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Jellybeans in Space By Jan Slepian
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Want to know what it’s like being old and still in love with life? Jan Slepian, author of numerous picture books, award winning young adult novels, and popular essays for seniors, begins a new... More > genre at 94 with this collection of her poetry. As with all her other books the writing is conversational, sometimes funny, deeply in touch, and always meaningful.< Less
Gardens for the Lush By Omar Waqar
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"Omar is probably one of the greatest song writers in a generation any where in any genre; a self described Anarchist his lyrics cover a range of topics from racism, immigration, slaving away in... More > corporate America, and of course anti conformity. Think of him as a Sufi Tom Gabel with a completely different perspective, his writing is poetic and gripping and his delivery of the lyrics is smoother than melted butter mixed with heavy cream frozen and flattened with a Zamboni." ...." Omar plays the guitar, sitar, and of course sings in his amazing voice his timely and important message." - FCH, The Interthrashional< Less
Lights of Yearning: In Praise of the Most Praised [Paperback] By Walid Lounès Bouzerar
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A forty-piece collection of poetry & prose by Walid Lounès Bouzerar in praise of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Foreword: H.E. Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi. - “In our... More > time,” one poet has exclaimed, “it is impossible to write religious poems!” Walid Lounès Bouzerar has proved the error of this comment. He has written a book of remarkable devotional poems in praise of the Prophet Muhammad, the Seal of Prophetsﷺ. He uses rhythmic repetition of the Prophet's sacred namesﷺ to generate a flowing evocation of the Beloved of Allahﷺ stretching over sixty pages. I marvel again how a poet can find new ways to present traditional material to excite a new generation of readers and reciters, as surely, these poems will not only be read, they will be sung. Brother Walid has produced a collection in which the beauty of his poetic language lives up (if this was possible) to the beauty of its subject, Muhammadﷺ. - Paul Abdul Wadud Sutherland Award-winning poet and author of 'Poems on the Life of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ'< Less
Tough Cotton By Gordona Bloe
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Presenting a new series of thoughts and experiences expressed in poetry, lyrics, and short stories, author Gordona Bloe (pronounced “bloo”) offers a collection that is open, honest, and... More > unfiltered. Bloe’s writing focuses on seeking answers and exploring a wide range of emotions. It highlights her refusal to succumb to the disasters that would prevent her from reaching her true identity—Tough Cotton. “Earth” considers how life begins and moves forward. “Cotton Seeds” provides a voice to the youth—and perhaps others who have been found, lost, or even forgotten. “Bloeming” is a recognition of who Tough Cotton is becoming or choosing not to become. “Ginned” delves into the underworld of drugs and prison. “Storms and Thorns” reflects on the troubles of life, while “Wrinkled Sheets” are where passion, heat, and comfort exist. Intense and inspirational, this collection shares the raw experiences of life—love, chaos, anger, regret, acceptance—with a stirring and unflinching voice.< Less
A Staple’s Eye: Staples hold papers with a bend. Poets hold thoughts and make them blend. By Rebecca Faulkins Conaway
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Life is a journey, not a destination. On my journey I have encountered numerous people whom I am thankful that I have been afforded the opportunity to meet, some by happenstance. A Staple’s... More > Eye is a collection of poems written to honor family, friends, colleagues and associates throughout each unique stage of my journey. Family—A Big Family There were eleven children, Who were encouraged in the same. They grew up, left home, and each played his or her own game. Employment—Test Administrator If she disagrees with you, you will know that too; she will speak your name and say, “REALLY.” That’s what she will do. The poetry in A Staple’s Eye serves as a reflection of their character, while documenting the influence they have had on my life. A Staple’s Eye will forever serve as a sentimental keepsake for all who value the significance of social connections and relationships.< Less
The Traveler By Mohammad Bader
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The Traveler is a mystical journey, a dream and a desire to find peace and harmony in a world torn with war, greed and lust for power.
