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Jazz Piano Voicings for the Intermediate to Advanced Pianist By Alan Brown
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Covering material from basic left-hand voicings through to two-handed quartal and cluster voicings, this is an indispensible resource for the aspiring or even established jazz pianist. This book... More > includes notated examples and suggestions for practice at every stage.< Less
Classical Baguazhang : Vol. 1: Baguazhang Liangxi Fa By Jiang Rongqiao
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This is the first English translation of Jiang Rongqiao's (Chiang Jung Chiao) famous text to be made available to the public. This is a complete translation containing both his rules on the... More > fundamentals of Baguazhang and a movement by movement description of the postures and transitions of this most popular form. The original illustrations are used.< Less
2016 Canadian Farmers' Almanac By Peter Geiger
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Will Winter Be Horribly Cold and Snowy Again?! Find the answer and more in the 2016 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac. Each new edition of the Almanac contains 16 months of amazingly accurate... More > weather forecasts, best day guides, planting tips, recipes, sustainable living advice, healthy hints, natural remedies, astronomy, and a bit of humor. The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is your source for ideas on how to “grow your life.” It contains the right amount of useful advice mixed in with weather, wit, and wisdom.< Less
All You Wanted To Know About 18th Century Royal Navy By Rex Hickox
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This book is chock-full of info about the 18th Cent. Royal Navy. It answers many questions about the sailors,officers and their living conditions. It explains how the flags of Great Britian evolved... More > and their protocol. One chapter is on 18th century medicine, & the beliefs of that period, plus it contains an excellent glossary of medical terms (41 pages), and one of nautical expressions. For anyone interested in 18th Century Sailing Ships, this book will be a welcome addition to your library.< Less
Subaru Sambar English Service Manual By James Danko
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Over 200 hundred pages of Factory Diagrams and Specifications all Written in English. You can rebuild your Samber From the Ground Up. Engine Overhaul, suspension, Brakes, Transmission, differentials,... More > and much more! Plus the Factory Electrical Diagrams are also in this book!< Less
Golf Course Equipment Technician By Steve Dodson
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This book describes what it is like to be a golf course equipment technician. It includes information on pay, benefits, necessary tools, job description, education, maintenance related web sites, and... More > more. It also has helpful color illustrations.< Less
Cheyenne Picture Dictionary By Chief Dull Knife College
Paperback: $16.99
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This book has colored pictures of objects in different categories, such as animals, birds, food, colors, numbers, body parts, clothing, trees, actions, and weather. Each picture is labeled by a... More > Cheyenne word. This book has been found helpful to use with Cheyenne children as well as others who wish to learn to read some Cheyenne words by looking at pictures.< Less
So Obscure A Person By Edna Barney
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This is a hardcover version with a full color dust jacket. “So Obscure a Person” is a family history and genealogy of ALEXANDER STINSON Senior of Buckingham County, Virginia and his... More > Virginia descendants. His life spanned almost the entire eighteenth century of Virginia. He is the progenitor of the STINSON family of Buckingham County, including those who went further South after the Revolutionary War. This book is the result of years of research at courthouses and libraries in Virginia and elsewhere. It is extensively documented with both embedded sources and footnotes, and is fully indexed. There is an excursus on the HOOPER family which includes the CABELL and MAYO cousins, relatives of the STINSONs.< Less
Isetta Restoration By John Jensen
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Isetta Restoration by John Jensen © 1991 is a guide for restoring the BMW Isetta 300, US export, sliding-window model. With 200 pages of text and over 50 line drawings, Isetta Restoration is a... More > comprehensive guide to accompany you through the restoration of your Isetta. Whether you simply want to make it driveable again or restore it to “like new” condition, this book will help you accomplish the task......”no more excuses”.< Less
CANNON Family Ancestry and Genealogy By Lanette Hill
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UPDATED 3rd Edition November 2010. This family genealogy of the CANNON family begins in the Plymouth Colony of America, Virginia. The family moves to Henrico County, Virginia; then migrating south... More > into Wake County North Carolina, staying in South Carolina for a short time; then settling in Bulloch County, Georgia for several generations. The Cannon family moved further down in the Brooks County, Thomas County, Colquitt Co. Georgia area where they have remained for many more generations. Some generations of the Cannon family moved into Hamilton County, Florida. This book is full of referenced and researched accurate data from the family researchers and compiled and put into this database by this writer. (Also included is an additional John Cannon line from Tennessee to Texas.)A must have reference book for the CANNON family including a rare photo of George Washington Cannon and Martha Ann M. Glass of Colquitt/Brooks County Georgia.< Less
American Automotive Design Trends / Opera Windows: Fashion over Function By James Kaster
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Paperback: Sometimes called a coach window or Landau roof, we know what it is when we see it. Yet, it can be difficult to define as the styling language differed from manufacturer, model and... More > year. Opera windows invoked an image of passengers being chauffeured in secluded privacy to a stately night on the town while wearing one’s finest attire. These small windows enabled rear seat passengers to peer out on the town, landscape and scenery while outsiders looked in with mysterious wonderment about who may inside such a fine automobile. From the author of “Those 80s Cars”, this book contains 250+ photographs with before / after comparisons and descriptions.< Less
Student's Hebrew and Aramaic Dictionary to the Tanak By Alexander Harkavy
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A Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic as found in the Tanak (Old Testament).
