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ROS By Example GROOVY - Volume 1 By R. Patrick Goebel
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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Robot Operating System - System Requirements: ROS GROOVY, Ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04. NOTE: This book covers the SAME MATERIAL as the original; however, it is written for... More > ROS GROOVY instead of Electric or Fuerte.< Less
Yes You Can Play Like Mississippi John Hurt - Extended edition By Thumbpicker1812
eBook (PDF): $18.51
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Do you want to play guitar like Mississippi John Hurt? This newly-extended book shows you how! Clear instruction on how to finger-pick, play bass and treble patterns, and detailed tabs and playing... More > guides to six MJH tunes. Free access to video instruction for each tune. Coil-bound to lay flat for easy reading. Thumbpicker1812 shows you exactly how to play in the style of one of the great country blues pickers.< Less
The 2011 LEGO Minifigure Catalog By Christoph Bartneck
eBook (PDF): $19.00
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This catalog presents high quality photographs of all LEGO Minifigures released in 2011. The 400 plus Minifigures are organized by an innovative nomenclature that makes it easy to identify... More > Minifigures. Moreover, the catalog contains a price guide and detailed photographs of the Minifigures’ heads. This catalog is the essential guide for all Minifigure collectors and enthusiasts. This 2nd Edition features many extensions and corrections.< Less
How to Publish Your First Book - A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Self-ePublishing By John Mark
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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So you want to write a book – and you want to publish it yourself?’ve come to the right place. Just imagine … you’re at that pot-luck meal ... There’s so much to... More > talk about … sister Susan’s bursitis … brother Jim’s new pacemaker … that neighbor’s bothersome dog. It’s your turn to add to the conversation. “I’m a published author!” The crowd hushes as heads turn in your direction. “I just wrote my first book and it’s been published by Amazon.” Now you’ve really got an audience. “I’ve finally written that cook-book I’ve been working on, and it’s on the market.” That’s so much more interesting than bursitis, pacemakers and noisy dogs, isn’t it? So, the question pops up from several interested and inquisitive sources, “How’d you do it? … Isn’t that hard? … Wasn’t it expensive? … Who’s your publisher?” So many questions, and you’ve become the expert. It wasn’t hard at all, and it didn’t really cost anything. You published it yourself and your own book is being sold to a huge global market online.< Less
English-Aramaic & Aramaic-English Dictionary By Rev. David Bauscher
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I commend this to the reader and student of Aramaic in hope that this new Aramaic dictionary will help to better understand the Aramaic language .Many Aramaic words have several meanings, as do the... More > words of most languages. There are various English entries for the same Aramaic word in many places,so while the dictionary has over 34,000 entries for each of its two sections, there is approx. half that number of Aramaic vocabulary words in The Peshitta New Testament,from which the Aramaic words are taken. The edition is the same used in The 1979 Syriac Bible and in Online Bible's 1905 Syriac Peshitta NT module (in Hebrew-Aramaic letters). I dedicate this volume to God, Who, I believe, has spoken each of these Aramaic words and written them to us through His apostles and prophets by His Holy Spirit.613 pages B&W paperback- 8.5x11"< Less
A Guide for the Freelance Indexer By April Michelle Davis
eBook (PDF): $8.75
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A Guide for the Freelance Indexer has been many years in the making when you take into account that April Michelle Davis, prior to teaching the “Introduction to Indexing” course through... More > the Editorial Freelancers Association, earned a master's of professional studies degree in publishing from George Washington University as well as certificates in editing, book publishing, and professional editing. She also completed the “Basic Indexing” course at the USDA Graduate School and “Indexing: Theory and Application” at the University of California, Berkeley. A member of the American Society for Indexing, she is chair-elect for the Mid-South Atlantic chapter of ASI. This is an important book for anyone embarking on an indexing career, or considering such a move. But editors and writers should not pass by this opportunity to discover a wealth of valuable information pertinent to their own work.< Less
Farming Bamboo By Daphne Lewis, Dr. Carol Miles, Heiko Miles
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"Farming Bamboo" tells farmers and gardeners in the Pacific Northwest what they need to know to raise bamboo as a farm crop. The bamboo is farmed in order to sell bamboo shoots for food and... More > poles for wood. The botany of bamboo is described for a background to making decisions about caring for the bamboo. An encyclopedia describes 27 species of the genus Phyllostachys.< Less
Reach for the Firefighter Badge! By Steve Prziborowski
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This book is intended to take over from where my first firefighter preparation book “The Future Firefighter’s Preparation Guide,” left off. That book was intended on providing the... More > future firefighter with a road map of what to do when starting out the journey to becoming a firefighter. This book is intended to provide more focus on what to expect and more importantly, how to be successful at the firefighter testing process, which can vary from department to department. This book will help future firefighters by providing a road map of how to best navigate the firefighter testing process, so that they are successful in obtaining a position in the best career I am so fortunate to be a part of, a career in the fire service! If you have prepared for the position of firefighter by doing many of the things I suggested in “The Future Firefighter’s Preparation Guide,” and follow the suggestions within this book, your chances for success will greatly increase!< Less
