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From Nazareth to Skid Row: The Real Reality of Skid Row: Systemic and Homiletic Insights By Rev. Jeffrey R. Thomas, PhD
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The Real Reality of Skid Row: A Practical Theology Perspective looks with an unblinking eye at the details of the lives of homeless people and uses the portraits that emerge as the perspective from... More > which to think theologically about the challenges they face and calling the church hears to offer its witness to them. Rev. Jeffrey R. Thomas, PhD, drawing upon his time serving as a pastor of a congregation in Skid Row, Los Angeles, sketches out the contours of individuals’ lives, analyzes the personal and societal factors that contribute to their circumstances, and suggests approaches for shaping the church’s responses in both word and deed.< Less
Beyond the Separate Self By Colin Drake
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A 'Simple Guide to Awakening' by investigation of one's moment to moment experience,which leads to one becoming 'aware of awareness'. Awakening is becoming fully established in, and identified with,... More > awareness. This book is designed to help its readers go ‘beyond the separate self’; that is to free oneself from obsessive thinking and worrying about one’s self-image, health, wealth, status, achievements, lack of achievements, past, future and ultimate survival. These are all caused by identifying oneself as an individual object in a universe of multiple objects, and also by comparing oneself with like objects (other people). How we identify ourselves is at the heart of how we view the world and our place in it. If we fail to correctly identify ‘what we are’ (in essence) then this leads to an unfulfilled life, with its consequent frustrations and mental suffering.< Less
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The Bible of the Adversary is the complete doctrine and practice of the Luciferian Faith. This Bible is for both beginners and serious Adepts, presenting the ideological theological foundations of... More > the Spirit of Samael and Lilith. The Bible of the Adversary contains: Definitions of Magick, The Adversarial Doctrine, Luciferian Ideology, Luciferian Laws ,Luciferian Religious Holidays, Liber Legion – Infernal Names, Mastery of the Earth – Controlling your Destiny, Three Types of Luciferian Magick, Banishing Rituals and Preparations , Yatukih Sorcery – Way-i-vatar and BAPTISM, WEDDING and FUNERAL rites.< Less
Biology of Kundalini By Jana Dixon
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Comprehensive guidebook for those undergoing kundalini awakening, including psychological skills, exercises, nutritional program and a novel approach to the science of spiritual alchemy. An important... More > innovation in understanding the transformational process and the spiritualization of the body.< Less
Alone With God By Michael Warden
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"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith" (Hebrews 12:2 NIV)... In the spirit of the great devotionals like My Utmost for His Highest and God Calling, Alone... More > With God inspires Christ followers to go authentically deep with God, challenging them through six months of daily readings to explore what it really means to fully engage our hearts and lives with a very real, and very present, Jesus.< Less
Chup Sadhana By Mansoor
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The original Guru, the Self, is present in everybody’s heart as Silence. This Silence can be recognized in the gap between two thoughts, two actions, two breaths, two moments. This Silence may... More > also just appear spontaneously, when one is simply at rest, at peace. Chup Sadhana is an effortless no-practice practice, which reveals this ever-present, underlying Silence in which all the events of life are experienced. This is the missing link, which connects different spiritual traditions.< Less
THE BLACK AWAKENING Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos By Russ Dizdar
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4 million victims of satanic ritual abuse, mind contol Super Soldiers for end time Chaos The Chaos before the new order-- Receive up to 80 hours of mp3 sessions on Spiritual warfare, the Black... More > Awakening and the rise of satanism free when you purchase the Book or E-Book< Less
First Person By Ray Hunt
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Confession and meditation in the Word of God. Learning to apply the promises of God personally to oneself.
