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B717 BIG Study Guide By Brett Greenberg
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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The complete and ultimate study guide for the Boeing 717 series aircraft. Imagine having the whole CBT question bank at your fingertips with no Internet connection required. The ability to thumb... More > through countless questions while commuting, sitting on MARTA, or wherever! Though this study guide is perfect for any B717 operator (Delta, AirTran, etc), it is especially suited for AirTran pilots with AirTran FOM questions and reviews included in the study guide. It can be easily transferred to your iPhone, iPad, tablet, or any device that can render an Adobe .PDF file for study on the road!< Less
ROS By Example HYDRO - Volume 1 By R. Patrick Goebel
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Robot Operating System - System Requirements: ROS HYDRO, Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 or 13.04. NOTE: This book covers the SAME MATERIAL as the original; however, it is written... More > for ROS HYDRO. Code samples are written in Python.< Less
2015 Farmers' Almanac By Peter Geiger
eBook (PDF): $6.79
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Will last winter's horribly cold and snowy winter repeat? Find out in the 2015 Famers' Almanac! This year's edition is also packed full of tips, trivia, teasers, and thought-provoking articles... More > including: how to make your carpet cleaner; which every day chores you may be doing wrong; what 5 ingredients everyone should have in their medicine cabinet?; ways to eat organic while on a budget; healthier snack recipes; how to easily complete your home improvement project with recycled building materials; and much more! Plus Best Days to fish, quit smoking, plant your garden, shop, look for a job, cut your hair and many more in 2015.< Less
ROS By Example Volume 2 - HYDRO By R. Patrick Goebel
eBook (PDF): $21.95
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ROS By Example VOLUME 2 - for ROS HYDRO. "Packages and Programs for Advanced Robot Behaviors" All programming samples are written in Python. Topics include task managers such as SMACH... More > and Behavior Trees, creating URDF models, controlling Dynamixel servos, arm navigation using MoveIt!, ROS diagnostics, dynamic reconfigure, AR Tags for object tracking, topic multiplexing, head tracking in 3D, the Gazebo simulator, and creating a web GUI for your robot. Many working sample programs are included and explained in excruciating detail.< Less
Japanese Swords of the Bizen Tradition: Digital Edition By Darcy Brockbank
eBook (PDF): $44.99
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Important Japanese Swords in North American Collections of the Bizen Tradition. Reference articles, photographs and oshigata. This edition is the PDF digital edition.
More Later ... Gotta Go By Melody Romancito
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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The letters between contemporary Native American artist Fritz Scholder and Taos gallery owner Tally Richards tells a story about art history in Taos, New Mexico, during a turbulent period of history... More > -- the 1960s, 1970s and up through the 1990s. The letters are published as-is without annotation. Edited by M. Elwell Romancito.< Less
The Immigration Invasion By Arthur Kemp
Paperback: $16.06
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The Immigration Invasion details how all First World nations are set to be swamped by waves of Third Worlders before the end of the 21st Century. Using the very latest available official data and... More > government projections, this book shows how, unless legal and illegal immigration is halted and reversed, European First World nations across all of Europe from Spain to Russia, North America, Australia and New Zealand -- will be destroyed and have their very culture and civilisation changed to that of the Third World. Immigration is now the single most important issue facing all First World nations, and will determine whether Western Civilisation continues to exist or not. Finally, this book goes on to provide the only solution to the impending crisis: decisive, reasonable, considered direct political action. It is a political call to arms to save the West.< Less
Guide for the Care and use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching, Third Edition By FASS Writing Committee
Paperback: $20.15
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The FASS Ag Guide serves as a primary reference document for meeting the needs and requirements of agricultural animals utilized in research and teaching.
Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook - Universal Dimensional Patterns By Bruce Rawles
Paperback: $29.95
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This 256 page resource has 221 full page black and white "line art" graphic images. The ready-to-use templates teach by "whole brain" play and creative exploration, with over 1300... More > smaller images surrounding the central full page image on each page, providing examples of countless variations for the creative explorer of this art form and science. In addition to a large collection of 2-dimensional patterns, a "coloring book for kids of all ages", there are 27 3-dimensional "fold-up" patterns which make it easier than ever before to create exquisite shapes revered by pioneers such as Plato, Pythagoras, and Leonardo daVinci. There is a brief introductory section on the philosophical perspective of universal proportions and symbols. The book also has extensive tables, World Wide Web links and bibliographic references for those whose interest and curiosity has been sparked by the hands-on, experiential majority of the book. It is a reference for serious students of geometry and its omnipresent purpose.< Less
Pedin Edhellen English Royal By Ambar Eldaron
Paperback: $19.00
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Thorsten Renk's famous Sindarin Course (Paperback)
Elvish Dictionary Quenya-English English-Quenya Pocket By Ambar Eldaron
Paperback: $20.00
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Elvish Dictionary Quenya-English, English-Quenya in Pocket format.
