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Ganden Lha Gyema - Open Teachings By Gelek Rimpoche
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GANDEN LHA GYEMA - open teachings on the hundreds of deities of the land of joy In this commentary on the Ganden Lha Gyema, Gelek Rimpoche has revealed and carefully instructed many... More > special practices of guru yoga, which are hard to find elsewhere.< Less
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The Holy Spirit is the One Who raised Jesus from the dead (cf. Romans 8:11), and is in fact called The Lord, the Giver of Life in one of the Church's Eucharistic prayers. With that in mind, the more... More > you welcome, receive, embrace and appropriate this third Person of the Trinity, the more you yourself will be filled with life.< Less
Gospel Confusion: Confessions of a Pastor By Dan Sardinas
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A journey of rediscovering the power of the gospel and our identity in Christ. Gospel Confusion: Confessions of a pastor is my personal story of how I missed and confused the gospel. It is a story of... More > my journey through legalism, moralism and some of the things I learned about myself along the way. One of the greatest struggles facing believers today is one of identity. Who are we? Welcome to the story of my Gospel Confusion.< Less
Ladies Prayer Journal By Dr. Gary Knouf
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A prayer journal for women including seven crucial lessons on how to pray and the power of praying people. Pages for journaling and recording prayer requests and answers.
Astrology @ The Speed of Light By Kapiel Raaj
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World governments practice this science every hour of the day, but, only the true Vedic calculated methods which were used by Egyptians and Mayans. Saturn, according to these higher ups, is the most... More > important and the most powerful planet out there for gaining wealth and power. Now, you can learn the true meaning of this celestial power. I bring you the easiest way to learn true and original Astrology and its secrets. I goes into details about all the ABCD of Astrology. This is a guide for people who lost faith, or never trusted astrology, due to lack of depth in their weekly or yearly sun signs and moon signs horoscopes. Stop looking at those useless websites and newspapers; you weren't wrong in losing faith, because what you saw was not even the surface, let me show you the rabbit hole. I also discuss some of the secrets, and misconceptions of astrology and Numerology, which most astrologers do not imply into their daily practice.< Less
The Prophet's Little Book of Wisdom By Sandra Lugo
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The treasures of heaven are yours. The prophetic unlocks the vault of God's wisdom and knowledge to prepare us for the present and the future. Prophecy in your life is designed to propel you toward... More > divine destiny and all of God's blessings for your life. This book will expand your prophetic knowledge and gifting.< Less
What Would Love Do? Leader's Edition By General Church Oureach
Paperback: $25.99
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A daily workbook based on Matthew 25 that also contains step-by-step instructions for leading a small group. If you want to help make the world a better place, this workbook is for you. "What... More > Would Love Do?" presents a rich curriculum that supports you in bringing your perspective, talent, and compassion to those who want and need it what you have to offer. Seven weeks of readings, questions, and reflections are offered, along with many practical suggestions for getting started.< Less
Yahweh's Scriptures For Salvation By P. C. O. Y.
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ENGLISH SCRIPTURES; Large letter edition. With a strict restoration of the proper names of Yahweh and Yahshua. Words like 'Thou','thee','yee','thine'and many other words have been updated to modern... More > English.< Less
Undiscovered Riches By Kisha Bingham
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Undiscovered Riches are riches that are unseen or unknown to the flesh but revealed through the spirit which causes the poor to appear poor in the natural world but in the spiritual world there's an... More > overflow of Undiscovered Riches... 1 Corinthians 2:9 KJV (9) But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. Undiscovered Riches...< Less
Divine Dilemma By Allen Ketchersid
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Like a skilled jeweler, Dave picks up the cross of Jesus and turns it gently under the light to reveal its many beautiful and painfully sharp colors. As he dwells intently over each facet, he finds... More > no flaw in the gem but helps us see how the gem reveals our own, for our good. At a time when so much Christian writing tells the world's most blessed how to find even more selfish blessings, Dave preaches Christ and him crucified. He moves with equal facility between deep theological reflection to practical application without ever making the reader struggle to understand the most profound truths of the Christian faith. Dave also helps the reader see the cross from more than the pervasive legal/courtroom perspective which seems to smother all other facets of the cross today.< Less
Fresh Fever From the Skies: The Collected Writings of IAO131 By IAO131
