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Jazz Piano Voicings for the Intermediate to Advanced Pianist By Alan Brown
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Covering material from basic left-hand voicings through to two-handed quartal and cluster voicings, this is an indispensible resource for the aspiring or even established jazz pianist. This book... More > includes notated examples and suggestions for practice at every stage.< Less
The Infinite Guitar Companion 1 By Chris Juergensen
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The Infinite Guitar Companion (Volume 1 - Melodic Studies: The Major Scale, Modes and Inherent Arpeggios) - Part 1 in the Infinite Guitar Companion series, this first volume focuses on improvisation... More > using the major scale, major pentatonic scale and the major scale modes targeting chord tones. Special attention is paid to each major scale pattern's diatonic arpeggios. Other subjects include arpeggio superimposition, "Rhythm Changes," Blues and Minor Blues. Unlike THE INFINITE GUITAR that was primarily a reference book, this book provides chapters and chapters of exercises dedicated to improvisation.< Less
Flying the Classic Learjet By Peter D. Condon
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Flying the Classic Learjet is a training manual published by Peter Condon for use by pilots planning to undergo training in the Learjet 35A/36A aircraft and for experienced Learjet pilots wishing to... More > refresh their knowledge of the aircraft's systems. After 23 years as a pilot in the RAAF Peter started flying the civilian Learjet in 1991, and in 1996 he became an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved Learjet Check and Training pilot with a company providing Defence Support flying for the Australian Department of Defence. He saw the need for a Learjet manual for new pilots and produced this manual which he completed in 2002. The manual was last updated in 2010. This is a manual for pilots by a pilot.< Less
The Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog By Christoph Bartneck
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This catalog presents high quality photographs of all LEGO® Minifigures released between 1970s and 2010. The 3600 plus Minifigures® are organized by an innovative nomenclature that makes it... More > easy to identify Minifigures®. Several indexes make it even easier to find Minifigures, the sets in which they appeared and what heads belong to which Minifigure. This catalog is the essential guide for all Minifigure collectors and enthusiasts. This 2nd Edition features many extensions and corrections.< Less
How to Excel At Fire Department Promotional Exams By Steve Prziborowski
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Getting promoted in the fire service is not an easy process. Many people have that desire to promote, but for whatever reason cannot put the pieces together to make it a reality. Over the 20 plus... More > years I have been in the fire service, I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of the promotional process – as a candidate, and as a rater and proctor. This book will assist fire department personnel specifically prepare for their next promotional exam. Promotional candidates will be exposed to and offered key points for the most common tasks and events within a fire department promotional process including, but not limited to: promotional preparation, completing the application, resume preparation, the written exam, the oral interview, the personnel problem, the oral presentation, and the emergency simulation.< Less
ROS By Example HYDRO - Volume 1 By R. Patrick Goebel
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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Robot Operating System - System Requirements: ROS HYDRO, Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 or 13.04. NOTE: This book covers the SAME MATERIAL as the original; however, it is written... More > for ROS HYDRO. Code samples are written in Python.< Less
Archaeology - An Introduction (5th Edition)(2010) By Kevin Greene, Tom Moore
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is fully updated #$h edition of a classic classroom text is essential reading for core courses in archaeology. It explains how the subject emerged from an amateur pursuit in the eighteenth century... More > into a serious discipline, and explores changing trends in interpretation in recent decades. e authors convey the excitement of archaeology while helping readers to evaluate new discoveries by explaining the methods and theories that lie behind them. In addition to drawing upon examples and case studies from many regions of the world and periods of the past, the book incorporates the authors’ own fieldwork,research and teaching.< Less
Gold Miner 49 er By Reginald Gould
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This book is about exploring old gold and silver mines in Part One. Part Two is about actual experiences using various recovery equipment to find gold. Part Three is a look at some of the million... More > dollar gold mines from present to the 1800's. Part Four is about new equipment to recover gold from rivers and streams.< Less
Drum Karen-English Student Dictionary By Drum Publication Group
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Sgaw Karen - English Dictionary
Paperback: $7.99
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Enclosed, are quotes from the garden; a garden cultivated with seeds gleaned from life's journey. Relax as you also embark upon a voyage that will encourage you to reflect, laugh, cry and... More > wonder... Remember, with every storm cloud, torrential rainfall and every flood, comes a cleasing, a renewal and a continuance of life... A life that can be beautiful again because it was Created in Rain and kissed by the sun.< Less
i70 User reference (81330-1) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
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Operation instructions for Raymarine i70 SeaTalkng Instruments.
