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Woe By Kent Hovind
eBook (PDF): $6.99
(8 Ratings)
Dr. Kent Hovind covers such topics as: What is going on? How did the World get in such a mess? What is going to happen next? How will the World end? When will it end? What should we do? Where is God... More > in all this mess??!?!< Less
The Thigpen Indian Tribe Family History By Lanette Hill
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Fitzpen/Phippen/Thigpen families of England, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This genealogical book is filled with lots of information about a family of adventure, hopes and dreams. Lots of... More > Facts and proven data. Researching and typing and recording the data into a Database; then converting the data into book format using the software this author has a book filled with lots of data and family lines. This author takes the line down in Florida area. Check to see if your line might be connected to these Thigpen family members.< Less
Weiland By Beverly Jenkins
Hardcover: $31.36
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This book is a genealogical reference to the Weiland, Franke, Marbach and Busick surnames.
Farming Bamboo By Daphne Lewis et al.
Paperback: $27.00
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"Farming Bamboo" tells farmers and gardeners in the Pacific Northwest what they need to know to raise bamboo as a farm crop. The bamboo is farmed in order to sell bamboo shoots for food and... More > poles for wood. The botany of bamboo is described for a background to making decisions about caring for the bamboo. An encyclopedia describes 27 species of the genus Phyllostachys.< Less
Karen Folklore By Drum Publication Group
Paperback: $15.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of traditional Karen folklore collected from Karen elders, documenting not only widely recognized folklore of the Karen people but also stories and beliefs unique to particular areas of... More > Karen state, Burma.< Less
Perfuming With Natural Isolates By Shelley Waddington
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(1 Ratings)
This seminal reference book about perfume and natural isolates is written for perfume-lovers, perfume instructors, and natural perfumers of every stage of learning and mastery. Natural perfumers... More > will acquire a complete understanding of natural isolates and their legitimacy as purified natural perfume materials. Clear, practical ideas and formulas for incorporating these new notes into perfume, cosmetic and functional products are included. Perfume-lovers will gain new “insider” knowledge of ingredients and techniques used in famous historic and contemporary perfumes. Includes history, origin, safety and storage, how isolates are produced, and where they can be obtained. Beautifully illustrated monographs of several isolates demonstrate their historical and current usage. Natural perfumers and perfume aficionados will gain valuable and practical insights from the questions and answers section.< Less
Paperback: List Price: $37.95 $28.46 | You Save: 25%
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This beautifully illustrated book chronicles the history of world famous Marineland of the Pacific and features over 200 rare color and black & white photographs. A number of these historic... More > Marineland images were selected from the author’s own personal archive of original photographs, including the only known full color photographs taken of the actual birth of the world's very first killer whale ever to be conceived and born in captivity. Marineland of the Pacific opened in 1954 and during its reign as one of the premier tourist attractions in Southern California it managed to educate and entertain millions. 33 years later Marineland’s controversial closing outraged a community and the world lost a truly remarkable institution. This one-of-a-kind collector's edition of facts and photographs will help to preserve Marineland’s legacy of compassion, education and discovery.< Less
NHIE Home Inspection Manual By Bruce Barker
Paperback: $98.50
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This NHIE Manual was developed by the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors and is based on the most recent Role Delineation Study (RDS). The RDS surveyed thousands of practicing Home... More > Inspectors to determine the types of services they provide and the components they inspect. In addition to the technical information there are 100 sample questions that mirror the National Home Inspection Exam. This Inspection Manual together with the NHIE Study Guide, prepares the new inspector for the National Home Inspection Exam and also makes a great technical reference for the experienced Home Inspector.< Less
NHIE Study Guide By Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors, Inc.
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The NHIE Study Guide addresses the non-technical aspects of studying for and taking the National Home Inspector Examination. This study guide helps to familiarize the candidate with the examination... More > itself, and with the associated administrative procedures. It also includes helpful insights into the types of questions the exam contains, and techniques for success when taking high-stakes professional licensing exams.< Less
Dragonfly and Wi-Fish Installation and operation instructions (81358-3) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $12.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine Dragonfly 4, Dragonfly 5, Dragonfly-7-Pro, and Wi-Fish. For LightHouse software version 12.
Risk Managment & Safety Audits By Occupational Safety Training Institute
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This text discusses risk management and various tools to improve workplace safety and the assess for hazards. The text covers Job Hazard Analysis, Site Safety Inspections, and Industrial... More > Incident/Accident Investigations. The course will provide the student with the tools necessary to identify hazards, methods of abatement, and monitoring hazards in the workplace to reduce and eliminate employee injuries.< Less
The Shadow in Review By John Olsen
Paperback: $10.00
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(2 Ratings)
Twenty years in the making! With a cast of thousands! Every Shadow magazine story is examined in detail... yes all 325 of them. Old fans, who read the original magazines, and new fans, who enjoy pulp... More > reprints, now have access to detailed reviews of every single story. This book contains insights which can only come from reading the entire series... twice! • Reviews of all 325 pulp magazine stories • Bonus review of the "lost" Shadow novel • Bonus review of Walter Gibson's final "unofficial" Shadow story • Bonus review of the 1994 movie • Bonus review of the 1940 movie serial • Complete list of Shadow novels, ranked by favorite • Two detailed indexes, by story and subject • Over a half-million words in length • Over 500 pages of pulpy goodness This thing is big. As big as a Sears Roebuck catalog, weighs nearly 3 lbs! Be the first one on your block to get yours! And at the low, low cost of only $10! That's equivalent to a mere 58¢ in 1938, when The Shadow magazine was at its peak.< Less
Advance Helicopters PPLH By Phil Croucher
Paperback: $145.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
How to fly helicopters. Can't think of anything else to say but i have to use 50 characters.
