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Emotions & Facial Expressions By Joumana Medlej
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This short e-book describing about 60 facial expressions, extracted from my book "Drawing People", was made for the benefit of centers, schools and individuals who work with autism. To such... More > entities I give permission to print out these pages and distribute them freely to people who may be in need of such a reference. I only ask that the e-book itself not be circulated, and that each center purchase its own legal copy to print from, as a contribution to my own livelihood!< Less
2015 Farmers' Almanac By Peter Geiger
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Will last winter's horribly cold and snowy winter repeat? Find out in the 2015 Famers' Almanac! This year's edition is also packed full of tips, trivia, teasers, and thought-provoking articles... More > including: how to make your carpet cleaner; which every day chores you may be doing wrong; what 5 ingredients everyone should have in their medicine cabinet?; ways to eat organic while on a budget; healthier snack recipes; how to easily complete your home improvement project with recycled building materials; and much more! Plus Best Days to fish, quit smoking, plant your garden, shop, look for a job, cut your hair and many more in 2015.< Less
The Dojo Desk Reference: A Translation of Hyaku Jiten no Bugei By Akatsuki Sakiyama
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Hyaku Jiten no Bugei, translated as -100 Dictionaries of Martial Methods, was originally written for Japanese disciples of the “way.” As this is the only authorized translation into... More > English, the translator has included many myo (subtle nuances) found only in the original manuscript, and a cross-referenced English to Japanese index to easily locate information. The authors, and contributors, have generations of immersion in Japanese / Okinawan cultures. The Shin Budo (martial arts since the Meiji restoration) often present only a fraction of the immense knowledge contained in Asian martial arts. Some Shin Budo have been diluted at best and wholly fabricated at worst. Through empirical / academic research, and what the Japanese call “direct transmission” (taught by the current doshu) we have had the good fortune of compiling a vast amount of information. This compilation will prove to be invaluable to all followers of the Japanese warrior arts, regardless of their styles.< Less
Growing Usa Handbook: E-book Edition By Bong Saculles
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“There are lots to learn in Scouting. There are lots to enjoy. There are lots of adventure. There are lots of fun. There are lots of magic. There are lots of useful things. There are lots to... More > give you. This is Scouting.” This Handbook serves as a guide to both KAB Scouts (boys ages 6 to 9 years old) and Kawan Leaders. The Growing Usa Trail offers more interesting and fun-filled activities and challenges for young scouts.< Less
Confessions of a Hat Mangler By Bob Menary
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An introduction to the art of Chapeaugraphy. A brief history, how to present Chapeaugraphy, and a selection of 17 hat shapes to make yourself. Also includes how to make your own Hat and Cape, plus... More > bibliography and sources of Chapeugraphy-related materials.< Less
Quetin i lambë Eldaiva English Royal By Ambar Eldaron
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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The famous Quenya course of Thorsten Renk
Index of Students of the University of Virginia, 1825-1874 By Jean L. Cooper
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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The University of Virginia opened its doors to students in 1825, and has enrolled students every year since that date. The annual Catalogues of the University list the officials, administrators,... More > faculty, and students of the University in a given year. This is an index of those student lists, with 9,000 names in alphabetical order, to help the researcher verify whether a given student attended U.Va. and in which classes. Catalogues were published for every year—except for the years 1861-1865, which were published in one Catalogue at the end of the Civil War. The Index includes 1) the student’s name, 2) the student’s home residence (county, city, or state—this information varies by year), and 3) which session the student is in. The Catalogues themselves also list the “schools attended” at the University, i.e., the student’s curriculum for that year, and each student’s residence or boarding house while at the University.< Less
The Night Sky By Ray Garner
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A scientific look into the stars that make up each constellation.
