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A Lucky Life By Bob Soltys
eBook (ePub): $11.99
An adopted Jack Russell terrier tells his story. Beginning with his long night and uncertain future, Lucky recounts twelve years traveling across America with a photographer, and answering the... More > age-old questions "Who rescued who?" and "Where in the heck is Wall Drug?" Lucky's Dad illustrated the text with black and white photos of what has been a lucky life.< Less
All About Cat Training By Charlotte Kobetis
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Take look at the different easy to train cats and some that are not easy to train. Barman; long hair, easy to managed once a week grooming, very careless loves humans, gentle, affectionate,... More > inquisitive will follow you around the house, very clever. Siamese, verbal, loving, can be difficult, serious daily play, and contact to their arousing and mental status, and does not like to be left alone. Snowshoe: An uncommon breed of cat warm, playful, great personality enjoys the indoor living. Somali is a very intelligent, playful, active, extreme elegance grace, alertness. This type of cat can be gentle, loyal, sensitive, sense of humor cat. Has minimum care for grooming, love to play, loves water, and loves to be next to you or in the lap napping. Will capture you heart. Pixie-Bob is a very trainable, is a bright, loyal, fully family breed. The hair can be long or short. and much more...< Less
Natural Remedies for Cats By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $14.06
New! The home use of Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy), Homeopathy, Aromatherapy (Essential Oils), Tissue Salts and Bach Flowers are detailed for a great many health conditions that commonly affect... More > cats. These may be used alongside or instead of conventional medical intervention, depending upon circumstances. There is a wealth of information here, to help the enlightened cat owner. It is emphasised that veterinary help should be sought as appropriate. Natural medicines work via the body’s own healing ability rather than being used to suppress symptoms.< Less
Natural Flea Control for Dogs and Cats: Notes On Ticks and Sandflies By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $13.53
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NEW! Natural flea control, with notes on ticks and sandflies. Modern chemicals are not without dangers, so natural methods are becoming more popular. Christopher Day has condensed 43 years of... More > experience in natural and holistic methods to bring this eBook to publication. While personal research is advocated, to enable the reader to make informed choices, there is enough information here to allow even a beginner to achieve results.< Less
Rabbit Care... Naturally! By Krystal Lee Beers
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This book offers a simple overview of what is needed to successfully raise rabbits for those new to having a pet rabbit (for kids, too!), also a wonderfully detailed herbal section for the... More > breeding/show professional to whom caring for rabbits naturally may be new, as well as recipes for the herbal blends we use, and our rabbits love.< Less
The Pet Owner's Guide to Hamsters: Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Happy and Healthy Hamster By Matthew Debanks
eBook (ePub): $3.11
Hamsters have long been a favorite pet amongst owners. These adorable creatures are known for their attractive appearance, pleasant nature and high energy levels. In this guide you will learn how to... More > care for your hamster so that it lives a long and happy life. You will also discover the tricks to bonding with your hamster so that you are able to handle him and enjoy a close level of connection with your pet. Hamsters are warm blooded mammals that sleep during the day and are awake at night. While there are many different types of hamsters only a few are kept as pets. Unlike a mouse, which is a popular alternative to the hamster, it is has basically no tail.< Less
Positive Police Dogs: Patrol Dog 2 By Guy Williams
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Patrol Dog 2 carries on from the prey based foundation work in Patrol Dog and prepares the dogs for the operational environment.
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A highly informative book featuring the benefits of feeding your pets fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as a part of their healthy, nutritious diet as well as an A-Z of Natural Remedies for pets... More > which will save you from unneccessary expensive visits to the Vet!< Less
Paperback: $27.01
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Natural Recipes For Pets To Share With Their Owners. Also available in the Starlett's Secrets Series is my previous book Starlett's Secret Garden - Natural Remedies For Pets
Frankie Finds Critter Camp By Beth Randall
Paperback: $24.95
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Heartwarming story of Frankie the ferret who loved his person Mindy, but when she could no longer care for him he found himself lost and alone. Follow Frankie as he heads out to find Critter Camp,... More > where animals have a place to live out their lives when no one else will care for them. Along the way, Frankie meets other former pets like himself, each with their own touching stories. This book is based on true stories of real-life animals that have been cared for at Critter Camp. All proceeds benefit the 300 rescued animals living their lives safe, happy and loved at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary.< Less
Putting Paws to Pavement By Logan Grendel
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A positive guide to walking your dog in the big city and beyond, by "Dog Man" Logan Grendel.
