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Selling Used Dogs By Robert Cabral
Paperback: $14.95
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Selling Used Dogs was written by Robert Cabral and is a hands-on tool to help shelter workers, volunteers and rescue organizations. Each chapter explains creative concepts that help in getting... More > animals adopted. Sample chapters include: • Rescues that Work with Shelters. • A Picture is Worth… • If It’s Good Enough for Hollywood. • What’s in a Name? • Shelter Angel Videos. • Social Networking. and many more. Selling Used Dogs also includes Robert Cabral’s complete B.A.R.C. - Behavioral Assessment & Reactivity Checklist. With complete step-by-step instructions for fair behavioral assessments of shelter dogs, this guide gives dogs a fair chance at structured behavioral evaluations and gives shelters a broad glimpse into the proper placement of a dog into a home.< Less
Eclectus Diets 2nd Edition By Kim Forster
Paperback: $45.00
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2nd Edition, Eclectus Parrots contains the same information as the first book plus more has been added including, Super foods, more on aromatherapy, correct dieting to avoid unwanted hormones and... More > more.< Less
Training Your Own Psychiatric Service Dog By Katie Gonzalez, CDT
Paperback: $35.00
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This book covers everything you will need to know from selecting a dog for the type of assistance you need, to training advanced obedience for public access, and life-changing assistance tasks to... More > help you with day-to-day life. Service Dog training varies greatly from pet dog training with differences in potty training, controlled loading and unloading out of vehicles and public transportation, training to stay under restaurant tables and under chairs to stay out of aisle ways in public, and how to behave around people and other dogs while working as a service dog in the public setting. Specialized tasks include teaching your dog public access skills, assistance with crowd control, deep pressure therapy, medical alert for panick/anxiety attacks or flashbacks, searching for lost items, going around corners in advance of you, bracing, checking your house for intruders, as well as advanced service dog obedience. Service dog etiquette, management, and laws are discussed.< Less
Positive Police Dogs: Patrol Dog 2 By Guy Williams
Paperback: $13.32
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Patrol Dog 2 carries on from the prey based foundation work in Patrol Dog and prepares the dogs for the operational environment.
Eclectus Parrots 2nd Edition By Kim Forster
Paperback: $55.00
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Basic care and needs of the Eclectus Parrot. This book covers enough information to get the new Eclectus caregiver started.
For Love of Fritz By Barry Dunleavey
Paperback: $6.98
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Year after year of living in New York City had firmly ingrained the notion in the head of actor and author Barry Dunleavey that A dog is a dog—and nothing more. "For Love of Fritz" is... More > the story of a love affair—-finding and tragically losing the dog he named Fritz—-that changed this man forever.< Less
Feline Constipation By Pat Erickson
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Constipation is not only miserable for cats, it is unhealthy. Constipation can be the result of illness or disease and/or it can contribute to illness or disease. The best treatment for a constipated... More > cat is a human who understands how things work – how the digestive tract works, what poop is and is not, which remedies can help and which can harm or be ineffective.< Less
Feed Your Cat the Natural Way : The Platform Upon Which to Build Health By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $10.64
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The author has drawn on forty years of veterinary experience to offer an accessible and practical guide to feeding cats with a fresh, wholesome, natural and species-suitable diet. Manufactured pet... More > foods are, in the author's opinion, not a healthy way to feed cats and many of the pitfalls are highlighted in this book. This relaxed approach to feeding domestic pets has brought health and welfare benefits to so many of the author's feline patients. 2nd Edition< Less
Homeopathic First-Aid for Pets : Emergencies and Common Ailments By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $12.85
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Homeopathy has a two-hundred year track record in helping people and animals to come through emergencies and common ailments. Christopher Day has condensed forty years of veterinary practice... More > experience into this ebook, to enable home treatment of the family pet, whether dog, cat, rabbit, budgerigar or tortoise, without danger of side effects and without risk of interfering with any concurrent veterinary drug medication. Fifty useful homeopathic medicines are briefly described and a treatment guide is given for scores of ailments and health problems. This is a handy ebook for anyone interested in self-help medication of their pets. Enhance pet health and well-being, while reducing veterinary bills. This ebook will save its price many times over, the first time it is used.< Less
A Guide to Caring for Your Pet Chinchilla By K J Tenny
eBook (ePub): $1.80
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A Guide to Caring for Your Pet Chinchilla, provides an easy to follow description of all the necessities for enjoying and caring for your new found friend. I have owned and bred chinchillas for... More > several years and want to pass on the joys of chinchilla friendship for anyone who has one or is considering getting one.< Less
Leonberger Owner's Guide - complete download By Leonberger University
eBook (PDF): $8.00
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A downloadable pdf version of the complete Leonberger Owner's Guide for anyone interested in the Leonberger.
Hamster-Club Guide Book: All The Hamster Information You Need By Nadia Vella
eBook (ePub): $10.00
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This is the ultimate best hamster book for all hamster owners since it provides lots of expert hamster advice. This hamster book will help you with most aspects of hamster housing, feeding a hamster,... More > hamster behaviour, hamster reproduction, hamster health and hamster important tips! This hamster book is also full of beautiful coloured hamster photos and also provides lots of natural remedies to use when a rodent vet is not available.< Less
Turacos in Aviculture Ebook By Kateri Davis
eBook (PDF): $15.99
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Turacos, known also as touracos, go-away birds, and plantain-eaters, are beautiful African softbilled birds of the family Musophagidae that grace many zoological parks and some private aviaries... More > around the world. Written by an aviculturist with twenty years of experience raising turacos, this book is filled with up-to-date information and over 175 color photographs on how to care for and breed these active and unique exotic birds. Each species and subspecies is examined, with details about their life in the wild and aviculture. Extensive information about diet, care, parentraising and handrearing turacos is covered, including a chapter on hybridizing. The beginning bird fancier as well as the experienced aviculturist will find this book interesting, enlightening, and useful.< Less
The Road to Release By Annette King-Tucker
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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A simple non technical guide for beginners who are embarking on the profession of wildlife rehabilitation. Our facility has achieved and maintained above 90% recovery and release rate using these... More > methods for wildlife.< Less