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A Guide To In Hand Showing of Your Welsh Pony, Welsh Cob or Part Welsh By Gretchen Aitken
Paperback: $16.99
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A guide to showing Welsh Ponies, Welsh Cobs and partbred Welsh in the USA breed ring. Tips, hints and secrets to a winning turnout! When should you begin prepping your pony for an upcoming show?... More > What should you do about the mane? What should the handler wear? What should the pony wear? All this and much more is covered in this book! Taking you from filling out your entry to taking your pony into the ring, this guide details every aspect of in hand showing in the US breed ring. Learn correct ring procedure, grooming for each Section of Welsh, appropriate tack, appropriate handler apparel and much more!< Less
Samoyed Puppy & Dog Training and Behavior Understanding By Russel Howser
Paperback: $13.99
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You will have lots of fun training your Samoyed puppy or dog with these fun training tips. If you want to make your dog a much nicer dog to live with, this book will teach you how to understand and... More > train your dog. You can learn about your dog’s health, and learn what is the best type of dog food to feed your dog is, and learn how much is the proper amount each day, and more. You can easily learn how to crate train your new puppy or dog, and learn how to stop bad behavior like chewing up stuff, barking too much, trying to run out the door on you each time you open it, and how to teach your dog to not jump up on you or other people, and so much more. Learn some of the things you need to look out for so your Samoyed does not get hurt or worse. Learn how to potty train your dog, how to teach them to sit, fetch, stay and more. This behavioral and understanding book will make living with your Samoyed much nicer.< Less
Cording The Poodle For The Show Ring By Joseph J. Genarella
Hardcover: $59.95
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This book shares the author's professional working experience in professional grooming, handling, and breeding of dogs and his knowledge of caring for poodles. Raised in a family of professional... More > groomers, handlers, and breeders of prue breed dogs, Mr. Genarella learned how to care for dogs at a young age. While he started to work bathing dogs in his uncle's kennel at age eight, he eventually gained vast knowledge in grooming and began to work at a professional level later on in life. From since he worked professionally, he had numerous achievements in the dog world, including owning four grooming salons which he later sold and championing hundreds of dogs. The author shares his knowledge of dog handling, particularly of poodles. He primarily provides comprehensive instructions on bathing, drying, and cording poodles as well as grooming corded poodles and fixing the damaged cords on them. The author also includes dog show pictures as well as instructional photos for the general maintenance of dogs< Less
The Dog Owner's Little Black Book - 5th Edition By John A. Koerner II
Hardcover: $65.00
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This 6" x 9" black & white book will become the most important investment into your dogs that you will ever make. I put a lot of work into this project, because I simply love dogs. Once... More > you get it, I promise you will refer to it, and re-refer to it, for as long as you own your dogs. This 322-page masterpiece is packed with critical information on the proper care, breeding, and maintenance of our specialized canine companions. The material presented here is based on 20 years of experience in having raised a kennel-ful of purebred performance dogs, and it shows the serious strategies and secrets of raising quality dogs properly and successfully. It is information you won't find in any other book, because this is the information you need. I have presented this material in small-type also, because if I had presented it in regular-sized font the book would be over 500 pages. This is not a "picture book" of the pet owner kind, this is a master text and canine reference manual of the deeply important kind.< Less
Blessed Be The Animals By Karen Borch
Paperback: $17.95
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A joyful presentation,celebrating sanctity of all life especially animals.A tribute to all animals.A celebration of their existence,a call to honor them in life and in death. Grieving, emotional... More > and psychological effects after loss of a beloved animal. Coping with an animal’s death, with positive ideas, inspiration, importance of rituals and remembrance ceremonies. Making coffins and gravestones,how important animals are in our lives, how much they contribute to our happiness and longevity. How deeply our lives are connected with our animals and what gifts they are. Included, heart-warming true stories, photographs and art work about remarkable animals, their contributions, and how their lives held great and lasting meaning.< Less
