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REVELATION THE BOOK Study Guide By Russ Dizdar
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This is a verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation. This study is a WORKBOOK to be used with audio mp3s. The audio mp3s are FREE and can be found as listed in the workbook. This study will have... More > resources and a live on line discussion to be held in Sept. 2016 (if you get this work book after that date the audios will be in mp3 form for download. This will be an extensive course lasting 3 months live.. and will have over 40 hours of chapter by chapter-verse by verse. I will also have extra mp3 audios with more details of biblical words, themes and prophetic insight. see the site for many more audios on prophetic themes/teaching.< Less
The Aramaic and Palestinian Targum By Zen Garcia
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Wikipedia: A standard explanation is that the original title of this work was Targum Yerushalmi, which was abbreviated to ת"י (TY), and these initials were then incorrectly expanded... More > to Targum Yonatan which was then further incorrectly expanded to Targum Yonatan ben Uziel. For these reasons, scholars call it "Targum Pseudo-Jonathan". The first of these manuscripts cited by de Rossi is thought to have been the basis of the first printing in Venice (1591) where the false title Targum Yonatan ben Uziel is used. The second manuscript - the only known one to still exist - is in the British Museum and was published by Ginsburger in 1903. This targum is more than a mere translation. It includes much Aggadic material collected from various sources as late as the Midrash Rabbah as well as earlier material from the Talmud. So it is a combination of a commentary and a translation. In the portions where it is pure translation, it often agrees with the Targum Onkelos.< Less
The Flat Earth as Key to Decrypt the Book of Enoch By Zen Garcia
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Shortly after accepting the flat earth as a model for the world, I decided to revisit the Book of the Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries to see if my new understanding would somehow mirror what Enoch... More > was sharing as a motion for the sun and moon. As I began to read chapters 71-82, I found to my utter amazement that I was able to grasp those passages. I knew then that the vision that the angel Uriel had shown to Enoch could only be deciphered if one were to imagine Enoch’s description of the revolution of the sun and the moon. As seen from above the flat circular plane of the earth as described by Isaiah; and that Enoch must have been taken up to perhaps where Polaris is, centered directly above the North Pole, and while looking down at the backdrop of the earth, was instructed on the motions of both the sun and moon. Without such conception, it is in my opinion impossible to apply these descriptions to the model of the earth as a spherical planet.< Less
Mami Wata: Africa's Ancient God/dess Unveiled Vol. II By Mama Zogbé
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Volume II of the first definitive work on the evolution of this ancient African deity, Mami Wata, and their role in establishing, shaping and expanding the spiritual and sacerdotal foundation of... More > world religion.< Less
Egyptian Origen of the Book of Revelation By John H.C. Pippy
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This in-depth treatise presents conclusive evidence for an extremely close relationship between ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and the Book of Revelation. Practically all characters, scenes and... More > series of scenes found in Revelation have parallels in mainstream Egyptian sources, including the Book of the Dead, the Amduat, Book of Gates, Book of Aker, Books of the Heavens and others. Parallel characters include Egypt’s Apophis as Revelation’s Satan while situations and activities in scenes include the judgment scene and singers by a lake of fire. Parallel sequences of scenes include those found in the 2nd to 12th Divisions of the Book of Gates and most of Revelation’s Chapters 15-21. Allusions to the Book of Dead are common. Finally, a key conclusion: the entire structure of the Book of Revelation can be accounted for in the organization of text and paintings on the walls and ceilings of the tomb of Ramesses VI in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Fully referenced to enable critical review. See< Less
The Three Principles of the Path to Enlightenment By Gelek Rimpoche
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The The Three Principles of the Path was written by Je Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), one of the greatest lamas in the history of Tibet. In fourteen stanzas, the entire path to enlightenment is explained,... More > summarized in three main features, i.e. the need for a determination to be free, the need to develop altruism and insight in the true nature of reality. Gelek Rimpoche’s commentary is both practical and modern, revealing the deeper layers of this poetic text together with tips on how to meditate on its meaning.< Less
Choral Communio By Richard Rice
Paperback: $13.00
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Short English anthems for mixed choir, a cappella or with organ, on the Communion chants of the Graduale Romanum. Covers the complete three-year cycle. Includes a trio verse for each chant.
Odyssey To Freedom By Gelek Rimpoche
Paperback: $17.99
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A new name for an old journey, Gelek Rimpoche created the Odyssey to Free-dom as a concise and complete Lam Rim outline for the 21st century. With 64 points, Odyssey to Freedom sets the stage for... More > reflection on our everyday experience within a spiritual context and provides the path that lead to total enlightenment.< Less
War Against the Papacy By James Larson
Paperback: $16.49
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"It was to St. Peter that our Lord entrusted the Keys of the Kingdom and vowed that his faith would never fail. For centuries the Petrine office has been the bulwark of truth against heresies... More > and ideologies which threaten the integrity of the Church's faith. In War Against the Papacy, James Larson explains why the apparent auto-demolition of the papacy under the post-conciliar popes has not changed this fundamental reality - and why attacks against the papacy, even in the name of tradition, betray a lack of trust in Christ's promise to St. Peter. James Larson is a Catholic author whose notable contributions include articles in the magazine Christian Order as well as the voluminous website War Against Being (www.waragainstbeing). He well-researched essays advocate a return to God using the golden wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas as our lodestar. War Against the Papacy is his first print book.< Less
Beloved Spiritual Israel By David Eells
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This book gives a revelation concerning the love that God has for His New Testament spiritual Israel, His beloved spiritual Israel. Many people don’t understand this and they’re missing... More > out on so much because they think that God tried but failed to bring natural Israel into the Kingdom at the time of Jesus. They think that now we are in Plan B because Plan A didn’t work. God doesn’t have a Plan B. We’re still in Plan A.< Less
Oremus: A Lutheran Breviary By David Kind
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Oremus: a Lutheran Breviary is a daily prayer book containing the traditional daily prayers of the Western Church, with comprehensive texts and chant tones for each day of the church year,... More > including: Full liturgies for each of the seven hours of prayer Full propers for each day of the church year Propers for feasts and commemorations Patristic readings for each day of the church year The complete New King James Version® Psalter with Biblical Canticles fully pointed and with traditional antiphons Easy to understand rubrics.< Less
The Curse of Unforgiveness By David Eells
Paperback: $5.57
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Our Lord Jesus has said in {Mat.6:15} But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Without the Father's forgiveness we are living under the curse.... More > {Mat.18:32} Then his lord called him unto him, and saith to him, Thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt, because thou besoughtest me: {33} shouldest not thou also have had mercy on thy fellow-servant, even as I had mercy on thee? {34} And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due. {35} So shall also my heavenly Father do unto you, if ye forgive not every one his brother from your hearts. The tormentors are the demons who administer the curse which is partially described in Deuteronomy 28. Many are living under this and think it normal, but Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us... {Gal.3:13}. Find in these pages the answer of repentance and faith that brings the abundant life Jesus promised.< Less
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The Image in the Mirror By Salle J. Sandlin
Paperback: $10.00
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A collection of devotional articles for Christian women to strengthen them in their Faith.
