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Inner Arts 1 Practicum By Jana Dixon
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The origins of conflict and the struggle for power results from the lack of personal connection to the divine. Inner Arts practice and sovereignty philosophy is about building the inner connectivity... More > to Spirit. The Inner Arts are redemptive contemplative exercises for establishing the neurology of the whole HUman. The body can be bought into cohesive Flow with the cosmos by removing the armoring that blocks the light. Understanding the neuroscience of sovereignty, along with the Inner Arts practice and spiritual nutrition shifts Borg recovery into higher gear, from just surviving and muddling through to thriving as the best possible version of ourselves. The true beauty of the inner dimensional journeying of the Inner Arts is that as we become familiar with entering, inhabiting and navigating inside our own body we begin to feel empowered and emancipated, because we feel more Real and realized to ourselves. Sovereignty is begotten through Self-remembering from the inside out.< Less
The Complete Book of Demonolatry By S. Connolly
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HARDCOVER EDITION: Discover powerful rites, magick, and practices that honor Satan and the Demons. Learn how and why the Enns, Demonolatry Sigils, ascension and many other Demonolatry methods are... More > becoming standard practice among many Theistic Satanists. This unmatched work of Demonolatry guides students from pre-initiate to adept. It even delves into the depths of Demonolatry sex magick, necromancy, blood rites, and blood sacrifice. This text, used by the traditional Demonolatry Priesthood to train members of their covens, is part workbook, part textbook, and part reference book. It includes thorough chapters on demonology, history, Demonic Holy Days, offerings, prayers, Enns, sigils, religious rites, and an introduction to Demonolatry Magick. It is, irrefutably, the most complete book of Demonolatry ever written.< Less
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Second Edition: PAPAL ANOMALIES AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS is a one of kind book that takes a fascinating look into the history of the Catholic Church. You’ll read how an antipope was recognized... More > as a true pope by the whole Church for hundreds of years, and how several true popes were unlawfully elected to the Chair of Peter. What does it mean for the Church today? These and many more anomalies are presented with the theological implications. No punches are pulled when the barbaric and ridiculous affairs found within the papacy are told by a devout traditional Catholic. This may be the most fascinating book you’ll ever read on the papacy.< Less
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This is a basic (simplified) demonstration of the positions we take on fundamental matters in "Allah's Temple" (Moorish Science Temple of America, founded 1913).
Primordia Oratorii - The Beginning of the Oratory By Agostino Manni
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The author of this little work, F Agostino Manni, was a friend and companion of Saint Philip. He wrote this account of the origin of the Oratory, and of its earliest practices, at the beginning of... More > the 17th century, shortly before the Constitutions of the Congregation of the Oratory were approved. Unedited at the time of his death, it was recently translated from a later manuscript copy in the library of the London Oratory, and provides a valuable insight into the Oratorian ethos and way of life.< Less
Lucifer - Father of Cain By Zen Garcia
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The esoteric knowledge presented here, represents what are in my belief, some of the most carefully guarded, heavily veiled, and least understood secrets of biblical wisdom traditions. Many have... More > stumbled upon this knowledge without necessarily grasping just what the full implications this knowledge means for unlocking and deciphering the riddles of our Holy Bible as bestowed upon us by our Father Yahweh through the line of prophets and even His only begotten Son Yahushuah Savior Messiah. The secret that unlocks all things biblical is knowledge that Cain was a child of Eve and Lucifer and not the first born son of Adam. Understanding that there are two blood lines upon the planet and that these two bloodlines have been warring with one another since the inception and dawning of humanity upon this world will help one to decipher this critical theme as it plays out through the totality of all available scripture, from the fall to soon coming judgment.< Less
The Jew Who Missed The Bus: Will You Accept the Challenge? By Evangelist Thomas M. Duncan Jr.