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This beautifully illustrated book chronicles the history of world famous Marineland of the Pacific and features over 200 rare color and black & white photographs. A number of these historic... More > Marineland images were selected from the author’s own personal archive of original photographs, including the only known full color photographs taken of the actual birth of the world's very first killer whale ever to be conceived and born in captivity. Marineland of the Pacific opened in 1954 and during its reign as one of the premier tourist attractions in Southern California it managed to educate and entertain millions. 33 years later Marineland’s controversial closing outraged a community and the world lost a truly remarkable institution. This one-of-a-kind collector's edition of facts and photographs will help to preserve Marineland’s legacy of compassion, education and discovery.< Less
p70 / p70R Installation and operation instructions (81355-1) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine p70 / p70r SeaTalkng pilot controllers.
Ray218 / Ray55 VHF Installation and operation instructions (81278-3) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $9.56
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine Ray218 / Ray55 VHF radios.
A-Series Classic A50 / A50D / A57D / A70 / A70D User reference (81314-2) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $12.20
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Operation instructions for Raymarine A-Series (Classic) A50 / A50D / A57D / A70 / A70D multifunction displays
"Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid By Raina Mermaid
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Dive into the world of professional mermaiding with Raina Mermaid! In her first book, Raina details how she transformed herself from an unemployed educator into a living, breathing, performing... More > mermaid! Read her interesting narrative of her mermaid journey and how she turned it into a performing business! This book is ideal for anyone who'd like to become a mermaid and turn it into a business, to gain insight into the bustling mermaid community, or who appreciate an interesting tail.... So make a splash with Raina, and learn all about "Fishy Business". Foreword by "Mermaid" author, Carolyn Turgeon.< Less
Culver Glassware: Collector's Manual (1st Edition) By Jeff Murrell
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This is a manual for collectors, sellers and the curious with over 630 full-color photos of Culver glassware patterns, including those of 132 patterns identified by original pattern name – most... More > with known years of production. The manual also includes common hardware sold with Culver glassware and barware sets, tips for the care and maintenance of Culver glassware, advice on shipping glass, verified Culver patterns with unknown names and dates featuring animals, glass jewel-studs, holiday themes, maritime themes, people & places, plants, fruits & vegetables and miscellaneous others. The manual also has information about Culver glassware shapes/pieces and types of Culver beverage glasses. Vintage Culver advertizing and sales-catalog print images are found throughout.< Less
The Study of Seipai: The Secrets of Self-defense Karate Kenpo By Kenwa Mabuni
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This is the second translation of the written works of Kenwa Mabuni, entitled The Study of Seipai: The Secrets of Self-defense Karate Kenpo (Seipai no Kenkyu Goshin Jutsu Hiden Karate Kenpo). Like... More > his previous work, Karate Kenpo: The Art of Self-defense, The Study of Seipai was intended as a general introduction to the newly imported martial art of Karatedo on the Japanese mainland during 1930s.< Less
Preparing for Ballet Auditions By Wim Broeckx
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A manual to help young aspiring dancers to get to know themselves better and preparing them for ballet auditions as well as guiding them through the actual audition processes. This with the help of a... More > self evaluation and handy tips from within the profession.< Less
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Based upon The Anunnaki Final Warning to Humanity, the End of Time, and the Return of the Anunnaki in 2022. 8th Edition. Revised and Condensed From the Contents: Announcing the return’s date... More > of the Anunnaki to Earth. Anunnaki’s Final warning and the Apocalypse. The Mayan Calendar and other return’s dates. How about the 2022 scenario? Identified cities in India for the return of the Anunnaki. Earth’s designated landing areas for the Anunnaki’s return to our planet in 2022. Will you be there when the Anunnaki return to earth? Find out! Holographic pictures that showed them the entire sequence of the Roswell crash. Description of the Dulce Base (10 underground Levels). Meeting of the Grays and the military. The United States military authorities would not cooperate with the Anunnaki. The government’s meeting with the Grays. United States “Protocol on Extraterrestrials’ visit to Earth in 2022. Author's website: Contact:< Less
