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Hope of the Kingdom By Ben Cloud
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Honor Christ the Lord as holy, (by) being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15-16 Do you... More > know what the hope of the Kingdom is? This book seeks to help layout the gospel and mission of God and the theology of the Kingdom of God according to Jesus.< Less
Yahweh The Two-Faced God By Joseph P Farrell, Scott D de Hart
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Oxford educated authors and researchers, Dr’s Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D. de Hart expose the history behind the End of Times apocalyptic panic and pandemonium; the theological terror; the... More > underlying agenda to divide saints from sinners, darkness from light, and the accompanying geo-political aim to turn nation against nation. From the classified files of Farrell and de Hart previously marked “Highly Confidential” comes the book that could not be written until now. This timely book is a must read exposé of how the three historic monotheistic religions set the stage for the apocalypse theatre. It is a story of the ancient unholy alliance of terrorism, theology, geo-politics.< Less
The Interim By Odessa Rollins
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What to do when Crisis hit your life. The "In Between" moments
Vices and Virtue in Poetry and in Prose By Rex Davidson
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A collection of songs, proverbs and wisdom for the glory of God.
Science of the Soul According to the Bhagavad-Gita By Rebecca Todd (Madhava Priya Dasi)
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What is a soul? Do I have one? Do animals have souls? How could spiritual subject matter be a science? What is the Bhagavad Gita, and what does it say about matter and spirit, about God? What do... More > the Hare Krishnas believe? How can I find the answers to these questions in my fast-paced life? This book, which is based on the ancient scripture called the Bhagavad Gita, written 5,000 years ago in India, is for the curious, the seeking, the philosophical, and the ordinary reader. It offers direct, easy-to-digest answers to the above questions, questions every human being has, or should have. After all, we are all souls. The art on the cover suggests the basic truth about the soul: it depicts the individual soul illuminating the body, and shows a hint of the illumination from the Supreme Soul, whom we call God.< Less
The Gita in 3D By Madhava Priya Dasi
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This book is based on The Bhagavad-gita As It Is by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. It is a study guide that follows the instructions given by Srila Prabhupada in his... More > purports, as well as explanations given by Lord Krishna Himself, to understand the Gita in terms of three levels of transcendental knowledge: confidential, more confidential, and most confidential. When one studies the Gita in this way, its meaning stands out in three dimentional clarity.< Less
Galatians: Rescued By Norris Ferry Community Church
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Are you looking for a renewed freedom, excitement and joy in your spiritual life? That's exactly what we found when our church began an 18 week walk through the book of Galatians. Each week as we... More > carefully studied Galatians, we found God exploding our hearts with newfound freedom, excitement and joy! This book is a commentary compiled from our study of Galatians. It is divided into three parts: I - Gospel Apologetic (Galatians 1-2): In these chapters, Paul defends his ministry and the source of his gospel. II - Gospel Expression (Galatians 3-4): In these chapters, Paul mines the glorious truths of the gospel and powerfully lays them out for his readers. III - Gospel Implications (Galatians 5-6): In these chapters, Paul brings his high theology to the everyday life of a believer and clearly illustrates how our lives should be radically reoriented and transformed in light of the gospel.< Less
Pralambasura, and a Forest Fire By Madhava Priya Dasi
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This is a coloring book for all ages, depicting in simple but elegant line drawings and simple poetry two stories from the Srimad Bhagavatam of ancient India. The two stories feature Krishna and... More > Balarama and the cowherd boys having these two adventures in one day. In the story of Pralambasura, the demon Pralamba arrives disguised as a cowherd boy and plays in their games, taking advantage of one game to attempt to kill Balarama. Balarama however kills him. Meanwhile the cows have wandered off and the boys must find them by following their tracks. When the do come upon the cows they see a forest fire, and now must save the cows. When the forest fire surrounds them, Krishna swallows the flames and saves the boys and the cows.< Less
The End from the Beginning By William Kassler: Foreword By Dr. Randy Baskett Second Edition By William Kassler
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Everyone plans. What about God? Did He plan for all the events that we know as history? Did He plan the future events? What was His plan? How did Jesus fit in? Was Jesus someone special, and if... More > so how was He special? Updated, this book clarifies why Jesus was the only one who could be the answer and hope of Jews, Christians, and all people who will obtain salvation. Looking ahead, the book looks at the coming events like the Rapture and building the Temple asking the question, "How does this affect me?" A new chapter was added to help you be sensitive to the unfolding of the End Times with its world events. If you enjoyed the book The Harbinger or The Mystery of the Shemitah, you want to read The End from the Beginning.< Less
Perspective: Lessons from the Journey By Nicole Jones
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Perspective: Lessons from the Journey, is a book of faith. It consists of affirmations and devotions that capture dialogue between God and the author as well as divine wisdom and insight.... More > Perspective: Lessons from the Journey, was inspired in part, by Mark Twain’s quote, “We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop there lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove lid again and that is well but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore.” Perspective: Lessons from the Journey contains only lessons and insight. Many of the writings are rhythmic expressions of various emotions but in the end proves that when we are honest with God and ourselves, God will give us wisdom, understanding and perspective to help us throughout our personal journeys.< Less
WRIGG Woman Journal By DeLonda Adams
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A beautiful I am a Woman Resting in God's Grace Prayer Journal. Use this journal for taking notes, during your time with God, etc.
