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IT'S HERE! The first PRINTED collection of poetry and illustrations by recording artist & poet Otep Shamaya. It can be downloaded as an electronic book OR you can order it in BOOK form that will... More > be mailed to you.It can be purchased using Debit/Credit Card or PayPal account. CAUGHT SCREAMING includes over 140 pages of previously unpublished poems, private illustrations, & a blank diary section at the end of the book for buyers to add their own thoughts, poems, dreams, rants, & raves.BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!< Less
Topiaries By Marcus Whalbring
Paperback: $10.00
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Marcus Whalbring's second book of poetry continues the themes of his previous book in various forms such as small lyrics, long sequences and dramatic monologues.
Quebec Passages By Pearl Pirie
Paperback: $14.94
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These train poems by Pearl Pirie, the 2011 winner of the Robert Kroetch Award for Innovative Poetry, travel the rails through Quebec and Ontario with insight. There's a pleasing variety in length,... More > tone, and style from the touching to the political with characteristic Pearl Pirie humour and sense of play. The interspersing of the fun visual poems rounds off this excellent collection.< Less
in between thoughts By Celia Castellanos
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A collection of poems written in moments of reflection, observation, or as a response to different societal occurrences.
The Monday Morning Social Club and other light verses By Edward Collins
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This is a collection of 137 Autobiographical verses and sometimes humorous recollections of life in the twentieth century to the present. None of the verses contain any offensive words or phrases.... More > The poems are suitable for all ages.< Less
Poems Of Occupations By Gaylord Scott
Paperback: $5.50
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Enjoy the poems by author Gaylord Scott. Poems of Occupations is an enjoyable trip through several careers and the fun facts of each one. Maybe one of these jobs is one you have always wondered... More > about, read Mr. Scott's rendition in word as your travel through the Poems of Occupations.< Less
Nujuum--Stars By Michael Siems
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"Nujuum" is the narrative of an encounter with stars, and reads the human light in the light of their meaning for us as guides, as texts, as doors of sacred welcome to a new understanding... More > of ourselves and even of our society. A portable code book for understanding these luminous ciphers in a new and human light.< Less
Ministry through Poetry By Shontell Murph Hunter
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Inspirational poetry. The poetry in this book gives encouragement and deliverance. Some poetry in this book gives my testimony and tells of my experiences in life.
Fierce Invalids By Glenn Cooper
Paperback: $19.99
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Anthology of poetry and prose honoring the life and work of Arthur Rimbaud.
Maki-nyan's Tsubuyaki By Maki Starfield
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Tsubuyaki is a freestyle verse, in Japanese, English or any other language, stemmed from the Japanese haiku. Tsubuyaki verses are free from the traditional and conventional rules and norms that are... More > set for haiku, which distinctly has rigid 5-7-5 syllable lines with references to seasons. By definition the word “tsubuyaki” in Japanese means  “a murmur,” “a mutter” or “muttering” —- “talking to oneself.”   So in writing a tsubuyaki verse you simply write down whatever comes to your mind at a certain moment, describing how you feel —- honest and truthful —- choosing most suitable and appropriate words and phrases, usually in three lines, to express your inner thoughts without being overly concerned of the conventional format and style. You may make your own rules, then feel free to bend them or break them as you see fit to express yourself.< Less
Discovering Life, Still Growing By Earl F. Barfoot
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A collection of poetry written by Earl F. Barfoot, a Methodist minister, over many years. These are full of both searching for meaning and understanding how it applies to everyday life. They are... More > personal and inspirational, joyful and yearning. But always they are inspired by love.< Less
The Nature of Things - Refuge By Brucie Hibma
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Poetry to encourage and give a little insight to life. It is intended for those who need a little Spiritual lift and possibly some direction of thought.
Come and Get Me By Amanda Edwards
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Amanda’s love for poetry began when she was a child. She loved to write in rhyme and made up all kinds of poems about her classmates that created a little mayhem and laughter. This poetry... More > collection (her first) is more of a serious journey into self; a quest for love; not only to love and believe in herself, but to extend that love into the world. This collection is the culmination of a year’s soul searching; an incredible journey with all its ups and downs; a journey she will never forget. Amanda discovered as she journaled and wrote poetry, that the key to her creativity, was her ability to tap into her younger self; the inner child in all of us, that yearns to throw off the shackles of adulthood, and be young and free again. That young, often frightened child, who reaches out from time to time and cries, "Come and get me." And that’s exactly what Amanda did.< Less
The Risk to Bloom By Najah-Amatullah Hylton
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This is the first book by Najah-Amatullah Hylton. Included are twenty poems on the topics of love, growth, and identity with the underlying theme that life is hard, people are not meant to be made... More > into coping mechanisms, but God is good. These pages also underscore the importance of art and of family. The author hopes you enjoy this book and look forward to future projects. Najah-Amatullah is a young, energetic, high school English teacher and writer. She performs locally and coaches a writing and performance club at her school. She hopes to continue this work in whatever other location she is able.< Less
average poems written by an average man By Andrew T. Chaffee Jr.
Paperback: $6.00
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these poems are derived from the ideas of the naturalism literary movement. the honest truth is beautiful.
Stethoscope By Dave Morrison
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Stethoscope is poet Dave Morrison's ninth collection of poetry. Hailed as 'A hearty weed in the garden of American poetry' Dave Morrison's poems have been published in literary magazines and... More > anthologies, and featured on Writer’s Almanac. "In Stethoscope, Dave Morrison the poet has fully arrived. Few people participate as fully in the musical awe beaten out in these poems as Dave Morrison maintains naturally all the time. "I’m transcribing as fast as I can," he says of words given to him in a dream, "but / they are disappearing in the / morning sun." Luckily for us, he has trained his ear to pick up the pulse no matter how faint, and amplify it with practiced skill. In this book, his transcriptive powers have hit full blossom." Dana Wilde - author of The Other End of the Driveway and editor of Uni-Verse< Less
WORDWEAVERS By Don and Anne Dilley
Paperback: $11.08
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A collection of poetry written by Georgia natives Don and Anne Dilley.
Lies By Paul Montgomery
Paperback: $18.97
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Some pure old Montana Sheepboy poetry.
What Now, Courage? By Alice R. Friedman
Paperback: $10.00
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What now, Courage? is a collection of poems by Alice R. Friedman
Locus Mentis By MaryAnn Miller
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"You’ve got to revel in MaryAnn Miller’s poems: their wild variety, humor, dead-on truth. Their poetic high-jinks—fractured sonnet, sestina, musical free verse. Their vivid... More > detail seen through a painter’s trained eye. With wit, verve and devastating delicacy, the language peels back the layers of a long life of looking hard to reveal the human coordinates of a mind alive with all it has taken in. Locus Mentis affirms the difficult abundance of life lived in the real time of catastrophe and joy and in the transformative no-time of making art." - J.C. Todd, author of What Space This Body< Less
And the Birds are Singing By Rebecca Stallard
Paperback: $9.95
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This poetic/verse narrative depicts the true story of a family bound by love, joy, music, and sibling compeition, yet torn apart by an unpreventable destiny.
Spirit Revisited By Denise Patrick
Paperback: $12.95
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A collection of poems to encourage readers to find time for thoughtful reflection about the various joys--and challenges-- of life.
Reflections in the Life of a Poet By Don and Anne Dilley
Paperback: $8.99
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A collection of poetry by the authors.
Storms & Clearings By Paul David Walker
Hardcover: $36.72
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A powerful and heartfelt collection of poetry by Paul David Walker.
A Glimpse By Paul David Walker
Paperback: $16.97
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A powerful, heartfelt poetic collection from Paul David Walker.