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Conjunctions @ The Speed of Light By Kapiel Raaj
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This is a ebook on astrological conjunctions and the methods to study them. The book contains information on how to exactly study each conjunction. It also has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 planetary... More > conjunctions and their meaning.< Less
Bundle @ The Speed of Light with Astro Report By Kapiel Raaj
eBook (PDF): $28.49
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This book is a combination of all my astrological books: Astrology, Conjunctions and Aspects. You will learn astrology in the most detail manner.
AstrologyKRS eMagazine edition 1 By Kapiel Raaj
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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AstrologyKRS is the first magazine published by Kapiel Raaj which gives detailed analysis of career and destiny seen through Vedic Astrology. Although it's a magazine with collection of articles it's... More > not based on subscription rather each edition is a separate book because we do not know if another edition will be published. In this magazine/book you will get to study horoscopes of real people with real careers. The magazine also contains most unique articles by masters of Vedic Astrology gurus. The articles range from subject like nakshatras, Jamini updasha, details of houses and yes career/passion. This is the most unique Vedic astrology magazine ever presented.< Less
The Metaphysical Bible By Renford
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Popular and familiar passages such as Isaiah 55, the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm and others are revealed in a different light. The deeper and, with all due respect to theologians and... More > philosophers, clearer picture of what was being said is recorded for your study. Some, if not all, of the passages can be found in various books by Renford, but they are all together and in an easily understandable order in this book.Isa< Less
Biology of Kundalini By Jana Dixon
Paperback: $28.00
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Comprehensive guidebook for those undergoing kundalini awakening, including psychological skills, exercises, nutritional program and a novel approach to the science of spiritual alchemy. An important... More > innovation in understanding the transformational process and the spiritualization of the body.< Less
The Late Great USA: The US Attack of Iran By Larry Pahl
Paperback: $15.50
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The Late Great U.S.A.: The U.S. Attack of Iran looks at 2500 year old prophecies that focus on the geopolitical situation found in today's headlines, and warns of the devastating effects of a U.S.... More > attack of Iran.< Less
The Tarot: Origin and Meaning By Larry Pahl
Paperback: $8.50
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The Tarot: Origin and Meaning explores the ancient origins of the 22 pictures that make up the major arcana of the tarot deck. In explaining the meaning of the cards connections are found between... More > ancient star names, the book of Revelation, and the mysteries of the Great Pyramid.< Less
We Do Not Lose Heart By Kathy Taber
Paperback: $6.50
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When Kathy, her husband Mark, and their six-month old daughter Sheri set sail for the small, remote island of Ngau for the first time they had no idea what experiences lay ahead of them. Stormy seas,... More > leaky boats, hunger, sickness, sorcery, evacuation, war, and death. In utter weakness they cling to God's all sustaining mercy and grace as they attempt to learn the Ngau language and translate God's Word so that the Ngau people might know the redeeming love of Christ. We Do Not Lose Heart is a testimony to God's great faithfulness and all sufficient power to sustain His children in the most desperate situations. It triumphs in the awesome power of God's Word to change lives and transform communities as it brings life and hope and love and truth.< Less
Self and Selflessness By Gelek Rimpoche
Paperback: $11.99
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In this commentary Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche explains selflessness, one of the central themes of Buddhism. Gaining insight in this matter will change our perception and the way we experience life. This... More > transcript is an excellent and easy to understand introduction to the famous Buddhist wisdom of emptiness.< Less
The Practice of the Triumphant Ma By Gelek Rimpoche
Paperback: $13.99
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THE PRACTICE OF THE TRIUMPHANT MA Based upon the Prayer to the Noble Tara, Gelek Rimpoche’s teachings introduce White Tara, embodiment of enlightened compassionate activity, and the healing... More > practices of Tara, through detailed explanation and visualization techniques.< Less