M L Myers Ancestral Families By Clarence R. Mills
Hardcover: $37.50
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This is volume 2 of The Genealogy of The Ancestral Families of Howard Thompson and Mary Lorraine Myers Skinner. Their ancestors, relatives, and descendants are presented in modified register format.... More > This volume deals with the ancestral families of Mary Lorraine.The key family names in this volume include Myers, Van Metre, Folk, Stehli, Holida, Hedges, Morgan and Swearingen. It is among these families and others that her roots are found. A great deal of early American history includes her ancestors and some of that history pertaining to her direct relatives is presented. A Pedigree Tree has been added to this volume to show the family ties of Mary Lorraine’s ancestors.Every attempt has been made to reference the material presented and provide credit to original sources. The material herein is provided for reference and may be used freely for noncommercial purposes.< Less
Introduction to Rigging Lyras and Trapeze Bars By Steven Santos
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This textbook was written to help riggers learn about all of the different lyras and trapeze bars that exist, as well as how to rig and maintain them. this text book is intended to be used as the... More > student text in rigging classes. Includes multiple choice chapter tests, essay questions, research assignments and practical exams designed to help students get the most out of the text. Teacher resource packet is also available. The packet includes a sample class syllabus, discussion topics, suggested equipment list, and more.< Less
Source Templates for The Master Genealogist(TM) By Tri-Valley TMG Users Group
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A guide for creating computerized genealogical source citation templates for The Master Genealogist(TM) software package. Each source type template includes the template structure for footnotes and... More > bibliography, as well as citation examples of each. In addition, there are a number of extra tips, ideas and discussion points. These examples and pointers may serve as useful guides when creating source citations in other genealogy software applications.< Less
G-Series GPM400 User reference (81276-2) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $19.27
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Operation instructions for Raymarine G-Series (GPM 400) system.
Make Your Car Run On Water By Luke Fortune
Paperback: $69.95
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Don't pay high gas prices! This book contains public domain information on hydrogen engine technology, including how to convert your car to run on tapwater.
Selected Speeches of Haile Selassie I By Ras Iadonis Tafari
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The most revealing way to begin to understand who or what Ras Tafari is, is to read and study the Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie First. These speeches portray the breadth of... More > the Emperor's vision. They detail the persistence, the determination and the unflagging drive with which he pursued the application of “modern Ethiopianism,” His spirit, His child. Sadly, modern and past 20th history and historians have all failed to fully testify to the Truth that His Majesty represented as the ‘Man of the Millennium.’ The Emperor's idealism, coupled with his insistence on transforming his country, both on the domestic and international fronts, his courage in the face of adversity, his unchallenged perspicacity, his keen sense in evaluating world events, his unfailing respect for principles, and his abiding faith in humanity should make this volume a ready-reference on the history of modern Ethiopia. – the Imperial Ethiopian government, 1967.< Less
Drum Karen-English Student Dictionary By Drum Publication Group
Paperback: $21.40
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Sgaw Karen - English Dictionary
Granville County North Carolina Gazetteer By Leonard F. Dean
Hardcover: $30.00
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The Granville County North Carolina Gazetteer is a dictionary of current and historical places in and around the old Tarheel community of Granville County. The book defines from A to Z streams,... More > communities, homesteads, churches, roads, and many other locations of today and of yesteryear. Granville County was a pioneer county formed along the Virginia border in 1746 and initially was unbounded to the west. Over time the county has given-up significant land areas to other counties in the state. The gazetteer is particularly helpful to genealogist and local history buffs trying to grasp the geography of the area. It views places and events from the perspective of a native of the region. For several years an early edition of this book has been in use at the Granville County Library; it has been a frequent and well used resource.< Less
Docks of NY By Tony Acabono
Paperback: $24.99
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This is a tug boat dock book, containing plates or chartlets of the docks in NY Harbor and surrounding areas.
SUMERIAN ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Vol.3 (L-R) By Maximillien De Lafayette
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COMPARE WORDS AND DEFINITIONS IN 12 ANCIENT LANGUAGES Volume 3 from a set of 4 volumes: A most unique dictionary of the Sumerian language on many levels; mainly because of its comparison and analogy... More > between Sumerian and 12 languages of the ancient world, such as, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Chaldean, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Hittite, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew, Arabic. Written by a scholar who has to his credits 715 published books, and 9 dictionaries on the languages of the Near East, Middle East, Asia Minor and Europe. The dictionary is in Latin script. Thousands of entries, definitions and epistemological explanation of the origin of the word, its derivation and variants in other languages. Abundance of photos, maps, illustrations and sketches.< Less
Student's Hebrew and Aramaic Dictionary to the Tanak By Alexander Harkavy
Hardcover: $39.99
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A Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic as found in the Tanak (Old Testament).
