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Me, Myself, and I Multiplicity By Drake Bailey
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This book is designed to help everyone from the novice to adept. A lot of detail has been left out as those interested in this subject, should have already been reading and researching. There is a... More > certain knowledge level required to get the most out of it. Most people will easily understand the content and find it simple to apply. The most important part is the willingness of the reader/student to follow the instructions and practice continually. You must get to the point that the exercises are second nature to you and your life. This opens the door to your path, that is exclusively yours. My intent is the information, a purity, and truth that others do not offer. It is up to you to take your first step. Enjoy! ~ Drake< Less
The Dark Lords Satanic Bible By Curtis Bridges
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This Is A Brand New Bible Of Satan, This Bible Is Totally Different And It Will Surprise You, This bible Will Testified To You That This Is The True Bible Of Satan And You Won't Find Another Bible... More > Like This One, Explore The Dark Lord More And Gain More Knowledge To Understand On What Satan Wants From Us, It's All In This Bible The True Words Of Satan< Less
The Transfiguration: Interpretation – Application – Consideration By E. W. Bullinger
Paperback: $9.95
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What really happen on the “Mount of Transfiguration”? It was one of the most unusual events in a very unique life. What happen to Jesus Christ when His face shone like the sun? Bullinger... More > deals with this event in his usual systematic and thorough manner, considering first the historical interpretation before making spiritual applications. He then looks as practical consideration, bringing other scriptures into the equation. He finishes with a section entitled “Good to be there,” looking forward to the day when Christ shall be manifest in glory and to our being there with Him.< Less
Mami Wata: Africa's Ancient God/dess Unveiled Vol. I By Mama Zogbé
Paperback: $53.33
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This first definitive work on the predomiance of this powerful African deity throughout the ancient world has quickly become a "cult" classic. The evolution of Mami Wata in establishing,... More > shaping and expanding the spiritual and sacerdotal foundation of world religion, reveals also the lost but glorious past of African women's spirituality. Hailed as the new "bible" on the history of African women, this comprehensive well-researched body of work will benefit academics, students, and all who are seeking to fill the missing void in world religious and cultural history. Totaling over 800 pages, it is reccomended that both heavily illustrated (Volumes I & II) be purchased as a set.< Less
God’s Church: Its Calling, Hope and Motive By E. W. Bullinger
Paperback: $12.00
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A study of the church, the Body of Christ. A look into our calling, hope, and motive for service.
Short Papers (Volume 2) - (DIGEST) By E.W. Bullinger
Paperback: $14.00
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Chapter 1: "Holiness – God’s Way Better than Man’s" Chapter 2: "The Vail" Chapter 3: "Sanctification" Chapter 4: “Made Meet" Chapter 5: ... More > "The Guilty by No Means Cleared" Chapter 6: "Be Perfect" Chapter 7: "Perfection" Chapter 8: "Where to Worship" Chapter 9: "The Seven Sayings by the Well" Chapter 10: "The Royal Road to Holiness" Chapter 11: "Prayer" Chapter 12: "Leaven" Chapter 13: "Man of God"< Less
Rheims Version New Testament By Douay Rheims
Hardcover: $49.99
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Presented here is book 5 of 5 of the historic Catholic translation of the Latin Vulgate into the English language. The original, unrevised Douay Rheims Bible in a facsimile format. Contains countless... More > notes and annotations for better understanding of the biblical texts. For a complete description and a discount on purchasing the whole set- visit my website< Less
The Black Church - Where Women Pray and Men Prey By Deborrah Cooper
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Black churches were once the cornerstone of the Black community and looked at as a source of guidance and strength. Indeed, the war for freedom waged in the 1960s battle for civil rights was born... More > within the walls of Black churches. But that was then, and this is now. The pews of African American churches are filled with women, many of them lonely single mothers. These women come to church to be spiritually uplifted, but that is not what happens. Instead, twisted Scripture is used by unscrupulous men to manipulate and control them. Church is where black women are being preyed upon sexually, emotionally and financially. Are most pastors in black churches nothing but pimps smiling from the pulpit instead of from a Cadillac? Find out more at< Less
Douay Version Old Testament, Volume II Part I By Douay Rheims
Hardcover: $39.99
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Presented here is book 3 of 5 of the historic Catholic translation of the Latin Vulgate into the English language. The original, unrevised Douay Rheims Bible in a facsimile format. Contains countless... More > notes and annotations for better understanding of the biblical texts. For a complete description and a discount on purchasing the whole set- visit my website< Less
Oh, We Should Have Told You By Sharon Clark Rowlands
Paperback: $9.99