Karate Kenpo: The Art of Self-defense By Kenwa Mabuni
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Karate Kenpo: The Art of Self-defense is one of Kenwa Mabuni's early written works on the fledgling art of Karatedo and was intended as a general introduction to this art of self-defense. Karate... More > Kenpo provides a rare glimpse of Mabuni's ideas about the history and development of Karatedo on Okinawa. It also introduces the fundamentals of his art including warm-up, basic techniques, stances, training equipment and the fundamental kata San Chin, and the advanced kata Seiunchin.< Less
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The Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies is an annual journal written and edited specifically for personal property appraisers. The content includes original research articles, reviews and topical... More > discussions of professional appraisal issues and concerns from a variety of perspectives, theories and approaches. The 2011 edition contains over 20 articles and contributions from many nationally and internationally recognized personal property appraisers and from appraisal related industries such as auction houses, marketing experts, museums and cultural property scholars. Wendell Garrett of the Magazine Antiques called the 2008 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies "Sound in scholarship, lively in presentation, sharp in focus. These articles bring to life the accuracy, interest and importance of judging and evaluating the practice of appraising. A must have for anyone in the appraisal field."< Less
Practical Application of the Most Recent Discoveries on the Biomechanics of the Horse’s Vertebral Column By Jean Luc Cornille
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This book is a new encyclopedia. It explains how the horse’s vertebral column actually works. Each pertinent finding is explored from the rider and trainer perspective; how such new knowledge... More > does modernize previous perceptions in terms of riding and training techniques.< Less
Logbook By Andrew Witkin
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a log in the Puget Sound, photographed
Manual de Santeria Lukumi (OCHA LERI) By David Camara
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El Manual de Santeria Lukumi OCHA LERI compendia todos los suyeres de las ceremonias de Ocha y es un poderoso instrumento de comunicacion para el desenvolvimiento del Olocha que le facilita bajar a... More > La Tierra el Ache que Olofi le dio a su Eleri. Es, mas que un libro, la compilacion de todas las llaves para abrir las puertas de acceso a Los Orichas y a su Bendicion.< Less
Suzuki Carry & Every Factory Service Manual F6A Engine By James Danko
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New Edition! Version 2! All new and included part numbers! Inluding Turbo Parts! 1. Vehicle Types 2. Jacking Positions 3. VIN Decoding 4. Engine and Transmission Identification 5. Service Data... More > and Specifications 6. Tools (OEM) 7. Engine Mounts and Frame Diagrams 8. Engine Removal 9. Intake Manifold Carry (Carbureted) 10. Intake Manifold Every Van (Carbureted) 11. Intake Manifold (Throttle Body) 12. Timing Belt Parts and Part Numbers 13. Timing Belt Tensioner Truck & Van 14. Timing Belt Replacement Truck & Van 15. Valve Lash 2 Cylinder 16. Valve Lash 4 Cylinder 17. Oil 18. Oil System Pressure Testing 19. Oil Pump Removal-Replacement 20. Cylinder Head 2 Valve Overhaul 21. Pistons Connecting Rods Cylinder Block 22. Main Bearings, Crankshaft, Cylinder Block 23. Crankshaft Inspection, Oil Seal, Flywheel 24. Parts Section 25. Conversion Charts< Less
Our Carroll Heritage - A Tapestry of the Charles N. Carroll Family By Paul Wayne Carroll & Russell M. Robison
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This book has 697 pages, has an extensive name index, an extensive table of contents and hundreds of photos. It covers the family history of Charles Negus Carroll (1812-1902) and the family histories... More > of his 14 children who lived to maturity: Willard Carroll (1848-1906), Kezia A. Carroll (1857-1942), Charles W. Carroll (1859-1959), Lucy Carroll Heaton (1862-1937), Jane Carroll Heaton (1864-1949), Lovina Carroll Heaton (1866-1961), Emma Carroll Seegmiller Higbee (1868-1954), Frederick G. Carroll (1870-1946), George F. Carroll(1892-1949), Edward Carroll (1875-1956), Eleanor Carroll Bolander (1875-1957), Julia Carroll Chamberlain (1877-1959), Amealia Carroll Heaton (1880-1973) and Amy Carroll Stark (1882-1973).< Less
Professional Stone Restoration Secrets By Michael Mason
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98 pages, 67 color photos. Book designed to teach the occupational techniques of an experienced professional stone, marble & tile restoration service contractor.