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Aspects @ The Speed of Light By Kapiel Raaj
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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This book is based on Vedic Astrology aspects. It contains all the planetary aspects through houses, meaning of aspects, special Jamini aspects, Parivartan yoga, Nakshatra parivartan, meaning aspects... More > and planets, how to study aspects including examples and case studies. This book specifically concentrates on Aspects of Vedic Astrology which no book has ever done before.< Less
We Are Our Deeds By Eric Wodening
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Softbound Edition
Words of Comfort and Hope By Jan Wright
Paperback: $9.99
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Words of Comfort and Hope was written to be of help to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, have lost a job, are going through divorce, etc.
The Testament of Shadows: Coming Forth by Night and Descent from the Stars By T. Broussard
Paperback: $30.00
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The Testament of Shadows: Coming Forth by Night and Descent from the Stars, is the Holy Book or “Bible” for those that self-identify as Upyreshi or Vampyri, in three parts. Book 1... More > introduces the paradigm, while Books 2 and 3 are transmitted or “channeled” documents received from the external forces behind the paradigm. It is because The Testament of Shadows is a result of ceremonial magick that it is not a book of morality or symbolic history. As a whole, The Testament is a work of practical knowledge and holds the keys to personal insight, that shows what could have been, may yet be, or can be applied in the here and now. The Testament of Shadows, in each portion and taken as a whole, points the reader, be he Upyre or not, toward the power he has as an individual. This book, like all books, is what the reader makes it, because its results for the individual depend upon the degree to which the reader accesses his own power and invests in himself.< Less
The Atlantean Conspiracy (Final Edition) By Eric Dubay
Paperback: $30.00
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The Atlantean Conspiracy Final Edition is the ultimate encyclopedia exposing the global conspiracy from Atlantis to Zion. Discover how world royalty through the Vatican and secret societies control... More > literally every facet of our lives from behind the scenes and have done so for thousands of years. Topics covered include Presidential Bloodlines, The New World Order, Big Brother, FEMA Concentration Camps, Secret Societies, The Zionist Jew World Order, False Flags & The Hegelian Dialectic, The Lusitania & WWI, Pearl Harbor & WWII, Operation Northwoods, The Gulf of Tonkin & The Vietnam War, The Oklahoma City Bombing, The 9/11 Inside Job, Media Manipulation, The Health Conspiracy, Fluoride, Vaccines, Engineered AIDS, The Meat & Dairy Myth, The Cure for Everything, Masonic Symbology, Numerology, Time Manipulation, The Christian Conspiracy, Astrotheology, Magic Mushrooms, Atlantis, Kundalini, Enlightenment, Geocentric Cosmology, The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes, Aliens, Controlled Opposition, and much more< Less
Paperback: $30.00
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This is the first practical magick primer to deal explicitly with Loogaria, a term coined by the author to describe the magickal sorcery system of a most particular, specific type of vampyre known as... More > the Loogaroo of Louisiana. It is volume two in the series of books on the Loogaroo and Loogaria by the author, and follows Cultus des Loogaroo, which set forth the lore and legend, as well as the theoretical basis of Loogaria. The examples in this book are for serious practitioners only.< Less
Oriki Awon Orisa By Obafemi Origunwa, Ifayemi Fakayode Abidemi
Paperback: $15.99
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Oriki Awon Òrìsà is a book and companion audio series by Fayemi Abidemi and Obafemi Origunwa. Visit to download the audio files. It is part of a larger... More > multimedia curriculum that teaches the art and the practice of òrìsà lifestyle. Oríkì Awon Òrìsà is A LEARNING TOOL FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN PROPER WORSHIP. With materials in print, audio, video and online, Oríkì Awon Òrìsà is perfect for your personal shrine or as a temple worship and study guide. Visit for more resources.< Less
Might is Right By Ragnar Redbeard
Paperback: $8.99
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The FULL unedited version! This book, once described as “surely one of the most incendiary works ever to be published anywhere” is a no-holds-barred philosophical venture into the meaning... More > of the Jewish origins of Christianity, of nature over nurture, might over morals, of power over weakness, the right of the strongest to rule, the survival of the fittest and the belief that the world is governed by force, not by religious or moral creeds. It is a book which, even a century after its first publication, still stirs huge debate. The reader is likely to be staggered, shake his his or her head in agreement, be dumbfounded or laugh out loud—even in anguish—from page to page. It is a call to man’s primeval instinct of survival, of struggle and of the power of life over death. “Blessed are the Strong for they shall possess the earth — Cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke. Blessed are the Powerful for they shall be reverenced among men — Cursed are the Feeble for they shall be blotted out . . ."< Less
"The Black Bible Of Science" (Compilation) By Dr. Osei Kufuor
Paperback: $20.00
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This book breaks down the so-called holy books and help those who are asleep in religion to overstand the metaphysics of what its reality and the truth that it points toward is really about.This is a... More > book for the black man and woman who has the spiritual DNA that will bring about change throughout the dimensions of self.< Less
The Bible Student's Notebook, Volume 22 (Issues 526-550, 2016) By Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
Paperback: $25.00
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The Bible Student’s Notebook™ is dedicated to the: Promotion of Bible study; Encouragement of the believer’s growth in grace; Support of the role of family patriarch; Recovery of... More > truth that has too long been hidden under the veils of traditionalism, prejudice, misunderstanding and fear.< Less
Mahadashas @ The Speed of Light By Kapiel Raaj
Paperback: $19.99
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This book simplifies the aspect of time cycles in Vedic Astrology which each humans is running through throughout their lives. Certain planets are always controlling our lives for a certain period of... More > time. Depending upon the condition of that planet we understand life around us and see life through that planet's energy. Mahadashas are the most common technique in Vedic Astrology to see which past life karma is being reveled in our lives at the current moment. Once you understand this concept you will understand your dharma in current moment.< Less