The Sibyls: the First Prophetess’ of Mami (Wata):The Theft of African Prophecy by the Catholic Church By Mama Zogbé
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The Theft of African Prophecy by the Catholic Church: For 6,000 years, Africa was ruled by a powerful order of Sibyl matriarchs. They produced the world's first oracles, prophetess and prophets.... More > known as "Pythoness," they worked the oracles in the Black Egyptian colonies in ancient Greece, Rome, Turkey, Israel, Syria and Babylon. Their holy temples were more numerous than the churches of today. In ancient Rome, they first established the "holy seat" of the Vatican advising the world's heads of state. Centuries before Christ, they cured epileptics, the blind, lepers and “casted out demons.” It was a Sibyl who called-up the spirit of "Apostle" Samuel. Their "pagan" prophecies were used by the emerging Roman papals to create a “western theological” foundation and became the undisputed precursor for their Christian Bible. African women's religious history is finally being unearthed, exposing shocking revelations buried for more than 2000 years.< Less
The River Of Life By Renford
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The River of Life is an allegory with many symbols. It is a modern day parable about the eternal nature of being. Everything is a cycle and full of purpose. The being in fulfillment had no... More > beginning and will have no end. It cannot be destroyed. Like a cell of the human body, which can be cloned, the soul is a cell of Universal Being with the same natural power of the whole. There is always communication between the whole and the part, but we are mostly unaware. “The language of the mind” can only be understood by recognizing the way Inner Being, via the subconscious mind, communicates with the conscious. Only through meditation or dreams, when the conscious mind is induced to be quiet, can Inner Being communicate and conscious mind benefit.< Less
The COR Document By Renford
Paperback: $12.96
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Experience a different kind of Church where reason need not be suspended. You are not asked to accept anything on faith. There are no doctrines, dogmas, creeds, practices or Rituals required of... More > members. Instead of working with belief systems learned from birth, you are working with what you can come to know. We are suggesting that you can come to know Universal Being through coming to know your Self. You can know your Self through the process of identifying and verifying each of the Universal Laws in your life experiences. You are invited to compare the COR Truths to the many and varied doctrines of religion and the dictates of Science. These Truths are the single most important and convincing evidence of the existence of Universal Being. The laws of nature verify them, and we humans illustrate them.< Less
A Bigger World Yet; Faith, Brotherhood, and Same-Sex Needs By Tim Timmerman
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This book is a wrestling match. It is about the precarious journey of many men in our time. A Bigger World Yet is about an ache and a longing in our culture for friendship and brotherhood. It is a... More > book about emotional orphans with wounds and hungers of the heart. This book is about boys who needed connections to loving men and friends growing up, but instead received abuse and absence. This book is one man's spiritual odyssey. These pages are for those who follow Christ and want to do something for men who struggle with sexualizing their own gender, rather than just passively debate over the matter. This is for men and women of God who want to get their hands dirty and not sit on the sidelines of a topic that is tearing the body of Christ in two. A Bigger World Yet is a song of hope< Less
The Father Confusors By Renford
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The author has published many books, articles and essays that take a metaphysical approach to interpreting ancient texts such as the Vedas, the Dhampravada, the Tao Teh Ching and the Bible. He... More > follows no theological dogma nor adopts any philosophical school. He teaches in the Renford books and in the Institute of Applied Metaphysics that taking a single approach to exclusion of any other will not produce an accurate picture. Some text must be taken metaphysically, some as historical and some as physical events in which the witness had little or no point of reference comparable to ours. In any other approach, one will be interpreting based on a fixed religious tradition or a philosophical bias. We have seen many varations on the idea that alien intervention has taken place in our ancient history but this author has gone into greater depth on the difference between Universal Being and the warrior gods depicted in the ancient texts.< Less
Philosophical Anthropology By Michael J. Dodds, O.P.