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NOTE: This is the paperback edition. 'Fresh Fever From the Skies: The Collected Writings of IAO131' represents an anthology of writings over the 7 years spanning 2007-2014 e.v. from the author... More > IAO131. IAO131 is the author of 'Naturalistic Occultism: The Introduction to Scientific Illuminism,' 'Thelema Sutras,' and 'The Parables & Lessons of Liber LXV.' He is also the co-creator of the Speech in the Silence podcast, the creator & editor of the Journal of Thelemic Studies, the creator of 2nd Century Thelema, the creator of The Grady McMurtry Project, and his works have been featured in many publications including U.S. Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis' official organ 'Agape.' His writings span various topics on Thelema, Magick, Aleister Crowley, and the occult. Many of his writings have not been available in published form previously, and now they are all collected together in 'Fresh Fever From the Skies.'< Less
Third Congregation Manual By Adi Da Samraj
Paperback: $3.00
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Third Congregation Manual of Practice by the Renunciate Order
The Illumination of Vivien Leigh: A Time-Traveller's Memoir By Michele Bardeaux
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Even as a child, Michèle Bardeaux remembered another incarnation, yet kept this almost exclusively to herself for most of her life. Until a series of inspirations impelled her to share her... More > experience and tell her story first-hand, from the perspective of Spiritual Illumination. In this stunning memoir, she explores the Spiritual purpose behind her past and present lives, and her reasons for reincarnating so quickly. She writes of her longing for her old family, her poignant return to both India and England, the numinous source of her performances, as well as her past-life relationships and how those relationships have carried on. She also sheds light on the so-called “bipolar disorder”, one of the pervasive mysteries of the actress’s life. On the occasion of the centennial commemoration, the very private Ms. Bardeaux offered her story.< Less
The DOR Scribe By T. D. Scribe
Paperback: $5.00
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This second in a series is a collection of Blog-posts from "" The pay-off for regular Bible reading - as described in the book and blog, and with the proper frame of mind... More > - could and should lead to a capacity to transcend the painful and negative aspects of life, and the ability to live with “serenity and inner peace.” On the other hand, the discipline could also lead to a your developing a “zest, a fervor and gusto in life plus a much higher ability to function.” On the other hand, if your approach to the Bible is closed, narrow or “exclusive,” this Blog-and-book won’t be for you. But if you’re willing to – gasp! – suspend disbelief and approach the Bible with an open mind, you could be pleasantly surprised. In short the book-and-blog follow the advice given by “that great philosopher Charlie Chan, who once said, ‘Mind like parachute. Work best when open…’”< Less
Death and Dying By William P. Selig
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We live in a death-denying culture, the result of a human-centered worldview instead of a life centered on God. Because of the Fall, we lost not only the true understanding of life, but of death as... More > well. "Death and Dying: The Teachings of Sun Myung Moon" sheds new light on this inevitable fact of life. “Why do people fear death? It is because they do not know the purpose for which we are born. Those who do not know why we are born do not know why we die. ...The moment of the physical body's death is the moment we experience the joy of leaving the finite realm of love in order enter the infinite realm of love. It is the moment of our second birth.< Less
Word of God Revealed (PB 2013a) By FATHER DIVINE
Paperback: $8.59
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The Word of God Revealed is a transcription of the Words of FATHER DIVINE from the early 1930s, recorded by Mr. John Lamb.
The Book of Mormon and Basic Christian Doctrine By Paul Gassmann
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This book is a look at the Book of Mormon from a view of "is it true" or "can it be true". The author spent more than 20 years working on this and was constantly revising it.
Foundation of All Perfections By Gelek Rimpoche
Paperback: $17.99
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THE SPIRITUAL PATH FROM WHY YOU NEED A GURU TO VAJRAYANA The Foundation of All Perfections is an engaging contemporary presentation of the stages of the spiritual path, from the role of the guru to... More > a practical introduction to Vajrayana. A commentary on Je Tsongkhapa’s shortest lam rim, this outstanding introduction to Tibetan Buddhist principles and practice includes instructions and rich material for meditating on the stages of the path.< Less
Aspects @ The Speed of Light By Kapiel Raaj
eBook (PDF): $14.41
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This book is based on Vedic Astrology aspects. It contains all the planetary aspects through houses, meaning of aspects, special Jamini aspects, Parivartan yoga, Nakshatra parivartan, meaning aspects... More > and planets, how to study aspects including examples and case studies. This book specifically concentrates on Aspects of Vedic Astrology which no book has ever done before.< Less