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Aerial Attack Study By Captain John Boyd
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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The monograph prepared by Capt. Boyd in 1961, and the first statement of Energy Maneuverability, now the basis of aerial combat doctrine in all western air forces.
Creating A Transparent Democracy: A New Model By Shamar Rinpoche
eBook (PDF): $3.00
It is generally believed that democracy, though not perfect, is yet the best form of government created by man. However, with all its merits, democracy leaves room for improvement. This book is an... More > attempt to point out and remove the defects of democracy. Decentralization is necessary for social justice and participation in decision-making. People must be provided political literacy. It is unrealistic to expect illiterate and ill-informed people to understand political and economic issues rationally and comprehensively. Furthermore, democracy without accountability means little. As such, all those who exercise political power, must be accountable for their decisions. Among rights, the freedom of expression is of fundamental importance.< Less
The Infinite Guitar Companion 1 By Chris Juergensen
eBook (PDF): $14.00
(4 Ratings)
The Infinite Guitar Companion (Volume 1 - Melodic Studies: The Major Scale, Modes and Inherent Arpeggios) - Part 1 in the Infinite Guitar Companion series, this first volume focuses on improvisation... More > using the major scale, major pentatonic scale and the major scale modes targeting chord tones. Special attention is paid to each major scale pattern's diatonic arpeggios. Other subjects include arpeggio superimposition, "Rhythm Changes," Blues and Minor Blues. Unlike THE INFINITE GUITAR that was primarily a reference book, this book provides chapters and chapters of exercises dedicated to improvisation.< Less
The Elements of Subtitles, Revised and Expanded Edition: A Practical Guide to the Art of Dialogue, Character, Context, Tone and Style in Subtitling By D Bannon
eBook (PDF): $10.99
(2 Ratings)
Good subtitles don't just transfer words from one language to another. They are as funny, scary, witty and compelling as the original. The Elements of Subtitles is a practical guide on how to get... More > subtitling right. Translators working from any language into English will learn how to write vibrant dialogue, develop character profiles, find dramatic and comic equivalents, use dialect and slang, avoid common mistakes and understand tone, style and context in film. Filled with examples from screenplays across the globe, this is an indispensable reference on the nuts and bolts of creating accurate and exciting subtitles. Since its publication, The Elements of Subtitles has become a primary resource for film translation. Fully updated in a revised and expanded edition, “The Elements of Subtitles is a must for anyone who wants to get into the world of translation,” (Midwest Book Review) and “The definitive guide for all working subtitle translators.” (Tom Larsen, YA Entertainment)< Less
The King Air Book By Tom Clements
eBook (ePub): $17.99
A treasury of thirty-seven years of flying and teaching experience in the world's most popular executive aircraft. Tom Clements' articles, stories, and operating tips all compiled into one reference... More > book. This information will be invaluable for current or future pilots of King Air airplanes.< Less
Flying the Classic Learjet By Peter D. Condon
eBook (ePub): $25.00
Flying the Classic Learjet is a training manual published by Peter Condon for use by pilots planning to undergo training in the Learjet 35A/36A aircraft and for experienced Learjet pilots wishing to... More > refresh their knowledge of the aircraft's systems. After 23 years as a pilot in the RAAF Peter started flying the civilian Learjet in 1991, and in 1996 he became an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved Learjet Check and Training pilot with a company providing Defence Support flying for the Australian Department of Defence. He saw the need for a Learjet manual for new pilots and produced this manual which he completed in 2002. The manual was last updated in 2010. This is a manual for pilots by a pilot.< Less
Yes You Can Play Like Mississippi John Hurt - Extended edition By Thumbpicker1812
eBook (PDF): $18.51
Do you want to play guitar like Mississippi John Hurt? This newly-extended book shows you how! Clear instruction on how to finger-pick, play bass and treble patterns, and detailed tabs and playing... More > guides to six MJH tunes. Free access to video instruction for each tune. Coil-bound to lay flat for easy reading. Thumbpicker1812 shows you exactly how to play in the style of one of the great country blues pickers.< Less
How to Excel At Fire Department Promotional Exams By Steve Prziborowski
