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Torment of Forbidden Love By Kheng Chiang Si
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Chin Po is a successful medical doctor working in a private practice in Perth, Australia, and struggling to adapt to an unfulfilling marriage—an attempt plagued by thoughts of a long-lost love.... More > Originally from the island of Borneo, he left home as a teenager after he lost his first love under strange circumstances. The trauma of the forced separation left him unable to feel deep emotion for any reason, whether joy or misery—a circumstance drastically affecting his marriage and his life as a whole. One day, however, a psychic patient sees through Chin’s camouflage of smiling calm and senses his empty inner world. Working with other psychics, she reveals details of Chin’s past that he had not known and helps him unravel the reasons for the loss of his first love more than forty years ago. Will this newfound knowledge help Chin find peace? This tale of romance and psychological intrigue explores the power that thwarted love may exert in a person’s life.< Less
I'm Your Dolly & Hiding in High Heels Bonus Bundle By Joe Six-Pack
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Two Books: I'm Your Dolly and Hiding in High Heels. 170+ pages, 40+ illustrations. I'm Your Dolly: Tyler wasn't much of a boyfriend anymore. His girlfriend, Jessica, wanted him out. But if she... More > couldn't have that, she'd rather he be useful. But her idea of 'useful' involves reprogramming his mind and a lot of pink. Hiding in High Heels: Vince is on the run from the mob, desperate to hide. Howard is his old college buddy who's been waiting for the opportunity to do something truly bizarre to a man. Now he has his chance.< Less
I'm Your Dolly By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $7.95
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Tyler wasn't much of a boyfriend anymore. His girlfriend, Jessica, wanted him out. But if she couldn't have that, she'd rather he be useful. But her idea of 'useful' involves reprogramming his mind... More > and a lot of pink. 126 pages, 26 illustrations.< Less
The Femmed Family Robinson By James Craft, Cheryl Lynn
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The boys of the Robinson family are a mixed-up bunch of young men with dreams and ambitions. Once their father gets married to Deborah, however, the boys will have a whole new set of dreams, like it... More > or not. 96 page story by James Craft & Cheryl Lynn, with color illustrations by Sortimid< Less
Her New Daughter By SANDY THOMAS
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Her New Daughter. She started Sam on an extensive regimen of girl training. She pierced his ears so he didn't have to wear clip-on earrings. She taught him to style his hair and spent hours... More > teaching him how to sit, speak and walk in high heels. Contemporary TV Fiction #79. In The Pink. 72 pages.< Less
Destined For Love By Candace Fenderson
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Phatima Georges is a very educated and successful woman. She has climbed the career ladder faster than most at her company. She's only missing one thing in her life, love. Phatima feels that she's... More > ready, but she hasn't dealt with her past. It isn't until a contact from an ex takes place that she sees the domino affect of life. It's then that she is forced to deal with what she thought she buried long ago. Will Phatima still think she's destined for love after it's all over?< Less
The unseen colors of the 40's By Marc Jean Di Maggio
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As I was looking at a black and white picture I could neither see nor understand whether those real lively colors did exist at the exact moment the photograph was shot. I realized only later, talking... More > to my relatives and friends, that, although the lack of colors gave the photo a look of antique, these colors were remembered only by the people who were present at the moment the photo was taken. Staring at the picture, the impossible love of a desperate sailor for the beautiful Eneride began to take shape, to be then consumed in a lifetime. I could see in the traditions of a village, the Shipwrights that revealed to a few favorite the hidden soul of all their masterpieces. The parallel story of Elpidio and Atanasio, the two leading characters who discover how important they are one for the other, comes out from the events taking place in that village deeply offended by constant bombing as well as by the effect of constant and ignorant gossip. This is the story of the Shipwright and the Sailor.< Less