Practicing Mindfulness By GC Outreach
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o live mindfully means to live with gentle, grateful awareness of this moment. In a mindful state, we are peaceful, centered, engaged, and ready to be useful to others. With inspiring quotes, small... More > group discussion questions, activities and meditations, this workbook offers a curriculum for you to bring the wonderful benefits of mindfulness into your life. Over the course of five weeks, you will explore the following topics: -Introduction to Mindfulness - Paying Attention - Being Purposeful - Being Present - Loving-kindness and Unity< Less
Lessons from a Shaman By Andy Holman
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This book explores Shamanism from a Voodoo perspective You will find perspective about shapeshifting influencing the weather astral projection and Techniques for starting your own practice
The Five Topics of the Bhagavad-gita By Madhava Priya Dasi
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His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaltivedanta Swami Prabhupada explained in his Introduction to The Bhagavad-Gita As It Is that there are five topics in the Bhagavad-Gita. This course explores those five... More > topics as Krishna presented them in the Gita.< Less
three levels of confidential knowledge By Madhava Priya Dasi
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This book is a course examining Lord Krishna's teachings to Arjuna in which He speaks of confidential, more confidential and most confidential knowledge, and Srila Prabhupada's discussion of these in... More > his Purports. Then it searches the Gita for examples of these levels of knowledge, yielding deep insights.< Less
Varnasrama College Now! By Madhava Priya Dasi
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Using the method of Discovery, Understanding, and Application, this book discusses Srila Prabhupada's instructions on varnasrama and varnasrama college to understand the four classes of workers and... More > the members of a vedic society, and to brainstorm to see how those instructions could be applied in the modern world. The discussion deeply analyzes the qualities and duties of each class, and also looks at the resources available in the outside world for teaching the skills of each type of work.< Less
M.E. Time Prayers By Qshebra Taylor
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M.E. Time P.R.AY.E.R.S. are gatherings of heartily petitions that have helped to get through many tough times. The readers will be eyewitnesses to life testimonies & also to see; that its not a... More > perfect or a specific way to pray. After the acknowledging of all, the key to my M.E. Times were to go back and reflect on what he has already done. This was a statement of a promised covering to know that God knows everything about his children; even before we knew H.I.M. Furthermore, you will eventually see the beginning process of great results and filled manifestations taking place. This can be an expedient process from your secret time with him.< Less
The Failure of the Modern American Church By Charles Vogan
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For the last 100 years, the Church in America has gradually changed, generation after generation, until it has lost its historic roots and has completely taken on the consumerism and media-driven... More > character of modern American culture -- with all its emptiness and banality. The result is that the Church no longer has a voice in our culture, and America has lost its sole witness to the Truth. Continuing along the path that we're taking now will only make things worse. Our sins are finally catching up with us. The only options left are either to go down with our culture in flames, or to pull back and reorganize along Biblical principles. It's going to mean walking away from our culture ("Carry the cross!") and re-establishing our Church life firmly on the Apostolic and Prophetic testimony. It's not likely that we will save America, but we may be able to bring the Church back to its Biblical roots -- if we take drastic action now, before it's too late.< Less
Rivers in the Desert By Lisa DeVinney
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Rivers in the Desert is a book of responses, in poetry, to God’s precious Word. There is a poem and verse of Scripture for each day of the year, to encourage daily time with God. These short... More > devotionals are a great way to take just a moment of each day to soak in a refreshing from those “rivers in the desert.”< Less
THE SITZ IM LEBEN By Dr. Leslie V. McMillan
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Many areas of life on Planet Earth are changing; Social, Technological, Political, Economic and Religious. Once accepted or rejected norms are reversed. The attitude of societies is now tolerance,... More > acceptance and understanding toward each other. What about the future? The Religious world by adapting to the changes, is also adjusting. Does changes like - in marriage,marijuana use, women's ordination, abortion, music lyrics, dress styles, Cuba acceptance, Iran trusted, confederate flag down, iPhone, Apps, internet use - matter to God in Christ Jesus? Will there be eternal, corporate and individual consequence? This work will assist the reader in understanding and making sense of the changing world scene. The German phrase, "Sitz im leben" which means life setting, is used to encompass all that is related to changes. The goal is to have the reader develop a value-driven life in which Jesus and value are synonymous;and, therefore,live in peace and success with eternal life, both now and at death.< Less
The Sutta Nipata By Laurence Khantipalo
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The Sutta Nipāta is a well known and well loved early Buddhist text. It is a compilation of poems that inspire, educate, and admonish. Touching devotion, profound philosophy, pragmatic ethics,... More > and insights into early Buddhist culture all find their place here. This translation expresses these teachings in a poetic voice. The primary translator and commentator is the experienced Pali scholar Laurence Khantipalo Mills, with portions by others including Bhikkhu Ñānamoli and Bhikkhu Sujato.< Less