THE DRYDEN FAMILY and Descendants Book I By Leslie Powell Dryden
Hardcover: $36.15
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Descendants of William and Agnes Dryden of Somerset County, Maryland USA, circa 1685-1990, by Leslie Powell Dryden. Includes early Parish records from 17th century Scotland. Index of Drydens included... More > in book are in the preview. Hardcover, 583 pages, 1992< Less
America's Great Boxing Cards 2012-2013 By Adam Warshaw
Paperback: $39.99
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I am pleased to offer the revised and expanded 8th edition of my book “America’s Great Boxing Cards”, a price guide, encyclopedia and checklist of boxing cards. The latest edition... More > picks up where the other editions stopped. It contains all of the data that made the prior editions so useful, plus a ton of new research. I have added many sets of vintage boxing cards to the listings, dramatically expanded the postcard section, added a new premiums section, expanded the ephemera section, further refined the existing listings and checklists, and added many new images. At over 280 pages, this year’s book is nearly 40% bigger than last year’s version and is the most comprehensive I have issued to date. As always is the case I report only actual sales transactions of cards; I never make up prices based on extrapolations from other cards, like so many price guides out there. If the card did not transact in the grade listed, I do not put a price in the book for it.< Less
"Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid By Raina Mermaid
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Dive into the world of professional mermaiding with Raina Mermaid! In her first book, Raina details how she transformed herself from an unemployed educator into a living, breathing, performing... More > mermaid! Read her interesting narrative of her mermaid journey and how she turned it into a performing business! This book is ideal for anyone who'd like to become a mermaid and turn it into a business, to gain insight into the bustling mermaid community, or who appreciate an interesting tail.... So make a splash with Raina, and learn all about "Fishy Business". Foreword by "Mermaid" author, Carolyn Turgeon.< Less
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, Volume 1: Basic Architecture By Intel Corporation
Paperback: $14.60
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Revision 51. Describes the architecture and programming environment of processors supporting IA-32 and Intel 64 Architectures.
VOCareer Radio Imaging By Gabrielle Nistico
Paperback: $3.85
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The only book specific to the process of breaking into & performing radio imaging. I wrote this book for voiceover talent who aspire to voice promos, IDs and liners for radio stations. Radio... More > Imaging has been my voiceover forte since my career began in 1995. In this voiceover book you'll learn: - What Radio Imaging Is & What It Isn't - How Imaging is Made - Audition and Performance Techniques - Radio Formats - How to Make an Imaging Demo - How to Find Imaging Work - Negotiation Skills & Contract Creation - Comes with a FREE Imaging DVD< Less
Dragonfly Installation and operation instructions (81345-4) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $6.66
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine Dragonfly 5.7" and 7" multifunction displays. For LightHouse 2, software version 10.
Residential Asphalt Roofing Manual Design and Application Methods By Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)
Paperback: $25.00
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This manual is designed to provide practical information to those who sell and install asphalt roofing, and is intended to be a reference book of application techniques.
The Dragon's Head 2015 Astrology Almanac By Linda Griffin
Paperback: $21.50
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The Dragon’s Head refers to the North Node of the Moon. It is the way out. It is the path of integration through which there can be fulfillment in your life. The Dragon’s Head is the... More > Ascending Node of the Moon. The Moon rules the subconscious and the nodes have a great influence on subconscious patterns. The North Node represents the new conscious patterns to be unfolded. If we cling to the past and refuse to go into the future, or into new and untried experiences, we retard our growth and development. The North Node represents the new work to be done, the new facility to be developed. So, this book is named “The Dragon’s Head” because it offers a way to add to your growth and your spiritual fulfillment. You may, of course, need an astrologer to point out where your personal North Node of the Moon is in your horoscope chart.< Less
New a, c & e Series Installation and operation instructions (81337-12) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $17.09
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine LightHouse a65, a67, a68, a75, a77, a78, a95, a97, a98, a125, a127, a128, e7, e7D, c95, c97, c125, c127, e95, e97, e125, e127, e165 multifunction... More > displays (aSeries, cSeries, eSeries). Covers LightHouse 2, software release version 12.< Less
The Black Book: Reflections From the Baltimore Grassroots By Dayvon Love, Lawrence Grandpre
Paperback: $32.95
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The Black Book: Reflections from the Baltimore grassroots, is a collection of essays that describe important issues that face grassroots activist and organizers in Baltimore. We hope that those who... More > are genuinely interested in advancing racial justice in our society will use this resource to guide your thinking and action around issues of justice.< Less
Cost Estimating for the Handyman Business - 2015 By Bill O'Donnell
Paperback: $39.50
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The Cost Estimating for the Handyman Business - 2015 Edition by RemodelMAX contains 128 pages of material costs and manhours for over 3000 items for small jobs.
Russell County, Virginia Marriages, 1900-1923 By Randy F. McNew Crouse
Paperback: $34.99
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A transcription of the Russell County, Virginia marriage register covering the years from 1900 to 1923. A total of 5,100 marriages are included with separate indices sorted by groom surname and by... More > bride surname. The register also contains the names of the parents, ages, birthplaces, marital condition, the groom’s occupation and residences of the parties. Marriage and Proportional Occupational Statistics are compiled for each year and there is a summary table and graphs. This will be a valuable aid to genealogical researchers trying to trace family history in Russell County in the early 20th century and also to those interested in social dynamics, demographics, and population statistics of the era. Third Edition, 1st issue. Full color front and back covers. Interior printed in black and white.< Less
Late Roman Bronze Coinage - An attribution guide for poorly preserved coins By Alisdair Menzies, Guido Bruck
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In the course of the fourth century, millions of bronze coins were struck in the Roman Empire: an area extending from modern Britain to Egypt. The iconography present in these modest remnants of a... More > distant past provides a fascinating insight into the realities, hopes and desires not only of the common people, but also of those who ruled over them. It is possible to identify with a remarkable degree of precision where, when and by whom coins of this period were struck. Traditional numismatic works rely heavily on a textual description and assume that one has a perfectly preserved specimen. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their age, the majority of coins encountered are worn or incomplete, making identification difficult. However, as demonstrated by this work, a closer study of their composition and iconography yields more than enough information to identify all but the most poorly preserved specimens. Translation of Die spätrömische Kupferprägung - Ein Bestimmungsbuch für schlecht erhaltene Münzen (1961).< Less
Merit Planner 2015 - Full Size By Susan Tatsui-D'Arcy
Paperback: $24.99
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The full size Merit Academic Planner breaks days down into 15-minute intervals so you can block off just the right amount of time for classes, homework, studying, eating and extracurriculars. This... More > planner measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches.< Less