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Vistas of Infinity - How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead By Jurgen Ziewe
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This book deals with the reality of our life after death, not spirit communication, but actual visits with all sensory perception in tact using Out-of-Body travel. Jurgen Ziewe has spent over forty... More > years refining his OBE skills via a lifelong practice of deep meditation. The author projects his consciousness into parallel dimensions and non-physical reality systems whilst retaining full waking awareness throughout. He probes into the infinite vistas of human consciousness and brings back detailed accounts of his journeys and observations. The reports gathered followed a strict research protocol, where the author interviewed dead people and visited the higher dimensional realities, from the darkest places to the most illuminated regions of cosmic consciousness and realms which are traditionally referred to as ‘Heaven’. These are lively, first-hand accounts providing a narrative which is destined to revolutionize old concepts and perspectives.< Less
How To Make A Negro Christian By Kamau Makesi-Tehuti
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[What will be the benefit of giving enslaved Afrikans christianity?] "It is a matter of astonishment, that... More > there should be any objection at all; for the duty of giving religious instruction to our Negroes, and the benefits flowing from it, should be obvious to all. The benefits, we conceive to be incalculably great, and [one] of them [is] there will be greater subordination . . .amongst the Negroes (page 52)."< Less
Basics for Baptist Believers Student Manual By Milton E. Jones
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Few would question the importance of discipling new converts. The problem lies most often in the logistics of actually getting the job done. There are a number of discipleship programs available from... More > various groups. For those of us who are Baptist by conviction many of those programs leave much to be desired in terms of certain emphases. Further complicating our discipleship efforts is the fact that most discipleship materials were written some years ago and presuppose a background knowledge of the Bible that is hardly realistic in our day. An attempt has been made to look at the discipleship process through the eyes of a new believer. I have attempted to pose the questions which would most likely occur to a new believer. I have further attempted to arrange those questions in the order that they are most likely to occur. These lessons are written in order to lead the new believer to the Bible for the answers to his questions.< Less
The Giveaway: The True Story of One Soul's Journey By Malini Pamela Benda
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The Giveaway is a spiritual, earthly adventure, and a love story that spans 3000 years. Based on the author's past-life regression under hypnosis, which begins this novel, we are transported back in... More > time to the drama and pathos that was the life of Ruth, a slave in ancient Egypt. Her overwhelming yearning for freedom sounds the theme of this poetic autobiography of reincarnation, which encompasses five lifetimes, including a validating glimpse into the author's present life. The story evolves into a startlingly realistic recreation of traditional Lakota Sioux culture, spirituality, and world view as seen through the eyes of Cetan sa, a Lakota Peaceman, whose extraordinary life and times comprise the bulk of this exciting and enlightening book. Lakota ceremony, community, psychology, and dialog, alive with authenticity, color and depth, lend a real conviction to the author's assertion of past lives. Malini is an award-winning artist, whose painting "Brothers" appears on the cover of this book.< Less
Sitting in Oblivion: The Heart of Daoist Meditation By Livia Kohn
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Sitting in Oblivion outlines the history and intricacies of zuowang, an essential form of Daoist meditation. It divides into two parts. "Discussion" begins by placing the practice in the... More > larger context of the phenomenology of meditation and Chinese religious history. It then discusses early forms, Tang developments, the Buddhist impact, and its role today. "Translation" presents eight core texts,all with ample annotation. Drawing on decades of Daoist scholarship and meditation experience, this book is the culmination of Kohn's extensive, path-breaking work. It greatly enhances our understanding of the complex methods and concepts involved in attaining Dao.< Less
Teshuva According to Rambam: Hilchot Teshuva By Rav Matis Weinberg
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The unique Torah approach of Rav Matis Weinberg has created here a comprehensive vision of Rambam’s Hilchot Teshuva, exposing the inimitable and strikingly novel conceptual structures and... More > paradigms of the Rambam, offering a workable vision of Teshuva unlike any other, shockingly at odds with anything you ever imagined. This volume makes it possible for anyone to follow the complexities of these shiurim through Simon Hamilton’s study guide and overview and Ralph Dweck’s detailed transcriptions of a number of choice lectures. 552 pages< Less
The Man-child & Bride Prophecy By David Eells
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The Man-Child and Bride Prophecy is an in depth look at the prophetic shadows and types concealed within the book of Esther. Discover how a Sovereign God masterfully designed the events of history to... More > depict His plan for the Church and Bride of Christ in the end of days< Less
World of Mandalas Coloring Book By The Mandala Men
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With care and precision we have designed 33 beautiful mandalas for you to color. So take your coloring pencils and enter the world of circles and patterns. Let your creativity flow, let your mind... More > calm down, structure your thoughts, and simply enjoy the process of making these black and white patterns into splendid worlds of color.< Less
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This is the manual for the How To Prove That God Exists Course.
