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My Son, The Actress! #70 By SANDY THOMAS
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MY SON, THE ACTRESS!-Terry's mother, aunt and cousin encourage him into the finer things of life. Illustrated with 15 full page illustrations by a wonderful artist! If you love the details, you'll... More > love this story. EXCERPT: "Mom, these are panties!?” “Really?” Ellen laughed, “I know dear. Remember that sale I mentioned when I bought you those bras? Well there were several bra and panty sets that I got for a great price.” Terry stared in surprise. The panties looked beautiful, soft shiny and trimmed with matching colored lace. His mother held up the matching bra. It was a perfect match for the panties. It had shiny cups decorated with dark red lace and thin straps. He felt he should resist, but one look at the sensuous lingerie and his protests melted on his lips. AND... “Oh, Mom, it’s so girlish!” was all he could muster. “I like it, do you?” “It's unbelievable." Terry gasped, still looking in the mirror. “It makes me feel.... Quote Board. In The Pink. TV FICTION CLASSICS #70. 100 pages< Less
Sweet Summer Birds By Harriet Isler Braun
Paperback: $16.73
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An enduring love story, Sweet Summer Birds” spans many lifetimes. Psychologist, William Howard utilizes hypnosis in his practice with satisfying results. When he meets and marries Beverly,... More > they find that they share the ability through hypnosis and telepathy to relive exciting and frightening adventures from their past lives. Their relationships are affected in the present and even into their future. This book would appeal to readers who enjoy love stories, family relationships, and who have an open mind.< Less
Soul Baby By Joseph H. James
Paperback: $22.50
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Soul Baby is a sensual, spirit-filled and educational journey into the lives of a group of upwardly mobile African American couples. After years of being married, Lloyd and Laney Dennison are having... More > lack of trust and communication issues. Lloyd steps up and showers his beautiful wife with gifts, including the titillating novel Soul Baby. It is in the novel where Laney reads and becomes in tune with her own marriage. Each couple is struggling with their individual outlooks on companionship while coming to terms with their social identities. After seeking a confirmation from a very comical and smart comedian, they reach out and seek help from a wise but unorthodox therapist, Valeria Winters. Each of the couples come to grips with hidden truths and insecurities. The stories are intertwined beautifully with wisdom, joy, excitement and deception. Visit: to view trailer and sultry music video "If You Don't Love Me" or listen to the free 18 minute dramatic audio of the prologue.< Less
The Souvenir By Scotti Asivad
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The love triangle between the main characters of THE SOUVENIR, create a story in which every chapter is filled with passion between husband and wife, the lust between a mature woman and a younger... More > man, and the carnal encounters of the young womanizing marine biologist. THE SOUVENIR is full of raw emotion, love, lust, and explicit sexual acts with a story a story that twists and turns until the very end of the book.< Less
Despite Everything By Brenda's Child
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Kim Johnson is a young,wounded cynic whose only experience with love comes from watching it in the movies. Enter Darrel Jackson, a confident man, with smooth looks and sweet talk, who literally... More > knocks her off her feet. Their intense attraction leads to a one-night stand, and a yearning for something more. Wanting to protect her heart, Kim does her best to resist falling for Darrel.Convinced he's found the one, Darrel remains persistent. As soon as fate draws them together,problems occur, and dark, shocking secrets come to light. Sparks fly, tears fall, fists hurl, and even death enters this love story of two people struggling to hold on to each other through it all. Will Darrel and Kim make it…Despite Everything?< Less
The Joy of Loving a White Man By Margaret Heard
Hardcover: $29.99
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Have you ever wondered what it is like being in an interracial relationship? I personally think that combining different races, cultures and traditions is a fantastic, exciting way to live. Today,... More > some people are still disapproving of interracial relationships. Hopefully, that will not deter anyone from making this kind of a commitment which is real and lasting. The key to making it work is accepting each other for who they are.< Less
Sexting with Santa By Jane Colt
Paperback: $9.68
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On a girls’ weekend to celebrate her divorce, third grade teacher Sasha West finds herself in a sex toy shop where “naughty girls” get to tell Santa their Christmas Wish. Turned on... More > by this particular Santa more than she could have imagined, she describes in delightful detail her most secret fantasy—which features the Adonis-like phys ed teacher at her school, former pro quarterback Rick Hanschiffern. Unknown to her, she’s sitting on the lap of the star of her lusty dreams, who has secretly been in love with Sasha since he first saw her. Rick’s dilemma—how to get Sasha to fall in love with him in real life while keeping her newly ‘thawed out’ sexy-self turned on. His solution—let her see what a great guy ‘Rick’ is, while ‘Santa’ keeps her simmering through a campaign of sexy texting. Can it work? Sexting? Sexy dares? Nice Rick and Naughty Santa? A conniving ex-husband? Misunderstandings? Is there enough Christmas magic to get Sasha and Rick to ‘happily ever after’?< Less
