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This is the manual for the How To Prove That God Exists Course.
"Human Universe" By Dr. Osei Kufuor
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This book is intended for the purpose of opening up the portals within the Melanated Beings of this 3rd Dimension.
Dhiramati: Collected Pujas By Dhiramati
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A collection of Pujas to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, composed by Dhiramati and used in Buddhafield and elsewhere in the Triratna Buddhist Community.
The Resurrection Testament (Heart Realization) By Jared J. Kimble
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This is the manifesto of Enbrightenment. Enbrightenment is a Nondual spiritual tradition that offers a complete revelation of God or Self Realization. This book lays out the foundation texts that all... More > teachings of Enbrightenment stand upon. Readers will learn about the Spiritual Cross, which is presented as a type of science of God Realization. The writings found here reveal the total anatomical structure that awakens from the processes of whole bodily realization, and discusses the stages of Enbrightenment and Heart Communion with the Guru (Mukti Da). Enbrightenment can be understood to be a new Nondual spiritual tradition that offers Heart Communion with the Guru (Mukti Da) as the principle Way. Through Heart Communion the Testament of Mukti Da (Jared J. Kimble) can be verified personally, and my Testament is Realized to be a Testament of Nondual Reality ItSelf and the Realization of Nondual Reality ItSelf As yourSelf.< Less
Woman Thou Art Bound By Deborah Yah
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Many very strong and courageous women are being forced into spiritual and mental bondage to satisfy the desires of those who lack wisdom and have an agenda of their own to push. When the thought of... More > the day is that women have no place but under the foot of men, we can now see and understand why the sanity in the world is diminishing fast. Deborah, Anna, Judith, Huldah and other biblical women would be labeled as having the Jezebel spirit by some of today's charlatan-type men.< Less
God, History, and Dialectic, Volume I: God, The Foundation of the First Europe By Joseph P Farrell
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Volume 1 of Dr. Farrell's magnum opus. Disclaimer: This 2016 Digital Edition is clean, and readable on any modern computer that supports PDFs. There are, however, flaws, the occasional numbering... More > error, even perhaps a missing note or two. If you accept these weaknesses, then enjoy, reader. You now have access to the great work of theological, philosophical, and historical speculation by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.< Less
'The Story of the Beginning' an Alternate Biblical History By Richard Hayes
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This Book describes the impact of a comet 10,500 BCE which destroyed the Earth,and the efforts of LORD God Elohim and His 144,000 Angels to build the Garden of Eden to save all of God's creations.... More > This story end with the Flood of Noah. This Book also describes the possible future impacts and the efforts of NASA to divert any potently hazardous asteroids from hitting the Earth.< Less
In His Holy Name: A Collection of Sermons By Peter Ingeman
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A collection of sermons delivered by the Rev. Peter L. Ingeman at Christ Episcopal Church, Valdosta, Georgia.
Nourishment of Soul Mantras and Meditations for the Contemporary Woman By Serge Kozlovsky
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If the world has a new relaxation guru it's Serge Kozlovsky. Combining for the first time ever, mantras, meditations, coloring, psychology and stress reducers, this book is certain to make a very,... More > real impact on the reader's life. This book includes exercises in affirmations, journaling prompts and even written regression therapies. The most proactive New Age book yet, it's certain to evoke healing and spiritual nourishment. Serge Kozlovsky started writing when he was six years old and has had an unquenchable thirst for the written word ever since. His website has hosted 39313 visitors and receives many more daily. For more info on his astounding talent please visit< Less
African-Israel Prayer book with Passover Aggadah Hardback By Rabbi Simon Altaf HaKohen
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Hardback (Large Font): Many times we wonder what prayers should we do when we go to bed, when we leave our home in the morning and how do we pray daily? What prayer should I do if I have a ritual... More > bath? What prayer is for affixing a Mezuzah? Each year you wonder how to do the Passover Aggadah and what is the procedure. This book also covers women’s niddah laws to give you understanding into women’s ritual purity. Unlike other prayer books Rabbi Simon actually bothers to explain small details that are important and often ignored. It has also the much sought after midnight prayers and other halaka for day to day use. This contains everything you need to know for daily prayers and festivals, death, burials as an essential resource. A prayer that you do so you never run out of food. The text has transliterated Hebrew for beginners. This is one book you should not be without.< Less
Mystery: the difference between THEOLOGY AND Theodicy By Apostle Oleg MB
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The Kuandaa International Handbook for Church Leaders, Volume 1 By Dewey Miller
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The Kuandaa International Handbook for Church Leaders, Volume 1 originally appeared as a series of articles on the website. Kuandaa International is committed to working with, encouraging... More > and training pastors throughout the world. Our work has begun in East Africa where this material was first conceived. Ultimately, this book is intended as a resource for church leaders who are otherwise under-resourced. In fact, it is the case that many pastors in the developing world have no training or literature at all to work with. Kuandaa seeks to provide in person training events, on line resources and ongoing relationships to build up the body of Christ.< Less
everybody his own god? By chris bouter
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A plea for the Christian faith in the era of so-called Postmodernism. It introduces the term of autotheism as an analysis of the sin-sickness that has been upon us since the Fall of man. This essay... More > begins with an attempt to arrange the main religions under common de-nominators and subsequently counters them with a Christian apology.< Less
Loving God: Through Jesus, God's Son PARVA By Colette Ellis Lienhard
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Catholic New Testament book for ages 3-5 to teach the faith.
Praying in the Word - A Personal Journal By Denna Stephens, Mathew Ted Fontaine
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A journal book to write and record personal prayers for self or others. It includes scriptural support for a variety of categories and concerns. The intent is to empower your prayers with the support... More > of God's word.< Less
eBook (PDF): $9.80
Threads of Destiny weaves the reader through the secrets and traditions of Europe, Asia and South America and presents original explanations for things we think we understand — Karma,... More > reincarnation, Justice — as well as broaching subjects and making connections in a new context: the emerald mystery of Brazil and its people. In these pages are Jesus and Fidel Castro (disguised as a reborn Simon Bolivar); Eva Peron and the Prophet Daniel; Egypt and India — even Ethel and Julius Rosenberg — as well as dimensions and beings seen only in myth and legend. Equal parts essayist and storyteller, author Roselis von Sass makes her book hard to put aside. For scholars and students on the path of truth, this Amazon jewel must be held and turned, examined for its lights. After first reading you may find yourself seriously asking if mere chance put it in your hands, or if it isn’t in fact some sort of destiny. — Dan Bentley-Baker, author of The Paper Boat< Less
Bil'am & Moshe By Rav Matis Weinberg
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Shiur given in Deal, N.J. in 2001, transcribed by Ralph Dweck, covering basic issues in the Moshe-Bil'am relationship, and early roots of post-modernism and probability.