Kapporos Then and Now: Toward a More Compassionate Tradition By Yonassan Gershom
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Every year, right before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, there is a cultural war in certain Jewish neighborhoods over a ceremony called Kapporos, in which a chicken is slaughtered just before the... More > holy day. The animal rights people show up claiming, “Meat is murder!” while the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews who practice this ceremony accuse the activists of antisemitism and violating their freedom of religion. Epithets fly and confrontations occur across the barricades, but nobody is really listening to each other. Rabbi Gershom seeks to build a bridge of understanding between these two warring camps. On the one hand, he opposes using live chickens as Kapporos, and, like many other religious Jews before him, advocates giving money to charity instead. But on the other hand, he is himself a Hasid who understands and believes in the kabbalistic principle of "raising holy sparks" so central to the ceremony. In fact, he says, it is that very mysticism that has led him not to use chickens for the ritual.< Less
What God Gives By Marcia Whitney-Schenck
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What God Gives is a photographic documentation of Christian worship and prayer from numerous countries. Photographs by Marcia Whitney-Schenck present a wide variety of images: emotional Pentecostal... More > petitioners during a house service in the Congo, penitents in a Good Friday procession in Spain, and solemn women around a church altar in Iona, Scotland. This on-going project testifies to the vibrancy of Christianity throughout the world.< Less
Knowing God: Our Loving Father PRIMA 1 By Colette Lienhard
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This is the Cycle 1 Catechism for Aquinas Learning. It covers the Old Testament stories and integrated materials for study at the Prima I level.
How Can This Be?: A Poetic Journey Through Grief By Paul R Tomlinson
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In this book the author uses poetry to express his journey through grief. The book begins during his wife's illness and continues through her death and the first year of his grief journey. It is... More > his hope that these poems and his narrative will speak to those who are experiencing their own journey or walking with family and friends who are experiencing a loss in their life.< Less
The Gentleman Downstairs And Other Satanic Parables and Fables By R. Smith
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These parables and fables embody wicked insights found in literature by Anton LaVey and Peter Gilmore from the Church of Satan. Like Gilmore did in his Satanic Scriptures, I’m using the word... More > ‘parables’ as an intentionally theatrical oxymoron. Parables have been so tied to Christian teachings that I wanted to try and decouple the two; since at its root, a parable is simply a short allegorical story. I included fables because many of the characters in the pieces are animals or inanimate objects. The first part of the site’s title is taken from Blanche Barton‘s introduction to Mr. LaVey’s Satan Speaks! On page xii, Barton remarks that Mr. LaVey’s looks and bearing reflected the image of the ‘Gentleman Downstairs.’ Thanks for reading. R. Smith< Less
Destructive Demon Doctrines By David Eells
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The forces of darkness will do anything to pervert the seed of the Word so that what is birthed, even though religious, is antichrist in nature. Satan is attempting to pollute the gene pool, through... More > spiritual whoredom, so that the children look and act nothing like the Father and have no inheritance in His Kingdom. God’s people have received a strange seed and cannot be holy or walk as Jesus walked. The mystery of lawlessness is simple: The forces of darkness offer the flesh the candy of a crossless, powerless religion that lets him live as he likes. The Lord warned us, through Paul, that if we receive not the love of the truth, but have pleasure in unrighteousness, He would send us a working of error so that we would believe a lie. In this book, we have done our best to bring together the sum of God’s Word, in order to dispel the darkness for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to be able to walk in the light of Jesus.< Less
SAINTS not sinners By Kevin Don Levellie
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Christians are SAINTS. They are not sinners in the present tense saved by grace. Sinners is what they used to be. The Bible nowhere teaches that a Christian has a sin nature or can be labeled a... More > sinner. This is established through examination of the three terms - sinners, Saints and flesh - from a linguistic view as well as from their context in scripture. Additionally there is a comprehensive search of the scriptures on the nature of the Saint. This will empower every Christian to live what he knows.< Less
THREE THINGS THAT LAST By Rev. Michael F. Murphy
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Catholic literature, spirituality, retreat by Fr. Michael F. Murphy from Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Coronado, California. About the 3 Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope and Love. Writings of... More > Servant of God, Bishop Guglielmo Giaquinta.< Less
The Day I Saw Angels By Deborah Hagen
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It was Christmas Eve, 1999, when I lost my beautiful daughter in an automobile accident. In the midst of that terrible pain and turmoil and chaos, God in His mercy sent angels to minister to me and... More > my family. In this book I chronicle those events.God Bless!< Less
We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made By Harold Crawford
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This book is simple and easy to read,but I believe it will inspire the reader to think differently and deeper in matters of spiritual growth.
