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The King Air Book By Tom Clements
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A treasury of thirty-seven years of flying and teaching experience in the world's most popular executive aircraft. Tom Clements' articles, stories, and operating tips all compiled into one reference... More > book. This information will be invaluable for current or future pilots of King Air airplanes.< Less
Emotions & Facial Expressions By Joumana Medlej
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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This short e-book describing about 60 facial expressions, extracted from my book "Drawing People", was made for the benefit of centers, schools and individuals who work with autism. To such... More > entities I give permission to print out these pages and distribute them freely to people who may be in need of such a reference. I only ask that the e-book itself not be circulated, and that each center purchase its own legal copy to print from, as a contribution to my own livelihood!< Less
Fretography Revised By Mark Newstetter
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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Completely updated to include comprehensive diagrams of scales, arpeggios and chord forms along with a complete mapping of the diatonic symmetries of the fretboard in every key, this book is your... More > road map to the guitar. From music theory to easy to follow exercises, Fretography® takes you on a tour of the grid of frets and strings, revealing the hidden symmetries and organizing principles of the guitar. First published in 2004, the original edition of Fretography was unlike other guitar methods in its systematic approach to identifying and mapping essential diatonic structures on the fretboard. This revision goes further and incorporates ideas developed by the author since then. Intended for the intermediate to advanced guitarist, Fretography is a useful addition to any musician’s library. (Fretography is a registered trademark of Mark Newstetter)< Less
The Book of Barbers Vol. 1 With How to Fade By John D. Barber
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The Book Of Barbers is a complete guide to becoming a successful barber. Everything from school, licensing, setting up a barber station, tools, clippers, products, building a clientele, building cash... More > reserves, and much more. A bonus section with how to fade. A detailed guide on fading hair. With full color and highly detailed photos.< Less
English-Aramaic & Aramaic-English Dictionary By Rev. David Bauscher
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I commend this to the reader and student of Aramaic in hope that this new Aramaic dictionary will help to better understand the Aramaic language .Many Aramaic words have several meanings, as do the... More > words of most languages. There are various English entries for the same Aramaic word in many places,so while the dictionary has over 34,000 entries for each of its two sections, there is approx. half that number of Aramaic vocabulary words in The Peshitta New Testament,from which the Aramaic words are taken. The edition is the same used in The 1979 Syriac Bible and in Online Bible's 1905 Syriac Peshitta NT module (in Hebrew-Aramaic letters). I dedicate this volume to God, Who, I believe, has spoken each of these Aramaic words and written them to us through His apostles and prophets by His Holy Spirit.613 pages B&W paperback- 8.5x11"< Less
Shooting & Reloading the 303 British and the 303 Epps By Stephen Redgwell
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The biggest book EVER about both cartridges! Follow the history. Find the suppliers and manufacturers. Load data. Methods and terminology. How to Sight in and adjust your sights. Much more! --- Used... More > by hunters, shooters, government and police agencies all over the world, this is the definitive reference work. -- With 303 British load data (includes Range Notes) for 125 grain, 150 grain, 174/180 grain, 200 grain & 215 grain bullets. 174/180 grain match load data, 180 grain cast bullet load data. -- 303 Epps load data (includes Range Notes) for 150 grain, 174/180 grain, 200 grain & 215 grain bullets. -- Sighting in your Lee Enfield (How to sight in at 25 yd for a 100 yd zero), how to Make a front sight tool, dead on and 6 Clock Holds, 25 yard test, determining the blade height, replacing the front blade, much more!!< Less
My CB750 book, paperback edition, 8.5x11 size By Mark Paris
Paperback: $91.50
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This is a full-color, in-depth, authoritative (some say definitive) Shop Manual and Reference Guide for rebuilding the 1969-1978 CB750 SOHC4 Honda motorcycle, with a 40-year perspective. This is a... More > book about putting them back on the road for a long, reliable ride, written by a long-time Honda motorcycle mechanic. Included is some history, the undocumented internal changes, step-by-step rebuilding instructions, performance enhancement secrets, idiosyncracies of the bike, and tuning and maintenance tips. Modern-day vendors of parts for these machines are mentioned in the text. While written primarily for the K1-K6 models of these bikes, support is given to the K0, "F", and K7/8 series of the bikes as well. The purpose behind this book: to help you rebuild one of these great motorcycles.< Less
