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Controlled Aggression By Girard Bradshaw
Paperback: $24.74
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K9 Training manual for professional police and protection trainers. This book covers K9 selection, drive development, human focused aggression, out on command redirects and call offs. Appendicies... More > cover European dog sports, using the electronic collar, and attentive heeling for police K9 and sport competition.< Less
Introductory Mouse Genetics By Elise Oppenheimer
Paperback: $22.95
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This is a manual for hobby mouse breeders covering the basics of color and coat inheritance. Without requiring a background in biology, the book explains the fundamentals of dominant and recessive... More > genes, what effect each gene has on the appearance of the mouse, and how simple inheritance works.< Less
Venomous Snakes in Captivity: Safety and Husbandry By B. W. Smith
Paperback: $49.98
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(c 2005) Regarded by many as the "bible" of keeping venomous snakes. This Book Includes: Proper Housing, Responsible Husbandry, The Tools and Equipment, Safe Handling Practices, Mistakes... More > to be Avoided, Tips for Safety and Effeciency, Federal and State Regulatory Agencies, Emergency Contacts and 76 FULL COLOR Illustrations. Endorsed by the Miami Dade Antivenom Unit.< Less
Pit Dog Report 1970 - Complete First Year Edition By Don Mayfield
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The complete first year (six issues) of the mega rare game dog magazine, Pit Dog Report, bound into one volume! Edited by the legendary Don Mayfield! January through to December 1970! Many black and... More > white action photos of dogs and dogmen. A total of 133 pages. This is a new, quality reprint of the original magazines. It is not a cheap photocopy but a new professionally produced and bound book!< Less
Healthy Hound Handbook By Cie Harris
Paperback: $35.00
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Years of compilation regarding issues faced by hound owners, especially Irish Wolfhound owners. It is a 238 comprehensive book that covers anesthesia, surgery, lab testings, diseases, puppy rearing,... More > and anything that has to do with having a healthy hound. There are recipes and resources. A must for every dog owner.< Less
Raising Cats Naturally: How to care for your cat the way nature intended By Michelle T. Bernard
Paperback: $23.00
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Michelle Bernard has a rare gift for putting in plain words extraordinarily effective and levelheaded ways to properly care for cats. Steering clear of faddish, dangerous trends and dissecting the... More > oodles of misinformation that has regrettably become the norm in mainstream advice on animal nutrition, she shines most conspicuously on the issue of a proper feline diet. By giving the reader a common-sense, straightforward strategy for preparing a diet that is based solely on the nutritional requirements of true carnivores, her book is a must-have for anyone committed to building and maintaining glowing good health for cats.< Less
Peace, Hope & Hospice By Gail Pope, Lauren Urbais
Paperback: $12.50
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How to care holistically for senior animal companions, including hospice care in the home. BrightHaven is a sanctuary for senior and disabled animals located in northern California and known for its... More > miracles of healing.< Less
Positive Police Dogs: Philosophy By Guy Williams
Paperback: $21.55
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Positive Police Dogs is a series of books aimed at the training of dogs for law enforcement but is equally as relevant for military,security,working, sport or even pet dogs. As the name suggests,... More > the emphasis is on the use of positive reinforcement training in order to produce well controlled, confident dogs. This first book in the series sets out the ideas and principles involved, and provides the bedrock upon which the further books are based.< Less
Confident Rider Confident Horse By Anne Gage
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Regardless of the type of riding you do (or even if you don't ride), the principles taught in 'Confident Rider Confident Horse' will help you to improve your confidence, understand and communicate... More > better with your horse, and develop a trusting and respectful partnership. Anne Gage, a respected clinician, horse trainer and riding coach, shares techniques she has learned through her own personal journey of losing and regaining her confidence. The book not only provides insight into what causes your fear (you may call it anxiety, tension or lack of confidence) and how to manage it, but also helps you understand your horse - why he behaves the way he does and how your behaviour affects him. You will learn practical exercises that will keep you and your horse safe, calm and confident whether you are on the ground or in the saddle.< Less
Bulldog Edition By Richard Stratton
Hardcover: $59.00
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This is a new book from Richard F Stratton. Mr. Stratton is the best known author on the American Pit Bull Terrier. The book contains many rare photographs & pedigrees. There is a chapter... More > containing most of Mr. Stratton's essays from the last 30 plus years. Also seven new chapters on this most unique breed. A wonderful read & a must for the serious student of the breed.< Less
Eclectus Diets 2nd Edition By Kim Forster
Paperback: $45.00
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2nd Edition, Eclectus Parrots contains the same information as the first book plus more has been added including, Super foods, more on aromatherapy, correct dieting to avoid unwanted hormones and... More > more.< Less