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The human being has always been a question. Gifted with understanding, we wonder how to understand ourselves. Philosophy has pondered this question from its very beginnings, and the discoveries of... More > contemporary science seem only to deepen the conundrum. We have found out much about the brain and its functions, but the relation of the brain to the mind still seems to elude us. We have mapped the human genome, yet the instantiation of new human life remains mysterious. We have traced our human origins through evolution, but how the first humans came to be is still obscure. Are we merely material or also spiritual? And if so, is the human hopelessly split between matter and spirit, body and soul, or is human wholeness more than just a slogan-- perhaps an ontological reality? This book explores such questions and offers some insights by retrieving the philosophical tradition of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas.< Less
Against the Gods? A Concise Guide to Atheism and Agnosticism By Stefan Molyneux
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Between the poles of strong atheism and strict theism lies agnosticism, the argument that gods are very unlikely, but cannot logically be ruled out as utterly impossible. Agnosticism is considered a... More > cautious, tentative and scientific approach to the question of the existence of gods - Stefan Molyneux's seminal book "Against the Gods?" makes a powerful case against agnosticism and for the positive acceptance of the nonexistence of supernatural beings. "Against the Gods?" provides essential ammunition to those fighting the virus of faith, and clears the mental fog of the irrational middle ground between atheism and theism.< Less
World of Mandalas Coloring Book By The Mandala Men
Paperback: $10.78
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With care and precision we have designed 33 beautiful mandalas for you to color. So take your coloring pencils and enter the world of circles and patterns. Let your creativity flow, let your mind... More > calm down, structure your thoughts, and simply enjoy the process of making these black and white patterns into splendid worlds of color.< Less
Guest Book By Keith Taylor
Hardcover: $33.33
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This is a guest book which can be used for any camp, oasis or lodge to keep a record of events and attendees. Proceeds from the sale of this book will support Sword and Serpent Oasis, OTO in the... More > valley of Dayton, Oh.< Less
Created to Conquer By Chris Bobblett
Paperback: $14.75
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Prepare for a paradigm shift. In this book Chris challenges us to view scripture from a higher perspective, one of victory. Learn to see a victorious future as you embrace and walk in your destiny of... More > dominin now!< Less
COME LET US REASON TOGETEHR Vol. I Gems From Genesis By Richard Norman
Paperback: $4.75
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COME LET US REASON TOGETHER is a series of Bible study books written by Richard Norman, a long time minister in the Church of Christ. Mr. Norman has been reading through the Bible, cover to cover at... More > least once a year for the last 40+ years, and in his advanced age felt it was time that he set down the lessons he has learned from each book of the Bible. This is the first book in the series, Gems of Genesis and he continues to work daily on this major project, which could well be the great work of his life.< Less
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The Rules of the Game is a book which introduces the universal laws in the simplest manner possible. It is not an in-depth study, but provides a basis for understanding of the laws and the Renford... More > Books. It is analogous to the game of football, and the quotes illustrate that even on the simplest everyday matters of life, the universal laws are in play.< Less
Gap By Aske Svarte
Paperback: $19.95
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The first text ever translated by Aske Svarte from Russia on Left Hand Path Odinism. It is a significant study of Odinism, Shamanism, esotericism and LHP initiation. It includes a comprehensive guide... More > to Norse cosmology, the Runes as well as rites and practices. It is superbly illustrated and includes materials never before released outside Russia. It includes an interview with Svarte in the appendix as a bonus and is presented as a large oversized softcover.< Less
Born Unto This Freedom By Ray Holloway
Paperback: $19.32
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"Born Unto This Freedom" is a book about living life on the best and highest plane possible. The author explores a sound rationale for faith and proposes that, based on one's choice in... More > defining reality, amazing possibilities are within our grasp.< Less
The Spirit in You By Dr. Tunishai A. Ford
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The Spirit in You is a collection of spiritual anecdotes that will challenge you to grow and experience God’s unlimited blessings in every area of your life by accomplishing all that God... More > desires for you through your gifts, talents, and ministries.< Less