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A Barker's Dozen By Pat Leedy
Paperback: $11.00
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A Barker’s Dozen tells the heartwarming tales of thirteen shelter dogs who in their own unique way have captured the hearts of each family with which they have found shelter, love and... More > security. These dogs, in turn, have given joy, humor and companionship to the families who have been willing to give them a second, or even third, chance at the fulfilling lives they so richly deserve and have lovingly earned. The "plus" story in this collection focuses on the imagined journey of Sage, the author’s companion, and the stray with outdated information on her microchip, who finds her way from the southern United States to the Pacific Northwest and a forever home. She is the inspiration for this book.< Less
Positive Police Dogs: How to raise a working puppy By Guy Williams
Paperback: $16.60
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This book in the series talks you through the process of raising a puppy to become suitable for further training as a patrol dog. It draws on the theories set out in Positive Police Dogs: Philosphy
Tuning Fork Therapy® using tuning forks on dog's acupuncture points By Francine Milford
Paperback: $14.99
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Tuning Fork Therapy® using tuning forks on your dog's acupuncture points offers pet owners an opportunity to aid in their pet's overall health and well being. Simple and easy to follow directions... More > offering the placement of tuning forks instead of needles in an acupuncture treatment.< Less
Positive Police Dogs: Patrol Dog 2 By Guy Williams
Paperback: $13.32
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Patrol Dog 2 carries on from the prey based foundation work in Patrol Dog and prepares the dogs for the operational environment.
The New Life of Mooshu By The Madson 5
Paperback: $14.99
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Told from the point of view of an adorable Pekingese puppy mill rescue dog, this is the story of a family who took a chance and adopted a dog who needed a lot of love.
The Animals We Love - The Animals of Ebenezer By Paul F. Soderquist
Paperback: List Price: $29.00 $24.65 You Save: 15%
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A small-town congregation in Iowa commemorates and celebrates their companion animals, both living and departed, through animal biographies and photographs. In color. 83 pages.
The True Art of Breeding Koi Fish: Discover How to Breed Koi Fish the Right Way By Richard Mitchell
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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Do you know that it is important to quarantine your new fish? Do you know that your koi pond should be shade free for five to six hour per day? Do you know you can never ever lift a koi directly from... More > the water into the air via a net? Hi my name is Richard Mitchell and I have owned koi for years I understand that owning koi is not easy There are a lot of thing you need to know and to do Just feeding them is not enough You need to know how to how to pick koi, maintain the pond, how to tend when they are sick, I've included all of that in this book. Inside you'll find: -quick lessons on koi fish anatomy -the many kinds of koi fish -the important points of choosing your koi fish -how to tell a male or a female koi fish -why and when you need to quarantine a koi fish -how to start feeding a sick and a new arrival koi fish -the right nutrition for your koi fish -the 9 guidelines you must follow when it comes to feeding your fish -how to keep your koi free of disease -and many more< Less
92 Tips You Need to Know Before You Buy Your First (or Next) Horse By Anne Gage
eBook (ePub): $4.75
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Buying the right horse for you is essential for ensuring a happy future for both you and your horse. This e-booklet provides tips to help you on your horse buying journey. Written with the adult... More > rider in mind, it covers what do do before you start looking, where to look, what to look for when trying horses (including reading body language signals), making an offer and bringing your new horse home. Whether you intend to ride in an arena, on the trails or participate in schooling level shows, you want to buy a horse that will suit your temperament, riding abilities and riding goals for many years – perhaps even a lifetime. The tips and strategies in this guide can help you make smart choices and make your buying experience a good one.< Less