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County Court Records 1821-1835 Floyd County, Kentucky By James Alan Williams
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Volume I. This is a transcription of the original Floyd County, KY court records 1821 - 1835. It includes County Court Books 5 and 6 with reference maps and lists. At this time Floyd County... More > included parts of Johnson, Martin, Knott, Magoffin, Morgan and Pike (1821) counties.< Less
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Evaluation Guide: For Standard Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment, and Chilled Water Systems. By Mike Taitano
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This guide explains how to determine what the operating temperatures and pressures should be for standard air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and reciprocating chilled water systems... More > equipped with TXV. In addition to the printed text; it includes illustrations.< Less
Flying the Classic Learjet By Peter D. Condon
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Flying the Classic Learjet is a training manual published by Peter Condon for use by pilots planning to undergo training in the Learjet 35A/36A aircraft and for experienced Learjet pilots wishing to... More > refresh their knowledge of the aircraft's systems. After 23 years as a pilot in the RAAF Peter started flying the civilian Learjet in 1991, and in 1996 he became an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved Learjet Check and Training pilot with a company providing Defence Support flying for the Australian Department of Defence. He saw the need for a Learjet manual for new pilots and produced this manual which he completed in 2002. The manual was last updated in 2010. This is a manual for pilots by a pilot.< Less
English-Aramaic & Aramaic-English Dictionary By Rev. David Bauscher
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I commend this to the reader and student of Aramaic in hope that this new Aramaic dictionary will help to better understand the Aramaic language .Many Aramaic words have several meanings, as do the... More > words of most languages. There are various English entries for the same Aramaic word in many places,so while the dictionary has over 34,000 entries for each of its two sections, there is approx. half that number of Aramaic vocabulary words in The Peshitta New Testament,from which the Aramaic words are taken. The edition is the same used in The 1979 Syriac Bible and in Online Bible's 1905 Syriac Peshitta NT module (in Hebrew-Aramaic letters). I dedicate this volume to God, Who, I believe, has spoken each of these Aramaic words and written them to us through His apostles and prophets by His Holy Spirit.613 pages B&W paperback- 8.5x11"< Less
Copyright & Permissions By Elsa Peterson
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Elsa Peterson has more than twenty years of experience as a freelance permissions editor in addition to having been copyright administrator for European American Music Distributors Corporation. She... More > wrote this book with the aim of covering the essentials of copyright as they relate to writers and editors. It is especially intended for those who work on a freelance basis because they can’t rely on a corporate legal department to keep them out of trouble when it comes to copyright. It is also hoped that this book will inform those who are interested in working as freelance permissions editors and those who may be in a position to hire permissions editors. In addition to working with intellectual property, Elsa is also a freelance picture researcher and developmental editor. She holds a BA with highest honors in music from the University of California at Riverside and an MA in music history from Case Western Reserve University.< Less
A Guide for the Freelance Indexer By April Michelle Davis
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A Guide for the Freelance Indexer has been many years in the making when you take into account that April Michelle Davis, prior to teaching the “Introduction to Indexing” course through... More > the Editorial Freelancers Association, earned a master's of professional studies degree in publishing from George Washington University as well as certificates in editing, book publishing, and professional editing. She also completed the “Basic Indexing” course at the USDA Graduate School and “Indexing: Theory and Application” at the University of California, Berkeley. A member of the American Society for Indexing, she is chair-elect for the Mid-South Atlantic chapter of ASI. This is an important book for anyone embarking on an indexing career, or considering such a move. But editors and writers should not pass by this opportunity to discover a wealth of valuable information pertinent to their own work.< Less
memoQ 6 in Quick Steps By Kevin Lossner
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A collection of tutorial modules covering many aspects of productivity with the translation environment tool memoQ version 6 from Kilgray Translation Technologies. First electronic edition, includes... More > updates from the author for a year for registered buyers.< Less
The AMX-13 Light Tank, Volume 2: Turret By Peter Lau