The Inner Carnivore By Jennifer Lee
Paperback: $19.87
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Your pet does not have to be a victim of unhealthy processed foods. Join the thousands of people who are successfully feeding their pets a species appropriate diet and enjoying their healthy... More > companions. The Inner Carnivore is a priceless resource for leading your animal companions to a healthier lifestyle through feeding a natural diet. If you are concerned about harmful processed foods and want to educate yourself about natural diets this is the book for you. Readers will be guided through the multitude of health problems created by processed foods. Learn how an animal’s anatomy, physiology and natural habits clearly illuminate what an appropriate diet consists of and how to provide such a diet.< Less
Frodo the Sheltie: It's All a Bunch of He Said, She Snorted: A Full Color Gallery By Gordon Bagshaw
Paperback: $20.97
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From the online comic strip Frodo the Sheltie comes this 75 page full color comic strip gallery, the sequel to Do You Believe in Farm? Follow the continuing antics of Frodo and the gang and... More > discover: - who's dreaming of being a writer; - who's singing love ditties; - who's creating a work union; - who's had a baby; - and who's making snort sounds. Well, we know who, but why? This gallery is also available in black and white.< Less
Eclectus Parrots 2nd Edition By Kim Forster
Paperback: $35.08
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Basic care and needs of the Eclectus Parrot. This book covers enough information to get the new Eclectus caregiver started.
The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans: How to Design, Implement and Measure Your Way to Preventive Care Plan Success By Debbie Boone, BS, CCS, CVPM, Wendy Hauser, DVM
Paperback: $119.00
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The comprehensive guide for veterinary preventive care plans. Written by two industry experts with personal experience implementing veterinary wellness care, this user-friendly workbook will take the... More > veterinary team step by step though the process of developing Healthy Pet Plans for veterinary practices. Included in the book is an invaluable appendix teeming with training guides, contract examples and marketing resources designed to enhance practice productivity. Increase compliance while helping make top quality preventive care affordable for all pet owners. Build client loyalty and bring patients back to your hospital where they belong.< Less
2015 WPCSA Show Rulebook By Lisa Landis
Paperback: $3.00
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Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America Show Rules for 2014 including directions for application.
The Free Spirit Pony Diaries By Andree L Ralph
Paperback: $17.79
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The Free Spirit Pony Diaries....... ......or perhaps this should be titled 'The journal of a slightly 'odd' horsewoman, her infinitely patient 'other half', 13 independent ponies (including the 'just... More > a bit too big to be ponies' ones), 3 hilarious pigs and 5 very energetic Jack Russells'. When I first moved to East Sussex, UK over a decade ago, with 7 ponies in tow to 'start a riding school', little did I know that the ponies had other ideas..... 12 years later and we are on a very different path - a far better and more rewarding one but one which has challenges all of it's own! Inside the covers of this book you'll find our journey between November 2011 and December 2014, exactly as it happened and as it was recorded - the ups and downs; the tears and the laughter, but most of all, you'll find the story of how our horses reminded me of what it really means to love horses.< Less
YOUR PETS IN THE AFTERLIFE: When Your Dead Pets Return To See You For The Last Time By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $24.97
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An extremely important book. Published by Times Square Press, New York. Possibly the best, the most informative and the most enlightening book ever written about our pets in the afterlife. It will... More > change forever your perception of life after death, and your spiritual communications with your dead pets. Upon reading this book, you might shed some tears, but your heart will rejoice, and your spirit will be filled with consolation and comfort. Don’t miss it.< Less
Bolt the Amazing By Sean Steele
Hardcover: $21.00
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Winner of the Young Author's contest 2015. Bolt the Hamster is entered into the Hamster Olympics and trains to do well. Find out if Bolt has the right stuff to win.
Pit Bull Information Packet for Shelters and Rescues By Pit Bull Rescue Central
Paperback: $4.60
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Pit Bull Rescue Central Information Packet for Shelters and Rescues. Full Color Cover. PAGES IN BLACK AND WHITE PRINT.
