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Accident Prevention for Hotels, Motels and Restaurants By Robert Kohr
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A complete guide for the manager on accident prevention, safety and security in the lodging and restaurant industry, as well as a complete design guide for safety and security.
ROS By Example INDIGO - Volume 1 By R. Patrick Goebel
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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Robot Operating System - System Requirements: ROS INDIGO and Ubuntu 14.04. NOTE: This book covers the SAME MATERIAL as the original; however, it is written for ROS... More > INDIGO. Code samples are written in Python.< Less
Woe By Kent Hovind
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Dr. Kent Hovind covers such topics as: What is going on? How did the World get in such a mess? What is going to happen next? How will the World end? When will it end? What should we do? Where is God... More > in all this mess??!?!< Less
A Journal Written by Francis Marion Wilcox By Francis Marion Wilcox
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This journal, written by Francis Marion Wilcox, discusses genealogical relationships between the Wilcox, Greer, Boone, Houck, and Trivett families of Ashe County, North Carolina. He also discusses... More > his move to Eastern Kentucky in 1849; his return to North Carolina on the eve of the Civil War, and his service in the 58th North Carolina Infantry, Confederate States Army and 40th Kentucky Infantry, United States Army during the Civil War. Introduction by Mary Floy Katzman, and index by Jeffrey C. Weaver.< Less
The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists By Brian McInturff
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The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists, Third Edition, contains frequencies that people use for electrotherapy instruments such as EMEMs, Rife machines, Rife-Bare devices, function generator pad... More > devices, Hulda Clark function generators, Tesla therapy devices, and other alternative bioelectronic instruments. This compilation includes the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List and the Non-Consolidated Frequency List, also known as the CAFL and NCFL, and the newly revised CAFL Cross Reference List (CAFL XREF) as well as the chapters "Introduction to Alternative Bioelectronic Therapy Devices," "Electrical and Frequency Effects on Pathogens," and James Bare's "Understanding Our Frequencies Through Harmonic Associations." The Electroherbalism frequency lists are some of the most-used references for frequency researchers the world over.< Less
Classical Baguazhang Vol. XVII - Bagua Seven Stars Staff By Joseph Crandall
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This is an introduction to the English public of the Bagua Seven Stars Staff. Presented here are the routines for this weapon from two different lineages, that of Guo Gumin and that of Liu Xinghan.... More > Both versions are similar, but have some interesting differences. This book allows the student to compare and contrast the two lineages.< Less
Classical Baguazhang Vol. X - (Fu Shi) Long Xing Baguazhang By Fu Yonghui and Lai Zonghong
Paperback: $25.00
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This work is by Fu Yonghui, the son of the founder of Fu Sytle Baguazhang, Fu Zhensong. It contains chapters on the principles and characteristics of Baguazhang, Basic Skills, Fu Style Yang Palm,... More > Dragon Form Baguazhang, and Bagua Pushing Hands.< Less
On the Level: New Home Construction Nailed Down By Marian D'Unger
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If you’re considering buying new home construction, remodeling your current home…or you’re already in the process, you need to arm yourself with the essentials of home construction... More > and finish work. With that basic knowledge, you can easily save yourself literally tens of thousands of dollars and set yourself up for a better return on your investment when you’re ready to sell. This book is a practical, nuts-and-bolts approach to ensuring you’re getting a quality product with lasting value. It answers questions such as: What are the “absolute must have” features in a floor plan? Which upgrades are worth the extra expense, and which to should you avoid? What should I look when considering a “green” home? Loaded with an extensive reference section, Marian’s signature “I need, I want, I wish list”, and many tips to insure strong resale value, this book is perfect for real estate agents and new home buyers alike.< Less
Chrysler- The Golden Age 1940-1949 By Don Narus
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Covers Chrysler cars from 1940 through 1949 First Series. A close look at each model with attention to the details. Well researched, great for the auto enthusiast, good reference for the restorer.... More > Written by a recognized Chrysler historian.< Less
E-Series Classic E80 / E120 User reference (81244-4) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $17.03
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Operation instructions for Raymarine E-Series E80 / E120 multifunction displays.
The 13 Critical Tasks (2nd Edition) By Pete Gagliardi
Paperback: $15.24
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The “Inside-Out”, or presumptive, approach to the investigation of firearm crime presumes that there is an abundance of data inside – which is transferred to fired bullets and... More > cartridge cases – and outside every crime gun. When fully exploited, this data can be used to generate actionable information of tactical and strategic crime solving value. This book describes, in detail, the 13 critical tasks needed to balance people, processes and technology in order to solve more gun crime.< Less
The Bell 206 Book By Phil Croucher
Paperback: $24.95
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This book reflects the author's extensive experience, both on type and training others to fly it. It contains many operating tips and facts that you don't normally find out until you have flown the... More > machine for several hundred hours.< Less
You Think You Can Drive! By E. M. Williams
Paperback: $11.99
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Easy reading for individuals to create thoughts regarding their driving habits. This guidebook was written in an attempt to make the highways safer by asking the readers to take care while behind the... More > wheel of a deadly weapon. Hopefully—after reading this book—you will have more self awareness of your driving skills and will be able to improve your faulty driving habits. Good driving habits are synonymous to a good driver.< Less
Dragonfly Installation and operation instructions (81345-4) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $6.66
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine Dragonfly 5.7" and 7" multifunction displays. For LightHouse 2, software version 10.