Salvation: Instant and Progressive By David Eells
Paperback: $4.85
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This book will highly motivate you to continue in your salvation to manifest “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” It is not just the spirit of Christ but also the soul of Christ that this... More > world needs to see and God wants to see. Many do not understand the progression of salvation, which we will show clearly from the Word in this book. It is only the beginning to receive a born-again spirit. We must then continue in real faith to bear the fruit of this spirit in our soul, which is our mind, will and emotions.< Less
Mini-Hymnal 2.0 By Bryan Wolfmueller
Paperback: $3.50
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This Mini-Hymnal contains twenty Psalms of comfort, the Gospel of John, and twenty hymns. It is designed especially to be left at the hospital, but has plenty of other uses. Download this book for... More > free at The interior of this book is available for free download at< Less
For the Love of God, Meditations on the Mystic Path By Hal A. Lingerman
Paperback: $16.95
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Hal A. Lingerman, M.A., M. Div., M.A. is the author of the following books: The Healing Energies of Music; Life Streams: Music and Daily Meditations; Your Journey in Christ; Living Your Destiny,... More > Angels in Music, Harmonizing the Classroom and For the Love of God, Meditations on the Mystic Path.. Hal has worked for more than forty years in the varied fields of ministry, university teaching, psychological counseling and facilitating workshops in spiritual growth. He also spent seven years working in Interfaith Ministry on behalf of the needy and homeless< Less
GENEROUS JUSTICE: Jewish Wisdom for Just-Giving By Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips
Paperback: $19.95
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GENEROUS JUSTICE is a resource for social action, lifelong learning, spiritual growth and contemplative practice, giving circles and philanthropy education, service learning, and personal money... More > management. This innovative source book provides inspiration and practical support for “just-giving”: just give, AND give justly. With readings from classical and contemporary pathfinders, accompanied by guided study questions, readers join a dialogue across millennia of prophets, sages, activists and artists. Bringing together concern for the poor and vulnerable with concern for the planet, GENEROUS JUSTICE is a one-stop guide for more effective giving throughout the year: simple, regular, and fair.< Less
Restoring Lost Truths By Donald Werner
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The Book of the Revelation tells us that Satan deceives the whole world and causes them to wonder after the Beast (follow his teachings)- and that's happening today. What are those teachings that... More > have deceived the whole world? Surprising enough, those false teachings are coming from within the church. This Book will shock, amaze and bless you. It will reveal to you critical Biblical truths that were ‘lost’ or perverted over the centuries. These 'lost' truths have caused some of the churches’ core doctrines to no longer be in harmony with the Scriptures. Those that are deceived by the false teachings revealed in this book are unknowingly on the Broad Way leading to destruction – they have accepted a false God and a false Gospel. What is revealed in the book is staggering; you will wonder how could this happen? Then you will ask yourself, 'Could I be deceived?' This book will challenge your beliefs, your understanding of God, your worship, your prayer life, and your relationship with God.< Less
Astrology At The Speed of Light By Kapiel Raaj
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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World governments practice this science every hour of the day, but, only the true Vedic calculated methods which were used by Egyptians and Mayans. Saturn, according to these higher ups, is the most... More > important and the most powerful planet out there for gaining wealth and power. Now, you can learn the true meaning of this celestial power. I bring you the easiest way to learn true and original Astrology and its secrets. I goes into details about all the ABCD of Astrology. This is a guide for people who lost faith, or never trusted astrology, due to lack of depth in their weekly or yearly sun signs and moon signs horoscopes. Stop looking at those useless websites and newspapers; you weren't wrong in losing faith, because what you saw was not even the surface, let me show you the rabbit hole. I also discuss some of the secrets, and misconceptions of astrology and Numerology, which most astrologers do not imply into their daily practice.< Less
Mahadashas @ The Speed of Light By Kapiel Raaj
eBook (PDF): $12.99
(10 Ratings)
This book simplifies the aspect of time cycles in Vedic Astrology which each humans is running through throughout their lives. Certain planets are always controlling our lives for a certain period of... More > time. Depending upon the condition of that planet we understand life around us and see life through that planet's energy. Mahadashas are the most common technique in Vedic Astrology to see which past life karma is being reveled in our lives at the current moment. Once you understand this concept you will understand your dharma in current moment.< Less