A Love Once Found By A. W. Clarke
Paperback: $17.25
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Victoria Lafalle was a powerful big city professional. She was bright and beautiful. But there was one thing she lacked in her ability to find true success. On a leisurely trip to Italy, she met with... More > destiny in a way that would change her life forever. Experience the passion, regret, and rediscovery that sends Victoria's heart on a roller coaster ride of emotion. It is only when the career focused executive finds a way to sort her emotions, and follow her heart, that she finds her true destiny. A. W. Clarke's new book: A Love Once Found shows every reader that when finding one's true self, true love is always within reach.< Less
Way Shower: Light and Shadow By Janice Dietert
Paperback: $17.99
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Way Shower: Light and Shadow, the final book of the Way Shower trilogy, lays bare the very core of existence. Ellen Pompea faces her greatest challenges in the duality of life and the fate of her... More > beloved Guardian Angel, Daniel, whose existence is split and hangs by a thread. Can Ellen emmerse herself in the Light, read the shadows, and find a crystal clear solution to the dilemma that could both break her heart and jeopardize human existence? To accomplish this feat will require the teamwork of all the Way Showers as they awaken to their full purpose. Angels, Minions, Way Showers, humans, Dragons and even cloistered monks take center stage as multiverses come together for survival. Above it all is the meaning of true and deeply-abiding love.< Less
SHINE By Joe Bergeron
Paperback: List Price: $17.70 $15.05 You Save: 15%
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Joe and Nikki grew up on the West End corner of Bristol, CT in the late 50's and early 60's. Bristol was a tough town, and the West End was the toughest place to live. There were bookies and... More > gangsters all over the place. Joe was eleven, lived on the West End and scared to go down to the corner. His dad built him a shoe shine box and told him to go to the corner and shine the bookies' shoes. He did, and met Nikki, a Greek girl who also lived on the corner, and was as scared as he was. He took her under his wing and both of them ended up shining on the corner.< Less
Wheels Of Steel book 1 By Pepper Pace
Hardcover: $39.00
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Jason, better known as Top, is an up and coming DJ. He’s a white guy that knows more about Hip Hop than most and he also has cerebral palsy. His group Wheels of Steel is comprised of... More > self-proclaimed misfits that are made cool by their talent. But despite his talent and popularity, Jason is plagued by issues of trust and anger. Robin is a shy black girl that takes a job as his home healthcare aid. Her crippling nervous condition makes everything difficult for her, not just her bad tempered client with cerebral palsy, but also his close knit friends, and even her mother with her best intentions. Their saga takes them along a musical journey of self-discovery and love. This three part interracial love story explores the spirit of love and acceptance between a person with an obvious disability—and someone whose disabilities are not always quite so obvious.< Less
Wheels Of Steel book 2 By Pepper Pace
Hardcover: $32.50
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In book 1 you were introduced to Robin and Jason; a talented young man with cerebral palsy and his introverted caregiver. Their dawning love transcended their racial and social difference. Now in... More > book 2 Jason and Robin along with the other member of Wheels of Steel find themselves spiraling away from each other. The ultimate question that each of them will face is; can there be forgiveness after betrayal? Wheels of Steel is 3 part saga that is more than just an interracial love story. It is a journey of music, love, betrayal and trust. This story contains graphic sex and language and is intended for mature readers only.< Less
Wheels Of Steel book 3 By Pepper Pace
Hardcover: $29.50
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Robin used to be the dependable friend and good girl, until Jason and his friends abused her trust. Now the once shy girl lives on the opposite end of the spectrum. Sordid nights filled with drug use... More > and alcohol finds Robin now spiraling out of control. And Jason will stop at nothing to gain her trust and love, and hopefully to save her from herself. In book 3 of this award nominated story, the tale of the Wheels of Steel gang continues with a new epilogue and ending never before seen in print. This three part interracial love story explores the spirit of love and acceptance between a person with an obvious disability—and someone whose disabilities are not always quite so obvious. This story contains graphic sex, language and drug use and is intended for mature readers only.< Less
The Expert Book III By V.L. Ewing
Hardcover: List Price: $35.95 $32.36 You Save: 10%
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He is everything she ever wanted or needed. But is that enough? As their struggle continues over careers and relationship status, they find the clock has run out on time for them to establish the... More > ground rules. The law has been her life for too many years. She is comfortable with what she knows – the law. But she misses his touch terribly. To ask him to leave his beloved beach behind would be the death of everything she loves about him—and he would surely come to resent her for the sacrifice. And yet she doesn’t know if she is willing to make the same sacrifice to be with him. How can she possibly walk away from everything she has built? Would her head control her next move, or would it be her heart? Can she give up what she is to become something else, someone else? Her career defines her. His love consumes her. How can she possibly choose between them?< Less