Electro-Magnetic Surveillance, Harassment and Instigation E.M. S.H.I. By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $18.37
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E.M. S.H.I. is covered as a system of many components, as the book tries to parcel that which positions to blend and to conceal itself. Due to the nature of this subject, it is not a volume of facts.... More > It is a volume of exploration of information pertaining to the immediate strategic application of EM SHI system. This strategic capacity is theorized to be a potential factor in violent activity and accidents. It may also pertain to prominent people, such as: politicians, celebrities, and intellectuals who suddenly find their life in shatters. It is also hoped that the information will offer a psychological shelter to those people who, despite being good individuals, suddenly find themselves in the clutches of torment; forcing them re-evaluate what has been done to human rights of civilian population in the 21st century. (Also, the information provided is intended to highlight rarely considered, uncertainties of interaction between wireless capacity and biological matter.)< Less
The Black Book: Reflections From the Baltimore Grassroots By Dayvon Love, Lawrence Grandpre
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The Black Book: Reflections from the Baltimore grassroots, is a collection of essays that describe important issues that face grassroots activist and organizers in Baltimore. We hope that those who... More > are genuinely interested in advancing racial justice in our society will use this resource to guide your thinking and action around issues of justice.< Less
The Con Game: A Failure of Trust By T. S. Laham
Paperback: $24.96
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The Con Game: A Failure of Trust is a riveting investigation into the silent epidemic of elder abuse in the U.S. This helpful book looks at the myths and realities of aging in America and offers tips... More > for recognizing warning signs and symptoms of elder abuse, effective prevention strategies, information about conservatorships, and advance planning resources. "This book is an asset for anyone involved with or interested in elder mistreatment, or the practical legal resources and solutions available to assist and protect the elder." —Susan A. Katzen, Elder Law/Estate Planning Attorney "A compassionate and true-life story that provides perspectives of an aging America and presents the formalities of estate planning and conservatorships." —Tim Murphy, CPA/Attorney/Professor "Anyone who has an interest professionally or personally with the complexities of senior abuse and issues will find this book to be a great resource." —Cliff H. Oilar, President, Back Home Senior Care< Less
New a, c & e Series Installation and operation instructions (81337-13) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $17.02
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine LightHouse a65, a67, a68, a75, a77, a78, a95, a97, a98, a125, a127, a128, e7, e7D, c95, c97, c125, c127, e95, e97, e125, e127, e165 multifunction... More > displays (aSeries, cSeries, eSeries). Covers LightHouse 2, software release version 13.< Less
Standards Specifications By State of Alaska Dept. of Transportation
Paperback: $8.12
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State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, 2015 Edition.
Design and the Resilient City By Northeastern Architecture
Paperback: $18.50
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This research studio publication explores sustainable urbanism in the Boston region by investigating the impacts of sea level rise on the public realm and open space systems, built form,... More > transportation networks, and economic forces in the region< Less
Dragonfly and Wi-Fish Installation and operation instructions (81358-1) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $6.52
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine Dragonfly and Wi-Fish. For LightHouse software version 11.
The SWO Division Officer Notebook By Jason A. Fite
Paperback: $7.22
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Anybody that has served onboard a ship for any length of time has undoubtedly seen a hundred different ways to organize information and priorities. I have personally used everything from steno pads... More > to PDAs with varying levels of effectiveness. One thing that has always bothered me about these mediums is that they are not tailored for the unique requirements a SWO faces. The purpose of this notebook is to give the SWO Division Officer a place to catalog and organize those unique requirements. ***These books are sold at cost. The author receives no royalties or other payments.***< Less
Elisha Hamlin of New Milford, Connecticut By Pauline Merrick
Paperback: $27.95
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A genealogy of Elisha Hamlin, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and three generations of his descendants.
The OLED Handbook (2015) By Ron Mertens
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The OLED Handbook is a comprehensive guide to OLED technology, industry and market - brought to you by OLED-Info (Edition 2015).
Beyond Politics 2015 Spring Print By Beyond Politics
Paperback: $6.60
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Beyond Politics Spring 2015 Edition is the annual publication of the University of Notre Dame's Undergraduate Political Science Editorial Board.