PETRIT DEMALIAJ WAY: What Immigrants Must Know Before they Come to America By Maximillien de Lafayette
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A most practical guide and know-how book to be considered by immigrants who are not familiar with the American way of life and lifestyle of Americans. It provides priceless advice and tips on how to... More > succeed in America, the dos and the don’ts, how to cope with hardship, how to overcome difficulties, and how to make dreams come true. Based upon the personal experience of Petrit Demaliaj, a former Lt. Colonel and engineer in the Albanian Air Force and Army, who immigrated to the United States and encountered the best and worst in his struggle to survive. He suffered a lot, but finally he made it and became a success story. Learn from his wisdom, experiences, sweat, tears and determination. Written by the international best selling author, Maximillien de Lafayette, who knew personally Petrit Demaliaj.< Less
Bridger Family Chronicles From The Old World to the New By Linda Bridgers Boyette, Doris Bridgers Capps-Owens
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A genealogical book beginning with Henry Brygger (1480)Godalming, Surrey County, England which includes twenty generations down to the present. Family surnames are Brygger, Brydgere, Bridger,... More > Bridgers and Bridges. The book contains 800 pages of maps, a timeline, a gazetteer, wills, deeds, census records, tax lists, birth certificates, marriage records, death certificates and a 654 page genealogical report on 6,500 descendants. The authors are planning to use proceeds from the sale of this book to restore the graveyard of James William and Mary Elizabeth Bridgers located near Macclesfield, Edgecombe County, North Carolina.< Less
Traditional Cosmology (2); The Global Mythology of Cosmic Creation and Destruction; volume: Functions (paperback) By Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs
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The present work, in 4 volumes, is a compendium of traditional cosmologies worldwide. The material includes the global mythology of creation and destruction, but also comprises information drawn from... More > other areas of traditional knowledge, ritual, iconography, shamanism, costume, and dance. Relying on original sources, universal points of agreement are identified, often on counter-intuitive ideas. These suggest a single template, a blueprint for a universal mythology of origins. Volume 2 offers an analysis of the basic properties of the cosmic axis. These include its role in cosmic stability, support and traffic; descriptions of the sky and the underworld at its extremities; its encompassing, peripheral or central geometry; its association with life; and its luminosity.< Less
Lone Scout of Letters By Herbert C. Klatt
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Herbert C. Klatt was a primary figure of the Lone Scouts of America movement in Texas. Not only did he contribute to Lone Scout, the organization’s official organ, he also wrote articles for a... More > plethora of “tribe papers” and edited Lone Scout columns for regional and community newspapers. Despite all this, Klatt is probably best known as a friend and correspondent of Texas author Robert E. Howard. Klatt’s importance in Howard’s biography has not been fully explored, but he was instrumental in the introduction of his more famous friend to the group of writers that eventually produced The Junto, including Harold Preece and Booth Mooney. Upon his death in 1928, Klatt’s friends attempted to garner support for a memorial collection of his writings. Plans were made and printers contacted, but the attempt was never realized—-until today. This anthology collects Klatt's letters to Tevis Clyde Smith and a sampling of his Lone Scout material. It also includes material by Robert E. Howard, Truett Vinson, and Smith.< Less
Sample Reports for Legal Nurse Consultants By Rachel Cartwright
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Sample case reports for legal nurse consultants to use as a reference and guide when formulating individual case reports for business clients. This book offers a wide variety of samples including... More > contract letters, chronologies, affidavits, timelines with comments,expert reports, complaint, request to produce, responses to interrogatories and narrative summaries with literature review. With this book as your reference, you will never be at a loss when deciding how to present your case report.< Less
E-Series Widescreen E90W / E120W / E140W User reference (81320-3) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $19.23
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Operation instructions for Raymarine E-Series Widescreen E90W, E120W, E140W multifunction displays.
