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It is my hope that this book will meet the needs of those who have grown with me in spiritual understanding, in awareness of the height and depth of God's love, and in realization of man's Oneness... More > with Him; and that those who are taking their first steps on this joyous journey will find through it the Wisdom whose ways are ways of pleasantness and all whose paths are peace. - The Author< Less
“Right Beneath Our Noses, All This Time” By Walt English
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You will find within the pages of this book the many so called greatly disagreed upon topics of the Holy Bible which continue to divide those of us of the Christian faith. This book will shed light... More > on these disagreed topics using the exact words of the Old and New Testament from the King James Version. I use the King James Version because it has been the Gold Standard of all other versions of the Holy Scriptures. Practically all other re-translated versions of the Holy Scriptures have been copied from the King James Version. And because of these re-translated versions of the Holy Scriptures they are filled with the good intentions but misguided interpretations of Man. This book is presented in clearing up the many missed guided interpretations of man which continue to divide us as Christians. In addition it will reveal new treasures that have always been found within the pages of scriptures but for whatever reasons man has yet to discover or understand.< Less
Stoic Serenity: A Practical Course on Finding Inner Peace By Keith Seddon
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Readers who enter upon this practical course in the Stoic art of living will learn how Stoic principles are linked to real life, and how to enjoy the ‘smooth flow of life’ of the Stoic... More > Sage who follows nature and holds to virtue, finding fearlessness, inner peace, and freedom from troubles. Readers will gain maximum advantage from the course if they acquire copies of Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic (Penguin Books), and the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (the Robin Hard translation from Wordsworth Editions is recommended). The text expands on a correspondence course previously made available by the Stoic Foundation. One student commented: ‘I believe this course has changed my life, and I cannot thank you enough’ — DN, Australia. The book is illustrated with pen and ink drawings.< Less
The Ophanic Revelation By Vincent Bridges
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Four hundred years ago, higher intelligence in the form of angels communicated a geometrical, symmetry-based, DNA-coded language pattern capable of producing a rapid expansion of consciousness and an... More > increase in symbolic cognition. This shift in awareness--from a local primate-0based consciousness to a much larger, universal, non-local reality--is based on what we now call plasma physics. The angels gifted us with this most unusual language system as a kind of life raft/survival radio set as they knew mankind would need a shift in consciousness to survive the precessionally timed apocalyptic season that now threatens to close in upon us. This book represents the first serious attempt to examine the angelic, or Ophanic, system given to Dr. John Dee from multiple viewpoints, using history, physics, biology, mathematics as well as art and sacred geometry to explore the unexpected depths of meaning and interconnection in this unique communication.< Less
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The Order of the Golden Dawn had a magical machine which used colour to create a magical effect within its Adepts. The construction of a vault was the key to understanding the Golden Dawn system of... More > magic. However, it remained a closely guarded secret and before the development of the computer creating one was a work of art which required a deep knowledge of the colour magic of the Golden Dawn. Few vaults have been built in the modern era and, thanks to the secrecy surrounding the original magical order, many have been constructed on using colours or ideas which have not been right. In Magic Machine, the Chief Adept of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea Nick Farrell has provided full colour drawings of what a vault should look like and offers readers of what will be for many will be a first glimpse of the Golden Dawn’s magical machine.< Less
ORDO 2015 By St Luke's Priory Press
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This is the official Ordo for 2015 for reciting the Divine Office and Celebrating the Mass according to the calendar and use of the Western Rite Vicariate of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of... More > North America. It contains rubrics for both the Rite of St Gregory with the Monastic Diurnal, and the Rite of St Tikhon with The English Office.< Less
Against the Gods? A Concise Guide to Atheism and Agnosticism By Stefan Molyneux
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Between the poles of strong atheism and strict theism lies agnosticism, the argument that gods are very unlikely, but cannot logically be ruled out as utterly impossible. Agnosticism is considered a... More > cautious, tentative and scientific approach to the question of the existence of gods - Stefan Molyneux's seminal book "Against the Gods?" makes a powerful case against agnosticism and for the positive acceptance of the nonexistence of supernatural beings. "Against the Gods?" provides essential ammunition to those fighting the virus of faith, and clears the mental fog of the irrational middle ground between atheism and theism.< Less
Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role In Religious and Mystic Experiences By Todd Murphy
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“ … interested readers will no doubt find (this) illuminating.” - From the foreword by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. This work in neurotheology integrates science and... More > spirituality, starting with evolution. It offers new ways of thinking about reincarnation, God, enlightenment, psychic skills, and the human brain. It’s written from an atheist perspective, but it openly encourages prayer, meditation and spiritual living. It tells us that the pathways in the brain that function at death are also the basis of mystic experiences while we’re still alive. “ … this book, … balances … subjective experience with the general principles of neuroscience. … Sacred Pathways is the Principia (‘book of basic principles’ or ‘first work’) of the scientific investigation of spiritual experiences.” - - Dr. M.A. Persinger. Todd Murphy is a member of a university neurosciences group, and has published in several scientific journals. His 9-hour lecture series can be seen on youtube.< Less
Jaap Verduijn's Odu Ifa Collection Volume 01: Ika By Jaap Verduijn, Brenda Beek
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The main odu Ika and its fifteen sub-odu's. This fully illustrated odu book is the first in a series of sixteen books. This second edition of the Ika book, contains 70 Ifa verses and their... More > metaphysical observations. They are rendered into English and arranged in alphabetical order.< Less
Back to the Melchizedek Future By Dr. David Perry, Th.D.
