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Drum English-Karen Student Dictionary By Drum Publication Group
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English - Sgaw Karen Dictionary
Protect Planet Earth With Ball Lightning Technology By Clint Seward
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Clint Seward spent more than thirty years searching for an alternative energy source that would eliminate the harmful features of fossil fuels and nuclear power generation before making a startling... More > discovery. His study of ball lightning—a rare electrical phenomenon—led him to a new plasma ring that will enable us to power our homes, buildings, and vehicles with a green and sustainable form of energy. The ring needs no external magnetic fields for containment. While hundreds of major labs continue to study plasma rings that need external magnetic fields, he’s focusing on: producing clean energy in the lab; getting funding for important research; protecting the environment by generating power locally; creating worldwide prosperity by providing power for everyone. Take an important step to understanding how you can help with this new discovery, and lend a hand to Protect Planet Earth with Ball Lightning Technology.< Less
New a, c & e Series Installation and operation instructions (81337-11) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine LightHouse a65, a67, a68, a75, a77, a78, a95, a97, a98, a125, a127, a128, e7, e7D, c95, c97, c125, c127, e95, e97, e125, e127, e165 multifunction... More > displays (aSeries, cSeries, eSeries). Covers LightHouse 2, software release version 11.< Less
Daihatsu English Factory Service Manual Full Version By James L. Danko
Paperback: $69.96
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S83-S100-S110-S120-S130-S140 660cc Series: This is the new full mechanical version loaded with hundreds of easy to follow picture diagrams and explanations written in plain and easy to understand... More > English. Identify your vehicle and decode all main items! Vehicle-Engine-Transmission-Differential & More! Rebuild your engine, change a clutch. Troubleshoot your engine, and find a part you need. Locate where parts are located!< Less
Cheyenne Picture Dictionary By Chief Dull Knife College
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This book has colored pictures of objects in different categories, such as animals, birds, food, colors, numbers, body parts, clothing, trees, actions, and weather. Each picture is labeled by a... More > Cheyenne word. This book has been found helpful to use with Cheyenne children as well as others who wish to learn to read some Cheyenne words by looking at pictures.< Less
Six Success Steps To Selling Your Own Home By David Parker
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SELLING YOUR OWN HOME? WHO will buy your home? WHAT is a fair price for your home? HOW can you motivate prospective buyers to visit your home? HOW do you present your home in optimum fashion? HOW do... More > you close the sale? Dr. David F. Parker, internationally renowned real estate advisor and founder of The Real Estate Clinic, is now sharing his formula for individual sales success in: SIX SUCCESS STEPS TO SELLING YOUR OWN HOME This manual simplifies the proven guidelines used by professional sales persons into six sets of learning exercises for individual homeowners. The success steps in this manual equip the homeowner with all of the essential knowledge and methods required to sell your own home. Six Success Steps To Selling Your Own Home is available NOW. THE REAL ESTATE CLINIC A subsidiary of PARFAM, Inc. 14500 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, Florida 32250< Less
Carved In Stone By Ron and Sallie Clamp
Paperback: $38.95
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A comprehensive guide to monumental sandblast and shape carving.
Suzuki Carry Truck & Every Van English Mechanical Service Manual By James Danko
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Suzuki Carry Truck & Every Van English Mechanical Service Manual all new publication. Including Carbureted, Fuel Injected and Turbocharged Models. Cover 1991 to 1998 trucks and Vans. Both 2WD... More > & 4WD Vans & Trucks. Loaded with Mechanical Details the same as the Service Department at Suzuki Dealers in Japan. Rebuild or repair your Suzuki Vehicle with Factory Details. All major Mechanical issues are covered in over 250 pages of Data. Please view table of contents for all listings.< Less
Designing Inclusive Educational Spaces for Autism By Rachna Khare
Paperback: $23.99
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Rachna Khare currently is a professor in the School of Planning and Architecture in Bhopal, India. She formerly served as the Senior Research Fellow for Jamsetji Tata, the Universal Design Chair at... More > the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India. The Institute for Human Centered Design is pleased to publish Dr. Khare's dissertation at the Birla Institute of Technology in Ranchi, India where she was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Architecture in 2009. Dr. Khare is the mother of son with autism and he has served as the inspiration behind her work.< Less
The King Air Book By Tom Clements
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A treasury of thirty-seven years of flying and teaching experience in the world's most popular executive aircraft. Tom Clements' articles, stories, and operating tips all compiled into one reference... More > book. This information will be invaluable for current or future pilots of King Air airplanes.< Less
Know Your Horse - A Medical & First Aid Record Book By Monika Rodger
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Coil Binding. Have you ever needed to quickly check a reference book for information? To find out what your horse's normal vital signs should be? Or just needed that important phone number in an... More > emergency right away?   Whether you are new to looking after horses, or you just like to be well prepared & organised, then this book is the one you will need and use the most.   This unique book not only acts as a reference for you, but also doubles up as a notebook, where you can add your own notes and details as you need them.   Some of the topics include:   • Points of the Horse   • Vital signs & how to take them   • Signs of Illness or Injury   • Record Sheets for you to fill in   Used in conjunction with other text books, or on its own, you will find it to be an invaluable guide to keep on hand at the stable or in your grooming box.< Less
The Lexicon of Adlerian Psychology By Robert L. Powers, Jane Griffith
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The Lexicon of Adlerian Psychology: 106 Terms Associated with the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler is a basic reference book. The text comprises definitions of terms related to Adler's... More > psychology showing how those terms were originally used and clarifying their place in the context of modern psychology. Discussions of terms are accompanied by illustrative quotations from Adler and numerous others, past and present, including practitioners in psychology and counseling, biographers, and editors of Adler's works.< Less
The Ozone Laundry Handbook By Rip G. Rice, Marc DeBrum