The Dog Owner's Little Black Book - 5th Edition By John A. Koerner II
Hardcover: $65.00
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This 6" x 9" black & white book will become the most important investment into your dogs that you will ever make. I put a lot of work into this project, because I simply love dogs. Once... More > you get it, I promise you will refer to it, and re-refer to it, for as long as you own your dogs. This 322-page masterpiece is packed with critical information on the proper care, breeding, and maintenance of our specialized canine companions. The material presented here is based on 20 years of experience in having raised a kennel-ful of purebred performance dogs, and it shows the serious strategies and secrets of raising quality dogs properly and successfully. It is information you won't find in any other book, because this is the information you need. I have presented this material in small-type also, because if I had presented it in regular-sized font the book would be over 500 pages. This is not a "picture book" of the pet owner kind, this is a master text and canine reference manual of the deeply important kind.< Less
The Pit Bull Bible - Master Collection By John A. Koerner II
Hardcover: $99.00
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The biggest, most comprehensive manual on raising pit bulls--and learning every aspect about this breed--ever written. Coffee table-sized. Hardcover. Nearly 400 pages, photos, diagrams, money-saving... More > tips, the best keep ever written, how to raise, evaluate, and establish a bloodline, everything you could want to know about the breed.< Less
The Adventures of Teddy and Tigger By Rae Cestaro
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Join homebound tabbies Teddy and Tigger as they go on an unforeseen life changing journey through the countryside. Discontent with their current situation, they embark on an unforgettable excursion... More > that takes them to the unexpected. You'll enjoy the humor, witty dialogue, and wisdom in this creative tale! Follow the owners as they go insane looking for their fluffy companions. Filled with many twists and surprises,The Adventures of Teddy and Tigger is a page turner for all ages.< Less
Cave Canem By Brian J. Meline
Paperback: List Price: $16.48 $9.89 | You Save: 40%
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An intimate collection of vignettes about dog ownership, and learning to live with a dog and our human short-comings.
Feed Your Horse the Natural Way : The Platform Upon Which to Build Health By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $10.64
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Christopher Day MRCVS has been treating horses for more than forty years and has a special interest in their safe and natural feeding and nutrition. This ebook offers a simple-to-follow approach to... More > providing your horse with a species-suitable, fresh and wholesome diet, which has brought health and welfare benefits to so many of his patients. In the author's opinion, expensive and vigorously-marketed manufactured horse foods and supplements are not the best way to feed your horse for stamina, performance, musculo-skeletal health, immune resilience and a long, happy and active life. The horse is the archetypal vegan and thrives on fibrous foods. Christopher Day advocates feeding as close to Nature as one can, in this modern society. This ebook provides a simple guide to taking your horse's health and well-being into your own hands. Your horse will be thankful for it, every day.< Less
50 Homeopathic First-Aid Medicines for Animals: Benefits and Uses By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $10.15
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NEW! Starting out as a project on Facebook, 40 homeopathic first-aid medicines were posted. This eBook has descended from that, with more medicines (50) and with the original ones augmented. The... More > medicines are described in a clear and easy-to-read way, outlining their application in first-aid, emergencies and common ailments. All domestic animal species are considered.< Less
Homeopathic First-Aid for Horses & Ponies : Emergencies and Common Ailments By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $14.75
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NEW! This is much more than just a 'first-aid' book. It details many common diseases and problems that a horse is likely to encounter, with suggested homeopathic treatments, gleaned from Christopher... More > Day’s 40 years of experience in equine homeopathy and holistic medicine. There are no fewer than 75 homeopathic medicines described. Almost 300 pages of practical help and guidance.< Less
How to Train and Understand your Pekingese Puppy & Dog By Vince Stead
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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1. The Characteristics of a Pekingese Puppy or Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Pekingese Puppy 4. Are Rawhide Treats Good for Your Pekingese?... More > 5. How to Crate Train Your Pekingese 6. When Your Pekingese Makes Potty Mistakes 7. How to Teach your Pekingese to Fetch 8. Make it Easier and Healthier for Feeding Your Pekingese 9. When Your Pekingese Has Separation Anxiety, and How to Deal With It 10. When Your Pekingese Is Afraid of Loud Noises 11. How to Stop Your Pekingese From Jumping Up On People 12. How to Build A Whelping Box for a Pekingese or Any Other Breed of Dog 13. How to Teach Your Pekingese to Sit 14. Why Your Pekingese Needs a Good Soft Bed to Sleep In 15. How to Stop Your Pekingese From Running Away or Bolting Out the Door And Much More!< Less