2017 Alaska Standards Specifications for Highway Construction By State of Alaska Dept. of Transportation
Paperback: $9.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, 2017 edition
LightHouse MFD Release 19 Operation instructions (81360-5) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $28.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
Operation instructions for Raymarine LightHouse version 19. For... More > a65, a67, a68, a75, a77, a78, a95, a97, a98, a125, a127, a128, e7, e7D, c95, c97, c125, c127, e95, e97, e125, e127, e165, gS95, gS125, gS195, eS75, eS77, eS78, eS97, eS98, eS127, eS128 multifunction displays (aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, gS Series, eS Series). Covers LightHouse 2, software release version 19.< Less
Aerial Victories of the Jet Era By Arthur Wyllie
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book lists every pilot who scored aerial victories during the jet era, 1950 – 2000. There have been no additional victories since 2000. The book is divided up by the Korean War, the... More > Vietnam War, Bosnia conflict, Lybia Conflict and the Gulf War. All aviation services are included Air Force, Marines and Navy. There is also a complete pilot listing and additional information about each pilot in an Appendix in the back of the book. A must for all aviation enthusiasts and an excellent companion to Aerial Victories of World War I and Army Air Force Victories.< Less
Medicare Made 123 Easy: Just the facts, No gimmicks, No sales pitches, Just what you need to know By Ian Schaeffer & David Schaeffer
Paperback: List Price: $9.98 $7.98 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a simple straightforward explanation of how you will experience Medicare. We share all of the options facing someone approaching or already on Medicare. Learn about Original Medicare,... More > Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans and Part D prescription drug plans. Also included are the 2018 rates and changes effecting everyone on Medicare as well as what you can do to maximize your benefits. Our guide makes selecting the most appropriate Medicare plan 123 easy.< Less
Introduction to Closed Captioning -- Captioning Environment and Producing Captions By Chris Crosgrove
Paperback: $50.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This textbook takes an academic approach to closed captioning. It can be used in courses that are covering "head knowledge" of captioning. It is not meant to be a text that teaches... More > captioning skills.< Less
Axiom LightHouse 3 Advanced Operation instructions 81370-5 (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $25.17
Prints in 3-5 business days
Operation instructions for Raymarine LightHouse v3.4. Covers all Axiom and Axiom Pro multifunction displays. Also covers eS Series and gS Series displays upgraded to LightHouse 3.
Paperback: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Beginning with its inaugural issues of 1921 and continuing until 1980 when its last cards were printed, ESCO was the unparalleled card manufacturer and chronicler of pro athletes. ESCO made and sold... More > arcade cards and the machines used to distribute them. And what better subject for these cards than sports? This book is my effort to systematically analyze, catalog, checklist and make sense of the American sports arcade card, especially the ESCO products. I cover baseball, boxing, football, hockey, basketball and the other sports subjects in arcade cards. I even cover cards from entertainment sets that include athletes. I am and have been for over 30 years an enthusiastic collector and cataloger of arcade cards. I have written extensively on the subject in periodicals and I am the writer and editor of America’s Great Boxing Cards.< Less
The Final Scream By Adrian Roe
Paperback: $15.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
The importance of the 1970s for the horror genre cannot be disputed. Cultural and social change was all too prevalent, resulting in a sudden shift in expectations for the loyal horror fan. Some could... More > argue that this decade gave birth to the slasher film, while a new style of unforgiving exploitation cinema was also emerging. This third book within the First Scream to the Last series will catalogue a wide selection of genre pieces from arguably its most influential era, allowing the reader to capture this polarizing decade throughout each year. Once again supported by insightful contributions and interviews from various artists, The Final Scream serves as a valuable resource for a very special moment in horror history.< Less
Sonoma State University Catalog 2018-19 By Sonoma State University
Paperback: $16.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
University catalog that details academic programs, courses, admission procedures and general information about Sonoma State University.
City of Youngstown Fire Box Alarm History By Greg Ricker
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
City of Youngstown Fire Box Alarm History documents the Youngstown, Ohio Fire Alarm system. Installed in 1875, the fire box alarm system served the city until its removal in 1995. The book features... More > 430 pages of history, photos and box location lists.< Less
VERUM DE VINO: The Truth About Wine By Jean-Claude Hermans
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
VERUM DE VINO allows professionals, as well as amateurs and students, to approach the study of enology as eagerly as they contemplate their next tasting. Readers can learn what region in the world... More > produces the very best wines, and even the slimming virtues of some varieties. The author informs us of the health benefits of wine, and shares the secrets of how to avoid the dreaded “wine headache.” This book provides useful information in the literature of wine. It captures the essence of wine’s true art alchemy in a clear and detailed way, while, at the same time, providing background and depth that is engaging and entertaining.< Less
EASA Professional Pilot Studies BW By Phil Croucher
Paperback: $98.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Just as important as the exams is the interview panel (BA expect over 85% overall passing grade), and this is the book for those who want to deal with both - its purpose is to help you become a... More > professional, for which the exams are but a step on the way - doing the bare minimum to pass them makes you ill-prepared to be a pilot, which is not fair to future passengers and painfully obvious to employers (and interviewers) who certainly expect you to have more than a basic knowledge. Based on the author's approved EASA ATPL(A) course, it is a reference book that follows the ATPL syllabus, so you can use it before, during and after your exams, for the whole of your career!< Less