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A Comprehensive guide for the proper application of ozone in the commercial laundry industry
Soldiers of the American Revolution in Illinois By Illinois State Genealogical Society
Hardcover: $44.95
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The alphabetical listing of “The Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Illinois” published in 1976 by Illinois State Genealogical Society has been expanded to include new entries,... More > children of the entry, (other family members), history found in and referencing to pension records relating people, places and events, location of graves and references to searching for the Revolutionary War Soldier connected to Illinois. The expanded version includes the very early Soldiers in Illinois before the establishment of the Northwest Territory (1787) and Illinois (1818), many of French extraction.< Less
The Crude Oil Adventure of the Human Re-Evolution By Kim Schulz
Paperback: $9.98
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This book contains a timeline of the damages and the effects that the Deepwater Horizon Disaster (also known as the BP Oil Spill) has had on the Pensacola area beaches of Florida. It is also a... More > portrayal of the people who work and live along the Gulf Coast.< Less
SurvCE 4.0 Reference By Carlson Software, Inc
Paperback: $15.00
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The Carlson Software SurvCE version 4.0 user manual provides details and tricks for how to use the thousands of powerful features in SurvCE and SurvPC. See the companion Instrument Setup Manual for... More > even more information on how to configure SurvCE and SurvPC with different hardware.< Less
The Digital Advertising Guide By Harry J. Gold
Paperback: $19.95
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Today, great marketers must be digital marketers. Why? Because everything we do has digital components. So every organization must evolve to be fully conversant in the language of digital marketing.... More > That's why Boston-based digital marketing agency, Overdrive Interactive, created The Digital Advertising Guide. We wrote it to help you and your organization become the great digital marketers we all need to be. Read the book and learn all the basics you need to know to begin your journey into the the digital marketing space.< Less
Board Chairs Academy, Sixth Edition By Jeffrey R. Wilcox, CFRE
Paperback: $24.95
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This publication is the participant's workbook and guide for Third Sector Company's Board Chairs Academy Program. Each section reflects the course content and materials necessary for full classroom... More > participation for each session of the Academy. This program has been designed to create a pipeline of future board leadership for nonprofit organizations and communities that understand the responsibilities associated with nonprofit stewardship and strategic board governance as a result of cohort-based applied learning.< Less
2014 Susquehanna Conf Journal By Larry Leland
Paperback: $8.29
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2014 Susquehanna Annual Conference Journal includes clergy directory, church directory, business of the annual conference, policies and resolutions, memoirs, pastoral service records and statistical... More > tables.< Less
The Black Book: Reflections From the Baltimore Grassroots By Dayvon Love, Lawrence Grandpre
Paperback: $32.95
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The Black Book: Reflections from the Baltimore grassroots, is a collection of essays that describe important issues that face grassroots activist and organizers in Baltimore. We hope that those who... More > are genuinely interested in advancing racial justice in our society will use this resource to guide your thinking and action around issues of justice.< Less
Identity Lockdown: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Identity Theft Protection By James R. LaPiedra, CFP®
Paperback: $18.49
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Identity theft can destroy your reputation, deplete your bank accounts, and do serious damage to your financial future. You need a complete solution to prevent it, detect it, and recover from it when... More > it happens. James LaPiedra clearly outlines the problem and explains how to: • assess your current risk factors; • reduce your vulnerability; • proactively monitor for suspicious activity; • respond quickly to restore a compromised identity. The thieves just don’t want cash: They’ll take your social security number, driver’s license, health plan, credit, and anything else they can get their hands on. Even worse, identity theft is easier than ever because of the proliferation of sharing personal information on the Internet. By learning how real people become victims, you’ll be able to minimize your chances of becoming a victim and take the proper steps if you’re targeted. Protect yourself, your family, and your future with Identity Lockdown.< Less
EASA Enroute Instrument Rating By Phil Croucher
Paperback: $44.95
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Until recently, the only option for instrument rating training in Europe was a full course requiring up to 200 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction, but the Enroute and Competency-Based... More > Instrument ratings (for aeroplanes only) are a part of a new approach that is supposed to make instrument flying more accessible, because the original courses were designed as part of a commercial course and were necessarily intense. This book is for people who already hold an ICAO IR, and who can simply convert to the EASA version by completing the skill test and demonstrating to the examiner (during the skill test) an adequate knowledge of air law, meteorology and flight planning. It contains all the information needed to answer the examiner's questions, plus tip and tricks not usually taught on such a basic course.< Less
Gestalt Practice Metaphysics By The Gestalt Legacy Project
Paperback: $10.31
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Known simply as "The Black Book." Now published for the "Día de Muertos" celebration. This small text is an explanation of Gestalt Practice Metaphysics.
ROS By Example HYDRO - Volume 1 By R. Patrick Goebel
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Robot Operating System - System Requirements: ROS HYDRO, Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 or 13.04. NOTE: This book covers the SAME MATERIAL as the original; however, it is written... More > for ROS HYDRO. Code samples are written in Python.< Less
ROS By Example Volume 2 - HYDRO By R. Patrick Goebel
eBook (PDF): $21.95
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ROS By Example VOLUME 2 - for ROS HYDRO. "Packages and Programs for Advanced Robot Behaviors" All programming samples are written in Python. Topics include task managers such as SMACH... More > and Behavior Trees, creating URDF models, controlling Dynamixel servos, arm navigation using MoveIt!, ROS diagnostics, dynamic reconfigure, AR Tags for object tracking, topic multiplexing, head tracking in 3D, the Gazebo simulator, and creating a web GUI for your robot. Many working sample programs are included and explained in excruciating detail.< Less