Source Templates for The Master Genealogist(TM) By Tri-Valley TMG Users Group
Paperback: $17.00
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A guide for creating computerized genealogical source citation templates for The Master Genealogist(TM) software package. Each source type template includes the template structure for footnotes and... More > bibliography, as well as citation examples of each. In addition, there are a number of extra tips, ideas and discussion points. These examples and pointers may serve as useful guides when creating source citations in other genealogy software applications.< Less
Winston Roots, Vol. 2: Marriage Index Records of an Alabama County By Peter Gossett, Winston County Genealogical Society
Paperback: $20.00
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This book contains a groom and bride index for the first fifteen marriage books located at the Probate Judge's office in Winston County, Alabama, covering the years 1891-1955. Also included is a... More > list of more than 100 marriages before 1891 from various sources.< Less
Transparency Metrics By Gary Fradin
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This engaging, provocative book helps guide brokers and their clients through the medical decision making process. It can turn you from uninformed to well-informed and help you get better care, with... More > fewer risks, at lower costs. Along the way, you’ll probably also improve your health and develop a better working relationship with your doctor.< Less
UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual Volume III: Plasma Propulsion Systems By Luke Fortune
Paperback: $69.95
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Plasma propulsion, powerful thruster systems with an exhaust that burns hot enough to incinerate just about anything unfortunate enough to be in its reaction path. The next step in rocketry with... More > higher efficiencies of thrust are created by higher burn temperatures, containment not limited by the characteristics of the holding materials, but instead contained by electromagnetic fields that can withstand the temperatures generated and far in excess.< Less
E-Series Classic E80 / E120 User reference (81244-4) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $17.03
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Operation instructions for Raymarine E-Series E80 / E120 multifunction displays.
C-Series Classic C70/ C80 / C120 User reference (81221-5) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $17.16
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Operation instructions for Raymarine C-Series C70 / C80 / C120 multifunction displays.
Bridger Family Chronicles From The Old World to the New Volume II By Linda Bridgers Boyette, Doris Bridgers Capps-Owens
Hardcover: $95.00
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Volume II (795 pages) connects 26 additional families to Volume I. These individuals are direct descendants of Henry Brygger (1480) and connect to families already in Volume I. Along with the 450... More > pages of new genealogical reports, the book contains sections that include information on descendants from Volume I and II. The following sections are included: Additions and Corrections to Volume I (34 pages), a Family Picture Gallery and a Family Architectural Gallery (40 pages), Deeds (20 pages), Wills (50 pages), Family Bibles (30 pages), Remembering the Military of American Wars (112 pages), Memorial Tributes (4 pages), Gleanings (35 pages) and Helps (12 pages). The two volumes contain information on 5,850 direct descendants (this number does not include spouses) of Henry Brygger. You may contact us at to see if your family is in our books.< Less
A-Series Classic A50 / A50D / A57D / A70 / A70D User reference (81314-2) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $12.20
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Operation instructions for Raymarine A-Series (Classic) A50 / A50D / A57D / A70 / A70D multifunction displays
Tome of Heraldic Excellence By Karl Strohminger
Paperback: $12.95
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"How To" Manual for KOFL knights and others's interested in the martial aspects of the developing community of HEMA and western martial arts.
Sheffield 6 At Home in Hillsborough, Loxley and Wadsley By Pauline C Bell
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Sheffield 6 is a part of Sheffield which developed with the industrial revolution. From a few scattered rural settlements it grew to feature dense suburban housing. In the seventeenth century... More > there were along the rivers both dwellings and small work places where knives were ‘manufactured’.The water power was harnessed to turn water wheels that ran the machinery of the day. Today the suburb is largely lived in by ordinary working people but still there are the individual houses which were home to Lords of the Manor or those who were the managers of the firms which employed large numbers of those who lived in the newly built terraced housing which is such a feature of the locality. The book tells the story of some of the old houses and looks at factors which contributed to the making of the terraced and semi detached homes that line the many streets of the locality. In addition there are ‘snapshots’ of some of those who have lived in these homes.< Less
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The Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies is an annual journal written and edited specifically for personal property appraisers. The content includes original research articles, reviews and topical... More > discussions of professional appraisal issues and concerns from a variety of perspectives, theories and approaches. The 2014 edition contains 18 articles and contributions from many nationally and internationally recognized personal property appraisers and from associated fields such as scholars, specialists, and cultural property professionals. Wendell Garrett of the Magazine Antiques called the 2008 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies "Sound in scholarship, lively in presentation, sharp in focus. These articles bring to life the accuracy, interest and importance of judging and evaluating the practice of appraising. A must have for anyone in the appraisal field."< Less
i50 Installation and operation instructions (81341-2) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $8.48
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Installation and operation instructions for Raymarine i50 SeaTalkng Instruments.