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Getting promoted in the fire service is not an easy process. Many people have that desire to promote, but for whatever reason cannot put the pieces together to make it a reality. Over the 20 plus... More > years I have been in the fire service, I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of the promotional process – as a candidate, and as a rater and proctor. This book will assist fire department personnel specifically prepare for their next promotional exam. Promotional candidates will be exposed to and offered key points for the most common tasks and events within a fire department promotional process including, but not limited to: promotional preparation, completing the application, resume preparation, the written exam, the oral interview, the personnel problem, the oral presentation, and the emergency simulation.< Less
ROS By Example Volume 2 - INDIGO By R. Patrick Goebel
eBook (PDF): $21.95
ROS By Example VOLUME 2 - for ROS INDIGO. "Packages and Programs for Advanced Robot Behaviors" All programming samples are written in Python. Topics include task managers such as SMACH and... More > Behavior Trees, creating URDF models, controlling Dynamixel servos, arm navigation using MoveIt!, ROS diagnostics, dynamic reconfigure, AR Tags for object tracking, topic multiplexing, head tracking in 3D, the Gazebo simulator, and creating a web GUI for your robot. Many working sample programs are included and explained in excruciating detail. NOTE: The content is the same as the ROS HYDRO edition but updated for ROS INDIGO.< Less
Unheeded Warnings: The Lost Reports of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare Volume 1: Islamic Terrorism and the West By Richard J. Leitner, Peter M. Leitner, editors
Paperback: $32.95
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This book series contains some 18 years of warning and analysis published within the U.S. Congress by an organization known as the Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. During its... More > remarkably long life, the Task Force issued hundreds of reports comprising thousands of pages of warnings and analyses of the growing specter of the Islamist movement, its increasingly violent nature, and its selection of the Western world as its ultimate target. The depth and breadth of the Task Force's analytical efforts were unparalleled, as were its productive capacity and broad product distribution efforts. The Task Force's astonishing knowledge of the gathering storm that finally broke over New York City and Washington on that fateful September morning is represented in these pages. < Less
Mitsubishi MiniCab & Bravo English Service Manual "Electrical" By James L. Danko
Paperback: $39.95
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Mitsubishi MiniCab & Bravo Full English Version Electrical Manual. Over 110 pages of everything you need to know about your truck or van. Relay, Connectors, sensors, find them fast! Find, fix and... More > replace broken or missing wires. This manual covers all vehicles, Trucks, Dumps, and Vans! Carbureted-Fuel Injected and Turbocharged! Every wire and harness is in this book! Easy to read & easy to follow!< Less
Subaru Sambar English Service Manual By James Danko
Paperback: $69.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Over 200 hundred pages of Factory Diagrams and Specifications all Written in English. You can rebuild your Samber From the Ground Up. Engine Overhaul, suspension, Brakes, Transmission, differentials,... More > and much more! Plus the Factory Electrical Diagrams are also in this book!< Less
Suzuki K6A Engine Overhaul Manual By James L. Danko
Paperback: $29.95
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Factory Style K6A Complete Engine Overhaul. This English Manual covers engines used in the Suzuki K6A line up of vehicles. Cappuccino-Wagon R-Alto-Jimny-Carry, and others. It is the factory overhaul... More > manual for engine only. Loaded with all the specifications on how to rebuild your engine. Timing chain system, oil pump, cylinder head, engine block & pistons etc. Rebuild you engine to factory specifications whether Turbo or Non-Turbo. It does not cover intake and exhaust systems.< Less
Classical Baguazhang Vol. XVIII - Orthodox Baguazhang By Lin Sui
Paperback: $36.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is on Baguazhang as taught by the famous Wu Junshan. Mr. Wu was the Dean of Studies at the Central Martial Arts Institution when it was founded. He was also a Bagua teacher there. The... More > material in this book is based on the study notes that Mr. Lin Sui made as he was learning from Mr. Wu Junshan. This book contains 238 pages. It has chapters on Bagua's origins, names, and songs. It discusses training methods and describes the 8 Section of the 64 Palms.< Less
Mitsubishi Minicab-Bravo Full Mechanical Service Manual By James Danko
Paperback: $69.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Mitsubishi Mincab Truck & Bravo Van, Full Mechanical Service Manual. For Minicab & Bravo Series U41T/U42T/U41V/U42V/U43V/U44V Trucks & Vans. Over 350 pages on how to repair your Truck or... More > Van. Included in this manual is everything you need to fix mechanical issues. From engine tune-ups to rebuilding a differential. How to remove a transmission or rebuild your front suspension. You will have the same information as factory mechanics. Hundreds of diagrams and detailed instructions. Even how to troubleshoot computer issues and setting emission control settings. Its all here in this mechanical service guide.< Less
Paperback: $59.95
