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The Agony of Betrayal By Monsignor Dino Lorenzetti and Barbara Stoyell-Mulholland
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At some point in our lives, most of us have been touched by betrayal and have suffered the devastating consequences of its impact. Monsignor Lorenzetti reveals the source of this betrayal, the Lie,... More > and points us toward healing and wholeness. This book provides consolation, hope, and understanding to the painful experience of being deceived by someone in whom we believed and trusted.< Less
Quaker Artists By Gary Sandman
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DID YOU KNOW ....that Judi Dench, James Michener and Annie Oakley were Quakers? That Joan Baez, Ben Kingsley and F. Murray Abrahams have attended Friends Meeting? That Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt... More > and James Dean were raised Quakers? The second edition of the book Quaker Artists contains the stories of the above artists and more: 286 reviews in all, a history of Friends, a history of Quaker art, study questions, artist’s queries, 44 reproductions of the artists' works, 51 illustrations, a bibliography, an alphabetical index and an artist’s index. The period covered is 1659 to 2015. Friends from 18 different countries are included. Poets, painters, dancers, musicians, films and 13 other categories are included. (It is three times the size of the first edition!) Quaker Artists is an entertaining and celebratory read in itself but it has other uses, too: as a resource for study groups, a reference for libraries and a curriculum for First Day Schools.< Less
The Secret of the Breast Plate By vashist vaid
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This Particular Book named ‘’The Secret of Breast Plate ‘’ by the Grace of the MOST HIGH came in Existence, as One Very Important Key Pertaining to the ‘’Secret of... More > the Breast Plate’’ was somehow left out from my earlier books, which are related to the Wisdom of the Famous Prophet King Solomon, the ‘’Chosen Son of GOD’’, and the Wisest King of the Israelite’s as mentioned in ‘’1 Chronicles 17.13’’ of the Holy Bible. To properly explain the Importance of this Holy Key, which holds the ‘’Secrets of the Breast Plate’’ which had been worn by the High Priest of Israelite’s since AARON’s Time, as per the Command of the MOST HIGH, it was required for me to go in details of Other Various Spiritual Aspects, which are clearly mentioned in the various chapters of the Holy Bible, which include both the Old and the New Testaments, as the Chapters of the New Testament in reality Mirrors the Holy Wisdom of the OLD TESTAMENT, which is contained in its various chapters.< Less
Atheism Religion and Life (A Layman's Perspective) By Brian Hinkley
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A book that lays bare the fallacy of religion. It makes an unmistakable statement on the personal effect religion has on the individual; and the damage inflicted on the cultural, political and... More > economic life of the world’s population. Arguments for and against religion, atheism and the philosophy of life are examined, but always geared towards the layman. Humour, and irreverent commentary, assists the reader to question Bible events, in a fashion that helps the ordinary person to understand religion from an atheist’s perspective. The bogus claims made by religions, are dissected by the clever use of stories, quotes, and examining relevant sections of the Bible. Veiled sections of the Bible that most of the public either have never heard of, or don’t believe exist are exposed. A provocative read to challenge both the religious and non-religious. It is concise and understandable. Agree or disagree, one thing all critics agree upon, it will make you think about life and religion.< Less
God and Man: Together By Stephen Bastin
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This book contains a personal description of reconciliation with God. Subjects include the nature of God and of sin, atonement, forgiveness, faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Spirit and God's... More > church< Less
Daoism Excavated: Cosmos and Humanity in Early Manuscripts By WANG Zhongjiang
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Daoism Excavated is a first detailed exploration of Daoist cosmology, philosophy, and political vision as found in recently unearthed bamboo slips and silk manuscripts. Presenting a detailed, and... More > often carefully philological, examination of the Taiyi shengshui, Hengxian, Fanwu liuxing, and Huangdi sijing, as well as of various versions of the Laozi, the book provides new insights into ancient Daoist thought and its various schools and lineages. It focuses particularly on different visions of the creation and unfolding of the universe and on the application of these alternative cosmologies in political thought and practice. Revising and expanding our understanding of traditional Chinese thinking, the book makes an essential contribution to Chinese studies, philosophy, and religion.< Less
Independent Me By Kely Braswell
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Independent Me is a humorous and authentic take on how Christians today may relate to the topic of "spiritual authority." Drawing from decades of pastoral ministry in the US and Overseas,... More > Kely Braswell brings fresh life to this much debated topic.< Less
If We Confess By Clayton Cowart
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This book deals with confession of sins and what one must do regarding sin issues. Through the word of God, you will see that it is not only appropriate, but mandated by God that sins must be... More > confessed to the proper authorities to have them remitted.< Less
Church in a Blues Bar By Allan Dayhoff
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Allan Dayhoff, D.Min., the Founder and Executive Director of Evangelize Today, writes about his life experiences and his path to evangelism. He presents a new approach to teaching evangelism that... More > offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their own conversion process and to apply their new insights. The book provides "a perspective that might actually set some folks free to love, free to say, 'Tell me more'” (Dr. David B. Wallover, Senior Pastor, Harvest Presbyterian Church (PCA), Medina, OH). "Al's story is earthy and redemptive. He invites you to "listen to hear" in a way that is refreshing. I invite you to listen to those around you, but first listen to Al" (Dr. Tom Wood, President of CMM, Inc., Atlanta).< Less
The Missing Spiritual Factor By Filippo B. Galluppi
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This easily read book addresses the history of the Spiritual Universe. "Why do we connect with it?" I have encountered several miracles with their own lessons, in moments of crisis when all... More > seemed lost. The author has found a way to address some of life's more complex issues that are simple and easy to understand. The author with 45 years of experience and former CEO of two successful high-tech firms shares some of the knowledge he has acquired during his lifetime.< Less
A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything By Cyd Ropp, Ph.D.