Breeding Merles Responsibly By Divina Blackwell-Bates
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The merle is fast becoming a very popular pattern in many breeds of dog nowadays but many Breeders are unaware of the quirks of the gene and therefore make many mistakes in breeding this beautiful... More > coat pattern.. This pattern has attracted a lot of controversy for the wrong reasons.. The internet can be a wonderful place to gain knowledge but also can be notorious for the spread of mis-information. The Author has attempted to write this little book to help those Breeders who wish to learn more about the merle gene and how to breed healthy puppies from correctly bred bloodlines and colors... Learn about the myths surrounding the merle, their health, which colors and patterns they should not be bred to and their different markings etc, the book is also picture heavy.< Less
The snowy owl in captivity By Anna Sanchez
Paperback: $32.61
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This book is the fruit of years of observation and study of the snowy owl in captivity in the nordic nocturnal birds of prey center, Natural’Mente in Ulldecona (Spain). Our objective was to... More > better understand the problems that this bird faces in a captive environment and in climactic conditions that are very different from those of its habitat. These are not minor difficulties. A knowledge of their life in the wild is essential to an understanding of the behavior and physiology of the animal. It is now time for me to share all this work with the purpose of improving the living conditions of this maginficient bird in captivity and help its owners understand it better, and be consciously aware of the pressures it is subject to so far from its habitat.< Less
Heart Of Steel By Brock Nasty
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This book is the hardback version of Brock Nasty's original book. A limited amount of books will be for sale. Act fast!!!!
New Improved Great Dane Understanding and Training Guide Book By Vince Stead
Paperback: $14.99
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1. The Characteristics of a Great Dane Puppy or Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Great Dane Puppy 4. Are Rawhide Treats Good for Your Great... More > Dane? 5. How to Crate Train Your Great Dane 6. When Your Great Dane Makes Potty Mistakes 7. How to Teach your Great Dane to Fetch 8. Make it Easier and Healthier for Feeding Your Great Dane 9. When Your Great Dane Has Separation Anxiety, and How to Deal With It 10. When Your Great Dane Is Afraid of Loud Noises 11. How to Stop Your Great Dane From Jumping Up On People 12. How to Build A Whelping Box for a Great Dane or Any Other Breed of Dog 13. How to Teach Your Great Dane to Sit 14. Why Your Great Dane Needs a Good Soft Bed to Sleep In 15. How to Stop Your Great Dane From Running Away or Bolting Out the Door 16. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Great Dane Puppy 17. How to Socialize Your Great Dane Puppy< Less
Eclectus Diets 2nd Edition By Kim Forster
Paperback: $34.24
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2nd Edition, Eclectus Parrots contains the same information as the first book plus more has been added including, Super foods, more on aromatherapy, correct dieting to avoid unwanted hormones and... More > more.< Less
Scouting Around the Veterinary Hospital from a Dog’s-Eye View: Celebrating 100 Years of the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences By Marilyn Sebesta
Hardcover: $35.00
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Scout, the loveable Labrador, is excited to introduce you to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at Texas A&M University. Along the way, she shares information about this unique, world-class... More > veterinary hospital, along with details on the school and on special Aggie traditions. Scout explains the many reasons that she loves going to the Veterinarian at Texas A&M. From start to finish, these veterinarians treat their patients right. The hospital has all kinds of specialists and is open twenty-four hours a day. Taking care of both pets and wild animals—critters large and small—this school and its graduates make life better for the entire animal kingdom! What’s more, it’s part of a great school with many wonderful and fun traditions. This illustrated tour from a dog’s point of view celebrates one hundred years of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Proceeds from this book will go to the Save the Animal Fund at the Small Animal Hospital.< Less