The Saint Alban Breviary (Short Form) By The Rev. Kenneth Ray Orsburn, Jr.
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(This short form does not include the collects of the calendar or the Way of the Cross.) During the course of the English Reformation the Church of England revised the liturgy of the church.... More > Matins, Lauds, and Prime were compressed into the office of Morning Prayer while Vespers and Compline were compressed into Evening Prayer, while Terce, Sext, and None were eliminated. Liturgical revision has restored some offices; in addition, numerous breviaries have been created. However, many of these breviaries serve only to restore the offices in their ancient complexity, rather than in the theological spirit of Archbishop Cranmer while many modern prayer books have diverged from classical Prayer Book Anglicanism. This work is a response to these issues, the continued complexity of Anglican breviaries in the modern context and their theological discontinuity with the original task of liturgical revision. It is to these ends that this simplified Anglican breviary has been compiled.< Less
Offertory By Dr. Jon Naples
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Within these pages you will find the complete Offertory Chant Propers in 3 Parts in a convenient and reliable choir book intended primarily for the parish choir or schola who prefers a cappella... More > chant-based choral polyphony as an accompaniment to the Offertory at mass. Using the Revised Grail Psalm texts and a hybrid mix of unmetered chant and modern notation Offertory offers a well-ordered program of choral polyphony emphasizing speech rhythm, the rhythm of prayer, arising from the unmetrical character of the words to be chanted. Included are the complete Sundays and Feasts of the church. It is hoped, then, that this volume fulfills the requirements, both artistic and liturgical, for the working through music of the glorification of the Offertory of the Mass.< Less
PARANOIA Magazine Issue #61 - Summer 2015 By Elana Freeland et al.
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PARANOIA Magazine Issue #61 - Summer 2015 In this issue: Navigating National Security State Secrets: Seeking the Truth About Chemtrails and HAARP Technology by Elana Freeland The Triumph of... More > Aleister Crowley by Paul Roberts Moondust by William B. Stoecker Surviving Biowar by Cheri Seymour Psychology Inc.Who has the Monopoly on Life by Jamie Henshaw Subliminal Messages: Programming Yourself to Resist Programming by Mr. Lobo The Ghosts of the Nephilim: Part 1 by Frater X< Less
Bible Rhymes: Fifty Two Poems with Commentary By James Gregory
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If you have trouble reading the Bible from beginning to end, this book is your solution. Each of the 52 poems in this collection describes a Bible event, person, or message. Each poem is simple,... More > easy to read, and provides focus on a biblical topic. The rhythm of a poem increases both interest and long-term retention of message. Thought-provoking and in-depth message content enhance the value of each poem. Furthermore, many of the poems provide encouragement for living life with a purpose and to the fullest. With 52 poems, this book can be used as a yearly devotional or Bible study with one poem or message per week. Topics include creation, salvation, treasures in heaven, and many more. Because poems and topics range across both the Old and New Testaments, this book provides a brief overview of the Bible. The Bible verses on which each poem is based are provided along with commentary about the Bible information.< Less
Mastering Divinity By Michael Herbert
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Michael W. Herbert has compiled this chronological collection of selected papers, submitted to various courses in the successful completion of earning his Master of Divinity degree, as a means of... More > chronicling a small portion of his preferred written work. It is also his hope that this work may be of some benefit to those who may desire insight as to what graduate level writing in the field of theological studies entails in terms of research and scholarship.< Less
A.D. 70 - Taking a Look at Hyper-Preterism By Drew Leonard
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This book is a critique of the A.D. 70 theology. The A.D. 70 theology is a doctrine that teaches that the end of the world, the final judgment, the resurrection and the second coming of Christ have... More > all occurred. The two heavy proponents of this view are Max King and Don Preston. In this book, Drew Leonard examines their writings in light of what the Bible says to see if the doctrine is correct or not. Leonard has documented the position very well, showing that their doctrine is false without misrepresenting them as many have in an attempt to respond to this heresy. The proposal of the A.D. 70 theorists is that all of the "eschatological" events of the Bible occurred in A.D. 70 with the fall of Jerusalem. Leonard takes the position that this is not the case and shows this from the Bible. Not only that, but Leonard also exposes the contradictions and problems in the doctrine. This book is a "must have" for the REAL Bible student!< Less