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We've all had the experience - something happens that grabs our attention and then seems to take on a life of its own. My attention was grabbed when two days in a row two different sales clerks said... More > to me " Oh, we should have told you.” The next thing I knew I was flipping through a personal Journal that I had kept during several years of my Spiritual Journey, picking out stories of personal experiences and "messages from someone outside of myself" and then adding intuitively suggested subtitles to these stories and messages. "Oh, we should have told you" was transforming itself into this book. Even though I have lived these experiences and have "heard the messages", I continue to gain wisdom and comfort each time I read them. I trust that by reading the pages of this book, you will be stimulated to reflect upon and to gain insights into your own experiences and that you will be provided with inspiration and comfort as you navigate your own Spiritual Journey.< Less
Sanatana Dharma: The Eternal Natural Way By Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya
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An all-in-one guide to the world of Yoga, Vedanta, meditation and Hinduism. This book is a celebration of the tradition of Sanatana Dharma. In this magnum opus, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya has... More > provided us with a valuable introduction to the philosophy and practice of this ancient spiritual path. Sanatana Dharma: The Eternal Natural Way is a comprehensive summary of this profound spiritual tradition. It is the first English language systematic theological and philosophical exposition of the entire world-view of Sanatana Dharma. With an easy to follow format, detailed glossary, and style of writing that is both authoritative, yet inviting to any reader, this book is your doorway to a rarely visited realm of spiritual awakening. Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya is widely recognized as one of the foremost spiritual authorities and teachers of the Vedic tradition in the world today.< Less
Dominican Rite Ordo for 2014 By Dominican Liturgy Publications
Paperback: $7.99
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This booklet is intended for use by anyone who prays the 1962 Dominican Rite Breviary. It includes a complete calendar for the Dominican Rite liturgical year for 2014. In addition, it includes the... More > collect prayers for the Dominican Blesseds who are not on the calendar (so that a votive commemoration can be made of their feast), obits of the deceased Masters General, and announcements of days when Dominican Tertiaries (Lay Dominicans) can obtain plenary indulgences. Finally, it contains an English translation of the ordinary of the Office of Pretiosa.< Less
The Book of Seals & Amulets By Jacobus G. Swart
Paperback: $38.50
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The “Shadow Tree Series” comprises a unique collection of Western Esoteric studies and practices which Jacobus G. Swart, spiritual successor to William G. Gray and co-founder of the... More > Sangreal Sodality, has actuated and taught over a period of forty years. "The Book of Seals & Amulets” comprises a comprehensive investigation into the meaning and relevance of Celestial Alphabets, Magical Seals, Magic Squares, Divine and Angelic Names, etc., as well as their employment in Hebrew Amulets in order to benefit personal wellbeing in a most significant manner. Continuing the standards set in "The Book of Self Creation" and "The Book of Sacred Names," Jacobus Swart offers detailed instruction on the contents and construction of Hebrew Amulets. He again consulted the enormous array of relevant primary Hebrew literature, large sections of which are available to an English readership for the first time.< Less
Ketava Kudsha - The Manichaean Holy Book By Manichaean Publication Society
Hardcover: $45.50
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The Manichaean Holy Book of Light, called the Ketava Kudsha. This is the SECOND REVISED EDITION also known as the "Portland Edition". This 2nd Ed. contains additional texts that did not... More > appear in the initial releases. Updated 27 March 2014. Please note that this edition still contains some old typos from previous editions and some new ones. We are in the process of updating the text and making necessary adjustments. Until then you may wish to wait about purchasing the printed edition of the Holy Book. ISBN: 978-1-304-98509-5 For more information and to discuss this edition please visit our social network at< Less
The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English with Psalms & Proverbs (8th edition with notes) By Rev. David Bauscher
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This is a translation (8th edition-2013) of The Aramaic New Testament (Aramaic was the language of Jesus and his countrymen of 1st century Israel) in literal English prose translation of The Peshitta... More > New Testament. A translation of the Psalms & Proverbs from the ancient Peshitta OT Version is included at the end. This translation is derived from the author's Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament and The Psalms & Proverbs interlinear. Aramaic was used in Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" to make the film as realistic and accurate as possible. This New Testament will surprise and thrill the reader with its power and inspiration coming from the words of "Yeshua" (“Jesus” in ancient Aramaic) as He originally spoke them, in a literal and readable English rendering.This edition contains 209 pages of notes demonstrating graphically in hundreds of verse examples that the Aramaic NT is the original text and the Greek NT is a translation of the Aramaic Peshitta text.609 pages paperback.< Less
কুরআনের কথা By ওমর আল জাবির
Paperback: List Price: $22.68 $11.34 You Save: 50%