In Search of J. Morton Allen By Jeff Reed
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A mysterious kind stranger from Jeff Reed’s childhood becomes the inspiration for his newest collection of poetry. Powered by the iconic myth of J. Morton Allen, the poems herein explore the... More > numinous world that insists on teasing the edges of our knowing by means of night dreams, angel visitations, old saints and poets, eldritch cool spaces in the wild woods, and the myths and stories and histories which are calling out in a way that only the homesick can hear.< Less
Vanessa Place... blocked By 38 Poets
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From 2012 to 2014, the poet and artist Vanessa Place regularly re-posted other poets’ Facebook status updates as if they were her own. One such appropriated update, reprinted as the cover of... More > this book, prompted a poet to block Place. Thirty-eight poets responded to his announcement “Vanessa Place… blocked.” This book reproduces verbatim their Facebook discussion.< Less
Do You Know Who I Am? By Eric Lund
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A collection of various poems of differing lengths and wide ranging subjects from nature, politics, love, aesthetics, and family.
Selected Poems By Bob Schneider
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Bob Schneider's Selected Poems is a haunting and hilarious (often in the same line), artfully offensive, brilliantly reckless collection of poems. It’s a mad parade populated by burn victims,... More > heartbroken superheroes, perverts, mythical mermotaurs, Oscar winners, drunks, rock stars, Hitler, Lincoln, P. Diddy and a whole car load of dead monkeys. The poems read as confessions, threats, jokes, lies, and some as all-out prophecy. Schneider captures more in a single phrase than many accomplished novelists can do in a hundred pages. Line after line, poem after poem, this is a collection of giggling nightmares and blood-soaked love songs.< Less
This is How We Find Eachother By Fortesa Latifi
Paperback: $10.00
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First book by Fortesa Latifi, author of the blog MadGirlF. Fortesa lives in Arizona.
The Rise of Shadowed Expression By Prince Abdul-Wali Zarquwi
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This book came into development due to struggling with a lot of negative emotions for so many years. A fellow comrade introduced me to the idea of writing as a tool to remove the negativity from my... More > spirit and it has helped a great deal. Since I started writing, I haven’t been able to put the pen down and I’m so thankful to those who impacted my world in a positive way. We need the light to constantly shine its rays of love on us so that we will not succumb to the darkness which lurks in the shadows.I just want to change the thinking of those who believe that they should give up on the hopeless, because in truth they shouldn’t. Everyone has that moment in their life were they wish they could change and take it back but they can’t. All I can do is move forward and be better as a human-being.< Less
Expressions: To Look from my Eyes By Katrina Stradford
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This book portrays the true life emotional experiences of Katrina Stradford's teenage years to the current days of today. It is a collection of beautiful stories which are told through fantasy and... More > reality that the author believe's the world needs to experience in an attempt to find their joy back within life.Rest assured that you will not be disappointed within this journey.If your looking to be uplifted and inspired in life then i welcome you to look through Katrina Stradford's eyes.< Less
A Cannon, a Heart, and Now This... By Michael Mark
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This book is a collection of reflections on the reality of Love’s presence. They are encounters with truth in the disguise of image and story—a game of horseshoes played across the... More > threshold of non-existence. I throw iron shoes through the opening, and Hafiz throws back bowling balls, flower bouquets and circling doves. When difficulty arises, Jesus crawls out from the safe-keeping of my own heart to walk with me for a bit. And when all else fails, there’s a leopard ambush.< Less
It Never Happened By Darrah J. Perez
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It Never Happened is a deeply, emotional healing poetry book that talks about the healing journey of the author. Darrah J. Perez has gone through many life changing experiences to get where she is... More > today. And Without life's hardships and experiences, it is her biggest beliefs that she would not be who she is today. The author uses her gifts of storytelling and poetry to tell her story in hopes of helping others to heal as well.< Less
Come Sit A Spell By Jean McCusker
Paperback: $9.99