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The Book of the Covenant and the Book of the Law are two different books. The first was the Answer to the Promise Covenant made in Genesis 15. The other was imposed because Israel broke the Covenant.... More > It was meant to be temporary and was prescriptive law until Yahshua. After his death and resurrection Yahshua was made the High Priest of h Father's Royal Priesthood, the Melchizedek Priesthood. A change in Priests equals a change in Law. Yahshua restored the original Melchizedek Priesthood, its Covenant, its Law and its issues. This is the Royal Priesthood that we are all being called into. Entrance into this New Covenant is 'circumcision of the heart' there is no entry into it without it. These priests will be keeping the Melchizedek Mo'edim (the Appointments or Feasts. We are to have the mind of the Messiah, not a Levitical or Rabbinic mindset.< Less
The Truth About Grace By LeShawn Streater
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In a world where people have depended upon their on strength, it is good to know that we have a God that will endow us with the power that we need to live for Him. Author, Singer, & Songwriter... More > LeShawn Daniel Streater inspires us to know "The Truth About Grace".< Less
The Grounding Book By Josh Schultz
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Grounding is a meditation and visualization tool for releasing negative emotions, energy, traumas, worries, projects, problems and more. It has been used to help people struggling with PTSD,... More > addictions, and suicide. This book takes you step by step through the process of creating and using the tool. You will also discover another tool that acts as a counterpart to the grounding tool and is necessary to replenish yourself so that you don't become exhausted from excess grounding. Are you familiar with grounding already? Consider that the tool, and ability, requires development, attention, maintenance, and modification. Using the same grounding cord over and over is one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make with the tool. Upgrading your grounding cord regularly, which is much different from simply changing it, is also very important. While this book is short, at only 40 pages, it contains rare techniques that cannot be found elsewhere. This book is your opportunity to learn those secrets.< Less
A Bigger World Yet; Faith, Brotherhood, and Same-Sex Needs By Tim Timmerman
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This book is a wrestling match. It is about the precarious journey of many men in our time. A Bigger World Yet is about an ache and a longing in our culture for friendship and brotherhood. It is a... More > book about emotional orphans with wounds and hungers of the heart. This book is about boys who needed connections to loving men and friends growing up, but instead received abuse and absence. This book is one man's spiritual odyssey. These pages are for those who follow Christ and want to do something for men who struggle with sexualizing their own gender, rather than just passively debate over the matter. This is for men and women of God who want to get their hands dirty and not sit on the sidelines of a topic that is tearing the body of Christ in two. A Bigger World Yet is a song of hope< Less
The Truth Shall Make You Free By Gordon C. Olson
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The Truth Shall Make You Free by Gordon C. Olson is an absolute essential for any Christian library. It has been said that Gordon C. Olson was the greatest theologian of the 20th Century, and... More > “The Truth Shall Make You Free” was his masterpiece. This is a monumental work of theological literature. To reprint this very important volume is one of the reasons that we even started reprinting books at all. We would like to see this book in the hands of every believer. It is our opinion that “The Truth Shall Make You Free” is one of the greatest theological works of Christian history. Reprinted by< Less
The River: An Introduction to Tanakh/Old Testament By Gregory Mobley
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Based on fifteen years of introducing the Old Testament to seminarians, The River traces the contours of the literature that has served humanity as a common source of meaning-making for three... More > millennia .< Less
The Book of Yantras By SWAMI RAM CHARRAN
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Yantra means instruments. Yantras are held in very high esteem in Hinduism and are used to ward off negative effects of planets, souls, etc. Yantra is a medium through which the force of energy acts... More > on an individual. Everyone of us is the center of something. That something is our universe. We can be the center of attention in a party or anywhere we are; we can consider ourselves as the center as everything surrounds each one of us. Depending of where you are your surroundings affects your well being in different ways. This is what a mathematical square or yantra does to your life. In this book Swami Ram Charran provides the effect of these squares on your life and desires.< Less
