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VW-based Kit Car Assembly Manual By Redhead Roadsters
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The original assembly instructions for Sterling GT, Cute-T, Machette Speedster, Vokaro, and Dauphin 2+2 as published by Redhead Roadsters.
Mind and Body By Jon Gorrie
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All musicians share a common goal – successful music making. But, how many of these musicians have stopped to consider all of the factors that contribute towards a successful... More > performance? This thesis aims to present and discuss a theory that gives a clearer understanding of the major variables that affect musical performance.< Less
Pilot's Brain 1.0 By P.L. Lanciotti
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A Quick refernce guide for Airplane and Helicopter pilots. 50% of revenues will go to St. Jude Children Hospital
County Court Records 1835 - 1847, Floyd County, Kentucky, Vol II By James Alan Williams
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Volume II. This is a transcription of the original Floyd County, KY court records 1835 - 1847. It includes County Court Books 7 and 8 with reference maps and lists. At this time Floyd County included... More > parts of Johnson, Martin, Knott, Magoffin and Morgan counties.< Less
Genealogy of the Ole and Sarah Hauge Family of Lisbon, IL By Gary L. Corlew
Paperback: $14.95
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Ole Hauge (1837-1913) and Sarah Nelson (1840-1923) were born in Olen, Norway. In 1866 they boarded the ship, Ansgar and sailed for America. They settled near Lisbon, Kendall Co., IL., where they were... More > married. Ole was a farmer. He and Sarah had nine children who lived to adulthood: Bertha “Betsey”, John, Lewis, Peter, Nels, Ellen “Ella”, Martha, Severt and Thomas. Most had large families. This book documents most of their descendants. It lists over 600 persons and has 180 pictures. There are also charts showing Ole and Sarah’s known ancestors. THIS BOOK IS SOFT COVER.< Less
The Descendants of Abraham Blystone - Third Edition By Jeffrey W. Blystone
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THIRD EDITION - May 2007. This is the latest edition of the definitive genealogy of the Blystone family, including wills, photos, documents, obituaries, etc. As of this edition, there are 11,297... More > blood descendants of Abraham Blystone. With an additional 5,355 spouses, that brings the grand total up to 16,652 individuals - an increase of 6,368 over the previous edition. However, in part due to the recent hysteria over identity theft, most of the younger generations are not included in this book.< Less
Classical Xingyi Quan Vol. III - Xingyi Mu Quan By Jiang Rongqiao
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This book was written in 1929 by Jiang Rongqiao. It contains essays on the nature, history, and principles of Xingyi Quan. Jiang also collected the oral traditions from the Henan and Hebei branches... More > and recorded them in this book. It also contains a chapter on qigong and pictorial descriptions of the Five Elements Fists, Mutual Creation Fist, Mutual Destruction Fist, and Lianhuan Quan, the mother fists (mu quan) of Xingyi.< Less
The Avenger: The Gray Nemesis By Howard Hopkins
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The steely-eyed machine of vengeance who fought for justice after the dread loss of his wife and daughter to a vicious crime ring... Richard Henry Benson...The Avenger! A complete history and... More > retrospective of the man, his adventures, his aides, gadgets and multimedia appearances. Step into the roaring heart of the crucible with the most authoritative account of The Avenger's amazing career available.< Less
Book of Ramadosh:13 Anunnaki Ulema Techniques To Live Longer,Happier, Healthier,Wealthier.8th Edition By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $25.99
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8th and newest edition. Possibly, this is the greatest book on the Anunnaki-Ulema extraordinary powers ever published in the West. Learn their techniques that will change your life for ever. You will... More > never be the same person again. This book reveals knowledge that is thousands of years old. Generally, such a statement would bring to mind images of the occult, hidden mysteries, perhaps ancient religious manuscripts. But the Book of Ramadosh is different. It is based on "Transmission of Mind", used eons ago by the Anunnaki and their remnants on Earth. Written by Maximillien de Lafayette, author of 250 books, and the world leading authority on Anunnaki/Ulema. The book not only gives you techniques that could bring you health, happiness, and prosperity, but goes deeply into the why and how these techniques do so. Learn how to revisit past/future & travel in time/space; see dead friends & pets in afterlife; secret hour to open Conduit & zoom into your Double & multiple universes; bring luck & change your future.< Less
The Big Book Of Bronze #1 By Jay Ryan
Paperback: $12.95
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The first edition of the Big Book of Bronze has been retired. This expanded edition includes material submitted but because of time constraints not included in that first edition. With a new cover,... More > additional article and added interior illustration, this version swelled from 74 pages to 88 pages in length. The BBoB1 Revised Edition contains aticles by Rob Smalley, William Lampkin, Glenn Horner, Courtney Rogers, Jay Ryan, Steve Ringgenberg, Kevin Dumcum, Nancy Burgett and Tracy Hughes. In addition there are three challenges. Full color cover and B&W interior. Plus, this expanded version had been re-formatted, the book is now a larger size (same as The Big Book of Bronze #2 (and BBoB#3 coming in Nov of 2010)) and is printed on white pages instead of cream colored pages.< Less
It's OK to be a Cat Volume Six- Pentatonic Studies By Bill Lucas
Paperback: $38.45
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A thorough investigation of the Pentatonic scale and all of its possible permutations.
