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A highly informative book featuring the benefits of feeding your pets fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as a part of their healthy, nutritious diet as well as an A-Z of Natural Remedies for pets... More > which will save you from unneccessary expensive visits to the Vet!< Less
The Dog Owner's Little Black Book - 5th Edition By John A. Koerner II
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This 6" x 9" black & white book will become the most important investment into your dogs that you will ever make. I put a lot of work into this project, because I simply love dogs. Once... More > you get it, I promise you will refer to it, and re-refer to it, for as long as you own your dogs. This 322-page masterpiece is packed with critical information on the proper care, breeding, and maintenance of our specialized canine companions. The material presented here is based on 20 years of experience in having raised a kennel-ful of purebred performance dogs, and it shows the serious strategies and secrets of raising quality dogs properly and successfully. It is information you won't find in any other book, because this is the information you need. I have presented this material in small-type also, because if I had presented it in regular-sized font the book would be over 500 pages. This is not a "picture book" of the pet owner kind, this is a master text and canine reference manual of the deeply important kind.< Less
The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans: How to Design, Implement and Measure Your Way to Preventive Care Plan Success By Debbie Boone, BS, CCS, CVPM, Wendy Hauser, DVM
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The comprehensive guide for veterinary preventive care plans. Written by two industry experts with personal experience implementing veterinary wellness care, this user-friendly workbook will take the... More > veterinary team step by step though the process of developing Healthy Pet Plans for veterinary practices. Included in the book is an invaluable appendix teeming with training guides, contract examples and marketing resources designed to enhance practice productivity. Increase compliance while helping make top quality preventive care affordable for all pet owners. Build client loyalty and bring patients back to your hospital where they belong.< Less
Frodo the Sheltie: Do You Believe in Farm? By Gordon Bagshaw
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What if dogs could speak? Admit it, the way they perk their ears up and tilt their heads in wonder when spoken to, often raises the question for us, what would our conversations with them be like?... More > This comic strip gallery explores the imaginative life of the author’s Scaramouche sheltie. Readers will find 75 full colour witty anecdotes revealing a sheepdog’s perspective on such topics as grief, sleep deprivation, adoption, the meaning of life and much more. Because the comic strip blog, from which this book has sprung, has a growing worldwide audience, Gordon has also included a contextualised glossary of terms and expressions which can be downloaded at Sit back, relax and meet Frodo the thinker, the philosopher, shepherd, the regal, and clever conversationalist. Meet Frodo the Sheltie and enjoy the hilarious antics of this lovable dog.< Less
JACK McAFGHAN: Reflections on Life with My Master By Kate McGahan
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Jack McAfghan shares the memoirs of his four-legged life as a mixed-breed Afghan Hound. In this love story, Jack and his master learn their lessons side by side, inevitably applying what they have... More > learned as their own life unfolds. Jack's words and wisdom will comfort, inform and support those who are in the process of training a dog or learning to live with loss. He brings the wisdom of a lifetime to his reader and expands tolerance and compassion for all of humanity. Jack extends himself to every creature of the earth, every human on the planet, every spirit in the universe and most of all, to the bona fide Master over all.< Less
Mornink Meetink Minuteys By Stellaluna The Cat By Heidi Dietrich
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A compilation of the morning reports done by Stellaluna the cat.
Happy Tails To You Coloring Book By Heidi Dietrich
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Coloring book of the kitties of Happy Tails To You. The furry kids come at you for your coloring pleasure.
Chalo Sulky Handbook By Daphne B. Lewis
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Chalo Sulky Handbook describes how to train a dog to pull a sulky. Much of the method is applicable to other pulling sports such as dog scootering and canicross. It is a companion book for people... More > buying sulkies and harnesses from Chalo Sulky.< Less
Bud - The Little Cat That Could - Change Lives By Dan Seering
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This book tells the story of a lost little cat that entered the lives of a couple and changed their lives. It also describes the incredible relationships and communication between humans and animals.
Putting Paws to Pavement By Logan Grendel
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A positive guide to walking your dog in the big city and beyond, by "Dog Man" Logan Grendel.
Ultimate Cat: A Complete Guide to Breeds and Hybrids By Leigh-Ann Andersen
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The numerous cat breeds are both varied and mysterious. Most have tails, some do not. Some have curled ears, some have huge ears. Some have long hair, some have short, and some have no hair at all.... More > Some have hair, but it's really no more than a little peach fuzz. But there are more just than just physical differences between the breeds. Their personalities are just as vibrant, and each breed is not quite like the others. Some are chatty and friendly, others are aloof and circumspect. Some spend their days climbing door frames, others would rather lie about in the sun. These differences are fascinating to behold and helpful to all those interested in sharing their home with a cat. Found here are more than sixty of the most common breeds and hybrids from around the world.< Less
A Beginner's Guide to Veterinary Homeopathy: For Dogs, Cats, Horses & Others By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $7.73
NEW! This eBook is written to help those animal owners who wish to use homeopathy to a greater depth than simple 'cookbook' prescribing, as can be found in 'first-aid' books. It is also designed to... More > help veterinary surgeons who are considering studying homeopathy, at the outset of their studies. It is necessarily a brief introduction, being a simple eBook; there are many veterinary homeopathy texts to which vets can refer if they wish to probe more deeply into this fascinating topic. It contains an introductory guide to the basic homeopathic method, in addition to a brief history of veterinary homeopathy. There is a shortlist of 'essential' homeopathic medicines as a starter kit for a home medicine collection (which is, of course, of potential use to animals and people alike).< Less
Homeopathic First-Aid for Pets : Emergencies and Common Ailments By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $14.06
Homeopathy has a two-hundred year track record in helping people and animals to come through emergencies and common ailments. Christopher Day has condensed 43 years of veterinary practice experience... More > into this ebook, to enable home treatment of the family pet, whether dog, cat, rabbit, budgerigar or tortoise, without danger of side effects and without risk of interfering with any concurrent veterinary drug medication. Fifty useful homeopathic medicines are briefly described and a treatment guide is given for scores of ailments and health problems. This is a handy ebook for anyone interested in self-help medication of their pets. Enhance pet health and well-being, while reducing veterinary bills. This ebook will save its price many times over, the first time it is used.< Less