My CB750 Book, Paperback Size A4 By Mark Paris
Paperback: $88.00
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In Euro size, this is a full-color, in-depth, authoritative (some even say definitive) Shop Manual and Reference Guide for rebuilding the 1969-1978 CB750 SOHC4 Honda motorcycle, with a 40 year... More > perspective. Written by a long-time Honda mechanic, this book provides some history of the bikes, along with step-by-step rebuilding instructions, in-depth theory of how motorcycles work, improvements, performance enhancement secrets, and tuning and maintenance tips. Some modern-day vendors and suppliers are mentioned in the text. While written primarily for the CB750K1-K6 models, support is given to the K0 and the later "F" and K7/8 series bikes as well. The purpose behind this book: to help you rebuild your own CB750 motorcyle for a long, reliable ride.< Less
CANNON Family Ancestry and Genealogy By Lanette Hill
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UPDATED 3rd Edition November 2010. This family genealogy of the CANNON family begins in the Plymouth Colony of America, Virginia. The family moves to Henrico County, Virginia; then migrating south... More > into Wake County North Carolina, staying in South Carolina for a short time; then settling in Bulloch County, Georgia for several generations. The Cannon family moved further down in the Brooks County, Thomas County, Colquitt Co. Georgia area where they have remained for many more generations. Some generations of the Cannon family moved into Hamilton County, Florida. This book is full of referenced and researched accurate data from the family researchers and compiled and put into this database by this writer. (Also included is an additional John Cannon line from Tennessee to Texas.)A must have reference book for the CANNON family including a rare photo of George Washington Cannon and Martha Ann M. Glass of Colquitt/Brooks County Georgia.< Less
Post-Fordism and its Discontents By Gal Kirn
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The book Post-Fordism and its discontents is rethinking the recent transformations of global capitalism in the light of its manifold internal fractures and contradictions. It addresses complex... More > connections between culture and economy in order to scrutinise what underpins the logic of late capitalism. This volume is not a post-Fordist reader, but offers a confrontation on major controversies of post-Fordist theory, debated by researchers and scholars from a variety of theoretical contexts, ranging from Marxist, post-Marxist to post-Fordist. They present their takes on rethinking a return to a fundamental theoretical rupture: to Karl Marx's critique of political economy. The volume includes diverse contributions by Sergio Bologna, Jacques Rancière, Katja Diefenbach, Sandro Mezzadra, Rastko Močnik and others.< Less
Understanding Health Insurance By Gary Fradin
Paperback: $25.00
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This book describes our health insurance system with the aim of understanding why we spend so much on healthcare and what alternatives we have. It also explains why excessive healthcare... More > spending is bad both for our economy and for our health.< Less
The New and Revised Book on Ulema Secret Teachings on Anunnaki, Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Alien Civilizations and How to Acquire Paranormal Powers. 4th Edition. By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $25.95
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For the first time, Maximillien de Lafayette, the world’s leading authority on the Anunnaki, reveals and explains the secrets of the Anunnaki who created the human race some 65,000 years ago. A... More > rare opportunity to enter their secret world hidden from us for the past 7,000 years. It analyses and explains step by step, the brightest and darkest secrets and mysteries of the origin of the human race, who created us, and how the Holly Scriptures borrowed their stories from the Anunnaki-Ulema books. It includes: 1- Study of the influence of the Anunnaki’s programming of our brain and fate. 2-Ulema techniques to communicate with our dead pets. 3-Shape-shifting of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials. 4-First stage of the Afterlife. 5-What’s in the Fourth Dimension? 6-State of the Human Mind After Death. 7-Anunnaki’s Device for Reading and Deciphering Codes and Symbols of our lives, here on earth and beyond. 8-People and Entities Created by the Anunnaki, and the Ulema in Modern Times< Less
Anunnaki, UFOs, Extraterrestrials And Afterlife Greatest Information As Revealed By Maximillien de Lafayette. Part 2. 4th Edition By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $24.96
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Includes: 1. Anunnaki’s karma. 2.Entering The 4th Dimension And Returning From The World Beyond. 3. How do Anunnaki measure time? 4. The Anunnaki have created us on earth to serve their... More > needs. 5. Earth is considered the lowest organic and human life-form in the universe. 6. If your name contains one of the 72 powerful words of the Al Khalek (Creator), then you will be lucky, and you will prosper in life. 7. The origin and the genetic creation of the human races by the Anunnaki. 8. The space-made human creatures. 9. Anunnaki used an extraction from mushroom and mixed it with an Anunnaki female’s DNA to create a secret race of creature. 10. Female extraterrestrial goddesses created us, not Jehovah, God or Allah.< Less