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The Fiction Writer's Character Resource Guide By Christopher Brandon
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Fiction writers with any level of experience will appreciate using The Fiction Writer’s Character Resource Guide. This fourteen-chapter guide helps the writer from the brainstorming stage to... More > the final draft of character development. Throw away those index cards. With the basics included such as: Character Names, Physical Descriptions, Personality Traits, Where They Live. This 57-page book also has Careers and Occupations, Hobbies and Recreation. Tired of trying to figure out how to say, “said” repeatedly throughout your story? Two pages in “The Many Ways of Saying “said” chapter. Tying it all together is the blank forms chapter needed to create character after character while keeping them all organized. PDF 57 PAGES $5.00< Less
The consensus on the consensus By M. R. K. Zimmerman
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The major objective of this study is to collect and assess information about the opinions and attitudes of professionals within the field of geosciences (earth sciences) regarding global climate... More > change, and the climate "consensus" debate, as well as to understand the rationale the participants use when forming their opinions by directly surveying a large number of earth scientists. In particular, this study endeavors improve on past survey attempts and provide a more rigorous dataset from which to draw conclusions on the global climate change debate. Once survey data had been collected, the responses of various participant groups were analyzed and compared with other participant groups, as well as similar responses from the general U.S. public. This master’s thesis presents the results of the survey in an effort to advance the understanding of the global climate debate among scientists. Originally published by the University of Illinois at Chicago.< Less
Yes You Can Play Like Mississippi John Hurt - Extended edition By Thumbpicker1812
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Do you want to play guitar like Mississippi John Hurt? This newly-extended book shows you how! Clear instruction on how to finger-pick, play bass and treble patterns, and detailed tabs and playing... More > guides to six MJH tunes. Free access to video instruction for each tune. Coil-bound to lay flat for easy reading. Thumbpicker1812 shows you exactly how to play in the style of one of the great country blues pickers.< Less
The Thigpen Indian Tribe Family History By Lanette Hill
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Fitzpen/Phippen/Thigpen families of England, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This genealogical book is filled with lots of information about a family of adventure, hopes and dreams. Lots of... More > Facts and proven data. Researching and typing and recording the data into a Database; then converting the data into book format using the software this author has a book filled with lots of data and family lines. This author takes the line down in Florida area. Check to see if your line might be connected to these Thigpen family members.< Less
Daihatsu English Factory Service Manual Full Version By James L. Danko
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S83-S100-S110-S120-S130-S140 660cc Series: This is the new full mechanical version loaded with hundreds of easy to follow picture diagrams and explanations written in plain and easy to understand... More > English. Identify your vehicle and decode all main items! Vehicle-Engine-Transmission-Differential & More! Rebuild your engine, change a clutch. Troubleshoot your engine, and find a part you need. Locate where parts are located!< Less
Honda Acty English Factory Service Manual By James Danko
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Third Edition: Over 230 Pages packed with information! This book is for 1989~1997 Honda Acty trucks and Vans. Carbureted Version. Contents include: 1. Specifications & Body Schematics. Decode... More > your Vehicle Body-Engine-Transmission! 2. Factory Service Data Specifications 3. General Maintenance and Tune-Up 4. Engine Cooling System 5. Engine and Engine Overhaul 6. Fuel System & Emission Controls 7. Clutch Replacement 8. Drive Axels 9. Steering & Suspension Systems 10. Brake System 11. Starter & Alternator Charging System 12. Heating and A/C 13. Fuse & Relay Much More! Hundreds of Schematics and Diagrams to Help You Troubleshoot and Repair Your Vehicle!< Less
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The Hopper Family Genealogy traces the first six generations of descendants of Andries Willemszen Hoppe or Hoppen, who changed their surname to Hopper. Beginning in New Amsterdam the family moved to... More > Bergen County, NJ and surrounding areas, eventually migrating throughout the United States. The book is 346 pages long with more than 40 illustrations, a gazetteer, and extensive bibliography. The index may be downloaded in the preview.< Less
Army Air Force Victories By Arthur Wyllie
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This book list every aerial victory credited to the AAF in WW2. It gives the name, rank, serial number, Squadron, Group and date of every victory.