The Big Book Of Bronze #3 By Jay Ryan
Paperback: $19.95
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The third annual BBoB is the finest yet! Featuring 22 articles about Doc Savage and by well known authors such as: Howard Wright, Mark O. Lambert, Arthur Sippo, Courtney Rogers, Jeff Deischer, Scott... More > Cranford, Rick Lai and Will Murray. At 200 pages it is packed with information on Lester Dent, Doc in Comics and the House of Gadgets (Dent's Home). Featuring a wrap around cover by Tim Faurote along with interior illustrations by Mr. Faurote, Scotty Phillips and Kez Wilson.< Less
#Kites, Birds & Stuff - GLOSTER Aircraft By P.D. Stemp
Paperback: $17.89
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Gloster Aircraft - One of the early pioneering companies of Great Britain, during the early part of the 20th. Century. At the very forefront of British Aviation. A comprehensive study of this... More > manufacturer.< Less
Kites, Birds & Stuff - HANDLEY PAGE Aircraft By P.D. Stemp
Paperback: $20.24
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One of the early pioneering companies of Great Britain, during the early part of the 20th. century. At the very forefront of British aviation. A comprehensive study of this manufacturer.
Lone Scout of Letters By Herbert C. Klatt
Paperback: $16.00
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Herbert C. Klatt was a primary figure of the Lone Scouts of America movement in Texas. Not only did he contribute to Lone Scout, the organization’s official organ, he also wrote articles for a... More > plethora of “tribe papers” and edited Lone Scout columns for regional and community newspapers. Despite all this, Klatt is probably best known as a friend and correspondent of Texas author Robert E. Howard. Klatt’s importance in Howard’s biography has not been fully explored, but he was instrumental in the introduction of his more famous friend to the group of writers that eventually produced The Junto, including Harold Preece and Booth Mooney. Upon his death in 1928, Klatt’s friends attempted to garner support for a memorial collection of his writings. Plans were made and printers contacted, but the attempt was never realized—-until today. This anthology collects Klatt's letters to Tevis Clyde Smith and a sampling of his Lone Scout material. It also includes material by Robert E. Howard, Truett Vinson, and Smith.< Less
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Learn to sing and play the songs of Shimshai's sixth recording, 'Alianza.' Comlete music with lyrics, and actual guitar chords as played by Shimshai. Transcribed by Eliot Nemzer
Copyright and Permissions By Elsa Peterson
Paperback: $12.25
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Elsa Peterson has more than twenty years of experience as a freelance permissions editor in addition to having been copyright administrator for European American Music Distributors Corporation, She... More > wrote this book with the aim of covering the essentials of copyright as they relate to writers and editors. It is especially intended for those who work on a freelance basis, because they can’t rely on a corporate legal department to keep them out of trouble when it comes to copyright. The book also hold a wealth of information for those who are interested in working as freelance permissions editors as well as those who may be in a position to hire permissions editors. In addition to working with intellectual property, Elsa is also a freelance picture researcher and developmental editor. She holds a BA with highest honors in music from the University of California at Riverside and an MA in music history from Case Western Reserve University.< Less
Mitsubishi MINICAB/TOWNBOX U61T/U62T Full Mechanical English Service Manual By James Danko
Paperback: $88.98
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Full Service English Factory Service Manual for the U61T/U62T Series Mitsubishi MINICAB/TOWNBOX Trucks & Vans. A must have manual for maintenance or repairing your MINICAB Truck or Van. Over 450... More > Pages loaded with specifications and step by step repair of all mechanical systems. Easy to follow diagrams and instructions. Covers both 3G83 SOHC and 4A30 DOHC Turbocharged Engines. 3/4 Speed Automatic Transmissions, and all other mechanical parts of the vehicle. See table of contents for details.< Less
Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World By Arthur Kemp
Paperback: $11.40
