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An Exposition of the Mysteries By Mar Narsai
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An Exposition of the Mysteries (Pushaq Raze) is an explanation of the significance of the Eucharistic Service or Qurbana Qadisha. It is attributed to Mar Narsai (437-502 A.D.), the great... More > poet-theologian and teacher of the Assyrian Church of the East. This small, but valuable work was edited in the original Syriac by the late Qashisha Yosip d’Kelaita and printed with a translation into Assyrian at the Assyrian Press in Mosul in 1928. An English translation has been added to this reprint.< Less
The Tibetan Book of Awakening By Migmar Tseten
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The Tibetan Book of Awakening: Seven Steps to Joy and Wisdom is a practical manual on Tibetan Buddhism. These seven steps are like a staircase that one can use to gradually discover total awakening. ... More > When we wholeheartedly commit to practicing these seven steps, the result will be a positive inner transformation, and ultimately, the attainment of joy and wisdom.< Less
WHAT IS SALVATION?: A Biblical Study of God’s Greatest Gift By Bill Parker
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The idea for What is Salvation? came as a result of a real concern over the ignorance of so many people today who claim to be saved but who do not understand the truths and realities of salvation as... More > set forth in the Bible. Pastor Parker began this as a series of messages preached at Thirteenth Street Baptist Church, where he currently pastors, and it developed into a comprehensive study and overview of this great and glorious subject as revealed in God’s Holy Word. It is written in simple and precise language so that any serious Bible student can glean from its pages without getting bogged down in lofty theological platitudes. It will be helpful as a guide for those who desire to go further and deeper in their study of God’s Word, and also as an aid to ministers, students, and study groups, all who seriously desire to study and find answers from God’s Word.< Less
Shear Grace By Ron Harris
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An inspiring story of hope through the answered prayers for a survivor of the August 2, 1985 Delta 191 plane crash in Dallas/Ft. Worth. "The Wind Shear crash" that changed aviation history... More > forever left Ron Harris battered, burned and nearly dead. Ron Harris lives to tell "His Story" in a uniquely honest and humble style. "My story is not mine at all - it's His Story." All of us have encountered 'a little plane crash or other obstacle' in our lives - however I trust that He gives such experiences to us to stretch us, and grow us in our faith." Ron Harris recounts many personal experiences and the many miracles that only God could weave into his recovery and life experiences after the plane crash. You'll be amazed at the many times that God appeared, intervened and restored his life and the lives of his family.< Less
Zhuangzi: Text and Context By Livia Kohn
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Zhuangzi: Text and Context is a comprehensive discussion of the ancient Daoist work Zhuangzi in 24 chapters, providing a chronologically-based outline of the context of the work, from the compilation... More > of the text to its reading in 21st century ecology, plus a systematic discussion and interpretation of its central concepts from perfect happiness to playful uselessness. The book integrates a vast spectrum of original and secondary sources, examines the history and ideas in a wide context, both within China and cross-culturally, and relates many of Zhuangzi’s key notions and practices to modern science, notably physics, biology, and psychology. Encyclopedic in scope, meticulous in execution, and skillfully presented, it is a must for anyone interested in traditional Chinese thought.< Less
The Door to Wisdom By Pastor Lee Hickman
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The Door to Wisdom is a 30 day devotional through the book of Proverbs. We will journey together seeking out godly wisdom in our marriages, child raising, church life and many other aspects of the... More > Christian life.< Less
Mending Broken Vessels By Wesley Townsend
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The purpose of this book, Mending Broken Vessels, is to open the Word and show how God can fix all that are broken, Heal all that are hurting, Rebuild that which was torn down. Relationships come and... More > go, but those that remain are tested over time. Then there are some relationships that are supposedly safe-havens to grow and cherish, but that safety can become violated and the results can be devastating. Psalms 34:18 tells us, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”< Less
Weddings, Funerals, and Strange Events: (Lessons Learned from Life and the Ministry) By Walther Marcis
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Everyone, at some point in their life, has attended a wedding or funeral or has had some strange or unusual event happen. These events shape beliefs, values, and our actions. Whatever happens in our... More > lives, we can learn lessons from each one. In Weddings, Funerals, and Strange Events, author and Pastor Walter Marcis shares a collection of insightful, humorous, and unique anecdotes he’s gathered during his tenure as a minister about weddings, funerals, and other events. Weddings, Funerals, and Strange Events includes stories about throwing rice, a naked jogger near a funeral procession, and possible Nazi sympathizers. A son, a father, and a pastor, Marcis tells stories to share lessons he has learned from those experiences and encounters, and he offers a relevant Bible scripture and reflections to ponder. Marcis uses the anecdotes—relatable and down-to-earth—to show every life has a meaning and purpose, and it should be used to serve and glorify Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior.< Less
