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Woman Worship By Gifford Murphy
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At Long last, Gifford Murphy has added his seething poetic voice to the tangled issue of gender equality with a surprising result for all. Drawing parallels from ancient and modern works of repute,... More > he has woven a uniquely masterful pieces that not only pays tribute to the vessels needed to channel love, but has asserted unquestionably that their position is valid.< Less
thepoeticunderground By Erin Hanson
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This book is an anthology of my past 2 years of poem writing. It includes some of my well known poems as well as those that are lesser known, all from my website
Deconstructing Ratchet By MrJeffDess
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Deconstructing Ratchet provides a poetic conversation on the complexity that is Ratchet and the culture that surrounds it. Using the art of haiku,Deconstructing Ratchet evokes humor, paradox and... More > intellectual discourse all while twerkin to dope beats and drenched in a hot mess. This book looks to reshape the way you look at ratchet culture and all of its incarnations and definitions. Enjoy the ride and shake something while you're at it.< Less
Unlocking The Cage By Meagan Gleiser
Paperback: $15.96
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This book is a collection of poems I have wrote over a period of time. It is collected from a time of entrapment, feelings of despair, and eventually finding hope.
Postmortem By Joseph Kurber
Paperback: $14.99
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In Postmortem, Joseph Kurber's engaging first offering, we catch a rare glimpse into what it means to be consumed by a fascination. This is purgatory on earth; a world of questions where the answers... More > are few and unsatisfactory. Follow Kurber's free verse spiral through self-worth as he peels back layers of distraction, distortion and pretension, to uncover what's below. Throughout the book, Kurber explores what all of us will face and few will venture to understand: the inevitable. The truths that we talk about, search for, and avoid will soon find us. With a compelling dichotomy of prose and poetry — normal and surreal, rational and illogical — Kurber fearlessly confronts infinity to discover what awaits him on the other side.< Less
Orion Rising By Doug Rawlings
Paperback: $14.95
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"Doug Rawlings' poems about the Vietnam War, full of anger, shame, suffering and solace, are hard to bear—-as they should be. His poems about family life, children, the passing of friends... More > since the war are honest, vulnerable, playful and loving. Together they allow him, and us, full humanity, an expansion of humanity that is particularly poignant in light of its denial to those on both sides who did not survive the war." — Rob Shetterly “I have met Doug Rawlings only once, and then only in passing at a Veterans for Peace convention in his home state of Maine in 2010, but I have been reading his poetry for nearly 40 years. Spending time with this compilation of his life’s work, I feel as if I’m in the company of an old and dear and trusted friend. The range of his emotions, the diversity of his interests, the keenness of his sensibilities, his capacity to be fully and consciously human leave no doubt that his has been and continues to be a life examined and well worth living.” — W. D. Ehrhart< Less
Paperback: $10.00
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Little Everywhere is an experimental novel in verse, with all of it's narrative attention concentrated on conveying the formation of the identity of a newborn non-gendered god. Written predominately... More > in first person monologues, the god exist as a nano-particle listening in on conversations and contemplations in the personal and universal consciousness of everyone everywhere in all times. A particular Non-Language is developed throughout the book, expanding, betraying and destroying grammatical "rules". In Little Everywhere's diverse learning experience through language the newborn god encounters reoccurring beings who serve as guides through the complicated web of mystical, allegorical and mythological existence. Eventually Little Everywhere comes to learn what it means to be an omnipresent entity in the multiverses/ omniverses/ and interior universes of "All things" in "All places" "Everythinging everywhere". (((((((ENJOY IN JOY)))))))))< Less
A Walk Around Nutrition Factors Project No. 1 By Pat Mather Brown Gordon-ceton
Paperback: $9.24
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a poetry collection that represents factors mattering to one's physical and mental health. this is a non-profit project, featuring work by Thursday poets rally talents and thoughts.
Sit With Me A While Longer By Michael A. Horvich
Paperback: $15.00
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A collection of poetry which shares in every day experiences, as well as seeking to understand and deal with catastrophic experiences; namely loving and living with someone who has been diagnosed... More > with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Easy to read, understand, and feel. Reading this book feels like you are sharing a cup of coffee with a good friend.< Less
YouTube Wives Or Stepping Stones By Obediah Michael Smith
Paperback: $17.00
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YouTube Wives Or Stepping Stones is, before everything, first and foremost, a literary act. Keats’ urns and Rilke’s torsos, Bishop’s fish and Mussorgsky’s pictures at an... More > exhibition, this is the company that Smith is writing to keep as hedoggedly pursues his models. In the concrete this litany of wives appears as a series of tawdry fetishes predestined to fail–dancing girls for Degas, barmaids for Manet, pubescence for Balthus, this Korean for Orientalism, those women for Woman, these artists for ART. These poems and pieces, confessions and letters and descriptions, are essays toward bringing art to life. Smith screens them all, flexing his desire toward the idea of their beauty, even as he is frustrated by their overwhelming distance and his underwhelming isolation. Smith is a Kemp Road Warhol. And so these poems are markers of a journey, in pursuance of an absolute level, a true altitude. This is a Baudelarian night-walk for beauty. Who are these wives? Where do these stepping stones lead?< Less
Thorns & Petals - Paperback By Rotimi Oke
Paperback: $4.99
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A collection of poems depicting love in its various forms as experienced by the author
The Bird and the Squirrel By Arthur Marinello
Hardcover: List Price: $26.00 $19.50 You Save: 25%
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The author, like others, has had many experiences in life, and he writes about them. Although these poems were written from April 2009 through May in 2013, they are not restricted to those years for... More > subject matter, for he often delves into his past.< Less
Selected Writings, Spring 2014 By Louise Bauso
Paperback: $7.50
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An anthology of writing by English as a Second Language students at Cobble Hill School of American Studies in Brooklyn, New York.
