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The snowy owl in captivity By Anna Sanchez
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This book is the fruit of years of observation and study of the snowy owl in captivity in the nordic nocturnal birds of prey center, Natural’Mente in Ulldecona (Spain). Our objective was to... More > better understand the problems that this bird faces in a captive environment and in climactic conditions that are very different from those of its habitat. These are not minor difficulties. A knowledge of their life in the wild is essential to an understanding of the behavior and physiology of the animal. It is now time for me to share all this work with the purpose of improving the living conditions of this maginficient bird in captivity and help its owners understand it better, and be consciously aware of the pressures it is subject to so far from its habitat.< Less
Dogs of ASTR By Kate Bredeson
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Dogs of ASTR (2016-17) A Dog's View of Theatre History as It Really Happened
Equine Health as Seen Through the Eye By Mercedes Colburn
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This book is dedicated to horse lovers everywhere who search for better health for their horses. Iridology is a non-intrusive diagnostic technique, requiring no needles, and no anesthetic or drugs,... More > yet it may provide a valuable guide to health. By looking at the markings in the various zones, an Iridologist can reveal existing or potential health challenges. This book will show you exactly how the markings, lines and colors will make it possible for you to read the eye of the horse. With this information you will be able to extend and improve the lifespan of the horse. This is not to be used as a replacement for your veterinary care giver. This is a guide to help you better understand your horses needs.< Less
Trouble's Garden By Robert Reynolds
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TROUBLE'S GARDEN is a heartwarming tale of a cat lost, then found by a caring family. April, the family's young daughter takes a special liking to the old cat and they become inseparable. ... More > Throughout this family-friendly story April's mother tends to her splendid flower garden, a spot in which Trouble has taken as her own. The affection between the cat and her humans grows as summer flowers blossom in beautiful hues. TROUBLE'S GARDEN is a poignant tale of a special bond between the gentle animal and young child, leaving the reader both happy and sad as April learns to cope with unexpected surprises.< Less
Natural Remedies for Cats By Christopher Day
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New! The home use of Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy), Homeopathy, Aromatherapy (Essential Oils), Tissue Salts and Bach Flowers are detailed for a great many health conditions that commonly affect... More > cats. These may be used alongside or instead of conventional medical intervention, depending upon circumstances. There is a wealth of information here, to help the enlightened cat owner. It is emphasised that veterinary help should be sought as appropriate. Natural medicines work via the body’s own healing ability rather than being used to suppress symptoms.< Less
Balanced Beekeeping II: Managing the Top Bar Hive By Philip Chandler
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If The Barefoot Beekeeper was the harbinger of the 'natural beekeeping' movement, then this is the workshop manual. Together with its companion volume - Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive... More > - this book will lead you gently into a fascinating relationship with the most engaging of nature's workers: the honeybee. The author draws on 15 years of experience with many types of hive in the both amateur and professional beekeeping contexts. You will want this book beside you for years to come!< Less