Fur Baby's Keepsake Book B&W By Elizabeth Parker
Hardcover: $27.00
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A one-of-a-kind Fill-In-The-Blank Keepsake for your Dog. In this 6x9, black and white, illustrated and photography rich book, you'll find dozens of topics to talk about regarding your dog's first... More > years and beyond. A canine version of the human baby books, there's plenty of room for photographs and threaded between is a spot for you to paste an envelope with a piece of your dog's fur or old ID tags. Perfect for your own dog, or as a gift to someone who just welcomed their own canine fur baby into their house. This version is black and white, but there is also pink for girls, blue for boys and a yellow as well! Also available in paperback!< Less
U. S. Cavalry Horse Book By General W. H. Carter
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First published in 1895, this book was intended to be a better handbook of instructions for teaching some of the elementary facts and principles essential to the well-being and efficiency of the... More > mounted branches of the military. A horse is capable of long and valuable service, but only if it is carefully selected, trained and cared for properly. The book combines theory and practice so that the readers are able to fully understand the necessity of taking care of their steed at all times, whether at war or at peace. It explains all of the benefits such precautions and maintenance provide and warns against less than ideal conditions, detailing the rise in cost and detriment to performance that less than supreme care will render. Illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings, the book will be an important addition to any equestrian library.< Less
Eclectus Diets 2nd Edition By Kim Forster
Paperback: $35.45
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2nd Edition, Eclectus Parrots contains the same information as the first book plus more has been added including, Super foods, more on aromatherapy, correct dieting to avoid unwanted hormones and... More > more.< Less
Dogs Play & Cats Rule By M. L. Borges
Paperback: $21.84
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Dogs and cats are characters that share with us their never-ending quality of love. They are more than a pet, they're our friends and part of our family. This book is filled with pictures and quotes... More > that help to remind us of those endearing moments shared with our furry friends.< Less
"Stop!": How to Control Predatory Chasing in Dogs By David Ryan
eBook (ePub): $8.75
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Throwing a ball for a game of chase is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for many owners and their dogs. For other owners canine chase behaviour turns into a nightmare when their dog chases... More > cyclists, cars or sheep. When their dogs choose what to chase it can compromise owners financially, cause the target severe injury or even death, and threaten the life of the dog. A good trainer or behaviour counsellor needs to be able to address inappropriate predatory chase behaviour swiftly and effectively. This book looks at the reasons for the problem, the more effective solutions and how to alter the behaviour.< Less
How to Understand and Train a Alaskan Malamute Puppy or Dog with Good Behavior By Vince Stead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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1. The Characteristics of a Alaskan Malamute Puppy or Dog 2. How to Stop Your Alaskan Malamute From Jumping Up On People 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Alaskan Malamute Puppy 4. What... More > You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 5. How to Crate Train Your Alaskan Malamute 6. When Your Alaskan Malamute Makes Potty Mistakes 7. Some Items You Should Never Let Your Puppy or Dog Eat 8. Make it Easier and Healthier for Feeding Your Alaskan Malamute 9. When Your Alaskan Malamute Has Separation Anxiety, and How to Deal With It 10. When Your Alaskan Malamute Is Afraid of Loud Noises And More..................< Less
Eclectus Parrots for Beginners By Monique Dilley
eBook (ePub): $7.97
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The Eclectus parrot is an Asiatic parrot type that is widely bred in Europe and the United States. This bird, which is endemic in New Guinea, is ideal for people who are looking for their first... More > parrot pet because it can adapt well in a cage and can be easy to care for in comparison to other parrot species. But before you go to your nearest pet store to buy this type of bird, you might want to know the unique characteristics of an Eclectus parrot. This book covers several aspects of the Eclectus Parrot such as: - introduction to the eclectus parrot - proper housing for an eclectus parrot - feeding your eclectus parrot - your eclectus parrots health - breeding eclectus parrots and much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Tommy's New Friend By Drew Moore
eBook (ePub): $5.00
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This is a story about a boy who moves and has nobody except his parents. He then finds someone, or something that will fill the void and give him what he needs... a friend.