Hotel Maintenance; A Study Guide By Cliff Robison
Paperback: $11.99
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A "plain-English" introduction to the basic skills and techniques of Hotel Maintenance, with helpful tips, diagrams, and guides. Includes step-by-step "How-to" for some... More > procedures, and photos of an actual troubleshooting procedure.< Less
The Infinite Guitar Companion 1 By Chris Juergensen
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The Infinite Guitar Companion (Volume 1 - Melodic Studies: The Major Scale, Modes and Inherent Arpeggios) - Part 1 in the Infinite Guitar Companion series, this first volume focuses on improvisation... More > using the major scale, major pentatonic scale and the major scale modes targeting chord tones. Special attention is paid to each major scale pattern's diatonic arpeggios. Other subjects include arpeggio superimposition, "Rhythm Changes," Blues and Minor Blues. Unlike THE INFINITE GUITAR that was primarily a reference book, this book provides chapters and chapters of exercises dedicated to improvisation.< Less
Deceptive Performances By Glenn Hester
Paperback: $10.00
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A Police Magician’s ledger of Con Games and Scams
Counterfactual Reasoning: A Basic Guide for Analysts, Strategists, and Decision Makers By Noel Hendrickson, Ph.D
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Counterfactual reasoning evaluates conditional claims about alternate possibilities and their consequences (i.e., “What If” statements). Counterfactuals are essential to intelligence... More > analysis. The process of counterfactual reasoning has three stages. First, one must establish the particular way in which the alternate possibility comes to be (i.e., develop its “back-story”). Second, one must evaluate the events that occur between the time of the alternate possibility and the time for which one is considering its consequences. And third, one must examine the possible consequences of the alternate possibility’s back-story and the events that follow it. In doing so, an analyst must connect conclusions to specific types of strategic assessment: decision making under risk or decision making under uncertainty. This book includes notes, glossary and references. (Noel Hendrickson is Director of the Institute for National Security Analysis. Originally published by Proteus.)< Less
Electrical Test Values for Quartz Watches By Jordan P. Ficklin, CW21
Paperback: $29.95
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A reference designed to help those familiar with quartz watch electrical tests. The book contains electrical test values for more than a thousand quartz watch movements useful for determining... More > movement condition and for diagnosis in repair.< Less
Elvish Dictionary Sindarin-English English-Sindarin Royal By Ambar Eldaron
Paperback: $24.07
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Elvish Dictionary Sindarin-English English-Sindarin 15.2 cm x 22.8 cm
Daihatsu Hijet English Electrical Service Manual S200P S210P S320V S330V By James Danko
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Factory Service manual for the following Daihatsu Hijet trucks & Vans: TE-S200P LE-S200P TE-S210P LE-S210P TE-S200C LE-S200C TE-S210C LE-S210C LE-S320V GBD-S320V LE-S330V GBD-S330V LE-S320W... More > LE-S330W including Dump & Jumbo Options. Engines covered in this manual include EF-SE, EF-VE, and EF-DET Turbocharged units. Both 2WD & 4WD, including A/T & M/T vehicles. Every circuit and electrical component is broken-down for easy and fast troubleshooting. Complete handy Pin & Connector guides along with all wiring color codes make troubleshooting a breeze. Easy to read and follow Diagrams let you see what you are looking for right down to the Connector, Pin, and wire location. With this manual you will be able to troubleshoot the entire vehicle in no time. 90% of problems with the Hijet are electronically related; sensors, relays, broken or shorted wires. Have your truck or van back in factory running condition in no time. Over 280 Pages printed in large scale for easy viewing. Written by a Mechanic for Mechanics!< Less
Suzuki Carry/Every Factory Parts Manual: DB71T DB71V 1985/1990 By James Danko
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Suzuki Carry/Every Factory Parts Manual: DB71T DB71V 1985/1990. Your complete guide to repair or restore your truck or van to its original condition. Over 500 pages of diagrams of every mechanical... More > part on your vehicle. Including the Suzuki Carry Dump Option and Parts. A must have manual for your business or personal use.< Less
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Reference Manual By Intel Corporation
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Revision 28. Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Reference Manual provides information on Intel® Core™ processors, Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture and other recent... More > Intel® microarchitectures. It describes code optimization techniques to enable you to tune your application for highly optimized results when run on Intel® Atom™, Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™, Intel® Core™2 Duo, Intel® Core™ Duo, Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Pentium® 4, and Intel® Pentium® M processors.< Less
E-Series Classic E80 / E120 User reference (81244-4) - ENGLISH (EN) By Raymarine UK Limited
Paperback: $17.03
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Operation instructions for Raymarine E-Series E80 / E120 multifunction displays.
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, Volume 1: Basic Architecture By Intel Corporation
Paperback: $15.14
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Revision 55. Describes the architecture and programming environment of processors supporting IA-32 and Intel 64 Architectures.
The Beatles: Having Read the Book By Greg Sterlace
Paperback: $20.00
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The cottage industry of Beatle publications is more prolific now than it ever was. As the band recedes into the mystic fog of 20th century history we get more and more documentation about their... More > music, their love lives, their personalities, and their finances. I wanted to try to make sense of it by reviewing the best and the worst of the Beatle tomes as they stand side by side in bookstores everywhere. I spent 40 years reading about them knowing that one day I would share my accumulated knowledge with the fans in Pepperland. Having read the book, I'ld love to turn you on.< Less
Holt Model 60 Caterpillar, 1914 By Jack Alexander
Paperback: $4.95
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Holt Model 30 Caterpillar Tractor Sales Brochure, from 1914, Holt Manufacturing Co., Stockton, California, plus additions.