Tuesdays With Nicole By Charlye Rose
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For many, Tuesday is just another day of the week but for Nicole "Nikki" Williams it's a day to dish out punishment for those who dare cross her. An accomplished business woman, Nikki sets... More > out to get a handle on the one thing she can't control. Her adulterous husband. She plans to leave financial ruin in wake of her rampage but finds out that fate has more personal scandal and emotional pain in store for her.< Less
Broken: The Sequel to The Preacher’s Son By B.D. Anderson
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Maxine James has been broken. When she was just thirteen, an act of unspeakable violence ended the innocence of her childhood. She was abducted and violated on her way home from school. Now... More > twenty-six, the terror of her teen years is never far from her mind. She fears she won’t be able to overcome her past to enjoy a normal, healthy relationship with a man. She lives with her sister, Nadine, and her husband, Eric, and even though they are sympathetic to her trauma, home life is a challenge. Nadine’s brother in law, Matthew has never been quiet about his feelings regarding his brother Eric’s marriage. He has also never been quiet about his dislike of Max, a woman he feels is too outspoken for her own good. Neither of them want to admit the undeniable attraction which is at the root of their animosity, but their siblings know what’s really the cause of all that tension. Max and Matthew are persuaded to go on a “pretend” date and the date turns out to be anything but pretend.< Less
He Can't Love You Like I Love You By Feenics Ryzin
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Indulge in your guilty pleasures with this one! After a heartbreaking end to her engagement to Chris Pierce, Cheyenna Reid is reluctant to test the dating waters again. Enters Devin Blaylock. The... More > suave businessman always gets what he wants, and he wants Cheyenna. To her surprise,Cheyenna quickly falls under the spell of Devin, but finds herself in the midst of mixed emotions when Christopher comes back into the picture. For this triangle, the drama’s just getting started!< Less
Her Name Is Karma By Cat Crape
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Successful salon owner, London Yates has her own everything. Her own business, her own car and her own condo. The only thing this ambitious young woman has never owned is her own man. London has been... More > a successful mistress who receives pleasure from being the other woman. Not being obligated by love has proven to heighten her focus on her finances... in her mind. But she was blindsided when she met and fell in love with the successful single bachelor Sean Cash. Opening up a new world of real love seemed to be threatening a happily ever after for London. But will she accept this new found love? Will she fall back into her mistress ways? Will Sean end up being as perfect as he seems? Or will their happily ever after be filled with deception, lies and visits from the infamous Karma?< Less
The Least By Coleen Mattingly Bay
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The Least is a romance novel about a second-grade schoolteacher, Jennifer, and the caring relationship she has with her student, Jay. When Jay becomes the victim of abuse, Jennifer seeks him out and... More > mentors him through his trauma. Jay and his plastic surgeon, Dr. Phil Henson, fill her life with love and meaning Jennifer goes to great lengths to disguise her inherited wealth for her protection, which means she can’t reveal information to Dr. Henson. She develops friendships with ladies in a singing group only to discover that one of them may have betrayed her and that her identity has been stolen. She learns Phil is not of her faith, so she chooses to close the curtain on their fulfilling relationship. Disheartened and lonely, she wonders if her decision was the right one. Will she discover who stole her identity? Will her friend prove to be loyal to her? Will she ever have the chance to marry? This book weaves a heart-warming/heart-wrenching tale that will leave you pondering… who is the Least?< Less
All of Me By e.g.g.