Heaven, We have a problem By David Myers
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In the days that followed the explosion, as concerned people around the world watched updates intently on their televisions and the dedicated crew at Mission Control labored to bring the three... More > endangered astronauts safely home, more miracles unfolded. Until now, these thirteen miracles of the Apollo 13 mission have been known to few outside of NASA and Mission Control. They are events where the unexplainable miraculously brought about the impossible. Events where God revealed his loving power, saved three men, and united a planet. Events through which God reveals his loving power to us today.< Less
Rediscovering the Roots of Chinese Thought: Laozi’s Philosophy By CHEN Guying
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This book translates Lao Zhuang xinlun, a key work of contemporary Chinese. It offers a unique discussion of the Laozi, arguing—in contrast to standard Western scholarship—that the text... More > goes back to a single author and identifying him as an older contemporary, and even teacher, of Confucius. This places the Confucian Analects after the Laozi and makes the text the most fundamental work of ancient Chinese thought. Chen explores these debates regarding these points, providing evidence based on materials excavated from Mawangdui and Guodian. His book is fascinating documentation of contemporary Chinese arguments and debates previously unavailable in English. It is nothing less than a complete revision of the history of Chinese thought with Daoism as its major focus.< Less
Life As We Know It By Jens Brakenhoff
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Heartbreak. Illness. Financial crisis. The ultimate question is why? Why do things happen the way they do and why does God allow them to take place?
Klal Perspectives Winter 2015 By Klal Perspectives
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The Winter 2015 Issue of Klal Perspectives: The Ben Torah/Baal Habayis
Dictations by the Sole By Ayo Morton
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This book transcends so many genres that it is hard to describe. It is a "walk" in various shoes that is coupled with scripture and poetry. What makes this different from any other poetry... More > and prose collection is that the poetry is annotated to allow you into the poet's mind... In addition, the she exegetes the scripture to allow for her theology to be introduced both creatively and academically. "Dictations by the Sole" is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Brace yourself for the journey!< Less
The Bible Codexes By Luis Vega
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This study suggests that perhaps such messages in the form of ‘codes’ found within the Bible text or scroll itself are what the Angel of YHVH told the Prophet Daniel that it would be what... More > was to be unveiled now as these are the Last Days to warn the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel. This study is only meant to contribute to the Bible code debate by presenting new matrices for examination and commentary. The format and presentation of its content will have more of a philosophical approach at the explanation of the Bible code phenomena. The study will examine examples of how the Creator used ‘codes’ as prophecy in the case of prophetic messages. The Bible Codexes presented will be shown that they are in line with prophetic understanding already revealed to the Prophets in the Old Testament and given to the Church of Christ in the New Testament.< Less
10 Blessings of Betrayal: A Spiritual Journey of Rebuilding Through Tragedy By Natasha T. Brown
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On a cold winter night, a high-profile communications consultant in the DC Metropolitan Area, finds herself in the center of an attempted murder plot — with the intent to frame her for the... More > crime. Faced with the ultimate betrayal and the greatest personal and professional battle of her life, Natasha T. Brown leaned on her faith in God and discovered 10 blessings within her darkest moment. Reinforced by scripture and solidified through family bonds and friendships, 10 Blessings of Betrayal is an inspirational journey of healing and triumph.< Less
The War Prayer Guide By Charles & Tara Jenkins
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This Prayer Guide is a tool designed to bless families around the world. It was inspired by the lyrics of the song: #War Song Written by Charles Jenkins, 2013
Fast Food Religion By Gus Row
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Fast Food Religion is based on conversations Gus Row has with people who are saying their experience of Christianity has proved insufficient for the hopes and dreams they had for a vibrant and active... More > faith. Many agree with the description that it was like “making a booking at a fine restaurant only to get a takeaway happy meal”. But be warned – if you’re looking for a strategy to arrest the slide and get people back into church, this isn’t it. That would be hypocritical because six years ago, after 56 years in evangelical churches, the author became one of the Dones. Fast Food Religion is an attempt to get behind what has gone wrong in Christian discipleship. And what, if anything, can be done about it. Not to save the church, but to find new ways of encountering Jesus.< Less
