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eBook (PDF): $9.99
(4 Ratings)
A boy is sent to Las Vegas to live with his Aunt. He gets a job backstage sweeping floors until one girl doesn't show up. Only he knows the showgirl routines! Excerpt: "So I was being trained.... More > Arm in arm, Connie and I walked down the strip, in and out of casinos. I was scared and had a little trouble with my new high heels. I was told to hold my legs straight and walk from the hips, putting the heel down to the ground with the toe of the shoe, not to “clomp,” but to swing. I found it was quite difficult. The higher heels forced me to take a feminine stride and walk with a movement of my hips as I had so often admired girls doing. “Now,”Connie whispered, “Let's work with the purse! Don't carry it like a bag of sand. It is a lovely and delicate part of your new wardrobe. Would you rather sweep floors or dance on stage?" TV FICTION CLASSICS #100. 88 pages and over 20 great illustrations! New August 2012!< Less
Do-Overs By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $7.95
(1 Ratings)
Evan has a job he hates and a boss he hates even more. Once he gets himself fired, he regrets his actions. Now he needs a do-over. What he gets, though, is more than just a chance to live his day... More > over again. 56 pages, 18 color illustrations.< Less
Blondie's Lost Year By K K
eBook (PDF): $9.95
(11 Ratings)
Carl's bad summer was just getting worse. Still trapped in his disguise, he was now going to have to spend a whole year as a sexy, buxom teenaged girl. Worse, he was going to have to do it in high... More > school. 221 pages with over 52 color illustrations by fraylim.< Less
Hard Time or High Heels By James Craft
eBook (PDF): $7.95
(4 Ratings)
Colby got himself in deep debt to a local gangster. His irate mother wants revenge for using her money to pay the debt. Before he knows it, though, he's on the arm of the very same gangster as his... More > girlfriend. But he's not nearly finished on his journey into womanhood. 74 Pages by James J. Craft. 20 illustrations by rocketXpert. Cover & art effects by Joe Six-Pack< Less
Politically Corrected By Cheryl Lynn
eBook (PDF): $7.95
(5 Ratings)
A college age left-wing rebel is giving his mother serious problems. He is a continuing source of embarrassment with his liberal agenda. She wants to run for a higher political office, but his... More > actions are a major impediment. Something has to be done – but what? Written by Cheryl Lynn and illustrated by Joe Six-Pack. 70 Pages with 25 color illustrations.< Less
Peace and Harmony By James Craft
eBook (PDF): $7.95
(5 Ratings)
By James J. Craft. Pete and Harmon are two roommates who can't stand each other. With both unemployed, they're also desperate for work. So when Pete finds a job, Harmon is mortified - but also... More > perplexed, because Pete's job seems to involve dressing in more and more effeminate clothing. Worse, Pete doesn't even seem to know what's happening to him. What can harmon do? 64 pages, 19 Illustrations by blackshirtboy.< Less
Sorority Collection 1 By The Flogmaster
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Sorority Collection: Volume 1 sorority1-small.jpg sorority1-sample.pdf Who doesn't love a sexy sorority story? Nubile coeds behaving badly, daring and embarrassing initiations, and of course, bare... More > bottom paddlings. The Flogmaster has gathered all his best sorority stories -- including four brand new ones -- and put them all in one convenient book. (Note: some of the new stories are long and thus nearly half of this volume is new material.)< Less
Into The Night By Makenzie Way
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Sometimes you've got to learn to say goodbye even if you don't really want to. That's whatt Taylor had to do throughout her summer. She learns about heart break and true love, friendship and family... More > bonds. This is a summer she'll never forget. "I like this breaking feeling in my heart it lets me know it's still beating"< Less
St. Monica's FInishing School for Girls By Anonymous
eBook (PDF): $5.95
The Catholic school, St. Monica's Finishing School for Girls, is renowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education. Here young girls straight out of high school are taught to... More > take their proper place in a society. Their families are amongst the most elite and respected members of society. Many of St. Monica’s girls go on to Ivy League colleges and become very well respected members of society. Amongst these girls are some who are of the super elite. St. Monica’s insures their special needs and request are met. Jena is a young girl who has just landed her first teaching job at St. Monica's. What was believed to be her dream job has turned out to be a journey into her very own private hell. She is raped, abused, humiliated and forced into a life of servatude. That is only the first day. This tale is non-stop and will have your heart pounding from page one.< Less
Carnifax By B. Tolliver