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আধুনিক মানুষের জন্য সমসাময়িক... More > প্রশ্ন, দ্বন্দ্ব এবং ঘটনাগুলোকে কুরআনের আলোকে দেখা এবং কুরআনের আয়াতে লুকিয়ে থাকা বৈজ্ঞানিক তথ্য এবং যুক্তির উপর আলোচনা< Less
The Orange Catholic Bible By The Unificationist Catholic Church
Paperback: $15.00
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The Orange Catholic Bible is the primary scripture for the Unificationist Catholic Church. This Bible is comprised of several key sacred texts as given to us by the Prophets and teachers of the... More > world. Placed into one volume as a testament to the unification of all faiths and the worship of the Lord of Light. One manifested Divine Current, the Supreme Architect of the Universe.< Less
Reducing Karma and the Sources of Negative Actions, Speech and Thoughts By Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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(8 1/2 x 11, B&W, 32 pages) The word Karma literally means action. It may appear that Karma is happening to us, as if some outside force is causing good things or bad things to come to us.... More > However, it is really our own inner conditionings and processes that are leading us to experience outer effects or consequences in relation to our own actions. To understand the meaning of Karma, and to reduce its control through Yoga, one needs to understand another term, Samskara. Karma literally means actions, and those actions come from the deep impressions of habit called Samskaras. These two act together, with our actions and speech creating Samskaras, and those leading to actions or Karma. This is something that with which all of us are already familiar, whether or not we use the word Karma to describe it. We can choose our own future Karma if we are willing to put in the effort to learn how to do it. (This article is from< Less
The Elder Troth: An Introductory Course of Study By KveldulfR Gundarsson
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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The ancient religious ways of the Germanic peoples -- the Norse, Anglo-Saxons, Goths, Germans, and many other tribes -- have not been extinguished. Many persons and groups have been working for years... More > to revive them as a serious and meaningful religion for today. Asatru, Heathenry, Theodism, Odinism, Forn Sed, and the Elder Troth are just a few of the names for various modern sects and variants of this ancient, yet ever-growing religious tradition. This book is a brief yet comprehensive guide to this religion, written by one of its foremost and best-known scholars, ideal for anyone who has heard the call of the ancient Gods and is looking for the best way to answer.< Less
I Am a Sirian - Starseeds On Earth! By The Abbotts
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Many people have become interested in their Off-planet lives following the Abbotts' successful book 'Who Are You? Discovering your Cosmic Origins' and they want to know more about the Sirians and... More > their unique culture. In this amazing book, you will learn about the Sirians who incarnated to Egypt, South America and Asia bringing their particular traits and skills to build these ancient empires. Over a billion Ex-Sirians currently live on Earth, adding their special loving characteristics to the mix of cultures world-wide. Are you a Sirian? Would you like to know more about why you react the way you do to work, romance, family relationships, art or recreation? Well, this is the book for you! Written in The Abbotts' easy to understand style and with channelled messages from Sirian and Higher Beings, you will be intrigued and illuminated by the descriptions of Sirian life, psychic skills and the easy solutions to your own problems! In 14pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated.< Less
A Detailed Dictionary of the Holy Koran: Explanation of the Words in Arabic - Translation of the Verses in English By Abou Fares El-Dahdah
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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The purpose of this book is threefold: To represent Koranic verses in ordinary Arabic typography found among available fonts; to define words as they appear in their respective verses; and to align... More > the English translation below each of the verses in Arabic while respecting the position of each sentence. Among the many available translations known for the high level of their faithfulness to the original text, that of Habib Shakir was selected for its simple style and the correct choice of its terms. Definitions were otherwise taken from the “Dictionary of Terms in the Holy Koran,” edited by the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo.< Less
Spiritual Reliability - Learning to Become God's Employee By Richard Seaman
eBook (ePub): $11.99
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The world is leaving the age of communication and evolving into the age of intuition. More and more people are hearing the divine whispers and are being called to take their life to a greater higher... More > level. In this deeply profound eye-opening book, award winning teacher and Master Life Coach Richard Seaman teaches you how to utilize your life for the greater, higher purpose and become God’s employee. Discover and learn how to release yourself from the constraints that traditional religions may have placed on you. The limited container of religion can push you away from having any spiritual grounding, and leave you feeling unanchored, unmoored and drifting through life. Part metaphorical teaching, part spiritual wisdom and part philosophy this book shines a light of truth on struggles you may be facing in your own life, and teaches you how to rise up and over them. Spiritual Reliability will help you to connect or reconnect to your own truth and find your own spiritual anchors.< Less