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This volume covers the various turrets employed on the AMX-13 light tank including: the basic FL-10, FL-11, FL-12 and FL-15 turrets as well as the upgraded FL-10 with the 90mm gun and IR equipment.... More > In addition to the above, specific information pertaining to the IDF, the Singapore Army and Swiss Army vehicles are also available. It is specifically published with the modeller in mind with 164 pages containing 361 photographs and 76 technical manual drawings. The contents also include historical and technical data that may be of interest to wargamers and military historians. Le Char Léger AMX-13 • Volume 2: Tourelle 164 pages • 361 photographies • 76 illustrations • Remplissez le texte Anglais • Traductions Françaises et Allemandes pour les parties choisies. Der Leichte Panzer AMX-13 • Volumen 2: Turm 164 Seiten • 361 Fotographien • 76 Abbildungen • Führen Sie Englischen Text durch • Französische und Deutsche übersetzungen für vorgewählte Teile.< Less
The AMX-13 Light Tank, Volume 1: Chassis (Low Cost Edition) By Peter Lau
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The AMX-13 light tank is one of the best known France armoured fighting vehicle from the immediate post World War II era. The employment of an oscillating turret and the use of an ammunition... More > auto-loader puts in amongst the more innovative tank designs of that era. This volume covers the chassis of the vehicle in detail. It is specifically published with the modeller in mind with 47 pages of about 160 photographs and technical manual drawings. In addition, a one-page description helps to acquaint the reader with the vehicle's history as well as the various types of chassis in existence.The contents of this edition is printed in black and white to minimise cost.< Less
Creating A Transparent Democracy: A New Model By Shamar Rinpoche
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It is generally believed that democracy, though not perfect, is yet the best form of government created by man. However, with all its merits, democracy leaves room for improvement. This book is an... More > attempt to point out and remove the defects of democracy. Decentralization is necessary for social justice and participation in decision-making. People must be provided political literacy. It is unrealistic to expect illiterate and ill-informed people to understand political and economic issues rationally and comprehensively. Furthermore, democracy without accountability means little. As such, all those who exercise political power, must be accountable for their decisions. Among rights, the freedom of expression is of fundamental importance.< Less
Index of Students of the University of Virginia, 1825-1874 By Jean L. Cooper
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The University of Virginia opened its doors to students in 1825, and has enrolled students every year since that date. The annual Catalogues of the University list the officials, administrators,... More > faculty, and students of the University in a given year. This is an index of those student lists, with 9,000 names in alphabetical order, to help the researcher verify whether a given student attended U.Va. and in which classes. Catalogues were published for every year—except for the years 1861-1865, which were published in one Catalogue at the end of the Civil War. The Index includes 1) the student’s name, 2) the student’s home residence (county, city, or state—this information varies by year), and 3) which session the student is in. The Catalogues themselves also list the “schools attended” at the University, i.e., the student’s curriculum for that year, and each student’s residence or boarding house while at the University.< Less
The Helicopter Pilot's Handbook By Phil Croucher
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Many companies assume that new pilots know their job right from the start, which means that they will give you minimal training. This book aims to fill in those gaps and help make you look like a... More > professional in no time. Covers slinging, offshore, mountain flying, etc.< Less
UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual Volume II: Electrogravitics By Luke Fortune
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The principle of Electrogravitics is itself easy to describe: A lot of voltage, interrupted, causes movement. In the 1870's a flying machine quite unlike any present one was conceived... an aerial... More > machine devoid of sustaining planes, ailerons, propellers, and other external attachments capable of immense speeds and inended to furnish powerful arguments for peace. This craft was not only conceived, it was built. Many people have seen this craft; it is a secret no longer. How do the strange lights in the sky move at such awesome speeds performing such maneuvers that seem to defy the laws of physics? The principle that enables these craft, as well as the TR-3B & the B-2, to fly at such supernatural speeds is revealed here: How to tap into the hidden forces of the atom while neutralizing gravity & inertia.< Less
Winston Roots, Vol. 1: Stories of an Alabama County By Winston Co. Gen. Society
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Who was Aunt Jenny Johnston? Or Andrew Jackson Ingle for that matter? What is the "free state?" All of these questions and more are answered in the new book from the Winston County... More > Genealogical Society, published March 29, 2010. First in a series, and more than two hundred pages, this book contains remarkable and historical happenings of Winston County during its many stages, even preceding statehood. It is a delightful retrospective on the discovery of Clear Creek Falls, the first permanent settlement, Byler and Cheatham Roads, early settlers, Revolutionary War soldiers, the organization of Hancock County, the renaming to Winston, the Civil War, Alabama’s oldest log jail, early mills, and many more all the way into the twentieth century. There is also an appendix of historical notes on nearly thirty towns and communities, some now called "dead towns."< Less