The Way In By Carol Carnes
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Carol Carnes’ first book, The Way In, is a collection of inspired writing that lends itself to a variety of applications. Open the book to any page and find something of value. Many readers... More > will see it as food for thought as they prepare to go out into this rapidly changing world. Others will use it as a reminder to see things in a new way, to adopt a new perspective. Not merely for those on a spiritual path, anyone will recognize its wisdom and cherish it as a practical guide to conscious living. As Carol likes to say, “The way in is the way out of what troubles us.”< Less
They Will Ask You By Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
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This book is a collection of speeches that Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi delivered in the month of Ramadan. There are five main chapters in this book. The first chapter is about the birth of the new... More > moon. Ayatollah Makarem delves into the necessity of being organized in this chapter. The second chapter is about spending in the way of Allah; charity. The necessity of charity and the social and individual beneifits of charity are discussed therein. The third chapter is about war in the holy months. The Ayatollah discusses the concept of war in Islam and how Islam is actually a peaceful religion - not a religion which was spread by the sword. The fourth chapter is about alcohol and gambling. The method of prohibiting alcohol and the social problems that alcohol and gambling present to the society are discussed in this chapter. The last chapter is about orphans. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi discusses how we should treat orphans and how important this issue is in Islam.< Less
Behind the Pretty Woman By Samona Perry
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Who Is The Pretty Woman? Is she drop-dead gorgeous? Is her shiny hair flowing like milk and honey? Does her face captivate men and they get lost in her eyes? Does she have a coca-cola bottle shaped... More > figure? Have you ever really wondered what's Behind the Pretty Woman? What makes her tick? What is she all about? There's more to the Pretty Woman than Cover Girl and Maybelline. You'd be surprised...maybe even shocked at what you'd find Behind The Pretty Woman. Samona Perry paints the passage through The Pretty Woman’s eyes that unmasks the true essence of her heart.< Less
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BOOK DESCRIPTION Spiritual Belief Systems with Chapters on definitions and practice: Introduction and Personal Beliefs, Creation in Christianity, Buddhism ,Judaism, Islam,Chinese and Atenism.... More > Chapters on Plato, Plotinus, Ancient Greece, Buddhism teaching and practices, Native American beliefs and practices ( sweat lodge etc), Carl Jung, Brugh Joy MD Carlos Castaneda, Shamanic practices, Khalil Gibran, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Campbell, Rumi, The Little Prince, Laurens van der Post, St Barbe Baker, Kundalini and Meditation and a Summary to integrate it into your own beliefs.< Less
The Roots: Our Legacy In The History Of The Modern Church By Dr. Robert E. Johnson Sr., DRE
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The African American legacy in biblical history is very rich indeed. In this impeccably researched and easily readable work, Dr. Robert E. Johnson Sr., gives African American history students and... More > casual readers alike even more reason to be proud of our heritage in religion, in the church, and in history.< Less
Galatians: Rescued By Norris Ferry Community Church
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Are you looking for a renewed freedom, excitement and joy in your spiritual life? That's exactly what we found when our church began an 18 week walk through the book of Galatians. Each week as we... More > carefully studied Galatians, we found God exploding our hearts with newfound freedom, excitement and joy! This book is a commentary compiled from our study of Galatians. It is divided into three parts: I - Gospel Apologetic (Galatians 1-2): In these chapters, Paul defends his ministry and the source of his gospel. II - Gospel Expression (Galatians 3-4): In these chapters, Paul mines the glorious truths of the gospel and powerfully lays them out for his readers. III - Gospel Implications (Galatians 5-6): In these chapters, Paul brings his high theology to the everyday life of a believer and clearly illustrates how our lives should be radically reoriented and transformed in light of the gospel.< Less
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Newly updated. This small book of guided meditations will change your life. From the very first reading, you will feel a tangible effect. Use it as a spiritual first aid kit. This meditation poem... More > takes affirmations to an entirely new level and your spiritual life will thank you. Very advanced but still accessible to the beginner. A metaphysical triumph! Read this book everyday and you will live forever.< Less
The Way of Transformation Workbook By Jayem
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PLEASE NOTE: The content in this book is the SAME as "The Way of Transformation". This printing option is offered for those who would prefer a workbook; it is A4 in size, spiral bound and... More > complete with blank pages for personal notes.< Less
Exchanged Life Global Initiative 2016 By Stephen Phinney