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Recovering from a messy divorce and the loss of his job, teacher Jack Bower leaves his home in Virginia for a position at Carnifax Correctional Academy in upstate New York. At the notorious... More > girls’ reformatory, he learns the value of physical discipline in the correction of young ladies, in the form of spanking, paddling, and strapping. He also discovers Carnifax’s mysterious and beautiful Administrator, Fiona Price, who has both a secret past and secret needs of her own that no one could have guessed. But the Academy holds some dark mysteries too, and as their romance flares, events conspire to destroy their love, their school, and the futures of their students. Faced with political machinations and open violence, they have one chance to save everything...or else lose it all! “Erotic without being vulgar, this is good writing!” ~ S. “The sex – and the spanking – really sizzles!” ~ L. “Good plot and believable storyline...”~ M< Less
Ultimate Archive 3 By The Flogmaster
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Do you find reading spanking stories on the Web challenging? The Flogmaster understands and brings you his Ultimate Archive series. He's gathered a huge number of stories from his website and... More > packaged them into a series of thick books. Each thick volume contains as many as 50 stories in a compact, economical format. Volumes 1 and 2 contain schoolgirl-oriented stories (the spankings of minors); Volumes 3 and 4 feature the spankings of adults.< Less
The Flogmaster's Novellas - Volume Two By The Flogmaster
eBook (PDF): $2.99
In this second collection of the Flogmaster's novellas, he explores the sexual awakening of children through corporal punishment. Child's Play -- During a summer of travel, a boy grows up as he... More > learns that spankings can be fascinating. Nymphet Juliette -- Juliette is a schoolgirl so cute that everyone who meets her insists on giving her a spanking. A Scarlet Visit -- A boy suffers cruel and humiliating punishments from his dream girl, the babysitter from hell. The Babysitting Job* -- Young Hayden gets the perfect babysitting job: the clients are nice, the work is easy, and the pay is high. Of course there's a catch.... * New, never-before-published story exclusive to this volume.< Less
The Flogmaster's Novellas - Volume Three By The Flogmaster
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This third volume of the Flogmaster's longer stories brings you four never-before-published novellas. These are exclusive to this book and not available anywhere else! Cause and Effect -- This is a... More > harsh caning story about how one crime can inspire many whippings. Follow the spidery tale as schoolgirls, wives, teachers, sorority pledges, and many others suffer cruel strokes of the rod, belt, and paddle. Philosophy of Discipline -- A headmaster explains how he came up with his infamous discipline methods. Substituting for Dad -- With his father called out of town, a boy inadvertently takes over his discipline service. The Ultimate Revenge -- A schoolgirl comes up with a diabolical plot to get the teacher who thrashed her caned, but the teacher ends up with the ultimate revenge.< Less
Rallies' & French Dupe Bonus Bundle By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $11.95
120 Pages, 37 Illustrations. For those who love picture-sequence, process-style illustrations. Rallies': Spencer gets a great executive job with a the fastest-growing food service chain in America:... More > Rallies', the restaurant where cheerleaders wait on your table. By tradition, he's required to spend time working at a Rallies, and slowly he become less the executive and more the waitress. French Dupe: Kelley Sue Crawford needs a style specialist to help her win a pageant. She manages to get a foreign exchange student from France to teach her what she needs to know. But when that student turns out to be male, Kelley Sue has to force him to dress as a girl to save face. Then, the boy starts to realize how interesting life could be in this small town.< Less
Making Friends & The Pet Sitter Bonus Bundle By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $21.95
Two Comics! 67 Pages (330+ Panels) of full-color gender-bending nonsense! Making Friends: Three college students sign up for an "isolation experiment" to spend six months alone in a... More > simulated house. They don't know what to expect, but they barely even notice the changes that slowly make them into new people... The Pet Sitter: Poor Jim fins himself looking after a woman's fish while she's in Hawaii on vacation. Oddly, the more he cares for the fish, the more his life seems to be getting out of control. In a strange set of circumstances, he's forced to move in to the woman's apartment, forced to use her clothes, party with her friends, and become less and less the man he used to be.< Less
The Miranda Warning By StarAndrea
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Human wolves are shapeshifters with two forms: one bipedal, the other lupine. Many of them choose to pass for human, but the influence of the wolf can not be completely surpressed. During mating... More > season, some seek each other out while others try to maintain exclusively human relationships. One of these is a man who would ignore his fellow shapeshifters entirely, given the choice, but his human lover has other ideas.< Less
Mandate of the People By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $6.95
(1 Ratings)