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For readers of all ages and walks of life. From faith, food, and fiction, to truth, tales, and dreams, this book has something for everyone. Written in a fun story telling, rhyming style that is sure... More > to lift your spirits and brighten your day. So find a cozy place to read and Come Sit A Spell. Makes a great gift!< Less
Bagels with the Bards #10 By The Bagel Bards
Paperback: $15.95
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The Bagel Bards (or Bagels with the Bards) (are) a group of poets varied in age, race, gender meet, share poems, discuss poetry, drink lots of coffee, chew a bagel if so desired, sometimes sell their... More > books. The atmosphere is generous and open to all, and you don’t have to be a poet to attend. What I find most exciting about the Bards, people here are not conscious of reputation and achievement, but love the poem and good friendly unpretentious talk. That doesn’t mean that pretensions don’t exist if that’s what you desire, but the coffee is strong, the people sincere and are publishers of small press magazines, pamphlets and books. If you want to be in an atmosphere that is intelligent without self-involved, convoluted literary talk of people who need to prove themselves and announce themselves as artists, here is a place to and the pleasure that good literary company may offer. — Sam Cornish< Less
Beneath Your Skin By Luz María López
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BENEATH THE SKIN means for any poet, the process of searching deep inside the self for the sores as well as the reveries that keep bursting with pulses that ultimately have to find its way into a... More > poem. That drive is perhaps the most forceful of all and as such becomes an indelible spirit with which the poet has to struggle in the greatest of disadvantage, in front of a mirror that does not project an exact duplicate of the “outer self”, but rather inverts the skin to reveal the “factual self”. Therefore, vulnerability becomes poetry; sort of a naked sorceress spinning emotions like the skin does and this is what this poetry book is all about. These poems were written due to a need from the author to express irrepressible excitements, a moment of unrest, love, despair or simply a philosophical quest, never forgetting to hold words and nuances into the greatest of appreciation for poetry demands beauty!< Less
Bev's Banbury Bundle 4 By Beverley Coleman
Paperback: $7.79 (excl. taxes)
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A selection of Bev's experiences of Banbury, both past and present, in poem form.
From the Mind of A Mature Youngin' By Keiana D. Curry
Paperback: $20.00 (excl. taxes)
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A self published poetry book by a young author who is aspiring to one day run a poetry workshop for teens in her city.
Word Dances II: Your Time to Dance By Joseph Michael Sepesy
Paperback: $18.97 (excl. taxes)
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Word Dances II, Your Time to Dance, by ballroom dancer, Joe Sepesy, is for ... anyone, regardless of age, wanting to learn social, ballroom dancing ... any ballroom dancer, no matter the level of... More > proficiency and experience ... any ballroom teacher wanting to reconnect with students ... anyone in search of a new approach to fitness and socializing, wanting to tap hidden potential and improve the quality of life, especially through music.< Less
Long Island Sounds 2015 By Peter V. Dugan
Paperback: $15.00 (excl. taxes)
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A Poetry Anthology from Long Island poets from Maspeth to Montauk & Beyond
The Bensonhurst Review Issue #5 – Ekphrasis By Bensonhurst Review
Paperback: $7.95 (excl. taxes)
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The Bensonhurst Review was founded in 2011 with the goal of examining and celebrating art in dialogue with both contemporary and classical forms, movements, and themes. A growing community of... More > directors, writers, poets, painters, actors, dancers, composers and musicians gathers in its pages and at its performances. The 5th issue focuses on the Ekhprasis tradition.< Less
Dead Pig In Sunshine By Katelyn Jade Freydl
Paperback: $10.00 (excl. taxes)
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These are poems written while I was breaking and edited while I was somewhat put together again. They are poems about forgetting.
Vagabond By Oscar Fuentes
Paperback: $12.50 (excl. taxes)
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“Cloistered in the Vagabond Hotel, Oscar Fuentes completes his collection of verse, narrative, and drama by compressing a range of human emotion into a continuity of style and voice. Fuentes... More > explores humor and irony with as much facility as he explores tenderness and longing. Although Fuentes completed his collection in solitude, readers will find themselves lifelong companions to the voice that so lovingly characterizes Miami’s iconic Biscayne Boulevard.” —Julie Elizabeth Tyler, author and professor of writing.< Less