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I argued that my choice in literature was not trashy citing the great authors of my prized collection. But my library really wasn’t the issue. It never had been. “I’m just so sick... More > of all the jerks, liars and wannabes,” I sighed as I glanced out the window. “We all are,” Jenna agreed as she merged back into traffic. “But that’s no reason to keep hiding in your apartment.” “I am not hiding,” I insisted. She wasn’t buying it and frankly neither was I. Whether it was a sabbatical or a self-induced exile I had been away from the community for years. Jenna had been my lifeline, but I hadn’t showed my face in years. “Okay, I was hiding, but I’m not anymore.”< Less
The Arbiters By Pete Conrad
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Set in the violent and power-hungry Los Angeles drug underworld of 1985, The Arbiters is a story of love at first sight, rebirth, and spiritual awakening, inspired by Henryk Sienkiewicz’s 1895... More > tome, Quo Vadis? Marcus, an enforcer in Los Angeles’ largest drug cartel, is gravely wounded while on cartel business in Colombia. While recuperating back in LA, Marcus falls in love with Sabrina, the adopted daughter of ex-cartel member, Max Brutus. When Sabrina doesn’t reciprocate Marcus’ overbearing exultations of love, he enlists the guidance of his seemingly shrewd Uncle Sein, the cartel’s second-in-command, to assist him in navigating his feelings. Sein, who also suffers from his own emotional deficiencies, is eager to help his nephew, and concocts a plan to bring Marcus and Sabrina together. Along the way, they both discover the love that exists in their hearts, and perhaps, how to make peace with their inner demons.< Less
Sylvia’s: It Is Said, If You Meet Someone Here … By Don Frankel
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It is the early 1990’s and there is a bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan called Sylvia’s. Legend says it’s a place where everyone falls in love. Owned by childhood friends,... More > Jack Prince and Thomas Mason, Sylvia’s is a place where the lights shine soft red and amber. All kinds of New Yorkers drink there from gangsters to ex-star athletes to high class call girls. The staff is composed of wannabe actors and actresses. A large and powerful restaurant chain based in Chicago wants to expand to New York and buy Sylvia’s. But everyone comes together and it’s all hands on deck, waiters, waitresses, cooks, contractors, bus boys, bartenders and the two street wise owners as they battle with the all, powerful restaurant chain, for the soul of the place, where everyone falls in love.< Less
Private Thoughts By Raymond Bennett, Bruce Wright
Paperback: $6.00
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What do men really feel about love and relationships? This collection of short stories gives an intimate look inside the thought process of men. Enjoy and be amazed by the stories they reveal.
Separate Lives By Rhonda Strehlow
Paperback: $13.95
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Auctioneer Honor Horton is able to channel the past lives of her clients. Now working with Dr. Carson Ankerson, she catches glimpses of his past relationship with his best friend’s wife,... More > Rachel. However, getting entangled in Dr. Ankerson story may pose a threat to Honor’s own future when she finds herself in bed with her client. Is it because of the rift with her boyfriend, Dustin, or is she channeling Rachel? Will Honor and Dustin be able to survive the havoc their indiscretions wreaked on their relationship?< Less
When The Vows Break By Stephanie Mims
Paperback: $22.00
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Diamond Alexander's vows and her heart is broken when tragedy strikes and her husband is killed in a car accident. In need of change she picks up her life and moves to Atlanta Georgia and is happily... More > surprised when she is shot by cupid's arrow giving her a second chance at love. She meets Ray Sanders who is turns out to be Atlanta's Star Baseball Pitcher. He is famous, rich, handsome and funny and he wants Diamond. But so does Quentin Williams, an up-and-coming musician whom Diamond is introduced. Jade Washington is Diamond's sister and she is dealing with broken vows of her own when she discovers that her husband has a secret, until his pregnant mistress shows up to tell all. Emerald is the younger sister and her vows are wavering when she realizes that she is having problems giving her new husband the baby he desires. 'When The Vows Break' will take you through every emotion, while these sister's find ways to love again after their lives are torn apart.< Less
Larkspur Bungalow By Julie Meulemans
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Meredith Singler is an unconventional West Coast beauty. Graduating at the top of her class from Stanford University, Meredith returns to her hometown of Portland, Oregon to establish herself in the... More > world of publishing. She reconnects with a college acquaintance, who introduces her to the man of her dreams, but also to the corrupt world of international terrorism. The twists and turns that follow ultimately take Meredith to the quaint town of Larkspur, California where she seeks the solace in the Zen energy of Marin County. While the Bay Area delivers creative opportunities for Meredith and her family, the move does not come without a series of shocking events, as the past from which she left behind catches up with her. Larkspur Bungalow is an inspiring, funny, sexy, heartbreaking thrill ride with chilling moments that will cause the reader to wonder if those who pass away continue to remain in our world.< Less