Da Truth- Tomorrow Is Not Promised By Milla T.
Paperback: $8.00
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This book of poetry is about the struggles this teen poet has overcome in life.
Ramshackle By Jara Jones
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 You Save: 25%
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Jara Michael Jones uses the pages of RAMSHACKLE to unleash a raw, clear look at the drunken circus we call life. His characters - stoic executioners, guilt-ridden orgy-goers, and other hapless... More > narrators - confront the absurd and terrifying noise around us.< Less
Paperback: List Price: $14.51 $13.78 You Save: 5%
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It's a non-fictional story formed by the journey , inspired by the destination, these poems are the representation of a man's dream of the world becoming his stage. "You have the portion, to... More > raise the roof off the foundation."< Less
Fissie for Short By Jaclyn Goodpaster
Paperback: $20.99
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The story Fissie for Short begins in the womb and continues well beyond the classroom. This heartwarming, inspirational story is told in verse as it chronicles Felicity Goodpaster’s life... More > journey so far. It shares Fissie’s ultrasound pictures, professional and everyday photos, and some very special moments in her life. In addition to Fissie’s story, Fissie for Short also includes frequently asked questions about Down syndrome, Felicity’s favorite cookie recipe, and a series of compassion-building activities for children and parents to share. Educating everyone about Down syndrome helps to support the fresh perspective that people with special needs still have talents and abilities and that, as humans, we are more alike than different. Certainly, we should do our best to love and understand each other better. Fissie reminds us to be joyful in difficult circumstances, be content and happy with our lives, and love people for their inner beauty.< Less
How to Frame a Landscape By Eugene Solovyov
Paperback: $10.00
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Emerging from the Alaskan landscape is a poetry chapbook from Sitka poet and artist Eugene Solovyov. The poet is on intimate terms with nature, seeking and invariably finding solace and meaning of... More > life.< Less
Dee's Explosion By Denice Martin-Thompson
Paperback: $10.00
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Dee’s Explosion is filled with poems of truth, pain and passion. This book releases the voice of a woman who wants to be heard.
Freedom As It Happens By Tshombe Sekou
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $13.49 You Save: 10%
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Freedom As It Happens is a quasi-biographical collection of poems and shorts of Tshombe Sekou; it is a journey into the past and present, it is the observation of the obvious and not so obvious, and... More > the struggle of life expressed through the poetics of Tshombe. These poems not only invite you into his world, but begin to invite you into your own world to discover and uncover something long missed or forgotten. Tshombe challenges the senses and inquires the reader to draw conclusions of their own. Each poem is a winding staircase, a poem wrapped in a poem, with divergent pathways to discovery. This is Tshombe's first published book after ten years of writing and publishing poetry in audio format.< Less
Ups & Downs (Marriage, Working, and Everyday life) By Bessie Sims
Paperback: $15.97
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Ups & Downs will leave with the desire to get to know God our Father in a whole new light. This book will help you communicate with, God in a way that you can bare your soul to him and let him... More > know the true you.< Less
Muse of the Dawn By Xiaofen Zhang
Paperback: $11.95
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This is the first publication of the poet. The selections in this book include her best work from 2003 to 2013. They represent a colorful journey of mood, wisdom and surrealistic awakening... More > encountered at different time and space. The style is mostly free form, with influence of Haiku, Blues, Haruki Murakami or something out of random.< Less
something to hold on to By Cheryl Heineman
Paperback: $12.95
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This is a collection of poetry and writings about love,desire,relationships,loss of family members, and regret, written by a poet who feels grateful for her many blessings and for having survived the... More > crazy days of life in the 60's and 70's.< Less
Crazy Legs By Tony Nesca
Paperback: $15.00
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Crazy Legs is a collection of poems written in Tony Nesca's incendiary white-light/white-heat stream of urban consciousness. Both lyrical and street-tough, often in the same breath, the words cascade... More > down the page in a free-flow waterfall of ideas and happenings and what Nesca himself calls "word music". A romantic, sexually charged discourse on life, Crazy Legs reads like latter-day Beat Poetry, but edgier and much more alive.< Less
Out On a Limb: From Vulnerability to Maturity, A Collection of Works By Aaron Kim et al.
Hardcover: $34.99
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A thought-provoking compilation of young students' observations of society, Out on a Limb: From Vulnerability to Maturity will question your perspective and understanding of seemingly insignificant,... More > everyday occurrences.< Less