The Buddha Path By Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche
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The Buddha Path is a concise practice manual, which provides the key to all of the Sutrayana, Vajrayana and Dzogchen teachings of the Buddha. Through the blessings of the holy Dzogchen Lineage, this... More > sacred book offers clear practice instructions for the beginning student, a lifetime's wealth of profound instructions for the advanced practitioner, and immeasurable benefit to all those who encounter it.< Less
We Are Our Deeds By Eric Wodening
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Softbound Edition
Emmet Fox's Golden Keys to Successful Living & Reminiscences By Herman Wolhorn
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Through his personal reminiscences of travels with Dr. Fox, the author reveals the teacher's thoughts on many topics. All of Emmet Fox's teaching are clearly explained here: The true nature of God;... More > Principles for achieving success and happiness; How to use your deepened spiritual understanding to change the lives of those around you; The real meaning of such commonly misunderstood terms as "Fear of God, Wrath of God, Salvation, Judgement, Heathens, and Repentance."< Less
Nazarene Theology By James Trimm
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A complete systematic theology for the restoration of the ancient sect of the Nazarenes, the original Jewish sect of followers of Yeshua ("Jesus") as the Messiah. Includes chapters on most... More > major areas of theology, and an appendix containing many ancient literary remains of Nazarene Judaism, such as the remains of an ancient Nazarene Commentary on Isaiah. P lus a newly added appendix on the Oral Law.< Less
Hearing God's Voice By Mark Burger
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These daily words of encouragement will remind you how much God desires to lift you up, carry you through difficult times, and lead you to lasting true joy. Each daily message will draw you closer to... More > a God of love who rejoices in providing you a spiritually rich and hope-filled life. Fr. Mark’s inspiring words are a gift for you to carry throughout the day, to ponder, and to companion you on your life’s journey.< Less
Love: A New Teaching On Love By Matthew James Nygren
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"All you need is love," the Beatles sang, but do we really believe that or do we think it is just a nice idea? Join me as we learn how the work of love can be a reality every day. For... More > every book sold, $1 will be donated to They work to end poverty. Please check out their website and please buy a book. About the author: Matthew James Nygren is a husband, father, and constant thinker. He graduated with a B.S. in Religion from Greenville College.< Less
Christ in Tibet By Joseph Babinsky (Editor), Murdo MacDonald-Bayne
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This book is a one volume edition of what was originally published in two separate books. It is more than a history of the travels of Murdo MacDonald-Bayne in Tibet. It is meant to open up and awaken... More > the inner Being that is closed up and asleep, to become aware of the powers and possibilities of the Real Self, so that you are no longer the little personality with a limited life, but a center of Universal action and in direct contact with Cosmic Forces. Then you will no longer be the unwilling plaything of fate but a conscious Master of Nature, liberated from the imprisoned smallness and sufferings of the frail human body. The author writes: “The glorious revealing of the Christ Yoga is beyond price; it is the foundation of the coming age when Love and Wisdom will prevail. What we know now as a civilization will be as ashes like similar civilizations of the past.” Thus, the intent of this book is to set the reader free to be his/her authentic and true self.< Less
Christian Defense Manual By Matt Slick M.Div.
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This is a collection of parts of the Apologetics School,Critical Thinking School and Theology School. It is great for easy access to the basics of each at 346 pages.
Seventh Voice By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
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The recollections of six Essene Masters who were born to work and hope for the promise of the Messiah and died for the future He made possible.