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Using only four basic principles, A Simple Explanation explains our universe as a fractal pattern of consciousness that repeats itself in endless cycles of organization and cooperation. Integrates... More > traditional spiritual and religious traditions with cutting-edge science concepts. Fresh explanations of reincarnation, evolution, quantum entanglement, the Tao Te Ching, the Lord's Prayer, and the Golden Rule. This most inclusive philosophy bridges science with world religions by relating them to one, simple-to-understand, theory of everything.< Less
My Paperback Book By Upper New York Conference
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2015 Upper New York Annual Conference business and GC and Juristictional information for 2016
Mysteries: Meditations By Donald Higby
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Reflections on the twenty mysteries of the Rosary as they represent the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, together with promises made to his followers
The Cost Of Worship By Melessa Brown
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The Cost Of Worship is a dynamic book about the process and journey into the heart of God. During this process and journey, you will undoubtedly ask these questions: Why was mankind created? ... More > Does he have a purpose? What is his final end? What importance does God place on Worship? What is Praise...what is Worship? Are there times when we should worship, and times when we shouldn’t? What is the importance of Corporate Worship? Is there a cost to worship? Melessa answers these questions...and more. Now, get ready to take a journey...YOUR journey into...WORSHIP!< Less
Somascan Primary Sources By Somascan Fathers
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This book is the Somascan Primary Sources. It is a collection of Documents regarding the Life of Saint Jerome Emiliani, and the first years of the Congregation of the Somascan Fathers
Next Level Leadership Training: Volume One By Rick Johnston
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Every local church requires leaders. Many believers are given responsibility to lead but fail to sustain their leadership. Developing the people who lead is essential to building strong churches and... More > demonstrating the kingdom message to those who do not know Christ. The nonpublic lifestyle of a leader is what vitally supports the public expression of his or her grace. Jesus said, “Follow me … and I will make … you fishers of men.” Those three simple phrases are the essence of Rick Johnston’s Next Level Leadership Training. Johnston provides a syllabus for training such leaders. Bible-saturated lessons are the foundation of teaching. Classroom interaction tips, external resource suggestions, and life-implementation steps, given at the end of each lesson, provide the opportunity to increase in grace. Theological foundations, relationship-building assignments, and miracle demonstrations—defined in this text—provide a wide-ranging training course for every local church. N< Less
Spring of Water By Apostles of the Interior Life
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A collection of meditations by the Apostles of the Interior Life on the gospel passage of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman compiled into a book on the occasion of their 25th anniversary as a community.
