out more aware of companion animals’ needs. This is an Open Paw shelter. The Open Paw Shelter Manual is a practical guide that offers clear, step-by-step instructions for implementing this revolutionary program in your shelter. It is a must have for shelters that want to make a difference!< Less
Controlled Aggression By Girard Bradshaw
Paperback: $24.74
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K9 Training manual for professional police and protection trainers. This book covers K9 selection, drive development, human focused aggression, out on command redirects and call offs. Appendicies... More > cover European dog sports, using the electronic collar, and attentive heeling for police K9 and sport competition.< Less
The Illustrated Guide To The Morab Horse By Mary Lou Wells
Paperback: List Price: $22.96 $17.22 | You Save: 25%
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Get the book everyone is raving about! Not only is this book an important work of historical significance it is the most well written horse breed book to come along lately! It presents a unique... More > detailed look at the origins, development & character of the Arabian & Morgan horses. It illustrates development of the Morab from colonial America to the present and shows how the Morab has become one of the most talented and capable all-around athletes of the equine world today. Written for the novice and professional horseman it also covers all disciplines, breed conformation and show standards, families within the breeds, all facets of running a great breeding program, choosing horses to meet your goals, illness and health, color inheritance & genetic disease, toxic plants and more. Packed with great photos and illustrations! This is your "One Stop" breed book for the Morgan, Arabian and Morab breeds! Don't miss it!< Less
Venomous Snakes in Captivity: Safety and Husbandry By B. W. Smith
Paperback: $49.98
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(c 2005) Regarded by many as the "bible" of keeping venomous snakes. This Book Includes: Proper Housing, Responsible Husbandry, The Tools and Equipment, Safe Handling Practices, Mistakes... More > to be Avoided, Tips for Safety and Effeciency, Federal and State Regulatory Agencies, Emergency Contacts and 76 FULL COLOR Illustrations. Endorsed by the Miami Dade Antivenom Unit.< Less
The Hollingsworth Dogs (BW) By California Jack
Hardcover: $65.00
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A pictorial narrative of one of the gamest strains ever bred in APBT history.
Historical Accounts of the Airedale Terrier By David Messersmith
Paperback: $14.96
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Developed in the mid to late 1800's in the Aire River Valley in England, the Airedale Terrier proved to be a versatile companion and hunting dog. Brought to North America in the late 1800's,... More > Airedales quickly became one of America's most popular breeds. In the fields and forests of America, Airedales were used to hunt everything from vermin to coon to birds and waterfowl. Legendary tales of the Airedale's hunting abilities soon emerged, particularly in the Western United States where Airedales were used to hunt bears and mountain lions. In this book you'll enjoy reading period accounts of the Airedale Terrier's history and origin, their hunting abilities, and their use as war dogs.< Less
Frosty's Story. Tails of a Therapy Dog By Lee Juslin
Paperback: $16.50
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The story of a Scottish Terrier certified therapy dog, her adventures visiting in senior facilities, and some interesting characters she has met along the way. Learn what it takes to train and... More > certify a therapy pet.< Less
Friesian Horse Journal By Kelli Swan
Paperback: List Price: $13.95 $11.16 | You Save: 20%
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This handy Friesian Horse journal sports equine artwork - a pencil drawing by Kelli Swan titled “The Friesian Horse.” Created with a laminated soft cover and spiral binding, this... More > 6"x9" journal (or diary) opens flat for ease of use. The journal is 150 pages long with ruled pages for your convenience! Great for use as a Diary, Gratitude Journal, Pet/Farm Records or Names and Addresses!< Less
WPCSA Stud Book - 1994-1996 By Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America, Inc.
Hardcover: $30.00
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Stud book entries for 1994-1996. Includes lists of prefixes, members, breed standard. Each entry includes color, foaling date, description, breeder, owner, sire, dam, grandsire as well as... More > registration numbers and colors for the sire and dam.< Less
Leonberger Owner's Guide - Complete By Leonberger University
Paperback: $37.00
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An owner's guide for those interested in the Leonberger with a Forward on the History of the Breed by Caroline Bliss-Isberg. This edition also includes a coloring book addendum.
Leonberger Owner's Guide with Forward by C Bliss-Isberg By Leonberger University
Paperback: $30.00
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A Guide for those interested in the Leonberger dog with a Forward on the History of the Breed by Caroline Bliss-Isberg. This version does NOT contain the coloring book.