The Guns of Fort Fisher A Pictorial Study of Ordnance By H. J. Keith
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This book takes a hard look at the cannon reported to have been captured by Union forces in Fort Fisher on January 15, 1865 by comparing Federal reports to actual photographs taken by photographer... More > Timothy O'Sullivan just days after the battle. Some decades-old misconceptions are clarified and some new revelations are discovered along the way. A must for those readers with both historical interests and those with an affinity for all things related to artillery. Complete with glossary, the book makes short work of the technical aspects and puts each of them into an easily understood perspective.< Less
SONGS: FROM THE EDGE OF THE WORLD - Siouxsie & The Banshees (Hardback) By Peter Routley
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Limited hardback edition of this book. An in depth, chronological look at every song that Siouxsie & The Banshees released or performed, as recorded by the press and the band themselves.... More > Includes artwork. photographs, release dates, chart positions, reviews, tour dates and much more.< Less
Karate Kenpo: The Art of Self-defense By Kenwa Mabuni
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Karate Kenpo: The Art of Self-defense is one of Kenwa Mabuni's early written works on the fledgling art of Karatedo and was intended as a general introduction to this art of self-defense. Karate... More > Kenpo provides a rare glimpse of Mabuni's ideas about the history and development of Karatedo on Okinawa. It also introduces the fundamentals of his art including warm-up, basic techniques, stances, training equipment and the fundamental kata San Chin, and the advanced kata Seiunchin.< Less
Western Movie Making Locations Vol 1 Southern California By Jerry L Schneider
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Over 160 western movie locations in Southern California are covered, illustrated with over 2,000 maps, aerial photographs, film stills, illustrations, and film clips. Histories and extensive... More > filmographies are included for each location site.< Less
Transversal Rotations in the Equine Vertebral Column By Jean Luc Cornille
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Many riding and training principles, which have been conceived prior to this knowledge, are unconsciously creating inverted rotation. These principles are ultimately hampering the horse’s... More > potential and placing the horse’s soundness in jeopardy. For instance, two schools of thought are commonly emphasized in relation to lateral bending. One school advises advancing the rider’s inside hip toward the horse’s vertebral column while looking in the direction of the movement. This technique is stimulating the wrong rotation. The move of the rider’s pelvis toward the horse’s medial line is shifting the horse’s dorsal spines toward the outside of the bend inducing inverted rotation< Less
Creative Collaborations By Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar, Paul Kaiser
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In this short booklet we provide 19 rules of thumb for creative collaborations and the practices that enable them. Creative collaborations are a particular kind, in which by interacting with others... More > you discover genuinely new ways of thinking about and then doing something together. Don’t confuse collaborations of this sort with committees, for collaborators as we discuss them here not only conceive of the work, they also play principal roles in carrying it out. Also available as a free download at: More at:< Less
Mitsubishi MINICAB/TOWNBOX U61T/U62T Full Mechanical English Service Manual By James Danko
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Full Service English Factory Service Manual for the U61T/U62T Series Mitsubishi MINICAB/TOWNBOX Trucks & Vans. A must have manual for maintenance or repairing your MINICAB Truck or Van. Over 450... More > Pages loaded with specifications and step by step repair of all mechanical systems. Easy to follow diagrams and instructions. Covers both 3G83 SOHC and 4A30 DOHC Turbocharged Engines. 3/4 Speed Automatic Transmissions, and all other mechanical parts of the vehicle. See table of contents for details.< Less
C-Series Classic C70/ C80 / C120 User reference (81221-5) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
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Operation instructions for Raymarine C-Series C70 / C80 / C120 multifunction displays.
Residential Asphalt Roofing Manual Design and Application Methods By Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)
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This manual is designed to provide practical information to those who sell and install asphalt roofing, and is intended to be a reference book of application techniques.
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3C: System Programming Guide, Part 3 By Intel Corporation
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Revision 55. Continues the coverage on system programming subjects begun in Volumes 3A and Volume 3B. Volume 3C covers system management mode, and Intel® VT. This volume also contains the... More > appendices and indexing support for Volumes 3A, 3B, and 3C.< Less
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3B: System Programming Guide, Part 2 By Intel Corporation
Paperback: $18.02
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Revision 55. Continues the coverage on system programming subjects begun in Volume 3A. Volume 3B covers thermal and power management features, debugging, and performance monitoring.
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, Volume 1: Basic Architecture By Intel Corporation
Paperback: $15.14
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Revision 55. Describes the architecture and programming environment of processors supporting IA-32 and Intel 64 Architectures.
Smart Women: The Search for America’s Historic All-Women Study Clubs By Ann Dodds Costello
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Hiding in plain sight throughout America are historic, highly private women’s self-education groups. These clubs are fascinating survivors from an era following the Civil War when women... More > couldn’t apply to most colleges and were told they shouldn’t leave the home. In their earliest days, the study groups also contributed to the welfare of their towns - often by helping to found their town’s first library-and served to get women out of the house and into the world. Today’s all-women study clubs have no civic component but still fashion their meetings as their founding great-grandmothers did, with members taking turns giving original papers. In Smart Women, author Ann Dodds Costello discusses her four-year quest to locate, often visit, and describe today’s 100-year-old, all-women study clubs, all over America, even though they do not publicize and have no central organization or knowledge of each other. Included: an invaluable, first-ever directory of most of the book’s ninety-plus clubs.< Less
Hobgood Family of Granville County NC - Vol #1 By Leonard F. Dean
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Hobgood Family of Granville County NC Before 1850 - Volume 1
Hobgood Family of Granville County NC - Vol #2 By Leonard F. Dean
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Hobgood Family of Granville County NC Before 1850 - Volume 2
book By Sophia Falmagne
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An assortment of images and content from the web documenting information about literature and popular preference in book-reading, especially in the 20th and 21st centuries.
America 2100: After Fossil Carbon By T. F. Walsh
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The book is on the coming decline of fossil carbon and what to do about it. It contains both physics background and a discussion of the decline of fossil carbon and replacement energy sources such as... More > wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy and others.< Less