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. IFEL has adopted the proposal of the Exchanged Life Global Initiative, founded by IOM America (Institute Of Ministry), which has provided the ministry with a proactive pro-vision, in order to... More > revitalize the worldview of uniting Exchanged Life workers throughout the entire world. IOM has a direct management partnership with many Exchanged Life ministries. In addition to our existing strong partnerships, we welcome the partnerships of other ministries that focus on the message of the Exchanged Life to join our efforts!< Less
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This book is for you if you were born on: Jan 6,15,24; Feb 05,14,23; Mar 04,13,22,31; Apr 03,12,21,30; May 02,11,20,29; Jun 01,10,19,28; Jul 09,18,27; Aug 08,17,26; Sep 07,16,25; Oct 06,15,24; Nov... More > 05,14,23; Dec 04,13,22,31. Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, everyone has a Life Code that comprises his or her equation of life. Nine codes connect us to one another in different ways. While there are the spiritual and scientific laws that question our existence, there are universal codes that can answer our inquiries. When you know these codes, they result in powerful knowledge that can guide our lives to success, peace and prosperity.< Less
The Heathen Psyche By Erik Goodwyn
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Using the potent psychological symbolism of Beowulf and other material, Dr. Goodwyn uses modern depth psychology to look at how the heathen mindset deals with primordial human problems such as rage,... More > depression, trauma, anxiety, grief and mortality itself. Using an in-depth, scholarly analysis of the world of Beowulf and other texts combined with clinical observations, Dr. Goodwyn provides a uniquely heathen perspective on some of life's most vexing challenges. Here we find how the heathen spirit counters suffering not with airy analysis, wishful fantasy or dogmatic assertions, but with story, kin, craft, connection, honor, and most of all courage.< Less
Tarosophist International V.II Iss.1 (Autumn 2014) By Marcus Katz
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Tarosophist International is the quarterly magazine of Tarot Professionals, the leading Tarot Organisation. Featuring top published authors and innovative readers, you'll find articles covering tarot... More > cards, tarot reading, tarot collecting, professional considerations, and much more. Suitable for the newcomer and the experienced professional, this magazine provides new dimensions to your tarot!< Less
Meditation Pure and Simple: Three Easy Lessons By Olga Rasmussen
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This book will teach anyone who has ever wanted to meditate how to do so in three easy lessons! Instructions are delivered in a conversational style in a short easy to follow text that will be deemed... More > a valuable resource by those new to meditation and those more experienced as well!< Less
Coaching Manual for Credentials Candidates By Association of the Churches of God in Oregon
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This manual is used as a teaching tool in a co-hort group of new pastors. A coach will walk you through each chapter. This was writen by Church of God pastors who serve in The Association of the... More > Churches of God in Oregon and Southwest Washington.< Less
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This book is the result of my search for additional who we are names. I’m certain that you yourself could come up with different ones. You can read this book at your own pace. Someone might... More > take a chapter a day and meditate on that. Another might read several chapters in a day. It doesn’t matter. What is important is that you undergo mind renewal as you discover how precious and important you are in Gods scheme of things. Then, when you have gotten the name or names, play the game!< Less
The Essence of Therevada Buddhism By authorem anonymi
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The Essence Of Theravada Buddhism is an outcome of an academic exercise undertaken to unravel the core principles of Theravada Buddhism. Thus it would be of value to any individual having a desire to... More > realise the untainted Dhamma as preached by GAUTHAMA BUDDHA. This Text would be of utmost value, for any individual interested in Theravada Vipassana meditations as well, as this topic has been addressed adequately/ sufficiently. For ensuring/ascertaining the accuracy, sermons clearly associated to BUDDHA or one of his immediate disciples (in the Theravada Pali Thripitaka) have been given priority in this text. Much valuable inputs were also obtained from such, whom have had engaged in meditation practises for sufficient, prolonged durations. NOTE : CERTAIN CHAPTERS OF THIS TEXT MIGHT NOT BE SUITED FOR INSUFFICIENTLY MATURED INDIVIDUALS (INDIVIDUALS WITH INSUFFICIENT EXPOSURE TO LIFE EXPERIENCES, INSUFFICIENT EXPOSURE TO REALITIES OF THE WORLD). READER DISCRETION IS THUS ADVISED.< Less
Jaap Verduijn's Odu Ifa Collection Volume 03: Irosun By Jaap Verduijn, Brenda Beek
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The main odu Irosun and its fifteen sub-odus. This fully illustrated odu book is the third in a series of sixteen books. This first edition of the Irosun book, contains 93 Ifa verses and their... More > metaphysical observations. They are rendered into English and arranged in alphabetical order.< Less