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Paperback: A new breed of Lincoln arrived in the spring of 1977. This new "international sized" Lincoln was Ford's response to increasing competition from European luxury makes and the... More > successful introduction of the Cadillac Seville. It was also a response to consumers' demands for more fuel efficient cars during a decade of oil embargoes, rising gasoline prices and federally mandated CAFE standards. Despite its meager origins, the Lincoln Versailles offered superb comfort and convenience in the luxury compact class. Following Cadillac's lead with the Seville, Lincoln priced the Versailles higher than the rest of the line. In this book, read about the history, compare facts and features, browse through media kits and brochures, see dealer product comparisons, view customized models, and even build a paper model.< Less
Pedin Edhellen English Royal By Ambar Eldaron
Paperback: $19.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Thorsten Renk's famous Sindarin Course (Paperback)
Suzuki Carry/Every Factory Parts Manual: DB71T DB71V 1985/1990 By James Danko
Paperback: $69.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Suzuki Carry/Every Factory Parts Manual: DB71T DB71V 1985/1990. Your complete guide to repair or restore your truck or van to its original condition. Over 500 pages of diagrams of every mechanical... More > part on your vehicle. Including the Suzuki Carry Dump Option and Parts. A must have manual for your business or personal use.< Less
"Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid By Raina Mermaid
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $16.96 | You Save: 15%
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(15 Ratings)
Dive into the world of professional mermaiding with Raina Mermaid! In her first book, Raina details how she transformed herself from an unemployed educator into a living, breathing, performing... More > mermaid! Read her interesting narrative of her mermaid journey and how she turned it into a performing business! This book is ideal for anyone who'd like to become a mermaid and turn it into a business, to gain insight into the bustling mermaid community, or who appreciate an interesting tail.... So make a splash with Raina, and learn all about "Fishy Business". Foreword by "Mermaid" author, Carolyn Turgeon.< Less
Voyages Volume 1 By Scott Becker, Everette Hoard, Everette Hoard
Hardcover: $69.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Voyages is a four volume set of reference books. Over seven years of research went into Voyages. It spans the time from RMS Queen Mary's Sea Trials to her arrival in Long Beach, 9th December... More > 1967. Thousands of documents have been transcribed in chronological order, in log form. These documents include, but are not limited to, ships logs, passage books, company & ship's memorandum, reports - damage, heavy weather, deaths, accidents, and so much more.< Less
A-Series Classic A50 / A50D / A57D / A70 / A70D User reference (81314-2) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $20.83
Prints in 3-5 business days
Operation instructions for Raymarine A-Series (Classic) A50 / A50D / A57D / A70 / A70D multifunction displays
Deaths and Burials in Antwerp, New York By Marilyn Putman
Paperback: $31.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This genealogical reference work has inventories of three cemeteries (Hillside Cemetery, St. Michael's Cemetery, and the old Town of Antwerp Cemetery) in Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York. ... More > Hillside and St. Michael's cemeteries are listed in family groups; burials in Hillside Cemetery are recorded by sections. Also included are over 50 years of records from Moore Funeral Home, Antwerp, New York, listed chronologically. Hillside and St. Michael's inventories were done in 1977 and 1978; Town of Antwerp Cemetery inventory dates from the 1950s. A map of cemeteries shows their location in the village and sections of Hillside Cemetery are noted. Indexed. 333 pages.< Less
Suzuki Carry DA63T English Factory Parts Manual By James Danko
Paperback: $69.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Suzuki Carry DA63T English Factory Parts Manual. Over 360 pages of illustrations and part numbers for every part on the Suzuki DA63T Truck. A must for repairing your Suzuki DA63T series vehicle. Easy... More > to use, broken down into six easy to read sections. Engine, Transmission & Driveline, Electrical components, Suspension & Brakes, Body & Chassis, and Air Conditioning. Includes component replacement labor times for repair garages. All vehicle option parts included in this handy manual. A must have for the professional to rebuild components, locate parts or reference for all components on the DA63T. You can also order parts by following the links in the back of the book.< Less
Ray50, Ray60, Ray70 VHF Installation and operation instructions (81356-1) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $6.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine Ray50, Ray60, Ray70 VHF radios.
The Dynamic Highrise: Unveiling the Potential of Tall Buildings By Northeastern Architecture
Paperback: $25.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Dynamic High Rise: Unveiling the Potential of Tall Buildings