Confident Rider Confident Horse By Anne Gage
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Regardless of the type of riding you do (or even if you don't ride), the principles taught in 'Confident Rider Confident Horse' will help you to improve your confidence, understand and communicate... More > better with your horse, and develop a trusting and respectful partnership. Anne Gage, a respected clinician, horse trainer and riding coach, shares techniques she has learned through her own personal journey of losing and regaining her confidence. The book not only provides insight into what causes your fear (you may call it anxiety, tension or lack of confidence) and how to manage it, but also helps you understand your horse - why he behaves the way he does and how your behaviour affects him. You will learn practical exercises that will keep you and your horse safe, calm and confident whether you are on the ground or in the saddle.< Less
Cats of the CB Weekly Planner: 2015 By Paula Gregg
Paperback: $27.50
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(6 Ratings)
A weekly calendar with collages of cats (and other pets) of the Cat Blogosphere ( Photos were submitted by the individual bloggers for use in the collage. Not... More > only can viewers see photos of beautiful cats, but they can visit the individual blog, as blog addresses are listed on each page.< Less
Tuning Fork Therapy® using tuning forks on dog's acupuncture points By Francine Milford
Paperback: $14.99
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Tuning Fork Therapy® using tuning forks on your dog's acupuncture points offers pet owners an opportunity to aid in their pet's overall health and well being. Simple and easy to follow directions... More > offering the placement of tuning forks instead of needles in an acupuncture treatment.< Less
Positive Police Dogs: How to raise a working puppy By Guy Williams
Paperback: $9.74
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This book in the series talks you through the process of raising a puppy to become suitable for further training as a patrol dog. It draws on the theories set out in Positive Police Dogs: Philosphy
Bulldog Edition By Richard Stratton
Hardcover: $59.00
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This is a new book from Richard F Stratton. Mr. Stratton is the best known author on the American Pit Bull Terrier. The book contains many rare photographs & pedigrees. There is a chapter... More > containing most of Mr. Stratton's essays from the last 30 plus years. Also seven new chapters on this most unique breed. A wonderful read & a must for the serious student of the breed.< Less
A Guide To In Hand Showing of Your Welsh Pony, Welsh Cob or Part Welsh By Gretchen Aitken
Paperback: $16.99
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A guide to showing Welsh Ponies, Welsh Cobs and partbred Welsh in the USA breed ring. Tips, hints and secrets to a winning turnout! When should you begin prepping your pony for an upcoming show?... More > What should you do about the mane? What should the handler wear? What should the pony wear? All this and much more is covered in this book! Taking you from filling out your entry to taking your pony into the ring, this guide details every aspect of in hand showing in the US breed ring. Learn correct ring procedure, grooming for each Section of Welsh, appropriate tack, appropriate handler apparel and much more!< Less
Desperate Dogs Determined Measures By Robert Cabral
Paperback: $14.95
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Desperate Dogs is a unique book that tackles the most important issue facing our nations shelters: How can we fairly deal with the complex behaviors of dogs at the greatest risk and save more lives? ... More > Putting aside the issue of what’s right and wrong in human terms and focusing instead on what dogs need to succeed to return into loving homes, the examples, advice and training in this book is written with municipal shelters in mind. Most every shelter behavior with detailed explanations is included along with fair behavior assessment tools. Desperate Dogs helps to understand dogs with behavioral problems including fear, aggression and dominance and offers effective, proven solutions, training methods, and advice; these issues, often misunderstood, cost dogs their lives. The hands-on lessons in this book delve into the often misunderstood process of evaluating and isolating a dog’s key issues and offers solutions, training advice and exercises that can be applied effectively in a shelter environment.< Less