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Are you ashamed of the gospel of Jesus? I hope you just answered, NO! If you're not, I'm going to ask you to accept a challenge & become part of the BIGGEST witnessing of the gospel to every... More > believer in Judaism. I’ve written this book because I received a revelation from GOD. This book will have every believer in Judaism talking & many seeing Jesus as the Messiah for the first time ever. It's a very interesting story, how I received the revelation & the two different challenges I pose to believers in Judaism & Christianity. To becoming part of this biggest witnessing. All you need to do is buy the book read it & PASS IT ON to a believer in Judaism. Now if you're not ashamed of the gospel that shouldn’t be a difficult task & in doing so you will fulfill these 2 commandments from Jesus. Mark 16:15 Go into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature. Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; & you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem< Less
Saints In Rome and Beyond By Daniel Thelen
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Within Christian tradition the veneration of relics has happened quite naturally. From the first few moments of Christian history, as the three Marys looked on with surprise upon the empty tomb of... More > Christ, to the most recent martyr, who in their own way suffers and joins him or herself to Christ’s passion, the church has always shown a great desire to provide special dignity to the dead and proper veneration and respect for their remains. The Liturgy in a special way unites the most august celebration of the Eucharist with the memorials of the saints. This not only reflects the eternal union that Christ desires for each of us in heaven but it also expresses the incredible love that God has for his creation. This work attempts to tap into this marvelous reality. By focusing primarily upon the saints of the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar it is hoped that the pilgrim may in a unique way participate in the Divine Liturgy by visiting the shrines of the saints on their feast days.< Less
"The Black Bible Of Science" (Compilation) By Dr. Osei Kufuor
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This book breaks down the so-called holy books and help those who are asleep in religion to overstand the metaphysics of what its reality and the truth that it points toward is really about.This is a... More > book for the black man and woman who has the spiritual DNA that will bring about change throughout the dimensions of self.< Less
Quest for Avoda II By Rav Matis Weinberg
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“Context is all” it is said, and perhaps the most problematic areas of the current era of text-based Torah study is the missing fundamental perspective once provided through the presence... More > and personal presentation of a master/teacher. Rav Matis Weinberg, author of the FrameWorks series on the Torah and Patterns in Time series on the structure of the mo’adim, serves in A Brief History of Time as your guide through the thicket of misunderstandings, superstitions, misrepresentations, preconceptions, and popular assumptions which have turned Jewish life on its head and transformed a Torah meant to be perceived as your wisdom and understanding in the eyes of the nations (Devarim 4:6) into Useless decrees and unlivable laws (Yechezkel 20:25), demonstrating in real-time the prophetic words of Rashi that “You will be perceived as fools.”< Less
On To The Prize By Renee Hibma
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If you are reading this book, you are probably a Christian. And you're probably running hard on the track, reaching out your hands for that bottle of water. This book is one of those bottles! It's a... More > refreshing dose of encouragement for tired and thirsty spiritual runners.< Less
TECHNETRONICS By Dr. Will Rogers Masterteacher33
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Technocracy will distribute by means of a certificate of distribution available to every citizen from birth to death. The Technate will encompass the entire American Continent from Panama to the... More > North Pole because the natural resources and the natural boundary of this area make it an independent, self-sustaining geographical unit. TECHNOCRAT - A government or social system controlled by technicians, especially scientists and technical experts.< Less
Power Animals and Their Symbolism By Tony Scazzero
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By understanding power animals, we can know ourselves and those around us better. Many people cannot comprehend why they think or act in a certain way. It is easier to understand ourselves by... More > studying what our power animal’s intrinsic nature is. Finally, by appreciating power animals we can better understand the nature and characteristics of the source of it all – our Creator and Parent, God. The secrets of the power animals that has been lost and forgotten are finally being re-discovered so we can awaken to this new realm of spirituality. Today all the mystical traditions are opening their doors in order to accelerate the transformation of the world. Learning new spiritual concepts challenges our previous beliefs, but when we can learn these new insights, we can become better people and the world will become a better place.< Less
False Profits & The Lovers of Children By R D GABLE
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The truth is a network of doctors, priests, nuns, police, and other highly reputable, and some not so reputable, members of society who are involved directly or indirectly in the abuse, or cover up,... More > of children for reasons ranging from personal sexual pleasure, blackmail, ritual sacrifice, and even drug trafficking. Few wish to discuss the subject of child-abuse or ritual sacrifice for fear of visiting their own abuse or for being called crazy when abusers with public profiles are named. For those of us who know the truth, we must as act as unofficial liaisons between the abused and the mislead public perceptions, especially when the truth seems too unbelievable and goes against the very icons, images, and beliefs, that we have been lead to believe are holy.< Less
The Agony of Betrayal By Monsignor Dino Lorenzetti and Barbara Stoyell-Mulholland
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At some point in our lives, most of us have been touched by betrayal and have suffered the devastating consequences of its impact. Monsignor Lorenzetti reveals the source of this betrayal, the Lie,... More > and points us toward healing and wholeness. This book provides consolation, hope, and understanding to the painful experience of being deceived by someone in whom we believed and trusted.< Less
Fire Jewel: A Devotional For Freyja [pdf] By Gefion Vanirdottir
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Freyja, the ancient Norse Goddess of love, fertility, and sorcery is one of the most popular deities of modern Norse religious traditions, and yet there is a dearth of devotional material dedicated... More > to her. This collection of writings hopes to remedy that problem. Here you will find poems, prayers, rituals, songs, and more in praise of the goddess in her various aspects. To some, she is a goddess of love, others speak of her as sorceress and seidr-worker, some see her as the goddess who mourns for her absent husband, others as a mighty warrior, still others as her father’s daughter shining upon the sea. She is all of these things, and more. She is the Goddess who wears Brisingamen, the Fire Jewel, the most beautiful necklace in the world – and knows that she is worthy of its gift.< Less