Learn to Subdue Your Passions: A Guide for Modern Living By Marcus Hammonds
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When most people think about the word "passion" they automatically associate it with someone they love or something they love to do. We would not ask you to subdue what you love. Here... More > when we talk about the "passions" we are discussing something else entirely.< Less
Every Hallelujah: A Songwriter's Journey Through The Psalms By Sue C. Smith
Paperback: $13.99
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Sue Smith has contributed a much-needed collection of principles and insights for the process of songwriting. Using the Psalms as signposts on this journey, Sue has drawn from David, the greatest... More > songwriter of all time, to help present day songwriters find the joy and the discipline of singing our hearts out to God. Gloria Gaither, songwriter, author, speaker Sue C. Smith has been the most prolific and impactful writer for our company and the thousands of churches we serve. This new book is as beneficial as thousands of hours of conference training, but it is all in one brilliant resource. Johnathan Crumpton, Sr. Vice President, Brentwood-Benson Publications This book is a priceless treasure. The wealth of experience and spiritual perspective from one of Christian music’s most prolific songwriters is like gold. Mike Harland, Director, LifeWay Worship Resources< Less
Nishmas Kol Chai By Adam Friedman, Raffi Leicht, Dovid'l Weinberg
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First volume of a new periodical journal dedicated to the inner dimension of Torah. Inside this volume is a collection of essays on the Jewish holiday of Lag ba'Omer, celebrating the life of the... More > Talmudic sage Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar. Essays from Rav Moshe Weinberger,HaRav Avraham Tzvi Kluger (trans. Judah Mischel), Moshe Tzvi Weinberg, Dovid'l Weinberg, Joey Rosenfeld, Ari Mirzoeff, and Kivi Naiman. Edited by Adam Friedman, Raffi Leicht, and Dovid'l Weinberg. Check out the preview!< Less
Rescued Not Arrested By H. Joseph Gammage
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With chains binding him to the edge of insanity, his cry echoes off of the jail cell walls: “God help me!” Armenian immigrant Roger Munchian grew up among the violence and hopelessness of... More > East L.A. Despite the surrounding violence, Munchian was a model student. Yet no one would have suspected the hidden life of drugs, thievery and violence bubbling just below the model-student veneer. His unquenchable thirst for money and power allowed him to build a multi-million dollar empire on drugs and violence. He ran fast. He ran hard. It took highway death and carnage to finally stop him. The high-speed collision with a highway median wall leaves twelve-time felon Munchian strapped to the crazy chair in county jail. Booked on two counts of vehicular homicide, he is certain to face Death Row. His road to wealth and power was bloody. So was his road to salvation. God hears his cry for help, arriving at his jail cell that night with a miracle. For the first time in Munchian’s life—God is real. But so is the journey.< Less
The Lightning Image & Seven Promises: Paperback Book By Joel George
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Peace I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, the call of Joel aka Israel of the Seven Signs.I AM THAT I AM, hath sent me unto thee, and to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad,... More > greeting.Behold, God have given him precious Daddy Bailey for a leader and commander to the people. Behold, thou shall call this nation that thou knowest not, and nations that knew not thee shall run unto this place because of the LORD thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath glorified thee. Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness. Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.< Less
America, The Obama Nation By Henry Hills
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GOD DOES NOT PUT UNIMPORTANT THINGS IN BIBLE PROPHECY! Who knew before Benedict resigned that he would not be pope in 2013? 8 times from Sept 2011 to Sept 2012 Twitters archives show: Henry Hills... More > forewarned Benedict won't be pope in 2013! Rightly understood: Daniel & Revelation revealed that truth about Pope Benedict! Henry's book: America, the Obama Nation, explains important prophecies in Daniel and Revelation that we need to understand before the crisis is here. When we're caught up in one crisis after another in rapid succession, it may be too late to get ready! Facts that you need to know to prepare for the final crisis are documented in: America, the Obama Nation. Don't plan you fire drill or try to up your home owners insurance when the house is on fire. Get ready and be ready now rather than wing it in the midst of a crisis. America, the Obama Nation has insights that will bless you far beyond your expectations. Don't delay. Read it today< Less
Rise and Eat By Apostles of the Interior Life
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If the Kingdom of Heaven can be compared to a great banquet, then why not begin savoring right away the enticing cuisine that is the Word of God? With a rich and diverse menu, this book offers daily... More > food for the journey, guiding us in listening to, meditating and applying the Word to everyday life. May we discover an ever greater hunger for Him: for that voice which speaks to our hearts, that knows us intimately, that guides our steps, that sustains us in difficulties, and that gives us the courage to become, like Him, bread broken for others.< Less
The God Story Book By Dave Nadler
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I wrote this God Story overview after carefully examining and assembling all the pieces. It was similar to looking at a puzzle without having the picture on the box. Through careful and sometimes... More > painful processes I would observe and ponder each piece, and then attempt to see where each one fit with the big picture on the non-existent box. Soon I began to become excited. The pieces began to reveal a picture, and my motiva- tion to complete the puzzle began to overtake me. What you have here is a description of the picture on the box. I think you will find it helpful in connecting your story with the God Story. Each of our stories is unique, and His Story gives true eternal meaning to our journeys. ENJOY!< Less