Jeremy and Stewart are two friends who like to play jokes on each other. Mix in a little magic, and those jokes get a little crazy. Before long, they're running for Prom Queen, and using magic to... More > one-up each other. Who will win? Does it matter? 45 Pages, 16 Illustrations. Previously published at< Less
His Life as a Trophy Wife By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $7.95
(3 Ratings)
Nick had a nice girlfriend and a nice apartment, but he was about to lose both. Down on his luck, he agrees to help an aspiring executive out with a little play-acting. When Nick finds his life... More > getting better and better as someone he's pretending to be, why would one want to return to the person they used to be? Novel length. 211 Pages, 16 Illustrations.< Less
How to get over anyone in few days By Mohamed Farouk Radwan
eBook (PDF): $17.99
This book is a 100 percent guarantee that you will get over any person. All you have to do is read the book well and apply what’s written exactly.I am proudly repeating it, it’s a 100%... More > guarantee that you will recover, not 99 nor 98 or 97. This book is by far the most powerful guide in the world to getting over someone. The book is not just different than other books that tackle the same subject but it’s not even comparable to them. This book is not about intuitive tricks or logical ideas that can be easily guessed like "be strong", "stop thinking of her" or "focus on other things" but is rather one that is based on complex psychological principles simplified enough to be understood by all. All of the techniques in this book are backed by psychology and scientific research. The techniques in the book are derived from Love psychology, Friendship psychology, Neuro-linguistic programming, subconscious mind programming, Behavioral psychology, Hypnosis, Physiology and scientific research.< Less
PAT GOES COED By Sandy Thomas
eBook (PDF): $6.99
TV FICTION CLASSICS #5. Patrick, a college student is forced to become Patti...a coed! One of the first Sandy Thomas publications and a favorite!
The Great Plains and Other Tales By Michael McKenna
Paperback: $14.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
In The Great Plains, Katie Schmidt is quiet, humble, hard working and ordinary looking. Horace O'Leary sees in Katie only greatness, the pride of the industrial, railroad yard-esque Southside of... More > Chicago. Katie is swept off her feet by a handsome pool hustler named Cam and alternately bored by him when he is out late and ignoring her. Katie allows Horace to tell her what Cam cannot and the ensuing love triangle threatens to mock them all. Meanwhile newcomer Betty makes Horace forget all the hard work of unrequited love. Katie finally sees Cam for what he is and becomes what she was always meant to be, Great and Plain. In 9000 Miles to Swim is Nothing, Jonna goes for a swim one hot Autumn day in Lake Michigan and is whisked away inside a Russian sub to St. Petersburg and eventually Moscow. In 2021AD, the USA has become a complete police state. Terry has to decide between falling in love or becoming an outlaw.< Less
Everlasting Ending By Stephanie M. Clark
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They say, “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” but is it really? Girlfriends create bonds thicker than blood and Angela, Cynthia, Kelly, and Tara are no... More > different. But the pressure of love - or lack thereof - can be too much. Angela’s life is perfect, at least to the outside world, but behind closed doors secrets are tearing her perfect world apart. Cynthia wants love, but her history with dating says it’s not in the cards. Until she meets a man that shows her what love is supposed to be…maybe. Kelly’s recent decisions has forced her beau into celibacy. Tara wants love, but her man doesn’t show it so she’s taken aback when he suddenly wants a shotgun wedding. With a sisterly bond these girlfriends help each other learn true love of self. Having that foundation is the key to having the relationships they all desire. It is the roadmap to their everlasting ending.< Less
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Love, Love, Nothing But Love By Casey J. Sinha
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a compilation of famous love quotes from famous authors. The book is arranged in alphabetical order with special sections on biblical quotes and quotes from Shakespeare.
Tales of the Heart By Dennis K Hausker
Paperback: $13.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Tales of the Heart is an anthology centered on romance as a consistent theme. The stories vary widely to provide snapshots at different ages, stages of life, and circumstances. Some dreams come true... More > in life and others do not. People are faced with hardships and challenges seemingly as a consequence of being born into this world. What they do with those challenges differs a great deal. Usually it doesn't come down to clearly delineated choices between right and wrong, rather it seems there are shades of gray with 'in between' options where a person makes their unique choices based on their personal lives and experiences. There are ample poignant moments, compelling story lines, and some blood pumping adventures.< Less