Jesus in Wonderland By Marshall Rockford Goodman
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $12.71 | You Save: 15%
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The cover depicts a crucifix upside down with a peace symbol overlay. The basic “peace symbol” design has a long association with Satanic rituals and witchcraft. As an atheist-based... More > ideology, Communist operatives in the 1950s made today’s peace symbol popular. Socialist operatives now misrepresent Christian teachings (about love and peace in particular) as a covert means of achieving Marxist-based political goals. This subversion turns the true message of the Scriptures upside down. This book exposes the political corruption of Christianity, militant atheists and methods, and the use of religion as subterfuge. “Every person who cherishes freedom will find this book of great interest ...” “Recommend it highly as an easy read on a difficult topic ...” “Inspired writing that parts the dark clouds and lets the truth shine in ...” “Goodman exposes socialist policies aimed at abolishing religion and family ...”< Less
I'm Expensive By Schenell Boyd
Paperback: $12.00
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Every woman is a puzzle. They have a prophecy that is on top, but broken pieces on the inside. This book is a prophetic announcement that God is about to bring the pieces of your life back... More > together, so that the inside matches the outside. God wants you to are expensive!< Less
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Journey To The Centre Yoga Of The Spiritual Heart By Martin Jerry, Marian Jerry
Paperback: $27.42
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This is the third book of a trilogy that addresses the Centre of Consciousness from a deepening perspective. It uniquely explores diverse traditions to uncover the common theme of a Centre of... More > Consciousness expressed as the Spiritual Heart. The authors advance a process of “evidence-based spirituality” and explore topics such as the Presence and the Witness, the Void and Fullness, the Spiritual Heart in various traditions including the Bindu and Śrī Vidyā, the universe as subtle sound and advanced topics in meditation, along with a technical appendix. Standard paperback. Colour. Authors receive no royalties.< Less
Warrior By Michelle Brockman
Paperback: $6.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Power, Passion, Purpose - God wants you to be living and walking in all three! Can you answer these 4 questions... * What is your role in these crucial times we live in? * Just how far are you... More > willing to go to carry out that Commission given to us by Jesus? * How does God want us to proceed in these ‘End of the Age’ days we live in? * What is your divine purpose and destiny? Warrior will give you wisdom, insight and discernment so that you can clearly answer those questions. I pray that you will be inspired to run the race that is set out before you with power, passion and purpose for the glory of the Kingdom of God!< Less
Restoring Lost Truths By Donald Werner
Paperback: List Price: $16.28 $11.40 | You Save: 30%
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The Book of the Revelation tells us that Satan deceives the whole world and causes them to wonder after the Beast (follow his teachings)- and that's happening today. What are those teachings that... More > have deceived the whole world? Surprising enough, those false teachings are coming from within the church. This Book will shock, amaze and bless you. It will reveal to you critical Biblical truths that were ‘lost’ or perverted over the centuries. These 'lost' truths have caused some of the churches’ core doctrines to no longer be in harmony with the Scriptures. Those that are deceived by the false teachings revealed in this book are unknowingly on the Broad Way leading to destruction – they have accepted a false God and a false Gospel. What is revealed in the book is staggering; you will wonder how could this happen? Then you will ask yourself, 'Could I be deceived?' This book will challenge your beliefs, your understanding of God, your worship, your prayer life, and your relationship with God.< Less
Title: SouthWest School of Chaplaincy, Inc. Training Manual By Richard Elie
eBook (PDF): $9.99
The SouthWest School of Chaplaincy Inc. Training Manual is intended to strengthen and enhance the education and spiritual gifts of dedicated and caring people who desire to minister with compassion... More > to the hurting. Topics include listening skills, techniques of handling grief and loss, function and role of Hospice in preparation for death and aftercare, function and role of chaplain in funeral planning and the ceremony, techniques for visiting a hospital, prayer/anointing/communion. The manual is intended for chaplains, lay ministers, and ordinary people who have a desire to reach out with compassion to their community.< Less
Journal of Camus Studies By Camus Society 2011
eBook (PDF): $12.13
The 2011 Journal of The Albert Camus Societies of the UK and US. For more information visit (UK) or (US).
Wholly: A Devotional for Hela [eBook] By Dagian Madir
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
Hela, the Norse/Germanic goddess of Death and the Underworld, has long been a mysterious figure in northern Paganism. In Wholly, Her devotee Dagian Madir gives us entry into Her shadowed world, a... More > place of beauty, terror, transformation, and love. With poetry and essays from a variety of those who love and work with this quiet and dark Lady, Wholly is an offering from open hearts who do not fear to look upon the sacredness of the end of the cycle. Welcome into the darkness, and the deep world of wisdom to be found there.< Less
Reading the Marseille Tarot By Jean-Michel David
eBook (PDF): $13.74
(1 Ratings)
A workbook looking into the history and uses of the Marseille Tarot through its earliest extant deck in the Paris Noblet deck
Intuition Applied and Angels Allied: Ascension Implied By Wayne Myers PhD, RMT
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Ascension gives reflection of universal connection, along with increase of inner peace. It is also shown by what is outgrown. One is no longer prone to feeling alone. They can travel their road in a... More > benevolent mode and won’t emotionally implode. In a sense, they create a transcendent state. Bringing intuition into fruition is a connective condition superseding suspicion. Angels give only support of a positive sort, so this book helps guide to the ascending side. Many thoughts bring about all kinds of doubt, and ego has ways of darkening days. Have a structured thrust that can lead to trust. What one may not see can still be key as signals abound in every surround. Become a receiver and then a believer.< Less