No Place Like Home By DeAnna Holland
Paperback: $15.99
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“Whether the system works or it doesn’t, it didn’t work for me…” A coming of age story about a girl who grew up in foster care and is experiencing love for the first... More > time.< Less
Loyalty Sucks By JaKenya Lawrence
Paperback: $15.00
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Twenty years and people still have not grown up to a point of responsibility. Kayla Powell is surrounded by idiots of all kinds. She has been on one relationship roller coaster after another. She has... More > been cheated on, lied to, hit and disgusted by so many different types of men she realizes the fate of loyalty. Why is she meeting all the wrong men? What was she doing wrong? When she starts to put her foot down things change but not necessarily as she saw it would. In walks Diesel Carmike a sensual, sexual, beautiful specimen who had no promise of changing Kayla’s outlook on life but will he change her mind about loyalty and love?< Less
When I'm Gone By Kaitlyn Spencer
Paperback: $15.98
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Claire is a 25 year old woman, searching for peace in her life. Her past is full of beatings, pregnancies and hatred. She ran away from that 10 years ago and made her way to New York City where she... More > is currently being what she has always wanted to be. Enter Michael. Michael is patient, kind, and understanding; everything Claire can't seem to stand. When Michael rescues Claire from a fire, he unwillingly falls in love. He quickly decides that he would keep pursuing her until she finally opens up. Within weeks of meeting, he begins to wonder if she will never share the story of her past. Then, one fateful Tuesday will change everything for them. Even their love for each other.< Less
Gettn Screwed By Jasey Grimes
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $14.20 You Save: 5%
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Urban novel about a womanizer finding love after leading a very misleading life. Not recommended for readers under age 18 *Strong Language *Sexual Content *Drug References
Making Friends By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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(4 Ratings)
Three college students sign up for an "isolation experiment" to spend six months alone in a simulated house. They don't know what to expect, but they barely even notice the changes that... More > slowly make them into new people... Comic Book. 38 Pages, 170+ panels in full color.< Less
Vittano's Willow By Aliyah Burke
eBook (PDF): $5.15
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(6 Ratings)
Devoted high school teacher, Chantoya “CJ” Jackson, tries hard to ignore the man who arrives at her school to try and convince people to join the US Navy. Osten “Baby Boy”... More > Scoleri is pleasantly surprised to be reunited with a woman he’d met a few times before when he agrees to do a public relations stint at a high school. Top off her good looks with her quick wit and he wants to find out more of what makes her tick and won’t even let her large, overly protective brothers dissuade him. Her family isn’t the only hurdle. For surrounding CJ is something much more sinister and deadly. The closer they become the more danger she is in. Osten will need more than luck to keep the woman he’s fallen for safe. From Virginia to Vietnam, CJ grows and learns about herself and her relationship with Osten. No matter what the odds, Osten is determined to show CJ he needs her in his life for she is… Vittano’s Willow< Less
Chayton's Tempest By Aliyah Burke
eBook (PDF): $5.50
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(7 Ratings)
Tempest Burnell was content with her life in the Southwestern desert until the day she came face to face with her past. A tall Native American, blessing him with jet black hair, obsidian eyes, and... More > bronzed skin covering a body packed in muscles. James “Maverick” Lonetree heads to New Mexico because of a vision. When he lays eyes upon a sexy bartender, new life pours into him. He longs to know more about the dark-skinned, curvaceous woman and yet she seems to hate him. When the past comes out, Maverick is faced with a hurdle more crucial than anything he’s ever faced in his thirty-six, even recent years as a SEAL. He is however, determined to break through the wall erected around Tempest’s heart and earn forgiveness for past transgressions. SEALs are known for many things, giving up…isn’t one of them. Maverick vows to make Tempest understand she’s not just his salvation, she is… Chayton’s Tempest< Less
That Far Gone By Webfoot
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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What happens when a shy guy meets a wild child? THAT FAR GONE is a full-length fanfic, starring Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub from the k-drama The Master’s Sun. Written in So Ji Sub’s... More > uniquely quiet voice, the story carries you from the moment his royal shyness first meets Hyo Jin, his quirky, modern hippy co-star on set, all the way through their crazy, unexpected tumble into love. But he discovers she’s exactly the wrong person for him. Will he turn away from her? Or will he gamble on a future she won’t promise him? -- Early readers call this story "A masterpiece that brought us laughter, passion, grief, healing and hope", “…tastefully written. so classy, sensual, passionate, loving…” , “Truly inspired… awed by the layers…” and “…endearingly beautiful…”< Less