Desperate Dogs Determined Measures By Robert Cabral
Paperback: $14.95
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Desperate Dogs is a unique book that tackles the most important issue facing our nations shelters: How can we fairly deal with the complex behaviors of dogs at the greatest risk and save more lives? ... More > Putting aside the issue of what’s right and wrong in human terms and focusing instead on what dogs need to succeed to return into loving homes, the examples, advice and training in this book is written with municipal shelters in mind. Most every shelter behavior with detailed explanations is included along with fair behavior assessment tools. Desperate Dogs helps to understand dogs with behavioral problems including fear, aggression and dominance and offers effective, proven solutions, training methods, and advice; these issues, often misunderstood, cost dogs their lives. The hands-on lessons in this book delve into the often misunderstood process of evaluating and isolating a dog’s key issues and offers solutions, training advice and exercises that can be applied effectively in a shelter environment.< Less
Cording The Poodle For The Show Ring By Joseph J. Genarella
Hardcover: $59.95
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This book shares the author's professional working experience in professional grooming, handling, and breeding of dogs and his knowledge of caring for poodles. Raised in a family of professional... More > groomers, handlers, and breeders of prue breed dogs, Mr. Genarella learned how to care for dogs at a young age. While he started to work bathing dogs in his uncle's kennel at age eight, he eventually gained vast knowledge in grooming and began to work at a professional level later on in life. From since he worked professionally, he had numerous achievements in the dog world, including owning four grooming salons which he later sold and championing hundreds of dogs. The author shares his knowledge of dog handling, particularly of poodles. He primarily provides comprehensive instructions on bathing, drying, and cording poodles as well as grooming corded poodles and fixing the damaged cords on them. The author also includes dog show pictures as well as instructional photos for the general maintenance of dogs< Less
The Magical Link: Love, Mystery and Other Secrets About the Bond Between People and Animals By Barbara Meyers
Paperback: $24.00
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In The Magical Link, lifelong animal advocate and behaviorist Barbara Meyers delivers a stirring exploration into the bonds shared with companion animals in our homes, wildlife, assistance animals... More > and others. Filled with sound advice and peppered with moving stories, fables and poetry, this book is a must-have for everyone whose life has been touched by animals. This richly illustrated, inspiring book explores everything from the ancient history of the human-animal bond to animals and children, animal law and animals in law enforcement, wildlife, those used for food, fashion and sport, society’s objectification of animals and also celebrates and honors the love that can be found nowhere else but with animals. In-depth, it elegantly unravels the mystery of confounding behavior challenges in cats and dogs, the management of illness, hospice care, loss and grief, and the fascinating secrets of what lies behind them.< Less
The Big Red Handbook By Richard Garcia
Hardcover: $125.00
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This book is written by a former breeder, handler, & conditioner of Sporting Pit Bull Terrier. It is a unique incite to the world of the Pit Bull from his eyes.
The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans: How to Design, Implement and Measure Your Way to Preventive Care Plan Success By Debbie Boone, BS, CCS, CVPM, Wendy Hauser, DVM
Paperback: $119.00
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The comprehensive guide for veterinary preventive care plans. Written by two industry experts with personal experience implementing veterinary wellness care, this user-friendly workbook will take the... More > veterinary team step by step though the process of developing Healthy Pet Plans for veterinary practices. Included in the book is an invaluable appendix teeming with training guides, contract examples and marketing resources designed to enhance practice productivity. Increase compliance while helping make top quality preventive care affordable for all pet owners. Build client loyalty and bring patients back to your hospital where they belong.< Less
U. S. Cavalry Horse Book By General W. H. Carter
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First published in 1895, this book was intended to be a better handbook of instructions for teaching some of the elementary facts and principles essential to the well-being and efficiency of the... More > mounted branches of the military. A horse is capable of long and valuable service, but only if it is carefully selected, trained and cared for properly. The book combines theory and practice so that the readers are able to fully understand the necessity of taking care of their steed at all times, whether at war or at peace. It explains all of the benefits such precautions and maintenance provide and warns against less than ideal conditions, detailing the rise in cost and detriment to performance that less than supreme care will render. Illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings, the book will be an important addition to any equestrian library.< Less