Culver Glassware: Collector's Manual (1st Edition) By Jeff Murrell
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This is a manual for collectors, sellers and the curious with over 630 full-color photos of Culver glassware patterns, including those of 132 patterns identified by original pattern name – most... More > with known years of production. The manual also includes common hardware sold with Culver glassware and barware sets, tips for the care and maintenance of Culver glassware, advice on shipping glass, verified Culver patterns with unknown names and dates featuring animals, glass jewel-studs, holiday themes, maritime themes, people & places, plants, fruits & vegetables and miscellaneous others. The manual also has information about Culver glassware shapes/pieces and types of Culver beverage glasses. Vintage Culver advertizing and sales-catalog print images are found throughout.< Less
Winston Roots, Vol. 2: Marriage Index Records of an Alabama County By Peter Gossett, Winston County Genealogical Society
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This book contains a groom and bride index for the first fifteen marriage books located at the Probate Judge's office in Winston County, Alabama, covering the years 1891-1955. Also included is a... More > list of more than 100 marriages before 1891 from various sources.< Less
The Big Book of Bronze #5 By Jay Ryan
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The Big Book of Bronze #5 is a must have! At 282 pages, this tome of Doc Savage information, by the leading Doc Savage authorities of our time, holds insights into the Man of Bronze that you will be... More > thrilled to read and ponder. In addition to the documentation of Doc Savage musings, you will find the must have companion to the new Jazz CD (Bronze Nemesis) by Scott Robinson about the music and his meeting with James Bama, the Ron Ely interview conducted in September where Ron discusses the movie in detail with Steve Ringgenberg, the detailed reflections of a meeting with Norma Dent by Dean Russell and an article by the current Kenneth Robeson: Will Murray. With 44 articles or stories, additional writers include: Fred Forino, Joe DeVito, Jack Juka, Jay Ryan, Jeff Deischer, Steve Donoso, Matt Hiebert, Julián Puga, Dafydd Neal Dyar, Courtney Rogers, Matt Moring, Wayne Skiver, Jim Cox, Art Sippo, Rick Lai, Chuck Welch, Duane Spurlock and Tim Faurote. Full color cover by Tim Faurote and B&W interior.< Less
i70 User reference (81330-1) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
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Operation instructions for Raymarine i70 SeaTalkng Instruments.
Flora Neomexicana II : Glossarium Nominum By Kelly W. Allred
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The etymology, definition, and usage of each of the scientific names of New Mexico vascular plants are explained. This is the second edition, paper-bound.
FINPACK User's Manual By Center for Farm Financial Management University of Minnesota
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The FINPACK User's Manual is the definitive guide on how to use the financial analysis software, FINPACK. Created and developed by the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of... More > Minnesota. More information at< Less
Browning Family, 1600-2003 Vol. 1 By James Richey
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Browning Family, 1600-2000, revision of vol. 1, printed in 2003. Traces lines back to the immigrant, Thomas Browning, 1600s, MD. Maybe relative of Capt. John Browning of Jamestown, VA. This ... More > Browning vol. 1 is also listed as Vol IV of "Richey Tracks". Basically this is a revision and update of E F Browning's book or 1908. 706 pages, hard cover< Less
Guide for the Care and use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching, Third Edition By FASS Writing Committee
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The FASS Ag Guide serves as a primary reference document for meeting the needs and requirements of agricultural animals utilized in research and teaching.
Subaru Sambar English Service Manual By James Danko
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Over 200 hundred pages of Factory Diagrams and Specifications all Written in English. You can rebuild your Samber From the Ground Up. Engine Overhaul, suspension, Brakes, Transmission, differentials,... More > and much more! Plus the Factory Electrical Diagrams are also in this book!< Less
The Thigpen Indian Tribe Family History By Lanette Hill
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Fitzpen/Phippen/Thigpen families of England, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This genealogical book is filled with lots of information about a family of adventure, hopes and dreams. Lots of... More > Facts and proven data. Researching and typing and recording the data into a Database; then converting the data into book format using the software this author has a book filled with lots of data and family lines. This author takes the line down in Florida area. Check to see if your line might be connected to these Thigpen family members.< Less
Puryear's of America - First Edition By Jay Puryear
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Research and complilation of the various branches of the Puryear family tree starting with Samuel and his brother, William, Puryear who were born in the 1690's. This book covers 9 generations of the... More > lineage from Samuel Puryear to the first half of the 20th Century< Less