The Bride of Christ By Vincent Sweeney
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Darkness reigns in the city of Dominion under the watchful eye of its gang lord, Cain. His prized possession is a young prostitute whose spirit he has broken through years of systematic abuse. The... More > prostitute, Gracie, has come to the end of herself. She is addicted to heroin, enslaved to Cain's whims, and, because of her profession, dying. Helpless and hopeless, Gracie weeps alone on the street, not realizing that a broken heart like hers has a remedy. Joshua Stewart has returned home after a dishonorable military discharge. Having repented from a murderous past, Josh seeks God’s guidance for his life. From a city rooftop, he sees Gracie weeping and knows he must help her. Josh begins hiring Gracie only to spend time with her, but as their relationship blossoms, it becomes apparent that they must first free Gracie from Cain’s clutches before she and Josh can truly be together. What starts as a business transaction soon escalates into an all-out war with the fate of the city hanging in the balance.< Less
Crazed Reckoning By Valerie C. Clarizio
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After experiencing a murderous Christmas and Valentine's Day with love interest Shannon O'Hara, Detective Nick Spinelli assumed Saint Patrick's Day couldn't be any worse. He was wrong. While out on... More > a geocaching adventure in Door County, Shannon and her friend Anna find more than a clue in the cache box. When Shannon disappears, Spinelli is sent racing to find her. Amidst the chaos of an unruly Irish celebration, and a decades-old Irish family feud, he must rescue her from the hands of a madman.< Less
Second Chances By Connie Stephany
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A year after being dumped on her wedding day, Abby Simon was still left wondering what had gone wrong. It made Adam almost impossible for Abby to get over. Since then, Abby had been on a series of... More > dates that usually ended in disaster, and she was ready to just give up on men entirely. When Abby unexpectedly runs into an old crush she hasn’t seen in thirteen years, she can’t help but notice he’s hotter than ever. Max wouldn’t give her the time of day back then, but to her total surprise, he seemed very interested in her now. Just as things are heating up with Max, Adam shows up claiming he still loves Abby and leaving her was the biggest mistake of his life. Adam finally gives Abby answers as to why he left and is asking for another chance. Abby must now make the biggest decision of her life…which man deserves a second chance?< Less
Until Then By BB Wright
Paperback: $15.00
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Until Then; Endless Love. Elizabeth Brown has a double personality; a pseudo naivety but engages in secret sophisticated sexual activity. Her beauty affords her choices to have any boy she desires,... More > including the popular football star Aaron Eaton. Aaron’s Missing in Action during the Korean war gave Vernon Jones the opportunity to comfort Liz to woo her with gifts and his availability. Her love and simultaneous engagement to both men drove her to consider suicide. As Elizabeth grew into her senior years, the secret illicit rendezvous with Aaron Eaton continued. Why her husband Vernon didn’t complain is the other secret.< Less
The Suicide Flowers By Pete Conrad
Paperback: $14.95
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You see them every day, the suicide flowers. They bloom from the cracks and crevices of concrete sidewalks. From between asphalt creases and gaps. Yet these flowers blossom and prosper until the... More > careless foot tramples. Others wither and fade, having survived, despite their strained and dubious foundations. Raeburn Messiah, the Messiah of Metal, sings for a living. Currently, he’s on the downward spiral that unfaithful fame loves so dearly. He feels that he’s got it bad, his life is over. That is, until he meets one of his most adoring fans, Gabriel, who has but months to live due to the complications of leukemia. They are men, both dying slow, painful deaths. But, each carries a secret that could save the other. For Raeburn and Gabriel are the suicide flowers, doomed to be trampled, destined to flourish.< Less
Going Home By Pete Conrad
Paperback: $16.95
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As a teen, Jennifer LeBlanc flees her rural hometown of Modock, Maine after the deaths of her parents and vows never to return. While attending Harvard Business School on a full scholarship, Jennifer... More > meets and falls in love with Bradley Maderon, a financial genius who runs Boston’s largest hedge fund. Jennifer becomes the CFO of Bradley’s empire, but when he is arrested and the government seizes all of their assets, Jennifer is forced to return to Maine and confront the trauma that she has repressed all of these years. With the help of her sister's Great Danes, Angel and Mercy, Jennifer searches for a way to overcome her grief, learn to appreciate the gifts that life gives, and, perhaps, to find love.< Less