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Given current demographic trends, European people will first become an outright minority in their own lands within the next thirty years. Thereafter, they will become a tiny minority, and shortly... More > after that, will vanish completely under a flood of further immigration and miscegenation. “Traditional” political activity has failed to stem the tide, and the time has come to consider an alternative strategy which will preserve Europeans in the post-Western age. This book describes the steps required to attain a practical solution, namely a European ethnostate, divorced from “white supremacy” over others. Drawing upon history and two practical examples (the Afrikaner town of Orania and the Zionist state of Israel), the author forms an coherent argument for the creation of, at first, local European communities, and then eventually, the creation of a European ethnostate arising from the chaos of a Third Worldized globe. It includes detailed steps and territorial proposals.< Less
Everyday Arberesh By Martin Di Maggio
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Arberesh is the language of Italy's 500 year old Albanian ethnic minority. It is currently an endangered language yet is spoken in over 30 villages and towns across southern Italy and Sicily as well... More > as by the descendents of immigrants in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and England. This book presents it, for the first time, as an everyday useable language.< Less
Medicare Made 123 Easy: Just the facts, No gimmicks, No sales pitches, Just what you need to know By Ian Schaeffer, David Schaeffer
Paperback: List Price: $10.99 $8.79 | You Save: 20%
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With a new cover, new forward, new endorsement, and additional material added for 2014 this book was designed to take the sales pitches and brand bias out of selecting the best Medicare plan for your... More > needs. It should read like we were having lunch together and I was telling you about what it’s like to go shopping for Medicare plans. Medicare can be quite complicated to comprehend. After reading this book, I hope that you will agree that Medicare can be 1-2-3 easy!< Less
ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: Volume I - Southeast Alaska By Captain Warren Good
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There are 3,638 boat and ship casualties detailed in the three volumes of ALASKA SHIPWRECKS. The human toll that resulted as a consequence of those losses was in excess of 4,750 souls. 15,558 men,... More > women and children are known to have survived an Alaskan shipwreck. ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: Volume I - Southeast Alaska is an accounting of all maritime losses in and near southeast Alaska. The area included begins at Dixon Entrance and continues through all of Southeast Alaska to Cross Sound. The losses of more than 1,108 vessels are described in Volume I. The time period covered begins in approximately 1750 and ends in roughly 2010. The author, Captain Warren Good, was active in Alaska commercial fisheries during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. He worked the waters of Alaska from Ketchikan to Kiska to Kotzebue. Captain Good’s unique perspective as a seasoned sailor is reflected in his many comments throughout all three volumes of ALASKA SHIPWRECKS.< Less
Residential Asphalt Roofing Manual Design and Application Methods By Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)
Paperback: $25.00
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This manual is designed to provide practical information to those who sell and install asphalt roofing, and is intended to be a reference book of application techniques.
The Black Book: Reflections From the Baltimore Grassroots By Dayvon Love, Lawrence Grandpre
Paperback: $32.95
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The Black Book: Reflections from the Baltimore grassroots, is a collection of essays that describe important issues that face grassroots activist and organizers in Baltimore. We hope that those who... More > are genuinely interested in advancing racial justice in our society will use this resource to guide your thinking and action around issues of justice.< Less
To Tell the Truth: False Memory & 12-Step Programs By C. A. Sheckels
Paperback: $10.00
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Twenty years ago, experts had begun to believe the fad of repressed/recovered memory was fading. It still exists in 12-Step programs