Quran Book By Rizwan Rizvi
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A handy book on Quran containing: Duʿā before starting to recite Qurʾān, Twenty One Questions about Qurʾān, Useful Information about Qurʾān, Names of some of... More > the Chapters and more< Less
Revolutionary Discipleship By Michael Hodge
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As Dave prayed for God to do a work in Catherine’s life, he knew that God had been doing a work in his own life for some time. In fact, as he looked back, he could see how God had saved him... More > through a radical call to salvation. He could see how God had led him to a personal commitment. He could even see some of the things that God was intentionally leading him through to prepare him and teach him. And now, he was sensing God’s movement in his life and the life of his wife. Everything about this new faith was revolutionary. Follow the story of Dave and Catherine as you discover the Revolutionary Discipleship Process. The focus of this material is the 7 keywords of the Revolutionary Discipleship Process. Each keyword represents a step in the journey of Christian discipleship. Pulling from the most common words found in various discipleship resources, this material combines those into a discernible process. Aiding the journey is a fictional story as well as brief Bible studies at the end of each chapter.< Less
Saints In Rome and Beyond By Daniel Thelen
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Within Christian tradition the veneration of relics has happened quite naturally. From the first few moments of Christian history, as the three Marys looked on with surprise upon the empty tomb of... More > Christ, to the most recent martyr, who in their own way suffers and joins him or herself to Christ’s passion, the church has always shown a great desire to provide special dignity to the dead and proper veneration and respect for their remains. The Liturgy in a special way unites the most august celebration of the Eucharist with the memorials of the saints. This not only reflects the eternal union that Christ desires for each of us in heaven but it also expresses the incredible love that God has for his creation. This work attempts to tap into this marvelous reality. By focusing primarily upon the saints of the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar it is hoped that the pilgrim may in a unique way participate in the Divine Liturgy by visiting the shrines of the saints on their feast days.< Less
The Way of the Cross By Jauneth Skinner
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In the Way of the Cross, artist Jauneth Skinner makes the fourteen Stations of the Cross accessible in simple black and white illustrations. These dramatic images tell the story of Jesus... More > Christ’s journey to the crucifixion. The illustrations are accompanied by text suitable for private devotions or special services.< Less
Church in a Blues Bar By Allan Dayhoff
Paperback: $14.99
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Allan Dayhoff, D.Min., the Founder and Executive Director of Evangelize Today, writes about his life experiences and his path to evangelism. He presents a new approach to teaching evangelism that... More > offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their own conversion process and to apply their new insights. The book provides "a perspective that might actually set some folks free to love, free to say, 'Tell me more'” (Dr. David B. Wallover, Senior Pastor, Harvest Presbyterian Church (PCA), Medina, OH). "Al's story is earthy and redemptive. He invites you to "listen to hear" in a way that is refreshing. I invite you to listen to those around you, but first listen to Al" (Dr. Tom Wood, President of CMM, Inc., Atlanta).< Less
New Visions of the Zhuangzi By Livia Kohn
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A collection of thirteen essays on the ancient Daoist philosophical work Zhuangzi, this presents new angles and approaches. It overcomes the traditional division of schools in favor of topics, sheds... More > new light on key philosophical notions, examines Zhuangzi’s relation to language, and explores issues of ethics, virtue, and personal perfection. In addition, it also applies modern neuroscience to its instructions, explores its vision of the ideal mind, and connects Zhuangzi’s teachings to issues of education and community relevant in contemporary society.< Less
You Do Not Have to be Behind Bars to Be in Prison By Judy Osuna
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This is your get out of prison free book. There comes a time in life, sooner or later, you grow tired of policing your life. When pressing charges is just too much work. One day you realize you have... More > more laws than ways to be happy. Something has to change and you know it starts with you. What are you saying to yourself and what are you making it mean? This book can help you see a future full of happiness instead of policing the past with shame, blame and guilt.< Less
Pesach Haggada 2015 By Gabriel Wasserman
Paperback: $29.99
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Pesach Haggada by Gabriel Wasserman, with supplements and explanations.