Copyright and Permissions By Elsa Peterson
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Elsa Peterson has more than twenty years of experience as a freelance permissions editor in addition to having been copyright administrator for European American Music Distributors Corporation, She... More > wrote this book with the aim of covering the essentials of copyright as they relate to writers and editors. It is especially intended for those who work on a freelance basis, because they can’t rely on a corporate legal department to keep them out of trouble when it comes to copyright. The book also hold a wealth of information for those who are interested in working as freelance permissions editors as well as those who may be in a position to hire permissions editors. In addition to working with intellectual property, Elsa is also a freelance picture researcher and developmental editor. She holds a BA with highest honors in music from the University of California at Riverside and an MA in music history from Case Western Reserve University.< Less
The AMX-13 Light Tank, Volume 1: Chassis By Peter Lau
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The AMX-13 light tank is one of the best known France armoured fighting vehicle from the immediate post World War II era. The employment of an oscillating turret and the use of an ammunition... More > auto-loader puts in amongst the more innovative tank designs of that era. This volume covers the chassis of the vehicle in detail. It is specifically published with the modeller in mind with 47 pages of about 160 photographs and technical manual drawings. In addition, a one-page description helps to acquaint the reader with the vehicle's history as well as the various types of chassis in existence. Le Char Léger AMX-13 • Volume 1: Châssis 48 pages • 128 photographies • 30 illustrations • Remplissez le texte Anglais • Traductions Françaises et Allemandes pour les parties choisies. Der Leichte Panzer AMX-13 • Volumen 1: Fahrzeug 48 Seiten • 128 Fotographien • 30 Abbildungen • Führen Sie Englischen Text durch • Französische und Deutsche übersetzungen für vorgewählte Teile.< Less
Agrafena's Children (2006) By Wayne Leman
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The old families of Ninilchik, Alaska, who descended from the original Kvasnikoff and Oskolkoff families. Second Edition.
One Thousand Assyrian Names By Raman Bit-Shamoon
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As most Assyrians live in Diaspora, it is becoming more imperative to protect our identity by using Assyrian names. This book was created and made available to fulfill the need that most Assyrian... More > parents are facing today. These names can be used for people, businesses or any other purpose that requires an Assyrian identity. The original edition of 2000 copies of this book was sold out, and we are now making this second edition available to you. We believe that every Assyrian family should have a copy of this book. My sincere thanks to all who demanded the reprint of this book and congratulations to the newly born Assyrian children that will keep the torch of our nation and our name alive. This book is in the Assyrian Language. All Rights Reserved by Raman Bit-Shamoon 2012.< Less
C-Series Widescreen C90W / C120W / C140W User reference (81312-1) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $18.76
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Operation instructions for Raymarine C-Series Widescreen C90W / C120W / C140W multifunction displays.
UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual Volume III: Plasma Propulsion Systems By Luke Fortune
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Plasma propulsion, powerful thruster systems with an exhaust that burns hot enough to incinerate just about anything unfortunate enough to be in its reaction path. The next step in rocketry with... More > higher efficiencies of thrust are created by higher burn temperatures, containment not limited by the characteristics of the holding materials, but instead contained by electromagnetic fields that can withstand the temperatures generated and far in excess.< Less
"Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid By Raina Mermaid
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Dive into the world of professional mermaiding with Raina Mermaid! In her first book, Raina details how she transformed herself from an unemployed educator into a living, breathing, performing... More > mermaid! Read her interesting narrative of her mermaid journey and how she turned it into a performing business! This book is ideal for anyone who'd like to become a mermaid and turn it into a business, to gain insight into the bustling mermaid community, or who appreciate an interesting tail.... So make a splash with Raina, and learn all about "Fishy Business". Foreword by "Mermaid" author, Carolyn Turgeon.< Less
Okinawa Kobudo – Volume I By Andreas Quast, Leif Hermansson
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This is the first volume sporting Hanshi Leif Hermansson, 10th Dan Karate and Okinawa Kobudo and his extensive Kobudo curriculum. Okinawa Kobudo Volume I – 6th to 4th Kyu - features the basic... More > techniques (Kihon) of three weapons: Bo, Sai and Tonfa. The Bo-Kata featured in this volume are Shushi no Kon Sho, Shushi no Kon Dai, and Sakugawa no Kon Sho. The two other Kata are Tsuken Shitahaku no Sai and Hamahiga no Tonfā. Basic and continuous Kumite are are illustrated and described in detail each for Bo, Sai, and Tonfa. This provides the student with already fifty fighting scenarios, which incorporate the principles of martial arts. Soke Leif Hermansson from Sweden is a 10th Dan Hanshi in Karate and Okinawa Kobudo. After more than fifty years of training, with the last thirty-five years mostly in Japan and Okinawa, Soke Leif Hermansson is a highly qualitative and qualified teacher of Karate, Iaido and especially Okinawa Kobudo.< Less
The Future Firefighter’s Preparation Guide: Be the Best Firefighter Candidate You Can Be! By Steve Prziborowski
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Getting hired in the fire service is not an easy process. Many people have that desire to become a firefighter, but for whatever reason cannot put the pieces together to make it a reality. Over the... More > 20 plus years I have been in the fire service, I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of the hiring process – as a candidate, and as a rater and proctor. This book will assist future firefighters specifically prepare for a career in the fire service. This book is not the one-size-fits-all book to becoming a firefighter. There is just not enough room to accomplish that. Instead, this book is meant to be your starting point to get you headed in the right direction as you begin the process of becoming a firefighter. In upcoming books, I will provide more specific direction on the hiring process to becoming a firefighter and with tips for success upon getting hired with your dream department. Nobody said it was going to be easy becoming a firefighter...if it was, everyone would be doing it!< Less
Trigonometry By Larry Ottman et al.
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CK-12 Trigonometry Textbook Second Edition Authors: Larry Ottman Andrea Hayes Lori Jordan Art Fortgang Mara Landers Brenda Meery
Ford Antique Repaint Manual 1928 - 1936 By PPG
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Antique Ford Repaint Manual: A Repaint Manual for Ford Automobiles 1928-1936: A compilation of historic Data.” This helpful manual contains 48 actual paint samples showing the original colors... More > of the period each paint chip lists the years that particular color was used. In addition to the chips, the book includes instructions for preparing the surface, avoiding sand scratches, how to spray finish, solving painting problems, proper operation of spray guns, and sanding the finished job. You will also find diagrams showing which body areas are different colors and a factory list of which colors were available on which models. 36 pages softbound. Year Application 1928-1936.< Less
A Safety Razor Compendium: The Book By Robert K. Waits
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A Book for Safety Razor Collectors -- This book is a black and white version of a color digital edition, first published in 2005 as a limited edition CD-ROM. There are over 1300 entries including... More > pictures of safety razors, advertisements, and patents. Alphabetical entries are organized by razor trademark or trade name. Separate sections cover the major manufacturers: AutoStrop, Durham-Duplex, Gillette, Kampfe Bros., Rolls, Schick, razors of the USSR, Wilkinson, plus the American Safety Razor brands, Ever-Ready, Gem and Star, followed by a sampling safety razor related collectibles. A U.S. Patent List includes an illustration from each of the safety razor related patents issued prior to 1905. Lastly is a Bibliography of sources.< Less
Analytical Theory of Turbulence By SIN-I CHENG
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The first analytical theory of turbulence in the history of fluid mechanics, and authored by one of the leading Aerospace engineers of the 20th Century.
MAT 109 Introduction to Statistics Notes By Joseph Mason
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This is a printed set of instructor notes for use along with the textbook "Elementary Statistics", 11th ed, Technology Update, Mario Triola, Addison Wesley, 2011 and MyStatLab made... More > available to students enrolled in MAT 109 Introduction to Statistics.< Less